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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  August 18, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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i think it's hilarious. >> pretty funny. >> cool. >> bodacious. >> it's been a presidential campaign like no other. and it just got weird. life size statue of donald trump have popped up in cities across the country including here in san francisco. good evening. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm amma. dan is off. trump himself probably won't be too happy about the statue.
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here's katie. >>reporter: the crowd out here just keeps growing. everyone wants to get a picture with the naked donald trump statue and i have to tell you some of the poses not so pretty. but the big question right now is how long will the statue stay in place? the director of public works was here earlier assessing the situation said it would be taken down because it doesn't have a permit and nothing is allowed to be glued to the sidewalk. also that people are standing in the street which is a hazar hazard. but a lot of people here and on social media clamoring for it to stay. they love it and certainly getting a lot of laughs. activist group commission 5 statue and installed in 5 city this morning. san francisco. los angeles. new york. cleveland and seattle. they are of course anti-donald trump statement intended to degrade the republican presidential candidate. noi now i talked with the chairman of the san francisco hispanic republican asciation he said the statue is worth a laugh but people need to stay
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focus on the leex and the issues. he also noted good or bad, the statue has people talking about donald trump. in san francisco, katie, abc 7 news. there are major development in the race for the white house at rally tonight in north carolina. first donald trump express regrets. >> sometimes in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don't choose the right words. or you say the wrong thing. tive done that. and believe it or not, i regret it. >>reporter: also trump and his new campaign team now acknowledge they are behind in the polls after uncomfortable moment onable tv. tom is with the campaign in charlotte, north carolina. >> today donald trump taking his law and order persona to a shooting range. firing an assault rifle while in a suit and tie. >> just went down to the range and we had a little shooting
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practice. >>reporter: g.o.p. nominee impressing north carolina sheriff. >> this man can shoot. >>reporter: we have to take his word for it. camera not allowed to document trump the sharp shooter. manhattan billionaire shaking up the campaign and now starting uphillclimb though some long time aide refuse to accept he's behind. >> you say it's not a shake up. but you guys are down. and it makes sense. >> says who. >> polls. most of the poll. all of them. >> says who? >> polls. i just told you i answered your question. >> okay. which polls? >> all of them. >> okay. >>reporter: but now his new campaign manager admitting trump is an under dog. >> it helps us to be a little bit behind and we are. lights a fire under us and remind us what we need to get this done. >>reporter: there is still time. first debate prime opportunity for trump to turn things around with millions watching. >> i look very much forward to it. i like being off the cuff.
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i have been at 11 debates. never debated before. my whole life is a debate. >>reporter: today conway says trump will hold the first debate prep session this weekend more than a month before the show down. they already selected some one to play hillary clinton but they won't say who. >> that was the report. former complaint major announcement saying the clinton foundaiton no longer accept foreign or corporate donation if hillary clinton is elected president. this comes as house republicans have called for an investigation the essentially calling the clinton foundation a pay for play operation. clintons vehemently deny that. today hillary clinton went met with 8 leaders in the law enforcement community to discuss and focus on challenges facing both officers and the communities they serve. >> everyone is safer when there is respect for the law and when everyone is respected by the law. >>reporter: according to the research center survey 41
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percent of region sterld voters would support clinton 37 support trump today. bay area. small school bus with special need students on board collided with a truck in petaluma this afternoon. fire department spokesperson says half ton pick up broadside the bus at east washington street and maria drive. boy on board the bus suffered minor injury and taken to the hospital. the woman driving the truck and her child were also hurt but not hospitalized. now to the wildfires burning across california tonight. blue cut fire largest one burning in southern california. it's being fanned by gusty wind and temperatures hovering around 100 degrees. firefighters say conditions have been brute a.even though temperatures have eased slightly did. containment now 22 percent says cal fire after burning 36,000 acres. some evacuation orders were lichted about an hour ago. thousands of people are still out of their homes tonight. police want to make sure everyone knows they are serious about cracking down on looters
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in the fire soechbility they arrested these three people this morning when officers caught them filling up the back of a truck at an evacuated home. moving north. clayton fire in lake county now 55 percent contained. but the lower lake county water district is still without power and under an evacuation notice. mandatory boil water order is in place and resident returning home being advised to take bottled water in with them. the fire destroyed 175 homes and nearly 100 other businesses and buildings. the fire has burned almost 4000 acres. a member of the u.s. fencing team has no home to come back to because he lost it in the clayton fire. matthew porter is the armor on the team meaning he provides and maintenance all of the equipment in rio. few days before he left for brazil he and his wife moved from pacifica to lower lake and bought a new home. go fund me account is set up to help them. lower lake water district says it is struggling because of the fire. entire system is under a
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mandatory boil water order. the office is without power and under evangelism asian notch customers being told it will take great deal of time and work to recover from this fire. exhausted pilots are hoping to get some rest after fighting the clayton fire all week. leslie has behind the scenes look at what it takes to be a firefightersing pilot. pilots flew 25 trips not clayton fire over the past few days and the air tanker with solo and coordinate with captain to drop retardant on the right spot. >> we are trying our best to save some people trying their best to destroys stuff. and that's very sad. >>reporter: knowing an arsonist set the clayton fires unsettling. disturbing to know it was an arsonist behind a fire you put your life on the line for. >> absolutely. but it doesn't change the way we handle it but you try not to think too deeply about that and deal with the task at hand.
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>>reporter: this one base in santa rosa pumped and dropped 80,000 gallons of retardant in a single day. pilot say fighting a fire from above requires precise tactical choreography and dangerous. two yourself ago long time pilot jeffrey craig hunt from san jose crashed and died near yosemite. adding to the peril now are drones. >> drones have been an issue this year. people flying drones in the fire area. once we see those we have to satisfies all air operations. >>reporter: there have been more than 4 incidents involving drone that grounded fire fighting aircraft so far this year in california. you see more extreme fires. >> oh, yes oh, yes. >>reporter: harder to fight. yes. of course. needs more airplane. needs more ground resource. needs more everything. >>reporter: with 8 week of fire season ahead, cal fire wants the public to know you fly, we don't. in santa rosa, i'm leslie brin brinkly 7 news. sheriff's deputy and canine partner being credited for
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major pot bust in sonoma county. take a look. picture of canine deputy jag in front of 108 pound of marijuana he sniffed out during a traffic stop last night near santa ros rosa. authorities arrested two men from new york charging them with possession of marijuana for sale transportation of marijuana for sale and conspiracy. pot has reported street value of up to half million dollars. oakland students return to class on monday and they have to prove they have been immunized. district trying to confirm immunization for 4000 students. new vaccine requirements in effect and student within complete with missing records can't register or attend classes. the district says it is taking every measure possible positive assist families who haven't completed the process. we have much more ahead on this thursday night. coming up. >> how amazing it is take technology and people make this happen. truly. >> she went out for a hike and came home in a completely different way than she had
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planned. her story of survival is next. also. effort to keep memory alive. the fight to protect these the ghost bikes in honor of bicycle lists who died. >> as you see here stronger marine influence has started the cooling trend. let you know if it continues the cooling trend. let you know if it continues through the jeans. >> thank you sandhya. and why fewer homes are being sold in the bay area. and why fewer homes are being sold in the bay area. 7
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. >> helicopter needed to get santa rosa woman safely home after she suffered a stroke while hiking. she was on the john muir trail in fresno county when it happened. melanie explains what she was carrying that helped her get home safely. >>reporter: miss steel didn't intend to leave the trail by helicopter. but she says she's glad she was able to leave at all. >> i'm so blessed. i'm so blessed. >>reporter: her dramatic rescue a case of daughter knows best. >> my daughter required that i have some way of communicating with her so i had a beek on. personal locate or beacon which turned out was really importan important. >>reporter: she used it to activate alert eighth day on the trail. she felt wobble tingling in her face and couldn't swallow. she was having stroke. >> because she had had at the
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vice we knew exactly where she was at. >> my gosh and went back to base and got a guy willing to come straight down into the little opening to get me. >> i knew that landing near her was probably difficult. >>reporter: in the rescue video you can see what it looked like as deputy pilot john reyes lowered down. >> can you help me we'll put her in a stretcher in a bag. >>reporter: as she was being rescued this is where she thought. >> how amazing it is take that technology and people can make this happen. even if some one told me you are welcome to hike but you have a stroke, i think i probably still would have chose tone do it because that is a magnificent trail. >>reporter: even more so now. in santa rosa, melanie woodrow abc 7 news. >> charges dropped against man accused of making death threats against san francisco acting police chief. donald hogan was arrested after
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allegedly sending tweet calling for the beheading of chief chaplain. judge says there wasn't enough evidence in the case. unique tribute to buy likeist struck and killed in san francisco disappearing and some family say it's happening with no notice. now a call for city moratorium on removing ghost bike and for new policies. carolyn has the story. >>reporter: if you have never heard of a ghost bike they look like this. spray painted white. and chained to the spot where a bicyclist hit and killed. julie and her family made one. for her 21-year-old son dillon who died three years ago on the streets of san francisco. after colliding with a garbage truck. >> people would stop and pay their respect. they would read it. people would slow down to see it. >>reporter: then one day it was gone. >> very disrespectful. like throwing my son in the garbage. >>reporter: warner organizes a ride of silence each year.
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making stops whereby sick list have died. all over san francisco she's noticed ghost bike tribute are disappearing. and as a member of the city bicycle advisory committee she is introducing a resolution on monday calling on the public works department to hold off for a year on dismantling the memorials. >> would i like to work something out with the city that they would permit putting up of the ghost bike. of course provide it that no ghost bike is closing -- being a public hazard. >>reporter: current policy is two week stay for all make shift memorials. but he's open to change. >> if it's a piece of art or if it's something that doesn't involve a lot of maintain then maybe there is some common ground we can look at and see what is reason. >>reporter: julie mitchell says the city should stop removing the ghost bikes or erect permanent memorial to fallen cyclist like her son. carolyn tyler, abc 7 news.
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federal judge today rejected a potential 100 million dollar settlement ub her worked out with the driver drivers. agreement settled the class action lawsuit with the drivers who claimed they were employees but some drivers objected to the terms saying they should be reimbursed for expenses like gas and vehicle maintenance. judge called the settlement unfair to the drivers and says it was well below the total potential damages of 8 52 million dollars uber released a statement saying it's disappointed in the decision. bay area home prices slipped in july. median price of bay area home was 700,000 dollars. that's 10,000 dollars less than a month before. also the total number of home sales slowed by 10%. analyst with core logic that provide this data says it's a scene of wing affordability, low inventory and moderately tight credit. typical mortgabout 2500 dollars. all right. time to get a check on our
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accu-weather forecast t.what's ahead. >>reporter: hi. we are going to get some free air conditioning for a change all right. the temperatures start to drop a little bit today. as we head into the next few days you notice the changes as well. live doppler 7hd right now showing you where the fog is sitting. around the coast and near the bay. south beach camera showing you this gray view here that's what the commute starts out like. 58 san francisco. 61 in oakland. at 67 in san jose. real mild still. 65 mountain view. 57 in half moon bay. live look from our emeryville camera and i step a aside to get the full view there you notice the marine layer in the back drop there it's about 2,000 feet deep and it's going to hang around for the next few day so get used to it. 60 in santa rosa. in the mid 60's in places like napa. 72 concord. livermore is warm and check out our full moon from our 7 news explore tomorrow camera at pier 15. sturgeon moon in august. this type of moon obviously over large water bodies over
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lake there was aabundant sturgeon so when fishermen out and about they named it the sturgeon moon. patchy drizzle. wide range of temperatures tomorrow with spare the air again. air quality is the worst in the inland east bay. moderate rest of the bay area. if you can try to use public transit car pool bike or walk. now first thing in the morning we start you out in the 50's to low 60's. there will be fog around this time around though it's so deep that it is not dense and right down on the deck like we have been dealing with. 5:00 a.m. tomorrow you see where the fog is sitting. as we go in closer here bay side communities along the coast down the peninsula you are starting out with over cast sky. for the afternoon the fog will happening around near the beaches inland areas you are seeing the sunshine. as far as the high for your friday in the south bay hazy sky due to all the fires burning. not just down in monterey county but also some of the fires around the southern sierra, smoke drifting in our direction due to south wind. 81 san jose. 87 morgan hill.
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77 sunnyvale. santa cruz 71 degrees on the peninsula 72 in san mateo o. 76 redwood city. right near the coast foggy 59 pacifica. 60 half mp bay. downtown san francisco 64. daly city you know you are used to the fog in the summer. 59 degrees. keep you cool. need the sweater. in the north bay 75 in san rafael. 80 santa rosa. out towards napa sonoma upper 70's. east bay mix of high clouds and sun. 72 san hey andro. 69 berkeley. 70 oakland. inland spots is going to get warm but not as warm as it has been. 87 in concord. 90 in livermore. 87 degree ins san ramone. now check out the temperature trend for san jose. afternoon high is 83 degrees. next few days we drop you a little bit below average sunday monday several degree below normal in the upper 70's and then we bounce back up into the low 80's. here's a look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast low 60's to low 90's friday and saturday. we start to see those temperatures out of the 90's on sunday upper 80's inland mid
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80's along the inland communities for monday and then we cool it down along the coast as well but tuesday through thursday back up in the 90's. amma. >> all right sandhya thank you so much. still to come on 7 news at 9:00. i-phone 7 could be released within a matter of weeks. when we might expect the announcement. plus the unprecedented view announcement. plus the unprecedented view the new ♪ ♪ you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life.
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from chase. so you can.
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financial guidance while you're mastering life. there is still no official announcement from apple about the much anticipated release of the new i-phone 7. announcement will come september 7 with pre-orders starting two days after that. apple has unveiled and released
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new i phones every september since 2012. and leak to at&t memo has said september 9 and 23 as mainly restocking dates. rover used to explore the titanic are about to be deployed off the northern california coast. we were on board the research vessel nautilus as the group prepared to setoff from pier 15 near the exploratorium. reef in the islands national marine sanctuary and look for sunken boats. >> look at ship wreck and in ticket uss independence which was sunk great warrior from world war ii. but we are also going to be looking at new habitat places never explored. >> one of the first stops will be coral reef recently discovered off the sonoma coas coast. follow the mission at nautilus and we have a partnership with the exploratorium to bring viewer stories project at san francisco hands on science museum. well the olympic story
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everyone is talking about has nothing to do with winning or losing. so lying. next on 7 news. new details revealed about what really happened to swimmer ryan lochte and team mates. viral video that is showing what is happening in syria. the young boy pulled from the rubble after a bombing. and caught on camera. woman snatching wallet from and caught on camera. woman snatching wallet from another woman's
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>> late tonight the u.s. olympic committee issued an apology for the ordeal involving 4 american swimmers who reported being robbed over the weekend in rio. reads quote the behavior of these athletes is not acceptable nor does it represent the values of team usa or the conduct of the vast
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majority of the members. brazilian authorities release new sewer sill advance from the gas station where the robbery took place. now brazil police recommend that swimmer ryan lochte and another swimmer james be indicted. matt is in rio. >> as first reported by abc news the brazil police say the infamous robbery was fictional. the new video fill in the missing time line of what they say that poorly constructed lie that humiliated the host station of the olympic from one of the winningest swimmer and his team mates. late today it was all made up. this after two of those swimmers involved gunner and jack were pulled off the flight heading back to the u.s. overnight. snap chat video as they made their way to the plane. this new video he urging of the moment after they were pulled off the flight. also tonight the first images we have seen before entering
9:31 pm
that club. club france around 1:45 am. lochte snap chatting this in the club around 2:30 am. swimmer say they left the club at 4 but this video was stamped 5:47 am. they arrived at the gas station just after 6:00 a.m. this video obtained by abc news appears to show it men going toward the bathroom. police say the swimmers kicked down the door then vandalize the bathroom inside. then the 4 swimmer continue back towards the taxi and at this point they allegedly ripped poster off the wall before being confronted by the security guards. camera cut showing the the swimmers walking towards the gas pump trying to get no the wrong cab. then into theirs. they are confronted by man in black who comes to their window and motion for them to get out of the car. police say he was a gas station security officer gun he reaches into his wallet and take out money handing it to the man. then they are walking off
9:32 pm
camera one swimmer with his hand up in the air. sources would spoke to all swimmers say their version still holds true. there is a 3 minute chunk of missing video they claim would show the men being held up at gun point and bullied to sit down on the curb. they newtown hands up. lochte in the middle. standing to get something out of his pocket. appearing to hand it to a man in black. they are then held there by security until 6:20 am. sources tell us exclusively that the men were forced to hand over their money about 400 dollars by the armed men who were not the police. 40ment later you see them back at the olympic village just before 7:00 a.m. seemingly unphased. whatever happened police say tonight it wasn't this. >> guy pulls out his gun. he cocked it. put it to my forehead and said get down i was like i put my hands up i was like whatever. >>reporter: we were there today as they were walked into the police station for
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questioning. there is an intense drama inside the police station. 2 men right around here and everybody is trying to get the first glimpse of them. >>reporter: what the swimmer said according to the police there was no robbery. sources we spoke to the swimmers calling that an out right lie saying none of the swimmers have changed their story. brazil police say they were tipped off by following social media. on monday the i o c denying it happened then repeat the story broadcast on nbc. when asked about the suspicious behavior the enter until olympic committee passes the about you can to the u.s. olympic committee. >> is there any concern that ryan lochte and team mates may have been trying to cover something up. >> i couldn't possibly comment on that. >>reporter: that was matt reporting. devastation from the historic and deadly flood if louisiana is getting worse. rising water have sparked more devastation and more evacuation near baton rouge. over the past week 30,000 people were rescued. 40,000 homes were impacted and thousands more are at risk.
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the death toll stands at 13. state and federal officials tour hard hit areas in the southern part of the state promising help. now to powerful image seen around the world captured all the heart break and horror of the civil war in syria. look at the 5-year-old boy seen just after being pulled out of a building destroyed in an airstrike. the little boy he survived. martha has the story. get him down. carry him medic shout as the young boy on this video shot by syrian activist is rushed to the waiting ambulance. but with so many more to rescu rescue, the 5-year-old here sits alone for just a moment. and then that instant. the single still photograph capturing his innocence. it is an image that says this is a child like my own. doctors say his physical injuries were minor and the
9:35 pm
rest of his family survived. but surviving another day in syria is never guaranteed. the 5 year war has left at least 100,000 children dead. millions of other children remain inside the war torn nation just like this boy. this happened in a city where syria government force and help of russian bombing rebel group but in the last few weeks alone hundreds of civilian have been killed at well. martha, abc news washington. social media giant twitter cracking down on accounts that promise terrorism. company says it's suspended 2 35,000 accounts over the past 6 months. part of ongoing effort to stop extremist group like isis from using the social meet work. twitter latest shut down brings the number of accounts it suspended to 360,000 since mid 2015. tech giant google is
9:36 pm
expanding. company is adding to the offices in san francisco with a new space for developers and start up in san francisco. is t0 square foot space for its launch pad accelerator. also offer an event space for google developer group. new space at howard street is a few block from google main san francisco office at 3:45 spear street. if you are in the market for vintage world war ii tank this museum is auction oning off the entire klechblingts more than 40 tank for sale including this 1944 sherman tank valued as high as 4 50,000 dollars. some in working order and few were actually used on d day. also pick up a jeep. this one is worth 28,000 dollars t.this 1943 harley. check that out. l declining tourism is forcing it to sell the collection.
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september 18 is the auction. tonight mother realize getting a new chance at life. tonight mother realize getting a new chance at life. major new adjustment fo
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i'm hall of famer jerry west and my life is basketball. but that doesn't stop my afib
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from leaving me at a . police are looking for two women targeting restaurants in the walnut creek area. take a look at the video. you can see two suspects sitting adjacent to a couple's table. woman closest to the table very quickly bends over slides her hand in the woman's purse and takes her wallet this while the partner looks out non-chalantl non-chalantly. >> they leave the restaurant. medley go to a business and use the stolen credit cards. before the victim even know the wallet are stolen. they have done that in three
9:41 pm
different restaurants. >>reporter: bottom line, know where the purse is at all times and if if you see the thieves call walnut creek police. a dog dumped by the dumpster has a new home. security guard found this dog last week. humane society staff named him mozzarella because they used a piece of cheese to coke him out of the crate he was hiding in. couple just adopted the dog and named ziggy. he joins zelda also abandoned before they rescued her. up next on 7 news at 9:00. final check on the forecast from sandhya and are you suffering from drought fatigue? new concern that mandatory restrictions were eased too soon and california could pay restrictions were eased too soon and california could pay too high price in the long run
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i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment.
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jo. state looked at the tough mandatory restriction on water usage and there are signs that california an are already using more water. environmental groups say that just can't happen. eric has more. >> at this car wash customers say they know california is still suffering through a drought and they are still conserving. >> since my early life i have been taught that we always conserve water no matter what. >> we think everybody has to wash the hair every other day and 10 minute bath and these things aren't necessary. >>reporter: but the oakland base research group pacific institute is worried that not everyone feels the same way. they are afraid we'll go back to the wasteful way due to drought fatigue. defined like this. >> not knowing what action you can take and not really knowing
9:46 pm
when you can stop taking it. >>reporter: in may water young in california was down more than 27 percent compared to 2 2013. even more than the 25% reduction ordered by governor brown last year. the state responded by lifting the mandatory restrictions earlier this year an water use once again began to creep up. >> we saw savings dip in june to around 22 percent. >>reporter: water suppliers like east bay mud are now free to set their own limits. it's reservoir are 81 percent full and water use stay where is it is now officials say they won't needed a national restrictions for at least awhile. >> when we look back at our records from previous droughts what we find is it takes typically yourself for the use annual to go back up. >>reporter: critic worry that water district set their own conservation goal have no incentive to really cut water usage because it may mean less money for them. in emeryville, abc 7 news. >> it is time to get one last
9:47 pm
checkn our weather this evening with sandhya. >> yes. up fortunately we don't have rain coming but drizzle tomorrow morning. we see where the fog is right now and low cloud in the sierr sierra. we are dealing with thunderstorms early in the afternoon and the evening. if you are heading up to the high country over the next few days, there is going to be a chance of some showers and thunder tomorrow. 84 degrees. 46 in the morning. saturday is the brighter day if doing out door activity. sunday throws a slight chance. 83 degrees after morning low of 43. state wide here's how it looks. 109 in palm springs so pretty much cooking there. vegas same thing. triple digit. 84 in tahoe. 98 at yosemite. heading to los angeles 78 degrees up in eureka cool 63 day in comparison to the deser desert. bay area temperatures came down a few degrees today. keep the trend going. so only a few low 90's showing up tomorrow afternoon in places like livermore. mix of sun high cloud it is warm just not as hot as it has been.
9:48 pm
70 in oakland. 64 san francisco. 75 in san rafael. 80 degree ins santa rosa. 77 in nap a.san francisco 64. san mateo low 70's. san jose getting you up to about 81 degrees and here's a look at the accu-weather 7 day fork. wide range of conditions for your friday. low 60's to low 90's. duplicate the saturday. notice sunday a little more cloud cover. temperatures in the 80's and we continue the 80's trend for monday before we turn things around. we'll be back to the typical summer pattern tuesday through thursday with the 50's, 60's coast side 90's inland but until we get to that we are going to drop a little bit below average for most cities over the next few day. >> thank you so much. well if you are looking for something fun to do this weekend we have some ideas for you. jessica castro has a look at what is happening this weekend. >>reporter: if into out door if he is stlal is a perfect weekend for you. plenty to do starting with the 2016 festival of the sea at the san francisco
9:49 pm
maritime national historical park head over to hyde street pier 9:30 to 5 at night. special rededication ceremony for the park 1895 west coast schooner. also trips on the vessel. entire family check out the sand castle building contest at aquatic park and live music from local international artis artist. admission free. if that's not the vibe is no pop 20 street block party happening this saturday. it's in the mission district on 20 street between bryant and harry son. listen to music performance by these gruchlts plenty of other music and art. free event hopes to help the mission language and vocational school. and last but definitely not least throw on the dance shoe forth 20 anniversary party for lindy and the park. saturday and sunday at 3:00 p.m. help celebrate san francisco longest running swing dance venue. if you miss it this week, though, don't worry.
9:50 pm
dance parties at golden gate park. it has been held every sunday weather permitting since 1996. for more on all of these event and others head over to our web site we hubing up with hood line. have a great weekend. >> excitement building for this stat knew san francisco of tony bennett. we were outside the fairmont hotel as crew set the stage for the event. legendary singer will be there. he posed for three day at the studio. he came up with a pose of the singer standing with his arms stretched out. >> that's where he starts and end every song. he has his mike in his hand. he has his chest out. sun hitting him. that's kind of nice. >>reporter: bennett has a mona lisa smile. he can't be grinning because the statue looks weird on teet teeth. unveiling is tomorrow at noon in front of the fairmont where bennett first performed the
9:51 pm
classic song, i left my heart in san francisco. all right. time to turn our attention to sports tonight. we have rick in for larry. >> the giant play i left my heart in san francisco after every win by the way. coming up in sport. raiders continue the pre-season by taking on the packers and over at at&t park. madison goes deep as he tries a stwloo.
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coming up tonight at 11. pregnant bay area woman killed in a car crash but unborn baby survived. south bay community rally around her family. and extreme case of keeping up with the kardashian. east bay woman is under arrest accused of cyberstalking reality tv star chris jenner. join us for 7 news at 11:00 reality tv star chris jenner. join us for 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7 all right we have rick in for larry. a lot of sports to cover tonight. >>reporter: yes we start with football. after scoring 31 points in the pre-season opener at arizona,
9:55 pm
raiders offense failed to do much of anything tonight against green bay. raider fans everywhere including lambeaux field with aaron rodgers sit thanksgiving out, green bay went 74 yards on first possession. lacey cap off by just getting into the end zone. derek car played entire first half but only 38 yard passing. he tried to go deep to cooper but pick off by randall. oakland defense did have the moments. matt gets to callahan for the sack. it was 7-3 packers at the half. third quarter now. green bay scores again as john crockett finds a hole and fights his way in from 10 yards out. 14-3. packers look for more on the fourth but on third and two calhoun takes down williams. green bay had to settle for a field goal. raiders touch down came on special team. allen takes this block punt in for 6 but oakland loses 20-12. mexico up silver and black. tennessee week from saturday. now official.
9:56 pm
49ers quarterback the kaepernick will not play in the saturday pre-season game at denver. the team went through a joint practice today with the broncos at their training facility. kaepernick showed no discomfort ease took part in two throwing sessions but the nippers don't want to rush him back saying he has a tirtd arm and need to take it easy. the plan is to have kaepernick ready for next week game against the packers. >> talking to him he says he feels really good about it but we don't want to put him back out there and have a set back. as we said before from what we understand it's not long-term. just getting back night. throw a little more today. continue to progress and hopefully get him back full next week. >>reporter: after swept by the pirates giants desperate for win against the mets. on garcia tonight former giants coach flannery help sing the national anthem. new york got to madison for 4 runs in the fourth all coming on the gland slam by justin. it was the first homer of the season. but san francisco battles back
9:57 pm
in this half. nunez just fair down the right field line goes for 2 run triple. nunez with 3 rbi so far tonigh tonight. one batter later. mad balm help out his team with this homer. third of the season made it 5-4 giants. get 3 more runs in the fifth. 2 on the panic double. now 8-4 but mets come back now in the seventh san francisco leads 8-7. cal bears open the football season week from tomorrow in sidney, australia against hawaii. larry will be down under for that contest. new starting quarterback webb gets to operate behind one of the better offensive line in the conference with 4 starters returning. lines should continue to improve under assistant coach joychbilitys i think the lines are gelling pretty well. unit developing with consistency and he does great job taking the guys through. there are 8 or 10 guys can win
9:58 pm
and contribute in different roles. comes down to what we talk about all the time. build depth and being able to play with a bunch of different guys. >>reporter: stanford offense not just christian but michael returns for his fifth and final year during the career on the farm he scored 12 touch downs with more than 1300 yards receiving. after fishing third in the final football rankings last season he expected the cardinal to be in the national title picture. >> every team wants to be the best in the nation. by the time it comes in january we want to be national championship game and we think he we can compete in that and make a run for it. >> this year is better than last year. that means to be in the championship, on defense our motto is last year was good enough everybody understands the standard very high at stanford. we don't. >>reporter: in rio basketball team beat france 86though
9:59 pm
next play spain for the gold medal on saturday. this is sports report brought to you by toyota back to you. >> all right thank you so much rick. thank you for joining us tonight. i'm amma. for rick, sandhya, all of us here at 9:00 thanks for your time. see you again on channel 7 at time. see you again on channel 7 at 11
10:00 pm
announcer: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. today, a groom is shaken to the core after his fiancee disappears just days before their wedding, and a shocking revelation turns "i do" into "i don't." john: we love her, every one of us do, and just can't wait to


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