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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  October 23, 2016 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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trailer itself entered about 15 feet into the bus. in almost 35 years i've never been to a crash where there's been 13 confirmed fatal accidents so it's tough. >> tragedy on the road in southern california when a tour bus packed with people is shredded by a truck. good evening and thanks so much for joining us. eric thomas has the night off. the death toll from the crash stands at 13 with 31 others injured. the chp says the bus driver is among those who were killed. the collision happened early this morning on interstate 10
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near palm springs. the bus was traveling towards los angeles and was about an hour into the trip. many of those killed were sitting toward the front of the bus asleep when the crash happened. it slammed into a big rig trailer traveling much slower. the force was so violent, the front end of the bus was completely surrounded by the truck. >> when it hit the back of the big rig of the trailer, the trailer itself entered about 15 feet into the bus. so you can see that it was a substantial impact. >> the highway patrol says the tour bus was operated by usa holiday based out of los angeles. inspections of the company's only bus were done annually at least for the past three years. no problems were found. the ntsb has sent investigators to the crash site. the chp has also launched their own investigation. in arizona 17 people were taken to the hospital after a massive
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pileup this afternoon. it happened on interstate 17 just north of phoenix. two dozen vehicles collided afer a commercial cattle hauler lost control. the chp is searching for a 7 month old boy taken from the north bay who may be in danger. this is a picture of henry massey on your left. they believe he is with his mother. the boy was reported missing@around 8:30 this morning. the two may be traveling in a silver 2005 subaru forester. turning to weather now and what is expected to be a wet week ahead. conditions are calm outside right now but changes are on the way. let's head over to spencer christian. >> okay. here's what we have right now. you can see on live doppler 7, a large area of moisture to our west northwest just offshore right now. we rank each storm coming through the bay area 1 to 5.
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tomorrow's storm ranks 1, a storm of light intensity. it will produce two tenths to five tenths of an inch of rain in most areas. starting 7:00 tomorrow morning we'll see the rain beginning to push into the north bay. by 1:00 tomorrow afternoon pretty widespread rain through much of the north bay. not quite down to the golden gate yet. won't be until about 5:00 tomorrow afternoon that it swings a little bit farther south ward and most areas will be then set for some wet weather and i'll show you where it moves after that with the complete 7-day forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you. we do have up to the minute weather information for you any time on the abc 7 news app. after you open the app, just tap on the temperature at the top right corner. you can get custom forecasts for where you live or work. if you still need to download the abc 7 app be sure to enable push alerts to get alerts.
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they responded to reports of a shooting which left 7 people wounded. it happened just before midnight on bancroft avenue. it's the second time this year that oakland officers very targeted by a gunman. >> at fufirst i thought it was fireworks but then i was like, no. >> reporter: it was a crazy night. police officers taking cover behind squad cars, guns drawn. someone fired shots at officers responding to a shooting off bancroft avenue. no officers were hurt. >> i heard about 15 to 20 gunshots. >> reporter: the original gun fire was coming from a house party off 78th avenue. seven people were shot and wounded. >> seven people shot. what do you think about that? >> i think the violence needs to stop. >> swat teams moved door to door in search of suspects who wounded citizens and fired shots at police. >> that's really sad. it's actually crazy. >> it's the second time this year oakland police have been
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fired upon. on july 23rd, sergeant clark was injured from broken glass when someone fired a shot into her patrol car and missed. an arrest was made in the case. neighbors say their safety is now a constant worry 24/7. >> too much violence around here. and it's happening ever single day. >> i don't think the world needs any more hate. i think people really need to love one another. >> the seven shooting victims are expected to survive. thousands of national guard soldiers who were paid big bucks to fight for our country are now being asked to pay that money back. ten years ago the california national guard offered $15,000 or more to soldiers to reenlist to help with the wars in iraq and afghanistan. audits found that the guard overpaid nearly 10,000 soldiers because it was facing a shortage and needed to fill its ranks. soldiers who refuse to give back
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the money could face wage garnishments and tax liens. >> if we could wave the magic wand and make this all go away we would. they've done everything we've asked them to and they didn't commit fraud. they just got caught up in it. >> major general beavers hopes that congress will take a look at how to prevent this problem from happening again in the future. >> a new poll shows that hillary clinton has added to her lead over donald trump and he's now facing some challenging new numbers. mary bruce has more from the campaign trail. >> hillary clinton took her message to church sunday. >> i won't tell you who to vote for. a new tracking poll taken off the final debate shows clinton ahead by double digits up 12
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points over donald trump. >> my opponent thinks belittling women makes him bigger. that may be who donald trump is but this election is about who we are and what we believe. >> reporter: clinton sunday targeting the battleground state of north carolina where she'll make her first joint campaign appearance with first lady michelle obama later this week. >> you people in naples, you have a lot of energy. >> reporter: meanwhile trump is focusing on florida but still fighting those accusations of sexual misconduct. >> all of these liars will be sued after the election is over. >> reporter: as trump pledges to take all of his accusers to court, a new woman has come forward. adult film star jessica drake says trump kissed her and two other women without their consent two years ago. the campaign insists this latest campaign is untrue and say it's trump's right to sue the women. >> he's just trying to defend
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himself against false accusers as he says. they're covered in the media every single day. he can't get fair coverage. >> reporter: that new poll shows 69% of voters don't like the way he's handling accusations of sexual assault and 59% don't believe his claim that the vote is rigged. abc news, washington. coming up on nbc 7 news at 9:00, president obama heads to california to rally voters, but it's not the presidential race that he's trying to influence. we'll explain. plus, why this might be the perfect time because she doesn't know that it kills 40,000 californians... every year. because she doesn't understand what cancer is. because she can't spell emphysema. because she is a butterfly, who fights fires. because she is my daughter, and the surgeon general says that raising tobacco taxes... is a proven way to make sure she never smokes.
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that's why i'm voting yes on 56.
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tomorrow's the last day to register to vote for this year's presidential election. the president hopes to boost
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support for democrats in southern california. he will head to san diego tonight. mr. obama will attend a fund raiser to benefit democrats running for a seat in the house. democrats need to pick up 30 seats to retake the house and five seats to claim the senate. >> we have a valuable tool online to help you prepare for election day. just click on the icon for your voice election guide. then enter your address and you'll get a comprehensive resource. if you've been thinking about ripping out your lawn to get some extra cash, now is the best time to do it. this year the state has $22 million to give out to californians who decide to replace their lawns with drought friendly plants. the state will pay $2 per square foot for grass removed. if you've been on the fence about doing it, now is the perfect time. yard is when the sun isn't going to really beat the new plants
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down, and require them to use a lot of water and so the fall and spring are the best times to change your yard. >> the cash for grass program does not apply in areas where local water districts offer their own price match or rebate programs so be sure to check with your local water provider. coming up on abc 7 news at 9:00 another part of the bay bridge is finished and it's a big win for sight seers and cyclist cyclists. and rain is on the way. spencer christian is up next with the forecast. >> 4-0 with today's win in jacksonville. it doesn't matter where the
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the final section of the bay bridge bike and pedestrian path
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opened up today. starting today, people can walk or ride across the entire eastern span of the bridge. a four and a half mile trek. the completed path has been long awaited by cyclists. many tried out the completed link today wondering what would be on the other side. >> i have no idea what's there. i've heard that there's some kind of shuttle that's involved at the other end. >> and that free shuttle runs on weekends only and will take people to treasure island. that's because the roads on the island aren't safe for cyclists and pedestrians. >> okay. we'll start with live doppler 7 which shows cloudy skies over the bay area now. you see that big patch of green up there to our northwest. that's a mixed rainstorm coming our way. it will begin to move into the north bay tomorrow and it's going to be a rain maker for a couple of days. let's take a look at current conditions.
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it's cloudy, but doesn't seem like the clouds are at a position that would interfere with flights right now. current temperature readings are 61 degrees in san francisco. oakland 64. and san jose 63. 59 at half-moon bay. this is a view from our roof top camera. what appears to be clear conditions at the level in the atmosphere. napa 61. 60 in fairfield and this is the view of the golden gate where traffic is moving smoothly. and these are our forecast features. rain arrives tomorrow, mainly many the north bay through most of the day. showers will continue through much of the bay area into tuesday and a stronger storm will come in on thursday. overnight we'll see mostly cloudy conditions. maybe a spot or two of light rain developing. widely scattered in some parts of the north bay. then tomorrow we'll see rain moving into the north bay. highs will range from only
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mid-60s up in parts of the north bay to low 70s in the inland east bay and here's our storm impact scale which we rank new m -- numerically from 1 to 5. right rain and showers, mainly about two tenths of an inch to half an inch in most areas and winds relatively light. starting 7:00 tomorrow morning, notice that as we get later into the day by 1:00 or so in the afternoon more widespread rain in the north bay continuing to push south ward and east ward just a bit and then finally into the evening hours, late evening hours tomorrow night we'll see rain moving through the central part of the bay area pushing out into the bay and overnight into tuesday morning the middle of the morning rush on tuesday will be quite wet if this pattern holds up because rain will have spread to virtually all parts of the bay area by then. showers will break up late afternoon on tuesday. so rainfall totals we project by
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tuesday evening. it will range from nearly two tenths of an inch to right around three tenths to a third of an inch through the central part of the bay area down to about a quarter of an inch to the south bay and here is the 7-day forecast. so this storm coming in ranks 1 on the storm impact scale. it will continue into tuesday with lingering showers. wednesday will probably be dry, but it will be mostly cloudy as the second storm of the week begins to move in on thursday. that will be a stronger one with heier rain and stronger winds. it will rank 2 on the storm impact scale. and even next weekend will be mostly cloudy and unsettled with still a slight chance of more showers. >> and even with the rain, mild temperatures across the bay area. >> pretty mild. it's not getting cold yet but it will get wet, that's for sure. >> now sports with mike shoeman. >> in 2014 the raiders are 0-8 on the road. today kicking off a two-game
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road trip in florida against the jaguars. looking for a w against the team he used to coach. first quarter 3-0 oakland. jaguars with a chance for six. picks off bort ls in the endzone. 40 seconds left in the half. carr, who threw for 200 yards. watch this catch by crabtree. a few plays later, two yards to crab. 26 oakland at the half. fourth quarter raiders up and punting on 4th and 24 with under 4:00 to play. bad snap, the heck with it, i'm going to run 27 yards for the first down. at least until murray's run. raiders are 4-0 on the road. >> you look around the league and some teams are looking for one and we're blessed to have two go-to guys and it's awesome.
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it just gives you as a quarterback a lot of trust and a lot of belief in their abilities and you know, you give them chances to make plays and they do and you keep working on it. >> we're off to a good start. chapter 7 in the books and we've been able to win five of them. we file like we've got a good football team learning how to win games and recognizing there's still a lot of things we need to work on and be better at. >> the 49ers defense has allowed six straight running backs to top 100 yards. rogers ran today and the bucs win over the niners. defense gets exhausted. injuries mount. this game started out the 49ers way though, mike davis caps off a play, 7-0 niners. kaepernick made his first home start of the year. goes 17 yards to drone. better catch. niners are up 14-0 after one
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quarter. then the wheels came off. rogers ran for a career high, 154. longest run, 45 yards here which led to a bucs touchdown. then in the third, blind sided and fumbled, which again leads to a touchdown. jameis winston threw three tds. 27-14 tampa. 49er defense gave up 513 yards. 249 on the ground. niners have a six-game losing streak heading into their bye. >> it would be better, throwing i think we threw for about 100 yards. that's not going to win the nfl. we have to be able to do better on that and you know, ultimately we have to string this together as a team and play well as a team for 60 minutes to get wins. >> we work really hard to be good at what we do and when we're not having success it's a
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hard pill to swallow but we've still got half a season to go so all we can do is keep working. i mean -- or we can lay down and lose the rest of our games but that's not something that anybody on this team wants to do. >> 26 minute cado with a handball into the box. quakes end their season with a 2-nil loss. nascar of talladega, drivers cut to the final eight today. t truex and keselowski both eliminated. he was lucky it didn't destroy his car. look at it. or his day, he takes the checkered flag. jack in hand. one of the final eight drivers to the championship. hamlin grabs a final spot and if you ain't first, you're last. our plays of the day around the nfl coming up at 11:00 p.m. over
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on abc 7 and what a day it was. hope to see you then. >> thanks. next on abc 7 news a
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tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, we'll have the latest from that deadly bus crash near palm springs. also as police look for a shooter friends and family of two people shot and killed last week gather tonight to honor their memory. movie goers were looking for a little halloween fun this weekend boo a media comedy. boo earned more than $27 million. it easily beat out tom cruise's new action thriller jack reacher
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never go back which came in second. origin of evil came in third. it's a rare movie sequel that's received a much higher place original. >> that does it for this edition of abc 7 news at 9:00. thanks again for spending a part of your evening with us. our next newscast is at 11:00 over on channel 7. we'll see you then.
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(upbeat dance music) - [female voiceover] it's the michelle meow show, your a to z covering the lgbt, l m n o p and everyone in between. (upbeat dance music) here's michelle meow. - welcome to the michelle meow show. your a through z covering the lgbt, l m n o p and everyone in between show. tonight we have two interviews, one that i conducted with filmmaker kirsten johnson, who is responsible for films like farenheit 911, and also citizen 4 with laura poitras, very, very talented. well, she's got a new film out cameraperson, and it basically includes 25 years of her career and images that she's captured through her camera. so what does it say? well, you'll find out later tonight. we'll also air commonwealth club's special event with alan cumming, the actor alan cumming,


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