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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  August 20, 2016 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. here's video from downtown lower lake today. fire destroyed 189 homes.
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social service organizations are in operation to help people file insurance and health claims. rhonda refused to leave her home for the last four and a half days. she scanned the horizon wondering if she would suddenly have to run. she had a cat at home she didn't want to leave. >> we had a lot of looters. so even though we were under mandatory evacuation, we chased looters away from down here. >> we're not quitters. we'll rebuild. you know? that's what we're going to do. that's exactly what we're going to do. >> firefighters also stayed behind to help with the search. the fire has caused some air quality problems from right here
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in the bay area. can't see it right now but you can definitely make out the haze earlier today. right? >> the air quality has gradually been improving over the past 24 hours. you saw the haze today and you certainly saw that in the atmosphere. on friday we had multiple fires just to our south and the winds were coming from the east thus putting a lot of smoke in the bay area. a much clearer picture of that smoke is blowing to the east. still seeing issues to our east of the san joaquin valley. it's hard to get that air out of there, that smoke, that haze. likely they'll see air quality issues the next couple of days. here locally, though, the winds that brought fresher air also bringing cooler temperatures. >> firefighters think now it will take longer than thought to
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control the fire in monterey county. it's burned 94,000 acres. today they changed the estimate to late september. >> the blue cut fire in southern california has destroyed a landmark around route 66. the summit inn burned to the ground. it's been a stop for classic car buffs. the former owner turned it into a unique restaurant and museum of route 66 nostalgia. >> it makes me sick to my stomach. i know every button, every light switch, every pipe. after 50 years you've had to repair half of that stuff. >> the new owners plan to rebuild. today firefighters held the blue cut fired to just under 60 square miles and containment is up to 68%. a florida family had a huge scare. what was supposed to be a
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routine boat ride home turned into terror. the vessel capsizing and underneath, a 23-month-old girl. >> 911 what's your imagine? >> i'm in the river. my boat crashed and i have a baby underwater. >> at 10:30 in the evening, the police received a call under distress. the family was returning from dinner when their vessel struck power lines. everyone was overboard. >> i had charlotte in my hands. i climbed on top of boat and brian was there and pulled me up and we heard kennedy crying we couldn't find her. >> four officers entered the water and pulled nearly everyone to safety except kennedy. >> the rescue did very but luck
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was on their side. the 23-month-old was in an air pocket and had a life jacket on. after nearly an hour of searching, the they found her. >> the state hfd not to o. >> this frustration for freshmen at san jose state today. it's time to move in but construction on sop students' new dorms is not complete and that creating a lot of headaches. here's more about the move-in day mess.
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>> i'm not too happy about it. i was looking forward to being in the new dorm. >> the accommodation, not exactly what she hoped for. >> reporter: how are you feeling about that? >> i was so upset about it but there was nothing i could do. >> i have to be in my room for two other people and have i a lot of stuff. >> briana's mom is disappointed. >> it not what i expected. >> 20 san jose constitute studen
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students. >> a team that appreciates flexibility. >> the university says it will help students move into the new dorm when it's finally completeprfrmt and doesn't look right at the opening of its first new elementary schools today years today.
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>> money raised by our benefit will help sick children. >> and what's brewing on the space station? how about a coffee shop or
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google and apple have joined to help step robo calls to develop tools to stop the unwanted calls. the fcc has not banned all cell phone because it still sees some value, introducing live to the shelton.
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they are putting through the band chester angry.
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a rash of bicycle thefts have police using an old
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program. the rej straegs number is going to be traukd pack to the daughter's day. >> more than 40 people registered their bikes tomorrow. it's time for a check on the weather forecast now. drew? >> not only will we have inproving air quality for the second half of the weekends. >> there's live look at our
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explore torium camera. you can see the bridge there. you can see pretty far into the east bay. but the cloud will be loweringovertras stays, rook little prchlt. >> at least they're tuesday. 60s and 70s on the board in some sports, 59 in con fran, 63 in liver more and sal ra luns one of kolest case. the marine layer will deepen to about 2,000 feet. that means a lot of cities will wake up with those clouds. hour by hour going to sunday
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morning, oakland, hayward, san francisco we go into sunnyyear in the in the. >> about 64 santa rose a and napa a comfortable 76 degrees. in the in the. >> about 64 santa rose a and napa a comfortable 76 degrees. >> the temperatures are going to be pretty uncomfortable. the ocean temperature drops it a degree so going down 59
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currently. mid 80s and temperature will slowly crime as we head into wednesday. by wednesday, own the upperilys is profile matches many anies across the beige air on the air. weefr still for school on monday and still average on tuesday. >> hey, there's some football
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going on. are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> denver have score on his opening drive of the day, c.g. hons himself up 7-5, of his child. but the trevor he would tim, tim, tim, getting along with average high.
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>> another touchdown and the 49ers go on to win, beating the world champs 21-24.
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second inning, tim anderson. rbi base hit. chicago had just two hits the entire game yesterday. former giant melke cabrera. we hope to see you over on abc 7. >> next, it's like tennis with
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coming up tonight at 11:00, banding together to deal with loss. they all try to move on and start over again. >> and terrifying moments after speeding dirt bikers collide with a car. >> and a new sport is quickly gaining popularity. check out pop tennis. it's like regular tennis but it's on a slower court and specialized rackets. people say it still get and right now there are more than 18,000 top ten it's courts in the country. the u.s. tennis is hoping to
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pr pr promote its program for --
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announcer: today on "matter of fact" -- development meets dating? >> we're developing something based on tinder. announcer: what's the big idea from these mayors for their cities' success? >> candidates need to take a lesson from you guys. >> yes! >> we think so. announcer: and this man is running a city. mayor paulin: biggest perk? the title is pretty good. announcer: but is he old enough to buy a beer? then, maybe you're just not "into" her. maybe you're just not "into" him. why not pick a different candidate? works for the last three years, i have served as troop leader of the pawnee rangers. announcer: ron swanson to the rescue?


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