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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 27, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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i expected to find you. >> best known for her role aspirin says leah, celebrated for so much more. actress author and screen writer carrie fisher has passed away. good evening thanks for joining us. i'm in forum may.
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>> carrie fisher died this morning in los angeles as you may have heard. family by her side. she was 60 years old. >> fisher who publicly and at times humorously balloted personal demons went into cardiac arrest on flight to los angeles friday. >> tonight the tribute are pouring in. "star wars", co-star tweeted no words hash-tag devastated. that echo across the galaxy day. we have the coverage. >>reporter: tonight world is mourning carrie fisher who one so many battle aspirin says leah but lost the final one in los angeles hospital this morning. family spokesperson issued a statement saying fisher passed away at 8:55 this morning. she was loved by the world and she will be missed profoundly. her daughter she was late in life child posted the porrait on instagram. fisher, 60 and recently was
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returning from pro moeingt moteling her new memoir in london collapsing on the flight home from los angeles. she stopped breathing 15 minutes before landing. she was in cardiac arrest. passengers trying desperately to resuscitate her. >> unresponsive passenger. >>reporter: luke sky walker leaves behind tom, daughter lord and her mother hollywood great debbie reynolds. lord and her mother hollywood great debbie reynolds. dancing together 15 years ago. thanks for your thoughts and prayers guiding her to her next stop. >> we are a very tight family. as small as we are. my mother is very strong right now and we are all together now at this point. >>reporter: tonight fisher being celebrated for and her real life feistyness.
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>> come on. >>reporter: lucas films notice ground breaking role aspirin says leah inspiration of power and confidence for young girls everywhere. and her love on the set. harrison ford remembering her as funny. emotionally fearless. she lived her life bravely. until exchanging this pointed scene. >> i have always hated watching you leave. >> that's why i did it. so you would miss me. >>reporter: chairman of disney remembering fisher like so many as one of a kind. abc news los angeles. and fans are also struggling to deal with sudden loss. we have more. >>reporter: "star wars", fans gather at the lucas film campus in san francisco presidio to remember carrie fisher. famous for her role aspirin says leah. >> she's an icon.
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>> hearing about it today. i was previous devastated because she's such an amazing individual outside of her work in "star wars", too. >> these are items fans have left. flowers. candle. and note that simply says rip my princess. it felt like the end of an era for some "star wars", fans at matinee of rogue one in san francisco. >> she was part of my childhoo childhood. i went to see "star wars", first time when i was about seven years old back in 1977 and it just sad day. i work in the entertainment industry myself so it really hits home that important member of our larger family in the entertainment industry is gone far too youngest, she had to order additional cope of her latest book which now joins a special section dedicated to stars and authors who have passed ay. fisher also a successful author. she wrote openly and humorously about hollywood and her struggles with mental illness.
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berkeley theater shared these pictures from her 2008 stage show wishful drinking in a statement artistic director wrote it's a great loss. carrie was comic genius in my opinion. never met any one who could craft a line better than she co-abc 7 news. and tonight at 10:00 there is a special edition of 2020 dedicated to both carrie fisher and george michael. two great. amazing lives and final hours. begins right after the newscast over on channel 7. lightning struck twice for sausolito man when cement truck of all things overturned in the back yard. it happened few hours ago on lower crescent avenue near main street. the truck was delivering cement for repair caused by another truck accident back in april. as they were unloading the cement today the ground gave way and truck flipped over on its side. here's the homeowner. >> unimaginable.
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this is ongoing situation since the original disaster when giant asphalt truck slid down the hill into the garage. >>reporter: two tow truck got the truck out tonight but the cement mixer is still there at the scene. we have more ahead on our web site over on channel 7. police reveal today the man is a prime suspect in stabbing death of his wife on christmas eve. officers capture marco after the crime took place on saturday. he remains in the santa clara county jail. police found his wife suffering from at least one stab wound when responded to 911 call on north tenth street. she died after being rushed to a hospital. former marine has lost his life in what is usually a quiet neighborhood in oakland. shot to death on humboldt avenue last night near brook dale and 35 avenue. here's eric thomas on what happened.
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>>reporter: that's usually true but not last night as this bullet hole shows. last night this was the scene of flurry of gunfire this neighbor doesn't want his face shown. >> 4 shots. evenly spaced. pause. about 4 more shots. evenly spaced. pause. about 8 shots. evenly spaced. >> very loud noise. bam bam bam bam bam. >>reporter: we know it was over 23-year-old christopher lay dying on the street. he was a hayward high graduate and former marine who lived in oakland. these pictures are from his face book page. police say he was visiting friends on humboldt at brook dale when he was killed. his mother didn't want to be interviewed but his sister created this go fund me page. it says killian enrolled in college but had to drop out when his father was diagnosed with cancer. oakland police did not respond to request for an interview but are asking for the public help in finding the shooter. mean time people who leif near the shooting scene are shaken
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but still believe the neighborhood is safe. >> keep our eye open a little more as i go in and out of the house. no those things happen. >> based on our neighborhood, everything is fine. >>reporter: killian is oakland 83rd homicide victim of the year. at this time last year there were 93. in oakland, eric thomas abc 7 news. new right now san francisco just today rejected a bid to block new use of force policy prohibiting officers from firing at moving vehicle and using certain control holds. san francisco police officer association filed a lawsuit on december 20 blocking the sfri implementing the new policy. union says the city engaged in unfair labor practice revving to bargain further on the policy after talk reached in impasse in october. city attorneys argue the policy was manager decision not subject to union negotiations. san francisco supervisor cohen
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who represents bay view hunter point and proponent of the policy tweeted the sf police commission will continue to work towards reform that makes our streets safer and protect both the public and the police. all right. let's move on fromheeather can you feel it. already chilly outside really. >> yes i'm wearing boots now. amazing temperatures in. sandhya is here with just how cold sandhya. >> well let's just say it's near the low 30's tomorrow morning dan an kristen. right now look at the temperatures and we have some upper 30's showing up except at fairfield where it is down to 34 grows so the boots kristen that you have, they come in handy tomorrow morning compared to 24 hours ago many items are up a few degrees with the exception of a few places like half moon bay and fairfield. we see the clouds that we had earlier. thinning out tomorrow morning down to 30 in fairfield. 31 santa rosa. down near freezing in nap a.34 livermore concord.
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you do look at the temperature trend for santa rosa and average low is 36 degrees. tomorrow morning you fall below freezing but notice the temperatures are coming up. especially as we head towards friday. i'll let you know if it's a sign of what might be changing just in time for your hotel difficult wean when i come back with the new year's eve forecast. >> thanks very much see you shortly. we told but a personal piece of american history that turned up in the baggage claim at the sonoma county airport. we are talking about a purple heart. well no one knew where it came from or who might have lost it. financially today we got the answer. here's wayne. >>reporter: paperwork paperwork. with it the end of a miss industry. daughter and father reunited. today held tightly once again to the purple heart with her father name on it. for more than a week the staff
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here at the errant has been trying to find her after the metal turned up on baggage carrousel going around and around and around. campaign generated 100,000 hit on facebook. thinks an airport where they take lost and found seriously. >> we had i-pod. computer lap top. daytimeer. all kinds of stuff. >>reporter: but never a purple heart w.her niece to translate she explained how she carried it in a box with several other others. no one. >> she was stressed out but i knew hi all the confidence in the airport people to find it. we would get it back. >>reporter: every purple heart has a story but this is more pro fouchbility belonged to her father who grew up in puerto rico and signed up to fight in korea a.the day he died in action is the day she was born. >> i only have this with me t.where i go they go with me. >>reporter: she has it again.
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it would have been like losing her father a second time. in sonoma county airport wayne friedman abc 7 news. >> thank goodness it's back where it belongs. >> much more ahead tuesday nightment coming up. collapsible menorah. how it can renew feeling of faith in san francisco. luxury fashion store faces discrimination. former bay area employee is saying. >> and sandhya will be right back with more on the cold weather. it's
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>> t on the story. replacement menorah being shipped from the east coast to the bay area now. here's melanie. >> one hanukkah celebration going bicoastal. 7 foot 50 pound menorah on its way from massachusetts to san francisco, california. engineer of menorah to go heard about the 6 foot, 100 pound menorah stolen from washington square park some time over the weekend. >> i thought if i can help the find something turn something negative into a positive look
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like good thing for me to doyshtion after stolen dozens of people gather with me nora from their home to keep the let's going. >> all the little menorah brought light to the square. >> additional candle is added to the menorah each night of hanukkah last tonight light is now growing even brighter with the donation of the new menora menorah. >> it's part of the what it means to be a jew in the world. things will happen and you have to decide to react negatively or positively. >> as you see, light adds light and one good deed leads to another good deed. >>reporter: san francisco police are investigating a detective stopped by the san francisco italian athletic club to look through surveillance video. >> we wait for update from them. they do their job well and we trust them. >>reporter: in the mean time hanukkah celebration will continue with me fore a from the east coast expected to arrive tomorrow. in time for the fifth night of hanukkah. in san francisco, melanie, abc 7 news. police help track down a
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burglar who still presents from a family's christmas tree. video show man going into the home on spencer court in gilro gilroy. on december 15. after rummaging around he took off with two presents. burglar disconnected security camera that captured the individual quo but too late. it had already been down loaded to the family srver. former employee at livermore versachi outlet is suing the company for unfair business practice. they are accused of ewing a secret code to alert employees when black customers enter the store according to christopher would claims he was fired for being multi-racial and now suing. cower documents versachi deny the claim and asked a judge to dismiss the case. court status hearing is scheduled for march. teens of volunteer in the bay area for activity that is literally for the bird. we were in san bruno mount state park for 34th annual
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christmas bird count it help scientist track bird populationment began more than 100 years ago to replace the traditional christmas bird hun hunt. now more than 200 similar bird count taking florid 40's alaska to chile. last year the san francisco count documented 184 species of birds and more than 73,000 individual birds. >> really impressive. that should be a fun thing to do. don't you this sni absolutely. now it's too cold. a little chilly. >> we don't have feather on us and we are cold. >> the mate come in handy. if you have a scarf or glove forth holiday they come in happenedy tomorrow morning as well. bundle up. here's a look at live doppler 7hd and the cloud have parted way so we are going to be in for a chilly morning. emeryville camera shoying the view across the bay looking all the way back to san francisco
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and you really can see for miles right now so it's pretty clear. 53 in san francisco. manage a building. 46 in oakland. san jose right now. it's not as cold as it was. last fit at this time in many areas. even though it may feel like it to you. east bay hills camera spectacular view looking across the bay. 34 fairfield that's one of our coldest spots right now. 39 livermore one other live picture from the mount tam cam not royal windy out there. chilly morning patchy frost. milder avenue fix if you day and chance of source for the holiday weekend but i wouldn't gamble and put your chance on the shower chance. model keep changing so here's a look at tomorrow morning. we do know one thing for sure. item chilly. models are changing right there we look at low to mid 30's for our coldest inland valley so yes places like fairfield, santa rose you are below freezing when you get going tomorrow morning. if you have to work or plans that include out door activity first thing early tomorrow.
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make sure you dress warmly. tomorrow afternoon in the south bay 62 san jose. it's milder than today. 61 los gatos. on the peninsula nothing but sunshine upper 50's low 60's. 58 redwood city. 56 half machine bay. daly city 57 downtown san francisco north bay you get up into the upper 50's to low 60's for many of you. nice sunny sky and especially if not really liking the cold. this is going to feel good to you tomorrow afternoon. 59 oakland. inland east bay 59 for you in concord. 58 livermore. now we fast forward to saturda saturday. slight chance of some showers showing up. saturday afternoon, evening really early evening if anything but the chance of showers will continue into sunday. i have to tell you one model is really drying things out right now so we have to wait and see may change completely. slight chance of showers on the new year's eve forecast at noon time. cloudy cool at 4:00 p.m. if heading out at night going to a party.
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8:00 o'clock. chilly but not tear my cold by mid nye as you ring in the new year dry conditions upper 30's to mid 40's. stormy impact scale comes n.light system for mopped. chance of light showers low snow levels with this system. that means highest peak could see dusting of snow. breezy at times with this system and here's the hour by hour forecast for your monday. 8:00 a.m. cloud cover. if off it's nice day. if you don't mind the rain. rain chance monday afternoon going into monday evening. this is a cold storm and you will feel the affects as you look at the 7 day forecast. here's a look at the temperatures tomorrow. come up mid 50's to low 60's. even higher thursday. mid 60's inland. don't get the too used to the idea butter it's cooler over the weekend. much cooler really early next week. new year's eve is dry. slight chance of showers saturday afternoon another chance sunday night going into monday and one on the impact scale. notice the chill monday tuesday. low 50's for many areas.
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cold starts both day. down load the 7 news app and track the storms as they come in. weak system mind you couple weak stichlts the we can handle 50 degrees. in buffalo they are in short leaves then. >> they think they are going to the beach. >> you are wimps. tonight is cold for us. when we come back find out who is getting a free ride. >> for new year's eve. who is getting a free ride. >> for new year's eve. do you have plans stay with us.
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>> hundreds of thousands of people flock to new york city times square to ring in the new year as they do every year. right now work is under washington toy keep everyone safe. new york city police officers
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have made themselves highly visible in the area surrounding the so-called cross road of the world. law enforcement says no credible threat from the massive celebration situation. law enforcement has to take every situation seriously. >>reporter: this year edition of the new year's eve ball arrived this times square today. item created by waterford crystals of ire landism here in the bay area cal train operate add fall trains and offer free rides on new year's eve starting at 8:00 p.m. they stop charging fare for passengers. they add 4 additional south bound train that operate after midnight. trains will leaf the station in san francisco starting at 12:45 am new year's day after the fireworks showal embarcadero open alcohol containers are banned on trains after 9:00 p.m. >> muni offer free ride on new year's eve from 8:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. on new year's
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day all service free both bus and cable car. extra buses are scheduled. >> another 30 minutes of 7 news at 9:00 is next. coming up. scare inside trump tower. police told to evacuate the lobby. then. >> rash of mall brawl broke out across the country. washington police believe is behind some of the chaos. plus. ♪shake it off ♪. >> big taylor swift fan super surprise. story behind the private concert you hear from 9
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there was a scare this evening inside trump tower.
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>> new york city police told people to he have been ate the lobby after reports of suspicious backpack. turns out it was a false alarm. bag contained children toys. >> the president-elect was 1200 miles away in florida but not off twitter where he once again took aim at president obama. >> that's right. mary is at the white house. >> tonight donald trump still on vacation in florida but not taking a break from twitter. rampping up the fight against the president tweeting president obama campaigned hard and personally in the very important swing states and lost. the voters wanted to make america great again. trump digging in after president obama suggested he could have won. >> i think i could have mobil mobilize a majority of the american people. >> trump also taking credit for the economy even before he takes the oath of office. both say the world was gloomy warm front i won. there was no hope. now the market is up nearly 10% and christmas spending is over 1 trillion dollars. lots of
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factor contribute to economic growth. employment steadily growing under the obama administration and after plunging on election night the dow is up. but some experts caution that rally could be short lived. since winning he's blasted out more than 200 tweets. far cry from this promise. >> very restrained if i use it at all i'll be very restrain. >> incoming press secretary suggest the tweets are here to statement his use of social media something that has never been seen before. he has his direct pipeline to the american people. >> among the twitter target this holiday season the un. he's blasted the organization for its recent vote to condemn israeli settlements. he says the un is just a club for people to get together. talk. have a good time. republican lawmakers are backing him up. >> we should consider this this anti-israel resolution is rescinded.
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>> abc news washington. president obama and japan prime minister made historic visit today pearl harbor today. the nation leaders lay wreath and scattered petal at the memorial site. it has been 75 years since the japanese attack. this is the first joint visit for both nations. president obama says the democrat strits the power of reconciliation that enemies can become alley when war comes an end. in other news. mall security teams are on alert after night of may him shopping centers across the country. incidents in at least 10 states in some in others evacuation. authorities asking whether social media actually helped fuel the panic. here's more. >>reporter: holiday cher turned into holiday chaos. at this mall in illinois crowd surround police trying to break up a massive fight. >> i see kids hitting each other. trampling each other so it was
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just mdness. stishtion in a connecticut mall fists were flying. in new jersey people who thought they heard gunshot jam hallway trying to escape. in colorado more than 50 officers respond to break autopsy fight involving as many as 500 people that started in a food court. police say they don't know if all the incident are related but believe some crowd may have been egged on by social media post promoting fights at the at the malls. >> unfortunate that social media was used for that purpose. >>reporter: if caught in unrulyy crowd. >> be aware of our surroundings and urge people if they are in this situation look for the nearest exit. get yourself out of that situation. >>reporter: and police tell us they are still looking into those posts. in the mean time mall around the country including this one here in colorado 0are stepping up security and police patrols. clayton, nd el, abc news, aurora, colorado oychlt in arkansas police obtain a search
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warrant for amazon he can o. do you have one of these devices at home. hoping the home digital assistant might reveal voice evidence in a murder investigation. police seized the device and asked amazon to hand over a history of voice reportedings related to it. it doesn't store user question but amazon server do. police think the suspect may have activated the device inadd verify at any timely and that recording might solve the crim crime. amazon declined to comment on the specific case but released a statement saying they will not release customer information without binding legal demand served on juice crash landing on beach in spain islands sent sun bathers running for cover. it happened in this area popular spot for british tourist. light aircraft headed to morrocco after technical difficulty. at the time passengers walked away from the crash. one man rescued was trapped
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inside suffering serious injuries to his abdomen. authorities say it's a miracle inform one on the ground was hurt. world war ii veteran all smiles after getting surprise holiday visit from his favorite pop star. taylor swift. ♪you are looking at the 27-year-old taylor swift dancing with 96-year-old cyrus porter. swift performed of the hit shake it off while visiting port intermissouri. he believes he might be the world oldest swiftie. >> taylor and world war ii veteran. they don't go good at all. that's right. >>reporter: anything else beside taylor swift that you are really into. anything that's you are a huge fan of. >> no. no. into what a sweet guy. porter attended 2 of her concerts with his grandchildre grandchildren. 11-year-old boy received a christmas gift that will last a
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life time. what you are about to see is him unpacking last gift under the throw. assert of adoption. the throw. assert of adoption. >> yes. >> last one. >> what is that. >> can you read it. >> yes. >> the [ crying] the. >> thank goodness for world trade center proof mascara. the mom posted the video on the face book page. viewed 34 million times. >> she says her husband took him as if he were his own and never treated him any differently from day one. >> up next.
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carrie fisher in her own words. sat down for interview with abc carrie fisher in her own words. sat down for interview with abc news and any comments on "star
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the. >> now carrie fisher in hen own words. she didn't give many enter have you. >> she sat down not long ago with david muir just after getting a glimpse of herself on the big scren once again. >> what do you think? >> the parts where i am in it are distressing. but everything else is really great. >> when they hear the parts of leah are distressing. >> i'm older and no one told me. and then they put me on the screen really, really big. and they put me in with high definition. >> any hesitation at all. >> no. >> none at all coming back.
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>> no hesitation. female. work in hollywood. over 40. not why would i say no? >> she was just 19 in the first "star wars". >> they asked me to lose at that point 10 pounds. because they thought it was all in my face. >> 19 years old they tell you that you have to lose weight for a film. >> you want to hide. you think they will say oh, you deposit lose it. bring if jody foster. >> which didn't happen. >> no but i kept i seriously was you know nervous. >> at one point you had said i would rat play hans solo. >> yes. that's try. you still feel that way. >> that's the best character. i'm glad the female can yell at the man. you came in that thing. >> you came in that thing? >> star washtion empire strikes back and one of the most famous scenes of all. >> i love you.
9:43 pm
>> i know. famous moment. where you say i love you. >> i know. >> that's what he says. >> i know. >> would he say that today? >> yes he would. still a wise guy. >> he is still a wise guy but what we have all been through a lot we are trying to get it toychlingt you have said princess leah got famous. i just happen to look like her. >> yes. now we look like each other. >> you. >> she looks like carrie fisher and i look like princess lee 8. i a&m still am princess leah. doesn't go away when they say cut. i'm her. she's in me what do you say to all little girls out there who were inspired by princess lee 8. you can do anything. she can do what she can do and do what she can't. >>reporter: david muir reporting now not seen the last of her in the iconic role. entertainment web site says she finished filming her role aspirin says leah for "star
9:44 pm
wars", episode 8. that film is due in theaters on december 15 of 2017. year from now. >> all right. up next. you know the new gadget for christmas. well it could be a gate way to whole new world of tech suppor
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>> high tech holiday present fill you with joy or frustration. john thon looks into the complex ty that come in the days after christmas. >> this is too complicated. >>reporter: welcome to christmas in the 21st century. >> it's not working. how does it work. >>reporter: present out of the wrapping paper and into the store. in hopes that best buy geek squad can bring them to life. >> you know what nothing unusual for geek squad. we have seen it all. >>reporter: from this speaker.
9:48 pm
>> now it would be the hold a charge when guy to use it. >>reporter: so frank's brand new drone. >> just a camera. camera won't work. >>reporter: but for all the head set smart phone you might have found under the tree the number one thing that shows up for tech support after christmas brand new p c. >> with microsoft office and everything being down loaded from the internet the process you create e-mail address and account without look. >> another challenge keeping children safe. >> be smart with your approach to internet gifts. >> silicon valley crime against children task force had step by step video for what kid can do on the new gadget. >> most device restricted and customize to protect the user. >> and protect your home. we see what thieves are doing. >> driving around the neighborhood looking for these boxes. they want to see what is inside your house. what you got for the holiday. >>reporter: breakdown the box
9:49 pm
you began it come in and tear off the colorful labels. >> idiot button. >>reporter: get down to the real business of figuring out how to make the darn thing wor workism we tal to our cell phone why not a camera. right? take a good picture of what have you are pointing at. talk back to me tishtion in san francisco, jonathan bloom abc 7 nuts. hundreds of volunteers scramble to put finishing touches on 44 floats to be featured in the 128 annual tournament of roses parade. traditional new year's eve event in pasadena takes place on monday. health customer foundaiton ted indicated the float to the 49 people killed in orlando pulse night club. city of los angeles is celebrating its bid for the 2 2024 olympics and para-olympic game with the follow the sun float. feature as volleyball court where after let play 9 time paralympic cable also be riding it.
9:50 pm
>> i watch rose pa rated every year. have the honest to be on the float is above and beyond anything i could think of. >> all of the flowers will be placed on the float friday for sunday's judging then the parade on monday. watch the 2017 rose parade over on channel 7 at 8 only mnday january 2nd live from pasadena. american classic. >> yes. now just work up getting one of the bay area team pack into here again. >> always worried about that. >> they will. all right let's go back and talk about the weather forecas forecast. >> all right. cold. >> cold. everybody is talking about the. it's winter after all i'm just saying. here's a look at live doppler 7hd skies are clear and yes we are feel the chill out there. tomorrow afternoon it will feel better. sun out. temperatures come up. mid 50's low 60's warming it up for your wed. warming trend carry us 52 thursday. average high for san jose 60 degrees. you go above afternoon for a
9:51 pm
couple of days before it gets really cool heading into the weekend and then down right chilly early next week. these are highs so that early next week it's an indication what kind of storm we expect as cold storm. no storm to worry about traveling around the stay tomorrow. 50 at yosemite. 46 tahoe. heading down to los angeles 76 degrees and if you are traveling to the sierra the next two days are the days to go it's going to be dry. a little more cloud cover friday. definitely some winter like travel conditions saturday sunday as we have snow showers and windy conditions so if you are going to be up in the mountains new year's eve ringing it in with snow flake. accu-weather 7 day forecast dry mild for the afternoon and next two days a little cooler end of the work week into the holiday weekend and we do have a few chances of showers saturday through early afternoon sunday afternoon going into monday and then really the systems sort of like children girls and boys changing their
9:52 pm
mind. keep flip flopping so we'll get it. >> won't listen. >> will not listen. >> thanks. >> on to sports lots to talk by. rick is in for larry tonight what's going on. >> talk about football coming up hear from the raiders as they get ready for denver without quarterback derek karr. stanford moving on without
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>> derek karr had surgery in los angeles for broken right leg. karr tweeted operation could not have gone any better. still he will be out for at least 6 week. starting job now guess to matt the fourth year pro out of penn state is a tough competitor who my was a chip on his shoulder. if the raiders can win at denver on sunday they will capture it afc west and earn a first round by. but team mates say they are ready to move forward. >> we want the ball in our hand and we want to take
9:56 pm
responsibility now more than ever obviously so we are up for the challenge. >> get receivers a chance to make a play and we'll see. i have full confidence. >> obviously he we are not the same team as with derek karr. goals don't change and game plan doesn't change >> after being in the rots bowl 3 of the last 4 years stanford having to settle for playing north carolina in the sun bowl this friday. cardinal arrived in el paso yesterday. senior david shaw had some pwrir 0as greeted by dancer and band. he decided to skip the game here so prepare for the nfl draft. he missed notre dame game because of an injury. >> good thing for us. is that we had dry run at this against notre dame. now we can't use the same game plan of course but same thought
9:57 pm
process going into game knowing christian wasn't going to play. able to taylor the game plan for bryce. >>reporter: hotel difficult bowl in san diego. washington state took on minnesota. break here as the pass deflected by defender right to minnesota for touch down. he kick himself. late in the fourth. this 9 yard run by smith. minnesota upset washington zoo 17-12. cougar lowest scoring gym of the season. skate around this morning in san jose the shark flew counsel to anaheim this afternoon to take on the duck. another jolly man with big beard. san jose on the board first. martin loose puck into the net. what happened to peace on earth goodwill toward men. anaheim tie it newspaper the second. san jose regain the league. get it by gibson but in the
9:58 pm
third the ducks on the attack. ryan to who beats jones this tied it at two but san jose just won if over time 3-2 on goal by burns. warriors kd harsh words today for the last 2 minute report in review of sunday show down against the cavaliers nba said richard did foul kd on the final play and waarded two free throw and should have been slapped with technical for happening on the rim. instead of i told you so kd lashed out at the league. >> we lost the game. i think it's bleep nba threw us under the bus like. that noten in our favor. we don't get the win. to say that i got fouled and tag and all that stuff. move on. don't throw the referee under the bus. they try to get the play right.
9:59 pm
look at the play in slow motion i think item bleep they do tha that. >> backing the referee. this is sports report brought to you by toyota. why didn't you referee get it right the first time cost me the game. >> it all eachens out. mature enough. >> thank you. coming up tonight. another big story from the forth bay. cement truck flips over the rush to clean the big mess up why this all too familiar to the homeowner. >> carrie fisher bay area fans honor her legacy. how the star family dealing with the sudden loss. join us for 7 news at 11:00 on channel 7. >> all for now. >> i'm kristen for all of us here thanks for watching. >> appreciate your time foyrn incredibly matur
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narrator: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. today on "corrupt crimes," drug kingpin pablo escobar. he made forbes' list as one of the richest men in the world and spent millions helping the poor in colombia, but his reign of terror made pablo escobar a nightmare.


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