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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  September 5, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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>>. this man, after an overnight fight with handcuffs on his wrists. >> why one of the nation's biggest labor day picnics isn't a big deal for politicians anymore. a frozen concoction made without dairy or soy. they're calling it the future of ice cream, and we're putting it to the taste test. he may have worn number 49 on the field, but today, bruce miller is 14. as in the 14th 49ers player to be arrested. >> the charges against miller include assault and battery and elder abuse. >> it stems from an incident in
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a san francisco hotel. sergio quintana joins us live with what happened. sergio? >> reporter: he was arrested this morning and booked into county jail. he has since posted bail, and has been released but, that happened aconsiders the street, here at the marriott hotel. he made his way to travellodge and this is where he was ultimate lay rested. -- arrested. >> he kept an eye on him and then, decided to call 911 because he was worried miller wasn't well. >> i told him, this is private property and you have to leave and he couldn't. he was vomiting. he had no idea he was in a
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scuffle across the street. >> the suspect in the marriott is bruce miller and they need assistance. >> reporter: he argued with a 70-year-old guest and the man's 29-year-old son, and the fight broke out. the guests were sent to san francisco general hospital. the 49ers announced today that bruce miller has been cut from the team. last year, he pleaded no contest to disturbing the peace after a heated argument with his girlfriend in santa clara. danesh was surprised to learn he was a 49er. >> yes. it surprised me. >> he was examined and arrested without further incident.
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here is a look at the most recent. ahmad brooks arrested, alledon smith was arrested and miller's afore mention add rest for domestic battery n august, 2014 police booked ray mcdonald and march, 2014, chris culler for a hit and rub run. we confirmed miller's arrest. developing news out of south lake tahoe. a aircraft went down around 2:00 this afternoon at the south lake tahoe airport. firefighter photos show the
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plane, upside down in a field. there were two people on board, but only one went to the hospital. authorities have not released condition or said what caused the crash. >> it's going to be a difficult return for james logan high school students. two of their peers died in a car crash and a third remains in the hospital. melanie woodrow joins us live outside of the school where candles have been burning since the news broke. >> reporter: many teens here last night at the vigil will be back here in just hours, mourning the loss of another teen killed in this crash, as you said, a third teen is recovering in the hospital. friends and family are mourning the lives of two football players. >> i love them both. just funny.
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strong. >> the two died and a third teen in the passenger seat is recovering in the hospital. the family says the teens were getting a late bite to eat. >> just stayed home. instead of going. >> junior was one of six siblings. >> i never thought i'd see this day. i don't know what to owe do. >> friends of both teens have been stopping by a memorial outside james logan high school. >> >> just the biggest hard. >> tomorrow is the first day back for students. >> it's not going to be a normal day, but students are resilient. >> chp is getting the crash. in union city, abc7 news.
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police are confirmed a known sex offender may be on the move and are warning residents to keep an eye out for david lee russell, considered a transient and he's a convicted sex offender. police think he's dangerous. we know this guy has a violent history. you know? he's a sex predator and is not doing this to be kind. this guy is dangerous. >> police have been looking for russell near the two intersections where attacks happened around 5:00 p.m. in what are considered to be save neighborhoods. 1 incident and driveing and police are asking people to keep an eye out for missing man. the 47-year-old is schizophrenic
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and hasn't had medication since friday. he is 56, weighs 200 pounds with long, black hair, likely pulled into a pony tail and last seen wearing a blue tee shirt and black pants. also happening now, we're winding down the holiday weekend. labor day has been celebrated in the u.s. since the late 1800s and a lot changed since it's inception. alisa hairington shows us the shift. >> the working people this is our day. >> this is more than just a picnic in the park. the labor day picnic has historically been one of the biggest in the country. attracting politicians including bill clinton who helicoptered in to meet with leaders and campaign. this year... >> it's become a lesser function because of many things we do. i'm old enough to remember when we used to have the governor
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every year. >> the international vice president of teamsters explains how the game of politics changed this event. labor day used to mark the kickoff of the season, now, it feels like the final push. >> look at the national campaign going on two years, right? so the political process is longer and more involved and people are running earlier. >> he says they have been getting people registered to vote for months. the fdiu group is one of many lining the park. cynthia landry says the picnic is their chance to reach out to people directly. >> people need to be educated on issues that affect them in terms of life, benefits. >> hillary clinton and donald trump won't be dropping by this event, some local candidates are taking opportunities to talk to voters directly to try to get unions to endorse them.
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a car hit and killed a coyote. rescuers were looking for in the east bay. wildlife services says the coyote was maimed and was killed in danville. this is video from the nonprofit group. rescuers tried to capture the coyote. a state lab will test the animals. >> a cyclist suffered injuries in the annual bike race on front street near broad way. witnesses say the cyclist took a turn, too fast, lost control and appeared to injure his head. it features 10 races including elite and professional cyclists. hundreds of all ages navigated streets just off embarcadero. this is the 42 year of the race, becoming a labor day tradition. >> rescuers pulled a man from the water near aquatic park yesterday afternoon. it's the second water rescue there in two days.
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the victim was still in critical condition. early reports indicated the 40-year-old was wearing a life vest. however owe, firefighters say they can't confirm the detail. >> in the same area, saturday, 16 young sailors had to be pulled from the water and none was hurt. they were part of the sea scouts, a nonprofit teaching leadership to young people. the group believes it will cost $50,000 to pay for repairs and lost gear. if you'd like to help out, you'll find the nonprofit's address on our website, an old river boat is now upside down in the middle of the delta and owners are nowhere to be found. >> see the concern in getting this paddle wheeler on top of the water. coming up, michael finney explains how to get student loans forgiven. >> i'll have a good look -- a good look. a look at a good warm up coming our way this week. it's going to be sizzling here.
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i'll have temperatures for you coming up. it has to do without laughter. >> the personal tragedy triggering a major change to a marin county landmark. ♪ ♪ you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life.
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from chase. so you can.
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we're checking on the trafficment holiday weekend in golden gate bridge. traffic is light around the bay area. burning man is over. get ready to see dirty cars on roadways.
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abc7 news is at tower car wash. you can easily spot the cars they have dust from the desert that appeared baked on. car washes usually charge a premium because of the effort to throw that dust off. >> abc the compelling story behind his decision. >> i mean this is from still a special restaurant wanted to open a medical marijuana dispensary instead? >> his wife died of breast
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cancer, he remembers her pain and how cannabis helped. >> it helped her pain and bringing her peace at that time. >> i'm really sorry. >> thank you. >> customers are supportive of his plans. the county won't allow him to have both in the same location. >> i didn't know his wife was sick. so that very sad. i do support medical marijuana because i have seen what it does for people. >> he'll own the 5500 square foot dispensary, he won't run it. he says that will be left up to experts. the owner applied for one of only four licenses issued by the county. if he doesn't get it, the dipsy cafe will remain open. he says he should know by the end of the year. >> we will see. >> the name will be the shore
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line wellness center. in mill valley, abc7 news. california voters will get to decide whether to legalize marijuana for recreational use in november. prop 64 qualified for the ballot. the election will be nine weeks away tomorrow. the deadline is not until october 24th and voters have another week after that to request a vote by mail ballot. >> firefighters are working on eight different active fires burning across california. good news is that they have half of them almost fully contained. the tulle fire is nine #% contained. >> the most subyorn active fire is burning near big sur in
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monterey county, topping 100,000 acres in size. near the california-oregon border, the so called gap fire is now 25% contained. 25,000 acres burned and orders do remain in effect. the final active fire in california is burning in the stanislaus national forest. fewer than a thousand acres burned and it is now 60% contained. a tree fell on a man in south carolina, causing another death by hurricane hermine. it's causing trouble for some people. many beaches are closed because of rip currents and passengers on board royal caribbean's anthem of the seas had a rough
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ride. >> this is 40 to 50 feet at one point. the trail of damage from florida to virginia expected to curl back towards the coast before it reaches land. >> a few current conditions here in the bay area. sunny skies coast to inland, marking the beginning of a week of warmer weather than last week but let me see if i can take you to the tropical atlantic. almost directly towards long island in new york. expecting to intensify again, high winds at 65 miles per hour. tropical storm warnings issued
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for much of coastal new england and northeastern u.s. and likely to move north-northeast and just skirt the coastline so back in the bay area, breezy conditions now. and no powerful gusts but winds out of the out of the west and northwest. that is five degrees warmer in fairfield. and this is a view looking under the embarcadero under blue skies. oakland, 67. san jose, and 57 in half moon bay. looking westward toward the golden gate, clear skies, up
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north, 73. one more live view at the golden gate, clear skies and minely overnight will be cooler in spots and hot wednesday, so speaking of wednesday's warmth, let's take a look. temperatures around 70 and first, overnight, clear, cool, up in the north bay, lows into 46 at napa. and 88 in morgan hill. and on the coast, 64 at half
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moon bay. up in the north bay, lots of 80s, 88 santa rosa. and inland east bay, highs in the 90s in pittsburgh, brentwood and livermore. here is the accu-weather fecast. wednesday, highs in the upper 90s inland and mid-80s around the bay. by sunday, monday, bye-bye heat, just hello average temperatures. >> i think average might seem nice. >> yes. >> coming up next, how much this failure could cost space x. 49ers hold a regular season game here on abc 7 in one week.
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our live coverage of monday night football begins at 7:00 p.m. here on abc7
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. space x may end up paying $50 million to an israeli
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communications company. the blast destroyed a satellite belonging to space com communications and asking space x to cover the costs or provide a free flight in the future, one customer is facebook, hoping to lauvenlg it's initiative using the satellite services. researchers are using drones to track whale health and behavior and will help minimize human impact on the mammals. biologists say this is allows them to take repeat measurements on growth. >> we're just two days if apple's big new product review. everyone expects to see a new iphone 7 and many predict it
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will be a head phone jack. samsung is involved with one of the smart phone industry's biggest recalls. the majority were provided by samsung sdi, one of the biggest rechargeable manufacturers. >> why donald trump and hillary clinton took similar steps today. >> what ground they broke, next on abc7 news at 6:00. a look at paddle boats that sank over the weekend. >> student loan money you do not have to
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as you know, a boat is supposed to float, but this is upside down, in it. the spirit of sacramento began
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taking on water over the weekend. >> it's cap sized in an area of the delta phone as falls river. abc7 news has the story. >> reporter: once a tour boat, the 87 foot spirit of sacramento is now upside down in the delta. >> sunday morning, my neighbor, who is a -- went by the boat said the boat was lifting to one side. >> bruce johnson told us he saw the boat start to take on water sunday morning. >> i said this boat looks like it's going down. there is no more boat there. it's rolled. >> the coast guard told us the boat began to cap size sunday, and the two men who had been on board were gone. >> have you contacted the owners? >> at this time we haven't heard anything from the owners and have attempted to contact them. >> so people on board told
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locals they bought it at an auction for a thousand dollars. it was anchored until sheriffs boarded and told owners it's time to move along. >> it's sunk, and upside down. and it's an environmental mess. >> there is diesel fuel all over, bar stools and chairs and propane tanks. ice chests, exploding. >> the coast guard says it may have had as much as 600,000 of diesel on board. east bay authorities are searching for one of two suspects accused of stealing cars from a dealership. workers at the bay auto dealership are building a fence to keep cars in and thieves out. four vehicles have been stolen including one last night, and two around 2:30 this morning. that is when an employee called
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and said he was following stolen cars on the northbound 880. >> they ended up causing a collision here and continued to flee and get involved in another collision not too far north of here. >> chp closed down lanes and while investigating, one person was hurt. two correctional officers who were shot saturday morning inside fresno's main jail remain in critical condition but are showing progress. >> the spots in the hallway and doorway to the hallway, investigators say the man shot
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two correctional officers and tried to hide. deputies caught him and booked him and the district attorney plans to file charges this week. >> based on the preliminary reports and briefings have i received, i am fairly certain that we'll be filing some significant charges. >> 350 correctional officers supervised inmates at the jail. they're unarmed with nothing separating them from walking into the lobby. she tells me it's undetermined how long they'll be stationed like this. and to the north, still unprotected. there are deputies who can quickly respond to threats. any other county jails in the valley look different. thick glass separates the public from staff at king's county
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jail. the sheriff says she's considering changes but focus is on the two. the sheriff's office is getting support in the form of food, cash or comfort across the country including the da herself. >> they went there to let them know how much we appreciate the service they provide. >> both presidential candidates spoke with members of the media traveling on board their planes. hillary clinton held two quick briefings on board and addressed a question about a coughing spell during a speech in ohio saying she suffers from seasonal allergies. at that time, she joked about it.
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>> every time i think about the trip. >> both candidates spent the day campaigning in ohio. donald trump had a round table with union workers. trump says jobs will be his focus in november. on a plane, trump talked about getting ready for debates and plans to attend all three. >> i am preparing somewhat and preparing for and enjoyed the debating process. i did well in the debates. >> the presidential debate will place and the final debate
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october 19th. >> president obama became the first sitting american presidential to visit the country of laos. part of the trip will be acknowledging damage done to laos during the vietnam war. the two countries share a bor r border. >> most college students graduate with two things. diplomas and debts. michael finney explains why to go to get those forgiven. plus... >> the two bay area brothers whose frozen
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this is a live look at interstate 880. traffic is not as heavy as usual, but is picking up as people make their way home on this holiday weekend. >> students in chej look for
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scholarships and loans before starting school. >> but many do not, meaning they're leaving money on the table. >> important tips. >> yes. we like to gather them up and tend to look for money on the front end. here is a secret. there is college money to be had after graduation, too. i'm at san francisco state talking with students and recent graduates about student loans. >> are you paying them off? >> yes. >> how is that go something. >> not so well. >> tell me about that. >> it's a painful subject. the latest statistics show 71% of students graduating have student debt. the average is just shy of $27,000. >> our car is 12 years old and dying and because of student loans my partner and i can't afford it.
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>> that is depressing. >> its very depressing. >> there is a way to have part of it forgiven. >> we do more than that. we do helping families fund college. >> this is his book. go to ledge for free. he says where a student works after graduation makes a huge difference. >> you can go into a government career. the government paid out programs are different you usually have to make 120 payments on time, in order for the government program to relieve some of your debt. >> say perhaps you're a nurse. working for a public hospital, you pay 10 years on a 20 year debt and you're done. for a private hospital? >> no deal. >> there are programs for those who work for nonprofits and who
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join the military. the rules can get complicated. so i posted links on our website. i want to hear from you. our hot line is open monday through friday. you can also reach me on my facebook page and through >> coming up, ice cream that is gluten free, dairy free and additive free. >> we'll find out if it's taste free. free. ally a hug. this toy is a reminder that someone cares.
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cream usually comes from cows but in the east bay there isn't a dairy product in site. >> that is creamy and smooth. >> there are flavors from
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classic to exotic, including newest. >> this is a huge hit. we have green tea and honey laughender. >> there is a creamy sensation. >> the flavor, texture. >> and attractive gray color. >> there is no gum, no oil. >> and no milk. it's made from cashews by two lactose intolerant brother. >> you have to taste it. our slogan is one taste and you'll go nuts. >> years ago, they sold in supermarkets. they were only a few flavors and had a bad representation. >> alternatives fell short. >> so six months ago, they opened their own dairy free ice
7:47 pm
cream shop. >> all vegan. >> the brothers have gotten to see more of what may be their favorite moment. the moment of surprise. >> this is really good. >> that is really good. >> yes. >> biggest skeptics are men. once they try it, they're like putty in our hands. >> do you want to try some? >> the brothers say it comes from the fat, but not the kind in milk. >> 0 cholesterol. low saturated fat. >> it comes from oodles of cashews. >> our bottom line is smiles. we have a great following. >> in albany, abc7 news. >> playing with a computer works
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as we as well as taking a medicated tablet for children before surgery. children were with an ipad or take a sedative. researchers found the technology distraction reduced anxiety and helped parents calm down. >> we want to thank abc7 news viewe viewers for sharing their labor day pictures with us. >> there are beaches, sun sets, mountains and kites. you name it. >> yes. use #abc7 now to follow us on instagram. >> here is spencer with the forecast. >> we're having a beautiful labor day and beautiful week is
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ahead. hurricane pounding with winds at 85hour and right up through baja california and wreaking havoc around cabo and then is going to turn north-northeast wednesday. and hit more with heavy rainfall. it's just a mess there. highs from 60s on the coast to low 90s inland. accu-weather forecast shows wednesday, hottest day of the week, highs in the upper 90s to near 100. beautiful weather. >> everything is beautiful. >> yes. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> labor day. >> yes. and most teams are laboring
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today. and why a risky decision by giants backfired in a major way. i'll have highlights on the other side of the break. and 49ers played a regular season game here on abc 7. 7:00 p.m., september 12th right here on abc7. ♪ ♪ isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves
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colorado era will kick start offense. 14 hits in four games and teams have carried over against the
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rockies. the decision would puf costly and next play deep to right of a grand slam. two batters later, it's now 6-0 rockies in the third. matt caine, family on hand to see the debut. bottom 7th, help from his new teammates with a long run to track down a ball off the bat. 6-0, still in the 9th. and no walks and rockies win it, 6-0. taking on angels goes out to save the bull pen.
7:55 pm
not going to hear the end of that. raul alcandro, with three hitters including bases loaded. and some in the bottom half of the inning, he tries to pick up new teammates, and trying to settle in, cole calhoun takes him teep. a solo homer to right field, his 35th of the year. bottom line, an appearance, striking out bruce maxwell looking to end the game. angels win, 10-7. and a couple players after this event, a lead, coming into the
7:56 pm
final round. not his day. this chip shot. 7th hole with a great shot to set up birdie putt moving to 12 under. then, looks good. bottom of the cubs. here is birdie on 18. fini finishes he can make this evil putt. that is not going to happen and wins by two strokes. two victories and today's win at the open, ter rena williams is now. the all time leader. 308th to pass by roger federer with no problem, 11 aces, and 28
7:57 pm
of 30 points, she's 308 and 42 in slams. that is an 880 winning percentage. it's three wins are from winning the 23 grand slam title, breaking a title is steff steffi graff. and steph curry, two time mvp spending his third summer in china. his mind is on the up coming season. >> our energy will be spent on getting ready for a championship run. we want to have a great regular season. i don't think coming into the season with the goal of 7-4 is a good focus. it's about winning championships. >> and of course, we're looking forward to that. florida ste tonight at 9:00 and 11:00. i'm concerned about the
7:58 pm
olympics. three players played in olympics so just hope they're not worn out. >> right. right. >> thank you. >> join us tonight at 9:00 on coffee tv 20, cable 13. >> coming up, what did he just call president obama? the president cancelled a meeting after getting a vulgar insult from a southeast asian president at 9:00. >> then, at 11:00, back at work. a woman says she was sexually harassed by a law school dean isn't happy he's back on campus. >> and tonight's prime time line up, a new episode of bachelor in paradise and abc7 news at 11:00. >> and that is it for this edition of abc7 news. look for breaking news on twitter on abc7 news bay area. >> from all of us here, thanks for joining us. we'll see you later tonight.
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