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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  October 31, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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mom, can we have another dog? (laughing) trap and lock up to 4x more dirt, dust and hair than the store brand stop cleaning. start swiffering. a. we begin with tonight's wet halloween. we were in novato tonight where we found trick-or-treaters negotiating the showers. good evening thanks for joining us. >> it has been a wet october. 14 days of rain this month. >> good stuff. lisa has more.
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>> hi. rain fall amounts have been generally on the light side. it has been a busy night with kids out and we are looking at still some returns. we see activity mainly in the north bay. two thunderstorms there but over all you can see widely scattered and we start in clover dale highway 1 you see a few storms are heavy cell there in middletown and we get closer to vallejo by the delta. light rain this morning. san francisco 280 around south city and pacifica and light showers over in oakland as well. few showers for you right now we look at more rain pushing into santa cruz and this is a one on the storm impact scale. means it's a light system from couple hundredths to 15 hundredths before it's all said and done. top it out for you and talk about changes in the 7 day outlook coming up. >> all right thank you lisa. >> all right now to the race for the white house. election is 8 days away and hillary clinton campaign is
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facing refuse loution that -- revelation that the fbi is working to review a cash of newly discovered e-mails. >> potentially tied to the agency clinton private e-mail server. donald trump seized on the news. >> we have more on the story. >> tonight inside the fbi dozens of cyberexperts are pouring over thousands of e-mails belonging to hillary clinton top aide. team previously investigated the private server pulled the hard drive of happen top used by her estranged husband weiner under investigation for alleged sexting scandal with under age girl. weiner disgraced captured in this documentary. >> deserve a second chance. >>reporter: she saw today in the exclusive daily mail photo. now off the trail as the investigation intensifies. we learn the fbi has made a copy of the data from the hard drive and separating the e-mails from the hundreds of thousands that belong to weiner. focus is on her work related
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e-mails during clinton time as secretary of state. especially that may have been sent to clinton private server. the computer program will weed out duplicate from e-mails already seen by the fbi. >> whether a director comey has decided to communicate to the public about this investigation. >>reporter: but the fbi director basing barrage of criticism from the left and right where decision to notify congress this close to the election. comey maintained with the new development with some democrat on capitol hill calling on comey to design. holder says senior justice department officials including republicans pen a letter saying they were astonished and perplexed by comey action even long time trump ally by former prosecutor criticizing the timing. >> 11 days before one of the
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most hotly contested presidential election of our time both disgraces and politicizing the fbi and symptomatic of all that is wrong in washington. >> the letter to congress friday he said he wanted to determine whether e-mails contain classified information as well as the importance to our investigation clinton server but in a separate letter releaseded later that day to fbi colleague they explained in more detail given that we don't know the significance of the newly discovered collection of e-mails i don't want to create a misleading impression. that was. >> if you don't know keep your mouth shut don't speculate. >> that was pierre thomas reporting. hillary clinton was defiant today about fbi examination of new batch of e-mails and reassured supporters in ohio. >> by all men they should look at them and i am sure they will
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reach the same conclusion they did when they look at my e-mails for the last year. there is no the case here. >> donald trump and fellow republicans have latched on to the fbi latest e-mail probe saying it's evidence the democratic nominee is corrupt and not trustworthy. rally in michigan held today. >> hillary clinton corruption 8 days you are right. is a threat to democracy. the and the only way to save our democracy is to get out and vote by the millions. >> just 8 days until election day. clinton hold as 5 point advantage nationally over trump in the latest cnn poll of polls which tabulates 5 percent nationwide. >> fbi revelation may not have much effect on the out come of the election because 23 million voters already cast the ballot before the news broke friday
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n.critical states and many already turned in. he says the press broke down party affiliation and other factor and clinton has the advantage so far. >> go to this web site help you prepare for election day. click on this guide and your address you will get a resource showing you the candidate and measures on your local ballot. >> police arrested two men of beating homeless man to death in san francisco. surveillance video from 2014 show the men attacking 67-year-old homeless man as he was sleeping in front of a business on sutter street. we now learn the police arrested 21-year-old joseph stow already in custody for another crime but kept it quiet while they locked for the second suspect now they have arrested that second suspect 21-year-old david peters. in stockton. both face murder robber elder abuse and mayhem charges. oakland fire crew find this
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building under construction that was destroyed in massive blaze. 5:00 a.m. look at that. intense flames just lit up the early morning sky. happened on lester avenue. laura anthony has the latest. >> pretty terrifying. >> he lives next to the unfinished apartment building up in flames early this morning. >> then i heard on loud explosion and looked out my front window and see every house on the street was agent there with the flames. >> another neighbor shot the video. she says she first saw the fire from her apartment window and then ran when things got too hot. >> in disbelief. like is that real? is this a real fire. yes, it was pretty skaivrment unbelievable. huge. >>reporter: the security guard at the construction site and girlfriend were inside when the fire started. her car was impaled by falling debris.
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it took nearly 100 firefighters from oakland berkeley to extinguish the flame and protect the many surrounding homes and apartments. >> they really got the right app rat news place. put the right firehouse to provide the right amount of water in order to knock out the heat. >> peter is the son of the building owner and developer t.he says they were about 6 months away from having 41 rental units fully completed. >> i'm very sad for him. everyone that has been involved is a big waste and very sad. >> so far fire investigators done know the cause. red cross report 4 family next door neighbors temporarily displaced. in oakland, laura anthony abc 7 news. >> we watched the fire unfold live during our morning sky 7 show the scaffolding giving way 5:30. officials say 80 firefighters from oakland and berkeley responded to the scene.
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dan was live as the fire burned. he posted this video of the flames. he says it was a scary situation and thankful for the neighbor to knock on his door and wake him up. some people watched the building collapse live and down load this and push alert and breaking news in your neighborhood. more to get to on this halloween this monday night. map hit by two cars. one a police officer and latest on the investigation. >> find out who is right and who is wrong. he takes this viral video confrontation on board cable car and people who make the rules for situations just like this will you get to dry out this week? lisa
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an investigation is under way into the death of man who is hit by two cars one of them a police car. man killed overnight around concerner pass road and kirk wood drive police believe the map may have been dead when the vehicle hit him as it headed to pittsburgh. police learned that clayton police officer on unrelated call had hit the victim earlier. the victim is an adult male. driver stayed cooperating drug and alcohol don't appear to be factors in this accident. >> two investigations under wa
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way. after confrontation between a man with a pit bull and cable car operator. man says the pit bull was a service dog. incident was caught on video and gone viral. now question being asked about a passenger rights versus the operator fear of a pit bull. carolyn tyler has the story. >> they say he has a right to ride the cable car with the pit bull rosie. the cell phone video show muni operator and police officer arguing with him. >> he says i'm holding up the line. i'm trespassing. he then says i will be placed under arrest fortress passion. >> i felt very sympathetic for the man. >> she captured some of the scene on the phone saturday afternoon on her way to work. she says he kept repeating the pit bull is a service dog. under federal law service dogs are allowed on transit and in buildings without a muzzle and without a leash. but muni says the operator told
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him it had nothing to do with disability rights. he was simply afraid of the pit bull. >> operator did feel like it was an unsafe situation for passengers themselves. >> thomas has two pit bulls and you can see she's not afraid of rosie. >> i put my faith against she licked my hand very relaxed. he is just rode the cable car. >> muni asked him to move but he says they forced him and the other passengers to get off. and attack over and over again because the service dog is a pit bull. >> i have done absolutely nothing wrong. my dog is a very is a calm, beautiful sweet animal. >>reporter: he's filed complaints with the mayor office on disability and is now planning legal action. muni is continuing its investigation. in san francisco, carolyn tyler abc 7 news. >> fremont police arrested two suspects accused of 5 armed
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robbery near the city bart station since septemb1. officers say 24-year-old bradley gentry and 18-year-old lewis both of piedmont point handgun at the victim and demand cash. police heighten patrol spotted the 2 and recovered evidence linking them to all 5 robbery. >> right now fbi is looking for this woman. suspected of robbing a wells fargo in san francisco royal heights unable. investigators say she threatened the teller with weapon thursday afternoon. teller handed over some cash and police aren't saying how much money she got away with. >> microsoft is upset at google for disclosing a window vulnerability. it's a big that exploit a very specific part of the software and google reported the flaw on the blog today 10 days after google warned microsoft about the issue not enough time to make a patch. microsoft said the disclosure by google put customers at potential risk. major root in yosemite
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national park closed tonight. rock fail came down on highway 140 inside the park. you can see the size of the boulder came down as big as cars. closure is in place cascades picnic area at least until tomorrow. call ahead before heading up highway 140. tomorrow mark the start of the winter the summer season on smog caused by car the winter season on fireplace and other wood burning device. that's because wood smoke is the biggest source of air pollution during the winter months. illegal to burn fire wood or manufacture fire floss there's a spare the air alert in effect. it's solely on wood burning to create heat. can qualify for exemption. it's through february. >> it has been raining on trick-or-treater all around the bay area tonight but how long does it last. >> lisa is here with the answer for us. >> it's mainly been in the north bay but we have seen some
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written all over the bay. it has been light and continues into the over tonight hour. here's a lock at our web site and you notice as we go in closer the activity around clover dale and highway 1 with some of the yellow there indicate a little bit heavy downpour. some areas have seen upward of quarter inch right here but further south item just anywhere from 1 1/100's to continueth of an inch of rain. highway 80 by fair field and vacaville you can see a cell right there and west ward no oakland, san leandro, highway 13. slippery out there. do take it slow and as we go in to san francisco things are dry in south san francisco and then a little bit of rain right around million pete, summit and mount hamilton. sierra nevada, 38 degrees with rain at blue canyon but we do have a winter weather advisory along the west slow pier so we look at anywhere from 2 to 4 inches of snow through tomorrow morning above 6000 feet.
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perhaps 8 inches of at the summit there so item slick and we look at couple of inches at the resort there. 2 to 4 inches kirk wood and live look outside from the golden gate bridge. wet out there. numbers in the upper 50's san francisco. south west wind up to 24 miles an hour. a little breezy at the airport. waves report gilroy at 59 and from roof cam are exploratorium upper 50's, 60 in concord. good visibility sutro. not looking much in the way of rain but roads are slick out there. so pockets of rain throughout early tomorrow. still keeping a slight chance of thunderstorms in the north bay and then we get sunny and milder from wednesday into next friday. so we take you hour by hour after we show you the overnight low where you notice by tomorrow morning it's cool and we could see few pocket of showers north bay south bay right now as we go through the next several hours you notice east bay delta livermore and san jose.
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could still pick up a little bit of rain after midnight more isolated and by the morning commute things are pretty quiet. and by the afternoon we get into some sunshine and that really begins our drying trend. couple hundred in concord. 5 $100 in san francisco. coastal hills a little bit more than that really the north bay we see most of the activity. so high tomorrow under partly sunny skies by the afternoon we look for high in the low 60's san francisco upper 60's over free mont and palo alto in the accu-weather 7 day forecast. morning showers. sunshine. bright sunny warmer each and every day and we get the extra hour of sleep over the weekend. a little bit more rain on sunday. an into next monday still just looking at some cloud. down load the app the changes get them right away and nice to try out for a few days. >> thanks. all right. up next. case closed. >> popular pillow company charged with fraud.
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reaches a deal with bay area charged with fraud. reaches a deal with bay area prosecutor stay with us
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police chief san francisco became a little more controversial today. we were in china town as community leaders criticized the process and criteria why for selecting a new chief. they want the mayor to have more choices and asian american should be in the running. >> for the commission to select from canada dts and give the mayor a list of 3 i believe is unacceptable. >> what we are seeing is a lot of service and not enough action being taken to assure that this advertise transparent and san francisco is getting the leadership it deserves. >> police commission contends it has been reaching out in the city various communities. tomorrow night it will meet in private to narrow the list of
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before giving them the list. >> they settle in alameda county. district attorney nancy o'malley and 9 other california da allege that there were unsubstantiated that the pile could help insomnia and migraine. they will change the ad and 1 million dollar in civil penalty and donate another 100,000 dollars to charity. mike was the inventor and ceo of the pile in the infomercial and says it's sharing my pile with as many people as possible w.this settlement we are able to avoid a costly and drawn out court case and turn our attention back to our no. 1 passion our customers. >> the second largest marine terminal will double in size next month. the court commissioner 57 acre expansion project.
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they signed a new 14 year lease with the port adding two vessel berth to the two it operates to absorb initial cargo volume. >> 49ers losing a lot of games this season you know. that this is about loot losing money. update on whether 49ers met the city deadline to prove they are paying what they know. >> man in an electric vehicle take police on dangerous chase in southern california neighborhood. then. >> halloween. >> it is halloween. long line in the south bay. some of the youngest trick-or-treater got an early start on the celebration. trick-or-treater got an early start on the celebration. stay
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good evening once again. take over management of levi stadium. may be on hold while voters determine if the 49ers provide detailed financial records about revenue an expense. >> team says santa clara get the requested financial they need for the audit. david louie has more. >> santa clara is the cost of services for game and events at the stadium. illegal under the provision of the 2010 ballot measure that voters approve to build a stadium. mayor is threatening to take over management of the stadium because the niners not providing detailed financials for an audit. >> information requested is not provided to the stadium authority for public request
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and our city request. and have not provided to the awed toyvrment deadline 5:00 o'clock today and team president assured me that most of the requested records will be in the hands of auditors and pay back the city for any expenses the city is not allowed to cover. few budget items will take a few more day to compile. >> give the proper information they need and they will do that. as long as the they ask question of the management company we'll answer them. >> they were on opposite side of the stadium today 6 years ago but santa clara voters decided whether to do the stadium deal. >> he stands up to the niners and however she is concerned that oversight of the stapled revenue gains and none nfl event are lax. >> how do we know what is profitable. who is making the concession. who is deciding how much security we are going to have. >> the niners in the second year of 40 year lease with the
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city. in santa clara, david louie abc 7 news. >> school bus burst into flames today after crashing in san francisco. happened on 280 this morning. police say the bus and van collided. the bus caught fire in south bound lane you are looking at video captured by viewer passing by there were no children on the bus when it crashed. one of the drivers suffered a minor injury. >> now to developing news. city of richmond announce three more police officers will be fired for the role in the ongoing six scandal involving a 19-year-old woman. that's in addition to a fourth who was slated to be fired last movement here's sergio. >> this weekend the richmond city manager decided to fire three additional officers. >> this is something that is based on my review and my decision. >> 11 richmond officers implicated in the six scandal involving 19-year-old jasmine. along with the 4 to be fired two since left the department on their own.
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5 others have been formally reprimanded. so far the contra costa county district attorney office has not indicated there are any pending criminal charges against members of the department. the stay manager doesn't expect tat to change. >> nothing in my review indicated that there was the criminal activity but ultimately that's for the district attorney to decide. >> he hopes swift action will help restore some public confidence. the mayor agrees. >> we have been recognized for having really good police department and when something like this happens, you want to deal witness. you want to deal witness properly. >>reporter: the president of the richmond police officer association declined to comment today but he did tell us the p o a will help officers with legal council if they decide to appeal the dismissal. civil rights attorney is representing in the 30 million dollar claim against the city of richmond. >> the more police officers are brought to bear and held to task the more she will herself
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understand that she is it true victim. >> civil claims have also been filed against the city of oakland and livermore. alameda county district attorney office has filed criminal charges against 5 officers at the police departments. in richmond, sergio, abc 7 new news. >> wells fargo has agreed to pay 50 million dollars to settle lawsuit that claims the bank over charged for appraisa appraisal. agreement row solves claims at wells fargo charged homeowner nationwide much more than it paid for third party aprisonal othered after people defaulted on the mortgages. bank spokesman says wells fargo disagree with the claim but settled to avoid further litigation. last month wells fargo agreeed to pay 185 million dollars to resolve claims the bank opened accounts without customer thovrtion authorization. now to the insight into the mass shooting in orlando. newly released audio tape of the call between very calm
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police negotiator and gunman. here's lindsay. >> orlando police already knew about the horror playing out in th pulse night club. when the negotiator got on the phone with the terrorist. >> hello there. hi there. who aim speak with police. >> you are speaking with the person can you tell me where you are right now. >> no. stop bombing syria and iraq. they are killing a lot of innocent people. >> i completely get what you are saying. >>reporter: officer staying calm. trying to keep omar martin talking from the bathroom where he had taken hospital substanc substance. >> tell me washington you need. the i'm trying to figure out how to keep you safe and how to get this resolved peacefully because i'm not a politician or
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government. all i can do is help individuals. i'll start with you. >> lindsey jan is reporting. officers smashed window and use non-lethal round after suspect attempted to ram a cruiser during a police chase in southern california. chase started this afternoon in the van nuys area. suspect scene in chevrolet volt reaching pretty high speeds open residential street while swerving in and out of traffic. after several close calls the driver got corner in the cul-de-sac and seen ramming a police cruiser. several officers surrounded him guns drawn and broke out the window and fired non-lethal rounds at the man before pulling him out of the vehicle. >> construction of the continual dakota a access pipeline has nationwide attention. san francisco group of protestors disrupt business. it's the largely east share in the pipeline. lee ann has more. >> city bank employee arriving at work this morning were met by protestors 0posing the construction of the day coat a
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access pipeline. >> we protest the investment into the pipeline. >> 14 financial institutions funning the 3.8 million dollar dakota a sbing says paper line including wells fargo and bank of america but city bank has the largest share. we reached out to city bank but they declined to comment. pipeline by energy transfer partner run 1200 miles from north dakota to illinois and under the missouri river. the texas base company behind the pipeline says it's a safe and fast way to move 570,000 barrels of crude oil daily. but the standing rock sue tribe in north dakota opposes the pipeline and in recent month receive support from groups like this idle no more sf bay. >> the water gets contaminated no turning back. this water is very sake are he had to all of us not only human race but animal and land. >> many were taken away.
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>> this morning is that taken over the lobby. interfering with the business and considered a form of trees paing passing. >> others used facebook where demonstrators protesting against the pipeline. the tactic used by hundreds of thousands of people was done to confuse law enforcement officers who were trying to trap the number of demonstrators at the site. this is abc 7 news. cashew are about to get more expensive. demand for the cashew jumped 53 percent since 2010 and drought is pushing the prices even higher. vietnam is the world largely essex porter and the average export price has gone up 22 percent since august. >> wow! >> coming up. two best friends. >> one jewish one muslim. super hero teen for halloween.
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two orange county girls are make ago statement for halloween that is getting a lot of taechblingts has to do with the fact that one of them is muslim and other jewish. we pay a visit to them. >> they like most 13-year-old look forward to halloween. this year the best friends decided on a super hero theme. >> i'm kc and i'm jewish. >> i'm jazz men and i'm muslim. >> and toychlingt we are here. >> they make it clear on the t-shirt don't worry it's not religious. don the teen say they were just having fun with the costumes. >> so innocent. nothing to it. not religious. weren't trying to make a
9:42 pm
statement. >> they posted the duo photo on twitter. >> started blowing up. more than 100,000 like. more than 50,000 retweet in just a couple of days. >> girls say they never expected such a response. in fact when they wore the costume to school some kids didn't understand what she meant. >> girls know about the presidential debate and what the adults hope to lead our country have said. the two started out with just a fun idea to dress up now realize you tonight have to be old enough to vote to send a message. >> i feel like this is an example of how everyone should be like no matter what race. gender. religion. you should all be united as one. just because you are a different religion or race from another person doesn't mean you can't be friends with em this or get along with them. >>reporter: this is abc 7 new news. >> the powerful story. coming up next.
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trick-or-treat or terror. >> yes ♪ this is the new comfort food. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. let's get comfortable with our food again.
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ing. . >> we found exciting sights in our neighbor. princess and princess among the kids from the head start program all get. >> jonathan found out there may be no place spook year than the willow glen neighborhood. >> trick-or-treating starts early. >> i'm over whechlt i didn't necessity there were so many. >> so many children in the neighborhood. >> candy as far as the eye can see. >> fortunately no chocolate. otherwise i would eat it all. >> was this the dog idea. >> yes.
9:47 pm
it is to be a hot dog. >> kid of all ages. never too old to trick-or-trea trick-or-treat. >> never too old to do anything. >> so i really destroyed my arrested east to get her to be a mermaid or to get her to be anything else but she wanted to be -- >> getting spooky out there. >> front lawn. >> see them in your dreams. >> really get in the spirit. >> halloween. we just love it. my favorite holiday and collect more and more decoration over time. >> they wouldn't say skeleton are real but this is. >> this was my uncle and he was in the army and when he died my papa ended up taking i. >> pretty much the whole neighborhood agrees this haunted hotel takes it to whole new level and the kids come from everywhere to be scared out of their wit. >> interest wasn't are ill that scary. >> bob lives on the haunted ground. >> house under here. >> behind here there's a house
9:48 pm
yes. >> this has a beautiful lobby. >> condemned for 60 years did a beautiful job. >> almost as cozy as the boiler room. >> you may rest in piece. >> every halloween for the past 16 year they build it out of staple. >> i think 144,000 t.and 1. >> free-for-all to enjoy but be careful. you may never find your way ú>> in san jose, jonathan bloom. you may never find your way ú>> in san jose, jonathan bloom. abc 7 news >> wow! here's governor brown sitting in and out front of the governor mansion tonight in sacramento he's not in costume but his doing sutter and ready to greet trick-or-treaters. looks dry there, though. >> different from here. >> yes. >> lisa is here. >> most of the wet weather is up in the north bay. in fact we have had some pretty
9:49 pm
good downpour and we look at live doppler 7hd it's north of santa rosa from healeds burg to geyserville. highway 101 and guerneville. wet weather moving out of vacaville. highway 80 towards davis about you go in closer to the east bay maybe a couple sprinkle which walnut creek and put night motion and you notice that most of the bay area underneath cloudy sky but not done with the system yet but we are done with october pretty much and boy it has been good to us. over 2 and 3 quarter inch of rain for the month at sfo. almost three inches in oakland and inch and a half in san jose. translates into 230 percent of normal downtown 370 percent of normal in livermor tomorrow back to dry weather after if you morning showers. 64 virginia hay hochlt 67 palo alto. and late in the week few statement where pretty high and dangerous out there. accu-weather 7 day forecast. string of dry sunny and warmer days for november and until the
9:50 pm
weekend look like maybe some showers on sunday. storm impact scale and we'll be watching it for you hopefully a little stronger. >> thank you lisa. >> all right. raiders. >> she's here with sports. raider nation halloween pretty much every sunday so tonight is no different. and yesterday win over the buccaneers. the players did the same. offensive tackle. the players did the same. offensive tackle. touch down and
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♪music the lord says, "come to me all you who are weary and find life burdensome, and i will give you rest." join us for the majesty of the catholic mass here sunday mornings at 8:30. for more information visit
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information visit >> well tampa bay yesterday was like an old clint eastwood movie. good. bad. ugly. but a win is a win in the nfl. start with the good. through for franchise record for 5 13 yards and 4 touch downs. raiders thought the record was 6 23 yards total offense. final touch down pass roberts with game winner in overtime. now l bad. the record for field goal here
9:54 pm
miss from 50 yards. and then missed another one in regulation from 52. the ugly? nfl record 23 penalty for record 200 yards. >> unsportsmanlike holding. intentional grounding. illegal use of the face. >> 12 more formation false start personal foul and illegal formation. holding. >> we work our which through whatever obstacle present themselves and yesterday we dealt with a large number of infraction we don't want too to see. fought our which through it and came home with a win. won't spend any more time than is necessary to make the correction then move on. >> first place raiders and broncos battle in prime time. all right monday night football in chicago. bears and vikings. soldier field was house of horror for minnesota tonight. bears rookie jordan with 69
9:55 pm
yard gain here to set autopsy field goal. 153 yards on the ground. he also scored first touch down of the gym. short two yarder wasn't even touched. 13 nothing bears. the minnesota not expecting this. cutler back from the dead. missed 5 game because of injur injury. he throw and this touch down. bears with halloween surprise. and vikings lost and knock me out of my survivor pool. one last night here in the world series tomorrow night inc. cavaliers also at home and got permission from the nba to move up the start time so fans have the ability and the cash to go to both. cleveland knows something about having a series lead just ask the warriors. no team won 2 straight open the road to win the world series since we are family the 1979.
9:56 pm
cubs would have to do to take the first world series. since 19 08. the pressure is on cleveland at home to close it out. >> knowing these guys gives you a sense of the takes away some of the anxiety. i know how much they enjoy trying to meet the challenges. >> never looking forward to play 7 game of world series on my life. base on starting pitcher too. with these guys you saw the bullpen once again it's really important to grab that lead and hold on to it. we did. >> all right. warriors end 3 game road trip tomorrow night in portland. beat new orleans. phoenix now 2 and 1 and will return home to host okc thursday night. russell west brook and kd reunited then they face the currently undefeated lakers friday night in l.a. saturday night in sacramento timberwolves in town and kings
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in center. cousins took a charm here. he thought he was called for infraction fouled so upset with himself he threw his mouth piece into the stand that's a no no in the nba. he was fined twoyv,000 by the league. check out the fan. they didn't know it was illega illegal. if he gets his emotion in check he could be a super star. all right. this past weekend in vegas watch this funny car. briefly all 4 tires are airborne with only the wheelie bar check this out. keeping him from flipping over. about 300 miles an hour. thankfully the rear tire quickly made contact with the ground again. he stayed in. beat robert in the round. announceers were taken aback. one called it most amazing thing he has seen in drag racing. the car goes airborne good night. this is the sport report
9:58 pm
brought to you by toyota wechlt spent long days here and 35 minute that's pretty much all 4 of us. >> right. >> amazing. 99 times out of 100. >> he slit. thank goodness for him he stayed on the ground. amazing video to watch. >> stay out of your way when i leave the garage. >> thanks. coming up tonight on 7 news at 11:00 o'clock. man discrimination. uber lift respond to the new report that says drivers are profiling black passengers. >> plus the patch that is offering hope to the millions of children suffering from peanut allergy. join us for the news on channel 7. >> final halloween party at the white house tonight for the obamas. >> they danced to michael jackson thriller before a crowd of local and military kid. >> digital choreography michelle wore yellow brown
9:59 pm
dress the president dressed up in appropriate shirt and sweater. they handed out candy and surprise as young boy addressed as lame duck. >> thanks for joining us tonight. >> for all of us here, we appreciate your time. >> see you at 11:00 over on appreciate your time. >> see you at 11:00 over on channel 7
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narrator: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. today, one of europe's richest bankers, brutally murdered inside his luxury penthouse. (gunshots) the entire body is covered from head to toe with a rubbery plastic material. and there are no holes for the eyes, no holes for the nose,


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