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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  November 22, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> new storm moving in northern california. you can see there on radar. here it comes. good evening. >> storm is already moving into the north bay tonight and it's promise to go bring rain to the rest of the bay area as well as thousands of people beginning their holiday travel. >> live picture from the camera on pier 15. let's go now to sandhya who is watching live doppler 7hd. >> yes. right now it's lit up in the north bay. look for yourself. light moderate rainfall in the north bay. in closer here we see some
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heavier pocket of rain beginning to develop right around geyserville area, alexander valley road. healeds burg highway 101. it's light rain from santa rosa to rohnert park and notice there pen grove area, glen ellen and sonoma down the street level here. 5th street west. moderate pockets of rain. this is a 1 on the storm impact scale. light system. moderate rain at times. breezy in spots. expecting 4 tenths inch of rai rain. 11:00 o'clock tonight we have rain moving across the north bay all the way across the central bay and then shifting by midnight into parts of the east about a i. at 2:00 a.m. some scattered showers in the south bay. i'll length you know when the showers wind down if the big travel day could be impacted and we do have two more storms coming. take a look at the thanksgiving forecast. >> lining up. thanks very much. u.s. state department issued an advisory for
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americans traveling to europe. advisory issued monday says credible information indicates that islamic state and al qaeda militant continue to plan attacks in europe around the holiday season. state department is encouraging travelers to be cautious at holiday festivals and out door market and to avoid large crowds and to always be vigilant. holiday fliers from oakland were delayed several hours tonight hen passenger threatened to detonate a bomb. flight turned oakland international deputy took the man into custody of course. bomb sniffing dog helped investigators made sure the plane was safe. passengers should aarrive in baltimore just before 11:00 o'clock tonight. s bart stepping up security at two san francisco stations. agency has part police patrol desk at both of the powell and city center station. bart gave thus picture of one of them. officials say the stations will be a crime deterrent and help the public with directions. move comes in tile for the kick off of the holiday shopping
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season. today father accused of kill his daughter appeared in court for the first time. this case in healdsburg first murder since 2008 other than it's a shocking one to be sure. victim is 4-year-old tell little girl and her family put the picture on go fund me page. wayne was in court today. >>reporter: when accused child killer entered the courtroom this afternoon he looked like a shaken and tortured man. at one point he appeared to turn in the direction of family members to ask for for giveness. later one of them spoke to reporters on the condition we would not show her face. >> i can't speck for him because i wasn't in his head. i wasn't present to witness what happened. item a tragedy. >>reporter: police say on sunday night he drowned her in baptism pool inside saint john the baptist church. flowers surrounded the pool today. moore appeared outside left by strangers trying to make sense of it all. >> helpless feeling.
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you want to do something and there is really not much you can do. >>reporter: if court did the june suspeharges pending examination by a doctor. they include the two murder counts plus third involving older brother who apparently saw everything. >> essentially the charged with homicide. second charges related to the actions resulting in child's death and third count relate to the affliction of emotional distress. >>reporter: police not made any formal statement since yesterday press conference. they spent today reconstructing event which appear to include the his walk with the children to the church from outside city limits. whatever family members told police they are not sharing with any one else. >> item just painful. we wouldn't want to see any other family go through this. >>reporter: when he appeared in court today he did so in a wheelchair shackled and confined. he will return on november 28. there is no bail. until healdsburg, abc 7 news. there was a scare today for krau members aboard a 70 foot
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barn in the sacramento delta. vessel flipped over and sank near rio vista near decker island carrying a water truck. sheen on the water shot from sky 7. fortunately for the crew the barge wept under close to shore in front of the coast guard station. everyone pulled from the water nobody hurt. new tonight. uc berkeley police lock for for man accused of sexually assault ago male student. we were at the the village apartments on haight street and telegraph avenue. police say the attack happened early this morning in a room at the off campus university housing. they say the victim met the suspect on the internet. police busted what they say was a brothel operating quiet residential neighborhood right across the street from a high school. we broke the story last night. it happened in san mateo o. house on 20th avenue next to sarah high school. here's the vic lee. >> no family photoing no clothing. just a couple mattress on the ground and then the
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prostitution condom. lube ri can't. lingerie. >>reporter: two people arrested than the house on the 400 block of 20th avenue across the street from sarah high school. one charged with operating a house of ill fame term for brothel. the other for narcotics possession. nobody were in the house at the time. mr. is say the photo and a the address were psted in on line ads. undercover police have been surveilling the house for weeks before the raid. then a tip that something suspicious was happening inside. that's when we first learned about the possibility that the rented house was a brothel. neighbors telling us as well about the suspicious activity. we saw this red light shining inside a window when there were people inside. presumably to alert johns that the house was operating. on those nights cars would bring young women inside the home. men would come and go throughout the evening.
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neighbors say as many as 15 on any given day. neighbor sue. >> something wasn't right. cars would come texting. move down the street texting. park around the corner and foot >>reporter: mr. is say this is a new m o for brothel operator operators. renting places in nice neighborhood. >> with he do see a trend a lot of the times they are within apartment complex. we do occasionally see residential brothel. >>reporter: like this one police situation which was shut down because neighbors decided not in our back yard. certainly not next to a school. vic lee, abc 7 news. we have much more ahead for you on this tuesday night. coming up. closing in on deal to keep the raid first town. big announcement today from oakland's mayor. there were numerous consumers complaining that their pet were seriously injured or killed while being groomed at pet smart. >> bay area family is now suing
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pet smart over the death of their dax behind henry. >> how much rain will we get. we
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ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. well good news comes back-to-back for the oakland raiders. they are now lead looking the afc west that's after winning last tonight big game in mexico city on monday night football
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and today oakland mayor shaft announced a framework is in place on a deal that would lead to a new stadium for the raiders in oakland. laura anthony is on the story. >> we are exited that we have reached agreement on a framework for a deal. >>reporter: after weeks of closed door meetings oakland mayor shaft announced her city and county are closing in on deal to build new stadium for the raiders in oak land. it involves investment group called fortress led by former raider ron lotive away public ld for free. it would involve payment for the land at fair market valley but the terms of that payment, whether type of development would happen, under wat conditions, those are the types of things that would be worked out. >>reporter: main issue what to do with the land where the coliseum now sits owned jointly by the city and county estimated valley 150 million dollars. while mayor shaft is talking about a potential stadium deal, county supervisors are not.
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although several attended closed session on the issue this morning. raiders coach del rio was also tight lipped. >> doesn't have anything to do with us and the team right now. we are really focus on the next opportunity and stay in our tunnel. the those discussions go on. we don't par take in the discussion. >>reporter: oakland city council has it closed section next tuesday at the public meeting december 13. >> thinks awesome day. very excited. that we have proposal coming up here. >>reporter: raiders owner mark davis says publicly he prefers to move to las vegas. city offering 750 million dollars in public funding. laura anthony abc 7 news. san mateo county couple filed a lawsuit today against pet smart over the death of the dog during grooming service. look at henry. 1-year-old dachshund went in for nail clipping but then died
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minutes later. we have the details. the. >>reporter: this is new video released today by henry owners. you can see henry playing with his litter mates healthy and happy as can be. on may 15 the couple brought the three dog to the san mateo pet smart to have the nails trimmed. unthinkable happened to henry. >> last image i have of him was him in the groomer arm and unfortunately -- bleeding prusely from his mouth. >>reporter: the groomer 3 38-year-old from hayward arrested and tried for animal cruelty. henry was strangled and suffered two broken rib and punk ushd lung. county prosecutors say the man was frustrated with henry when he was uncooperative during the service. >> who would anticipate that you go in for pedicure and you die. >>reporter: henry owner now have just the litter mates say
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they want to hold pet smart responsible for the death. they ignored many previous pet injury complaints. >> despite having the than pet smart didn't take action to correct the problem. >>reporter: now in the past pet smart has said it was heart broken over the loss of henry. today in response to the will you suit they said it doesn't comment on pending litigation. in fresno 250 homes lost power all because of a cat. that's fat boy sitting 45 feet up on a high volt annual power pole. his owner think neighborhood dog steered him up there. for up to 8 day the cat refused to come down even for a meal. no can do pg&e had to deenergize the power line cutting off power to all the homes just to climb up and get him. fat boy was a little dehydrated but otherwise happy and back with his owners. no worse for wear really. >> wow! we are just two days away from thanksgiving.
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that's followed by the black friday then cybermonday then giving tuesday. today to focus on gift and charity. >> one bay area organization isn't waiting for that day to kick you have a. unique campaign to raise awareness and money for those living in poverty in the bay area. >> we have the story. >>reporter: part of unique ad campaign the shoppers at knob hill cosh grocery store price education on what it is like for family of 4 living below the poverty line. around 24,000 dollars a year. >> when you earn 5 times less than the average san francisco family, the basic necessity feel as if they cost 5 times more. >> $25 for box of spinach. butter 27.45. >> i come here all the time. >>reporter: san francisco ad agency tom here created the campaign. that also includes not such a bargain coupons that will start
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the appearing in the local paper tomorrow to encourage people to give. >> more than ever because of what's going on in the world today we need to take care of our people. we need to take care of the people in the bay area. >>reporter: the nation will go to tipping point. san francisco non-profit given millions to the fight poverty. mission asset fund is a recipient. here they help immigrant build the credit scores. for them the struggle heighted -- highlighted in the ad campaign is real. >> they work multiple job to make ends meet. this is the experience they go through every day. >>reporter: customers at this store later toll the poverty line prices were just for the ad campaign. but for 1 in 10 bay area families, this is reality. in than is a fran, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. powerful ad campaign. >> certainly. our weather is changing traveling forth holiday. >> is it easy that's the
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question sandhya is here. >> we wouldn't have it any other way so we get the storm out of here uses if time for many of to you travel tomorrow. let me show you our radar. much-needed rain here in the north bay right now storm has moved in and the rainfall intensity has been moderate in spots like geyserville avenue. street level radar showing you where it is wet right now as we take you into yountville, oa oakville, definitely slick her here. laettner intensity the rainfall from santa rosa to south santa rosa and as we head into the marin county area san rafael, fairfax, mill valley you see some spotty showers as well. in northern california if you are traveling up to the mountains there is snow falling right now and it is intense in spots so just be aware of. that breezy from the sutro tower cam are right now. temperatures in the mid 50's from mountain view to san francisco. 52 degrees live look from the san rafael cam where it is slick there. camera is going in and out. temperatures low to mid 50's
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for most of you. fairfield livermore upper 40's. level from emeryville camera right now visibility is good. rain spreads overnight tonight. dry bright for thanksgiving and two more storms coming this week. current storm is a one on the storm impact scale. light system tonight moderate rain at times. item breezy in spots and as far as the rainfall it's moving fast enough to where just lowered the rainfall total 5 hundredths to third of an inch. notice at midnight lighter rainfall slicing across the central bay. 1:00 a.m. it pushes into the east bay parts of santa cruz 0mountain south bay as well. tomorrow morning if you are heading out on the roadway 5:00 a.m. spotty showers around ukiah. 6:00 a.m. still north bay. rest of you are fine into 7:00 a.m. 8:00 o'clock maybe isolated shower here or there and that's about it. so as we get ready to head off to grandma house perhaps don't worry about the rain. we get much-needed rain right now and it's out of here before you know it. in terms of rainfall total not terribly impressive but
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certainly moisture much-needed. thanksgiving forecast like this spotty morning showers tomorrow. afternoon is dry. chilly for thanksgiving in the morning and then we look at sunshine we get ready to sit down and enjoy the meal friday and we look at the next storm by the afternoon. current storm prompting winter weather advisory 10:00 o'clock tonight which is short time from now until noon tomorrow so i would advice to you hold off on travel until tomorrow afternoon. we are looking at low visibility. chain control. could see up to continue inches over the peak. so get ready to the wax the skis. temperatures tirs thing in the morning low 40's to 50's. we have few spotty showers around and then for the afternoon it's cold. item dry. upper 50's to the low 60's. here's look at the black friday forecast so for all of you early morning risers no worries about the rape. rain gets in friday night at 10:00 p.m. and slides south word for saturday. one hour storm impact scale. next system sunday also a 1 with scattered showers expecte expected. get weaker heading to sunday.
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you can always down load the 7 news app to help you track the storms. check out 7 day forecast i break it down 4. couple early morning drops tomorrow. travel being looking fine. thanksgiving is dry although cold in the morning. looking nice for the afternoon. if entertained you have to run errands tomorrow to go grab some stuff from the supermarket don't worry it's dry tomorrow afternoon. one on the storm impact scale friday night into saturday storm. then the sunday storm is also a 1 so light in intensity. monday tuesday as much of you head back to work item dry. but tons of snow expect in the sierra nevada over the weekend which is great news for everybody heading up. >> thanks. when we come back here new kind of battery that charges in minutes and keeps going for kind of battery that charges in minutes and keeps going for more than a week
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you. >> all three major record high today the news not good for all industry. >> dow topped 93,000 and s&p 500 reached 2200. both for the first time. the push was held by low budget retail stores. >> dollar tree wurling ton stores and home depot dropped earnings. health care stock didn't see the same growth with one company falling nearly 9 percent today. chehi ts outment apple may be trying to bring back the flip phone. company was just grn add patent for this foldable i-phone. this is an image of the design filed with the u.s. patent trademark office. apple frequently file for patent that never materialize but does provide a glimpse into what the company is thinking for the future. scientist from the university of central florida created a new battery prototype that works like new even after being recharged 30,000 times. researchers say you can charge the local phone in a few
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seconds. wouldn't need to charge it again for more than a we can. battery stores electric try on the surface of the material instead of using chemical reaction like most battery. >> that's an invention. 7 news i-team has exclusive new information about the loma fire two months after it destroyed a to say homes as you may recall. dan has pinpointed the origin of the fire by talking about residents of the mountain, law enforcements, sources and this man who works in the marijuana industry. >> also tell you about a man arrested after the fire. the neighbors call him a hero. that's on chance el 7 at 11:00 please tune in. another half hour of news coming up next still to come. president-elect trump about face what he now says about hillary clinton and plan to lock her up. >> thanksgiving bringing family
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together but may be tough after election that pushed people apart. how to pet through the holiday. a. curry meets biggest
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good evening again. we begin this half hour with president-elect trump visiting the head quurters of "new york times"take an answered reporter questions. >> many answers were surprisin surprising. he soften the stand on prosecuting hillary clinton and distance himself more than ever before from the white nationalist cheering his election >> we have more. >>reporter: president-elect arrived here for thanksgiving with no formal announcement about who he may add to his administration but dr. ben carson who last week said he didn't want to be considered
9:30 pm
for a cabinet position now appears to be back in consideration. after a meeting at trump tower the president-elect tweeted i am seriously considering dr. ben carson the head of hud. another visitor to trump towers rudolph guiliani declined to weigh if on the desire to be part of the administration. >> i'm not going to discuss what i am interested in or the president-elect is thinking and mulling over. >>reporter: did he weigh in on reports of the president-elect maybe backing down from the pledge to call for criminal investigation into hillary clinton. >> throws tradition in american politic that is if you win an election sort of put things behind you. also be supportive of continuing the investigation. >>reporter: the president in this country doesn't have the power to decide who its under criminal investigation. one of the many topic mr. trump discussed with the new york times during his sit down interview. president-elect reportedly significant it's not something that he feels very strongly about. the times live tweeted the meeting with the president-elect and other topic discussed climate change which
9:31 pm
mr. trump says is connected to human. alt right he disavowed and many business dealings. on related note in irs filing the trump charitable foundation admitted wrongdoing in practice called self dealin dealing. it isn't clear how the irs will deal with that disclosure. wellness act, abc news washington. of course the most complicated personal problem facing the president-elect is separating his business interests from his leadership of the country. during the campaign mr. trump said if he wins his businesses would be unimportant. that "the new york times"today he said it again but as brian ross reports, that might be very hard to do. >>reporter: with growing concerns tonight about how he continues to push his business ventures donald trump told "the new york times"the law is on my side. the president can't have a conflict of interest. but throughout the campaign trump pledgeed to loaf his empire business behind.
9:32 pm
>> if i become president i couldn't care less about my company. >>reporter: yet in the two week since the election trump has taken the time to meet with the indian developers of two trump towers in their country. would posted this picture and then took it down. he complained to british politician about eye sore near the scottish golf course and boasted his brand is now hotter ever than. his daughter jewelry company trying to ksh in on her appearance on 60 minutes to sell her line of 10,000 dollar bracelets. since then trump has included his daughter in a meeting with the japanese prime minister and as she prepares to take over his company which already has been seeking deals in asia. trump defen that had today saying if it were up to some people i would never ever see my daughter i ivanka again. trump has investment or deals in at least 18 countries around the world. now some of his own advisors there president-elect is already creating conflicts. >> you have foreign entity,
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foreign government offering sweet heart deal in the hope of favorable action from the president of the united states. >>reporter: today there are new questions whether trump as president would take actions to help a huge german bank which has loaned him more than 300 million dollars. trump used the money to buy the durral golf course in florida and build hotels in chicago and his new one in washington. but the bank is now the target of two major investigations by the u.s. department of justice facing possible 14 billion dollar settlement which could imperfect ill the bank and affect trump loans. a democrat contract calling for special prosecutors to make sure the justice department doesn't back down. >> there's a clear conflict of interest between donald trump personal business interests and his public trust. >>reporter: not for donald trump would said today in theory i could run my business perfectly then run the country
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perfectly. the adding there is never been a case like this. mean time vote count continues two week after the election. donald trump won the college vote hillary clinton extended lead in the popular vote by 1 and 3 quarter million votes. margin is expected to blow this the come week because more than two million ballot need to be counsel entered california. one reason for the slow vote count isikoff fee stains and food. sacramento county assistant registrar of voters said they found jam and jelly on some ballot. two more week to surtie the the cap. >> election lawyers are urging hillary clinton to call for recount in three swing states. the group says it has evidence that results in wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania may have been m name lateed or hacked. they point to results in wisconsin that show she
9:35 pm
received 7% in counties with optical skaern. deadline is this coming friday. vote still being count entered michigan. well politic is probably on the menu for many family this thanksgiving whether they like it or not. this election was essentially polarizing of course. how can you keep the peace around your dinner table. john thon has some adve. >> my dad is meeting my boyfriend family for the first time. >>reporter: holiday awkward. especially after decisive he likes. >> i'm still angry and depressed about the results and so somebody might be risking. >> glass of beer in their face. >> no. risk me going off in a rant. >>reporter: in some family bound to happen. >> i'm actually here at columbus georgia visiting with some relatives. >> liberal activity nightcast a red state fortunately he wrote the liberal guide to
9:36 pm
conservative. >> there are many, many ways we could bring that olive branch to 1 another. >> if you dare discuss politic at the table try to stick to things you agree on. >> elected officials spent way too much time raising money. >> he made a cheat sheet for liberal to like somethi about donald trump. >> he's really devoted to get rid of corruption if government. >> like this family. >> some folk don't want to go there. >> we enjoy our family. >> nothing rude about changing the subject. in fact expert told us hotel difficult government ering that can be the most plight thing to do. >> not the time to get controversial. >> there are graceful way to avoid it. >> use a sandwich technique. >> it means saying two nice things with the no sandwich in the middle. >> i certainly understand why
9:37 pm
you want to ask that question however i don't know if i really have an answer. i don't feel comfortable about asking about it but fwee could you pass the mashed potatoes. >> fog like food to keep everyone happy. >> the at the san francisco airport, jonathan bloom abc 7 news. no use fighting. coming up next. go to the white house where there was a roomful of very fame famous faces. there was a roomful of very fame famous faces. >> laughing and
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i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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see in 21 famous names received america highest civilian honor at the white house. one guest learned the hard way no matter how famous you are, you can't just walk into the president's home. david reports. >> before the ceremony even began the faces the this video
9:41 pm
tweeted. continue the whie house. tom hanks. el and kareem. bill gates. the boss. diana ross. michael jordan. crowd of honor re. ellen got the president to denies on her show once. today the president had ellen in tears. >> today every day if every way ellen counters what often divide us with the countless things that bind us together. inspires us to be bet. one joke. one dance at a time robert de niro. >> this character new york mobster a mobster w runs a casino, a mobster who needs therapy. >> musician diana ross still supreme trademark beauty and
9:42 pm
hair. >> i'm the president he's the boss. >> who stands taller than president? kareem. offering little help to the president. and michael jordan. >> there is a reason you call somebody the pickal jordan of. michael jordan neurosurgery or michael jordan of rabbi or michael jordan of out rigger canoeing. because michael jordan is the michael jordan of greatness. he's the definite figures of somebody so good at what they do. that everybody recognizes it. [applause]. >> see how moved they all were. >> absolutely. up next. black friday just three days away. >> wow! >> but how do you know what the
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>> holiday got early start start in golden gate park. academy of science has santa and reindeer paid a visit. reindeer one of 2 stay in the museum until january. holiday display features indoor snow and fact aut reindeer first time in more than a deck 8. california academy will open on thanksgiving and christmas. black friday is rapidly approaching. retailers are trying to ick may the holiday shopping season start earlier and last longer. holiday sers have three big question. best deals. find them and how can you deal is really a deal. rebecca has some answers. >> tonight the new rules for that black friday bargain hunt.
9:47 pm
when to buy and where. >> black friday single day every day until christmas you find deals. >> am somebody. wal-mart. best buy and target already roll out the deal like this samsung tv now 5 80 dollars. more than 1,000 dollars off at wal-mart. think dlarts off the all new kindle at amazon. best buy up to 250 dollars in gift cards with the purchase of i-phone 7. >> discount on line compare to the discount in stores. >> you should expect on line discount to match or beat the instore discount. remember, selling on line competing with the world so you have to slash the price to make it worth it. >>reporter: for the top deals on tv they recommend waiting until thanksgiving and beyond and using tools like this that automatically alert you when prices go lower and this flag the best deal when you shop. one more tip. around
9:48 pm
of year you get a lot of e-mail with special offer from the favorite retears. our experts say ignore them. they are not the best deals. rebecca, abc news, new york. deals out there. the spencer helped light up san francisco market street tonight. spencer m. c the lighting of the snow flakes at powell and mark. see the 2 90 light snow flake on market street through the holiday. they are called a path of gold. festive this tile of year. >> time to find out about the rain come this way. >> first one of the three moving across the bay area so it has gone from the north bay pushing into the east bay and into san francisco now start with the north bay with steadiest of the rain is. heavy around santa rosa has been as you take a look here around calistoga road we see pockets and also part of larkspur, mill valley hit with
9:49 pm
heavy rain. san rafael is wet. east bay lighter returns. san pablo, kensington area as we look at the next 7 days the next system friday into saturday is a 1. light system and then we have another one coming on sunday. also a 1. if that one doesn't hold together as well. upper 50's to low 60's. if traveling tomorrow dry here in the bay area on wednesday but if traveling to the sierra snow in the morning and notice 36 by afternoon tahoe. 55 eureka down south los angeles dry and 71 degrees. nationally could be dicey traveling across the midwest. minneapolis chicago. might be encountering some delay. rain snow could be the problem and pacific northwest if heading there for thanksgiving they look at stormy conditions tomorrow. here in the bay area accu-weather 7 day fork few early morning drop thanksgiving bright and dry although chilly in the morning. 1 on the storm impact scale for friday in saturday. light system. cooler weather. means snow in the sierra last in the series at at least for a
9:50 pm
few days. sunday with scattered showers expected. >> thanks. >> all right. warriors curry visits will you chemoia patient in independent yap police on monday. stephens is one of curry biggest fans. he was diagnosed with acute leukemia as a baby and went into remission after chemotherapy. he's since developed another type of leukemia. the two spend an hour together getting to know one another. curry he got a signed jersey t-shirt and balance. also exchange bracelets which curry wore during the team we know over the pacers last nigh night. warriors invited brody to come out for a warriors game once he gets out of the hospital. >> that is so sweet. >> yes. >> how cool for steph to wear the bracelet. really nice gesture. >> stand up guy. >> all right. another stand up guy. larry. >> he's amazing. >> i have seen your jump shot. >> oh, >> do i have to. >> don't good into the vault.
9:51 pm
the. >> i'll do it. 4 million reasons the shark don't fear the beard. and afc might fear the first place raiders.
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good evening. phenomenal beard here to stay in san jose for another 8 year years. by the end of his new huge contract. the beard might get tangled in the skate. set to be a free agent this off season but 64 million dollars over 8 years was now lock up 31-year-old all star defense man. by far the longest contract in the history of the sharks franchise. burns leading the league in scoring with 16 points. he's 40 years of age at the end of this deal. a bit risky for the sharks bold in the commitment. >> good police to be. great people. great team. great group. young guys coming up. that's what you want.
9:55 pm
get a taste of last year you want to win. so it's exciting. >>reporter: speaking of exciting after billing win in mexico city that you saw over on 7 last night raiders have the no. 1 seed in the afc top the west. look like the raiders and patriots could end up meeting if the afc title game. raiders won back-to-back games on national tv they would look at first round by at the end of the season fit. del rio trying to keep everything into perspective. >> still begins with the winner division. get a spot in the play off tournament so that is goal no. 1. >> super connecticut. >> he likes us to have grit. toughness in us and he just brought a culture of these are the kind of things we expect to do. and we are going to work our tails off to where we do that. >> 49ers kaepernick started 5 gales for the niners.
9:56 pm
lost all 5. after off season in which he seemed to be more than halfway out the door the team was trying to do everything they could to trade him. surprisingly cap says he's already looking forward to next season with the red and gold. >> yes. under two year deal right now so by pan right now is focus on the team. still have app opportunity to win games. that's what we have to stay focus on. one week at a time. there its the feeling out there that we are not going to be in the play offs. w till have an opportunity to do good things and build on for next year. >> college hoop may not rize saint marries ranked 15th in the nation posting san jose and jock has william a force backing up defender. the up 8. the old school bank shot come up right here. made the first 8 shot. finished finance of 10 for 24 points. led by 11. 10 minutes left. good ball movement and end up
9:57 pm
with steph and germ plasm sol east. they are now if you are and o. women sport as you know come a long way with opportunities in so many different areas. one of the best kept secret might be bocci ball. it could be an olympic sport. we have more. >> washington do you think of bocci ball you think of older men throwing these ball down a court. here there's a new wave of female participants. >> there are a lot of women that now play the game and the same level same degree of complexity as the men. >> diana drove to north beach watching her grandfather play at a time when women weren't allowed. the competition was hard for the men at first. >> there was some resistance particularly they didn't like lose to go a woman. that didn't make them very happy. >>reporter: diana and teresa started playing bocci ball in te late 90's and have been competing in tournament both winning gold at the national
9:58 pm
this past summer. modern day bocci ball played on synthetic court and they play international style. >> don't give up the day job. this game is a point or lisa amin gulezian. a running shot and this is app aerial shot. >> you have to call it your shot and if you miss item a penalty. not just rolling a striking ball. there is more skill involved. >> the fact that it's eye hand coordination sport is key for me but also that item a game that where there are lots of reversal of fortune. >> even though competitive there's social aspect to the game that is almost sweet to watch. >> extremely social. n women play equally well unusual in sports. >> both women are ambassador for the sport. pushing to get included in the 2024 olympic an get the next generation involved.
9:59 pm
in san rafael, abc 7 sports. she has the touch. 7 sports brought to you by toyota. if you can have curling. bocci ball in the summer games. >> i didn't know. >> i have never seen it before either. >> thank you larry. >> we come up tonight on 7 tuesday at 11. gun machine opens fire in the east bay. and cat is the victim. reason this type of crime is more common you might think. >> dan has exclusive new information on the devastating loma fire. pinpoint the origin of the flames. plus the pot grower now called a hero. join us for 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> that is our report here we appreciate your tim as always. >> for all of us here, thanks for joining us. >> we will see you again in an for joining us. >> we will see you again in an hor over on the big 7
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narrator: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. today, a drone strike kills anwar al-awlaki, a u.s. citizen on foreign soil. but he is no ordinary citizen. man: he is now an american citizen who is engaging in terrorist acts a


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