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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  September 5, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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isaac, are you ready? yeah. chase. so you can. fight ended with blood on his forehead and handcuffs on his wrist. late geez sprint to election day. clinton and trump plane parked right across from each other. >> back in the bay area. concerns about a fuel leak after an old river boat capsized in the delta. >> and burner pack up and head home bringing a piece of the desert back to the bay area. home bringing a piece of the desert back to the bay area. 7 news at 9:00 is next. btjdtq ìc @ 3 3 wild night for san francisco forty-niner. it ends with him caught on camera and cut from the team. good evening. i'm eric in for dan. >> i'm amma. the charges against bruce miller include aassault, battery and elder abuse. >> stems from an incident over >>reporter: in video from the travel lodge miller is bleeding and staggering. at san francisco hotel. >>reporter: in video from the travel lodge miller is bleeding
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at the marriott hotel across the street. >> now former forty-niner full back entered somebody else room in the marriott. argued with the 70-year-old guest in the room and the man 29-year-old son staying next door then fight broke out. when the fight was over the hotel guests were sent to san francisco general hospital with injuries. miller now charge9@03ívq+eral felony including assault with deadly weapon. not a firearm and elder abuse. the 49ers announce early today bruce miller has been cut from the team. last year he pleaded no contest to disturbing the peace after a heated argument with his girlfriend in santa clara. at the fisherman wharf travel lodge he was surprised to learn miller was a 49er. >> wow! yes. it's kind of like surprise for me. >>reporter: he was examinev!h3: paramedic and arrested without any further incident. in san francisco, sergio, abc 7 news. th has been arrested since 2012. making the team among the nfl leaders in the dubious categor category. here's a list of some of the ed,;ñz
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jersey sales are soaring going from the 20th most popular to no. 1 in the forty-niner store.
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right now. excuse me over on abc 7. >> campaign for president is now all out sprint to election day. hillary clinton showed up at 'ôáipliñr days,
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caused a diplomatic incident. >> candidate know it's in the battle ground states where the race is won or lost. mary is traveling with the trump campaign in ohio. >> tonight donald trump kicking off the final sprint of the campaign. shaking hands at this county
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fair. >> we are going to bring jobs back to ohio. >> the press tag along on his plane. same day hillary clinton started traveling with her press corps. coincidence? >> is that what she is doing. >>reporter: trump taking questions on his immigration policy. >> i'm not ruling out anything. no i'm not giving away status. no. to become a citizen you are going to have to go out and come back in. >>reporter: but when pressed further, still not giving a clearance. >> we make that decision into the future. >>reporter: trump slamming clinton for ducking reporters. counting the days since the last press conference. >> she doesn't do press conference. it has been almost 300 days. >> if hillary clinton held a press conference what would you ask her? >> a lot of questions to ask. >>reporter: he will have his chance later this month. >> give an obligation to do the debates. >>reporter: trump confirming he will attend all three hig stake debate. >> as of this moment, yes. >> what could cause to you change your mine. >> hurricane. natural disaster. i expect. >>reporter: with just 63 days to the election he is taking ñ atanzknññ ltknh86h >> 63 days translates into 9 #h from tomorro. almost two months from cy+
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should focus on. >> no control of where they are going to take you and what. >>reporter: advice from rebecca o'brien is to yell. >> use your voice. yell. as loud as you can. call 911. i need help. somebody help me. and just keep yelling. don't go silently. >>reporter: san jose police are concerned that russell is staking out new area for the assaults anywhere in the bay area. >> he will do whatever it takes to evade police and capture and to evade being seen by the community and he knows that he's wanted. he knows he's wanted by the police. >>reporter: russell is driving a rogue with no license plate. he may have switched cars by now say police. he's a transient with no fixed address in san jose. he's a registered sex offender. in san jose, david louie abc 7 news. in san jose, davy;+÷r."g=agtñ7 getting the paddle wheeler back onóp top of the water. a little silent more than a f this weather anchor spencer christian here with the a big warm-up comingzqz our way.
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our way. spectacular failure
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>> i notice. i know. keeping this the holiday. >> in the next few days you can expect the dangerous rip current and those big rough waves are going to keep tearing down these massive dunes. of course they are going to need some repair before nor'easter in the fall and winter. this is abc news, colgate, new jersey. happening now. firefighters are working on 8 different active fires burning across california. good news is they have more than half of them almost fully contained. cedar, chimney ray fires close to 100 percent containment. the truly fire 90 percent contained. sunny fire in fresno county 80 percent contained. the most stubborn active wildfire still burning near big sur monterey county top 100,000 acres in size and is 60 percent contained. fire started nearly seven weeks ago when illegal camp fir got out of hand. more than 1,000 firefighters are still assigned to this fir
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fire. near the california oregon border so-called gap fire now 30 percent contained. more than 25,000 acres of the national forest there burned mandatory evacuation orders do remain in effect. the final active fire in california, the mccoal fire burning in the national forest there and fewer than 1,000 acres burned and now 60 percent contained. now to famous rock formation that was reduced to rubble in oregon and all it took was a push from some hik hikers. now the hunt is on to find the them. here's neal. >>reporter: even the people who captured the video couldn't believe it. oregon beloved pedestal rock formation immortal by visitors to the coast. >>reporter: necessity found the rock in pieces and thought it must have collapsed naturally. but tonight this video captured by two men flying a drone tells
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a very different and troubling story. in it you can clearly see a group of people working to knock over the famous formation which was protected behind a fence. >> they basically told me themselves that it was a safety hazard and that they did like oregon like a favor that they knocked it down. >>reporter: it's not the first time people have been caught on camera destroying beautiful natural formations. these boy scout leaders topple a famous rock in utah dating back to the jurassic period. actor vanessa huchs fined 100,000 dollars for varnl li lizing land carving in the famous red rock in oregon the accused vandal haven't been found. park officials say they are now working with the state police to find out who did this. neal, abc news, seattle. giant panda one of the symbol of china now off the endangered species list. international group says panda are vulnerable instead of
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endangered. the wild population in china jumped by more than 250. and result of chinese agency enforcing poaching ban and expanding forest preserve. they warn though climate change could eliminate up to 35 percent of the animal natural bamboo habitat which could lead to another decline. atlanta giant panda gave birth to twins over the weekend at zoo atlanta. the cubs arrived less than an hour apart. first giant panda born in the united states this year and the second set of twins for this 19-year-old panned a.giant panda cubs born blind almost hairless and a little larger than a cell phone. not so giant when young. >> just wait. >> next on 7 news at 9:00. >> they have to do with what happened last year. >> personal tragedy that triggered a major change
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the order of the popular dixie cafe in mill valley may close his business. medical marijuana dispensary. lee ann has the compelling story behind his decision. >>reporter: john and his wife started the cafe 30 years ago. dixie as the oldest trail race in america from mill valley to stenson beach. cafe overlook the marsh land from richardson bay. so what makes the owner of a successful restaurant want to open a medical marijuana dispensary instead? >> has to do with what happened last year. >>reporter: his wife died of breast cancer last november. remembers her pain and how cannabis helped. >> i noticed how it really helped her with her pain and give her peace at that time.
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i'm really sorry. >> thank you. >>reporter: customers are supportive of his plans to close the dixie to make way for a medical marijuana dispensary. the county won't allow him to have both in the same location. >> i didn't know his wife was sick that's very sad but i do support medical marijuana. because i have seen what it does for people. >>reporter: he will own the 5 5500 square foot dispensary he won't run it. that he says would be left to the experts. the owner has already applied for one of only 4 licenses issued by county. if he doesn't get it the dixie cafe will remain open. he's ready to move on he says. he should know by the end of the year. >> it's up to the gods. we'll see. >>reporter: name of the dispensary is the shoreline wellness center. in mill valley, lee ann, abc 7 news. california voters will get to decide whether to legalize
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marijuana for recreational use in november. proposition 64 has qualified for the ballot. passing the proposition would allow the state to regular lit and tax the marijuana industry. all right. we'll get update on the forecast from abc 7 news weather anchor spencer christian. >> and being called the ice cream of the future. no dairy. inform gluten. no additives? but is there f (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... shift your thinking about buying your next one.
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>> main ingredient from ice cream normally comes from cow but now there's not a dairy product in sight. we have more on a nutty idea that is a success. >> creamy and smooth. >>reporter: mr. dew has flavors from the classic to the exotic including the nightcast. >> this is spice. >> it is a huge hit. >> selling out completely.
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we do green tea. we do honey lavender. >>reporter: serve in cup or cohen they compare to it joy lotto. >> creamy sensation so good mouth feel. >>reporter: the flavor, texas tivrment and attractive gray color. how could there possibly taste like strawberry but it's wonderful. >>reporter: he has no artificial coloring. >> no preservative or oil. >>reporter: and no milk. ice cream made entirely from cashew by two lactose intolerant brother. >> to grasp how good it is you have to taste it. our slogan is one taste and will go nuts. >>reporter: years ago andrew and he sold the ice cream at supermarket. only a few flavors and vegan ice cream had a bad reputation. >> alternative fell shovrment ice or chalky or flavorless. >>reporter: so 6 months ago they rebooted the business pulling out of the freezer aisle to open their own dairy free ice cream shop. >> sand which have. bon-bon hot fudge sundae.
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>>reporter: the brothers have gotten to see more of what may be their favorite moment. the moment of surprise. >> it's gishtion they say it never gets old. >> that is really good. yes. >>reporter: biggest skeptic come in and once they try it they are like puty if our hand hands. >> try some. >>reporter: brother say no secret the smooth texture comes from all the fat but not the kind of fat you find in milk. >> zero cholesterol. low saturated fat so good heart healthy fat. >>reporter: kind that come from another of expensive cashew. they are not skimping. >> our bottom line isn't profi profit. it's smiles. so we are not the greatest business people but we have a great following. >>reporter: in albany, jonathan bloom abc 7 news. burning man is over. get ready to see some very dir dirty cars on by area roadways. san francisco power car wash and grimey car show up for deep cleaning. you can spot the burning man car dust from nevada desert
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that appears just baked on. washes usually charge a premium to clean burning man vehicle because of the effort it takes to get the dust off. on this labor day a new study finding that americans just can't stop working. 40 percent 0:00 of:00 of u.s. workers at any time take a single vacation day last year. 40 percent of employers had staff working today. despite the figure the u.s. is not the most over-worked that distinction goes tostinct y turkey. hurricane newton soaked western coast with heavy rain today in baja california getting prepared for possible direct hit. officials open to 18 shelters and 38 more in parts of about a happen. warn people against panic buying. police were stationed at shopping mall to guard against the kind of loot that go happened after hurricane that struck two yourself ago. one last check of our weather with spencer. >> that's right. >> all right. looks like it's a direct hit on
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b by hurricane newton start with live doppler 7hd with our bay area weather clear cool and calm and this is radar image of hurricane newton. now a pounding western mexico with heavy rainfall potentially flooding rain and strong potentially damaging wind. it's category 1 hurricane right now but gaining strength as we follow the expected track it goes up along baja california over cabo san lucas and intensify to category 2 tomorrow with maximum sustained wind at 105 miles per hour. then continue then turn a little bit to the north northeast as category one on wednesday before weak toning tropical storm but even as it weaken the storm is still a dangerous storm that could produce wide spread flooding and wind damage in western mexico. back to the bay area tomorrow. nice mild calm under sunny sky from coast to inland. high ranging from 60's to the coast to low 90's inland. here's the 7 day forecast. warmest day in this forecast period will be wednesday when inland high reach well not upper 90's.
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so then graduate cool down after that. temperatures moderate by the end of the week. all right. thanks spencer. >> okay. let's see if there are any sports. >> i do 4 minutes on florida state but i'll throw in a little baseball 4. a's fan toughest gig in sports and evidence against the angel angels. the defense appears with only 2 angels. the defense appears with only 2 hits in colorado.
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>> after losing 3 out of 4 to the cubs i thought maybe the thin air of colorado will kick start the giants offense. 14 hits in 4 games against chicago. it seems to have carried over against the rockies. bruce trying to rekindle the winning feechlingt moore and intentionally walk nolan to load the bases. that decision would prove costly. next batter. gonzalez makes them pay. deep to right for grand slam. it's a 5 nothing rockies lead. two batters later.
9:54 pm
conley deep to left field. 6 nothing rockies as i do the math. in the third. enter matt cain stops the bleeding. long reliefer streeinging out pitcher chad and 6 run-ining for the rockies. cool moment for the giants. goodyear in triple a winning 14 games. bottom 7. a little help from the new team mates. long run track off the bat. 6 nothing still in the inth. the ground out to complete the two hit shut out. no walk 7 k rocks win 6 nothingment dodgers win also now 4 back in the wes west. a's taking on the angels ball boy out to save the bullpen but hits chris in the head. won't hear theen of. that raul beans three angel hitter including jeffrey with businesses loaded, 1 nothing angels. the wild pitch. also walked simmons with a bases loaded debut he was
9:55 pm
looking for. 3 earned in the first. bottom half of the inning. danny tries to pick up the new team mates. 2 run home tore left. 1 run game. top of the second. trying to settle in. calhoun takes it deep. 5 earned over 3 innings for this. 8-6 angels in the seventh. davis makes it a 1-1 game. thrift of the year. one of the a's bright spots in the tough season. bottom 9 former a's closer bailey makes appearance. strikes out maxwell look to go end the game and angels win it 10-7. florida state ole miss monda night college football. winston in the house. jump bull to strong fellow. 1 14-3 ole miss. 21-6 in the second. 11 yard touch down run. rebel jump out to 28-6 lead. look like another top 5 upset by the seminole rally. whitfield. 3 yard. seminole up 29-28 and freshman
9:56 pm
andre. he catches one here for two yards. 22 point deficit. largest fsu history and come back to win 45-34 the final. to the p g a tour. fedex cup play off. boston. round 3 at the championship. play off field cut 70 players after this event. casey 3 stroke lead coming in the final round trying to end a 7 year winless streak. 5 bogey on the day. not his day. chip shot on 10. hit the pin doesn't fall. set autopsy putt and moves to 12 under par. on the 12th hole. mcilroy chance to at that time lead at 5 under. putt locks good. nothing but net. he spends more time on the beach than david hasselhoff but another grit shot instead of birdie on 18. finishes 15 under. 6 under 65 on the day. kc chance to tie if he can make
9:57 pm
the putt operate par 5 18. 50 footer. not going to happen. roy wins by two stroke. first in 16 months victory. >> today win at the open veep a williams all time leader for men or women grand slam victory 308. passing federer. serena facing her and no problem. 11 aces including tournament leading 1 26 miles an hour serve. won 28 of 30 points in the first serve. she's now 308 and 42 in slams. that's an 8 80 winning personal. 3 wins away from withining the 23rd grand slam final brick ago tie with grav and fwhins straight set and face simone a in the finals. in hong kong he spends the third consecutive summer in china on behalf of under arm or even though far from home his mine is on the upcoming season. >> all of our energy will be spent on getting ourselves ready for a championship run we
9:58 pm
want to have a great regular season. obviously don't want to have any slip ups but i don't think come into the season with goal of 74 is a good focus. it's about winning championshi championship. >>reporter: as brought to you by toyota if he ever count my seminole out. i say that no. 1. no. 2 i busted out the did you do i out dress spencer he has the fall license. lost my chance. >> thanks. >> coming up tonight on 7 news at 11:00. back at work. woman who says she was sexually harassed by a berkeley law school dean isn't happy he's back on campus. >> mystery yosemite couple. man needs your help getting this photo into the right hands. join us for 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> scenes from san francisco past come to the city current street view thanks to two developers 13,000 historic
9:59 pm
photo and interactive map. >> users zoom in on certain parts of the city to see events that took place between 1850 to 2000 like two women at this park abandoned river boat at hunter point. >> thanks for joining news for all of us here, thanks for joining us. see you at 11:00 over on joining us. see you at 11:00 over on channel 7
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narrator: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewers discretion is advised. today, a greedy wife in search of a way to make quick money finds a job that leads to murder. and how a dangerous impostor makes a career out of brainwashing and bullying his victims.


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