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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 13, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> powerful storm is heading our way. tonight we see a few light showers but that will change with a soaking rain approachin approaching. good evening. >> the big stoyrms also expected to bring some strong winds. >> let's take a live look outside at the emeryville camera. clouds overhead and shortly give way to a lot of rain. >> drew has more with live doppler 7. >> few light showers and really
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in the north bay around santa rosa. doppler on the jon job this evening with wet weather north of ukiah. light sprinkle in santa rosa but that's about it for now. live doppler 7hd stream of moisture showing you thursday storm. on the stormy packet scale thinks a 3. strong storm headed our way. first 3 of this rainy soap and the first 3 in 9 months. it has been awhile since storm like this moderate heavy rain wind gust 30 to 45 miles per hour and likely localize flooding. earl heads up. thursday evening rush. going to be an absolute mess. heavy rain will cause ponding on road localize flooding so wet and dark. so expect delay thursday and we take a much closer look hour by hour show you the heavy downpour and very strong wind coming up in the full accu-weather forecast. >> thanks very much. the storm preparation happening across the bay area tonight. the north bay will take the first big hit.
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lee ann looks at the effort being made there to present vice president flooding. >> san francisco couldn't resist taking pictures of high water at peer 14 caused by today's king tide. wasn't as dramatic as it has been in the past. >> if we had wind driven waves. storm surge today the the that would have push the tide several feet higher. >>reporter: affects of today king tide were most visible in marin county. usual areas flooded as cars tried to navigate their way through the water. >> cal-trans close the exit off highway 01 to mill valley. conditions made it dangerous for some drivers. still despite the road block some decided to take their chances. even bicyclist riding through the flood zone. those along the board one know king tide change the scenario here. >> ankle deep where we are
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standing right now when the tide comes up. we don't usually have a problem unless there's a lot of rain first then the tide then we are like knee deep. >>reporter: in san rafael public work crew removed any dirt run off that could pro tensionally block the drain. when that happens the parking lot in the canal district floods. the preparation were in advance of thursday storm and another expected king tide. public work announced it has few crew starting at 4 thursday morning to row respond to any flooding. resident of this mobile home community ready to face thursday storm. >> with he do all right. we are aware of it and we do our best to keep sand about and stuff ready. >>reporter: san rafael has three sand bag stations at city prepares for possible flooding on thursday. in marin county, abc 7 news. in pacifica workers put up a fence along popular coastal path collapsing into the ocean. caution tape warn walk are to
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stay away from the path. giant hole opened up along the path this weekend. there you see it. this is the same area on esplanade avenue where several buildings abandoned because of eroding bluff. track the storm with the 7 news app. live doppler 7 open the app for you and unable push alert to get weather advisory on your phone or tablet medley. big development tonight in the effort to keep the raiders playing in oak land. stadium proposal green light today fromal immediate couldn't supervisors. right now oakland city council is meeting to discuss the latest plan. it's approval would allow the city and county to enter negotiations with the team and league. wayne has more. >> maybe never has a cast showed up for a meeting at the alameda county board of supervisors. might admit it happened by design. >> best case scenario for today is that we get the vote. >> we need to call everybody.
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>>reporter: with raiders threatening to leave for las vegas the plan to leave them in oakland. spending 1.3 billion dollars to resurrect the coliseum into first class football xlechblingts oakland and county which supply land, investors most of the money. if you are an oakland raider fan is heart is in your throat. >>reporter: the investors need approval from the board of supervisors. hence the influence of marcus allen. rodney pete. raymond chester. >> in order to make this thing work everybody has to put some skin in the deal. >> in this game you have to be able to trust your partner. i trust ron lot. >>reporter: vote passed but not unanimously. raiders still have the final say. >> we have had very good relationships with the raiders since al davis passed away so much more trust for this
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franchise now than i would have had let's say when al was aliv alive. >> this is huge raider fwrand brand is global and not more meaning than impact than here. >>reporter: from oakland abc 7 news. fire in mendocino county claims the lives of two children in a house on this lane in manchester. about two hours north of santa rosa. investigators say most of the family got out then they realized two children were still inside that house. fire in castro valley building investigated as homicide. deputy say as woman found dead early this morning on grief way. autopsy found she did not die from the fire. the 59-year-old victim the had brutal violent injuries. her body was set on fire which spread through the grand jury and attic. victim was widow and lived in the home for three decade. investigators on scene possibly through the night sifting
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through the ashes looking for evidence. santa cruz county sheriff's deputy arrested a man in connection with the fatal shooting in so-cal. 31-year-old jose ramos was taken into custody about a mile from the shooting scene. authorities say ramos shot and killed one man and then wounded a woman that he knew. he had drugs in his possession and he's being held on two million dollar bail. momentum growing for bay area effort for support of relimb us free. local engineers, design business executive vowing not to build a database that track muslim americans or any one else based on religion. melanie has the story. >> more than 200 signature on petition started by never agai >> never again pledge is a pledge by individual tech workers not participate in registry or database or list of people based on status or
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religion because we believe that list will be used by human rights by the trump administration. >>reporter: value rise independent consultant who specialize in diversity and inclusion. organizers are having a difficult time-keeping up with the volume of request because they are verifying every signature. >> unless we resist very strongly all of the victims he thinks he has promised about database and deportation will come to fraw is. >>reporter: communication director for president-elect trump transition team previously issued a statement that reads in part president-elect trump has never advocated for any rental industry or system that track individual based on relimb and to imply otherwise is completely false. but that's not slowing down this group. whose web site reads we have educated our self on threats like these and on the role that technology and technologist play in carrying them out. today we stand together to say not on our watch and never again n.san francisco, melanie,
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abc 7 news. we are learning more about what the oakland fire department knew and didn't know about the ghost ship warehouse before the fire that killed 36 people. oakland followed state law when it comes to which types of buildings must be inspected by the fire department. the chief claims the ghost ship didn't meet the criteria. >> warehouse that is a empty struck take your would not constitute inspection. >> she says her agency has no regard of visiting the warehouse in the pingt 12 years despite crew putting out fire that was determined to be arson outside the ghost ship. in 2014. atf agent emphasize tonight that no final determination has been made on what caused the fire. investigators continue to look at the buildings electrical system. >> still ahead at 9. donald trump played host to
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celebrity guest today and new paid for secretary of state is the talk. >> we all need to stand up for science. >> scientist rally to send a message to the president-elect and. >> empire has taken over rogue one headed to theaters. look inside the s
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>> to the transition donald trump had a busy day of meetings in new york after picking exxon mobile ceo as secretary of state. however that confirmation is by no means guaranteed. karen is in washington. >>reporter: donald trump back on post election victory tour. with rally tuesday night in wisconsin. it was his first public appearance at rally with house speaker paul ryan. >> this is so cool. speaker paul ryan. i have really come -- no i have come to appreciate him. >>reporter: the lobby of trump tower tuesday buzzing with senior power. president-elect trump coming downstairs for a morning photo op with kanye west. >> good man. >>reporter: "vogue"editor dropped by and mick soft founder bill gates. trump also sat down with former nfl star ray lewis and football legend jay brown. revolving door of celebrity on
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the day tiller son as paid secretary of statement he doesn't bring military government experience but as the head of one of the world most valuable publicly traded oil companies he's broker major international deals. now the spotlight is on tillerson deep tie to russian president putin. two seen here sharing a champagne toychlingt i have invested a lot of money our company invested a lot of money in russia. very successfully. >>reporter: some republican senators publicly expressing concerns about tiller son potential conflict of interest. >> he could be a referendum on the donald trump foreign polic policy. >>reporter: but even lawmakers raise flags about tiller son nomination say he deserves a fair and thorough confirmation hearing. abc news washington. >> group of activist take unique approach today for pelosi to stand up to trump. san francisco supervisor and others delivered a model of
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human back bone to pelosi local district office. they want her to use every tool 0at her disposal to fiercely oppose donald trump and his agenda. statement given to us pledge to fight the trump administration. spokesperson there accued supervisor of being quote very misinformed. the department of energy says it will not provide a list of names of staffer who worked on climate change issues as requested by the president-elect transition team. officials say the team is looking to fire staffer for the work on climate change n.a statement the d o e says we will be forthcoming with all the publicly available information with the transition team. we will not be providing any individual names to the transition team. america top climate scientist took to the streets of san francisco today to blast president-elect trump position on climate change. the american geo-physical union is meeting in the city this week and vic lee was there.
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>>reporter: since winning the election president-elect donald trump has said he will keep an open mind about the global cliate deal struck in paris. but during the campaign he tweeted that the concept of global warming was created by and for the chinese. in order to make u.s. manufacturing non-competitive. >> our community are under attack. what to we do. stand up fight back. >>reporter: about 400 scientist environmental activist gather at the square outside moscone center to stand up to mr. trump position on climate change. >> science evidence at risk of being ignored. disparaged and disregarded. >>reporter: those here also spoke out against the proposed appointments. oklahoma attorney general scott pruitt as epa chief. exxon ceo tiller son as secretary of state. >> i am her because i'm terribly concerned about the incoming administration who are
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science denier. >>reporter: american geo-physical union bills itself as world largely east association of earth scientist. this is the first major convention since the election among the hundreds of booths in the exhibit hall. this culled science has never celtsed. lone voice peter ward found himself constantly defending his position on global warming. >> we have never actually demonstrated an experiment in the laboratory or in the field that when you increase green house gas you cause the air to get much warmer. >>reporter: 26,000 scientist and others are attending this convention which ends friday. what won't end is controversy over global warming. issue most likely heat up during the trump president situation. vic le, abc 7 news. new government report out tonight reverses previous epa findings and find infrastructureing might be concern to drinking water across the u.s. today the epa deleted a
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conclusion from a past assessment that said infrastructureing had quote no wide spread systemic impact on drinking water. they now believe infrastructur infrastructureing came packet drinking water under certain circumstances. item the process of drilling team into the earth and using high pressure water to extract oil or natural gas. at least one oil industry group disputes the epa latest position on this. effort under way to permanently ban new offshore drilling off the california coast. today governor brown called on president obama to use his authority to permanently prohibit new offshore oil gas leasing in federal water off the coast of california. governor also signed an agreement with the setting of the interior to help expand offshore renubble energy development. >> strip yourself in. rough weather coming this way. >> we have the latest. >> really going to be on thursday. we have so many rains really strong wind.
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tomorrow item just a light scattered shower ahead of the main storm. we have an active picture to the north of the region. few light sprinkle have been reported around santa rosa but you notice right between ukiah and eureka and this is a warm front that is just going to sit over northern california and bring the chance of few sprinkles painly into the north bay. so tomorrow the stormy packet scale this weak system is a one. item light on wednesday. mainly north bay. and coastal situation around santa cruz mountain. quarter inch of rain total isolate sprinkle. not huge issue. hour by hour for you on your wed. 6 in the morning much of the activity in the forth by and right along the coast first thing. that front sits in the north bay. so into the evening hours couple spring el north of santa rosa but for much of the renal it's the painly cloudy day with showers developing once again the forth bay. by wednesday night into thursday that's when the storm
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system will intense fight storm impact scale on thursday this is a 3. strong storm we are talking about. strength not in 9 month ins the renal. moderate heavy rape. strong win gust and the threat of flooding in our urban areas. future weather hour by hour on thursday first thing in the morning. the morning commute will feature showers scattered in nature and two throughout the morning hours watch how the rain just expands and covers. thursday 11 in the morning we are starting to see downpour develop in the downpour will continue in the early afternoon as well. 2:00 o'clock. we have wide spread heavy rain moving through. by 5:00 o'clock. the evening rush under wait a minute it is going to be a mes mess. typically a mess on normal day. add rain. that will hamper things even more. then we watch the front. bring it into the rain very quickly first in the north bay then swing through the rest of the region as we approach midnight early friday morning. in terms of total rainfall many spots likely inch of rain
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likely higher amounts in the santa cruz mountains and hills around the bay we are talking about wind gust being an issue. win gust shows you thursday evening as the toronto moves through winds gust over 30 miles per hour. get winds gusting that high, we have some concerns like peg pegsally with down tree and also limbs falling on power line. there's the chance of isolated power outages. if you do lose power, if you have our news app stay up to date with the forecast and track the rain with live doppler 7hd with, yes that comes in handy rain moving through on thursday. 7 day forecast we'll show you the scattered showers on your wednesday. item a one. light system on the storm impact scale. thursday it is a 3. upgrade to moderate storm just strong with the 3. it's rainy an it is windy with the 3 on thursday. by friday lingering morning shower then really quiet down. mother nature doesn't want any of the weekend. it's brisk with temperatures.
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>> all right thanks so much drew. >> coming up on 7 news at 9:00. anger in the courtroom today as lawyers prepare for the six assault trial of bill cosby. >> and stock rush to million stone. top business stories when we stone. top business stories when we return did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything.
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a. what day for wall street. dow nearly reached 20,000 mark around 1:30 this afternoon. ended the day up nearly 115 points closing at 19,000 plus. >> nasdaq gained tech stock beg boost today on the eve of meeting between donald trump and industry leaders in the tech field. >> facebook looking to hire some one to improve the relationship with the media. >> the story lead our business watch tonight. facebook is posted a job opening for executive to work
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with news organizations. head of news partnership pos posting comes in the wake of criticism about fake news stories that appeared on facebook during the presidential campaign. >> google announce today it's using the car unit called way low "new york times"report decision by alphabet google parent company to create this is a single that self driving technology is ready for self organization. >> apple say the wireless head phone are available to order on line but you won't receive the order in time for christmas. they will ship in 4 week time. they announce they should be in stores next week. unmostly clear how many supplies there will be. still ahead. 7 news at 9:00. surprise cease fire in syria cause for celebration but the violence is far from over. >> plus stop blending now. recall that could affect your holiday meal. >> and hope for cancer patients afraid of losing the hair
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a. >> police shot and killed an unarmed 73-year-old man in bakersfield who had difficulty mention a. >> lauren has the latest now on the investigation. >> tonight questions about why this 73-year-old man was shot and killed by a police officer outside of his bakersfield home. just before 1:00 a.m. monday you can see in the video here police responding to this dispatch call. >> brown jacket. >> dispatcher also giving officers a warning. >> police responded when he walks out of his house authorities say the 911 caller
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identified him as the armed man. >> walked toward the officers. gave several command to stop and show his hand which were in his jacket. >> we learned 7 shots were fired. his daughter made the 911 call about the man not recognizing her neighbor. >> they told him to good back across the street. don't come out. go back. he just kept coming. they shot him. >> police revealing the man did not have a firearm. the family saying he was murdered. >> they all knew this was the man with dementia. my father gets killed. that was inexcusable. >> bakersfield police are investigating what they do not have to work with we are told dash cam body cam or surveillance video of the actual shooting. this is abc news los angeles. man best known for his role as the father on 1980's abc sitcom growing pain has died. tmz reports that allen thick suffered heart attack while
9:32 pm
hockey with his 19-year-old so son. he was on fuller house. thick career in show pistol was really illustrative. hosting gym show talk show and writing theme song including growing pains. wheel of fortune and different stroke. thick was the if as to singer robin thicke. he was 69 years old. >> heated courtroom argument erupted today pitting pros can can youtors against defense attorneys for bill csby for sexually assaulting a woman at his home back in 2000 4. pros can youtors plan to cull as many as 13 women to say that cosby also assaulted them over the course of several decade. cosby defense team wants them barred from testifying. 79-year-old entertainer due to good on trillion next year. we follow new development out of sir yeah. evacuation set to dpn within hours in eastern where intense fighting has left humanitarian crisis. earlier today rebel leaders
9:33 pm
sent text message to residents announcing surrender and cease fire. video comes amid reports of massacre and firing squad by forces loyal to president assa assad. united nations called it a complete melt down of humanity. condemned russia for the east ka oscillating death toll. >> deck taketor was left to do his worst. along with theal lay russia and iran and bloodiest tragedy of the 21st century has since unfolded. >> civil i can't be in opposition fighters will be evacuated to a town 40 miles away. >> extremely cold over 3 quarters of the country for the rest of the week. forecaster call the polar plunge will spread freezing temperature from bismark to boston and even attempt to make things better back firing after salt is used to melt snow on roads the water refreezes into more ice because it is just so cold. >> new abortion ban won
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approval in ohio while the governor veto stricter measure. kasich signed a 20 week abortion been and rejected a second proposal that bar the procedure after the first detebingtd heart beat. it would prohibit most abortion in 20 week pregnancy. it's a ban like in 15 states. new testing help support device that could help cancer patient keep their hair during chemo. fda approved cooling cap last year. newly published research by the school of wednesday further test the cap of 95 breast cancer patient who wore the cap more than half kept the hair through chemotherapy. 47 patients who didn't wear the cap all lost their hair. this hair loss prevention system works by chilling the patient head that reduces the blood flow and allow less of the chemo drug to reach the hair follow kill. millions of food processors recalled. so popular if one is not in
9:35 pm
your kitchen it's likely in the kitchen you know. michael has the recall that could affect your hotel difficult meal. >> they are now potentially dangerous. >> imagine having broken bits of metal blade in your food and in your mouth. >> the maker of this blender and federal government issued recall of 8 million food processors. >> these are in millions of american homes including my own and they are really dangerous products. >> c p se and con air asking consumer to medley stop using the processor blade that look like this. with 4 rivet an beige plastic which over time can crack and send small metal pieces into the processed food. >> we have seen dozens of example of cirrus cuts to the mouth and damage to people time. so far there have been 69 reports of these broken blades and 30 reports of mouth or tooth injuries made over the past 20 years.
9:36 pm
so now 22 different models of food processors are being recalled. >> i think the injuries have come to light more recently. goes back 20 years i mention we have one of these an item probably more in the 20-year-old side so we don't want consumer to be complacent. >>reporter: to be sure check this site to see if you own one that has been recalled. if that's the case the company is offering a free replacement blade. now if you need help with any consumer issue i want to hear from you. my hot line open monday through friday 10 to continue. this is the number to call. this is 7 on your side. >> one of the wonders of world. i've el tower in paris shut down because of worker strike. strike in protest over an upcoming paint job specifically workers worried about stripping the paint before the new coat goes on. union spokesman says the tower is in such a state that climbing it is hazardous. tourist are obviously disappointed.
9:37 pm
>> this was the first team we come here just to go upstairs. i have fear of height serve the whole family with me just to go up stairs. no you can not. it was very, very disappointed. >reporter: strike comes as paris struggling to revive tourism after strength of deadly attacks. budget experts are you you remembering california law make investigators my it safe when it comes to crafting next year budget. they are worried about some of president-elect donald trump policy promise that could badly daniel the state finances. democrat suggested 1 billion dollar increase in state spending. experts warn should affordable care act is repealed they may lose federal funding and doesn't end there. >> so much uncertainty about the potential impacts of federal actions like the potential repeal of the affordable care alaska. cuts to social safety net services. >>reporter: many of the assembly disagree with the wait
9:38 pm
and see approach including san francisco democrat bill who chairs the budget committee. more to come for you here on 7 news at 9:00. on 7 news at 9:00. ‚ô™find out what had the san
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>> matter of money brought out supporters today of free community college in san francisco. >> san francisco supervisor overwhelmingly approved funding to turn the dream of tuition free city college into a reality. >> now the push is on to get the mayor on board with. that here's carolyn tyler. >> not traditional christmas carrying outside the city mayor office today.
9:42 pm
the lyric make city college free after daby glover takened the college back in 1964 and sees it as path way to hire education -- higher. >> we want free city college the visible to all our citizen citizens. >>reporter: last month 62 percent of san francisco voters approved a tax on luxury property leaving 13 million each year would good toward a tuition free city college. but the money wasn't officiall officiallye mark for. that now the mayor wants to use a portion for other purposes. including all services. >> we didn't fight for campaign for and this new revenue to solve other problems. we civiccly campaigned for it to make city college free important all san francisco residents. >>reporter: she plans to enroll next month. >> hopefully i finish my agree it will be free.
9:43 pm
>>reporter: college could use a boost in student. officials here just learned they have to repay the state nearly 39 million dollars for what they call accounting errors in honor line courses. >> our budget is based on the number of students that we >> the mayor has budgeted just half million democrats and republicans of the nine million approved by the board for ccsf this fiscal year. in san francisco, abc 7 news. up next at 9:00. jonathan goes behind the scents for special look at the making (man) my dad and i have the same eyes.
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serious side effects may occur, including muscle problems if given anesthesia; slow heartbeat, fainting, more stomach acid which may lead to ulcers and bleeding; nausea, vomiting, difficulty urinating, seizures, and worsening of lung problems. most common side effects are headache, diarrhea, dizziness loss of appetite, and bruising. (man) dad and i shared a lot of moments. now we're making the most of each one. (avo) ask about namzaric today.
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>> this thursday the "star wars"universe expands with release of the new movie rogue one "star wars"story. one fan has already seen it. >> take would be our very own reporter jonathan bloom got to sit down with the director of the cast to talk about the force and the making of "star wars"magic. >> not just the world but galaxy far far away. >> i remember the first day i showed up shooting hundreds of storm trpers stood there on se set. just you are in your childhood fapt situation. he grew up a "star wars"fan and never dreamed he would be an imperial pilot defecting. but the biggest fan on set was almost certainly director edwards. >> magic about the franchise. >> yes. as a kid i thought the world was full of storm troopers and wing before i realize it was cars. >>reporter: "star wars" has
9:48 pm
one guy in a suit. best known bad guy of all time. >> being on set with darth is hard to beat. >>reporter: brought back childhood nightmare. >> every time i go to bed he kind of comes back to me and talks to me at night. quite scary. >>reporter: this is the first movie in the part of the main saga. 7 episodes before it you mit say this film is the rogue one. >> we are requesting a call sir. it's rogue. rogue one. >> reporter: story of what happen between "star wars"episode 3 an 4 and the character are new. >> it's about parent-child relationship. >>reporter: jen grows up to be the hero inplayed by grace. >> it's a physical role and one played here. you really kill some butt in
9:49 pm
the scene. more impressive considering the character is blind. >> he is not a jedi. he's human. then he's connected to the force. >>reporter: part of greater vision of the far awhich galaxy where good evil are not confined. it's as doing the right thing. >> yes from this point of view we very much are doing the right thing. >>reporter: villain met in the first seep of film whose cast may be most diverse in "star wars"history. >> audience are asking shouting to be represented on screen and it is happening. very proud to be part of that. >>reporter: in san francisco, jonathan bloom. >> may the force be with us. >>reporter: 7 news. >> may the force be with us. getting weather in here. >> drew has the timing of it all. >> rain very windy and comes in hand not as suitable if the
9:50 pm
wind pick up. strong storm on thursday. moderate heavy rain. rain gust over 30 miles per hour. hour by hour on your thursday in the morning and light showers with activity really ramp up as we approach midday into the afternoon. bright color you see on the screen those are heavy downpou downpour. heavy rain developing continuing for the evening commute and then sharply ending as we approach midnight from north the south. all this heavy rain there's the chance of some flooding especially in the burn scar. something we'll be watching as we head into thursday. accu-weather 7 day forecast. light shower tomorrow. main event on thursday week looking bright chilly out there with temperatures in the 50's. thank you so much drew. soccer super fan from afghanistan whose cuteness made the internet swoon this string met his idol. >> this is a home made jersey. it's made from a plastic bag. >> today she met messy.
9:51 pm
soccer star pick up the sic sick-year-old who didn't want to be let go. >> the if the would wake up screaming his name. he was made the jersey. >> now has real jersey and specialship with his idol. >> very nice. >> after let's cap make a difference. >> they can. >> absolutely. more sports about now. great example of this. >> absolutely right. >> warriors. put the clamp on in new orleans tonight. finish the road trip and they
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
e. >> good evening. warriors have 3 of the best scorer in the nba but it was defense that won the game tonight in new orleans with them finishing up a 4-1 road trip in new orleans. curry so many skills. now wide receiver making the catchen bounds. it's better at basketball. curry with a drive and sweet reverse.
9:55 pm
down 3 early then no look pass to green with first triple -- triple double of the year. new orleans led most of the fairs half. davis off balance. 28. this was a two point game in the third. did your rant tall skirmish with alex. don't want kd angry won't like it when he's angry. he hammer him. 1. 2. third 1 coming and this is with authority. 27 but steph all 30. they are up by 2. defense 37 seconds left. huge block on davis. 5 seconds left. he rips the bull away from davis here. on the game whipper. 113109 to good 4 and 1 on this
9:56 pm
5 game road trip. shark and the beard in toronto. sharks down in the second. justin stops on a dime and whips in the back handier to the lead cut in half. shark on the power play. burns. joe on the redirect. we are tied at two. shoot out. logan tom shark come back. with the seventh straight in toronto 3-2 the final. to the nfl an raiders suffered a big loss if kansas city last week. 10 day off. chance at much softer division foe bank of san diego chargers a win in the game would clinch a play off spot for the silver and black. first since 2002 but they will need help when the afc west because the chiefs hole the tie breaker after meeting twice this season. finish up with a record and 3. here's mike.
9:57 pm
>> play on thursday night and lose like the raiders in kansas city it's a 10 day wait to get back on the field. trust me. the silver and black can not bait to face the chargers in san diego on sunday. >> we want to be playing post season. give ourselves a chance to play for the big one so tom again we are excited for that opportunity. >> it was good come as day off. no the to say goodbye. chance to relook. let the legs recover. how you get back to, would it wy to compete and to do it all. >> loss to conditions city drop the raiders from potentially being number 1 seed to no. 5. with they have to win out to get chance to the top. >> with fisher fired one name is the top the wish list in. will a this would be jim har
9:58 pm
but. two years removed from the niners now coaching the university of michigan. speculation has been swishling he won't 11 but he told his wolverines don't believe a word of any of this saying the rumors are lies. made up by our enemies. i believe that's the way he said i. christmas around the corner. niners feel like it's grounds hog day loss after loss after loss. lost 12 games in a row. tough game just crush the ram 42-43 led to dismissal of fisher one day later so how did the niners fix this. so many things have gone wrong. cap keep on trying. >> try to fix it. the only way it will change. come if. work. do everything you can to be prepared for the next game and go out and play with everything you have. execution comes down to that and finish games. hit another gear in the second half.
9:59 pm
>>reporter: i tell you what. if you need offensive line man santa may be able to help. st. nick training by dead witnessing 6 35 pounds. santa can pull his own sleigh. >> i think he's been hitting the weight protein or stronger than that. >> you know what i'm saying. >> 7 sports brought to you by toyota. >> tell thanks larry. >> coming up tonight 7 news at 11:00. waste water warning too much rain over the weekend create new concerns over the safety of east pay water way tonight. >> housewife now being called a whom sigh. crime in the east bay has police searching for answers on tell our chan sneel we shall your tim as always. >> all of us thanks for watching see you at 11:00
10:00 pm
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