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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  December 20, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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live where you live. this is abc7 news. gunfire inside a bay area pawnshop leaves the owner and his dog dead. tonight, there's a manhunt under way for the killers. >> the call to police came in as a robbery in progress around 3:00 this afternoon. >> officers then rushed to the pawnshop on springs road and rollingwood drive. sky 7hd shows the scene. katie is live with this developing story. katie? >> dan, police spent more than six hours combing the pawnshop for evidence including surveillance footage which may help them identify the men who killed this beloved pawnshop owner who i'm told leaves behind a wife and children.
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customers trying to reach vallejo's pawn advantage on springs road are stopped by crime scene tape and confronted with the news. >> it's been a shock. i'm stunned by it. >> a plan and his dog shot to death by possible robbers. >> i hate to see this happen to anybody. i don't think he deserved this. >> reporter: friends tell us it was the store owner who was killed. an employee is also hospitalized with serious injuries. police received the call for help around 3:00. >> reports of a possible armed robbery in progress. >> reporter: witnesses saw two men running from the pawnshop. at least one had a handgun. >> conflicting descriptions. at this point, we only have two males wearing dark hooded sweatshirts. >> there's nothing in there more valuable than a person's life. >> chris adams says the owner of pawn advantage mentored him. >> why would somebody want to do something like this to good people and to somebody that provides a service to the community? not everybody takes a chance to
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do. >> reporter: customers can reflect on the loss of life. >> material things can be replaced but our life and ourselves cannot. not only did you take their lives you took their lives, as well. once you get caught, it's a wrap for you. >> reporter: police are asking any witnesses to come forward. indicate can i udis, abc7 news. >> a hit and run on the peninsula left a man critically injured. he was walking at el camino real in mill braille when he was hit just before 8:00 tonight. investigators are searching for a rav4 or something similar. >> a muni light rail slammed into a car tonight causing interruption to service in the mission bay district just before 28:00 tonight at third and mission bay boulevard. the southbound t third line was delayed for about an hour. the good news is no one was hurt. let's take you live outside with our abc7 roof camera. cold temperatures once again leading to poor air quality
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across the bay area. sanity patel is here with that plus the wave warning for bay area beachgoers. >> we'll trade big chills for big waves. temperatures in the 40s and 50s for most of it you unlike yesterday. temperatures are running higher. air quality will remain poor in the north bay tomorrow. moderate for rest of the area. spare the air alert is up for tomorrow. it is illegal to burn wood. one thing to watch out for tomorrow with milder conditions, beach hazard statement, 15 to 20 foot waves expected, it can risk of rip currents. i do want to show you current wave heights. anywhere between 7 2357b feet is heading in our direction. the first storm of winter on the way. i'll let you the know if it impacts your holiday plans coming right up. >> thanks. keep track of the weather any time with the abc7 news ap. download it for free and enable push alerts to get breaking news updates as they happen.
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it looks like a war zone. it's actually what he remains of mexico's largest fireworks market where an explosion killed 29 people today. that number is expected to climb. bright flashes lit up the sky during today's explosion just outside measurement cocity. 72 people were hurt including 13 children who were sent to texas for treatment. the exact cause of the explosion isn't yet known. it's the third at the market since 2005. last month, the state said it was the safest fireworks market in all of latin america right now, there is a manhunt in germany for the driver of a truck that crashed into a crowd in berlin. today at christmas market is blocked off. the truck removed. 12 people were killed in what's being called a terrorist attack. 45 injured. more than half were cleared to leave the hospital today. police released a man taken into custody yesterday because of insufficient evidence.
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isis is claiming responsibility, but u.s. officials have not confirmed that. coming back to the bay area, a few shopping days before christmas. tonight east bay police are searching for the robber who's held up a woman at gunpoint. broad daylight today at the stone ridge shopping centering in pleasanton where news reporter lisa gas lesion is live with a story new at 11:00. >> reporter: tr happened behind me in between the jcpenney's and nordstrom. two men approach aid woman, pulled a gun and robbed her and got away. at stone ridge mall tonight, extra police and security are out. after a woman was robbed at gunpoint at 11:30 this morning. >> all unites be advised getting a report of a 211 that are occurred in the mall parking lot. blanked gun. suspect vehicle is a green toyota. >> reporter: the men stole the victim's bags, purse, phone and wallet and left her shaken. she's not the only one.
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>> it was freaky. >> reporter: shoppers are on alert after hearing about this morning's robbery. >> i knew i was coming here but had my husband come with me just in case. >> it's the holidays she's going to be carrying bags out. normally, the rest of the year i wouldn't be concerned. this is a very safe community. >> reporter: the crime is even making some consider other shopping options. >> you don't feel safe coming to the mall. >> you're fighting crowds but then to be worried about somebody holding you up, that's terrifying. so it makes me you know want to robbers managed to make it on to a nearby freeway and got away. police have few leads. lisa amina lesion abc7 news. new tonight, a shake-up at the top of an east bay school district where the superintendent is now on administrative leave. they hired rick ruben know in july and is now on leave pending an investigation into a
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"personnel matter." the district alerted families but isn't providing details. the deputy superintendent agreed to serve in the interim. only on abc 7 news, we sat down with san francisco's new chief of police today shortly after he was introduced at city hall. >> bill scott was a deputy chief in los angeles for two years and has spent 27 years in law enforcement. abc 67 news reporter vic lee as 9 exclusive interview. >> reporter: bill scott was introduced at the mayor's news briefing. > my wife ansons because they are really the force that drives my life. and i couldn't do it without them. >> reporter: that's the side of a veteran cop the public may rarely see. he was open and candid about himself and his feelings when we talked, first some controversial issues he'll face. the use of tasers which they used at the lapd. >> do you support tasers?
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>> i do. i've seen the good in having the ability to have an option, a less lethal option which is a good thing. >> reporter: and restricting police in shooting at moving vehicles, a proposed reform which the police union opposes. he says that policy was also in place at the lapd. >> there were some contention back and forth. when the policy changed, we accepted and we're fine, 272 reforms. and i've read them all. they're reasonable. we're going to do our best to get that done. >> reporter: that means convincing a police force that has even only three outsiders as chief in recent decades. all three had challenges getting the support of the rank and file. >> everything starts with the relationships. >> reporter: scott says it's like when he became captain of a new station in los angeles. >> i made an appointment every day to talk to at least two or three people even if just for ten minutes. it allows to you get to know people on a one-on-one basis.
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then you can do the other things in order to lead. >> reporter: he feels the same with the police union often at odds with the department. >> union or management, we're all police officers here to do one thing. keep the city safe and do it the right way. >> reporter: there have been concerns among some that san francisco may simply be a stepping stone and his real goal is to become chief of lapd where he spent 27 years. he has been mentioned as a possible successor to the current chief there. but he said as a young man, he always wanted to live here. it just took him this long to get here. he'll be sworn in in january. vic lee. >> that's just a portion of the interview. watch the entire conversation. head to abc7 >> coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00, psychedelic drugs in a bay area community. authorities are seeing a dangerous spike. and pregnant women using pott. what has more expecting moms turning to marijuana, plus the
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side effects. >> the expensive uber ride that left a passenger with a $28,000
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new at 1 oob, and the sheriff's office in santa cruz county is seeing a disturbing trend involving a dangerous drug. and now they have a warnin tonight for young people. abc7 news reporter katie ma zul low has the story. >> reporter: dan, there have been five incidents in one month involving young people and lsd and most of those involved violence. ive including the case of a 15-year-old who stabbed two family members before being killed by a sheriff's deputy. on november 19th, 15-year-old luke smith was on lsd when he
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attacked his dad and uncle with a knife. he was shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy. the sheriff's office says there have been four more incidents involving lsd in the four weeks since then. a chp officer fought with a man on highway 17 on lsd. a girl was taken to the hospital and nearly died after ingisting quid lsd on a popsicle. a young man almost caused a crash and the fifth incident happened with a man on monday. >> had a reaction to supposedly taking lsd and his brother ended up having to restrain him till we got there. >> reporter: in an unusual move, the sheriff's office sent a letter to the superintendent of the santa cruz office of education asking for help. >> as an office, we want to get the information out there. it seems like a trend to us. >> you don't know potentially how this might affect. >> you this mother of two of high school students talks to her kids about drugs. >> you could be in a car with somebody that's done something that could end up killing you,
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killing them, killing somebody else. devastating you guys for the rest of your life reporter. the sheriff's office is looking into testing some lsd to determine if a bad batch is circulating in the area. katie marzullo, abc7 news. >> more pregnant women are using marijuana to help with morning sickness compared to a decade ago. a study in the journal of the american medical association found in 2014, nearly one in 25 use std marijuana to treat nausea compared to 1 in 41 in 2002. researchers say it's likely because of alternative medical sources on the internet. women's health groups discourage the use during pregnancy. studies have shown links between prenature marijuana exposure and repaired functions and restrict fetal growth. >> uber is blaming a computer glitch for overcharging customers including a woman in philadelphia charged $28,000 for a ride. uber says the issue affected a handful of customers.
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the san francisco based company says engineers are working to ensure that doesn't happen again. attorneys from uber will be taking the driver's seat in the company's effort to have test self-driving cars in san francisco. the lawyers are set to meet tomorrow with the state attorney general's office. san francisco bicycling group will be watching the results closely as leaders are concerned about the safety of those vehicles on the road. >> we conveyed some safety doerns engineering and policy staff at uber, specifically about illegal and dangerous right hook style turns through bike lanes the vehicles are making. these kinds of turns are band under california law. they're unsafe and a leading cause of collisions with people biking. > the state is threatening to sue uber over a self-driving permit that uber says it doesn't feed because there is a person inside monitoring the car. now your accuweather forecast with sandhya patel. >> hi there. if your plans include travel, take a look at the three-day
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travel. >> gusty and wet on friday. a moderate strength storm. this could make it a little bit difficult. saturday a few early morning showerses. no problems for santa delivering gifts. rain is going to come in at least a chance late on christmas here's a look at live doppler 7. you never know what you're going to get. radar is tracking sprinkles from clover dale to the sea ranch area. nothing to worry about. that radar will be lit up as we head into friday. from our exploratorium camera, san francisco is just beautiful outside. not as cold. 50 degreesing in san francisco. oakland upper 40s. san jose, gilroy one of our chilly spots at 39. one other live picture from our east bay hills. a little breezy holding temperatures up tonight. low 40s novato. fairfield 4. livermore 42 degrees. one other picture from our emeryville cameraooking towards the bay bridge. winter starts tomorrow at 2:44
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in the morning. we're not expecting as cold tomorrow morning. a storm arrives on friday. tomorrow morning when you get going, you're not going to freeze. it is going to becalliy. you would expect it for the first day of winter. mid to upper 30s. rouer not going to be down to freezing like this morning. tomorrow afternoon nice and sunny. definitely milder than today. upper 50s to low 60s. on friday, the storm arrives. light to moderate rain. windy at times. there's a slight possibility of thunder. here are some of the storm impacts. it is going to be slippery and windy for your get away friday. slow for the afternoon, evening commute. if you're working. tough travel to see era. hour by hour forecast 9:00 a.m. friday, wed roadways in the north bay. noontime, it's pretty much everywhere. at times briefly heavy. 5:00 p.m., it's wet across the entire bay area. 7:00 if case y're wondering leaving at night, early morning
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showers on saturday before it all winds down. rainfall totals early estimates putting many of you in about the .8 to inch category. this turns to snow in the sierra. late thursday through saturday afternoon, a winter storm watch. watch out for white out conditions with the winds. one to two feet of snow expect wid means a nice white christmas, and delays are likely. if you're going up to ski or snow board, it's going to be nice looking weather up there. the snow level will be coming down to about 5,000. 147 inches expected at kirkwood, eight inches at donner. the seven-day forecast, a spare the air least for tomorrow. first day of winter begins at 2:44 in the morning. bright and sunny for thursday. two on our storm impact scale on friday. er early showers saturday morning. christmas day is dry. christmas night going into monday, chilly, wet and breezy. one computer model hints perhaps the storm stays off the
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coastline. we'll wait and see. download the abc7 news ap to help you keep
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king confident mountain. okay, but not for long. watch, oh, yeah. the panda had a blast knocking the head of his snowman pal
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after the toronto zoo saw its first snow fall. he won the stay down for long. he enjoys playtime but he's part of the serious plan. zoo keepers paired him up with a female hoping the two will produce some baby pandas before they leave in 2018. >> that would be nice. >> he needs to get his priorities straight because he's too into that snowman. >> that thing is clearly not safe. falling off again and again. >> he's got to work on his balance. he'll never make it to a sportscast unless we mock him. the warriors played the jazz tonight and played them like a stradivarius. stradivarius.
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abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> good evening. the warriors played a young jazz team that be a contender in the west in the future. they're not there yet. tonight's game was over in in a hurry. on nate thurmond bobblehead night at oracle arena. big nate. would have liked to see the first quarter. steph curry draining his 1,700th career three. klay thompson got hot as the dubs pulled away in the second quarter here. fadeaway ithe corner. 17 for klay. daymond green got rebound. coast to coast. and slamming it down with authority. gets teed up for doing chin-ups on the rim. 15-11 for day-day. curry the floater over the
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french connection. ryejection. rudy gobert. 25 for steph. final moments of the half, curry using the screen. knocks it down. warriors ended the half on a 25-8 run. dubs defense, we don't talk enough about their defense. steph the steal all the way. warriors win big, 104-74, now 25-4. the raiders lid the nfl with seven players picked for the pro bowl. that's a game you don't want to be in. if you're not pro bowl, you're not playing in the super bowl. derek carr a pick for the second year in a row. carr has thrown 25 touchdowns, four to cooper. three of the behemoths were chosen, as well doctor, hudson, khalil mack and reggie nelson from the defensive side of the ball and seven other raiders chosen as alternates. they host the colts on a saturday christmas eve. they want to win heading into the playoffs.
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>> this is my first run at it. so being able to go for the first time i don't see a team letting up especially in this league. no one's going to let up. we're going to give everything we've got. >> my mind's nothing to get too high. got a long way to go. >> santa in the tank for sharks and flames granting donskoi christmas gifts. 2-0 sharks in the second. donskoi, 3-0 sharks. look at the stick work. thank you. very much. and martin jones was like a wall. 208 saves, only let one puck past him and the sharks post a 4-1 victory. before we go, a couple more conviction. look at the super fan, robin schreiber normally dances in her seat. tonight at center the court. she was tremendous. and this guy from half-court, the bank is open


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