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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 10, 2016 9:00pm-9:31pm PST

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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. this evening. i'm eric thomas. thanks for joining us. the ceo of ex-kpoen mobility is emerging as the likely pick for donald trump's setting of state. critics on both side of the aisle have called into question his ties to vladimir putin this comes as new intelligence claims that russia interfered with the presidential election if the u.s. mary bruce has more from the white house. >> reporter: tonight a first in modern political history. trump's likely pick to be the nais' top diplomat exxon ceo rex tillerson a successful executive with no government experience.
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his business tie was russia are already raising concerns. that's tillerson in this 2013 russian government video shaking hands with president putin as he receives an award, the order of friendship. today trump making an appearance at the army/navy game and praising tiller son's connections. >> to me, a great advantage is he knows many of the players and he knows them well. he does massive deals in russia. he does massive deals for the company, not for himself, for the company. >> reporter: the pick comes as trump's team is fighting back against a "washington post" report that russia interfered in the u.s. presidential election to help trump win. >> what proof does anyone have that they affected the outcome in i've heard zero. >> reporter: tonight a top intelligence eofficial says both democrats and republicans were targeted but that only material hacked from the dnc was made public. tonight russia's motives remain unclear. during the campaign, trump repeatedly shrugged off russia's involvement, even seeming to invite them into the political
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process. >> russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. i think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press. >> reporter: even after 17 u.s. intelligence agencies concluded russia was behind the hacking, trump told "time" magazine this week he still doesn't believe russia interfered. now trump's team is questioning the credibility of the cia in a statement saying, these are the same people that said saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction. that statement is sending shock waves across the intelligence community. >> the president will rely on these career intelligence professionals to make virtually every decision he makes in office. i fear that his recent comments will undermine this vital relationship. >> reporter: and there's another trump position raising eyebrows. >> this is my boardroom it's not a locker room. maria, you're fired. >> reporter: trump staying on as
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an executive producer of "celebrity apprentice" on twitter today trump tried to dampen concerns saying, i have nothing to do with the apprentice except for the fact that i conceived it, will devote zero time. >> that was mary bruce reporting. republicans retained a scene in the senate after a runoff race in louisiana today. john kennedy defeated his democratic opponent foster campbell. kennedy is an outspoken supporter of donald trump who received a late surge of donations after the presidential election. in turkey, at least 29 people are dead after two bombings outside a soccer stadium and now ten suspects are in custody. surveillance video shows one of the blasts going on in istanbul 166 people were wounded. one of the blasts was a car bomb, the other was a suicide bomb. sources say the attack appears to have targeted police. 27 of those killed were officers. it happened after a march between two of the country's top soccer teams. a tree blocking highway 13 in oakland has been removed
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pthrough once again.continue the tree came crashing down on highway 13 at moraga avenue late this afternoon ond a car and blocked all lanes of traffic. the driver was not hurt. abc 7 news was on highway 13 as crews removed the tree estimated to be 200 feet tall. well, the bay area's rain is fading but it won't be gone for long. while it poured for a while today, take a look at stanford's campus where it didn't stop the diving teams from getting out there and prant ising and having a little fun, too. the rain hit marin county hard overnight. the video here is from green bray where the downpour continued into daylight. and a live look from the kgo roof camera, still rain clouds over much of the bay area right now and now the san mateo bridge is still slick. for the latest on the storm, let's head over to live doppler 7. >> eric, it is sliding south, this whole system. we did get a fu hundredths of an inch in the past hour at
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mt. hamilton and wattsonville. as we look at live doppler 7 right now we're just showing some clouds and most of the system is out towards the east, towards the sierra nevada. but impressive rainfall totals today, check out ben low mand over 4 inches, oakland got 1.32 inches, san francisco.08 inches and san jose had the least amount of rainfall, under 0.4 inches. here's how it will play out over the next couple of hours, we'll likely see sprifrpg els and light showers south of santa cruz as we make our way through midnight, all of it gone from the bay area and we're goinging to wake up to clear conditions which means very cool temperatures overnight. so you need to grab a jacket if you're doing some early morning shopping and get ready for the next storm, it's coming next week. >> francis, thanks. flooding shut down southbound lanes of the great highway. they're closed from lincoln to vote right now it's not clear
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when those lanes will reopen. and here is a look at conditions up dm the sierra at heavenly resort. plenty of rain there as well, not quite cold enough for any new snow. tahoe's next chance for snow is tuesday. other news now, a seven-year veteran of the santa clara police department is in jail accused of domestic violence. fellow officers arrested daniel byrd early this morning. investigators say when they responded to the call just after midnight, a woman he had been dating had visible injure riz. byrd was off duty at the time e.'s been placed on paid leave. a man accused of stealing mail in the south bay is in jail. police in milpitas arrested felix tap das lan last wednesday ex-was a passenger in a van that had expired registration. officers searched the van and found more than 12 grams of meth, drug paraphernalia and a backpack full of stolen mail from different addresses in san jose. today's rain didn't stop people from honoring victims from the ghost ship warehouse fire both at the scene and at a different artist colony across
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town. lonnie rivera with the story. >> reporter: this somber scene is still hard to grasp and the whys and what ifs for many linger. but those we talk to admit a little bit of art helps with the healing. >> i was nervous about coming not because of the piping but because i thought satisfy seeing that site for the first time it's horrifying. >> reporter: one week after the tragedy, people are honoring the warehouse fire victims. >> artists understand what other artists' lives are like, and by the grace of god go i. and it was such a tragic event i can't even let my head go there. >> reporter: this close-knit community of artists are coming together through their artwork at the crucible art gallery in oakland. >> 10% of the profits are going to the oakland fire memorial victim relief fund. all of the pieces arei one-of-a-ki one-of-a-kind. that's half the fun for me, is
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working with this really unique material. >> reporter: the piedmont highlanders band simply played to remember all 36 victims who died in this warehouse fire. >> my nephew is one of the musicians who lives in one of the warehouses here, and he lost two of his housemates during this fire. >> reporter: billy narvar wanted to honor her nephew's friends. >> he's rubbin ae's running a l gatherings at his place, too. >> reporter: sometimes music says what words can't begin to express. in oakland, lonnie rivera, abc 7 news. you can show support for the victims of the tragedy by sharing this badge on facebook. you'll find it on our page 7 news. and abc 7 news was at san jose's church when parishioners celebrate a new beginning. a seshl ceremony took place where a new holy cross church
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will rise. two years ago a fire destroyed the old church. work has new begun to build where the destroyed building once stood. >> very hopeful to see that the community gets back on its feet with a new building and the house of worship that they look forward to see just about the same as it was before. >> the pastor at holy cross hopes the new church is finished by april of 2018 just in time to celebrate easter. coming up on abc 7 news at 9, northern california water could be redistributed under ai new federal law. plus, another sign cuba is reforming as google moves in. and what's being done to address concerns over the rising cost of college here in california. those stories and
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nature changes to california's water policy are headed to president boehm's desk. late last night congress approved changes how much water is pumped to san joaquin farmers and southern california. support hes say it lifts environmental restrictions that have limited water flow to dry areas. environmentalists and senator barbara boxer said it hurts endangered species including native fish. a new state poll shows democrats and republicans agree on one thing when it comes to the rising cost of college. the public policy institute of california took a statewide poll and found that 57% of californians have serious angst about the cost of higher education. most californians agree the state's colleges are of high quality while democrats and republicans disagree on how to bring tuition down, they do agree on one source of funding. >> just increasing government funding for scholarships and grants for students so i think that that's something we saw really widespread support across demographic groups. >> the poll also shows widespread support for a state
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bond that would fund construction projects on college campuses to ease some overcrowding problems. google has struck a deal with cuba to bring faster internet to that nation's people. the associated press reports chairman eric schmidt will formally sign the deal on monday. it will give cubans access to google he's global cache network. the agreement is a sign that cuba is more willing to work with u.s. companies. in the past, it may have been seen as a possible threat to national security. coming up on abc 7 news at 9, expect a little respite in the rain but don't put the umbrella away just yet. weather is up next. in 2016 the heisman trophy handed out in new york, five worthy candidates up for the award but only one player took it home the youngest ever to win the award. the award. we'll hear from the man
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santa claus teamed up with police officers to brighten the season for kids battling cancer. abc 7 news was at the airport when santa arrived aboard a police helicopter. the cops care cancer foundation hosted today's celebration of life inside the san jose police department's helicopter hangar. each patient received a gift from his or her wish list. >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast from abc 7 news. and good evening. we're finally getting a little bit of a break from all of that rain we got today. live doppler 7 showing some cloud cover right now, most of the rain has slid south and will continue to do so, although there was still some heavy rain and some snow near the tahoe area. if you can avoid driving tonight and hold off until tomorrow, that would be a great idea because there is a flood advisory for the west slope of the sierra nevada until 10:45. we're still getting moderate to
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heavy rain which does mean street flooding and also small streams have been moving higher and faster. current temperatures right now in the 50s and santa rosa only at 48. so we are cooling down quickly as you noticed, the clouds are starting to clear as we look live from emeryville out towar the beautiful bay bridge and the city. with those clear skies tonight, we'll wake up to a very cool morning, dry and partly cloudy for tomorrow afternoon. and then get ready because we've got another storm heading our way next week. and i'll show you that with the animation. so it's the 11:00 hour, we still may see some light rain well south of san jose toward gilroy and even into mid night it moves south and east and out of here. 7:00 tomorrow morning some clear skies so if you are doing some early morning shopping you'll need to bundle up. but it will be a good day to head outdoors if you want to get the kids out finally because we will see dry and cool
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conditions, some high clouds passing through. overnight lows will be once again on the cool side, chilly in fact in the north bay, temperatures in the 30s, santa rosa 37, napa 38, san francisco milder at 47 as well as san jose and we could see some patches of fog develop as well in parts of the east bay and into livermore. tomorrow we'll be on the cool side with temperatures really having a tough time climbing noog the upper 50s. san francisco 53, napa 54, oakland 56, san jose 57 degrees. so here's our storm impact scale. the next storm ranking between a 1 to 5 is going to be a 2, moderate. tuesday through wednesday we could get 1 to 3 inches of rain in the north bay, quite a lot there, and around the bay area anywhere from three-quarters to 1 1/2 inches and less as we head farther south. now, i want to show you the forecast animation. monday is still pretty dry, but tuesday morning we'll wake up to cloudy skies and then by
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wednesday, tuesday we'll see some widespread light rain into tuesday, it will continue into thursday. friday morning is when things start to taper off with a chance of some lingering showers. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. so we have some sunshine tomorrow but temperatures on the cool side. still in the upper 50s for most everybody, mid 50s at the coast. we'll see increasing clouds on monday making way for our next storm which arrives tuesday. that level 2 into wednesday and then lighter on thursday. so at least we'll get a break from the rain tomorrow. >> all right, thank you very much. >> announcer: now abc 7 sports. well, the 2016 heisman trophy handed out today. louisville's lamar jackson has been the favorite since august. clemson's deshaun watson is the only finalist in the playoffs. no one was more important to their team that's jabrill peppers and baker mayfield and didi west brook a rare pair of teammates up for the award. these with the five nominees for
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the 2016 heisman trophy and the winner is -- >> lamar jackson of the university of louisville. >> -- lamar jackson, the youngest ever to win the heisman at 19, he he had 30 passing touchdowns this season along with 21 rushing tds. leading his louisville cardinals to a 9-3 record. he becomes the first player from the university of louisville to win the awardor over 3300 yards in over 1500 yards rushing. he did more for his team than perhaps anyone in the nation, thus the award and the man of few words gives thanks. >> i wasn't nervous at first you guys because i didn't know who was going to win this award. but to be up here it is crazy, man. these guys are great. i'm just happy right noy. i told my teammates i wasn't going to cry. >> all right, 117th army/navy game the black knights a 14 year losing streak. andy davidson with 28 carries for 87 yards scores his second
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td. 14-0 army at the half. navy quarterback scores in the third and fourth. breaking several tackles, 41 scores for the yard. he threw for 89 yards, two picks, ran for 73 and two tds. navy leads 17-14. ahmad bradshaw would get it right back, the black knights 316 yards on the ground. army beats navy for the first time since 2001, 21-17 the final. here is the old ball coach. >> sojourn in the foxhole all around the world, for brandy jackson, for chuck -- for the long gray line, i mean, just it's a long time coming. i'm just to proud of this team for the way they fought. what a second half. i couldn't be more proud. warriors hosted game three of four on the road. this is a matchup with the top offense of the nba. war first quarter memphis an
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11-2 run stopped with steph curry for the alley-oop. dubs just 16 points in the first. second quarter off the jump ball, randolph left hook and the foul. he had 14, grizz up 15. kevin durant the only warrior to show up on offense, 21 points 7 of 13 shooting. sh hits the three. 61-38 memphis at the half. warriors couldn't find a spark in the second. pau gasol easy three. grizzlies scored 30 points on 23 warriors turnovers. steph loses it. troy williams throws it down. memphis up 30. they finish with seven in double digits. troy daniels not one of them but gets the lucky bounce. warriors lose and face minnesota tomorrow afternoon. sharks hosting carolina tonight at the tank trying to end a two game slide got out to one of the fastest starts no franchise history. tonight pitching coach dave righetti dropping the ceremony
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puck. thornton backhand to marlo, number 12 scores just 12 seconds in, 1-0 sharks. 1:15 after tied at 1-1, martin gets his fist goal of the year thanks to a lucky bounce off a foot, 2-1 sharks. second period, kairnlt ties it, burns shot is deflected by couture, his 11th now in the second intermission it's 4-2 sharks. being a native of louisville where my dad went to college and played with johnny unitas i say congratulations to the school's first heisman winner, lamar jackson. >> fun to see his reaction. next, the red coats are coming. those red cots, san francisco's annual
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tonight on abc 7 news at 11,
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remembering the victims of the warehouse fire in oakland. the school the youngest victim attended hosts a concert in his honor. and a desperate search for a tahoe skier missing after an avalanc avalanche. not even the rain today could drown one the largest and most notorious pub crawls in san francisco. abc 7 news was in union square when droves of people dressed in santa claus suits gathered for the first day of santa con. organizers called it off because of the rain. it started as money for charities but critics say it's an excuse for getting drunk and rowdy, something that never happens in san francisco. santa con will resume tomorrow. and that's it for abc 7. i have witnesses here. our next newscast is at 11 over on channel 7. see you then.
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