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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  September 13, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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a san francisco skyscraper is tilting and sinking. and a driver accused of being under the influence when a car hit another, killing a 3-year-old boy. a home invasion that left an elderly woman badly hurt. it's a case where the suspects have not been caught. >> you're looking at breaking news, police blanketing the scene of a shooting. sky 7 is over the area. >> let's get to abc7 news reporter laura anthony live on the scene with the information. laura? >> reporter: i'm standing on south lake drive. let's show you what's happening here behind me.
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this mercedes-benz is the object of what investigators are looking at. you can see bullet holes in the vehicle. this was an officer-involved shooting within the past hour or let's show you what it looked like. there are a number of antioch police vehicles out here, evidence technicians are combing through the scene here, over this car. and this are we understand there is one suspect in this vehicle that officers opened fire on the vehicle and on the person inside. he was not hurt and officers were not injured but we understand there was a confrontation here. the gang police is not put out
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official information and officers apparently shooting 3 or 4 times to this vehicle and at this point, we understand the suspect is in custody and not injured. we're awaiting more information from police. live in antioch, laura anthony, abc7 news. at 6:00, santa cruz police want your help finding a missing woman and toddler. alice wheelan took her 15-month-old daughter, joan, and left if you recognize the pair call police. this skyscraper no longer standing straight in san francisco. one supervisor believes the city and developers knew there were problems with the building
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earlier than they let on. >> it is laebing and sinking. the millennium tower is almost 60 stories tall. and it's located on mission street in san francisco. >> that is where vic lee is live. vic? >> reporter: he and his staff released 1600 documents and says there are gaps in records, specifically, missing documents that address the sinking problem. it was reported last month the tallest skyscraper is tilting and sinking. tilting two inches and sinking 16 inches so far. >> we're going to find out who knew what.
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>> supervisor aaron peskin says it was no secret and this may have been political interference. >> this the luxury housing developer knew before they sold their first unit that the building was sinking more than they'd projected. >> the records, peskin says that city building inspection engineers were concerned about the settlement. this letter issued just a year after the building was completed raises questions. the supervisors says responses are missing from records. nevertheless, just six months later the city gave developers a green light. >> august 26, 2009, the city and county issues a certificate of occupancy for those yun yets.
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we knew, or should have known, the building was sinking. >> the homeowner's association saying that they find troubling allegations that a public agency sought to keep secret the building's condition. they're conducting their own investigation. >> the coroner identified a 5-year-old boy who died after getting trapped underneath a treadmill. police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death that happened on sunday inside of a home on buena vista avenue. >> details about a woman accused of causing a fatal crash on friday that left a 3-year-old boy dead. the crash shut down all lanes in
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san ramone. carolyn tyler is live. >> we've been told the tragic accident was caused by someone drinking and driving but this afternoon, the chp said no. drugs were a factor. this is not the first time the suspect was arrested for being impaired behind the wheel. this time, for drugs and consequences were deadly. >> we're not releasing what that drug may or may not be. >> investigators say his suv rear ended a camry. her children were buckled in the car seats and the impact killed the 3-year-old elijah. >> motionally, everybody is
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number. >> crystal's father's grief turned to outrage after learning the suspect was arrested in june. her 0-year-old child in the car. court documents show she pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor dui and child endangerment and appeared for arraignment august 31st. just days before the fatal freeway crash. >> i have seen friends whose were arrested and their licenses were suspended for the year. >> he believes it could have been prevented had she had her license revoked in june. >> the judicial system let her on the streets to drive again because who her husband is? >> she had her license in her possession. and was a valid driver.
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>> the dmv says she scheduled a hearing which postponed the action until next month. an officer shot and killed a man in a quiet south south bay community. sheriff deputies were called to a house in saratoga, not too far from a elementary school. >> today, a sheepy street is cluttered with yellow tape. the situation started with someone requesting a welfare check at this house. >> they haven't heard from him. >> the lieutenant says deputy arrived around 7:50, spending an hour trying to make contact and a approached the back door. >> they maiden tri, and the subject had his firearm in his
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hand. the deputies gave him commands to drop the firearm. a sheriff shot him. >> he was taken to the hospital and he died. it blocked often trances to the schools. >> we're lucky. school starts at 8:30 and we'll be able to route the traffic in a normal pattern now. >> the district superintendent says teachers are ready to answer student questions about vehicles outside. >> the lieutenant says deputies have been called out before but the deputy has been identified as a veteran in the department and is on paid administrative leave which is standard protocol. police arrested two people accused of throwing a molotov
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cocktail at a home. christine mcdaniel was charged with conspiracy to commit murder, torture and arson. they're accused of trying to burn a hem down and tagging it with a swastika and racial slur. police say this stems from a dispute between mcdaniels relative and a person who lived in that husband. >> based on the information, it's evident this was a hate crime at the family. >> police believe it's an isolated incident and the community is not in danger. a san jess yeah woman nearly 90 years old was attacked and beaten by robbers who came in twice. she was found with facial and head injuries inside of her house in east san jose.
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>> the woman is in critical condition she was able to share what she remembers and neighbors are that anyone would want to hurt a independent latedy at age 88. >> seemed like they were trying to find anything of value. and stealing her car as well. >> the two men beat her in the neck and head, they returned and then returned, beating her again. neighbors saw the damage and didn't realize she was so injured she couldn't call for
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help. >> the attack left her neighbor apalled. >> for something like this to happen is horrifying. >> fingerprints may be needed to track down the two men. >> some worry the suspects targeted flo douglas. >> she's a type of person that would never do anything to hurt anyone. >> developing news. renters in california will have a new protection when it comes to fighting eviction.
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in california if receiving an eviction notice and sues the lawsuit must be resolved within 60 days or the name is put on a tenant black list even if the tenant later wins the case. a teaching opportunity at stanford that has nothing to do with the classroom. >> how a student turned tables on people who attacked her. an autism study. >> and we're nearing the end of summer and will is hot weather coming up.
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a stanford student was attacked on social media after being featured in a football ad wearing her hijab. >> tonight she is fighting back with a dose of pose activity. chris nguyen has the story from stanford. >> a diverse group of young women, having fun. cheering on their team. >> i only saw it when someone tagged me and shared to it their facebook account. and they tagged the picture. >> that turned into turned into disappointment. she was wearing a hijab. one person wrote hey, stanford, take the muslim expletive elsewhere. we don't want to see it. that is one of th tamer comments. another called for them to be shot. >> we thought we were safe here and this makes it more
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uncomfortable. >> campus leaders were stunned. >> i have no idea why the response to a really beautiful photo was so negative and disgusting. >> stanford officials are filtering the comments but have kept the post up at the request. her tweet calling out some of the negative posters has been tweeted more than 8700 times. >> i wanted to and it's not form for people to be so hateful. pose activity does beat out hate. we do have to take an active stand to try to beat out hate. >> a teaching opportunity before the start of a new school year. >> california scientists will test dna from thousands of people to help find the cause of
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autism. researchers will collect saliva from children who have autism. they'll be looking for a specific chemical bond. researchers believe this could be a game changer in autism prevention. >> we hope to develop treatments that will prevent it in the future and for people affected more personalized treatments that are taylored to what the cuses are of the autism. >> researchers called this the largest study, ever attempted to look at the possible genetic cause of autism. >> this week, state water officials will decide where to distribute water and farmers are pushing to get their share. officials have to make sure endangered fish get their share.
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>> 350,000 feet is enough to irrigate 100,000 acres of farmland enough to serve their needs or grow almost 6 billion salads. >> advocates say it could force farmers to stop farming. wreakibreaking news at waln creek. this were intense flames about 20 minutes ago. most of the smoke is dissipating and the fire has just been knocked down. it's hard to see where it was. it was more dramatic but the good news is that it is knocked down here and.
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>> we're in the middle of fire season, but keeps our fire dangers down. live doppler 7 tracking fog and there is not much left. here is a live look from a bridge camera. there is plenty of sunshine and really nice temperatures today in mid-60s to mid-70s. uper 60s in santa rosa and a look from our camera, this might be a good place to start.
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it's heating up inland friday through next week. here is a look at the hour owe by hour forecast. patchy fog, at 5:00 a.m. most of you will start out clear, crisp and cool, upper 40s like this morning so a good idea to grab that jacket and it's going to be bright and sunny with milder conditions into 11:00 a.m. so when you get going you'll see 1 or 2 patches of fog and so a little warmer today, we'll continue that pattern tomorrow up to 80 degrees in antioch. to 68 in oakland. and that is about it. there is a warming trend, low to mid-60s coast side saturday with heat returning and accu-weather
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forecast, mid-80s and low to mid-90s for friday through monday time period. temperatures along the coast this range will become wider and wider and if you want to track the weather you can down load our news app and whether and traffic. >> coming up, no more free rides for uber and l
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oakland is moving forward with plans to tax uber and lyft drivers. the finance committee directed staff to look at ways to collect it's $72 business tax. or could ask to collect the tax and send it in. taxi drivers pay a nat tax.
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>> oprah's star power is not enough to boost weight watchers stock following the resignation of the ceo yesterday. weight watcher has been on a downward spiral this year due to tough competition. oprah is estimated to have lost $4.5 million. today, all stocks seemed to have losses and the dow lost 250 points and the nasdaq dropped by more than 50 and s and p host 32 points. hillary clinton planned to be in california but a pneumonia diagnosis postponed her trip. a woman pays her mortgage on time, every month.
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why is she being threatened with foreclosure? 7 on your side shows how it can happen to anybody. >> it's a roomful of entrepreneurs hoping to change entrepreneurs hoping to change the world and ♪ ♪ you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life.
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from chase. so you can.
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today, u.s. secretary of defense went to the bay area to talk tech in san francisco and spoke about what he sees. >> this is where i say strong encryption is in the interest of the department. i know there is a bit of discussion and we're on the side of encryption because we depend, all of the systems and tanks there is no point in having that unless you can connect it all. >> it is the famed conference in which chosen entrepreneurs take the wraps off start ups and
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compete for attention. >> it's part of the circle of life. >> on stage, it's still the talk of the tech world and there are start ups. some start with their own money. >> i would say think about how you want to generate. >> i tried to this is an investor's buffet. >> they're saying yes. we hoff coming back. >> shopping for a risk to pay off. >> i think founders still talk themselves out of whatter are going to be good ideas. >> his advice, play the long game. >> you can make a bet for 10
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years and 20 years. >> his bet is on robots. >> we're here to announce the world's first lawn service. >> we went live this morning. >> they hope to be on the stage. >> you want your company and you're invited back to be a speaker. >> many start ups will fail and some acquired by bigger companies. >> you saw the ncaa and if you're going to repress transgender we're not going to do our basketball game there. >> on one question? . >> i have a lot to say but i won't. >> in san francisco, abc7 news. the head of the israel
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hospital treating simone perez says he has experienced lots of bleeding in the brain. he won the nobel peace prize for his work in reaching a peace agreement with a palestinian. hillary clinton won't return to the campaign trail until thursday and says she's feeling better. president obama made his to campaign on clinton's behalf. >> i am going to work as hard as i can. this fall to elect hillary
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clinton as our next president. >> the city that hasn't had save drinking water in a year, people have been forced to drink filtered water because of last fall. >> my opponent slanders you. and i call you patriots who love your country. >> clinton and truch will face each other in less than two weeks and the election is less than two months away now. you've heard about act of kindness among strangers. here is one that breaks the mold.
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the center divide, an unforgiving no man's land populated by the broken down or desperate. saturday night, john bedyle fit the latter category. >> my money for the week was in the center divide. >> he's a mechanic and father of two who left his wallet on the roof the of the car. >> i went over the bump and happened to glance and saw everything fall out of my wallet. >> enter the chp officer who doesn't receive calls about people crawling around highway medians in the dark. >> i thought he was broken down. >> he learned $200 meant everything to a man with a family living paycheck to paycheck. >> everything is accounted for and every nickel gets spent. it was a huge loss for us. >> there is more to the story.
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he is second generation chp. there is something that touched him. he escorted him to a gas station, he noticed a cash machine nearby. john killed up, officer morel withdrew $60, walked over and gave it to him. >> because that is how i was raised. my parents taught me to help everyone in every way i'm able to do. that is the reason why i got this job. >> i was thankful and got choked up about it. you know? he doesn't know me from adam. >> they know each other now. two strangers linked by bad luck, goodwill and an act of kindness on a busy highway. near vacaville, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> coming up next, michael finney helps a woman fight foreclosure. >> she never missed a mortgage payment. why did the company say she owed $3,000? >> and striking a balance on the crookedest street in the world for people who live there and
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the jumbo breakfast platter just $2.99 for a limited time. value, done my way.
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making timely house payments
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should protect you against foreclosure, right? >> however, a south bay woman with a perfec record still got the scare of her life. >> yes. michael finney helped her averlt a skaft disaster. >> it would have been horrible. this viewer paid her mortgage on time, then, her mortgage company was bought out and she was threatened with the loss of her home. the 71-year-old bought this home 42 years ago. >> this is home and will be home for the children and grandchildren. >> to make sure it's protected she set up her account to pay her mortgage every month. >> so i won't have to mess with it. >> she received this notice. it said she was late on her mortgage payments. if she didn't pay $3100 she
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could face late fees and loss of a home. >> shah blew my mind. i said i don't owe anything. >> why did she say she was late? >> they said it's a glitch. >> she said they told her a computer caused an accounting error and she should pay $3100 but she doesn't have the money. >> you got my money. i said you've got the wrong sister. >> her account was still overdue. >> now, after these years i won't have anything? >> she contacted 7 on your side. her account is paid up and just a stable home.
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didetective tells us only we appreciate your team bringing this to our attention. >> honey, you better believe it. michael finney is the best. >> we appreciate didetective correcting that mistake. it happens to you, you've got to let me know about it. you can reach me through my facebook page. someone asks you to pay what you don't owe, say no. call us. >> it's unbelievable. >> you're the best. a start t
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. >> did you see it? something unprecedented happened on "dancing with the stars" last night. you can see security was quick
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to take action. >> supposed to be a fun night of dips, and twirls, suddenly, two men stormed the stage to protest ryan lochte. the host throwing to commercial. >> lochte is a liar, a coward, and a criminal. >> the two were released this morning from downtown l.a. the two orange county men have been charged with misdemeanor trespassing. they say they sent a message that abc shouldn't allow him to compete. >> this is a bad person that should not be rewarded. >> the 12 time olympic medallist made headlines when he, and
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three teammates lied about being robbed in rio. surveillance video showed the four vandalizing a gas station bathroom. and today, he says the team roughed him up. >> unnecessarily tackles me and hurts me and i have bruises and my back hurts. he punched me and kicked me. >> if the plan was discrediting lochte, the show's host says they may have done the opposite. >> the mood was inryan's corner. >> abc referred us to the producers and full disclosure, disney is the parent company of abc7. >> you can watch on monday night
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here on abc 7. >> happening now, people who live on the iconic lombard street are getting a chance to speak out. the problem is its popularity. neighbors say the street is choked by tourists who will who will go on private property. >> this is like a landmark. you know? of san francisco. >> i understand them but they have to share this beautiful thing. it's a blessing. >> 2 million people visit that street. >> did you feel a small earthquake overnight? it struck near oakland. people as far as vacaville and
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mill petas say they felt shaking. i saw the push alerts. >> let's update the forecast for you. >> yes. dan and kristin, you know it was drizzly and loudy. it's cleared out and here is what is ahead. oakland, 69 tomorrow. it's going to be mild and subsuny so enjoy this weather. temperatures low 80s inland. everyone will be seeing sun for wednesday. low 90s for hottest inland
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valleys and here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. 60 to 80 degrees tomorrow, from below normal to back up to average. low to mid-90s. >> a lot to talk about in sports. >> more 49er talk, huh? >> niners looking impressive in season opening win.
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49ers set the longest streak in fran kiez history and the first shut out on topping day. that is where we start.
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no points and held one of the best running backs to 47 yards. so a solid foundation to build on. >> i thought our defense played well. and to carry to 2.7. i think when you have 28 first downs, there are some positives
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this. >> sunday, jack del rio a win instead of a tie in overtime. they made sure the coach knew what he was doing and this is one that will propel the team going forward. >> i'm not a gambler. i do believe in having the courage to do what i think is best for the team. showing belief to win that game. >> stanford hosting usc on saturday and long horns coming to town 2-0.
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and davis web through for 520 yards. and he's looking but isn't giving it anymore weight. >> this is is. >> just excited for that game. doesn't have impact on that. you know. it's a football game. it's a long time. it's a long time. that is an emotion that wears off fast. >> a's opening for demolition derby wasn't a unique occurrence. tonight, take that to the
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champions once again. chris, right centerfield. that is a long home run right now anyway you look at it. and sharks gm joining the game with the captain. well deserved. >> yes. impressive. >> join us tonight. it came from the sky. a massive meteorite just found in south america. and the search for a missing
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mother and 15 month old child. the baby's father tells us what happened. >> and that is this edition of abc7 news, we appreciate your time. >> from the entire abc7 news team, good night.
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