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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  August 9, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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and we start with breaking news in lake county. magnitude 5.1 earthquake struck an area near the community of upper lake about an hour ago at 7:57 this evening. usgs says the quake had depth .2 . they also said shaking was felt throughout lake county and neighboring county including napa and sonoma. maybe where you are. you can have felt some of the shaking. at least two after shock felt
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so far. largely east one being a 2/7. no daniel or injuries reported. we continue to up dai date this for you as we move through the newscast. good evening i'm dan ashley. amma is off. joining us on the phone right now is dale grant with the usg usgs. he is spoking with us from golden colorado. dale can7 you hear me thanks for coming on. >> thanks dan. good evening. >>reporter: good evening to you we appreciate it this quake 5.1 would be considered a moderate quake. certainly enough to produce some daniel. put it in perspective in terms of scale. >> okay. this is indeed a moderate quak quake. felt widely throughout northern california. and it is one of the largest we m've seen in that particular area in the last, say, 30 years. so it's a fairly significant event but item very remote. the nearest city that we have are glen haven, lucerne and upper lake and these are very small communities in northern
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california and therefore we are not expecting a great deal of damage. >>reporter: that's encourag encouraging. very interesting dale. that it has been about 30 years since you had a quake of this magnitude in that particular area. is that about the time frame that you you would expect an event of that size on this type of fault, or on this fault. what fault is it do you know. >> i don't know the particular fault but i'm sure you remember a couple years ago about the same time of year there was the lower napa valley quake and it was also of a similar magnitude the daniel was far far greater than what we are expectinghf from this. >>reporter: sure i was up there reporting at thtime. dale, there have been a couple of after shock that were felt. 2.7 or so being the larger. should folk in that area expect after shocks for the next several days. >> for quake this size and this shallow, you could expect
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smaller after shocks to go on for a matter of couple weeks. but we would expect them to be smaller and that is our expectation at this time. >>reporter: okay one last question i always ask this i franklyv$ probably know the jtk wants to.l know. are these things predicted at all? does it suggest anything else is going>i=bq' any timee inthe t isolatedv or do we know. >> actually earthquake science is non-predicted. no9%ñ way to know just when and if a quake is going to happen. earth3 ismo complex and geologyi so diawq't throughout the world that earthquakes are expected at all times in california.:k2s it's an active area but there's >>reporter: okay that's what we are waiting for, right,t, d e dale. >> it would be nice to be pro active versus react i have but
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right now we are still in the react i have stage. >>reporter: i row mind people after these events andcl this ws not, it's significant gee logically with you not in terms of damp or size.[t always a good reminder for all of news california to use this as an opportunity to prepare our safety kits at home and be ready just in case something happens. >> i think that's a great idea. >>reporter: dale thanks so much. you are really great to come on with us we re?yy appreciate it. dale grant with the usgs. thanks daichlt you are welcome. >>reporter: appreciate jit move now to our next top story. we'll continue to follow that of course. but stay here with us as we move on to our other top story tonight. >> city is relieved that the jury came to a verdict. >>reporter: sense of relief for city leaders of san bruno a neighborhood4u. federal jury in san franciscoua convicted pg&epp on 6 criminal counts because of that blast. it has been almost 6 years since pg&e pipelinex explode entered san bruno.$w
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8 people died as you may recal recall. 38 homesd destroyed. pg&e found guilty 6 of the 12 charges after deliberating for two weeks jurors found the company was guilty of not properly inspecting and testing the pipeline. and not keepingv÷ good records f the maintenance program. >> verdict should send a message to thoseeo pipeline operators that they need to follow the law. they need to make sure that when they operate those pipe lines they do so in a safe manner. u.s. attorney argued that the company had chosen profit or safetyh. maximum penalty per count was 500,000 dollars. they have to pay 3 million dollars in fine. that's a fraction of the 5 62 million dollars that the government originally asked for. legal analyst gill explains what might have happenedtp >> they may have miss read the statute in the first place. they may have realized that they weren't going to have a shot at getting that larger figure. proving it up without certain
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evidence that the judge wouldn't let in. that may be what happened here. >>reporter: pg&e issued a statement saying we have .j"e unprecedentedxhuogress in the neazx 6 years/since the tragic san bruno accident and we are committed to maintaining our focus on safety. >> while the federal criminal case against pg&e decided today there are still two major lawsuits pending against the utility. one filed by the homeowner associationand one by pg&e shareholders. both lawsuits being represented by the same lawyer. frank petey he says pg&e zacchary foisted safety for profit and believe executives should face jail time. >> you can't just keep going on television and having these nice feel good commercials because it's actionsç thatfs k louder than word and hopefully we have our day in court to hold those folks to task. >>reporter: the two lawsuits now allowed to pro proceed after today's ruling.
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he'll cross examine in the company executives in the case cases. battering ram that's what a team of burglar used to pwraeshing into a fisherman wharf foed photo and video shot shop this morning. the video shows white van crashing into the store. look again. you will see the thieves attaching the battering ramp to the back of the van making the job that much easier. sergio is on the story. >>reporter: san francisco police investigators say they have never seen this strategy before. this team of burglars attached a pole to the white cargo van. used it as battering ram to brick into the store. how they got in is less concer concern. number of times they have been burglarized is a bigger deal. >> this is not the first time. has been 5 or 6 times over the last 6 months. >>reporter: burglar made off with thousands of dollars of photo video equipment this time. man he called to fix the broken door told me off camera he has been really busy the last 6 most.
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his teams of technician have 5 repair call on commercial burglary every week. one was in hays valley as well this boutique broken into early sunday morning second time in two most. bike shop also recently hit. >> police response is very slo slow. they are already overwhelmed with so much already. >>reporter: he feels helpless. the police still haven't found the people who stole thousands of dollars worth of items from their store. san francisco police say their investigation take time. >> you have to understand we are only working on what we can obtain at the scene of the crime so video surveillance very helpful. during last night burglary a biker rode by as culprit ransack with photo shop. officers would like to take with that person. 7 news. >> abc 7 news i-team learned of
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arrest connected to recent highway shootings in the east bay. sources tell the i-team the fbi safety streets task force arrested more than 20 suspected gang members in the operation last woke and some may be responsible for the highway shootings along with other crimes including drugs, guns, prostitution, attemptedgr murde. details announced6! at news conference tomorrow. operation began last year with an investigation by concord police into increased gang violence in contra costa count county. and 7 news has learned that officials from daly city considering traffic controls on crosswalk where young girl was seriously injured in an accident last week. happened on west moore avenue near sky line boulevard. vic lee has the story. >>reporter: car turning right from busy sky line boulevard on to west moore az, struck the girl at the uncontrolled crosswalk which is about 50 yards from sky line. >> bad bad intersection.
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needs to put, do something about it. >>reporter: every pedestrians we spoke to last wednesday after the terrible accident dangerous. city councilman grew up in the neighborhood. >> you know my mother lives right down the street from there. she's 83 years old. can't cross the street any mor more. >>reporter: there have been several car here and the only pedestrians act in the period but convince city officials that something needs to be don done. but some say traffic controls like flashing lights or stop signs may in fact cause more accidents since the crosswalk is so close to sky line boulevard. >> rear end collision with cars turning and backed up at that stop sign and people slamming into them. >>reporter: instead city manager patricia a martel suggests restricting car traffic with a crosswalk is no now. >> we think that possible solution that would work better is actually to limit the
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vehicle movement by installing an island. constructing an island there. >>reporter: pros walk limit natured pedestrians directed to the safer controlled crosswalk at the end of the block on west moore and south game. or to the signal intersection at west moore and sky line. plan needs to be approved by city council. stay here with me. more to bring you tuesday nigh night. coming up. popular bay area restaurant faces he vex. owner caught if a political fire storm. >> many i don't knowhat happens. >> one of the most expensive towers in san francisco gone to court over the building. lisa is here with the weather. >> temperatures only varied a little bit day-to-day but we have a stretch of hot weather coming our way. i'll have it for you coming up. >> and fire in southern california explodes overnight. schools are evacuation ited as
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flames scorch an area the size of the city of sacramento.
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popular restaurant owner facing eviction gets remarkable support from the people who are determined to fight back. the restaurant is at the richmond marina. mayor claims that eviction is being done in retaliation.
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here's leslie. >>reporter: devoted dinerg web and after hearing the shocking news that she would be evict from this waterfront spot. >> the letterásaying that tremendous day notice to be to get out. pack and leave. >>reporter: letter came from the property owner the poe family that owner the pantera company that clas a severe sewage leak at the restaurant is the reason for the eviction. >> when i sent the pictures to mrs. poe and she called me immediately and says my gosh. we have to shut this place down. 'hcooutty health inspectors twque in recent week gavec it a thumbsa. richmond resident rally day. the reason we are@5 doing this today is to try to find a way to save a richmond landmark. >>reporter: the mayor accuses the poe family of seeking retaliation against the city
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for losing an election that blocked them from developing more land here. >> the mayor says it's maybe retaliation. you are the victim of it. >>k yes. i think that way." yes. which is i am a good 10 apartmenth. >>reporter: by phone miss poeáv called the accusation unsophisticated. 1500 homeless at her restaurant every thanksgiving. she was once homeless herself. >> tichl win because that you will love, all this love. >>reporter: the last day here is set for september 8. in richmond, abc 7 news. resident living in the sin sinking and tilting tower in san francisco south of market filed a class action lawsuit today against the building owner and transbay joint powers authority. the suit claims residents are seeing uneven floors. doors that won't open or close and cracks in the walls and in
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the luxury condo. resident worry it affects the property value of course. 58 story building has sunk more than a foot since it was open in 2008. also leaning already an estimated 2 inches to the north west. fire in southern california has now exploded to 7000 acres and prompting new evacuation. pilot fire burning in san bernardino county. tanya has the story. l. >>reporter: parents say the air quality is so bad it looks like it's snowing ash. school bus had to be rerouted because the fire closeded their roads. it also jumped fire lines prompting thousands more evacuation on monday night scorching nearly 7000 acres. sending them 9 43 firefighters scrambling day and night. the smoke is spilling into nearby city which is prompting school closure because of bad air quality. hand crew are also using fireproof to protect the homes they can and 8 air tanker
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dropping retardant from the1# sky. the wind is actually helping them them in this one pushing the fire away from resident to the battle is on for the ridge right now they tell me if they lose thousands more are in harm's way. abc news, san bernardino count county, california. >> no let up in the big wildfire fwurng in monterey county. this fire burned additional 6000 acres overnight and now charred more than 67,000 acres. and destroyed 57 homes in the process. fire began july 22nd with illegal campfire at this state park. it's 50% contained. full campaignment is not expected until the end of the month. so we have a long several weeks ahead to deal with the fire. let's focus on the weather forecast. cooler as you may have noticed. lisa is a here with the forecast. >> you are right. in fact the changes come for friends inland where they notice warmth and
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hot temperature by the end of the work week. locally around the bay and at the coast things stay pretty much the same. kahn see the low clouds, fog here moving up on the peninsula. live look outside from the exploratorium camera. mid  moon bay morgan hill
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week. we are notíq talking about tripd digit butvé still well into the 90's9ñ. soó low clouds fog from the coast up to marin county. u low 70's here. cooler with upper 50's out to fremont this is the fog footprint you notice from the san mateop coast up through marin and then e-ru&y just across the bay tomorrow morning. doesn't last though. marine layer only about 1500 feet. mayb1800 feet sunshine>l around most of the by except at the coast. little change to. the 60's san francisco oakland. notice inland mid upper 80's. this is thursday. very little change but by friday notice just a couple degrees warmer inland so yes it's very, very small up until this and then the 90's will get pretty well establishedyn in our inland valley. so do you want to good to the beach enjoy the last couple days of summer with the kids perhaps some kids going back
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early next week. partly sunny. upper physician to about 60 from ocean beach half moon bay. 70 santa cruz.> fog pulls back+ here but it's cool. patchy smoke monterey 64 degrees. so high tomorrow in the upper 80's for you in livermore but then look what happens. we begin a couple of degrees and then even in the mid 90's perhaps warmest day on saturda saturday. so in particular in the south bay look for 77 sunnyvale. 80 san jose. 82 san francisco, mid 60's, 67 in south city up in the north bay cooler at 84 santa rosa. 79 nap a.low 70's mid 70's here forest bayshore line it's comfortable. 87 pleasanton so accu-weather 7 day forecast notice the small increment of change each every day through friday. look like the heat wants to stay inland into mid 90's over the weekend and then slightly cooler into next week. so very subtle changes.
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>> thanks very much. still to come on 7 news at 9:00. facebook figure out a way to keep from you blocking ads. >> plus the bay area hospital that could become the first to >> plus the bay area hospital that could become the first to allow patients to use marijuan
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dolphins found stranded in the bay south of san francisco rport is believed to be dead unfortunately. sky 7ó hd over the mud flats near the airport marriott hotel earlier today. the large dolphins was spotted bye-bye standers along the shoreline. marine mammal center expert unable to locate the dolphins this evening but another attempt will be made tomorrow morning. our twitter follower shared this video of a dolphins circling slowly in the same area. unclear whether this is the same dolphins that was stranded today. retired emergency room
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physician wants a hospital in marin county to be the first in dr. larryév serves on the board that oversee marin general hospital in green brea. canelieves cannabis provide alternative for more dangerous nartics when it comes to dealing with pain. marin@ independent journal also reports that hospital managers are considering this proposal. we will keep you updated on what they decide. stay here with us. coming up. did donald trump just cross the line? >> nothing you can do folks. although the second amendment people maybe there is, i don't know. >> tonight critic say this is new and dangerous territory. immediate backlash following that comment. also delta airlines cancels nearly 700 more flights today as it tries to getee back on track after] that big computers crash. / and fertility rate drops o record low. what new survey is saying about
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record low. what new survey is saying about american
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we are following breaking news from lake county. magnitude 5.1 earthquake struck an area near the community of upper lake. 7:27 this evening. usgs also says shaking was felt throughout lake county and in neighboring counties including napa and sonoma. some residents say they felt a rolling motion. others say it felt like a jolt. that's very common. you hear different experience from people who felt the quake. 2 after shock felt. largest one being a magnitude 3.0. no damage or injuries have been reported. this is in a largely remote area. we have more ahead on 7 news at 11:00 o'clock. but good evening once again. now the new controversy in the race for president. late day donald trump was raising eyebrow again during an
9:31 pm
attack on hillary clinton and the reaction was immediate. here's tom. >>reporter: tonight donald trump accused of crossing the line in a dangerous way. >> hilary wants to abolish essentially abolish the second amendment. by the way if she gets to pick, if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. al though the second amendment people, maybe 30's, i don't know. but. >>reporter: just look at how one trump supporter reacted after trump said that. hillary clinton tweeting this statement from her campaign. person seeking to be the should not s?mdest violence in÷ any way. the trump campaign says trump that he was trying to rally support release thanksgiving statement. it's called the power of unification. second amendment people have amazing spirit and are tremendously unified which f gives them great political
9:32 pm
power. about his come interest that clinton will pick the next supreme court justice nra says donald trump is right. if hillary clinton gets to pick her anti-second amendment supreme court judges there's nothing we can do. but clinton supporters not buying it. senator chris murphy from connecticutáwhere the newtown shooting resonates tweeting don't treat this as a political misstep. item an assassination threat. seriously upping the possibility of a national tragedy and crisis.ww it's not just democrats. tragedy çó inisis.ww lay have had enoughb& of trump. security expertsgp riding, -- writing the lettern saying trup would be tzi most reckless vmñe for trump. >> i:+ do not believexu that hez vmñe fo we needúq at this time0f in our8s country's history. >>reporter: trump earlier
9:33 pm
today saying nothing is wrong with his campaign style. >> i have always had a good temperament and it has gotten me here. >> can't and don't want to i don't think it's appropriate to start changing all of a sudden when you have been winning. >>reporter: dismissing growing number of leaders abandoning him. >> you know these politicians they don't know me. they don't understand9÷ me. >>reporter: ]o this is abc news new york. u.s. secret service tweetedlñ that it was aware of omments but declined to comment further. possibility that the secret service might even consider investigating one[ñ of its own protecte for row mark about another candidatebt unpreceden d unprecedented. massachusetts senator warren tweeted that trump makes death threats because he's a pathetic coward who can't handle the fact he's losing to a girl.wr martin luther king jr. daughter said as daughter of leader who was assassinated i find trump comments distastefu distasteful, disturbing and dangerous. trump running mate governor mike pence says that trump was not advocating violencea= againt hillary clinton. he says trump was saying that
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people who brief in the right to bear arms should be involved in the politicalj, process and let the voices be heard. but intent an interesting day on the campaign trail to said least. moving on. delta airlines computer melt down snarling travel all around the globe still. they cancelledv; another 6 80 flights today. look at this picture shared with us today of pizza being delivered to delta passengers waiting for theg" san francisco bound flight in phoenix. here's david curly. >> more tng lines. delays. cancellations. second day of the delta debacl debacle. >> this is a bumper. >> tonight more than 1600 flights cancelled over two days as computers still slow. >> won't print boarding pass this is your only option for a a boarding pass. >>reporter: still a world wide problem he's stuck in japan. >> so much screaming and yelling i just had 0to get out it was getting really ugly. >>reporter: early monday
9:35 pm
morning a piece of delta power equipment failed and computers crashed. even though electricity was quickly restored the airline says some of the computer systems didn't switch over to the back up power. some did. the systems are operating with some instability still tonight. from delta ceo, second apology. >> this isn't who he we are. this isn't the quality of service and reliability you have come to expect from delta airlines. >>reporter: delta ceo says even more delay and cancellations tomorrow morning. hope to resume regular schedul schedule, regular operations by tomorrow afternoon. david curly abc news reagan national airport. california voters will decide whether to legalize teenager party in san francisco where 19 people got sick after eating marijuana laced candy. david louie looknp at how difficult to detect adult rated
9:36 pm
product. >>reporter: two factors make it tough to know if somebody has ingested food laced with thc for marijuana. candy can look the same as well known events and item not felt for half hour even up to three hours so person can consume too much. >> very, very easy to do especially when there are items that may have a good flavor to them. might be a piece of chocolate. might be a brownie or something like that. might want to eat too much of it. >>reporter: the wellness center here council the patients to so they know what to expect even food product are dispensed in these bolts,t an envelopes. but in the hand of some one trying to trick or surprise some one the result can lead to disorientation, vomiting and other symptoms. last halloween denver police even produce add video to warn parents that it is impossible to detect if candy is adult rated. item legal in colorado oychlt the product are so similar to
9:37 pm
candy on the market that we have eaten as children there's really no way for a child or parent or anybody even an expert in the field to tell you whether or not a product is infused or not. >>reporter: california voters will decide whether to legalize marijuana in november. opponent say they are not surprised laceded food is showing up at schools and parties. >> we are not surprised. we have seen very dramatic increase in children being exposed all over the country where marijuana is prevalent particularly in colorado 0and washington nishtion san jose, david louie 7 news. this is interesting. fertility rates in america are at the lowest level ever recorded. that according to the u.s. center for disease control and prevention. report says this fewer than only 6 babies being born to every 100 women between the ages of 15 and 44. teen pregnancy is did he crossing pregnancy rates in older women are increasing. good news is that infertility treatment is allowing women to
9:38 pm
go to school and work longer before become ago mother. interesting change. next on 7 news at 9:00. sonoma county trees that some say are so ugly they need to be sonoma county trees that some say are so ugly they need to be chopped
9:39 pm
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are at risk of beingchopped downf. they linerú country÷v club drivn rohnert park l. decision tonight.y here's wayne. >> that's them right there. iñ'! kevin of rohnert park is mking about the smad nutrients answer after twofó decadesh. is a major pain.ho the little bit of leaves/w that land and@y lodge everywhere. would you like to estimate how many hours you spend in 20 years cleaning. >> 20 years? hundreds of hours. >>reporter: 83 locust tree
9:42 pm
that line country club drive. they might have seemed like! good idea 45 years ago but now they are old and dying and shedding and when the city council votes to replace them tonight, they will be non-controversial. >> they are unhealthy. not as full and lush we want trees to be in that area so we think there's better option out there. >>reporter: without last ditch effort to save the tree the council will replace them with chinese maples. project will take three years and cost 41,000 dollars from an account funed by developers and residents that is fine with kevin. >> as long as to replace them. >>reporter: the people complain about city government today not one peep. >> if this is the biggest problem then it has been a good day. >>reporter: unless you are this tree. 7 news. facebook is fighting back against ad blocking in a blog post today the company said it will soon be able to display
9:43 pm
ads on the face book page even if you have installed an ad blocker. facebook didn't explain how it was able to defeat add blocking software but said it's in tru truing how you were targeted. stay with us. 7 news up next. video from nasa. they invent a camera to get this incredible video from nasa. they invent a camera to get this incredible shot ♪ ♪ isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless.
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nasa release video from a revolutionary new camera designed to record testing of rocket booster. they hope it will take human to mars. camera created to overcome the problem that exist when trying to film rocket motor test.
9:47 pm
you see the plume are extremely loud and bright obviously making them very difficult to record without reducing exposure settings unlike most camera this one records multiple slow motion video exposures. simultaneously. it's remarkable. this was the final test before the scheduled launch in 2018. space x new video released with new view from the past launches and reentries. images show spectacular view of launches, h:reentry, landing burp. launches and landings part of the company plan to perfect a reusable launch system that could drastically lower the cost of space flight by reusing booster rocket instead of throwing them away. and look at this shot of cloud in saturn northern hemisphere. nasa took this image with the spacecraft. scientist call it the swirling pastel that appear in a false remarkable. so far away.
9:48 pm
such a clear image. let's go to lisa with the forecast. >> we have been looking at some pretty chilly overnight readings in the sierra nevada. 27 in truckee. 32 in south lake. tomorrow very comfortable low 90's for sacramento and in the sierra 76 tahoe 79 los angeles. so it's been pretty persistent with the low clouds, follow, marine layer coming back andb going through the golden gatej bringing temperatures just within a couple degrees each every day now tomorrow still with the pattern for tomorrow into thursday then look like by friday bringing on a little bit more warmth. this is san jose average high low 80's then notice the warmth a little bit above averagepfç io the weekend in next week. accu-weather 7 day forecasten 50 to near 90 then the numbers go up slowly in east bay and stay that way throughót the weekend and come down a few
9:49 pm
degrees. >> thanks very much lisa. as far as pre-game ritual go oakland a's player is the envy of the team today. we were at this restaurant in oakland as the a's first baseman took part in cooking democrat o. he helpedyp kid frm oakland prepare dumplingí >> i think it's really important for young kids and young people to eat healthy and realize that eating healthy can be delicious as well. >>reporter: he really loves foot food. he's big league foodie. organizers hope the kids eat healthier if they watch these. >> let's go to larry. >> what's going on. you have a lot of baseball to talk about their big 14 inning win last night. what will the giants do for encore this evening.
9:50 pm
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tell your doctor if you've had a liver transplant, other liver or kidney problems, hiv, or any other medical conditions, and about all the medicines you take including herbal supplements. taking amiodarone with harvoni may cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. common side effects of harvoni may include tiredness, headache and weakness. i am ready to put hep c behind me. i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you.
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coming up tonight 7 news at 11:00. update the breaking news in lake county. 5.1 quake that is still shaking the area with after shocks. there have been several. we'll be live from the usgs in that. woman who was shot and killed in oakland today right next door to a mother still searching for answers in unsolved shooting death of her son. those stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on those stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel on to all the sports tonight. larry is here with some news about the giants. >>reporter: yes. it's not great news after one night in the hospital in miami giants manager bruce was back on the bench this evening. he had gone in for irregular heart beat then he later joked that he heard this particular hospital had this new pill for offense. he wanted to try it out. he would like to get the prescription for that thing. skipper tonight in need of offense and that pill top of the first 2 on for crawford. 7 hits last night.
9:54 pm
o for 4 in this game. scoreless frames. ground out to end the treaty in the first. strongestlv man in baseball rigt there. stanton his muscles have muscles. he broke his bat on that play and 370. gordon scores but look at what and 370. gordon scores but look at what ish that's(5p(áq"ible power.f 2 nothing marlins bottom5. over the pitch0t that bounces.vj gets kawpt3w under the mas+;q of kúbuster offsp tonight he's rescued by panic on that bloop but then he was unable to deliver in the top the 9th the panic. the game ending double play and shut out. dude.!2ñ9- oh, niceyd t.bottom of the third no score danny opposite field
9:55 pm
single. marcus in to score. 2lg zip. top 4 add ams am jones with the starter. deep and out for neal. solof8 bomb cut the lead in hal. in the fifthg÷. how about neal tying run aboard. the a's hold on 2-1. stanford football team opening training camp yesterday and chance to talk with christian at the espy couple week ago and & 6 feet 190 but the weight distribution and muscle thing is different and looking at each other he says you could do& this. anybody can do this. nobody can do what he does. stanford seventh in the pre-season coach poll. not named replacement for their quarterback hogan yet who graduate ateed. chris is strong candidate to
9:56 pm
take over but the offense is built around that guy. he wracked up a record 38 64 all purpose records. race and shaw says he might be better this year. >> not saying he will get more yards than last year that's not what i'm talking about.=e talking about a young man who is just maturing. year older. it's just a junior. no classes junior year yet so body is still maturing. stronger. faster. he knows the offense better. >> always improve so as far as the weight room and speed stuff i have been trying to improve on that and put my body in the best position to be in for training camp. now that training camp is here football finally here which is awesome. we are excited to get the train rolling. >>reporter: warriors forward green posted someaz more materil on social media. before you send the kid out of the room all good. tour of the why the team, team usa is staying on in rio check my
9:57 pm
twitter account for the link there practice today. they got a chance to do sight seeing. visited famous the statue. carmello and warrior kd on the trip. sightseeing is funvz. anti-indicate to play australia tomorrow. >> good luck and watch the elbow big fella because i know how physical he never back down from a challenge so i have a few friends on australian team so i really want to get this win to have the bragging rights for years to come. >> as usa basketball continues pursuit of gold america leads the way with 26 over all medal. 9 which are gold. michael won 21 first gold medal tonight. dodgers demoted teeing. he's taking it pretty well. this video you are about to see may just punch his ticket right out of the dodger organization.
9:58 pm
>> it's so funny. everybody happy. the. >> he posted video by himself on snap chat. not like he was academy or anything. only showed 5 seconds. we can't show the rest and audio filled with expletive and cavorting around. would i say the donors can't be happy. the president of baseball operation andrew friedman release add statement expressing his disapproval. maybe he try as trader. nobody wants to employ tebow as quarterback but he want to play something. and his next attempt is going to be baseball. tebow is working out for months certainly look like he can hit. upper body not a lot of leg drive so he's not ready for the the he has been, ing with tebow and he thinks he would have a shot at making major league.
9:59 pm
he last played when he was in high school. you are young. 30 years old follow your dream. what's the worst that could happen? >> right. >> 7 sports brought to you by toyota. >> he's talented thanks very much screw that's this edition of 7 news. for all of us here, we"ñ appreciate your time. hope to see you in an hour on appreciate your time. hope to see you in an hour on the big 7.
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