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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 16, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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break news in san francisco where flames shot out of a high-rise park merced building near san francisco state university. matthew miles shared the video with us. the fire started around 7 tonight on the seventh floor of that 12 story buildin building. here's a look at the map of the area on camden drive near costello avenue. fire now contained but really scary moments for people who live in the area. >> false alarm but never
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actually the real thing. especially next door. >> again no one was hurt thank goodness. firefighters trying to figure out how it started. live report from the scene coming up at 11:00 over on channel 7. but we'll press on here. good evening i'm dan. amma is off this evening. other top story is the clean up tonight at san francisco china town after oh, riff being cras crash. surveillance video show as car careening into bus stop after hitting two other vehicle. at least 10 people were hurt. you can see the carrie main wedged into that bus stop into the evening hours tonight. happened just before one this afternoon on stockton between clay and sacramento. now let's look at sky 7 video as we give you the latest on the story. 10 people were hurt. 5 people 4 men and one woman in serious condition at san francisco general hospital. doctors say they range in age from mid 30's to 80's. many have broken bones and all are being evaluated for
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possible internal injuries. some of them hurt pretty badly. vic has the latest on the investigation into exactly had a happened. >> hit the pole and then people were just scattered everywhere. >> tom was one of many, many witnesses to this horrific accident on stockton street near clay. in the thick of china town just at the height of the lunch hou hour. 12:45 in the afternoon. the toyota crashed into a bus sht shelter. >> somehow the vehicle veered and hit another vehicle and then subsequently hit the beauty structure. >>reporter: this is security camera video from a grocery store on the same mrochblingt look at the top left corner of the screen. throws a car. crashing into the puss shelter. he saw the whole thing. >> car just i see this and puss stop there sought car stop by the bus stop. >>reporter: car apparently
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side swiped parked mir said that struck the white nissan before plowing into the bus shelter. tom was right in the path. he's lucky he wasn't hit. >> i saw the car coming and i said that's it. i end my day. got lucky that he ran right into the pole e-san francisco supervisor who represents china town also happened to be nearb nearby. in fact, he helped load one of the injured into an ambulance. >> there were a the will of individual on the ground. many of them bleeding. there's blood all over the sidewalk. was kind of pretty horrific scene. >>reporter: police were enter vowing this person after it happened. person who was seen getting in and out of the car which hit the bus shelter. vic lee, abc 7 news. scary as you can see. uber self driving vehicle still on san francisco streets. even though the state calls them illegal and the city is demanding that they be removed.
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tonight another demand. attorney general harris sent a letter to uber asking them to adhere to california law and remove the self driving vehicle from the state roadway until uber complies with all applicable statute and regulations. now uber says it has been testing the vehicle for a month without implant and will not adhere state regular litigation for autonomous vehicle. today uber v p self driving tech told us the vehicle are not autonomous because they require active human control. he says they are more like tesla vehicle with auto pilot features. and sought clarification from the dmv as to why they need to be regulated. >> there have not been a clear indication of when a vehicle goes from not and what specifically in the dmv mind need to happen. >>reporter: video shows uber self piloted vehicle running a red light in san francisco. uber says it was actually human
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error and the driver has been suspended. well, rain stopped. winter still a few days away and sure feels like item already here done it outside. >> live look outside from the mount tam camera at very chilly night in the bay area. drew is here to tell us just how cold it will get drew. >> umbrella gets a rest this weekend and winter jacket in full force. chilly mornings on the way. it's a gone night out there looks nice but you step outside you notice the chill in the atmosphere. we go into the early morning hours on saturday and see a the love spots where 34 in san ramone. there ix in san jose and right around 40 degrees. expect cooler temperatures in shelter valley. coldest air so far this season so good idea temp inside keep them warm and coverup the plants. half of the weekend here and
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forecast in a few minutes. >> okay thanks so much. huge fire at auto wrecking yard near richmond sends flames into the sky and thick black smoke billowing over much of the east bay this morning. really amising scene. i happened at the deal wrecking yard on richmond parkway. laura anthony has the story. >>reporter: the thick black smoke could be seen for miles and flames as high as the hose on the ladder truck trying to douse them. >> the gas tank exploding. shocking. >>reporter: neighbors awoke to loud popping sound of the wrecking yard across the richmond parkway. >> sitting in the drive when i heard a great big huge explosion and i got out of my car and saw pill owing black smoke. very starlingted. >> we have vehicle in proximity like that obviously there's going to be some heat trans ferry and that's exactly what occurred. that's why you probably heard some things pops and things
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like that. >>reporter: multi-agency spot including the crew from the chevron refinery that put out the flames with this foam. these crews were all on scene to assess the aftermath including potential contaminant in the smoke. >> wind absolutely helped us. it's our friend causing mixing and disbursal really what we need in these type of stints couldn't have asked for a better weather. >>reporter: not mandated fire inspectors last visited this wrecking yard in march. owner was cited for two violations both abated by may. near rich mopped, abc 7 news. well this fire really took on life of its own. sky 7 first arrived at the scene at 7:37 this morning. look at this. you can see the column of mcsmoke. two minutes later flag pour out a section of the yard. plaque smoke still rising. minute later the flames intensify. practically just exploding
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above the cars as you can see. 5 minutes litter 7:45 see how much the fire spread. 10 minutes after that firefighters had started to get a real handle on this thing. aerial water spray beginning to make a real impact. 8:55 black smoke finally started to turn gray a good seen. more than hour later the fire was out. firefighters foam litter the dprund and see how many cars were burned. about 200 ultimately burned. look at that. charred wreckage erie isn't it. viewers always help us tell storie on television. one shot this video showing us his vantage point of the fire when take you something like this or see something like this where you live. take video or snap picture and send it to us. share it with us and we may use it on the air or on line at this site. we appreciate having that as another tool to tell the story. construction on long awaited suicide barrier at the golden gate bridge begins next
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year. those who committed suicide at the span packed today bridge meeting to show the support for the suicide net. board unanimously awarded contract to oakland firm to do the job. 2 04 million dollar project will take three years to complete before the vote family members address the board urging them not to delay the project any further. >> security guard reached out and tried to grab my son jessi jessie. but all he got backpack as my son was dropping it and went over. so security people are good but they are not a net. we need the net. >>reporter: suicide net will be built 20 feet employee the sidewalk as you see there. and extend 20 feet out over the water. we learned that ghost ship warehouse founder derek retain the service of attorney sayer a.the office would only confirm
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that he, they are working with him in pre-charge capacity. managed the building in the huge fire two week ago tonight. prosecutors later launch a criminal investigation saying murder charges were a possibility in the case. sierra a defened high profile clients including jimy newton heals angel and raymond ciao. and that fire put a spotlight on issues of building safety. code violences. it has prompted fear of eviction among the people who live in buildings like that across the city. community meeting with city officials and tenant right to organizes. melanie has the story. >>reporter: fed up and afraid. s to instant of oakland residents voice their concerns about possible wide spread eviction is. >> we are not counting on the city to have our back. >>reporter: 36 people killed
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in the ghost ship warehouse fire shirng spotlight on other living situation in buildings that might not be up to code. >> the reaction from the city and property manager and others has been so swift. >>reporter: representatives from legal service group including eviction attended. >> we don't have any protection for the clients we are trying to serve. like being in court with both hands tied behind your back. >> we can draft policy but then the administration has the cost set out and then at the same time the legal folk have to review it. and sadly that takes time. >> we don't have this time. don't even have time for. >>reporter: e-mail statement spokesperson with the mayor office writes this administration is committed to working with residents land already safety experts and the diverse array of community members most impacted by the regional affordability crisis. people agree it's not just artist impacted. >> it takes this sad situation
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to address it and it's been there for years. >> i can't even afford a student yoyshtion attorney john bury wrist had a meeting in response to numerous quinny his office received about tenant rights after the fire. >> busy friday night as you can see. alameda county cracks down ought sheriff's deputy petition ago man in san francisco last year. story only on 7 news. so already no more in the south pay. they take packages right off the front porch. after the rain the sun comes out and scientist from the u.s. fwchl s. what they look for and why
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>> two alameda county sheriff's deputy at the center of alleged excessive use of force incident no longer work for the department. we broke the story at 5:00 o'clock today. deputy lewis santa maria and deputy weaver seen in the video hitting this man more than 40 times with the batons. back in november of 2015. the man led the deputy on high speed chase then ended in san
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francisco alley. both santa maria and weaver still face criminal charges. now a third deputy shawn osbourne let go from the department in july. he allegedly gave the man the gold chain to cup whole witnessed the incident. possibly as bribe. osbourne has not been charged criminally but he was fired. the man is in federal custody on unrelated gun and drug charges. thieves got away with gifts but not away from detectives in santa clara county. 6 suspects have been arrested. accused of string of package thefts. very common this time of year. lonie has the story. >> we paid for it we bought it. item family. it's something for our family and you took it. >>reporter: completely violated when she learned disney tickets were stolen from her mail. >> it was the full disney panel so it was hotel vouch are. >>reporter: the ticket are part of a christmas gift for her family.
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one of does he says of victims. santa clara sheriff's deputy arrested 6 people tied to string of package theft. perpetrator connected to this case was caught with packages in tow in the saratoga neighborhood. >> officer behind him intended to speed awhich and throw packages out the window to avoid being caught. >>reporter: this photo shows gifts ripped off from a cupertino you ups storage facility this man 34-year-old james may and another person broke in then took thousands of dollars worth of property. residential surveillance camera helped deputy nab these two suspects in cupertino. it captured the license split on the vehicle, too. both of them are accused of taking packages of children books and clothing. expecting a package and you know you are not going to be home law enforcement official say have it delivered to your neighbor house or to the offic
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office. she warned her neighbors. >> hopefully i'll prevent somebody else from getting the package stolen. >>reporter: they are now all determined to not let crook ruin christmas. in santa clare county, abc 7 news. road closure to yosemite national park were lifted this morning. just in time for the weekend. yesterday stormy weather made driving conditions too treacherous in the park sought park service closed highway 14 140, 41 and 120 into yosemite but for this weekend the park service ready for the big crowds. eager to see yosemite in the winter. this is what it locked lucky ka from lake tahoe tv. weather is cold but clear in the bay area all the rain may be gone but lots of damages left behind the intense storm. marin county the public safety dispatch center received more than 1,000 calls for help yesterday. wayne shows you more on the storm im page. flood like horseshoe san anselmo wouldn't
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have been a winner this mornin morning. >> we still, we dodged a bulle bullet. >> one of several business owners put in stock back on the floor today. removing storm gate and breath breathing sigh of relief. here's a time lapse feed showing the creek yesterday. watch it rise. rise. rise. until the bank siren sounded at 12 feet what happened was between 2 and 4:00 o'clock we had rain 3 quarters inch an hour so in that two hour time we got maybe an inch and a hal half, 2 inches of rape. >>reporter: they got a lot of win. >> huge bang, crash, sparks. >> this is what allison heard and saw. her neighbors house on magnolia avenue crushed by falling oak that took out not one but two mercedes benz. barber ran the cleanup crew says falling oak are more common than you might think. >> many 8 miles west here where
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carroll spent the day trying to ripping out her life and dry out her artistic career. >> i asked when i moved in if it flooded here i was told no. >>reporter: now she knows better. aftermath of the creek flooding the bank. got hit hard and fast. >> i came from the city. so i don't know of the country. i'm learning. every step of the way. >>reporter: every wet step. in forest knowles wayne abc 7 news. what a mess but at least we have some time now to dry out even though it is pretty chilly out there drew is here with the forecast. things look pretty calm for awhile. >> they do. rain is out of here and what has been moving in is the cooler air. certainly felt afternoon today in an even cooler tomorrow morning. yesterday at this time it was lit up if green and orange trapping the strong storm that
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moved here tonight out of here and we have you all clear. you probably notice a breeze today. even at this hour but when any one from 13 to 15 miles per hour but the wind direction tonight you notice out of the north draining now cool canadians air settling across the bay area. out there right now. holding the 40's in many spots. 48 currently in san francisco or 49 oakland. 47 in hayward. 48 currently in san jose. mountain view 45 antioch and dropped to the 30's currently at 32 degrees. overnight tonight a lot of 20's in the north by santa rosa to napa. freezing mark around livermore 36 in fremont. 39 san mateo o. oakland chilly dropping to temperature of 40 degrees. for that fact we get the cold temperatures freeze warning go into effect midnight away from the bay waters mainly inland upper 20's the le30's. cover the plants if you can. closer to the bay water an coast, the water moderator of
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air temperature. not as cold but chilly out there mid upper 30's under the frost advisory for much of our urban area. 8:00 o'clock saturday morning. day planner hour by hour on is a. cold start. 7:00 o'clock lots of stars. first thing total sunshine throughout the day. but in a second it's a cool day. temperatures only in the upper 40's to lower 50's so stays cold through saturday and into sunday. future track temperature shows you sunday morning once again repeat the whole process over with temperature a lot of spot in the 30's and freeze warnings and frost advisory go into effect on your sunday. take a look at the next 7 day for san jose. bottom out with the chilly temperatures on sunday then we start moderate early next week into wednesday more mild and 40's. could be worse. this brings very cold wind to much of the u.s. starting sunday morning. look at that. sue falls 42 degrees below zero. here's accu-weather 7
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day forecast. tomorrow a lot of sunshine. it's chilly. cold in the morning. bright in the afternoon on sunday. another chilly morning on monday but then we go up. a little bit milder on tuesday. winter begins on wednesday. friday partly cloudy skies but you feel the cold air especially bursting -- first ting tomorrow morning. >> get the sweater. >> thanks very much. hacker getting into the child smart toy. >> sensitive information. smart toy. >> sensitive information. the news did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back?
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>> warning tonight about popular gift on many kids wish list. experts say hackers may be targeting so-called smart toys that connect to the internet. some of those toys record
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video, conversations as well as he collect e-mails and passwor password. new senate report says fisher prison smart toy bear for example about found to be vulnerable. fisher prison fixed the proble problem. experts suggest reading the device privacy policy with information it collects and change the default password. toy comes with. >> major weapon advertise imminent. we need to know what it is and destroy it. >> opening night is huge success for rogue one star worse story. film brought in 29 than million dollars in the u.s. less night. it's luck as films first "star wars" spin off in the same galaxy at other "star wars"films and doesn't draw on the sky walker family. they own disif i the parent company of abc 7. we support toys for tots do i toy drive in cooperation with rogue one and nissan rogue. donate new unwrapped toy at
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deal tore make holiday brighter for children every. grand jury in notorious unsolved murder case breaking his silence next. who could be responsible for the murder of jon benet ramsey. >> why amazon pilot say the holiday packages might not get dlivered by christmas. vending machine like you have never seen before. i'll explain stay with us another half hour of 7 news at 9:00
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>> good evening once again. glad you are with us. president obama is vacationing in hawaii tonight but before he left he gave what may have been his final news conference in office. he talk about the russian hac
9:32 pm
hacking scandal just hours before abc news confirm the fbi now agrees with the cia that russia president putin personally directed the inpet raid. here's brian clark. >> the president-elect. >> they have no idea if it's russia or china or somebody. >>reporter: versus the soon to be ex. >> not much is do than in russia without putin. >>reporter: the president got closer than ever before to con official reports that russian president putin was personally behind the hacking of democratic national committee computers. >> i'll let you make that determine nation as to whether there are high level of russian officials who go off rogue and decide to tamper with tuts election process without putin together bit e-but donald trump says he's not convinced of any kremlin connection.
9:33 pm
broad consensus of the u.s. intelligence committee is at odds. >> fighting among themselves they are in the sure. >>reporter: president says he warned putin face-to-face in september to quote cut it out and promised retaliation. >> time and place in our summit may be explicit and some of it may not be. >>reporter: on kremlin funded russian television network a demand that the u.s. produce at the time hand in the hack attack. >> any evidence should be relessed. to date there has been none. >>reporter: evening rally in orlando donald trump made no mention of the hacking controversy but he has claimed the charges of russian hacking are an effort to undermine legitimacy of his election victory. brian clark abc news new york. >> president obama stopped the news conference did after journalist in the audience passed out. >> we have we have to get our doctor back there to help out. somebody want to go to my doctor office and just have
9:34 pm
them. >>reporter: president stopped his news conference and waited until his personal doctor came in to take a lock at the woman would fainted. sheree grand consciousness about a minute later and was okay. the president signed a bill that authorize water project across the country including drought relief for california. the bill includes 5 58 million dollars to change how the water is pumped from the sacramento and delta areas to san joaquin valley farmers and southern california. some democrat contract complain it was a give away to california farmers and businesses and were concerned it would hurt the environment. president says the law will uphold state water quality standards. deadline to enroll in health insurance through cover california has been extended again. california now have until the end of mobbed to sign up for i hope insurance coverage that starts on january 1st. >> people think i'll get around to it. the danger is you don't get around to it. going into january without
9:35 pm
health insurance you are rolling the dice potentially endingp getting a 200,000 dollars bill at the hospital and can't pay for it. >> 90 percent of californians now have health care record high. cover california says there will be a rate inc east next year on average about 13 percent. let me turn your attention now to case of national head liens. sudden ri back in the news tonight. 20 years after the murder of john be fay ramsey grand jury who considered charges against her parents is speaking out for the first time and it comes as investigators are now retesting dna evidence. here's amy. >> 20 yourself after the unsolved murder of 6-year-old beauty queen ramsey we are taken in the early case against her parents. it's 1998. and prosecutor hunter is convening a grand jury to review the evidence. those proceedingsings are secret and penalty for revealing testimony or evidence can be severe. even jail time.
9:36 pm
but one juror two decades later is now talking to 2020. we agreed to alter the voice and show his face in schaad oychlt before were you a grand jury what did you know about the jon benet ramsey case. >> very also. i saw that there was a little girl dressed up. >>reporter: grand jury hearing evidence for more than a year instructed only to i hope diet if they found probable cause. >> was there enough evidence to indict john and patsy ramsey of a crime. >> based upon the evidence that was presented i believe that's correct e-about you if the case went to trial, did he believe the ramseys would be convicted. >> no. >> no doubt. >> no way. that i would be able to say beyond reason doubt. >>reporter: in the evenly the grand jury indicted. not for murder but for child abuse finding the room situation allowed her to be placed in a situation which resulted in death. in a stunning twist that prosecutor decided no the to move forward with the case
9:37 pm
against the ramseys and 10 years later another da publicly cleared the family. amy row buck abc news new york. now to see the rest of the stoy and more of the0 view with the grand jury flip over to our channel at 10:00 right after the newscast for 2020. union pilot who fly product for amazon are notifying online shoppers that they may fought get the holiday gifts delivered on time. union representing the cargo pilot is running ads on facebook and google suggesting that amazon may struggle with delivery because of staffing shortages for the fleet of about 40 planes. i hope pet reterrell unveiled amazon prime aired this season to reduce the dpensd on fedex and ups. amazon not commented on the ad ads. coming up next on 7 news at 9:00. fishing for answers. see the new tech follow psychiatry that track the water see the new tech follow psychiatry that track the water level in bay area water
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. we are still on storm watch because of the impact yesterday level three storm. this is a time lapse video of the creek in marin county rising during thursday's rainy weather. so intense as you know. turns out heavy rain is the best time for the u.s. geological survey to adjust the sensitive equipment that monitors creek level and as jonathan explains, it's also a golden opportunity for science. >> when a written storm has creek looking like this usgs survey pwrngs out strange object like this. >> is this ator peed. >> that is a definite no. that's a sounding. >>reporter: lowered into the water caring instrument like
9:42 pm
this whenever it makes a revolution it makes contact in the chamber so it makes a physical sound. >>reporter: it's a measurement processed from days gone by. >> 20 revolution in 40 seconds. >>reporter: they did replace the slide rule with a tablet. equipment from yesterday something for fun they have been taking measurement at this spot for more than a century and they need the measurement to be consistent. >> we troy to use the same instruments over and over again to repeat the data. >>reporter: it shows east bay on track for ample year after 4 exceedingly dry one and last year above average rainfall. they also chart a deputyth of the creek to cal wrait the digital center and tell water man year when to open and close damn and prepare for flooding. development had another affect. pollution. >> put it in the family champ perfect. lid closed. we are ready to grab a sandwic sandwich.
9:43 pm
>>reporter: this is a sendment sampler when the rain stirrups the dirt, perfect time to see what else is flowing in the stream besides water. >> all right. see what we have. >>reporter: this too is old technology. >> this is a note pwishtion you may i not drink what is in it the fish will. >> we want to know what is going into the bay there. jonathan abc 7 news. pay area bike share has announced where it plans a big expansion in the east bay. group just released this map showing 66 proposed new bicycle stations in berkeley, oakland and emeryville. put additional 1500 bicycle in the system in the east bay alone. goal here is to grow from 700 bikes to 7000 bikes in 2018. you can see the map feedback about the new location on our web site listed here. all right coming up next. party with the warriors.
9:44 pm
see who is invited to the special holiday event featuring the entire team. 7 news at 9:00 continues i'll be
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>> well they say everything is bigger in texas and that includes the vending machines. they have just opened up a car vending machine in houston. the be works like a giant soda machine but dispenses cars. holds 30 buyers pay for it on line and pick up the vehicle the next day. >> that's the wildest thing. last check on the weather and drew i wonder if it's like a soda machine. >> what if it takes your money. we see some watches and
9:48 pm
warnings. many of our than land location really cold tonight. frost advisory in effect for more you are pan location along the water. here's the call. 20's on the pour. many 30's. san francisco about 43 urban key island affect where the concrete retained heat. 33 concord and coil day on saturday with lots of sunshine 50 in the city of san franciscoment 51 san jose. 52 oak land. 51 for vallejo. again on sunday morning prepare for two chilly mornings over the weekend. 7 day forecast will show you. do it again on sunday even into monday then mild air works in tuesday into wednesday as winter begins thursday. slight chance for sprinkle. nothing big. partly cloudy. looks like. at legislature it's dry. 'tis the season giving and imagine if it ka im from the golden state warriors. take the team paid a visit to
9:49 pm
the tid in san francisco bay view neighborhood and they were a big hit. we were there among the glee and excitement. >> let's welcome san francisco 35. forward. kevin durant. >>reporter: for the kid in the bay view holidays were early. one t they shot hoops played games animated lasting memory with members of the team. >> many best game ever to see them. >> yes. it was just hiding because. >> good opportunity for all of us to speak basketball and realize that anything is possible and have fun anden cry your youth while you can. goes by rick that. >>reporter: they welcome kids and smiles while livingston put
9:50 pm
a few one-on-one at the picnic table. today event part of the warrior season of giving to kids living under served communities. >> to see these kids having this much front in front of the girls today is that's what the season is all about. >>reporter: kids were he weren't the only ones with a jolly old time. >> you to a freight job with the kid. >> i'm just a coach. i'm interviewing. >>reporter: can't argue with the team that is spreading a little cheer. a. such a great job getting out in the community. making a big difference. larry is in and talk about l this. >> been coming up. basketball in action tonight and team of dinld. basketball in action tonight and team of dinld. meier makes the nhl debut
9:51 pm
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>> meier had himself a debut
9:54 pm
dream tonight as he helped montreal. he was subjected to pre-game hazing as the team mates let meier dig the ice by himself. san jose first period. power play. defense man david. scores the first goal as a shark. it was 2 nothing again on the power play. thornton behind the net. eighth goal of the season. myers turn to grab the spotlight go into the net and 20-year-old a rebound and sdors the first nhl of the first shot. led after one. this may be the best goalie in the game would he take a seat in the second after coulson make it 4-7. san jose 4 straight for the if is too im this season. warriors can improve the best record tomorrow night with win at home against mormon. sharing the basketball is not a
9:55 pm
problem for golden state especially last fit against the knicks. warriors finish with 45 basket. benefited the most from 17 points in escape minute. several alley oop. >> definitely a positive thing being able to finish plays and definitely positive for them to look me especially people passing it to me horrific score. >> always cares about the numbers we move the ball whoever is open shoot the ball. fortunately two guy to get the shot at any time but item nice. always moving. fun to play in. sure it's fun to watch. >> the fans were feeling it tonight. had his way with cal state east bay with one of the team steal steals. up and in.
9:56 pm
powered his way to 24 point and 13 rebounds. takes this one back strong to the hoop. 20 at the half. michael with the 2 began flash. improves to 7 and 3. waiter clinch play off spot first time since the 2002on. they can do it on the feel where they process superbowl san diego. disappointed thursday night in cans city. freezing temperatures. quarterback car kwan if he ever yet in sync with the receivers completing 17 of the 117 yards. weather or dislocated right finger. >> lil real pwivrjs. whole bunch of play i think about literally we always hit and for whatever reason sometimes good feed. we missed be an inch.
9:57 pm
sometimes that happens in practice never in the game but really it's just execution. >>reporter: when the 49ers play the falcons this sunday they are without veteran wide receiver smith. last sunday against the jets he went up for the past suffered concussion when he came down on his head. he was not knocked out. he can only refer the my cull and being emotional coming off the field. >> i was crying there. i was crying here. frustrated i was. i don't remember anything. so that's just one of the things that tom i did but as long as i'm feeling better, at least every day that's all i concentrate on right now. >> madison playing valley christian for the double a title. the lead here. ken brick to anthony is in catch in the end zone sfraen-14 warriors. ran for 1 fine yards in two
9:58 pm
touch downs. war hawk win 21-17. st. mary's stopping taking on the school here. st. mary's quarterback thrown accounts to marcus extra point made it 14-6 here. back in the second quarter. hawaiian rolls out and throws to the left. he at the half is now tied at 14 appease brought to you by toy eat. 14 appease brought to you by toy eat. good stuff. >> we have much more on the high-rise fire near san francisco state university. what witnesses near the scene are saying tonight. >> and we are getting a new terrifying look at the scene moments after a car went careening into a bus stop in san francisco injuring 10 people. those stories on what we see over on channel 7. that's all for now we
9:59 pm
over on channel 7. that's all for now we appreciate your time as always. have a freight night if you have time make time for us again at 11:00 o'clock on have time make time for us again at 11:00 o'clock on channel
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announcer: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. today, the royal mounties and their red serge are widely considered to be canada's finest law enforcement agency, but convicted murderer kevin gregson is a stain they would rather forget. and the son of a las vegas judge robs


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