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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  September 6, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> now at 11:00, masked men follow an east bay family back to their quiet neighborhood and ransack their home. police are searching for this possible get away vehicle. good evening, everyone. i'm larry beil in for dan ashley. >> ama: i'm ama daetz. the fr invasion robbery happened over the weekend in dublin. >> dan: that's where we find lonnie rivera live with the story. lonnie? >> reporter: larry and ama, what dublin police are looking for is a group of home invasion robbers who they say took advantage of a mother and her children as they returned home in this neighborhood. >> got her into the house and tried to find some stuff. it was scary. >> reporter: neighbors are keeping a watchful eye on everything.
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news of a home invasion robbery quickly traveled. >> she went inside the residence with her children and were followed by four male suspects. >> police say the four men followed the mom and her kid into the garage on sunday evening. two had guns. one detained the family while the others ransacked the place along the road. >> they took high end handbags and a small amount of cash. >> reporter: it shows a mini suv driving from the scene. then this man is looking in the same direction. police want to talk to him. they think he can be a witness. >> we should be careful when we enter into the house. we should look around in case somebody is following us or unusual activity going on. >> dublin police have beefed up their presence is. >> the police have been very helpful. at the end of the day they can only do what they can do.
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that's why the neighbors have to watch each other's backs and stay alert. abc7 news. >> dan: a desperate dash of freedom didn't last long. they are accused in the shooting death in the parking lot of pet smart in san mateo. the suspect sped away from the scene. they got as far as san francisco and take a look here at the cell phone video of the pursuit that started near hills dale mall. >> when they got northbound in san francisco it was necessary to do what they could. >> police believe the shooting was isolated and the victim knew his killer. an amtrak train slammed into a car tonight causing a lot of headaches for the commuters in the east bay. a fender bender pushed a vehicle on to the tracks in union city.
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fortunately nobody was hurt, but hundreds of passengers were delayed. >> ama: a convicted sex offender is in custody tonight. police arrested david russell during a traffic stop. he is being held without bail. the kidnapping attempts happened in broad daylight. tips from the public helped lead them to russell. >> ama: san pablo police want to find the woman who killed a woman and her unborn baby. she was shot near r near 17th street. whoever shot her did so from a car which sped away. mccoy was seven months pregnant and the neighborhood is dangerous. >> every time my mom and sister go out i worry if something would happen to them. >> people in the neighborhood have stepped up and they are helping them in the investigation. >> dan: tonight a possible break in a cold case.
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chris 10 smart van -- kristen smart vanished in 1996 and her body never found. now officials in san san luis abyss spoa -- san luis obispo have a new lead. >> reporter: life long stockton residents remember it well. a college freshman from their town gone without a trace. >> we were all very shock shocked. everybody respected cal poly. >> i didn't know the family personally but was upset with the whole ordeal. >> with each year that passed it seemed more and more unlikely kristen smart would be found. now the san luis san luis obispo sheriff's office started a four-day excavation project near the cal poly p. >> we hope this will lead to the answers we have been asking for the past 20 years. >> specialists will assist the sheriff investigators in what is being called a pain painstaking process.
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>> you get down to a half inch worth of materials and you go through that to see if there is any kind of evidence or other things that don't necessarily fit into the habitat. >> she was last seen with paul florez as they walked back to her dorm during an off campus party. florez continues to be a person of interest in the case. in stockton, abc7 news. >> ama: workers at an iconic san francisco restaurant had a run in hours before the arrest at the motel. he was let go from the team. the trouble started on sunday night. he posted this picture saying sunday is for the boys. later that night the manager atom me's -- at tommy's joint said he came in alone and seemed intoxicate and even tried to take customers' sandwiches. >> he got a little out of hand
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and so my manager escorted him out. >> they say miller assaulted a 70-year-old man ani his son early monday morning when he tried to get into the wrong room at the fisherman's wharf marriott. he stumbled into a motel across the street and was arrested. he is said to be in court on friday. >> ama: surveillance video shows somebody dropping off 34 cats and kittens at the marin humane society. they left a note behind apologizing say are their friend's great grandmother let things get out of control. there are already 135 kittens and cats at the facility so it is now overwhelmed. the humane society will spay, vaccinate and microchip and waive the fees for anyone who adopts an adult cat. >> dan: new details on the children whose sailboat capsized. it happened during the training of the sea scouts. tonight thes are telling us what they went through on the water. lisa amin gulezian joins us
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live with more in the newsroom. >> reporter: luckily all 15 kids on board are fine. no serious injuries, but many say they weren't even scared because of the training they have had. what they are worried about is the damage caused to their beloved boat. >> it came over on this side and we got tossed in the water. >> reporter: he is one of the youngest sea scouts. he wasn't the youngest on board the viking when it capsized. this shivering 7-year-old was. he was a guest on the 30-foot sailboat. the 16-year-old jack calvin flew into the water after the main sail didn't release causing the boat to tip over. >> i tried to make sure everyone was holding on to the boat and everyone was staying together. >> the wind was blowing strong and the waves were big. the water was really salty and crashing everywhere. >> reporter: the kids all wore
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life jackets. they were in the chilly bay water for 20 minutes before help arrived. everyone was checked for hypothermia. it took a full day to tow the viking back to the boat yard and the damage is extensive. >> its stern post is split. >> it will take three weeks and $50,000 to repair the boat. that's why the program organizer s started a go fund me page. they are anxious to get back on the bay as soon as possible. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> dan: 20 minutes in the water had to feel like an eternity. and "sully" sullenberger on the red carpet. the premiere for the movie featuring the hero pilot. >> ama: and leprosy in the classroom? the warning about the dangerous disease tonight. >> dan: and we are hours away
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from the unveiling of the next iphone, but it is what's not on the gadget that has everyone buzzing tonight. >> sandhya: i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. details on the spare the air and the summer sizzle coming up. >> here is a look at what is coming up on "jimmy kimmel live" on abc7 news at 11:00. jimmy? >> thanks, ama and larry. give us your undivided attention. >> what i want you to do is squirt this on his paws. >> yeah, andy.
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new at 11:00, tom hanks, clint eastwood and "sully"
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sullenberger. >> ama: the pilot who was made famous for his plane landing was there with his a-list hollywood celebrities. >> check out some of the photos that were taken on the red carpet and posted on instagram. you can see sullenberger, tom hanks and sully with his entire family. this new movie explores what happened after the incredible plane landing. >> it was among the most memorable landings. the captain haled as a hero that brought his airliner down with no loss of life. >> we all knew he did it. >> that's great. the thing that was eye opening was everything that happened afterwards. >> tom hanks stars as "sully" sullenberger who is cheered by the public, but faced hostile
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questions and second guessing by the government investigators in the months after january 15th, 200 neighborhood. -- 2009. >> in the end captain sullenberger was exonerated and holds no grudge about what happened even though doubts were being raised while he was suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome. >> haven't been able to sleep more than 30 minutes the first couple nights, disc trad thinking and the constant what if-ing and second guessing and elevated heart rate for many months. >> it is this back story that fascinated clint eastwood. who was determined to make his film as realistic as possible by using the real people who had actually come to the rescue that day. >> the first responders are a big part of the whole story. the success of the story is getting there on time. >> it is heroism and knowing
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what to do and grace under pressure. >> abc news. >> many parents kept their children home from a riverside county school because of a leprosy scare. they september home a -- sent home a notice that two students were diagnosed. others should not be at risk. >> what can we do? they say it is okay so it is okay. >> you really can't just get scared and stop bringing your kids to school. with that thinking you can take them to the park or anywhere else. >> they will have biopsies to confirm they have leprosy and not other symptoms. there will be a new iphone and one key feature is missing. there is a picture with no headphone jack. it is to make the phone water proof or thinner. others believe it is to force people to buy new headphones
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that connect only with the lightning connector or blue tooth. apple purchased beats two years ago and some may see no jackass an see no jack as an inconvenience. >> that may be enough to overshadow the pleasure of the headphone jack. >> ama: we'll see. there is a second camera and more recommend -- memory and a faster processor. jonathon bloom will be at the apple unveiling. follow hem beginning tomorrow morning. >> dan: some people will not get over the removal of the headphones. i see one of them sitting right here. >> ama: i think he is talking aboutyehimself. >> most people are doing this in san francisco. if you are inland the ac will get a workout. we will be in for hot weather tomorrow. let's show you the
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temperatures. a sampling where you live. 96 degrees in concord and it is close to 100 in livermore. up to 97 degrees and 97 in walnut creek. take a look at a beautiful time lapse of the waxing crescent from the south beach camera. we have legalled it fog to -- we have limited fog. our live doppler 7 is showing the patchy fog. most areas are starting out clear. we do have a spare the air alert. moderate for the rest of the bay area. if you can take mass transit. from our tower camera look how san francisco is sparkling tonight. here is a look at the temperatures. low 60s in san francisco and oakland and still close to 70. half moon bay at 60 degrees. san francisco and the bay bridge and everything is visible here. 62 in santa rosa and 70 degrees in concord. a live look from the east bay
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hills camera. the winds are light tonight and here is a look at the forecast. near triple digit heat. hazy sunshine particularly in the south and east bay and looking at cooler days for the end of the workweek. first thing tomorrow morning starts out mild. inland spots will be in the low 60s. places like half moon bay where we have a patch or two of fog, 48 degrees. everyone else in between. here is the hour by hour forecast. your morning planner, we will have the patchy fog limiting visibility. temperatures are comfortable and warming up by 9:00. at 11:00 a.m. we are talking about 80 degrees inland. by the afternoon in the south bay 96 gilroy and 90 in san jose and 88 in sunnyvale. on the peninsula it will be a warm one. open up the windows in some fresh air. you won't get a breeze until heater. 85 redwood city. low to mid70s near the beaches. really going to be warm in daly city. 80 in downtown san francisco. north bay, 90 in napa and 94 in santa rosa. if you're in the east bay it
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will be warmer than average. 84 in oakland. inland spots, this is where it will be hazy and hot. 96 in concord. 95 san ramon. 100 degrees in brentwood and antioch is in the upper 90s. hurricane newton has moved over to baja. it is a category 1 expected in northwest mexico. if you have relative there's, flooding will be a big concern. it will weaken. if you have flights into arizona and new mexico they could be delayed due to the heavy rain expected there and potential for flooding. the accu-weather seven-day forecast featuring hot weather inland. the temperatures will be near 100 for most areas. not to worry. the heat eases on thursday. it is a one-day heat up if you will. they will come back down for sunday and it is a sharp drop in temperatures, monday and tuesday and low 80s.
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if you want to track live doppler 7 to see your hourly temperatures download our abc7 news app.
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>> dan: bay area artist hunter franks making it more interesting for bart passengers. he is hoping to break up the mundane commute with what he
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called joy and whimsy. he hooked up a swing and posted it on his website. people were thrilled and the number of smiles increased 100%. he put hopscotch lines in front of the ticket machine. that guy is happy right there. >> looks like fun until somebody falls. it is all fun and games. >> dan: ms. lie ability. >> maybe the giants should put a swing into the dugouts. they would be more happy and more whimsey. >> dan: i never heard you say whimsy. >> when you score runs you win. what a concept. >> dan: whimsy. the a's may have found a starting pitcher expe found a win column thanks to two
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abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> the giants remain four games back of l.a. in the west and now in wild card danger. they needed a win in colorado to stay ahead of st. louis. gorgeous sunset. always wanted to do weather. buster posey playing first base. the first batter for colorado.
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big papi making it work. top three and nunez ends the score less streak. a homerun to left and it is 1-0g-men. tomlinson with the 0-2 count and it does the trick. buster posey scores with the 3-2 lead. the bench is loving it and that's your final, boys and girls. the giants in the two-game slide. >> they are hart wheeling and tossing out the first pitch. watch that be an olympic sport in 2020. a's are down 2-0 and healy flips it into right. alonso scores 2-1. he wraps one in and it is 3-2a's. that's also your final score. a's on top 3-2. quarter final today at flushing meadow where djokovic advances to his 10th straight and they walk over
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when he injured his knee. the joker will face a french man as they battle in the quarterfinals. he has too much experience and it is the first semifinal since 2 008 -- 2008. he found his game and he will be dangerous in the semis after the straight set victory. they took care of the 33-year-old. they played as well as any woman in the event. the lefty has always given them trouble. they move into a third semiof the year. she won the aussie open with a straight set victory. wozniacki also advances to the semis.ñi the final seconds of an exhibition game and curry for the


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