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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  August 29, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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now from abc7, live breaking news. >> dan: good evening i'm dan ashley. >> ama: i'm ama dae. th breaking news is in the etayith trouble the op of atheray area police department. >> dan: diane sewts on mistrate leave tonight. you may remember her heart felt words duringhe memorial for fallen police sergeant. >> ama: the city manager wouldn't talk on camera, but did confirm that the chief has beepln aced on administrative leave pending the completion of a personnel investigation. >> dan: stewart is hayward's first female police officer. that was in august of 2011. before that she was an assistant chief. it was a department she joined as rookie oicer i 16. >> ama: mark kholer is acting chief. this leaves three major bay area citi with fill ins in
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the police chief's office along with hayward, oakland and san francisco also looking for chiefs. abc7 news was saint mary's cathedral as people talked about the qualities they would like to see in their next chief. the pice cmmissioners st. they wllid who will be the permanent chief. >> we are looking for folks who have an advanced degree and arelevatedected tohe counity. we are hearing qualitiesf honesty and integry and an understanding of the san francisco environment. >> the academic qualifications are being cute myselfed -- being scrutinized. p is declining to do th cing saw so reasons. >> t oaanlachay n fhiliwide .oday the city leade plan to hold community forums next month. that includes listening to young peop about what tey nt in oakland's next chief. the mayor innds t post the
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job announcement in 10 days and srtta interviewing th or hs to hire a. chie the start next ie the pocslrsb takeno long. >> ama: sky 7 shows dond trump in the ba area tonight at a bigoney fundraiser on the peninsula. >> dan: that's right. guests paid $25,000 each to hear trump speak in woodside and san mateo county at the home of a silicon valley ceo. >> ama: liln kim is there ve fusonight. li? >> repoer,ed utsttend uraiser including former new york mayor reu doy ilni -- rudy guiliani who arrive in woodside with the candidate himself. >> reporter: the motorcade includes chp vehiclesnd suvs. it was held at a woodside home of the guests had to pay $25,000 to attend and unlike
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trump's last visit that ended in a violent clashen between protestors and supporters, this was quiet. it appears it worked at keeping ptesay. as one tiar ton sporter w sed i protesting e cof the eveni. >> u are the on person here rtigh now. >> i thought there would be moe protests. i am a hillary supporter as well as anti-trump. >> reporter: trump is trying to make up in fundraising dollars. he is far behind his rival especially in silicon valley. >> people are looking a the what they can do nationally. there are people that will step up and support him. >> he is no stranger to hosting the fundraising events, democrat or republican. one neighbor was happy to have trump in his hood. >> i am glad he ise. i don't to suppt hillary clinton. i am not a hillary fan at all. >> it lasted less than two hours. his next stop is the central
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valley where heillte at anher fundraiser. >> abc7 ne. >> a silicon valleyech execute in 2010 is campaigning for hillary clinton in denver. the ceo is looking at business leaders in colorado. meanwhile, clinton is busy raising money in the hamptons. jon bon jovi and jimmy buffet are performing at buffet's house. est obamais coming northern california this week to tack about environmental issues. the event focuses on policies to protect lake tahoe and surrounding areas. >> ama: colin kaepernick is getting a special invitation tonight. it isatest reaction cideo stay seated during the national anthem. the police department invited kaepernick to attend the police academy after he said it takes longer to become a
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cosmetologist than a police officer. melanie woodrow is here with our story. melanie? >> reporter: ama, the training invitation includes the fourth option simulator. the sheriff's office is not alone in calling on kaepernick to get in the game. the alame coun sheriff's office invited 49er colin kaepernick to see what law enforcement training is all about. >> it is a great opportunity for him to come out and do what we do. >> reporter: the sheriff's office extended the invitation to the basic academy via facebook after kaepernick made ths statement. >> somebody holding a curling iron has moreen locatn than people holding a gun going out on the streets to protect us. >> the percentages we hold them to to pa their tests and the physical training and the background check to get in there to begin with, i think he would be impressed. >> the san francisco police officer's association took a different approach. the union sent a letter to the 49ers and theommissioner and said we will not stand by
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ceile he attacks poli offern the cotry with statts such aseople are paid leave whileeo pe of coloer a killed. the san francisco pole commission says theres lots equityand safy.e to create >> more flkst toe aut sen ad just communits let's gt ihe game. >> are uyo going to be onpers th tually goesut an does something about it, or are you a perverbi mnday morning quartback and do thing abou it? >> kaeperni has not responded to the invitation. mill knee woodrow, a -- melae woodrow, abc7 news. >> we have been taking a poll onur twitter page to find out how you feel about kaepernick's decision. >> a: mor than 1,0 pe have weighed in. 30% agree with their decision. 40% don't. 28% say who cares? >> dan: we have a picture of a ed to the ma shot in belmont. investigators believe this car
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, a 2001 volkswagen beatle is associatedith a mal wking in traffic. a p officer shot the man whenhe charged at the officer with a knife. 41-year-old man is in the hospital with serious injuries. >> ama: newly installed cameras helped stop an escape attempt. deputies saw the escape as it was happening yesterday. surilnce video ptured him ting tolimb cefen isnd sandals were caught in the wiring. she was an avocate for jail. >> we pushed hard for cameras. we got new cameras and a much better resolution. i think the cameras prevented the escape other than the heads up deputies that were paying attention to the upon teres. to the monitors. >> he was arsted for petty theft, a misdemeanor and scheduled to be released in a
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week. instead he will nw serve more time. ama: brock turner is set to go to jail. it closes a loophole giving discretion when it cmes to sexual assault and cases where the victim is intoxicated or unconscious. he received a six-month sentence for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. prosecutors urged a judge to impose a six-year prison sentence. >> dan: a couple now faces animal cruelty charges for the scalding death of their dog. you are looking aaic pture sprocket taken befe was hurt. he brought the dog to an emergency animal clinic in may. they claimed up a c boing water spied into sket's a. the pin ofne soy said sprocket was placed in the hot liquid.
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>> ama: ming up, someone is ing after threatened sea otters with a gun. >> dan: ne,he person wh otndilled three of them. and the reward being offered tonight. >> ama: plus video shows a man who appears to smoke crack on a bart train. what the agency is saying tonight. >> dan: also ahead, running the wrong way. what lead to a wrong turn that could disqualify sombay e ea runners from the boston marathon. >> sandhya: i am ndsaa patel and live doppler 7hd i tracking a system that brnging us mild and muggy how this willacr into your forecast for tomorrow coming up. >> ama: thank you, sandhya fit here is a look at what isoming up on "jimmy kimmel li." jimmy? >> i have seen the future ad it iths is. >> here it i. >> here it i. wolf a hug.
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>> dan: new at 11:00, sometimes behavior on bart can be disturbing. one guy may have taken to the egg team. -- check out what malik jones put on twitter. he is wearing what appears to be a towel and lighting up and inhaling from a crack pipe. bart is looking intohis, but they say no one complained about this over the weekend when it is saido happened. ifee criminal activity they shouldeport it to a bart agent. >> ama: most people find them adorable, but some people are killing them in the bay area. they washed up at san thank
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cruz harbor. they are hoping a large reward will lead to an arrest. katie is live in santa cruz with the latest for us tonight. katie? >> reporter: at least three sea otters have been shot and killed. the fourth dead otter is expected to have been shot. it is an appalling crime to this ocean loving community. we found this sea otter in santa crefore sunset is a sigh thate nre oldor eant ehusiasts. >> there are babies out there rolng aund. >> they were outraged to hear three sea otters were shot and killed and their bodies washing u santa cr beach. >> for someone to do that in this area, it is a marine sanctuary. it is a shame. >> there is a $10,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and the conviction
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of the shooter. the california department of fish and wildlife needs the public to come forward. >> maybe something that didn't seem suspicious to them two weeks ago is now suspicious. >> the sea otters a prectedeunr fedal and tateaw theyare critical to the ocn.ea>>hey are aeystone spees and atea that ey are intrica t thworld series. if theyispear there is a chancehe ecosystem can collapse. >> killing the sea oer is untnkable act. i can't imagine why anybody would do something like that. abc7 news. >> dan: 225 virgin america employees will lose their jobs starting in october. alaska air bought theberling game airline. alaska air says it is committed to preserving as
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many jobs as possible. but after theergera number duicate jobs were disved. >> you heard the old saying going theext mile. tulycost some runners ahance at the n maonth. sterday's santa rosaers in thon and they should ha turned left . >> somebody in one of the lead groups took a turn and everybody decided to follow. >> to be honest it is part of the responsibility to know the course. an>> d: digital tracking ftwarehows ey returned to the wrong cour. they added a mile to theac and many o those runners ended up with times too slow to qualify for boston which is a real shame. imagine adding an extra mile to an already long 26 mile-race. am n good of ti t chkonurehe whichs not auer
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>> it is rgeo >> sandhya: you know what, it is gorgeous. we have not seen the hot weather here we will change itp fro the holiday weeken let me show u the time lapse from earlier tonight. this is from the east bay hills camera. if you were outnd about and caught the sunset it was amazing. it had a little of the tropical feel. it was spectaculth ks to the crowds congn associated with a hurricane in the pacific. that's why we are seeing the cloud cover in the bay area and even picking up the istu in tse clouds live doppler 7hd. lo athe t deoint heey are adding to t huidity in the bay area. 50 to 59egrees i typ pleasant. right now we arorderi almost 60 grs. if it feels a bit humid to you, this is part of the reason why. the tropics and the satellite is showing some of the midand hi level cloudiness moving
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in. most of the energy isgoing to the north afar asthe assocteiaith the system. we wilel kck t in case er iths a sll possibility the north bay could see dry nilight is assiatedth hricane madeline and it is a caoregy 3. we als ha lester. the two are eyeing the hawaiian island chains. lester this weekend and madeline in the next few days. it isexpected to dump some heavy rain, five to 10 inches andol isated amounts. that may ad to flash flooding and mudslid keephis in md. there is an amazing sh as w look across the bay. oakland 63 with mountain view and san jose 59 in half moon bay. there has been patchy fog. low 60s fm santa rosa to novato. look fom the kgo rooftop
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camera. mild and muggy in the morning. slight chance of thunder in the north bay. below average temperatures continuing into september. here is lookat youour by planner. cloudy and humid. forget about the crack ket. 4:00 p.m., it is breezy and sunny and low 60s to the upper 80s. at 7:00 p.m. partly cloudy with the temperatures dropping back down. tomorrow morning we will start out with low 50s to te 60s. mhu and mild. he is a look at the hour by hour forecast. bree i spots. 5:0m. a. gs to 2miles a hor. this trend continues into the afternoon. the clouds do thin out. mid60s in places like half moon bay and san francisco and all the way to the upper 80s inland. everyone else in between concord's temperature trend. it goes down on wednesda and thursday and then it com back up in time fr your holiday weeken plans. the seven-day forecast, a slight chance of dry lightning
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in the rth bay. it looking sliernd mmer. owl 60s to upr 80s and hen we will drop the temperatures inland theat l part of the workweek. but by labor day we will warm it up, upper 80s to low 90s for the warmest spots. >> in case you are missing the heat. >> ama: thank, sandhya. >> dan: rembering one of mark's greatesfut intoe me ama: whenheews comfort food...
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well, generations of movie fansr mourni apeormer who touchedour hearts and d u lugh the actor and funny man, gene wilder. >> mr. frankenstein >> that's frankenstein. >> ama: herovided decades of laughs in "yng frankenstein" and"he producers"nd aeth children's classic "willie wonka and the chocolate factory." >> wilder was 8 and diale from alzheimer's complications at hisominonnctut. wre talkingbout our favorite movies. there were so many great lms. >> "blazing saddles" all time favorite. a little sports. the u.s. open underway and we have a work moment at flushing meadow. christian mcaffree talks
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abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> after taking two out of three from the cardins the
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a's travel to houston and lose big onest fir of three agait thestros. eryis bigger i tas inudth errors. gonzalez groun the ball. it pops out of of his glove. instead of escaping the inning they load the bases and take the lead. the bases are loed and 2-0 astros. the a's with a chance to return t favor. bases loaded in the fifth for danny valencia. he strikes out to end the inning. the little guy with the big pop. crushes the homer to left. astros win it 6-0 your final. nick hundley and the rockies doing the giants a favor. two-0 rockies over the dodgers. ubdo off the wall. ckies win it big 8-1yo fin. giants had the night off.
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there is a gme an a half lead over the giants andth will host cardinals tomorrow night. all eyes are on kris common mccaffrey. c-mac set a record with 3,864 all purpose yards breaking barry sands record and there are higher expectations this year. >> he has been lock eld in 10 minutes -- locked in 10 minutes after the rose bowl. that's who he is. there is no more anticipation than there would be any other year last year he just can't wait t play football again. >> last year i went into the same mind-set and continued to work out. my goal istus t ge as my yanrdsd score as mny touchdowns asossible a win asmany gam possible. >> first day of the


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