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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  December 21, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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charred cars and questions after a deadly accident. in answers from a man who saved one of the drivers. >> as far as we can tell, he does not seem willing to comply. >> and deny me due process. >> only abc7 news follows up with the people in charge of a community that hasn't had safe drinking water for weeks. >> new at 6:00, a rock formation with a religious meeting on a southern california beach in the week before christmas. >> this community doesn't have safe drinking water and we may be into the new year before it
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is resolved. >> the landlord is telling us why he thinks the state is wrong. >> the property is in a rural part of san jose, a former resort with cottages converted into apartments. >> the state says it could impose fines and the county has been asked tone sure there is potable water or else they'll shut the place down january 15th. >> the tenants of kwin twin creeks properties say they've been out of potable water off and on since november.
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>> no running water, we cannot bathe or cook. we have to use bottled water. >> the state water resources board is telling them to use only bottled water. the agency says the landlord was illegally using a spring as a water source and it was contaminated with e-coli bacteria. >> we directed the landlord to disconnect the spring. >> the owner says the spring was a back up, used when some pipes froze during a cold spell. he reconnected the pipes, defying the order. >> it's been inspected by the water board agency. >> reporter: the state water agency disagrees. >> the water system never sought a permit to provide treatment. >> the landlord says it was grand fathered in when the
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property was developed in the 1940s. and that he does not need a permit. >> it's not backed up by a statute or by any law. and as a matter of fact, it's criminal. >> we can use the court system to pursue this. >> he says he's a victim of oppression. the state says he's violating the law. there is more still to come. >> we have breaking news on the dispute between state and city officials and uber over self driving cars. uber announced it stopped the program because the dmv pulled registrations for the cars, releasing a statement saying registrations were improperly issued because they were not properly marked as test vehicles. uber's statement says we're looking at where we can redeploy the cars but remain 100%
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committed to california. uber, the car seen blowing through a red light was not in self driving mode at the time. and people have ridden in cars that were. >> during our course of the trip, it made two illegal right turns. well in self driving mode. >> mayor ed lee told us he believes the cars should be taken off the road until it gets permits. uber says it's more committed to developing what is called workable statewide rules. well, this arrest captured on video led to an internal investigation involving bart
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police. >> this is july video of bart police arresting michael smith. he and his pregnant girlfriend, andrea appleton was getting off bart. >> they said get down, get down. >> bart police received a report. appleton says the man had been cursing at them, telling them they smelt. neither was armed. >> do you believe your officers used excessive force? >> absolutely not. it was a perfect response to what they had, a person with a weapon. >> in the video, you can see an officer hit smith after smith spit. >> some say punch. i say distraction blow. >> appleton says she believes an officer who placed a knee on her back caused her to miscarry. >> i went into depression. >> the district attorney says
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the jury acquitted smith on three counts. >> they're adamant he had every right to defend himself. >> the d.a. is deciding whether to rye -- retry the case. quote, the judge cited editorial choices made, such as altering audio levels. and omitted segments. the police officers involved are still on patrol while an internal investigation will not be made public. >> tonight a 3-year-old boy was walking a dog with his
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grandparents. the dog ran into the street and the boy gave chase. chp says the boy was hit by a silver honda sedan but the driver may not have realized the boy was hit or seen the child. >> we're hearing for the first time from the good samaritan who pulled a man out of a burning car, saving his life. two people died in the accident. it happened just after midnight and abc7 news reporter wayne freedman joins us with the story. >> reporter: a horrible accident, two people dead, still not identified. and we spoke with a man who saved one life. these are the remains of a head on collision. the charred shells of an suv. two people died after being
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burned beyond recognition. >> he was still, his legs still on fire. i was trying to pat it off and everything. >> he saw the accident in his mirror and turned around and he couldn't get to them. >> they were unconscious. it was just like you know, propped against the air bag. >> the rest is still a mystery. >> how the accident happened, and whether alcohol was involved. why the cars caught fire, police sergeant has no explanation. >> it's unusual. i've been a police officer for a long time and never seen two
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cars catch fire. >> no sign of what happened here except a hero that thinks not of himself. >> i sent my prayers up. >> it is the first official day of winter. google's home page featured an animated doodle for win sister solistice. >> we can expect a drop in temperatures that will occur tomorrow, and some rain drops. big ones. here is a look at live doppler 7. clear skies and 100% on friday.
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so let's go to the scale. it will be gusty and taking us into tomorrow night, at which point we'll see clouds thickening. friday morning we'll see rain becoming moderate to heavy. this will produce quite a drenching. >> an effort to repeal north carolina's controversial bathroom bill failed today. lawmakers could not reach an agreement and the republican controlled legislature has been under pressure from gay rights groups and some business leaders because of lost jobs, and cancelled events. the new law requires transgender people to use public rest room that's correspond with the sex on their birth certificate. here in california, a new law is about to go into affect
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that bars state agencies from requiring their employees to travel the states with laws similar to north carolina's bathroom bill. >> they could be exposed to discrimination. and with states that are clear saying places are perhaps not always welcome for people who are lgbt. >> the law bans employee rz from being reimbursed for travel to states with such laws. it take s effect in january. a man famous for his prank says it's no joke he kicked off a series of discrimination. tonight, the story behind the kids who are singing and why this was as much a special occasion for them, as for the people who heard them thing.
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police in concord looking for a man who took off with more than $200,000 in jewelry from a sears department store. how he got away will surprise you. >> police say this man hid inside of the store in concord last friday night. he made his move. police told us the man looked around the store until he decided to steal what is inside
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a case, nearly 130 expensive rings. the man may have left through an exit door with quick release bars. >> sears employees came to the store and found a case smashed. >> it makes me sad that people want gifts so bad and forget what the holiday spirit is, do you know what i mean? they want to get something and they just steal things. >> others found the story amusing. >> i can't believe sears of all places. and someone would take something, anything. >> you don't stop here? >> i take the fifth. >> not too a jewelry person. more into clothes and shoes. >> police are hoping the public will help identify him. the man made no effort to hide
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his face, wearing a basketball cap back to front. police now have a sketch of a suspect who shot a man several times outside of the bell matteo bowl. witnesses say he drove this car. the shooting happened on friday in the parking lot of the bowling alley. police say it appears the victim was targeted. he is hospitalized and reported any in stable condition. >> new at 6:00 authorities traced a signal and trailed it.
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once the driver got off on 360 the chp tried to pull it over. his passenger ran off. a gathering of rocks on a beach is being seen around the world, in the shape of a in a activity scene. annabelle munoz. >> it was in the middle. >> he transformed that into a manger. >> god bless you. thank you. >> he is hug by strangers.
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many christians, moved by his work. >> god is in everything. >> god became man. >> god is maybe using me to do something. maybe i'm an instrument. >> he says christmas is tough since he's been away from his family for a decade. >> i came, trying to look for a better life. you know? like everything. >> at one time he was homeless, but found comfort in the art. >> i was still hungry, and in that situation but feeling like kind of peaceful inside myself. >> and he is still struggling he says it's not all about money. >> when i know that millions will see this picture, that is better than millions of dollars. you know?
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money is not everything. >> it's an art. >> we have clear, calm conditions and tomorrow is going to be mostly clear and calm day. let's take a couple live views outside. and this is the view of embarcadero center 51 in livermore, this is the view from our sutro tower camera.
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tomorrow, cold morning and next storm, friday. a chance of rain christmas night, sunday evening. tonight, clear skies low temperatures dropping to mid-30s and mainly low 40s around the bay and some fog. a few locations about 60 degrees and tomorrow, a spare the air day. north bay will have the poorest air quality. and to the approaching storm on our storm empact scale ranks two. producing brief down pours.
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by 5:00 morning, we'll see light to moderate rainfall so there goes your morning commute. these areas of yellow and orange indicate moderate rainfall. so we'll see the storm breaking up into pockets of rain. that goes into friday night. let's take a look at rainfall totals. in the sierra, snow will fall and we expect snow to range from five inches to 15 inches in south lake tahoe to 17 at kirkwood. here is the accu-weather
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forecast. rainy and windy friday. maybe a couple early morning showers on saturday and perhaps evening showers sunday. and monday, tuesday, wednesday, bright skies again. bright skies again. >> what you'll recognize in
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am i actually pushing these guys who ran out of gas bright skies again. >> what you'll recognize in six miles on a lonely highway? or is this a metaphor for how i'm constantly pushing myself to make a tastier sandwich? like my new pepper jack ranch spicy chicken sandwich with spicy pepper jack cheese, spicy ranch, and spicy all-white-meat chicken. but judging from the third-degree sunburn, and the fact that i can't feel my legs, i'd say i'm actually pushing this car. there's gotta be a better way to get new customers. the pepper jack ranch spicy chicken sandwich. taste it before it's gone. yep, i'm lost.
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dow jones is close but failed to reach the 20,000 mark today. nasdaq slipped 12 points. a new artificial intelligence assistant leads bay area business watch. >> good morning jarv. >> good morning, mark. >> that is mark zuckerberg talking to jarvis, a digital assistant voiced by actor morgan freeman. facebook just released it's list of best instant games for the year. among them is ever wing designed by a company called black storm.
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the city of palo alto now gets a third of its electricity from solar thanks to two new solar farms. they're located in lan cast yir in northern end of los angeles county. palo alto's goal is to get 60% of the energy from renewable source owes and is on track to reach the goal. it is just one side affect of the bay area's extreme housing costs. >> people are coming in. i need to get this before we can't. >> the end of the year means end of some options for gun buyers. what is selling out before the deadline. >> words can't express how grateful i am to darren. a professional relationship a professional relationship leads to a personal bond
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of your retirement today! displays are emptying out and shoppers buy what they won't be able to purchase last year, lawmakers passed gun bills this year. >> california's ten day waiting period means today is the deadline. >> this afternoon, they started taking down few remaining rifles at city arms in pleasant hill. >> we will have to send it back to our suppliers.
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>> a new law takes affect january 1, making it all but impossible to buy or sell these rifles. this paper work shows how many people have come in to buy guns in just the past couple days. >> it's been insane. >> opponents tried to make the guns less lethal by limiting bullets to 10 and requiring a tool like a pen or a bullet to change magazines. >> january 1, bullet button goes away in favor of a magazine that is fixed and only removed by taking the weapon apart. if that sounds clear to you, it's not. >> the rifles sell from $600,000 to more than a thousand.
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>> and they disagree fill -the hunt is on for a tunisian man accuse offed a deadly truck rampage. anis amri is wanted in connection with the attack that killed 12 people and injured 48 more. islamic state claimed responsibility for the assault. authorities are offering a reward for a $1,000. >> government officials trying to determine what caused yesterday's massive fire works explosion that just lit up the sky near mexico city.
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it is the third explosion at that market since 2005. >> a youtube star says delta airlines employees kicked him off of a plane for speaking arabic. >> i cannot believe it. >> he posted video of him and a friend about to be taken off of a plane at heathrow airport. he says passengers felt uncomfortable when he spoke arabic. delta justifies the decision saying quote it appears customers removed sought to disrupt the cabin with provocative behavior, including shouting. >> the fall out continues from oakland's ghostship fire. the fire killed 36 people inside
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of the warehouse listening to music when the building caught fire, trapping them inside. city inspectors went inside of an artist collaborative. nathan wilkinson is one of them. he let our camera inside. he acknowledges the space is not legal, he says it gives him space to dance and choreograph. >> we took care in the new construction to make sure it was safe, secure and we want it to be safe for us. >> an activist dropped off a petition that has 10,000 signatures asking for a moratorium to wave permit fees for building up greats. >> there are risks.
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>> bidding on twors of shoes worn by steph curry has past the $10,000 mark. the shoes feature custom designs. one pair says ghostship and the other, oakland strong and always remember. >> a relationship between co-workers has been saealed for life. >> holidays are about giving and giving thanks. >> it was bad. like i was sick and wasn't sure why. >> i had been on the donor list but they said the expected wait was 12-15 years.
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>> the long time friend offered to be his donor. >> as i've dived deeper into my faith, my heart strings were pulled to give him this gift. >> in november, they had a transplant surgery. and both are now doing great. >> if our story can help vince anybody to go through and make that donation, it's the best gift anybody can give. >> christmas is here in four days. if you bought gifts on credit, bills will last another 30 days but it's not all bad news. >> no. why buying on credit is the best option to
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a lot of us will be dreading the credit card bills that
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follow the holidays. >> yes. michael finney is here with good news about that credit card use. >> a lot of us will be dreading those credit card bills. we like the credit cards and the convenience and getting miles but there is a better reason for loving the plastic. >> i am buying a gift and using a credit card to complete the purchase. >> are you using credit cards? >> yes. too much. >> is that right? >> yes. >> why do you ask? >> good question. i'm asking because i have good news. >> are you using credit cards here? >> of course. >> most people don't know the best reason for using credit cards is not the chance to buy
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now and pay later. and it's not racking up miles, either. >> you said protection. >> there are protections. >> yes. >> so 81% of the cards out there interest an extended warranty. did you know that? >> no. >> so it adds two years to your warranty. >> not bad matt shultz just put together a report. >> we found is that there an awful a lot of valuable perks lurking in the fine print of the agreement that lots of people don't know about. >> matt found half offer price
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protections. you can get the refund back on the divents. >> i have two more consumer protections. more than half of the cards offer replacement if the item is lost or stolen within the first few months and a quarter of the cards will guarantee a return even if the retailer doesn't accept them. now i want to hear from you. >> if you're looking for hope we have someone we think you should meet. >> when a lot of kids are so focused on what they can get, next, a boy focused on what he can give.
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some critically ill children in palo alto are not letting their condition affect their christmas spirit. >> jonathan bloom visited the ronald mcdonald house, patients got the opportunity to spread holiday cheer across a bay area
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neighborhood. >> if you're planning to learn unknown verses to "jingle bells" you might as well get people to join you. so it was the perfect field trip. >> we're thinking about snow. it's okay. right guys? >> they were really sweet. >> carolling is one way they aim to help during what can be a difficult time of the year and here in santa's work shop, parents are loued to pick out toys for their patients and
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siblings. >> jackie noticed a change in her sister. >> she's usually shy. but today would dance and sing more. >> the 10-year-old is waiting for a kidney transplant. >> rudolph. >> why do you like rudolph? >> she had a shiny nose. >> singing is a reward. it didn't hurt to have an audience waiting next door. >> so happy and were in a good part of the time. >> 100,000 toys will go to charities from marines toys for tots program. one boy is doing doing more than his part. joey childs is 11 years old, running his own toy drive since
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he was six. >> it's very dedicated. >> yes. it's hard work. >> joey is still collecting toys. we've put information on if you're interested in helping out. and we're coming down to the wire for holiday shipping. tomorrow is the last day to ship items by ups second day air friday is the last day to ship by fed-ex. >> police just helped make
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christmas special. chris was homeless for a decade. four years ago, he started to get clean and sober and now shares an apartment with his girlfriend. officers chipped in and helped him buy her a coat. firefighters were called out today to extra indicate a freewheeling cat. ladies and gentlemen,ing yils rode from dublin to walnut creek in the engine compartment of a car. the owner had no idea why giggles stowed away. >> today is the first day of winter. we're talking about warmth and started out with a interesting sky. >> yes. check it out. it was amazing out earlier. several people captured pictures
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of clouds. >> do that. let's get back to spencer. >> we'll have a first storm of the season. clear skies at the moment with no hint right now of approaching storm. thursday, you'll encounter clear skies and a snow on friday. and slippery conditions on saturday. winds gusting from 30-40 miles per hour. here is the forecast animation friday morning. it will swing throughout the
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day. cold air throughout north and east and producing snowfall. here in the bay area, sunny and and a storm will be rainy and windy. >> thank you, spencer. >> let's talk christmas cheer. >> or christmas dunking on somebody's head. counting down to christmas and finals rematch. and an injury which may have a big
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raiders can lock up afc west title with wins over the colts and broncos. he's struggled behind a wretched
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offensive line. colts 7 and 7, and derek carr has history with luck. carr won the game but knew luck was dangerous back then. >> we're going to come out and fight. >> this is a team is very capable. we're looking forward to a great battle. >> the game marks the return of frank gore to the bay area. >> this video is remarkable.
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the police released body cam video of michael floyd being arrested on december 12th. his blood alcohol level was 0217. the legal limit is 0.08. this is his second dui arrest. the cardinals cut floyd after the arrest. >> reminder, you can watch right here on awbc r7. smith suffered a fractured thumb last night. cavs can 20 and 6 this year. there is some fun, worth $5,000.
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the pr director hit a half court practice this week as well. >> that is amazing. i'm upset they only got 5,000 for that. you know they got 500 for hitting it the other day. that is good to the fans. >> all but tackled the guy in celebration after a fan hit there. last year they met 1968. abc7's mike shumann scored twice
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in that game. he caught this ball with his eyes closed. and how did this get in there? shu. a zoolander. the sweater is lo >> the terrorist attack on a christmas market prompted new warnings for holiday shoppers in the bay area and new year's eve celebrations at times square. >> south bay authorities say a taxi driver used a car to pick up a passenger he then sexual assaulted. the plea to the public tonight. >> and that is this edition of abc7 news. look for breaking news on twitter, appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> from all of us here, thanks for joining us. for joining us. and see you a littltltl
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