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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  October 14, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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we're following rain aross the bay area, and get used to it. you can see more of it this weekend. today's storm is weakening but a windier one is on the way. >> he grabbed my shoulder and began kissing me aggressively and placed his hand on my breast. >> a new aaccuser, a southern california woman says donald trump made unwanted sexual advances on her almost a decade ago. now at 6:00, we're tracking the first major rain of the season today. you can see the activity is now in the south bay. >> a look at the camera shows drivers taking it easy, heavy traffic there has well.
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in the east bay, the biggest issue has been power outages, 8,000 customers have been in the dark. plus... in pacifica, the rain createuge waves and in san francisco, the rain boots were on and umbrellas, open for people walking around the financial district today. good evening, and thanks for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm eric thomas. we have live coverage of today's storm from throughout the bay area, here is a live look from our tam camera now. you can see the fog and clouds rolling in. >> we're going to get to our reporters in just a moment. we begin with spencer christian. >> you can see the rain is beginning to taper off, bear in mind roadways are wet around so if you're driving around, please drive carefully. the bulk of the rainfall is in the south bay from san jose to
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mount hamilton south ward, through morgan hill, to gilroy, and west to scots valley and santa cruz. the roadway is wet as rain is falling south now. back up to the central part of the bay area, patches of light rain from san rafael to richmond to san francisco to oakhand. over in the east bay, around san ramone and dublin. this is the view of cloudy skies over the bay here. rainfall totals so far from today's storm nearly an inch and quarter in kentfield. and over a third of an inch in concord, and 16/100ths in palo alto. the storm tomorrow ranks two on -- sorry. this is this evening's storm. ranks one on the storm impact scale. it will bring light showers, less than a quarter inch of rainfall and roads will be slick, again. here is the forecast animation
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for this evening starting at 6:00. patches of light to moderate rainfall. falling apart as they pushed south ward, giving way to some calmer conditions going into the late-night hours. but second storm is coming tomorrow and will be a strong one. i'll give you a look at that later. rain is causing a lot of problems around the bay area, including power outages. >> laura anthony picks up our team coverage tonight. >> reporter: the rain stopped here, but power outages linger here in the east bay. pg and e says of the 22,000 outages, in the bay area, 17,000 of them are here in the east bay, the city's most affected, oakland, el cerrito and richmond. >> it was a dark day as transformers couldn't take the first taste of the rain. >> huge explosion.
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followed by an echo. >> in point richmond it was loud and clear. overnight rain blew a transformer. >> very dramatic and silence. >> and a fire that burned through the top portion of the pole. the episode knocked out power to dozens of homes and businesses including this hair salon. the work continued by candle light. >> this brave client decided no. we're going to do it. and throw color on, let's do it. >> extreme pizza was also dark. >> we had 4 or 5 orders to cancel this morning due to the rain. we hope it comes on sooner and we keep our customers after that. >> in downtown, another transformer failed, leaving residents in the area of 21 and sutter also scrambling for light. it's not uncommon for dusty
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transformers to blow. >> it's just enough moisture to cause dust to become a conductor between negative and positive energies. >> reporter: a large tree fell on a campus that was largely deserted. laura anthony, abc7 news. >> pg and e says it has crewed dispatched to get the power back on. >> travellers at san francisco international airport are seeing lengthy delays because of the storm. this is a live picture. 91 departing nights have been cancelled today and dozens of arriving flights have been cancelled. passengers are being asked to check with their air carriers
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before heading out to sfo. muddy runoff trickling down the side of loma prieta tonight. the nearly 45 acres that burned are at risk for flooding and mudslides. that is where david louie is. what is it looking like up there? >> it is raining there, but until afternoon, the rain started falling in the south bay. we're just starting to assess what is the potential for mudslides and flooding. charred hills are a major concern. they're what cal fire calls impefshis. the rainfall cannot soak into the ground. look down here, by contrast, you can see the rain we have had created muck on the ground. it's what some firefighters call peanut butter.
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it won't take more moisture to allow it to start rolling down a hill, creating a mudslide. that is why a seven-member team called watershed emergency response team has been checking out canyons and streams to assess where they expect the flooding and mudslides to occur. they've done surveillance by helicopter, now, on foot. with two more days of work to be done on the ground they'll probably take another week to put the report together. then, they can produce a report that will flag potential post-burn problem spots. with this series of storms here, the variable is how much rain will fall, and how long. now, residents and the county office of emergency services and other agencies are keeping a watch on the situation here in the loma prieta area. they want to keep an eye on this for public safety, as well as hazards such as closed roads, and mudslides. so, the potential is certainly
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great. >> thank you, david. in marin county. some people thought this was a perfect day to pick out a christmas tree. creek swelled, and a little bit of flooding was a result of the down pour. >> this brings high surf, then adding to erosion on the coast. leanne? >> there is a lot of wave watching this evening. a beautiful sunset if you can see it behind me. people think of erosion, something they've been dealing with for years. in pacifica, watching the winds
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may be a sign win ter is arriving early. in the past, pacifica has seen its share of red tagged homes. the coast has been hammered by the pounding of the waves. today's rain wasn't enough to do much damage or produce much flooding. there was some shelter. for surfers there is no getting out and proved their allegiance to the waves. many have said the best skim border is having the most fun. >> is that keeping you warm? >> yes. super warm out here. the water is great feeling good. >> slow right now. >> rob cheney of rusty hook bait and tackle feels the weekend may be a wash. >> if this weather stays like this it will, yeah. until crab season opens.
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>> he's staying positive. crab season begins november 5th. it's not over yet. another storm approaches and people, and canines may see a repeat of today's weather. in pacifica. lyanne melendez, abc7 news. it was a day of working in the rain at treasure island. thousands are expected to attend this weekend. those setting up the venue kept going despite the rain storm. abc7 news caught up with a group putting in pathways for festival goers. >> we're just trying to keep dry. you know? and get things done within the rains. >> umbrellas aren't allowed so pack those ponchos. traffic delays are expected on the bay bridge. we have up to the minute weather information for you any time on the abc7 news app. after you open the app tap on
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the temperature, at top corner, you can get custom forecasts for where you live or work. if you need to down load the abc7 news app enable push alerts to get notices about the changing forecast on the phone or tablet. still ahead on abc7 news at 6:00 if they build it, will they go? after a key vote, raiders are a step closer to moving to sin city. ruth bader beginsburg is back tracking after harsh words about the collin kaepernick protest. >> it may seem early by the holiday season is on the way. coming up on 7 on your side. >> before voters decide on
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big news concerning the future of the raiders. >> a vote happened just hours before the annual state of the city speech. this is a live look at that now. the mayor's office tells abc7 news there are no plans to talk about the raiders in the address. the focus will be on other big issues in oakland. now, she's talking about making oakland a city with a more equitable economy. >> why raiders fans aren't giving up hope. >> the move by lawmakers isn't shaking raiders fan ray paris. >> i'm confident the city of oakland can get something done. >> nevada lawmakers approved spending $750 million in public funds to build a stadium in las vegas. >> there is no need for fans to cry f you're a fan, you should
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say thank goodness that our city government isn't waging our future. >> nevada's governor needs to sign a bill. three quarter of the owners need to okay the deal. the owners will meet on tuesday, in houston. >> fans should be worried if the national football league gives a clear sign that las vegas is a very real alternative and that has not happened. >> in a statement, raiders owner mark davis said all parties worked hard to develop and approve this stadium project that will serve as a proud new home for the raider nation. members of group say they're upset with davis. the oakland city councilman confirms representatives met with officials yesterday and today, to discuss developing land at the oakland coliseum and developing a new stadium. the former san francisco 49ers owner. he says the news is positive.
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he just wishes it had come earlier. in oakland, abc7 news. and larry beil is here. this is one of the chances they'll have to take. >> it's hard to know. i wish i can say it's 90% or 5050. we know is that the nfl said he'd prefer the team stay in oakland. there are concerns about las vegas, because of the gambling issues. it comes down to whether they can get something done effectively. and where is the plan? where? where is it? where is this money? >> can they get it done in time? >> i've been told this is his
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first time job. like 10 hours a day, he's focused on trying to get a deal with oakland and it's interesting when you talk about the niners owner, saving the raiders maybe having an ownership stake and i would think they'd be able to present a strong case to the nfl. that is a powerful group there. >> you mentioned the league in the wanting the team to move around. with the raiders here, would there be a team in las vegas? >> some owners are okay. jerry jones is in favor of it. other owners are touchy about
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las vegas, in particular, sheldon addelson, and his involvement is dicey. so there is a strong chance they stay. and they're worried that fans could turn their backs in protest of what davis is doing. >> today's vote was delayed two hours because of a fire burning between reno and carson city. two dozen homes have been destroyed by the fire that is still burning out of control, oakland firefighters are helping fight the fire because of concerns over high winds. >> a south bay uber driver is under arrest for backing into a police assistant. police arrested 62-year-old man
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friday. they say he was driving for uber, officials say he backed into the vehicle. ruth bader beginsburg is apologizing to collin kaepernick criticizing his protest. she said it was really dumb for the san francisco 49ers quarterback and others to refuse to stand during the national anthem. kaepernick not standing to protest recent police shootings of unarmed black men. the storm is moving south ward and beginning to fall apart.
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we have patches of lighter rainfall scattered around the bay area, temperatures low to mid-60s. and this is a view looking over the bay. it's cloudy. not wet right here at this spot. but there are wet areas. periods of rain will be continuing through sunday. tomorrow's highs under partly stormy conditions with a little flash of sunlight here and there. that is mild. low to mid-70s inland. here is the storm impact scale. and a moderate storm will bring gusts from 30-50 miles per hour. starts into afternoon. rainfall additional rainfall
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totals will be in the wettest locations. here is our wind gust animation. you can see by 11:00, most locations will have winds gusting around 30 miles per hour. stronger at point arena. later in the day, about 5:00 p.m., between 30 and 50 miles per hour over the bay area. looking for a driving rainfall. a wind advisory from 2:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. sunday, in the higher elevations where gusts will be stronger and it's probably a good idea to secure loose objects. saturday morning we'll have pockets of rain here and there. by 3:00, we'll see some substantial rainfall moving into the north bay.
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moderate to heavy rain and will have pushed into san francisco and will be pouring in parts of the north bay. the frontal system that is focusing rainfall at that point will be into the south bay. one tenth to six tenth of an inch of rain. sunday, that front may stall if it stalls over the bay, we'll get soaking rain. outside of the bay area, just light rain and drizzle. gusty winds, 20-40 miles per hour. here is the accu-weather forecast. after this stormy weekend we'll get mostly cloudy skies on monday.
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peeks of sunshine, and sunny skies with rising temperatures for the remainder of the week. >> thank you. >> still ahead, no longer the tallest. a building is the tallest in san francisco, and soon, it will be the tal
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they prey on our children, spending billions. addicting 17,000 california kids each year. eventually killing one-third of them. now tobacco companies are spending millions to... defeat prop 56. because in every state that's raised tobacco taxes, smoking rates go down. so who are you going to trust? pediatricians, cancer groups and the califronia pta who all... support prop 56. or the tobacco companies trying to kill it. vote yes on 56.
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it's official. there is a nur tallest building in san francisco. >> yes. >> the iconic trans-america building has been the tallest in the city for 43 years but that record was wiped away today. this is now the biggest. only abc7 news was there as construction crews poured concrete that pushed the tower to new heights, climbing the title, tallest building in san francisco. >> it's hard to put into words how this feels but it's very exciting. >> we're doing a lot of work on sundays as well. you can see we've been building the building and going up fast. >> when it is done, it will be the center piece of the new south of market. both are set to open late next year.
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with buildings approved or under construction. i'm going to pause this video. we're going to pause that. this is the b of a building and trance america 853 feet. when complete it will be 1070 feet making it tallest of west of the miss
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a live look from our camera, it's gorgeous. a break in the rain. there is more rain and wind on the way for the weekend. >> and in the santa cruz mountains there has been a light, steady rain throughout the day. and experts are studying the
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area to determine the risk for mudslides. >> take a look at the rain that fell in the san francisco bay. many people high tide. >> this is a look from live doppler 7. spencer christian will be back with how much rain in just a few minutes. another woman has come forward claiming she is a victim of donald trump's sexual advances. >> the former apprentice contestant told her story today and reporter mariam hernandez was there and has the story tonight. >> obviously, he still wanted to talk to me about a job. he wanted to talk to me about a job. >> summer zervos describes confusing signals from trump.
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the meeting in 2007 she says turned out to be in a private bungalow behind the beverly hills hotel. >> he grabbed my shoulder and began kissing me and placed his hand on my breast. i pulled back. i walked to another part of the room. >> she says she thought his behavior was part of a testing process to see how she'd react. again, today, trump denies sexual assaulting anyone, pointing out that none of his accusers provided witnesses. today, another woman soez trump touched her inappropriately. >> the person on the right, who at that time was donald trump put their hands up my skirt. he did touch my va gina through my under wear. absolutely. >> lawyer gloria allred says two people can vouch for the city. >> i have spoken to the individuals.
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she did share with them shortly after the alleged incidents, many accusations they will describe today. >> she says that trump off offered a job. trump says he never met her in a hotel and goes on to say she continued to contact me for help, e-mailing my office april 14th asking i visit her restaurant in california. trump denounced media for creating what he calls a theater of absurdity. >> with a number of women alleging donald trump groped or touched them, trump was expected to address those allegations and did just that in north carolina. >> stories are total fiction. they're 100% made up. they never happened. they never would happen. i don't think they'd happen with many people, but they're
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certainly not going to happen with me. >> hillary clinton was in seattle for a private fund-raiser and she said she takes no satisfaction, adding it hurts her and the country. >> some say it's one of the hottest parts of the tech. in san francisco, cannabis is big business. >> it looks like a spaceship. a guy with a phd figured out how to bring the sun indoors. >> call it pot, weed, or marijuana, but in the industry, it's called cannabis. >> long gone are the days of the stoner dudes doing business behind 7-11. >> and west summit is a legitimate conference. tom cunningham sells this
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contraption. >> this is our explosion proof evaporator. >> for making extracts, including for athletes. >> it's used in gels and people rub it on. it help was joint pain. >> we have a vaporizer that has been amped up. >> you'll see some of the same faces. >> i wager to say nine out of 10 people have played with cannabis. >> the industry grows up, it's starting to need everything from specialized software to investors. >> five years ago, people were used to an underground experience. >> now, baker offers a polished system you might call sales force for weed. >> big names in the venture capital world are sniffing around this event today. >> california looks poised to
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legalize cannabis. >> after prop 64 passes we're going to see big changes absolutely. >> california is one of five states with the ballot. >> i bet the farm on it. no pun intended. >> voters will decide whether to legalize in november. we have a valuable tool to help you prepare for election day. and this is based on your ballot. still ahead on abc7 news, the holidays may not seem to be around the corner yet, they'll be here before you know it. >> why it's never too early to be shopping for gifts.
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have you started your holiday shopping for me? >> not for you, but i have started. >> michael finney is here with the story. she didn't buy for you, either. >> have you been to costco lately? you know, spot check of retailers around the bay area doesn't find many christmas decorations up yet, but it won't be long.
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shopping during the year looks like this. in just weeks, it will look like this. holiday decorations and sale signs on display. holiday shopping is critical to the economy but upsetting to consumers. >> we have christmas in december. that is when it should start, december. it's big businesses starting six months earlier. money, money, money. >> it is all about money. m matt shultz is an retailer. >> the decorations are still not out for the most part, matt says the shopping season is in full swing. >> we're definitely in holiday shopping season now and found 34 million americans have already
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started their holiday shopping. and amazingly enough, about a million people have already finished. >> most of us may gripe, but george is unconcerned. >> i don't have to worry about that. because i don't celebrate christmas. i'm one of jehovah's witnesses. >> it gets you prepared for the holidays coming up. we're so close to it anyway. why not? >> he's fortunate. matt says it's unlikely it will be rolled back soon. >> we found in our survey that three quarters of the people we talked to said that they were annoyed that the holiday shopping season keeps getting earlier and earlier but reality is that as long as people head to the stores earlier, retailers are going to keep pushing dates earlier and earlier, too. >> by having sales coming earlier, coming in waves now.
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so today, it's not too early to check prices. the number is 415-954-8151. you can reach me through and you can call the number and find out what the anchors want for the holidays. >> you haven't given me your list yet. >> how about snefrg. >> thank you. >> sure. >> still ahead at 6:00, stepping up to help veterans. up to help veterans. >> generous donations gettiti hey guys. i called you all in because i just had an idea. up to help veterans. >> generous donations gettiti brunch. allday, every day. brunch? that's great! where'd you get that idea? well...
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a historian says she isn't surprised donald trump continues to draw large numbers at his rallies. cohens says many evangelicals support trump because he hope he can outlaw abortion. >> many say hold your nose for donald trump but they will see
7:47 pm
it has unleashed something they cannot control. >> cohen says republicans will have to do a lot of damage control to regain female voters. monday, we reported a truck for a wounded warriors event was stolen from the street. vic lee has an update. >> we have not been contacted by the police or company. >> reporter: the 26-foot u-haul truck is still missing, parked in front of the oakland hills friday night when stolen. a truck filled with donated supplies for a wounded veteran's group. ulyssess adams was injured in the late 90s and couldn't believe it. >> it takes away faith in humanity. >> reporter: u-haul donated another truck. the company replaced gatorade
7:48 pm
and water, which were stolen from the truck. it was filled and they never thought they'd be replaced. >> i wasn't sure if someone would be willing to donate more. >> the two companies came through, again, just in time for sunday's start. hundreds will participate. >> this is start to support intervention where they need it. >> these veterans say the ride is thura putic. and they can now ride with much-needed provisions thanks to the generosity of others. vic lee, abc7 news.
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>> so, are we going to have the rain all weekend? >> let's ask spencer, he knows. >> well, off and on, we will have rain all weekend. right now, we have some rain, it doesn't cover much of the bay area, just breaking up in the southern most part of the viewing area. and we'll a coastal flood and wave heights are high right now and it may cause localized flooding. tomorrow, periods of stormy weather and heavy rain and winds. highs in the upper 60s to low 70s and mid-60s along the coastline. tomorrow's storms through the bay area into afternoon hours tomorrow,
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bringing wind gusts between 30 and 50 miles per hour. maybe up to an inch or more in the wettest locations. here is the accu-weather forecast. the storm will continue into sunday, and will rank one on the storm impact scale. a light storm by sunday. just showers expected. we get peaks of sunshine monday and sunnier, warmer week for the remainder of the week. >> well, get ready for steve kerr's grand experiment. >> yes. we're talking -- that is a good line that you read. i could have thought of it myself. if -- no. no. i think you've delivered it. he's got an interesting plan. sports, eric and i may do it together. >> thank you. >> spencer. >> he's
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good evening, don't expect warriors to go 24-0 like last year.
7:54 pm
with kevin durant joining, he says golden state is going to experiment more with line ups and that likely means winning less. >> we're going to pace ourselves somewhat. we're better off having new blood and new life. because it will give us a boost. it doesn't guarantee we'll be better, just changes dynamics a little bit. i think it will make things fresher and make it maybe easier for us to kind of get through the regular season and now, get through the grind. >> warriors planning a preseason game. it means raiders are in sole possession of first place and the challenge will be staying there. raiders haven't beaten the chiefs since derek carr in 2014. so alex smith accounting for two
7:55 pm
touchdowns against the raiders. >> this is a big, big week. this is unique. and just the history, you know, rivalry over the years. no question. >> as alex returns, the man who replaced him is getting another chance. this is a tough task. you look around, it's not like he's got a ton of weapons. bills are preparing as if 2013 cap is going to be coming through that door. >> he led a team to super bowl. you know? so he's a talented individual. we know that. the system that the coach kelly runs is tried and true.
7:56 pm
so we have to be prepared for it. >> the first pga tour event of the year is taking place. tiger woods decided he's not going to may. this is taking place during the first storm that we have of the season. a play delayed two and a half hours. so they're still going. a nice chip from below the hole here and rolls it up to the pen. phil birdied and he's at minus six. johnson wagoner hasn't won on the tour, he's got five birdies so far. the first round leader, scott piercy still ahead, birdie and eagle today. he's at minus 14. play just suspended minutes ago. >> giants losing to the cubs means the world series will be the only one of the four major pro sports championships not won in the bay area this year.
7:57 pm
so three out of four, and none won by a bay area team. >> debbie downer sports here. >> thanks, larry. >> join us tonight at 9:00. >> coming up, an officer's body cam reveals what happened after he found a group of men playing loud music. what he did next that turned into a viral moment. >> temptation. >> raiders closer to moving to sin city. fans are trying to respond to this football set back. >> coming up at abc7, it's last man standing followed by
7:58 pm
dr. ken. and. >> at 11:35 it's jimmy kimmel live. >> that will do it for this edition of abc7 news. >> i'm eric thomas and that is ama daetz. >> and spencer. >> yes. thanks for joining us tonight. we'll see you later at 9:00 and 11:00. >> i cannot wait for the starter's pistol. lilieve you got this.
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