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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  August 23, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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next at 6:00, a crash that shut town one of the city's busiest streets. >> why it's invitation only for a presidential candidate on the campaign trail. >> the number one wireless carrier in america. what the newly improved mode. a crash scene, three people were injured when a taxi cab jumped a curb along market street. >> the injured include two
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people as well as people on the sidewalk. >> this crash happened on market street near sutter street. leslie brinkley is live with details on what happened here. >> that is right. a busy intersection, behind me, the scene of the crash. dozens of pedestrians could be on the street corner. this accident happened at 3:17 today. witnesses say this yellow cab was flying down market street when it crashed into this kiosk and shoe shine stand where people two were >> i did see something flying in the air, like something unbelievable. you know? he wasn't moving. >> another man, he says was buried in debris.
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the cab driver collapsed on the sidewalk. >> there are three people who are taken west perfect this collision. two were at the shoe shine stand, one is a driver. they've been transported to local trauma centers. >> susan was only four feet away and said people stopped to help, calling them the angels of san francisco. an investigation is underway. the right lane of westbound market street is only open to trucks and taxis. >> sometimes, more. you know? to get to the next destination. and this is what happened. there are 50 or people behind me right now, kind of
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shaking their heads saying they've gone past this stand 20 years now, they're in shock. everyone says they're hoping and praying the injured are all right. >> a bart trains are stopping again at lafayette station. trains skipped lafayette while police searched for a bank robbery suspect. a man with a golf club broke windows this afternoon. service was disrupted between 1:30 and 2:00. right now, doors are opening for a event featuring hillary clinton. but this is a private event. >> the tickets start at $33,000
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each. laura? >> reporter: they're getting ready to welcome the secretary here, at this home. these are only open to those who can pay. for a couple, it's $100,000. clinton is not holding private trips because frankly, she doesn't need to. >> this, when hillary comes through, it's hold on to your checkbook. >> carla says it sured be no surprise given none of her stops will be open to the public.
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>> she doesn't need to do any campaign events. polls showing her ahead here by 22 points over donald trump. >> clinton raised $46 million in california. 22% of her individual contributions. that is compared with just $1.5 million for donald trump. >> clinton raised about 30 times as much money as trump. >> jen newman is the president and co-founder of maplight, which tracks political spending. >> if you manufacture expensive cars that only wealthy people can buy, fine. but this is our democracy. these are laws we have to live under, but only wealthiest people have access to them. >> tickets ranged from 1,000 to
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$100,000 tim kaine is campaigning in colorado today. he held a round table, outlining the man for boosting small businesses. republican presidential nominee donald trump@b- said in conversati conversation there can be a softening of terms and added quote, we're going to file the law of this country. a new poll by reuters finds clinton leading trump and today, we're 11 weeks from the general election. >> two men were robbed at gun
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point at twin peaks boulevard as tourists were taking pictures. the san francisco police department is now deploying additional units in that area, locals say something has to be done. >> it's sad residents can't feel safe. >> it's not the first time robbers prayed on people at twin peaks. this january, purse snatchers pep r.pepper sprayed a tourist. still, robberies are rare in san francisco compared to other tourist spots. around 8:00 a.m. east of downtown downtown, witnesses say it appeared two knew each other and got into an argument that ended with a shooting. >> a mother drove her two daughters to school south on
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highway 1 near jenner, it started to slide on the wet pavement and just went off the road, down 40 feet and into the russian river. the brother broke out a window but could not rescue her two daughters, 4, and 7. >> just sad. >> two of the most-beautiful little children in the world. they're our hearts, our only children in jenner who live there. >> both girls were pronounced dead at the scene. the chp says it's unclear what caused the accident. >> firefighters stopped flames at a resort near clear lake. the require destroyed a cabin and a shed.
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no one was hurt. a chimney fire burning 37,000 acres of san luis obispo county. 52 buildings burned and two dozen others remain at risk. the fire is 35% contained. >> firefighters have 30% containment on the ray fire in santa barbara county. t firefighters have full containment on the san bernardino fire dubbed the blue cot fire which destroyed 300 buildings. attorneys for academy of art university met for the first time since the city slapped a law surt on the school for allegedly flapping planning codes.
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there was an expected development in the day. >> that is right, the judge hit the pause button on evidence gathering in this case. she considered a motion to dismiss the indication, which pits the city against one of the largest land lords. >> i think it's a very good citizen and notorious scoff laws. >> those are the dualing aarguments. the city says the for profit college has been illegally converting real estate illegally. >> i think this has taken a lot of office space at a premium now off the market to be used for student facilities. it wasn't zoned to do so.
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>> but the art school lawyers says they've been working with the planning commission since 2007 and just received an environmental impact report that will allow permitting to move forward. >> do you think it will go away? . >> i think it can be resolved in a way that is acceptable to the city and academy. >> the attorney called the lawsuit premature and planning commissioner says the timing is odd. >> but may be that the city wants to hold their feet to the fire and make sure they're negotiating or going forward in good faith. >> the judge considers the academy's motion to dismiss the case. the city attorney says it is confident that motion will be denied. the next hearing is in september. in san francisco, abc7 news.
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a lot more still to come here, still ahead on abc7 news at 6:00, new rules for drinking that could have an opposite effect of what is intended. an update on what is allowed and what is not for undergrads. a pair of 82-year-old twins have been living in a van two months. now, a local business person is trying to help them out. that story, coming up. >> we're looking at dark clouds, breaks of sunshine and patches of blue skies over the bay. which prevails tomorrow? >> how we're getting a first view of a sunken world war ii ship. we'll see more as we continue.
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at stanford university, a new policy will place heavy restrictions on hard alcohol on campus. this is meant to curb consumption. some students are worried about the unintended consequences. chris nguyen is live to explain. chris? >> reporter: it is important to note students of legal age can still drink beer and wine. officials say they need to do what they can to reduce access to hard alcohol on campus. it's the new alcohol policy that many disagree with. >> we're in college this, is something that is going to happen. >> hard alcohol has been banned if on campus parties with the exception of events for graduate students are for those under 21,
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liquor is limited to bottles smaller than 750mls, known as fifth. some are worried some will focus on assisting themselves. >> the law professor has been a critic of the handling of the brock turner case in which the former swimmer was sentenced to six months in jail for sexual assaulting a woman on campus. turner previously blamed it on alcohol. >> i think this rule is going to have unintended consequences that are in the area of alcohol poisoning and related injuries. >> supporters believe it's a step in the right direction. stanford's vice provost says we must create a campus community to allow for social lives of some of our students but not defining lives of all of our
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students. students who repeatedly disobeyed rules can be subject to removal from university housing. a santa clara county judge is recusing himself from a sex crime case that involves a san jose man trying to get a child pornography charge reduced from a felony to misdemeanor. the judge saying there was doubt he could be impartial. first he made national headlines, remember, in june after sentencing turner to just six months in jail for sexual assaulting an unconscious woman. a expedition just wrapped up off the coast here in northern california. scientists led the live exploration of the wreckage and kristin zee is here to show us the footage. kristin? >> this story rivals the titanic in terms of interest, i think.
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take a look. no one has seen it in 65 years but we're getting a close up. now, we'll journey back in history this, was the aircraft carrier that played a role in pacific until scuttled and intentionally sunk about 30 miles from half moon bay. scientis scientists used two rovers to explore the wreckage. today, it was discovered at 2:00 p.m. and is intact and check out this antiaircraft weapon, amazingly preserved. now, my favorite part. rovers here are busy collecting samples of the sponges. just so i can show you.
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and they're going to test them for radioactivity. so, less to worry b right? >> thank you, kristin. >> this thursday marks the 100 anniversary of the national parks service. admission is free throughout the weekend. there are 27 national parks in california including yosemite, and presidio. starting thursday, all fees will be waived but not everything is free. the ferry ride to alcatras is not free. >> we're seeing marine layer making it's push on shore and
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across th inland. tomorrow, warmer day inland and temperatures now 2 to 3 degrees warmer in many locations than this hour, yesterday. so this is the view under mostly cloudy skies now. mountain view, 70. and this is how it looked from emeryville. mixed-sky condition, breaks of sunshine, patches of blue. 67 degrees in santa rosa. napa, 69. and 77 in livermore. from low clouds over the bay, forecast features areas of fog,
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and a cooler pattern for the end of the week into weekend. low clouds and fog and here is our forecast animation showing our marine layer that has been the pattern just about all week long. there is reduced visibility and low clouds and fog will be slow to pum down the coastline. milder and the temperatures tend is cooler weather than average and temperatures saturday and
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sunday, very little change. thursday, friday, saturday. south bay, about 82 degrees in san jose. and shore line, 71 in oakland, inland highs in the upper 80s to 91. here is the accu-weather forecast. it's going to continue into the weekend. hi highs several degrees below 0. you're not going to need to bundle up. you might need to bundle up depending on tomorrowerance to the early-morning chill. >> well, calling, texting and using data?
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who does it best? >> next, results of t
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performance, network, speed and reliability as well as data and calling success. a ratings system finds child care quality is improving. the system launched in 2012 with federal funds. only one out of 95 didn't meet standards. happening now, the belmont city council meets to discuss it's man for the belmont village. this is around ralston avenue and the goal is to have a final plan by spring. 170 patients will stop getting services by the end of september. nurses demonstrated at ucsf. 30 nurses will lose their jobs and staff provided nearly 20,000
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visits. >> can you see admission and complications. and a stran on the safety nets here in san francisco that are inadequate. >> in a statement to abc7 news, they say reimbursements were not keeping up with the costs of medical care. a close relationship is one way to describe the situation of 82-year-old twin sisters. >> next, how they managed to make this their home and how you can help them change that. newest tesla vehicles will go farther and faster. the details and reaction from here at uc berkele, ahead on abc7 news. a devoted fan gave up on getting commemorative brick he paid to get.
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we have an update on breaking news in san francisco. three men are being treated for injuries after a taxi jumped a curb along market street. >> the driver and two pedestrians were taken to sf general. one pedestrian is in critical condition. two others listed as fair. >> sky 7 was above the crash that shut down westbound market street. do expect delays. >> you can get updates by down loading the free abc7 news app and enabling push alerts. >> two sonoma county sisters hope you can help them find a new home. they're sharing a van. >> it's tough. >> at 82 years old, the twin sisters spent a lifetime caring for others. >> our job when we came into
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this universe was to help other people. >> tonya said she'd been around the world as a personal nurse for hollywood stars like agnes morehead. younger sister, sandra has written books. recently, tonya had a brain injury. >> it's back. >> their living space is cramped. they share a van. >> this is it. >> each night, tonya gets the front seat. >> and she tried to stretch out in the back. their friend watched them for two months and decided to do something. >> yes. i can help them. started the site about three
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weeks ago. >> she will co-sign a lease for rental. the modest retirement will be enough for rent. >> it's been a long road for these two. what a story. to support the sisters account look for a link inside of this story on >> thousands of dollars coming in to help a bay area woman. the 36-year-old was watching her daughters play this month. a 100 pound branch fell and crushed her. her family says she's paralyzed. her husband set up a gofundme page. if you'd like to donate go to
7:34 pm police asking for your help identifying this man and woman both accused of killing a musician april 5th of last year. he was loading band equipment after 1:00 a.m. when a bullet hit him in the neck. please call the police department with any information. rising sea levels are just a threat for nature areas along the coast. high tech companies along san francisco bay are also at risk. what officials are doing to address the problem. >> 33 years ago, landfill was trucked in to raise the park 15 feet. a buffeer but some of the
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silicon valley's biggest tech companies lie in a flood hazard zone, on this map created this year by greeninfo dt org. they employ tens of thousands of people. >> campuses like facebook and oracle are on the shore line of the bay. >> there was a gathering as a leadership group honored senator dianne feinstein. the mayor of mountain view is an engineer that says restoring the marshland is critical. >> they function as sponges for flood waters. >> however owe, it's not just tech giants that are vulnerable.
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the staff is reaching out for help with restoration. >> they provided a letter to ask if they'd work with us. >> president obama visited parts of louisiana badly damaged by floods. it's the country's worst disaster since super storm sandy. 13 people died. >> i come here to say that prayers are with everybody that lost loved ones. we're heart broken by the loss of life. >> 100,000 people have applied for assistance. and critics say the president should have visited sooner. donald trump and mike pence toured the area last week. hillary clinton says she will visit when politics won't disrupt the rebuilding process.
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stay with us. the faithfulness of a long time fan has paid off but he needs help from michael
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a 49ers fan has a new start on the team in levis stadium. >> yes. the wife of this 49er fan bought her husband a brick to be laid outside of the main entrance to levis stadium. but getting the brick there proved difficult. the catch is not oem a big moment in niner history but huge in this family. andy was just four years old in 1982 but recalls his father's
7:41 pm
reaction. >> my dad cried. his father passed away before that. >> and he has a football autographed by joe montana. when his wife toured and saw how much he admired the bricks she knew what she had to do. she purchased one for him as a surprise. >> because i love him. >> she kept it a secret. >> he opened it. he was surprised. >> i said what did you do? >> it was supposed to be installed by summer but 49ers told her a concert forced a delay. then, a thing called super bowl 50. the promotion ended in december.
7:42 pm
at that point, both gave up hope. >> i thought we got paid $300 to sit by the tv. and we were disappointed. we called the 49ers and they told us we're pleased to get the brick to the rightful place in our fan walk before the start of the 2016 season. andy saw several names before he found his. >> there is jerry rice. i am here. there it is. that is a good spot. >> i'm just glad we got to see it together. >> means a lot to me. i have to thank my wife for doing this for me. and you guys for helping us get
7:43 pm
this done. >> if you have a consumer issue we want to here about it. you can also reach me through >> coming up next, see what the
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today, tesla announced a battery that will make faster cars even faster. >> what it means for the future of electric vehicles. >> it was just a year before they they upgraded to ludicis. they announced a mode that will go from 315 on a charge from san francisco to almost l.a. tesla claims it's the fastest
7:47 pm
car in construction. >> it's exciting. >> this professor says tesha has been a leader in the batterys. >> we're seeing increase of 8% per year. and. >> it is available for model f and x, bringing the price to $135,000. >> it's remarkable. and. >> we found some excited about the news. >> for christopher white, time is money. the less charging the better. he's more excited about the 315 miles than 2.5 seksdz. >> it's to show off, but it is impressive. >> just right now, is less than 100 miles a day.
7:48 pm
>> he says it will pay for the model 3. >> we care now about getting affordable items out there. the up coming labor day weekend marks unofficial end of summer but looks like summer gas prices are ending earlier. the west coast has the most expensive gas in the country and problems pushed our prices higher. the bay area is of course a beautiful place to live and abc7 news viewers prove it. >> wow. >> that is incredible.
7:49 pm
>> follow us on instagram and spencer has been keeping an eye on what's happening outside. >> this is beautiful. >> weather is looking creamy. low clouds and fog out across the bay so we can expect reduced visibility. 66 in downtown san francisco. oakland, 71 degrees and into walnut creek and in antioch, topping out at 91 degrees. nine # in hak port. a wide range of temperatures.
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>> thank you, spencer. >> we have giants, dodgers. don't need to say anything else. they scared off tonight these teams do not like each other. especially this time of the year. dodgers have a lead over the giants. bruce bo
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>> every time giants and dodgers get together there is bad blood. a one game lead and will be able to face off and two team race in national league west. bruce bocci hanging in the
7:54 pm
dugout. >> this has been going on for years. and that is why you play. it's not going to determine what happens, still, and a big series. >> giants at 57 and 33 and the worst in the second half at 11 and 23. 38 games to go. this series is huge. stay tuned. collin kaepernick watch began yesterday and if he has a chance of regaining starting position, he has to play friday against the packers. when putting in offense there is nuance that needs to be learned and you get that with
7:55 pm
repetition. today, they had thoughts on the practice yesterday and what lies ahead. >> there is nothing different and we'll see what happens on friday. we had a competition and kaep hadn't had a chance yet. so when that happens we'll do that. now, it's not time. >> yesterday we showed how they surs priced ally renston by asking her on a date. >> he's very cute. >> do you know who he is? >> yes. i'd go on a date with him. >> today, it went viral and colton was surprised he was the
7:56 pm
center of attention at raiders practice. now, he has to follow up on the offer and deal with his new found fame. >> it's sighting. now, i have to figure out a time with the season coming up, she's scheduled to be here in september. i'm happy she said yes. that is a lonely feeling on a lamb, man. so i'm happy and he's a good guy. >> we have a celebrity in our midst. so this is ai r amazing how things get traction. young men doing what young men do. and so this is a neat story. >> after defensive end was
7:57 pm
quoted on hard knocks saying he believes mermaids are real, he got a hug and validation. nfl training camp and not like me in my day. >> thank you. >> yes. >> there you go. >> coming up, a scene out of science fiction, at 9:00. and a judge who sentenced a former stanford swimmer to six months in jail recuses himself from another case. the group saying the judge's action isn't enough. >> here is tonight's prime time line up.
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abc7 news at 11:00. >> and 11:35, it's jimmy kimmel live. and actor laura. >> that is this edition of abc7 news at 6:00. appreciate your time. >> if all of us, thanks for joining us, see you a little bit later. introducing new olay eyes.
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