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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 1, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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take a look in the home where the last of 4 escaped inmates was captured. tonight we see what it took to bring him back into custody. good evening. i'm amma. >> and i'm dan. new details in case that left headlines for week now. two escaped inmates now both back behind bars. >> take a look. these are the new mug shots for chavez and campbell. the two were among 4 inmates
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who escaped from the santa clara county jail the night before thanksgiving. >> all fore have been caught. vic is on the story. >> last night after 7 and a half hour stand off the sheriff s.w.a.t. team arrested chavez. hiding in an apartment in the south san jose neighborhood. also arrested fernandez friend who lives in the unit. she was charged with being accessory. reports had him hiding in the attic. sheriff's deputy asked for equipment to crack hole in the ceiling. >> destroyed. the ceiling is just completely destroyed. >> the aunt of fernandez. this is how the apartment looks like today. the ceiling drywall was gone. insulation piled up on the floor of the two bedroom unit. you can see from the open window the accident of the damage the hot gas fired by swat remain even this morning. martinez says deputy search the
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unit for drugs and guns two weeks ago. they came again yesterday morning. >> they said they were here for gentlemen who didn't live here, imagine. said that he was associated with somebody that had escaped from jail. >> manuel left three years ago. in the wake of the escape the sheriff's office says it's stepping up security. main jail south where the inmates escaped is the older facility and has no camera. 7 news has learned that next week county supervisors will vote for 300,000 dollar allocation to install camera there. broward president cortez. >> this is true in sports. it's true in jails. if you have a weakness somewhere it's exposed. >>reporter: cortez is cold front deny the board will vote for the camera especially after the daring escape. vic lee, abc 7 news. there are new developments involving the teenager accused of sexually assaulting a high school student after football game last month.
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the contra costa county district attorney office says its investigation is ongoing and it hasn't decided whether to press charges. last night the victim's father told us his daughter was raped after a football game at this high school november 18. our media partner reports the father of the accused boy insist the incident was consentual. the husband of the missing mother revealing new details about the dramatic moments as his wife was released by two female kidnapper and her cry for help. matt has an exclusive interview. >> tonight with his wife kidnapper still out there keith is cautious. >> keith has agreed to do the interview but under the condition that we do it here in this undisclosed location lit relevant in the middle of nowhere. exclusive interview with 2020 he describes his wife's harrowing release. >> they pushed her out of the vehicle and she has at this point has no idea where she's at and then ran to the freeway.
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she's screamed so much she said she was coughing up blood from the screaming trying to get somebody to stop. again just another sign of how my wife is so wonderful that she said well maybe people aren't stopping because i have a chain that look like i broke out of prison so she tried to tuck in her chain under her clothes. >>reporter: chained and beaten haircut off, still wrestling with the guilt. >> i thought about her being there screaming my name. >>reporter: it's at this intersection that keith realized his wife had been abducted from the first time we learn that two women who released her were the same ones who abducted her. keith said forcing her into the car at gun point. matt, abc news redding, california. now watch the full exclusive interview with keith on 2020 that is tomorrow night at 10:00 following by 7 news at
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11:00 over on channel 7. fremont p e teacher faces multiple felony chargestor alledgedly having a sexual relationship with one of her students. police arrested 32-year-old on thanksgiving day facing several felony including unlawful intercourse with a male student a minor at washington high school. she has been p e teacher at the school since 2012 and with the district since 2008. >> this is surprising. i never hear this happen. >> this is obviously a very unsettling, distour being emotional type situation. >>reporter: she was released on bail earlier today. district officials say they place her on administrative leave and she won't be returning to the school. developing news for the second day in a row. there has been a shooting on the same east bay freeway. shooting happened about 2:30 this afternoon on west bound 5 80 in richmond. chp shut down the canal
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boulevard on ramp. officers say nobody was hurt. yesterday two people were hurt after shooting on eastbound 5 80 at fruitvale in oakland. 21-year-old man was shot by a driver who rear ended his car at the exiting the bay bridge in san francisco. happened around 10 last night. both drivers pulled over at fremont and folsom street to get out of the vehicle to check the damage. but the one pulled out a gun and opened fire. victim driven to the hospital by a far police haven't identified the suspect. today san francisco police arrested a man for shooting to death a public works employee yesterday they say. melanie is digging into the suspect's background. >> growing memorial where 27-year-old public works employee jackson shot and killed needs morning. jackson was working painting over graffiti at 25th and vermont streets. he was a father of two. >> we lost a young man that had a lot to live for.
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>>reporter: same day jackson was shot and killed san francisco along with vallejo police arrested 26-year-old michael who was booked for murder. >> this surprise me surprise. >>reporter: marie is the girlfriend's grandmother and says her grand-daughter has a 6-year-old son with the man. >> i are don't understand it. >>reporter: he has had previous run-ins with the law. he pleaded guilty in 2010 and served time for assault on federal officer with deadly weapon. he was one of two suspects who attempted to rob an irs agent he agent shot him in the leg. in march of 2015 san francisco police arrested him on drug charges during music video shoot at hunter point where several people were detained. >> everyone on your knee get down. on your knee.: drug charges against him were dismissed. san francisco city hall today mayor lee ordered flag flown at half staff until sunset in honor of
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jackson. san francisco police say even though an arrest has been made, they are asking any one with information to contact them anonymously. in san francisco, melanie, abc 7 news. man killed in an accident at san francisco marina district. crash happened around noon. miss -- police believe it began with a stuck axle ray tovrment it ran a red light and slammed into a car heading west on lombard. man in the prius later died. 5 other people injured including a woman in critical condition. san francisco neighborhood here and neighbors are treat ago coyote like more of a pet really than a wildman animal. it's regularly spotted at san francisco heights park here. neighbors say she seems friendly and tame and even approaches cars and walks up and down the street. researchers on several web sites about co-existing with coyotes and even though the intentions might be g-this is bad for the animal. >> coyote is very likely to be
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hit by this car. but also feeding it doesn't allow to it get its nourishment it needs. >> concern is the coyote could one day bite a person or pet. signs posted all over the park your honoring visitors to never feed a coyote. much more ahead for you on this thursday night coming up. family pet recovers after getting sick from eating the food at thanksgiving meal. tonight the cdc gets involved as the mystery over what happened intense fight you can read in self driving car syrian than you think and might not look all that different from the cars we drive right now. >> drew has a preview of the forecast. >> cold night on the way but even chillier air set to arrive the coming day, accu-weather even chillier air set to arrive the coming day, accu-weather forecast ahead a. american hero made it to the moon but had to be rescued from the south pole. what happened to him and how is
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>> number of confirmed cases of food poisoning link to thanksgiving meal has gone up again. so far we know 21 people got sick. three of them died. one is still in the hospital and we don't know exactly why it all happened. laura spoke with one of the survivors. >> scary as hell and i'm
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surprised my dog survived. >> allen one of nearly 2 dozen people found hmself violently ill after eating thanksgiving meal at an american legion center in antioch. meal takened by more than 800 people sponsored by the golden hills community church. he told us he got sick later this night. >> just started throwing up violently violently and then i just was shaking like a leaf. i couldn't even move. i was literally incapacitated. >>reporter: contra costa county health officials have 21 confirmed cases of food borne illness related to the feast. three people from 2 assisted living center far local testing hasn't revealed the exact cause. i. >> we have sent sample on to the cdc for further testing. there are some test that test were common for food borne illness but testing is more difficult so it is doe at the cdc. >>reporter: golden hills put the statement on the web site. quote we continue to do what we can to help with the investigation that is ongoing.
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evidence that once pointed away from the meal we provided to so many now seems to point back that direction. he said he brought home some left over for his little dog 16-year-old chihuahua mix. >> she's doing better now but i almost lost her. she was so sick. she could barely move. >>reporter: cdc testing for the exact cause could take wee weeks or months. in antioch, laura anthony abc 7 news. governor brown appointed state representative xavier to be the state first latino attorney general xavier. would he replace outgoing attorney general harris just elected to the u.s. senate. he's stanford law school grad and 12 terms in congress and he has his work cut out for him. >> with the new political path to be prepared to take on these battles whether it's to make sure that our progress on clean
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energy or the way we treat working immigrant. >>reporter: nomination still needs to be confirmed by the state senate and assembly. >> self driving car focus at next month consumer electronic show in las vegas. they are coming. a bay area lab gave us a peek at what they plan to show off there. jonathan bloom took a ride in the latest prototype from this firm. >> with the car in gear it took only one button. >> now the vehicle is driving itself. >>reporter: state law requires a driver to be there for say. he's doing exactly what he is to do which is nothing. >>reporter: car itself doesn't look special no. big contraption on the roof. everything is hidden. >> you look in the front we have another radar behind the license plate. >>reporter: sensors all over give eye in the back of the head. >> this is what is happening not only in front of it but behind me. >>reporter: unlike a human the car cease everything at once. >> i can see a car coming up on the left. >>reporter: almost everything.
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there is a solution gathering data from human drivers using the smart sensor already built into most modern car efpl you can put a marker on that and say avoid this. >>reporter: they aren't sell this car. what they are selling is a set of system to let auto maker build car like this and build them sooner than you think. >> we will be in production in 2019. then see this in 2020 and 2021. >>reporter: earlier than some other prediction. >> drive like mom, dad. grandma. grandma. this is basically right now this car is designed to actually follow all rules. >>reporter: in the short-term that can cause some problems. >> because the car doesn't break any speed limit they can have upset drivers in a few states where speeding is pretty rampant. >>reporter: with enough car like this rod rain could go away with drivers happily tex texting and surfing the web as the cars apparently take turn
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merging on to the freeway. >> significantly improve traffic congestion. especially at rush hour. this is abc 7ews. >> all right. i'm so down with this. >> right? all right. let's turn our attention to the weather. >> drew is here. doesn't it sound nice. >> sounds wonderful. tonight the perfect sleeping weather. cool conditions that track even cooler air set to arrive early next week. all clear out there and nice day today. a lot of sunshine and tomorrow expect more of the same. really quiet pattern. today though we flipped the calendar. we look back on the month of november only 8 day in the month we see measurable precipitation. san francisco. until the 19th of november to seat first storm annual the storms we did see last month were not soaker by any mean. across the region below normal in terms of november rainfall.
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october we are so kind to us. november was rather dry. san jose more than a third below average so in terms of inches of rainfall. oakland more than an inch below normal. napa coming in at almost two inches below normal and concord over half inch of rain below where we should have been for the month of november. entering december this is one of the wettest month combine with january and february so we are hoping for an average december around here. 4 and a half inches san francisco typical over the next 31 days. over 2 inches in san jose. almost 4 and a half in oakland and over 7 inches of rain is typical in santa rosa for the month. not a cloud scene at sutro tower. clear crisp quiet period ahead overnight tonight. forecast clear sky. we will see a breeze kicking overnight tonight. mild afternoon at least through the weekend. equally and delightful and track the chill coming in early next week. take a look at san ramone.
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37 degrees. holding at 49 in san jose. 52 the current number in oakland. 53 san francisco. right now vallejo checking with a temperature of 50 degrees. wind overnight early tomorrow morning it will be breezy out there especially in our interior north bay vaechlt winds gusting over 20 miles per hour so the wind is with us first thing in the morning and it will subside by the afternoon. so high on the friday breezy to start. sunny finish. 62 the high in san francisco. 63 oakland. 62 san jose. about 64 nap a.the same in santa rosa. next 3 day really nice. sunshine on your which for friday. mild afternoon saturday. few clouds bubble up over the weekend and weekend is looking dry. fast forward into tuesday morning when we see injection of cool canadian air. spots likely dropping into the 30's and it's really wednesday morning where many spots around the renal even oakland, san jose and a lot of spots inland will be dropping into the 30's. so chilly mornings ahead next week. accu-weather 7 day forecast the
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bright breezy on your friday. saturday mild an and really a carbon copy in terms of temperatures on sunday. maybe degree or two down but partly cloudy skies. it tank on monday and cold morning not only tuesday morning but also wednesday that early morning chill and thursday a few increasing clouds so i would expect early next week spots close to the freezing mark. >> all right thanks. coming up. construction plan that could come back hours on bart and affect morning commute. come back hours on bart and affect morning commute. >> when it will
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engine coming up to turbo speed. all engine flight speed. >> what goes up must come down.
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hopefully, though, all in one piece. fortunately that didn't happen for this russian space craft. it broke up just minutes after launch this morning. dropping back to earth in pieces over south siberia no astronauts were on board the rocket. it was squaring equipment, food other cargo to feed the international space station. iss has enough supplies right now. next rocket is scheduled to launch next friday. federal rail authority temporarily shut down popular holiday train in santa cruz. polar express runs from the beach boardwalk and people living along the track notice the train swaying from side to side last week. investigators found 6 miles of track need to be fixed. the polar expresses they expect to have the repairs finished and train back running by december 10. bart moving forward with major seismic retrofit transbay tube. work designed to keep commuters safe in massive earthquake but the work could inconvenience some passengers. some passengers would be early
9:25 pm
morning commuters to do the work bart is talking about opening at 5:00 a.m. instead of 4 a.m. that allow overnight crew to do extra work. more than 2600 riders who take bart between 4 and 5 would have to find alternative transportation. >> we know 2 0sibingz,000 people ride bart then. so we need to figure out who are the people. do we have any other options beside bart. where are they coming from. what could we do to help if we don't start opening until 5:00 a.m. >>reporter: project isn't expected to get under way for about another year and a half but the actual work could take more than two years to complete. all right. another 30 minutes of 7 news at 9 is coming up next. >> we have the house. we have the senate. and we have the presidency. >> donald trump goes on thank you tour and announces his pick for secretary of defense. >> year later when investigators now believe the trigger of san bernardino
9:26 pm
terrorist attack. what change
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we are going to appoint mad dog the maddox as our secretary of defense. >> the president-elect announces new candidate nominee tonight calling mad dog mad okay the closest thing we have to famous world war ii general george s patton. >> donald trump delivered his first big speech since election night tonight and as we have come to expect it was unconventional and mostly unscripted. >> he delivered it at campaign style rally in ohio before a fired up crowd. here's kent. >> donald trump victory lap.
9:30 pm
thank to you battle ground ohio for giving him a decisive victory. i love you ohio this is a great place. >> rally in cincinnati trump first stop on thank you tour on the in us that he made the pick for secretary of defense. retired marine general james mad dog maddox. >> they say he's the closest thing to general george patton that we have and it's about time. it's about time. >>reporter: only out of uniform for 4 years he passed new legislation to get him confirm. he served 40 years. led troop in several wars and tough military tactic and strategy he's known for but economic strategy was the focus of trump thursday in indiana for the daily drug with carrier air conditioning to save 1,000 factory jobs bound for mexico. carrier says the state where pence is still the governor offered his multi-billion dollar parent company a 7 billion dollar incentive package over several years. >> the company aren't going to be leaving any more.
9:31 pm
not taking people parties out. >> trump deal now under scrutiny by create nick washington demanding to know all the details. trump thank you tour will continue over the next few weeks and it will include crucial states he won and those he thought he would have done better in. kenneth abc washington. donald trump also renewed his pledge to build a wall along the u.s. mexico border tonight but he added that the wall would have doors to allow legal immigration. clock now running in wisconsin where the state recount has officially started. jill stein fund raise enough for recount in 3 states but today the trump campaign filed objection to request the to recount in michigan calling it a lawless insulting request. board will rule on the request tomorrow morning. we have exclusive new details and video from the investigation into the san bernardino terror attack. year ago tomorrow married couple went on rampage at the husband holiday work party
9:32 pm
killing 14 people. investigators now believe it may have been that christmas setting that triggered the attack. here's brian with more. >>reporter: it was annual tradition with san bernardino county health department. meeting and then a holiday party. and tonight officials tell abc news new evidence shows the christmas decorations, the tre tree, the party may have been the trigger that led this employee and his wife to go on their terror rampage. >> she essentially made the statement in on line account she didn't think a muslim should have to participate in non-muslim hotel difficult or event. >>reporter: police chief tells us the shooting began shortly after he posed in front of the christmas tree and then left the room. >> that possibly is a motive in this case. >>reporter: officials now say an american citizen and his wife would came here from pakistan fiance visa were sharply focus on the holiday gahering.
9:33 pm
the video obtained by abc news shows the man and california firing range just days before the attack. practicing with a weapon he and his wife would use. >> 911. >> we have active shooter here. >> listen to me. take a deep breath okay. is he still shooting. >> oh, my god. >>reporter: he and his wife killed 14 of the fellow workers at the party and wounded 22 more. >> short time later they posted message on facebook pledging allegiance to isis leader officials say the couple actually had to conduct on line search that very morning who is the leader of isis. >> they didn't truly know who it was. >>reporter: two lone wolves. would died in a fierce gun battle with police. after killing so many. >> brian ross reporting. starting today all it takes
9:34 pm
is a single search warrant and federal agents can comb through the computers and cell phones of millions of americans. justice department says the rule change is needed to help them track down cybercriminals. bipartisan group of senators trying to stop the rule from taking effect but republican senate leader deny the request for a vote. oregon democrat contract ron white promising to introduce new bill in the next congress to repeal it. princess cruise lines agreed to pay the largest ever criminal penalty for deliberate pollution. the cruise line will pay the government more than 40 million dollars. statement today the justice department said princess illegally dumped contaminated waste oil for 8 years. company says it's extremely disappointed about the inexcusable actions of some of its employees. the second man to walk on the moon was rescued while visiting one of the most remote places on earth. here's more. >>reporter: tonight astronaut buzzal drawn a thumb up after emergency evacuation from
9:35 pm
antarctica. the rescue plane equipped with skis landing in some of the most challenging conditions on the planet. they were on exploration. 2 day ago tweeting south pole here i come but then he became ill. >> one small step for for man.laughte one giant leap for mankind. >>reporter: nearly 50 years ago he and neal made history landing on the moon. in an interview david asked about his message to boys and girls across america. >> you will find something but you have to really concentrate on what it is and give it everything you have got. >>reporter: that was the report. starbucks ceo howard shuttle is stepping down. seattle base company announced kevin johnson currently chief operating officer will take over the role in april. shuttle started there in early 80's and helps make the 84 billion dollar company it is
9:36 pm
today. starbucks stock was up during the trading day but dropped after the announcement which happened after the closing bell. down by 68 points. nasdaq dropped 72. coming up next on 7 news at 9:00. >> said that people die from hiv and can't find a cure yet. >> in honor of world aids day see how the city at the center of the hiv epidemic
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san francisco marked world aides day with solemn ceremony in golden gate park. this year 200 names evened on to the circle of friends. steven went to the memorial today to remember some of his friends. >> a lot of people whose faces
9:40 pm
i can't everyone remember any more but i remember their names. and i want to be with them in spirit today. >> i was there this morning. i had the honor of handing 115,000 dollar check to project infor. 192,000 dollars was raised during this year aides walk san francisco. those who lived through the dark days of the epidemic want every jean rigs to know how it swept through the castro district in the early 80's. >> ravage it. this morning a group of san francisco students left their mark to remember the fallen. >> lee ann was there. >> knew very little about the the don bailey but writing his name on the pavement made people pause to remember him and others would died with aide. >> still here but he's not here at the same time. but he's still in your heart. all these people are. >> this entire block of castro street had names of people long gone. event called indescribe was put on by a number of aides
9:41 pm
organizations. the student of civil rights academy were told to honor them in a colorful way. >> we have to honor the people who died from aides and struggled that horrible diseas disease. >> names are written town for everyone to see young and old gay and straight dying from aids. make them think for a moment that so much has happened here since aids claimed the lives of so many in the 80's. >> this was a community that was despised marginalize. disowned and responded in the most incredible way. >> troy was diagnosed 22 years ago. >> i want the new generation to be came. understand safe six is still safe six. still needed regard leads of everything else out there. >> i do think that maybe a lot of us take for granted all the work people had to did and pain and suffering that people went through and still go through.
9:42 pm
>> in san francisco, lee ann, abc 7 news. abc 7 news recently looked into one of the unintend consequence of the success of the drug. fine the well story on our web site. prince harry and rihanna a message to the world on world aids day. two took hiv test in their home country of before basis to raise awareness about hiv and aids. rihanna made fun of the prince for wincing during the test. moments later got the results. both were negative. new study that shows hallucinogenic ease depression. study was done by the nyu medical center they gave them a pill with the same drug found in some mushrooms. results were strike. about 80 percent of the patients showed sustained improvement with little side effects. all right. still to come at final check on the forecast withdrew. >> also.
9:43 pm
how bird help scientist develop flying robot. >> michael wants to hear your consumer questions in person. he's at the fountain at broadway plaza walnut correct tomorrow 4 to 7:00 p.m. to meet you. be sure to bring your question and ask it live on abc 7. also ask the question on social media of course. post them with the hash-tag ask. stay with us
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>> 3, 2, 1. merry christmas everybody. president obama and michelle lit the national christmas tree for the last time as president and first lady tonight. also performances from kelly clark son, garth brook and his wife trisha year wood and james
9:47 pm
taylor. >> ♪ have yourself a merry little christmas ♪ . >>reporter: president coolidge began the tradition in 1923. nice tradition. love listening to james taylor time. looking for something fun to do this weekend we have you covered. >> we have idea from our partners at headline. >> santa plus puppy could this be the best hood line weekend ever? >> do you want me to be your dad for christmas? >> we get into how you and your pet me santa this wean. union street for the fancy light you can't ride rudolph but you can ride a pony or arts and crafts. enjoy the shops. 3 to 7 on saturdayment now give me a puppy. >> this is a border collie mix 2 and a half months old. she's very sweet and up for
9:48 pm
adoption. >> i stopped by the 81 square macy where they have kitten and puppy like her waiting to be adopted. reserve tickets rate now to bring your kurnlt o newly adopted pet to macy on thursday for santa pawsment chance to get a picture with the jolly oh, or your pet or go to this location and do the same thing. tickets reqired on saturday but they need donation to be taken care of. but they need donation to be taken care of. this is seriously dangerous. >> and sort of canine related. details go to our web site and we link you up. this is 7 news. turns out the original full house home in san francisco remains in the family. show creator franklin bought it last august. it was for sale for 4 million dollars. home will be updated and
9:49 pm
brought up to code and plans to repair the repaint the front door red like it was in the original show. all right one last time update the forecast for you. >> how cold disit get. >> chilly night tonight then in the come days even cooler air will move in. so we see one of the ingredient you have for cold night is clear skies. plenty of stars out there. current numbers chilly spot like san ramone dropped to 37 degrees. holding 49 san jose. 48 for santa rosa. what you will notice overnight first thing in the morning it's rather breezy out there. really in the north bay we see gust close to 30 miles per hou hour. so start off breezy but finish with calmer winds and plenty of sunshine so 62 for san francisco tomorrow. 63 oakland. 62 san jose. now 64 the high for napa just want to quickly show you cooler temperatures tuesday an especially into wednesday. look at wechltd wide spread 30's on the board. prepare for. that the forecast
9:50 pm
show you nice weekend on the way. few clouds out there. then we track the cooler air araving monday through wed of next week. >> all right thanks drew. okay. best picture of the day probably. scientist stanford use bird to develop flying robot. video provided by the university shows a type of parrot with especially designed tiny set of goggles that allow the bird to fly to laser light without getting injured. look at. that when it flies to the light they study the flight pattern and use the information to design flying robot and drones. >> that's incredible. >> they need is like a tiny little scarf on. >> cute. >> i don't know that i want flying robots. >> come and save you. >> i know i will be a slave. >> you have been worried for years. >> now they are flying. see the natural progression the way this is going.
9:51 pm
just a matter of time. start running now. barkley another swipe at the warriors as they go for the 13 straight win. he had some choice words for win. he had some choice words for the doves
9:52 pm
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warriors took the 12 game winning streak out on to the court against the rocket charles barkley made some more comments that said the internet on fire describing the warriors style play. >> might be i'm old school but i will never like the little girly basketball tichlingts girly basketball. what? chuck? kevin durant on james. andre. i have the girly basketball right there. then kd vong to the hoop. one-on-one. 19 at the half. 27 right now for kd. look at the pass. the wide open livingston.
9:55 pm
17 assist in the faris half. look at kd feeding green inside but the warriors played occasional defense. anderson on the put back right here. had 15 at the half. rockets led by 5 then jim's into it with the hear double technical call as the score on the bass committee. look at curry. 13 points only for him so far and the rockets leading early in the fourth 91-87. well it has been 4 66 days since one of the greatest golfers in history tiger woods actually played in a golf tournament numerous back surgery then rehab. tiger returning for the hero world challenge taking place in the bahamas. tiger looseen up the neck before the round. started out great. birdie 4 and 4 of first 8 hole including 3 right here as tee
9:56 pm
shot of the par 3 few feet from the hole but the collapse begins on 9 and we have seen this so often with tiger with the cut back. inconsistent play. he bogey that hole then 11 it's bunker to bunker. end with double bogey on 16 and 17 to finish 1 over 73. he's in 17th place and field of 18. 9 back of the leader holmes. >> i feel good. i think part of the positive thing is i'm not that sore. i feel like i can recover pretty quickly for tomorrow. only thing is i'm really hungry. i forgot how my appetite gets wrapped up complaining how much i eat and i forgot about little things like that. >>reporter: reed what you want into this regarding the future for the 49ers and kaepernick does he stay or go. cap put the san jose mansion up
9:57 pm
for sale. item lovely i would say. about 3 million dollars. 4 bedroom. 6 bathrooms. and all this could be yours for 2.89 million dollars. home was over 4500 square feet. realtors will tell you don't put the house on the market in december. good week for opee. 49ers are away. they practice in oanrl getting ready for the game in chicago on sunday against the bears. cap best game of the season. 3 td passes against the dolphins and today the coach talked about his realizeship with his qb. >> i think he's always comfortable here. the relationship we have is great. we talk football. i really enjoy coaching him. he works extremely hard. really want to be great. works from that standpoint. all the other stuff he does really good job outside the door and doesn't discuss it. that's not what our relationship is about. >>reporter: nfl tonight. cowboy and vikings.
9:58 pm
minnesota without head coach who had emergency eye surgery so special teams coordinator mike filling in tonight. zekel yacht score from yard ou out. forth quarter. almost dropped the pass. he scores 14-9. cwboy 30 seconds left and counsel 8. vikings manage nothing but field goal get into the end zone. sam to derek so they need the two point play to tie. going for the conversion here and bradford fires. way too high. give the guys a chance to make play. pall game right there 17-15 cowboy. won 11 industry. patriots tight end rob has back surgery tomorrow on herniated disk. expected to be out two months. maybe could be back for the superbowl but family is indicating he is done for the season. ron 25 catches. 3 touch downs this year. this is the third back surgery. raiders would meet the patriots in the play offs knoll ron would help the silver and blac
9:59 pm
black. 7 sports brought to you by toyota. and i have to laugh everybody gets all work up about charles barkley and girly basketball and it's just charles. just an act. >> all right coming up tonight on 7 news at 11:00 hitchhiking college student kid inspected and held hostage she made a daring escape for freedom. >> taking a bit out of crime. bay area city turning to pet owner to keep the streets saf safer. be sure to injo us for 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> furry little crime fighters. that's our report appreciate your time. >> for bay area drew and all of us here thanks for watching. >> see you in an hour over on us here thanks for watching. >> see you in an hour over on the big 7
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