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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  August 8, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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sleepless in america. a computer outage at delta airlines, triggered a total ground stop. good evening, and thank you for joining us tonight. >> the outage happened at 2:30 in the morning. delta had cancelled more than 730 flights. >> the company still looking into what hammed.
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>> david curley has more. >> delta, passengers grounded. >> a computer meltdown, that has already delayed more than a third of the airlines 6,000 flights. for a short time this morning, there was not one delta flight in the air over the u.s. and not just here. lines forming as delta's entire computer system worldwide went down. leaving jets from newark to london stuck at the gate. >> i don't know, we're headed out. we might not have anywhere to go. >> a night sleeping on the floor. frustrating delays. >> i tried to call delta. they told me they had a three hour hold. >> a power outage that shut down computers. pilots couldn't get data. passenger kiosks stopped working. the ceo took to twitter. i apologize for the challenges this has created for you. >> computers, we rely on them for everything, don't we?
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>> just last month, it was southwest that suffered a computer glitch, leading to the cancellation of 2300 flights. delta is still struggling to get back on schedule with hundreds of flights cancelled. delays are still running 1 to 3 hours. reagan national airport. >> in the meantime, southwest airlines is dealing with continuing labor issues. the airline's flight attendants set up picket lines at 10 airports, including oakland. the union is trying to put pressure on management to negotiate a new contract. southwest insists they're eager to support a deal that rewards employees in the company's success. a bay area homeowner found a disaster left behind after renting her place. she believes the guest was a sex worker who was shooting porn. cornell bernard has the story you'll see only on abc 7 news. >> my whole house is a disaster. >> sharon posted this video on
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facebook, showing a huge mess. extensive water damage to her home after a renter she found on air b & b left the bathtub running. she believes it was an accident but damage estimates top $10,000. air bnb was slow to reresponded when she called to report the damage. >> i realized that i didn't know who the person in my house was. >> the woman renting the room told her she was a real estate agent. things didn't add up. >> as the pieces kind of fell into place, she was more than likely using my bathroom as a business to take photos of herself. >> her guest was a sex workerwh installed extra lighting in the bathroom. also found this shot list, too x-rated to show of sexy pictures
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she was going to take. >> i give my keys to someone who air bnb didn't check their identification. >> we have zero tolerance for this kind of behavior and have removed this guest from our platform. air bnb has safeguards. hosts can verify id on the website. consumer advocates say, renter beware. >> ultimately, there's going to be a little uncertainty. you're letting people you've never met before into your home. >> her renter is now gone. air bnb says it's working to cover the cost of the damage. >> we'll move next to the race for the white house. donald trump's slide is deepening. a new poll out tonight shows hillary clinton at 46%. trump at 34. he's now trailing by 12 points. trump was on his best behavior today delivering a major speech on taxes and the economy. even as 50 of the country's most experienced security officials,
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all of them warned a trump president densecy would put america at risk. it comes as a new candidate gets into the race, even at this late hour. what are donald trump's plans for the economy. >> in a rare moment today, donald trump, who never backs down from a fight, let protesters interrupt him at least a dozen times in detroit. never losing his cool. >> i will say the bernie sanders people had far more energy and spirit. i will say that. trump once encouraged his supporters to take on people disrupting his rallies. >> knock the crap out of them. you can get them out. i'd like to punch them in the face, i'll tell you. >> today in detroit, trump shed that labor to focus on the economy. >> i want to jump start america. and it can be done. and it won't even be that hard. >> trump revealing that under his plan, child care expenses won't be taxed. and he'll simplify the tax code by having three brackets.
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>> 12%, 25%, and 33%. for many american workers, their tax rate will be zero. >> hillary clinton today saying she'll be a small business president. slamming trump's proposals. >> they tried to make his old tired ideas sound new. >> for her part, clinton standing by this promise she told david. >> you have said it's your goal not to raise taxes on families making under $250,000 a year, a goal. but can you say that's a promise as you stand here tonight. >> that is a pledge i'm making. i make it when i ran in 2008. and it was the same one that president obama made. >> now, trump may have more than clinton to worry about. >> i do believe he's a fraud, and he's a conman. >> former cia operative, edward macmullan launching an independent bid for the white house. macmullan who recently worked on policy, in the house of representatives is being helped by republicans unhappy with trump. >> what do you say to
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republicans who support trump who say a vote for you is going to be a vote for hillary clinton. >> he's already losing badly. he's alienated broad swaths of our population. donald trump cannot win. he's ensuring that hillary clinton win the white house. >> and tonight in what appears to be a break with the rest of the bush family, who have all signaled their concerns with trump. one of jeb bush's sons telling republicans they have to back trump. >> you make sure -- >> tom llamas, abc news, new york. >> a young man was murdered over the weekend in a popular area of san francisco. calvin riley a 20-year-old college student was killed while playing pokemon go near ghiradelli square. >> 20-year-old calvin riley was gunned down saturday night between 9:30 and 10:00 p.m. along this touristed safe
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stretch of waterfront park near ghiradelli square. he was with a friend playing pokemon go when he was shot. investigators are struggling to find a motive. that friend from boston who witnessed the shooting who was so devastated he flew home yesterday. he graduated from sarah high school in san mateo a year ago, writing thanks in his yearbook to his family for all of their sack figss. >> people are really struggling to make sense of it. and really trying to focus on at this point. support for one another, for teachers, for friends, for colleagues, and certainly moving forward, support for his wonderful mom and dad and his brother and sister. >> a go fund me page has already exceeded its $36,000 goal. police are solicit willing social media posts from the public to try to find clues with the help of sfpd. >> i know the chief and homicide unit is investigating everything
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they're looking at. all the possible videotapes that were in the area, whether we might be able to capture a suspect or identify somebody that might have been involved. >> at aquatic park, there is no surveillance video. >> we don't have any cameras in the park here. had it been on the city street, maybe a few blocks up. >> the family says a memorial service is being planned for wednesday and thursday. and they remember the smiling engaging athlete who suddenly is gone. i'm lesley brinkley, abc 7 news. a contra costa county man accused of killing his wife has posted bail after being held on a million dollars bond. homicide investigators say john is responsible for the death of his wife. her body was found yesterday. 7 hd was over their house in that gated community of black hawk. john was booked into the
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martinez jail this morning. in southern california, another ferocious, out of control wildfire is prompting evacuations, more than 500 firefighters are battling the pilot fire. the wildfires started yesterday, in an area west of lake arrow head, it tripled in size overnight to 4500 acres. evacuations have been ordered in the sparsely populated fire zone. their first priority is keeping the fire from spreading toward mountain communities. >> did some burning operations last night, to help keep it within that box. that's our goal to keep it from entering any of the communities. >> air quality in the mojave desert is suffering because of the fire. advisories have been issue d warnings due to smoke. >> they're worried shifting wins will push flames toward the road. the highway will close between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. the 6 week old fire has burned
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94 square miles. some evacuation orders were lifted today. the fire is 45% contained. with he have much more ahead for you on this monday night. >> the clues found at the scene that may reveal a motive for a double murder in the east bay. >> pickets promised in the south bay, how that's affecting cases in the courts. lisa is here with the weather. >> we have mild temperatures in our inland east bay, it's been cool for august. i'll let you know when the warmer days arrive coming up. we're going to check in on a police dog that was attacked in the line of duty. my belly pain and constipation?
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flames set to hide a murder. that's what oakland investigators believe happened here. >> what's more puzzling is what the killers left behind and what it could reveal about the murders. >> mysterious double murder and car fire has an east oakland neighborhood on edge tonight. >> police have no arrests and no suspects at least not to put the reporting to us. >> laura anthony has more. >> it's very close to home. we all have to be cautious. >> the flames from a burning pickup lit up the night sky people ran to help, but it was too late. the fire was preceded by
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gunshots. >> so there were several shots, like in a row. one, two, three, four. >> she didn't want her face shown. this resident the of eke land told us she heard the shots first. then saw a man running past her window. >> then a man came running down the middle of the street. and he was dressed in dark clothing. and he was on fire. the back of his head, the back of his clothing was on fire. >> he was the third victim in critical condition. but alive. the two victims inside the burning pickup were pronounced dead at the scene. all three had been shot. >> obviously, you know, things going around here, how the city can be, is paramount, it's overboard, and we're all tired of it. >> the police won't say what lead to the shooting and fire, we observed this, marked his evidence about 20 yards from where the gun was parked. at least four red plastic gas
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cans lined up next to it. investigators won't confirm whether the fatal shooting and fire were relate d in oakland, lori anthony, abc 7 news. an alarming wakeup call for san jose family this morning, a stolen pickup truck crashed into their home. it shattered a gas meter and prompted a shelter in place for the whole neighborhood. >> a lot of things, because it is something that we train on, and we get familiar with. but ultimately you don't know exactly where it's had an opportunity to get to. >> pg&e crews took about an hour and 40 minutes to cap the leak. everyone was left back in their homes. the driver of the pickup took off. hundreds of court employees will walk picket lines tomorrow. >> today marked the fourth day
9:17 pm
of their strike, and they vow to strike until a new contract is reached. their dispute is over raises. the county says they can't afford the raises the workers want. >> spending all that money. they could have built something like the hall of justice, where services the public. it doesn't need to be fancy, we just need something that was built that would not waste all the taxpayer's money. >> the strike means many cases aren't being heard inside courtrooms. many of the striking employees are clerks. most routine paperwork isn't being processed. >> remember walnut creek's police forces on duty. . walnut creek police posted on facebo facebook, that they appreciate the support people gave scheana and her human partner.
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>> it's time to take a look at weather as we start our workweek. >> we have had that persistent onshore flow. and that has brought that sea breeze up to 20 miles an hour at the shore line. live doppler 7 hd showing the clouds moving into the san mateo coast. it's still pretty mild out there from our south beach camera. you can see a little bit of fog gathering. 64 in mountain view. half moon bay, 57 degrees. and so emeriville, you reached about 90 today. reaching 80s in the livermore valley. tomorrow should be a repeat performance. we've definitely had our temperatures being dictated by the low clouds, the fog and the
9:19 pm
sea breeze. that's not going to change, we will have a bit of a warmup later on in the week. patchy coastal fog overnight tonight. mild to warm throughout the next several days, that means around the bay, comfortable, kind of a cool start, though. the warmest days will arrive friday and saturday. nothing too extreme, though, overnight lows tonight with the patchy fog, half moon bay low 50s, otherwise, i think the fog is going to stay out of the north bay. and marin county. look for 55 in san jose. look what happens after 5:00. quickly begins to sweep out of the bay, and we have full sunshine all around with temperatures running just around normal. but here it was a look at santa rosa, you can see where we stack up, today was in the upper 80s, tomorrow once again, it will be a little above normal, then we drop off come wednesday, thursday. a slight bump as we get toward
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the end of the week. upper 80s have arrived, they're going to stay put for the next few days. we'll get a little warmer as we head toward the end of the week. it's been pretty quiet around here for august. and the relative humidity has been up somewhat due to the low clouds and fog. that's always a good thing around here. upper 70s from sunnyvale. very nice, mid-70s in menlo park. we'll see sunshine. pacifica. san francisco about 69. today you hit 70 up in the north bay. you can see the warmer readings with the colors here, 88 in santa rosa. near the shore line, very pleasant. 75. 76 in union city. you head inland, we have 90s from pittsburgh to concord. the accuweather 7-day forecast. we're keeping temperatures in
9:21 pm
and around the 90 degree range the next couple days. maybe a slight dip tomorrow. low 60s at the coach. cooling it down just a little bit into the weekend. probably not noticing much of a change at all for most of you. >> thanks, lisa. >> still to come on abc 7 news at 9:00, if there was ever a reason to let your child play more video games, this may be it. >> we'll explain. and who can resist watching a cotton candymaker spinning that delicious confection. how
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australian researchers say teenage gamers outperform their peers in math, reading and science. they tested 12,00015-year-olds
9:25 pm
using a benchmark assessment program. regular gamers performed 17 points higher on science and 15 points above average on math and reading. teens who were highly active on social media, scored ed 4% bel average. this week lyft customers who need to make multiple stops during a trip can input those destinations within the app. lyft says the changes will benefit both customers and drivers. a police officer took community policing to a higher level today. mayor edly handed out backpacks to dozens of kids. sergeant friedman raised $3,000 for the giveaway. he did it after learning many families could not afford school
9:26 pm
supplies. >> making sure kids have the right tools for school. school seems easier. >> the officers raised enough money for a community celebration and even bought a ping-pong table for the housing complex. the school year begins next monday in san francisco. >> another 30 minutes of abc 7 news at 9:00 is next. what looks like candy definitely is not. more than a dozen kids ate it and got horribly sick. a new tool that could save a life the next time the student overdoses. >> why scientists are expecting big things from the meteor shower this
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marijuana laced candies sent 19 people to the hospital saturday night. >> these are the candies that made 19 people sick saturday night the youngest patient just 6 years old. rapid heart rate. dizziness, nausea, leather by and confusion. >> the candies tested positive for thc. >> these are innocent kids, they don't know many they see candy, they eat it. >> the security guard called 911. of the 19 patients treated, blood tests from 12 came back positive for thc. >> different than when you smoke marijuana. the onset can be slower, the duration can be loaninger.
9:31 pm
>> the only thing that we include with our rental is space and tables and chairs. >> the family used an east bay indicatorer. >> we want to make sure from this perspective this wasn't an intentional act by the indicatorer or anyone who attended the party. >> sfpd is not releasing the caterer's name. alameda county environmental health determined where the food was prepared. there's no way to determine if can bus was used at all on the premises. as no evidence was found during eh's inspection today. where the candy came from, who purchased it and who provided it are among the investigation. >> it's very important that we control how these edible products are available to the publ public. melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> there's new details of the
9:32 pm
sex investigation involving one woman and several bay area police departments. several officers likely violated department policy, but don't seem to have broken any laws. they're accused of having sex with a woman known as celeste guap. she had sex with more than 30 officers in the bay area. a first for santa clara county. police are going to carry the drug that can revise people who overdose on heroin. with heroin use reaching epic proportions here and across the country. according to the latest figures, the four bay area counties with the highest drug overdoses are alameda, contra costa and santa clara. chris winn has more on the story. >> today was training day. >> always be prepared to ventilate the patient, support the patient. be prepared to give them extra
9:33 pm
narcan if you need to. >> the topic, opiod overdoses and how it's become an epidemic across america. >> police chief wants to make sure his officers are prepared to help if they've come across anyone suffering from an overdose. >> a lot of these overdoses are not necessarily street drugs like heroin. >> the first law enforcement agency to inject narcan. >> it blocks the opiates from reaching the brain and suppressing the respiratory system. >> the goal is to save lives whenever possible. >> jim thurbur served as a paramedic before entering law enforcement. >> there's a population at risk,
9:34 pm
sometimes when they're taking their medication, it can be easy to mistake a pill, that they're only supposed to take once a day for twice a day. >> 78 americans die every day from an opiod overdose. since 1999, the number of overdose deaths involving opiod, including prescription pain relievers and heroin nearly quadrupled in the south bay. >> chevron has won a victory in its long running battle in ecuador. a federal appeals court in new york has ruled the law cannot be enforced in the u.s. the judgment was obtained through bribery, coercion and fraud. chevron was convicted of environmental damage on the lawsuit on behalf of 30,000 indigenous villagers in ecuador. researchers are asking the public for old photos of lake tahoe algae. trying to establish the algae
9:35 pm
that used to be the warm. the lake is getting warmer. what is less clear is the trend long term algae growth. researchers have only measured algae growth in the last few years. >> the meteor shower outburst and where to see it. >> a high flying medical lab. >> a state of the art hospital with
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9:38 pm
nasa is pre dikting a spectacular meteor shower later this week. it's often the best of the year.
9:39 pm
this year's percead outburst should have double the normal number of meteors. the best time to watch will be thursday and friday at 10:00 p.m. they will appear to radiate from northern sky. you could see as many as 200 meteors per hour. an outburst happens when earth passes through the part of the tail of the swift comet. an unusual airplane made a stop at moffett field today. one that's mission is to prevent blindness around the world. jonathan bloom climbed aboard for a tour. >> gary dyson is reviewing his flight plan. >> from anchorage -- >> he flies md 10s like this one from fedex every day. >> this plane has been modified. it has a hospital in the back. >> with a brand new high-tech operating room. >> it matches all current u.s. standards. >> from sterilizing tools. >> we open the hatch. >> to sanitizing hands. >> you wash your hands.
9:40 pm
>> it's accredited as a u.s. hospital. the flying eye hospital spent most of its time in countries that don't have facilities like these. treating patients with they have avoidable low mission. >> 80% of those are treatable. >> the flying eye hospital has another purpose. perhaps its greatest mission is teaching. >> the only flying eye hospital in the world. >> they can learn and practice on this simulator. >> it's micro surgery. you need to be familiar with a micro scope how it works. how you can focus inside the eye, you have to have fine movement. >> the standard equipment includes glasses to watch surgeries in 3 d. >> every single one of those people in the classroom, it's as if they're sitting in the micro scope. >> the aircraft maintenance right down to the teddy bear in the recovery room.
9:41 pm
>> it's off to travel the world again. >> an adventure every time. you don't know what you're going to find -- >> jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. uc researchers have developed a new micro scope that helps them see things underwater that they've never seen before. there's a lot going on that can't be seen with the human eye. that's great. but it doesn't quite allow scientists to observe how they function in their natural habitats. the underwater micro scope is easy to handle for a diver. it also has a computer to help collect data and help adapt to different environments as well. >> up next, on the abc 7 news a quick check on our forecast. >> plus, it's a popular golf course. it is, golfers are flocking there now. why a popular east bay course is closing after more than 16 years.
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san francisco is getting ready to celebrate tony bennett's 90th birthday in a big way. a base was prepared for the statue honoring that legendary voice. bennett first sang i left my heart in san francisco. he will attend the statue's unveiling on august 19th. the singer celebrated his last birthday on wednesday. the giants will hold a tony bennett night that same day. golfers are getting in their last play at a popular east bay course. they have a sudden deadline. the course is announced its
9:46 pm
closing thursday. wayne freedman reports the biggest problem is water. >> it's a landscape more suited to cattle than people. rolling hills, dry brush and for the past 16 years, a form of links land as well. the golf club. >> there's people that come up here every day. >> no more after thursday. it's out of luck, out of money and must close for good. the big issue, water. $600 now, a year to irrigate this golf course. that's tough in a time of drought. >> i think we will say that this is a situation where the expenses associated with irrigating the golf course is too much to be feasible. >> on short notice, the fateful are coming back one last time buying up anything that says roddy ranch on it. this was an award winning golf course when it opened. even more so for 30 employees
9:47 pm
who must find new jobs. mike clue is among the lucky ones. >> some of us land on our feet, i pray that everyone gets a job. >> no word on what will happen to roddy ranch after the gate closes and the rest of this course goes to seed. one certainty that a lot of golfers that call this place home are going to feel lost for a while. >> all the people that are coming up here, it's really sad. we're like a big family up here. >> wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> you might already know about the coyotes of san francisco. rally p found one that likes to play like a dog. rally p posted this video, saying this coyote likes playing with a ball. the coyote is running back and forth. don't let this playful behavior fool you.
9:48 pm
it's just unusual but still dangerous. >> let's get one last check on our weather. >> we're looking at fog right now, oakland and san francisco. a little breezy in con order and the delta. we have one of the coldest temperatures across the nation the other day in truckee at 29 degrees. getting to be that time of year, when the nights are getting longer. very pleasant. 76 in the sierra nevada. a little bit of patchy smoke in monterey. 66. 79 in los angeles. if you're headed to the beach. the last couple days to enjoy summer perhaps. we'll have patchy fog early on. half moon bay, that should get swept away. we'll see the warmer numbers in santa cruz. 75, a sunny stinson beach at 64. ocean beach mid-60s. around the bay tomorrow. look for numbers just about
9:49 pm
around average. they've been running shy. you've probably felt that, near average tomorrow. look around 90 in concord. 81 san rafael. the accuweather 7-day forecast. not much of a change day to day. we have low 90s all throughout the week. a slight dip tomorrow. upper 70s to near 80 around the bay, near 60s at the coast, we'll manage a couple warmer days comfrey and saturday. >> thank you so much, lisa. >> mystery at the olympics. millions of americans are wondering about the purple bruises seen on michael phelps and other athletes. the ancient therapy that may be the secret to winning olympic gold. >> all eyes on michael phelps winning that 19th gold overnight. many noticed something else, the large purple circles on his right shoulder and right there on his back. posting photos of himself during his last practice before heading
9:50 pm
to rio, even holding his newborn son. he said it's a part of his training, a treatment called cupping. placing heated glass cups on the skin. supposed to increase blood flow. he's such a believer in it, he featured it in his recent underarmor ad. gymnast alex nador posted this picture of himself, all with those cupping bruises which can take two weeks to heal. >> many athletes believe cupping speeds the healing process for over worked muscles. science has yet to provide any actual evidence. one thing's for sure, these athletes are convinced it's giving them the extra push they need about. >> now, let's get a handle at all the rest of the sports. >> hi, larry. >> i have done the cup therapy myself. >> have you really? >> and it works. >> it does works? >> you got the marks on you? >> yeah.
9:51 pm
but you know -- >> can you swim faster? >> i am a superior athlete now, dan, no question about that. >> they just -- you can get that done. in fact, i'll do it in the sports bar for you. >> great, that's all we need. >> a sigh of relief. >> no, there's no relief. there's not going to be any liability here. the giants. you talk about a game that's going to leave a mark. a marathon. buster posey. the shrimp tail slide, and gets a
9:52 pm
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coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, thousands of cash registers across the country hacked. a local high-tech giant at the center of the breach. the san francisco public defender is responding. >> those stories and more coming up on channel 7. >> i want to try this cup therapy. >> i don't think you want
9:55 pm
anything larry's giving out at this point. >> what? >> she doesn't want to see me hurt. >> i am dr. feel good. >> great. >> you know who needs to feel good. manager bruce bochy of the giants. 61 years old, remember he had a procedure on his heart last year, he was feeling ill and hospitalized. the team statement reading, he's being checked at the hospital, will be monitored overnight, resting comfortably, and expected to return tomorrow. >> tonight's game could not have been good for anybody's health that was looking for a load stress environment. johnny cuedo. kristen yelich, a solo back to back jacks in the fifth, the marlins take a 5-1 lead. the giants rally in the 7th, brandon crawford single. driving home buster posey, we're tied at 5, a guy with a bad pair of pants is happy. wild pitch made it 6-5 giants.
9:56 pm
yelich with a rocket off of panek's glove. two on for crawford, who collects one of his 7, yes, 7 hits in a game, scoring span. buster posey at first, crawford singles. pozzi going for third, he's going to go in with a face plant and skids with his jaw into the bag. oh, my goodness. and fortunate to escape with scrapes only. giants, runners at the corners, nobody out. do not score, pence with a black eye there. he's beat up as well. 14th inning, 7-7. crawford 7th hit, drives home brandon bell. crawford just the fourth player in history, with 7 or more hits in a game. i got him a second. the giants win the game. must win game to play. 14 innings. 8-7 in 14. a's and orioles. how about free air guitars for
9:57 pm
the first 10,000 fans. top 2, kendall graver man on the mound. coco crisp, you want him on that wall, you need him on that wall. >> bases full of o's in the inning. manny machado. alonzo -- steven high, deep, and aloha, means good-bye. an rbi single in the 7th. have to show you this one, though, look out. jonathan shatters ryan healey, was able to focus on the ball. and avoid the barrel of the bat. bear hands and makes the throw for the out. that's remarkable. great concentration, the a's win this game by a score of 3-2. the raiders going to play their first preseason game this friday night against the cardinals. the silver and black release what they call their initial unofficial depth chart.
9:58 pm
no real big surprise, derek carr is started at quarterback. matt mcloin second. they'll throw to michael crabtree and amar'e cooper. the silver and black going 7 of 9 last year. jack delrio cautioning. don't pay too much attention to the depth chart. >> first game quickly approaching. that will be great, once the games get here, it really starts to fly. >> really good work. >> i like to say, we're all bubble guys. until that will roster is set and laid, you can be a guy that may have great confidence on the field right now in practice, and then go to preseason and totally blow it. >> the nba schedule is coming out later this week, a couple dates have leaked out. new warrior kevin durant will return to oklahoma city as the enemy on february 11th. he figures to get a lot of boos after leaving okc.
9:59 pm
russell westbrook resigned to stay with the thunder a few days ago. >> steph, versus lebron in cleveland. a rematch of the nba finals. that ought to be fun. if you're not watching the olympics tonight, and you can't if you're watching me right now. we'll look at the medal count. usa leading with 19 medals. china and usa tied with the most golds, five a piece. kevin durant had 16, draymond had 2. and klay thompson was held scoreless. your cups are ready, dan. your cups are ready. >> i'll be back to the spa in a minute. >> you'll be feeling much better in no time. >> thanks, larry. >> or i'll be in the emergency room. we appreciate your time. >> for al
10:00 pm
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