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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  November 30, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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and that breaking news is in san jose where deputies have captured a man who used a bed sheet to escape from the santa claradale jail last week. good evening. >> sheriff's deputies made in announcement within the last half-hour. word of the arrest comes eight hours after they centered in on coy drive. >> ru jirvegs lio chaves was the last capture. a second inmalt was caught
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yesterday in antioch. >> deputies conducted numerous searches, the most recent, this one today in san jose. they eventually deployed hot gas go the building. he eluded two previous foundations targeting him. >> exclusive new reporting on the redding mother who vanished jogging. >> new details of her captivity and the release. >> here's abc news reporter matt gutman. >> tonight sherry pa peony's husband keith sitting down with an exclusive interview with 20/20. >> she was bound. she had a metal -- sorry. a chain around her waste. a bag over her head. that is correct. her handled was in the vehicle
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chained to something. >> to make sure she did not jump outside the car. >> she was chained anytime they opened her door. they cut something to free her restraint that was holding her into the vehicle and then kind of pushed her out of the vehicle. >> until now, police only giving this description of her abductors. two hispanic women armed with a gun driving a dark suv. but today after another round of interviews with sherry pepinni, the sheriff revealed new details. >> suspect number one was a younger of the two suspects. she had long curly hair. she had a thick accent. she had pierced ears. suspect number two, she had straight black hair with some graying color. she had thick eyebrows. >> police artists now working on
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a composite sketch. >> she was held against her will and was isolated. at times sherry's head was covered. >> in the four hours i spent with her husband he revealed harrowing details. he was most emotional about seeing his wife again after 22 days for the first time. matt gutman, abc news, redding, california. >> you can see the rest of the husband's interview on 20/20 on friday on channel 7. >> police are looking at someone who shot a man and a woman at 3 krun 350 in the afternoon. police shut down eastbound lanes. it turned the evening commute into grid wloork. it began as a man and woman were shot by someone possibly from another car. the shooting victims were taken to the hospital where they're in stable condition tonight.
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the chp closed the highway as they searched for shell indicationings. oakland police say there were so many shell casings, they want people who drove through to challenge their vehicle because they may have been hit. at one point officers allowed cars to make u-turns to get off the highway. >> a san francisco department of public works employee was shot in day light while painting over graffiti. the drive-by shooting happened this morning. wayne friedman has more. >> they are inconsolable. these are friends of jermaine jackson jr. they have gathered in the sbot while someone gunned him down while removing graffiti on the job this morning. >> i don't know what happened. he was killed. >> i don't know why they would
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do that. >> i don't even know. >> jermaine jackson was a father of two, a role model in a city program designed to keep kids away from gangs by giving them good jobs. was he a target? police and the department of public works say that is under investigation. >> had he ever pressed any worries about someone being outs to get him? >> not that i know of. if anybody expressed those concerns to us we take them seriously. >> for someone to roll up and hoot a person in the back that's working, they are a coward. >> the city does have insurance policies for workers killed on the job but money will not ease the pain. >> we lost a young man that had a lot to live for. and grandmother and mother and we all love him. >> that becomes more clear with every hour at 25th and vermont. as friends and family try to
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make sense of the senseless. in san francisco, wayne friedman, abc 7 news. >> a delasalle student is under raeftd tonight charged with sexually assaulting a student at another school. we spoke with tlg alleged victim's father. >> definitely rape. i would hate to see it happen to anyone else's kids. >> he's the father of the victim of an alleged attack, an nt the police say happened after a football game on november 18th. >> he forced himself on her and sexually assaulted her with all the parents and the people there. no one was aware of it. >> the boy was arrested by police tuesday night. >> we made an arrest of a 15-year-old student. >> day lasalle released a statement saying the administration is cooperating
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with the police. the victim reported the incident to her school principal. >> we are aware of the allegations. they came to us last week. we immediately contacted the con covered police department. >> i don't think that's very good. it's not really the best example that we set here at delasalle. >> i'm hurt. i'm hurt because even in my own awareness, i didn't believe or realize something like this could happen. how many girls living this life are trapped in this dark encloses wet nobody to talk to or say something. >> the incident was addressed with students and noticed sent home to parents. abc 7 news. >> tonight napa police released their early findings of an investigation into assault by high school football players.
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police call it a case of hazing. investigators revealed there were multiple assaults in the weeks lead youing up to the game against rival high school in napa. the school hasn't taken disciplinary action and police haven't made any arrests. >> tonight's san francisco performance of sir day soleil's lucia has been canceled after the death of a technician. she was a native of quebec, canada. cal osha said she died after being hit in the head by an aerial device. he was called a beloved colleague whose death stunned the entire company. it's unclear when the performances will resume. we'll keep you updated on that story. a violent collision left a volvo suv, look at this, standing on its bumper against the face of the robin williams tunnel in
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marin county. it happened in the southbound lane. two lanes were closed while firefighters helped the driver out of the week and removed the wreck. >> two new developments regarding the food borne outbreak at the american legion hall in antioch. 24-year-old christopher capetti and 69-year-old jane evans were residents at assisted living facilities in antioch. autopsies show they suffered similar intestinal abnormalities. two more people were sickened by the meal cl brings the total number to 19. >> stay with us. a lot more ahead for you on this wednesday night. as we continue, millions of dead trees threatening to turn fire season into an inferno. >> and sandy is here with our
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forecast. >> that's right. the showers are long gone but we have more lane in the forecast and a chill that will make it feel like winter. >> thanks. >> thanks. a trip will your business be ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job,
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. not knowing what will happen under president-elect trump's
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administration oakland is taking measures to protect students who may feel threatened. they're discussing plans to make all schools sanctuaries. >> parents acknowledge that today there's a climate of fear among immigrant families. >> even as parents, we've had to have meetings around that before we can move forward as parent leaders to calm some of the fears and concerns. >> in 2008, oakland school board passed a resolution to educate all children regardless of their legal status. now that resolution will be anded. >> the number one thing that we want our students to know is they're safe and supported here and that the board and city are going to make this as safe as possible for all students. >> ice must notify the district ahead of time. the district said that scenario has never happened. the oakland education
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association says if it did, teachers would be the first line of defense. >> no matter what their policy, our members will not cooperate with giving information or access to students. >> while the resolution has the blessing of teachers, their union is suggesting more specific language. the union is asking that will aul muslims, immigrant or not, be protected. >> the resolution talks about immigration, but there are a number of citizens of this country who also feel threatened by the rhetoric and the current political climate. >> once the resolution has passioned, school staff will be trained on how to follow the new policies. in oakland, leanne ma lendas, abc 7 news. >> in the meantime university of california announced sweeping action to protect its students who came into the country illegally. university of california president made the announcement in response to widespread fears that the incoming trump administration will order mass
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deportations. among steps the university will take include protecting students without permanent legal status. also, they will not release confidential student records without a warrant, subpoena or court order. campus police would not be allowed to allow other agencies to go after students. an investigation was launched today into whether bart illegally used funds. >> bart is the backbone of the bay area. but it's 44 years old and needs major repairs. >> 44 years. >> that's the ad features warriors superstar draymond green. they want to know if bart violated state law in support of measure rr. they said they had no hand in the video and paid no money for it. if the investigation finds bart
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broke the law the agency could face fines up to $5,000 for each violation. >> snerpt dianne feinstein is calling for a resolution to remove dead trees before next year's fire season. she says the drought and trees are causing the problem. most are in the sierra nevada. she's asking for $38 million to deal with the crisis. a long time journalist got an honor today. a portrait of chuck cwnedius was on ord. >> i'm going to make my kids come over here and show them the picture many, many times. to be next to herb cane is really an honor. >> he started as a sports writer covering the raiders. as a columnist he was never
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afraid to challenge politicians and to seek out what makes san francisco tick in such a unique way. his last column is this week. >> an emotional reunion took place on high assist today between a man and a ship. 93-year-old spencer stilller of southern california got a look at the u.s. pampinito where he served in the war. it's believed he's only one of two men from the crew who are still alive. >> it looks pretty darn nice. they overhauled, made it look pretty. it wasn't all that pretty during the war. >> stemler says the highlight was when it picked up survivors after a ship sank. >> how nice to hear the stories he can tell. >> definitely. >> all right. well, abc meteorologist is tracking the weather. >> sandy.
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>> we are going to be seeing chilly conditions tomorrow morning. right now live doppler 7 looking at cloud cover across the bay area. once the cloudss career temperatures will fall. here's a look at what fell told. about .7 of an inch. trace amounts in oakland, liver moore. all right. we're done with the rain. here's a live look at our roof camera. because we don't have much in the way of when the temperatures will come down. it's already cool from oakland to san francisco. from our towercam, is this gorgeous or what? looking at the bay brej, you could stair at the picture. fairfield, conquered 47 degrees. you'll feel the chill. santa rosa, napa, livermoore, cold enough to bundle up. a live look from the abc 7 news camera. festive lights as we look
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towards the embarcadero. milder pattern this weekend and the rain returns early next woke. so satellite -- or the computer model shows you the clouds clearing out 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. maybe a few clouds around the south bay but for the rest of you you're looking at it clearing quickly. sunshine returns tomorrow. it is definitely going to start out on the cold side. morning lows in the mid to you were thirds. some 40s around the bay and the coast. you'll need the blanket tonight or turn up the heat. hang on to the extra layer tomorrow, the breeze will kick up. it will be mid 50s to low 60s for thursday. the wind will be up 25 miles an hour thursday afternoon. you'll notice the wind direction switches a little bit. more northerly and easterly going into friday. that downsloping wind is what's going to water mains up friday afternoon. temperatures will be actually coming higher. don't get too used to that idea
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because we have a storm impact scout coming in. a light system, light rain, less than a tenth of an inch for most areas. looksz like monday afternoon-evening we'll be tracking the rain potential. notice the morning chill giving way to afternoon sunday thursday. friday, mid 60s. even on saturday for a warm spot. a slight dip in the numbers but then much cooler weather, low to mid 50s monday through wednesday. in the mornings. tuesday and wednesday, near freezing temperatures. we have that one on our storm impact scale for monday. it's a cold storm that will make it feel like winter. the temperatures are going to plunge krchlt download the abc news app. >> san diego's startup darling
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. san mateo's gopro is shutting down its entertainment unit. the company is struggling to gain tracks with its new action camera and drone. company president tony bates will step down at the end of the year. the company thinks the restructuring could save $360 million next year. netflix users plagued by the lack of an internet connection can binge watch off line. it will allow 87 million subscribers the ability to download content. netflix will max the capability. not all selections can be downloaded. they'll need to update on their devices for the new feature.
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>> a 2500 square foot home has been estimated at $650,000. it's not for sale but the commuted will be challenging, anyway. this is santa's house. zillo just added the home. if you want a similar house in san francisco, by the way, zi lrvegs lo has one listed for about 2.7 million, but p santa didn't live in that one. >> another 30 minutes of news is next. coming up, the new names considered for the president-elect's new cabinet. >> and caught on camera. >> and caught on camera. that's a >> and caught on camera. that's a ♪ ♪
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when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase, so you can.
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. good evening once again. we begin this half-hour with president-elect donald trump and word that he's considering former alaska governor sara palin to be secretary of foreign affairs. >> here's ax news reporter david wright. >> tonight donald trump is vowing to quit the trump organization in order to fully focus on running the country. trump tweeted today the presidency is a far more important task. that sounds more like the donald trump from the campaign trail. >> if i become president, i couldn't care less about my company. it's peanuts. >> recently he suggested he could do both telling the new york times the president can't have a conflict of interest. >> in other words, in theory, i could be president of the us and run my business hundred percent. >> since then he's been besieged by headlines racing concerns about his on going business deals. today trump tweeted while i'm not mando itted to do this under
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the law i feel it is important as president to in no way have a conflict of interest. he says he is leaving his business in total. having his children take over the business may not be enough to avoid conflicts of interest. one piece of america's business trump claims to have already accomplished, keeping close to 100 jobs at this carrier factor in indianapolis. workers were outraged when company officials first outlined their plan. >> move production from indianapolis to monterey, mexico. >> candidate trump threatened to call the ceo personally. >> it's not presidential for the president of the united states to call up the head of carrier, hello, this is the president. but i don't care. it's so much fun for me. i love doing it. >> president-elect trump did call and worked out some sort of deal. the details still unclear but
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the workers are thrilled. >> this is a victory for us little people. >> trump plans to celebrate with them tomorrow. >> that's david right reporting. former secretary of state condoleeza rice met with mike pence in new york today. when asked how the meeting went rice said terrific. rice called for trump to withdraw after the sex tape. >> in home in east oakland is one of several financed by a bank fore closed on. >> the bank that backed the loads was led by the man donald trump just nominated to run the treasury department. steven manucian. >> it's one of many jobs the 53 yoerlt has held. >> he also financed a blockbuster movies, including "ava tar."
9:32 pm
abc news correspond cornell bernard disinto his background. >> this home has been vacant for years neglected by the same bank once chaired by donald trump's newest cab pet nick. >> former goldman sachs partner steve minuchan was at trump tower today excited for his new role as tresh secretary in the donald trump administration. >> biggest tax bill. >> we're distressed and concern about the naming o him. >> kevin stein is deputy director at the reinvestment coalition, advocates for housing -- fair housing. >> he is someone who ran a bank for many years that fore closed on tens of thousands of californiansaged made a lot of money at the expense of working
9:33 pm
class dpamlies. >> he's former chair of one west bank, an institution accused of fore closing communities of color. >> there were roughly nine times more foreclosures as they were home loans. >> stein's organization just filed this complaint requesting the federal department of housing and urban development investigate the discriminatory practices. >> we saw large scale foreclosures which destabilized communities and families. >> house minority leader had this to say. president-elect trump is handing the keys over to the same people who drove us into a ditch. we reached out to the trump campaign but reed no response. >> the president-elect will have
9:34 pm
been access that can send unblockble phone messages to every phone in the u.s. it's unlikely that he would but presidents have that power. the fcc says the alerts can only be sent when there's an immediate danger to life or safety, amber alerts. >> she carried support from 2/3 of the house democrats. >> this opportunity is a spshl one to lead the house democrats, bring everyone together as we go forward. >> 63 representatives voted for her challenger, tim ryan of ohio. >> wildfires continue to plague the southeast. this image was caught from four different wildfires. the death toll has risen to
9:35 pm
seven. hundreds of buildings have been destroyed and fires burning in three states. >> police from new york to florida are searching for a pot of gold. a thief stole a container with more than $1.5 million in broad day light. lindsey davis has more. >> an investigation tonight that police are calling operation lucky charms. detectives say this man stole a pot of gold worth more than $1.5 million. >> do you think he knew it was gold? >> he knew it was of value. >> take a look at this video from gate september. it happened in new york city's diamond district. the barrel taken out of the back of the armed vehicle at the moment when one of the armed guards turned his back. >> gold flakes what could somebody do with that? >> melted down and sold. >> so heavy he had to keep
9:36 pm
putting it down. police say the end of the rainbow for this real life leprechaun may be florida. tonight the armored car company loomis is offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to recovery of the stolen merchandise. >> archaeologists working in mexico city have uncovered a circular temple built more than 650 years ago. they say it was built to worship the gods of wind. it was found after a super market was demolished. archaeologistings say it will eventually be made accessible to the public. why the company that built the complex where six students died in
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. nearly a year and a half since a deadly berkeley balcony collapse, if general contracts is being called for to have his license suspended or revoked. >> the contractors state license board said general contractor sibley kwon instruction incorporated did not follow plans and on -- collapsed with 13 people on it. six died. seven more were injured. >> if things were done up to standards and done with the correct teefrls we believe that that collapse would not have happened. >> it is for that reason the contractors state license board is recommending suspending or revoking the license. cslv alleges the general contractor did not follow trade standards, specifically that it did not properly pressure treat or waterproof the articles used.
9:41 pm
>> they're responsible for everything that happened on that project. >> most of the people injured or killed were irish citizens here on a summer study program. segue construction will have the opportunity to defend itself. in the meantime, the company can continue to contract. if the company's license is revoked, it could reapply for it in one to five years. >> up next on abc 7 news at 9:00. this is just as good as watching game seven of the world series. why they say it's more than a battle of wits to determine the world chess champion. >> and 7 on your side's michael finney wants to hear your consumer questions. he'll be at the fountains at walnut creek on friday at 7:00
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p.m. bring your questions and ask it live on abc 7. you can also ask the questions on s
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. construction began today on a 280,000 square foot office building. it whether feature 30,000 feet of retail space. the high rise will anchor the south end on santana row. >> what we've learned over time is that people really like to work at san panaral. it's fully amenitized. there's shopping, fining. if you want, you can live here as well.
9:46 pm
>> construction is expected to be completed in late 20818. >> a 26-year-old from norway remains the world chess champion after a grueling series of matches watched all over the world. and as jonathan bloom explains some of those watching most closely were right here in the bay area. >> check. >> too good for me. >> he's too good for most opponents. a grand master, he's also challenged this guy. >> i played magnus when he was young in the mountains of norway. i beat him then but now he's too good for me. >> cure akin is the youngest chess grand master in history. >> they gathered to watch him here. >> the oldest chess room in the united states. >> san francisco's mechanics institute was founded during the gold rush. >> in 1854, they didn't allow women. >> they're in their final day.
9:47 pm
it's like game seven, the chicago cubs playing the cleveland indians. >> chess is becoming a spectator sport like poker. le. >> he makes his move. >> after 12 games in a dead heat these are if rapid rounds. >> there's going to be some errors. but that makes for interesting chess. >> for all the notions of chess as a game of wits, when it gets to this level, it's not just a test of your mind. it's your whole body. >> you'd be surprised how in shape you need to be to sit stillaged concentrate for up to five hours. >> he brought a couple of coffee or tea. >> rules limit caffeine. >> very, very ice cold water. >> the game's changed over the years because players train with computers. >> now the emphasis is on a more precise computer-like way of playing. >> what keeps it exciting is that in the end, even grand masters are human. >> it's easy to make one mistake
9:48 pm
arched lose the whole game. >> jonathan bloom -- >> check mate. >> abc 7 news. >> forbes magazine has declared taylor swift the highest paid woman in music. she made an estimated $107 million in 12 months. much of it was from herr tour and various product endorse jmgts. one direction was the second highest. adele came in third. >> whoo. what's surely to be the hottest ticket in down goes on sale monday. the musical "hamilton" will come to zpks march 14 through august 5. tickets for american express card hold oars go on sale a week earlier than others. there is a lottery for tickets. "hamilton" has grossed more than
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3 million dollars for a three week performance. that's pretty hot. >> i think so. >> is the weather hot? >> sandy? >> not quite. here's a look. just an incredible view after the showers passed through. we had just a few lingering clouds as the sun went down. still looking at clouds cover hanging around parts of the bay area. that's all going to change tomorrow. bright, sunny and cool, breezy. temperatures from the mid 50s to the low 60s. you'll notice near average tomorrow, a little bit milder friday through sunday, only to drop winter like monday through wednesday only in the low 50s. these are the highs. 35 tomorrow morning, average below 38 degrees. we'll bump up a few degrees before we get ready for freezing conditions next week. i hate to tell you this, but as much as we like the mild
9:50 pm
conditions in the afternoons and the weekend is dry, that rain chance on monday is gone. latest models are in. they're trending dryer. yeah. still cold. >> that was fast. >> in one minute. >> thanks very much. >> the ceremony just wrapped up in sacramento. welcoming the inductees in the california hall of fame. among them george tack ie and harrison ford, william perry, baseball grate tony gwynn and marie aif shriver. >> that's quite a group. >> yeah. >> on to sports. >> larry is here. >> derek carr might have been a california hall of famer. who knows? derek car's finger was so mangled it's amazing he came mangled it's amazing he came back to play.
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. well, a lot of people are wondering about derek carr's finger after suffering the double dislocation of his pinky on sunday. we're going to continue to wonder because he doesn't want to talk about it. he suffered the injury against the panthers. his finger was popped back in place and he led came back to win the game. he was drilled today by our mike shoeman. >> how does your finger feel? >> feels great. thank you for asking. it's doing great. how's yours? >> not dislocated. >> no limitations. it's doing great. thank you. it's doing great. yeah. thank you very much. sweet. that's gre. >> how does the finger look today? >> looked pretty good. >> yeah. that's it? >> that's it. yep. >> isn't derek carr so plight
9:55 pm
while saying nothing? not much information regarding the status of alden smith who completed a year long suspension and is waiting to hear if he's going to be reinstated. today the league said it may decide by friday or it may not. on to the next interrogation where we get little info. chip kelly repeatedly being asked if these interested in returning to the university of oregon. the ducks fired mark hal fridge last night and would love to have chip can kelly return to eugene. kelly, on a 10-game losing streak with the 49ers, this might be a good time to bail out. how about it, chip? >> no, no, no, no, the only person i've talked to is help. talk about the bears. no. i have not talked to anybody. [ inaudible question ] no.
9:56 pm
>> he's talked to no one. all right. baseball news. the as found a way to say something without saying anything. they became the official sponsor of the baseball moejy today. there you see it. new team president dave cap el said the as also adopted the elephant and oak tree moejy. they're getting very big in the emoji stuff. outfielder matt joyce probably going to be used in a platoon role. he's good against right-handed pitchers and he led major league pinch hitters in rbis and walks last year. that's a happy face emoji, i would think. always interesting when jones faces his old team. he was at his best. no score in the first. rookie kevin labanc, the one-timer and it's 1-0 team
9:57 pm
teal. a minute left in the first. donskoy in front for couture. less than 30 seconds left in the first. sharks again two-on-one. look at his smile after his first career goal. he's pumped. dustin brown manages to poke it in. for the first goal of the game for l.a. the sharks lead in the third by a score of 3-1 right now. the stanford trees were watching "karate kid". watch out for that kick. marcus allen hits a three carl up one. 31-30 gaels. calvin hermanson knocks it down. moments later, hermanson, same spot, same result. he had 125 points.
9:58 pm
66-51. st. nary's is your final. >> the cow band and their flare pumping up the crowd. one-point game in the second half. a beautiful pass to okur. okur gets the ball. charlie moore who's been sensational hits the three at 19. 55-53 cal. they're up two with 19 seconds left in regulation. eric mccree into the lane floats it up and in. tied at 57. overtime. cal down a point. granted mull insz, three ball. cal winds 68-59. martin, they are five and one. they've won 24 straight at haas. >> thank you. >> all right. coming up p tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. we're nothing the news of the inmate who escaped from the santa clara jail. the sheriff is getting ready to hold a news conference.
9:59 pm
>> an imminent threat. the repair job getting under way at sfo to fix the crumb wling sea calm. >> finally here tonight san francisco city hall looked more like kitty hall today. >> check this out. it looks like an animal shelter in her office because it's been converted into a cat adoption center for the next ten days. >> she's helped eight cats find a new home. >> she's mildly allergic to cats so it's difficult. they'll therebe there until december 9th. thanks for joining us. >> for all of us, we appreciate your time. >> see you at 11:00 on channel 7.
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announcer: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. today a cross-dressing killer who goes by the name ms. puppy eludes police. but this murderer's plan to cover his tracks is about to head for a dramatic showdown. and a love triangle launches a revered astronaut into


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