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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  September 19, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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authorities tonight say they have their man. wanted in connection with two terror style bombings. he's this man shot several times in the gun battle injured but conscious. amma has the night off. man is under arrest and ins hot charged with 5 counts of attempted murder after shooting two police officers. but he's not been charged with the two bombings. at least not yet.
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elizabeth is in new jersey. >> good evening to you. scene of the shoot out behind me here as you can see it's still taped off and still considered a crime scene. investigators still collecting evidence and the fbi still investigating we are told more charges are pending. search for this man ended at this new jersey bar with a gun fight that left 28-year-old afghan native bloody and the two lynden officers wounded but all three are now recovering from non-life threatening injuries. >> it was wild. >>reporter: he found the suspect sleeping in the hallway and called police when officer approached. >> within a mother of seconds the suspect fired on him. he had the vest on and he was hit in the vest and what saved him. >>reporter: he fled on foot with gun in hand and other officers in hot pursuit. >> heard pop pop pop pop pop a lot of shots. >> people screaming.
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>>reporter: injured man lying on the ground. brought down by law enforce many. less than 48 hours after a bomb went off on the new jersey boardwalk and the powerful blast that rocked manhattan neighborhood. the next night 5 pipe bomb were found at the new jersey train station as police tried to disarm them. surveillance camera spotted him planting the bomb in new york city saturday night and later caught him at second new york location with this unexploded bomb recovered. he worked at family restaurant. mevrp fried chicken beneath the family second floor apartment. fbi found more explosive devices when they searched the apartment. investigators are now looking into the suspect background and travel history including the visit to afghanistan two years ago to help zero in on murder and see if he truly acted alon alone. elizabeth, lynden, new jersey. hillary clinton and donald trump had very different reactions to the bombings.
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we have that part of the story just ahead here at 9:30. but moving on. safety precaution taking place throughout san francisco including height end police presence at the moscone center where the open world conference kicked off today. bomb sniffing dog swept through the area where 60,000 attendee are expected to converge this week. police reminding residents and visitors to remain vigilant and report anything unusual. if you see something, say something. we have sen out continuous updates on the terror investigation from new york. be sure to down load our free abc 7 news app and unable push alert too. that get you the very latest breaking news any ti. please do it when you have a moment. all right. in palo alto crash on the train track caused major delay on cal train tonight. we were over amma street and west meadow drive where train headed to redwood city and struck a pickup truck sheared off top half of the truck. the truck was stopped behind a
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car that had broken down in the intersection. the driver of the truck went to the hospital everyone on the train was okay. new train came to peck all of them up. >> temperatures shot up again today but to swing in the opposite direction as we approach fall. sandhya here with the weather. >>reporter: temperatures are going to take a nosedive. not medley. look at this and we have mainly clear conditions except in half moon bay where patch of fog formed. high today because of a sea breeze that didn't materialize shot up again. it was a hot one. any00, 100 inland. coast line even 80's so warm day for your monday to start off the work week but as you take a look here. cleaner cooler area is ahead as wind changes direction. more of a sea breeze that will help to actually create better air quality for your tuesday. good to moderate for most area areas. but today we still have a spare the air alert for your monday.
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i'll be back with detailed look at how much the temperatures fall and exactly what fall will bring. >> thanks a lot. see you shortly. cal train now believes piece of metal fell off a truck causing a frequent accident that killed a driver along busy peninsula freeway. you look at what cal tran calls an end cap. fell off a water tanker on friday. the two pound object shattered the windshield of 82-year-old lewis shaeffer. hit him right in the neck. he died at the scene along u.s. highway 101. highway patrol and cal tran trying to figure out why that metal object fell off the truck but cal tran now believes it was a piece of metal from one of its trucks. woman had to be hospitalized this morning after she was attacked and mauled by a neighbor's dog. happened in the oakland hills. the attack happened at 9:45 on lowery road. authorities describe the dog only as male pit bull. dog owner told animal control officers she would have the dog
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check for rabies and then euthanizeed. millbrae teacher charged with alaska inappropriate relationship with under age student was arraigned today on the peninsula. 40-year-old heather pwots charged with committing lieu act with former student. case became even more complicated when we learned that the sheriff's office may have dropped the ball in the investigation. vic lee has the story. >> millbrae middle school teacher heather apparently had a long relationship with a gir girl. >> relationship with a young woman who is just 15 years old and 25 years her junior. i think everybody in our community is concerned about that and wants to ensure that it does not happen. >>reporter: he pleaded not guilty to felony charges among them committing lewd act with a child. her lawyer is paul a. >> it's complicated. it's a very complicated situation. and very complicated case.
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>>reporter: we are not naming the girl who has since graduate ateed from taylor middle school where he teechlts he was arrested last month after police found her with a 15-year-old girl in a parked car. here. on san bruno. also disturbing 7 news learned that a school parent went to millbrae police as far back as last october. that's 10 months ago and filed a police report after he heard about the owelis it relationship. but the sheriff's office which staff the police department failed to investigate then in february that same parent went to the high school where the victim now attends and told the the adtor the same story. the school district called the sheriff's office but again they failed to act. san mateo county sheriff carlos has launched an internal investigation. >> clearly we believe a break down did occur. it is not the type of service we try to provide to our residents and we are very sorry
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about that. >>reporter: millbrae school district has suspended butts while it conducts its own investigation. vic lee, abc 7 news. more officers have been charged now in a six scandal that has rocked bay area law enforcement. today theal immediate county da charged three officers. former o pd officer brian with felony obstruction of justice charges. oakland police officer la verdict and former contra costa county deputy riccardo perez each face felony charges of oral copulation with a minor. the officers are connected to to the former prostitute jasmine. her testimony could be important for each case, of course. two other officers have been charged with misdemeanor. da plans to charge 7 officers total. robbery suspect faces potential life sentence in convicted of multiple crimes stemming from attack on elderly woman. we have been reporting the story to you.
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zacchary kuhn appeared in court to answer charges that the attempted murder and elder abuse. deputy say kuhn fingerprints were inside the home of 88-year-old flow douglas. that's monday attack put douglas in intense i have care. she has had bleeding in her brain and eyes. >> when the defendant entered her home he situated i'm going to kill you if you don't give me this money. and when miss douglas said she didn't have that money, he then preceded to beat her kicking her and punching her which led to her injuries. >>reporter: defense attorney did not speak to reporters. he remains in jail and due back in court next week. city of palo alto has released home surveillance video showing three burglars creeping through a house last week. video shows the burglar crawling into this unoccu house. homeowner got home to find his rear glass door smashed out and the house just ransacked. police have few clue but they do have the video.
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the thieves all wearing gloves and hoodie. hard to make out any faces given. that but two of the three were wearing sweatshirts with a large b printed on the back as you can see. stay here with me. more ahead for you on this busy monday night. coming up. the king maker. we remember a san francisco power broker who changed the way the city is run. also. suspected burglar caught on home surveillance camera. why did local cop blow off the homeowner when he called in for help? and true to the season. last day of summer about to go from sizzle to suddenly cool. fall is arriving. sandhya will have th
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it was packed being remembered tonight by everyone from ordinary citizens to senator feinstein who said that pack gave every ounce of her being to serving others. the china town political power house died at her san francisco home yesterday at the age of 6 68. here's the carolyn tyler. >> there's no other rose pack. nobody to replace her. >>reporter: the mayor sentiment echoed throughout china town in the head licenses and the heart of the community. >> all chinese community with
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our love for her. she was service for the community. >>reporter: that's what made rots an icon. reporter for the chronicle back in the 70's she quit and used the know how to advocate for chip a town >> the city did not have one chinese office holder when rose pack really decided to focus. >>reporter: now there's the first asian mayor whom pack nvinced to run and dozens of other asian political but her influence goes way beyond. that central subway going all the way into china town rose pack. housing projects for immigrant, rose pack. 1 80 million dollar chinese hospital slated to officially open next month, rose pack was the biggest backer. hospital ceo yee says rose pack raised 30 million dollars. >> she wanted to make sure that
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we had the best facility ever. knowing how the china it's were denied health care. >>reporter: pack didn't like the term power broker but certainly inspired a younger generation. >> how to work with politician to get them to serve the community the way they need toyshtion pistol pack is gone but heren do you know situation endures. >> the she will be missed. huge legacy sky have you ever heard of on line neighborhood community group called next door maybe you subject vibe to it. it alerts others about crime. one captured video of crime in progress with you says he has been ignored by the police. lee ann has the story. >>reporter: week ago peter caught a man trying to steal some tools from his san francisco garage. the man ran off but he caught it all on the surveillance
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camera. showed the thief walking up the driveway then later leaving with goods. he then stops to look inside his car. >> i have from beginning to the end until i caught him and chased him off the property. >>reporter: he thought police would have him arrested in no time. he was told to file a police report. but when he up loaded the pictures on to the on line neighborhood community group next door, dozens of people responded. for many it was an outlet. they too had been or knew of some one victimized by a criminal. >> my father-in-law on his way to work one morning about 5:30 in the morning at 30th and church held up at gun point. >>reporter: when the he found out what was haping happened to his father i respond. inform place in the world is completely safe. law enforcement does so much to enforce rule and patrol areas. please exercise caution and be aware of your surroundings.
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>> increase in homeless and mental health issues and narcotics issues. >>reporter: some neighbors on this threat blame proposition 47, 2 2014 ballot initiative making petty theft a misdemeanor. report by the public policy in suit found that prop 77 has led to decline in the types of arrest. >> very frustrating to live in a city where crime seems to happen and nothing its done about it. but i don't know who to blame. >>reporter: in san francisco, lee ann, abc 7 news. >> 7 news sandhya is here with the weather. here we are about to change seasons. >> that's right. morning thursday formally autumn arrives and you are going to notice the change in the seasons. let's check out live doppler 7hd right now and you take a closer look here passing high cloud all i can find with that patch of fog in half moon bay san francisco stunning tonight from the sutro tower cam are as we see downtown.
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bay bridge. bay lights. as temperatures mild to warm mid upper 60's oakland almost 80 in san jose. 55 here and live look from the else bay hills camera and we can see across the bay towards sutro tower because it's still clear here in the bay area. 66 santa rosa. 77 fairfield. warm 82 in concorde and livermore in the upper 70's. live look from the expecting tomorrow morning commute. cooler dramatically wed afternoon. winds developing right along the coast. here's the hor hour by hour planner. 5:00 a.m. there is patchy fog but notice how mold it its between the these hours. mix of high clouds and sun and the temperatures not going to ri quite as quickly. upper 50's to mid 70's. feel better out there. not so hot. not so warm.
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temperatures first thing on the $1 million side. mid 50's to mid 60's and most start out clear with few patches of fog. sampling of your eye for the east bay. oakland 76 degrees. high for this time sunny vail come n.milky sky on the peninsula. 75 redwood city. 63 pacifica. breeze will be coming through so will feel much better. 64 daly city. the north bay still really on the mild side 77 city in the east bay he can oakland 20 degree drop from today aprtment there in con coward. reason we start to i hope crease mid week 34 miles an hour three p.m. wednesday notice the wednesday continuing to increase as we head into a 6:00 o'clock wednesday night. now in the middle of summer with fire danger running high
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even though item not hot, disgusting wind as we head into the next afternoon particularly near the coast. same winds will take the temperatures down wednesday t.70's inland far cry from the is in and 100 of today. warm hot on saturday so we switch it all up. first weekend of fall. 70's to is in then on sunday would have l autumn heat with temperatures flirting with 100 degrees inland. we have the bring the heat back. accu-weather 7 day much colone coloneler tomorrow. cooling trend carries other into wednesday and thursday when the winds pick up. autumn arrives at 7:21. am. on thursday and temperatures heading into friday into the early next week we go in the other direction which is getting hotter every day always track the temperatures as you know with the handy abc 7 news
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app. will talk about all show you all the changes. don't forget to tune in here as well. >> thanks very much. come up next. twitter users got a little wiggle roomor tweeting. and ins a never seen before wiggle roomor tweeting. and ins a never seen before inhole >> sacred waters mexican water goddess. find the mural ating york and 24 street in the mission district. more details on instagram at 7 because bass. check it out when
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well, you can now pack a lile more message into each
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tweet. twitter announced today photo. gifts. video and tweet won't count toward the 140 character limit any more. the new results are already in effect. twitter first announced the changes last year but decided to give developers a little bit of time to adapt. the company hopes to make the social media service easier to use and of course lure in new users. first time scientist discovered a black hole flare after devouring a star. that's what you are look at. nasa scientist say after black hole star burst of high energy radiation shoots out. destroys the space dust nearby leaving a trail behind. ilustration of what it looks like. red ribbon is the torched space dust. new information help them understand and better chart plaque holes. stay here with me another 30 meant of 7 news at 9:00 its next. race for president getting closer every day now and who
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will americans trust when it comes to terrorism. hillary clinton and donald trump are responding to the new york bombings. also. how officials reached out to people through the cell phone in the search for the new york bomber. we have that. . something i carried aunder for years on my own. >> not the type of topic you expect to read about in a children book. hear from the mother and marine would took a serious something pre-owned vehicles...
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and exceptional customer service, head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales two day man hunt ended today with a shoot out and the capture of man wanted in connection with two east coast bombings. law enforcement said that fingerprints and surveillance video help them identify 2
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28-year-old man afghan immigrant accused of setting off explosive in new jersey and knock over the weekend. officers confronted him when found sleeping next to a bar in lynden, new jersey. they say he pulled a gun and shot one officer not seriously hurt. thanks to bullet proof vest. officers chased him and shot him several times. fbi agents raided the man's family restaurant in new jerse jersey. the he was friendly and never showed any sign of extremeism. >> saw him two week ago. i said hole how are you doing. how is your daughter and everything and everything was fichbility he looked a little stressed out but nothing of concern. >>reporter: late today prosecutor file attempted murder weapons charges related to the shoot out. not charged with bombings at this pipe. but that will a clinton responded quickly but with different approaches.
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so tonight we let both of their approaches play out. here's more from florida. >>reporter: tight, donald trump predicting cushy treatment for the suspect in the bomb attack. >> today we have caught this evil thug. he will be given a fully modern updated hospital room. he will probably even have room service knowing the way our country is. e-on the night of the new york explosion he declared a bombing before the facts were in. i must tell you before i got off the plane a bomb went off in new york and nobody knows exactly what is going on. >>reporter: today he congratulated himself for being ahead of the game. >> issued ab newscaster because i called it before the news. what i said was exactly correc correct. everybody says while he was right he koold called it too soon. give me a break. >>reporter: it highlights broken immigration system. >> in many cases this is cancer
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from within. nobody really knows who it is. what is happening. calling once again for increased profiling. >> local police know who a lieutenant of the people r.they are afraid to do anything about it because they don't want to be accused of profiling and they don't want to be accused of all sorts of things. do we have a choice. >>reporter: bomb went off bombing before officials today. >> it's always wiser to wait until you have information ever making conclusions. >>reporter: clinton says trump words are recruiting tool for isis. >> the many rhetoric and language that mr. trump has used is giving aid and comfort to our adversary. >>reporter: she returns to the issue of temperament. >> this is a fast moving situation and social ering
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reminder that we need steady leadership in dangerous world. >>reporter: abc. >> now officials in new york are praising technology that helped them get word out to the public during the man hunt. helped them get word out to the public during the man hunt. the wire fechl . >> it was a wanted pros ter on the precinct house wall. this is a modern approach that really engaged the whole khunl khunlt. >> built into modern smart phone it's a capability
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california use for amber alert. >> first time i was surprised. i didn't know it was on my i-phone. >>reporter: partnership between the feds and phone company. it's a product of changing times. >> i think it's a step forward so people like me who don't watch television or listen to the radio only way you get an alert like that. >>reporter: san francisco never issued a wireless emergency alert. of all the tools they have to communicate with the public this one is reserved for only the most dire situation. >> he may use it for something like a sue am in warning. >> they can choose where the warning goes out. >> don't use it at pan cake or fundraiser but the critical alert. >> people will opt out. officials don't want it. we won't be able to reach you during another emergency. >>reporter: well natural or man made. >> if we can get city in the engaged if keeping it safe this is the way to go. this is the future. >>reporter: 7 news. we are sending out alert
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with new development in the bombing investigation. here's what i want to you do. are national the update as they happen. >> reviewing the video of deadly police shooting in tulsa, oklahoma home. unarmed father of 4 standing near the suv pulls the trigger. here's clayton. >> it capture the violence end of the his life. question tonight is why did it end like this. actual take police officer shelby came across her friday night and he was abandoned suv. >> there is a car look like something just jumped out of it and left it in the center of the road. >>reporter: police say he refs to raise his hand. something the video disputes
9:34 pm
and what happens next. he its reaching for something in his car. one officer fires one shot. today tulsa police chie admitted the he was not arld. >> tell you right here there was no gun. arm suspect or in the suspect vehicle. >>reporter: he says before the comment by police helicopter pilot shows cops had already decided he was a threat. he was a brought and father. >> reporter: they want the officer would fired the fatal shot to face murder charges. police say still so many questions about whether that was asked the department of justice to open it own investigation. abc news. >> san francisco base wells fargo respond to go class action lawsuit brought by some of the customers. lawsuit filed in utah open
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friday is the first class action over allegations that more than bank accounts were opened or applied for without customer told the senate ban banking committee it made its customers saying i am ethic and it will pay 185 million dollars to the consumer protection act bureau and other regulators to resolve claims related to the episode. bay area mother and marin corps veteran turned a post into powerful children book. aimed at military family coping with ptsd. tough sunday. >> i miss you. >>reporter: today magaziney is happy mother picking up her
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children at school in 7 but for 7 year she was pasted in iraq afghanistan he was a helicopter says she would drive in the military until unexpected attack left her with p s while oversees seat report it me being one of them i carried it around my home. >>reporter: she came home h.children. tried to get on with life. >> i hit a low point. i attempted the suicide. here to talk about it. >>reporter: doing well but it has been tough for her kids. >> they see me struggle. seen me hurt. seen me crash on the thief my reason for still being here. >> so she wrote a story to help her children understood what was happening. >> i want you to know that sometime i'm sad but it's not
9:37 pm
you. maggie made a video of the story and posted on facebook. kept the bad guys at bay. >>reporter: family friends and went cruz this just blow up this got more than 130,000 vie views. so much support from veteran finally turned the into. >> i have had a ton of people asking for signed copies. >> fundraising to pay for illustrator and ushs had a big community behind her. >> just veteran after veterans explaining to the next person you could use this book we know did klu klux klan where the.
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>>. >>reporter: just enough of an explanation so that when you are done reading the look. the what happened to your friend are will you tell in the work for a money compound birk. i had my dog tight. whisper in his ear. for sale open line for deny dollars money to donate quite to over at if you would like to know more coming up next that the stijed at ♪
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pass. take a look from sky 7 over this area where you see the burn shell of what used to be a popular mom and pop store then considered really the hart of that found was wane has a look at what is next for the have you ever visited the coast here you will remember this and cemetery open the other. chances are you might also remember the business now replaced by charred and twist ruins. >> see it burn. that would have been hard. hard to see it any way. >>reporter: if you know this town you also know cindy her husband use and memory of the good as more it would still your history is. they vacate up northerly the place burned. hospital and fast.
9:43 pm
cause unknown. entire time unin place in in im she small into us even more the trait the. >> xhurnlt hall. this makes it life. he to everyone. even with countless curiosity sickers she worried not so much for her for 19 plow many. really can't afford to be on applies that's there a license to it affects everyone and everyone and everyone wants. >> san mateo county fried man 7 everyone and everyone wants. >> san mateo county fried man 7 the
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this is the new comfort food. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. let's get comfortable with our food again. s zoo.
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now the story of the boy and the stolen hug. caught sneaking into the neighbor garage now a happy ending. here's steve. >>reporter: for months now people around the world rooting for the 9-year-old trespasser in louisiana seen here in what may be the cutest surveillance video ever. nearly every day after school josh was seen sneak ing into a neighbor garage to pet her dog. after the neighbor posted video on line this summer and welcome him to come any time we learn that josh was heart broken. own dog died and mother was revving a new one. >> we didn't have the time that new dog needed. >> mom has been under a lot of friendly pressure lately.
9:48 pm
on facebook alone our little story has been seen more than 72.4 million times. so take a look. tonight we are happy to report that over the weekend mom gave in. to 2 and a half month old drake. >> good boy. >>reporter: all a surprise. black lab came from family nearby who is son left for college and could longer care for the puppy. that's a smile on josh's face and love in his eyes. >> sweetest thing in awhile. >> one last check on the weather. let go to sand why too cute. >> very cute. here's what you are happy to hear cool down over the next few days. we show you the fog down to the monterey bay so hasn't arrived here except for the one lonely patch in half machine bay. noticeably cooler. 60's coast side 80's inland. high cloud passing through and a's game against the astros
9:49 pm
tomorrow evening won't feel as warm. mid 60's dropping down to the low 60's. look at the temperature trend the next few days. average of 80 degrees. wed through friday then the temperatures will spike just in time for your wean. here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast cooling trend and then we bump up the temperatures beginning friday. you feel the heat this weekend sunday first weekend of fall dan we talk about near 100 degrees inland. one last hit of okay. >> that's. mike is here to talk about baseball. >>reporter: giant and 0dodger 0dodgers. greatest rivalry 30's. play off today. for the giants if i way. p.m. behind the boys in blue. l the bullpen updated
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giants have 13 games to catch up to the donors. 5 game lead in the national league west. 3 game started tonight in l.a. with madison facing kershaw. 3 of 4 life time against him. giants fans among a sea of dodgers including his dad. mad balm 2 on 2 out in the second. gets him looking. thought it was ball 4. top 3. no score. edward nunez infield single. stole second made it to third with two outs. two strike against him and wild pitch. he wins and called out will g going. he's not happy. in bottom 6 heen the inning. new regular season streak out record where giants left with two 40 bottom 7 after the third had reached it no conscious was
9:54 pm
mad. one nothing giant of the night club. >> second could ryan be rookie of the year. he's raking. left home run played 2 run in the pig. now tied at one. another a's rookie. first this the super excited. up would and one. cotton 6 innings. streak out 6. one run allowed. can't keep the lead. now 4-2 astros in the 9th. defense wins championship but don't mention it to the raider raiders. 69 points. 5, 281967 try to give up the first games. jack said he took over play
9:55 pm
calling from ken center. defensive coordinator on the final drive. not sacked. gave 3 63 and cone stop the ru run. double team every down. no adjustment from the readers. all this on not a look of effort. guys giving great record. trial really hard are thovr us plate together. don't fit it right and then it's really a basic run that should be stiffed turned into a citizen i can't remember similar mr. to mate and we wil will. >>reporter: niners fall fell basketball better rack up five
9:56 pm
25 how let. one to smith who had a production day and actual the driver and quarterback receiv receiver. broad and jeremy joined the teams week ago learn offense on the run and fell for the yichl. today kaepernick i have are dense. not thinking or vvr everybody is playing better white you and that's not son you caw hope. >> getting them more comfortable with what we are doing. >> monday night football as micky second start saturday
9:57 pm
evening. matthews up the milt. so he bride ham. but government out thet progra progam. >> they go on to win 29-14. first began. borough toyota as i mention between them like card season has begun. >> great rivalry. that he is this an maevr have a great night see you at 11:00 over on channel 7. great night see you at 11:00 over on channel 7. good tonight for
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(narrator reading) narrator: today, a crazed gunman unleashes hell on a crowded new york subway train. it's a bloody shooting spree that sends commuters running for their lives. he's shooting on both sides of him and he is not stopping.


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