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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  September 1, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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good afternoon, people here have a better view of the golden gate bridge than usual.
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if you look below, you will see the new fishing boat based in emeryville, we're told, it has a 50 foot boat that ran aground this afternoon. let's take a look at what's happening today from sky 7. we've got this video a short time ago, people being off loaded not only people but a dog and two members of the crew, 15 people total. this is northwest of the golden gate. it's a black sand beach. normally the only way to get there is on a one-mile hike. the coast guard is involved and the boat, we're told has two engines and leaves emeryville at 6:00 every morning and the report is that they caught a lot of fish today. as to what happened, we don't know as we come back live, we know it was taking on water and ran aground and suffered damage. the people were off loaded and
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now have a hike or maybe a ride to this point here. and there were no injuries. that is unofficial as far as we can tell from where we are. wayne freedman, abc7 news. wayne, thank you very much. the woman at the center of the police sex scandal involving several bay area agencies is in trouble in another state. >> she's been arrested for an attack in a rehab center. dan noyes has the latest. dan? >> reporter: this is a sad story of a young woman in serious trouble. she was in rehab just three days before a violent confrontation center to jail. she faces a felony charge of aggravated battery for a violent confrontation with security staff at the florida rehab. she's being held at martin county jail on $300,000 bail.
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she arrived just last friday, the day after her 19th birthday. she told me she was excited and nervous about getting treatment for heroin and meth addiction. >> what did they say today? >> that is that i have to go to rehab. they said it's a paidñ vacation. to are consider it a paid vacation. >> just three days after arriving at the center, the incident report says she ran outside, removed clothing and began flashing passing motorists. officers say she bit a security guard's arm and surveillance video shows her lunging at officers. once deputies arrived, and put her in the back of a car, the report says she wiggled out of her handcuffs, hit her head against the window and attempted to solicit sexrom the
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deputies. she called and texted me on the way to rehab, turned out to be an idle threat. she says she was going to jump out of a van on the highway trying to kill herself. it's a tough story. you have to wonder what the effect will be on the police officers that were involved with her. i'll be back with another report, looking into that issue, coming up at 6:30. an amber alert in the bay area worked. a citizen heard about it helped police find a missing 11-month-old boy. william brown is safe and with his mother tonight. police arrested his grandmother, phoebe haynes. they say she took off with the
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boy and an amber alert went statewide and that paid to have. brock turner tomorrow morning is set to be released from jail. he is sentenced to six months for sexual assaulting an unconscious woman. the sentence drew outrage and turner only served about half of it. >> organizers say they will gather tomorrow morning at 9:00. the sheriff's office says when they do, he may have been already released. after spending three months in jail after sexual assaulting an unconscious on campus, brock turner will be released from jail. outside of the jail, there will be efforts to recall judge persky. >> this offender did not express
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remorse, or plead guilty for his crime, he received a short, lenient sentence. >> reporter: three bicyclists for these bill boards will circle the court house and jail complex. >> to ensure that biassed judges like judge persky are gone from the bench so justice can be won. judge persky writes i took an oath to uphold the constitution, not appease politicians or idea logs. he has been granted a request to only hear civil cases. >> we don't need a biassed judge who doesn't understand the harms of these offenses in civil court, either. >> reporter: organizers say they will begin signatures to qualify a recall. the santa clara county sheriff's office says turner is eligible for release for 12:01 but will likely be released between 5:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m.
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>> if there is a credible threat, in front of the main jail, he'll go out of a different point within the jail. >> reporter: he isxd likely to return to ohio, where he will be required to register as a sex offender. happening now, sheriff deputies are looking for an inmate that was let out of jail because of a clerical error. all area law enforcement agencies have been warned to keep an eye out for him. sonoma county sheriff is asking for the public's help in locating an escaped prisoner. officials say the 39-year-old walked away from a low-right after thissing housing facility around 1:20 p.m. he was serving time for a drug char charge. south korea's biggest
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shipping line claimed bankruptcy and caused a stoppage. the company is not paying to load or unload containers or store them, so at this point, whoever gets stuck with the box will likely get stuck with the bill. keisha picks up containers all the time. >> it was going to amazon. >> in this case, the name on the outside matters. >> they went under yesterday. i was surprised this morning. i got this container. >> reporter: shipping terminals are not accepting containers unless they're paid up front. that means truckers can get stuck paying daily rent on the chassis until someone pays to remove the container and store it. >> i think i'm a lucky one. >> reporter: the problem began when shipping companies began building megaships.
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>> shipping lines overpurchased on new vessels. the cost of those vessels with extra room, prices began falling and companies stopped making money. and now, with the bankruptcy. >> cargo can't get off the ships. >> reporter: that is driving prices back up again and timing couldn't be worse. >> this is peak shipping season when retailers are storing their shelves for the holiday season to come. >> reporter: hiller hopes she won't see another one of these soon. >> it feels good to be able to get rid of it. >> reporter: if oakland, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. coming up on abc7 news at 6:00 creating something positive after a tragedy. >> last year's deadly collapse could help save lives in the future. i'm spebser christian. vile a look at our labor day
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forecast and two hurricanes one threatening florida and another, threatening hawaii, coming up. next, meet the artist behind the infamous naked statues of donald trump.
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what is perhaps donald trump's anticipated feet last night as he laid out his 10 point plan. >> we will build a great wall along the southern border. and mexico will pay for the wall.
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trump's other points included slapping executive orders on immigration and a firm stance on amnesty and expressed 0 tolerance for those arrested for other crimes in the u.s. abc7 news was able to reach steinle's family to get their reaction. >> my first hour in office, those people are gone. >> reporter: during donald trump's much-anticipated speech in immigration, a reference to kate steinle, shot and killed last year while walking on the embarcadero. >> i am going to ask congress to pass kate's law, named for kate steinle to ensure that criminal aliens convicted of illegal reenry receive strong, mandatory, minimum sentences. >> reporter: we reached kate's
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brother, brad steinl echt. quote, i prefer her legacy be that of goodness and humanity in the face of tragedy, not the poster child for a topic in a presidential election. trump returns to his hard line stance of immigration, and stopped short of committing to deporting 11 million people immediately. and it has been he asked how this will affect california carla marinucci is a political analyst for abc7 news. >> talking about all undocumented immigrants having to return and apply again, a process that could take years, what is the cost of selling homes, breaking leases? leaving jobs? >> reporter: besides impacts to states like california trump never outlined how government
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agencies would implement or pay for a mass deportation. vice president joe biden campaigned on behalf of hillary clinton and pushing clinton's connection to the middle class. >> give me a break. this is a guy born with a silver spoon in his mouth. now, he's choking because his foot is in his mouth along with his spoon. >> the polls find clinton up 42%. gary johnson, 9% and skwil stein, just 3% of the votes. the man who created those eye-opening statues of donald trump naked is in san francisco. police may to have a word with him.
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joshua monroe made a new bust of trump. it's not as complete as the ones appearing in five u.s. cities including the castro here, and police were holding it as evidence because it caused $4,000 in street damage. >> for you to charge me with that, i would have had to have committed a crim and i was in bed in las vegas when these got put in. >> he said he made them for an artist collective. he doesn't know who glued it to the pavement. all he knows is that he won't be making a naked hillary statue. >> taking a look at our local conditions here, a dreary day, clouds have thinned out a bit as we move into evening hours. there is sunshine and low clouds hovering near the coastline.
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a powerful hurricane is about to make land fall in the florida fla pan handle. this is going to make land fall as a category 1 hurricane through southern georgia where it weakens to tropical storm strength and along coastal carolinas tomorrow and evacuations are underway in parts of northern florida. hurricane lester a powerful category 3 is moving towards the hawaiian islands, going to weaken tomorrow and as it approaches, it's going to go generally north of the island chain and the threat if it stays on track is that there will be rough surf along the islands. back to the bay area, clouds over the bay as you can see from our camera here on abc7, it's 59
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degrees in san francisco. and 75 in morgan hill. here is a view of clouds from our camera, and 79 in santa rosa. upper 70s in fairfield and concorde. no clouds in sight from this view from our santa cruz camera. blue skies there, milder conditions than points northward. this is a feature, cooler days and a warmer pattern beginning labor day, taking us into next week. overnight, clear skies, and then, the moving of clouds along the coast tomorrow, skirting the coastline, then, moving away, again, giving us a mainly sunny day by mid day and milder than it was today.
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mid-60s on the coast. low to mid-70s around the bay. and upper 70s are likely as well, and inland areas, highs in the 80s and here is the accu-weather forecast. temperatures dropping on saturday, will be breezy and cooler. sunday, cooler than average, labor day marks the beginning of a warming trend, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, highs in the 90s into warmest spots, and 80s around the bay. summer time weather is here. thank you. >> coming up next, staying cool in your clothes. no air conditioning required. i have asthma...
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you're watching an explosion that rocked the space x launch pad at cape canaveral. space x was fuelling for a test firing whenth explosion took place shortly after 6:00 a.m. our time. the test was to be held in advance of saturday's launch to deliver a satellite into space for facebook's today's local astronaut, kate rubens made a second space walk. in this video, the flight
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engineer who grew up in napa is on the right end of the screen. and the pair performed maintenance on the space station. the first space walk, ever, was 13 days ago. a bill takes aim at any registered sex offenders, felons or terrorists that might be driving for uber or lyft. it would make ride share companies carry out background checks on all of their drivers. currently, the public utilities commission doesn't specify what kind of background checks drivers must undergo. the bill would ban drivers convicted in the last seven years of sexual assault. cool clothing could help save energy. a low cost plastic helps the body cool in hot climates, alleviating the need for air
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conditioning this, shows how the material allows sweat and body heat to flow through. >> it this can be excellent to many occupations, including in bedding to help you cool down in the summer. >> reporter: researchers hope those who wear the material may feel less inclined to turn on a fan or air conditioner. a 50-year-old tradition that sparked protests world wide. >> why one man now says its his goal to stop the dolphin hunt. how the aftermath of this deadly collapse in berkeley could help save lives in the future. gift card advice you may
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angry protests around the
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world today, people are taking place to mark the start of the dolphin killing season in japan. dan noyes joins with us the latest. dan? >> reporter: this dolphin hunt has gone on more than 50 years but one man made it his life's mission to stop it. pictures of the slaughter are tough to watch. but i will not show the worst of them. a noisy crowd marched on in san francisco, against the dolphin hunt now underway on the eastern coast of japan, running for six months. san francisco joins dozens of protests around the world, including this one, in london, today. the man behind the protest is trying to link the dolphins to the summer olympics in 2020, hosted by japan. >> you cannot do olympics in
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tokyo and continue to do the dolphin slaughter at the same time. it's not going to happen. and then, had a change of heart. >> you lie to the public every day when they question you. where are they here? where did you get them from? you couldn't tell them about the violent captures and mortality rate. >> his famous work, an oscar winning documentary in 2009 that first exposed the tygee dolphin hunt. his film "the cove" showed fishermen's techniques for capturing the dolphins and small whales. >> they bang on poles and create a wall of sound that frightens the dolphins. >> reporter: they coral with net, drag others and attack.
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the cove turns red with blood. and in recent years, fishermen using boat pro pellers to scare them to their deaths. a pilot whale mother popping out of the water to watch her baby suffocate in the net. a dolphin beaching itself, trying to escape the fisherman. >> this is awful. >> they have begun hanging tarps to conceal the slaughter but the cove still turns red. >> this is the cruellest thing i have ever seen in my life. >> this year, the japanese government is allowing the fishermen to take 1820 various types of dolphins and small whales. the consulate agreed to an interview earl hiker this week but then backed out. in 2012 telling me the dolphin slaughter is part of japan's food culture.
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>> we'd appreciate if you paid more respect to what we eat, how we use the resources. >> i'm sorry. japanese people don't eat this anymore. it's being, the dolphin meat is being reduced to pig food, pet food and fertilizer. >> he argues the meat is less popular because of high mercury levels and says the hunt is all about selling trained dolphins to aquariums and theme parks for more than $100,000 each. two years ago, this albino dolphin performs under the name angel. the u.s. banned imfor tags of the dolphins but rick argues if you buy a ticket to any dolphin show, you're supporting cruelty. a group says 64% of dolphins in american aquariums were born in captivity. i'm posting links on both sides of the issue on >> thank you. incredible. >> absolutely.
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>> right. >> new at 6:00 a bill written in the wake of the deadly berkeley balcony collapse only needs the governor's signature. the bill requiring contractors when convicted of felony and crimes. a fourth floor balcony collapsed from a party celebration. six young people died and ashley donaho and five irish exchange students here for the summer. the bill is now on the governor's res being. governor brown has until the end of the month to sign, or meeto bills. >> once the epicenter of the aids epidemic, san francisco pledges to become the first city in the us to us reach 0 new diagnosis. awareness is up, 93% of people know they're infected and survival probability is up, 87%,
7:36 pm
five years after being diagnosed. >> one of the first questions they ask is am i going to die? i still think people are strong and people feel like it is a death sentence and part of our responsibility and job to educate people about what it means to have hiv diagnosis, and how we expect you to live a long, healthy life. >> the city says at the current rate, they could get to 0 new hiv infections by the year 2020. they say to treat a gift card like cash. but few do. the simple way to protect the money on the cards, even if lost. and still head, local teacher who
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if you lose a gift card, you can get it replac, really. >> michael finney has done it before. >> yes. it's not that hard.
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that is the interesting thing. 93% of americans buy gift cards. so why do some of us treat these so casually? we're told to treat gift cards like cash but what does that mean? the gift card girlfriend at gift >> if you received a card with a $20 bill, you would take the money out and put it in a wallet. >> she says you need to do the same with gift cards, when we spend money, we act differently. >> when you get a card or buy a card, do you hang on to the receipt? write down the numbers? >> no. no. >> few of us keep the receipts or write down id numbers. shelly suggests taking a photo
7:41 pm
of the front and back of the card. she says the information is valuable. >> if you do lose a gift card and can't find it, but you have the number, you can say this is the card i'm missing. the physical card. but i know the number. and if it hasn't been spent, they should be able to help you get a replacement. >> ted williams and his wife buy a lot of gift cards. >> we get gift cards to use as gifts we hold onto the receipt. when people give them, they don't give you the receipt with them. there are other purchases on there, also. >> his advice is purchase them separately and hang onto the receipt. i'll post a link to shelly's blog. you can find it on our website on now, i want to hear from you.
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you can also reach me on my facebook page and through take a picture of the card, front and back. they'll replace it for you. >> wow. >> all of the cards have been thrown away. >>n# yes. >> thank you michael. >> sure. >> coming up next, the multi million dollar donations to local schools that one local schools that one superintende ♪ ♪ isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine.
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two bay area cities benefited from a huge bene factor. >> the details of the large donation, the latest from impact academy. >> reporter: it takes money to train students to be the best in computer science. >> two and a half million dollars. >> that is how much sales force will give schools this year to assist stem programs and more. >> we know that computer science skills are critical in order for them to be able to compete in the job market.
7:46 pm
>> sales force employees will volunteer their time, to help out at local schools. >> four hours per month, paid to go to middle schools. six days paid time off to be with the kids. that is important to us. >> reporter: there will be an innovation fund at six schools where principals can use the money where it will be best served. the superintendent called it a game changer. >> we all received improvements in rates and in terms of reducing our suspensions. >> there is a similar partnership when ipads were handed out. >> our 8th graders are performing the best. our urban school district is the best in all schools. >> you cannot have a successful san francisco without a
7:47 pm
successful oakland. that is number one. >> the money is not seen as a donation, but an investment in bay area students. in oakland, abc 7 news. an east bay school has bragging rights, it has one of the best math teachers in the nation. >> next week, she'll be at the white house to receive a presidential award for excellence. this is her 28th year in the classroom. she said interaction is key. >> very to see what they're doing and hear what they're thinking so if there is a misconception, i can correct it. sometimes, they'll approach a problem in a way that is different. >> according to one of 213 teachers to get the presidential award it comes with a 10$,000
7:48 pm
prize. >> barbara boxer is donating her congressional papers to the bancroft library. she started in the 1970s and first elected to congress in 1982. >> it has been the honor of my life to serve the people of california. at the end of the day, i'm in a position to make life better for people i represent. that is all that matters to me. >> senator boxer will launch a heck tour series at cal next year that will highlight women in leadership. >> the bay area is a beautiful, and foggy place to live. and abc7 news viewers prove it. >> they do. that is #abc7 now, you can share pictures and video. follow us on instagram. >> you might want to share these
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pictures of 80 degree temperatures. >> i love the fog. i reside there. and we have just a little bit of clouds right now. it's going to get clearer overnight. sunny, mild to warm with highs 90s in chico and sacramento. 80 in los angeles. bay area, a milder day under sunny skies. breezy on the coast and low to mid-70s around the bay and here is the accu-weather forecast. it's going to cool down over the weekend. warm up nicely monday, which is labor day. weather continues into next week and feel like summer weather first week in september. which is when we get our actual summer weather. >> thank you. >> larry beil joins us now with sports. >> a huge series for giants and rough night for pitchers in
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chicago. giants and cubs opening a series. sports is coming up next. sfx: "gulp"
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giants have been facing the best team in all of baseball, the cubs in chicago. tonight, a little bit of orange in the stands at wrigley field. here it comes. there it goes. crushed off mike montgomery. 2-0, giants. and then, chris coglin with a double down the line. third inning, brandon crawford and buster posy scores. giants taking a lead and that is where we are now. and they're in the sixth inning. friday night against kansas state.
7:54 pm
they figured a run in early and often z late and often. before we look ahead, you have the opener. stanford lost to northwestern, on the road 16-6 and that cost them a shot at the college football playoffs. >> you know we're more focused on saying what we've practiced and upping the ante a little bit. and there have been a couple references. and we've got to be sure it's not about their opponent, it's about us. we've got these last year. >> exactly nine years ago today, appalachian state beat michigan trying to do the stand against
7:55 pm
tennessee. taylor lamb and marcus cox, 33 yards. and just before half time, joshua dobbs slows it up. that is picked off by mondo williams, up 13-3. san jose state and potter is back at quarterback. he trailed only christian mccaffrey last year. >> a group of running backs, and i am confident we do have the talent at that position to be able to step up and fill those
7:56 pm
shoes as best we can. >> after the game is back this saturday, right around 8:30 here on abc 7 following a great game. usc and defending national champions. and tennis, second round of u.s. open, beyonce and jay-z checking out serena williams. second set, trying to close this match up. blast the return right there. this thing was over at a brisk one hour and five minutes. serena there with a 6, 3, 6, 3. tied for the most buy any woman in the era. sister venus taking on julia guress in the second round. and again, goes across the
7:57 pm
court. and here we'll be on kaep watch, how does he actually play? >> yes. >> that is the question. >> we'll see. >> yes. >> thank you. >> join us tonight at 9:00 on coffee tv 20. coming up, added to the short list of animals known to give birth to identical twins. and former stanford swimmer convicted of sexual assault could be a free man as early as 12:01:00 a.m. we're live outside of the santa clara county jail as brock turner awaits release. >> here is tonight's prime time line up. battle bots followed by match game and abc7 news at 11:00. >> jimmy kimmel live, tonight's guests are winona ryder. >> that is it for this edition of abc7 news.
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look for breaking news on abc7 news bay area. >> from the entire abc7 news team, thanks for joining us. see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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