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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 28, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. ♪ ♪ good morning ♪ it's great to stay up late she sang, danced, and acted her way to fame, and debbie reynolds passed today at the age of 84, one day after her daughter, carrie fisher died. >> todd said the stress of his
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sister's death was too much for her mother. >> she was taken to cedar sinai hospital this afternoon. she was at the home of her son discussing funeral plans for her daughter when she reportedly suffered a stroke. here's abc news reporter with a look back at her life and career. >> the stars -- >> reporter: debbie reynolds could sing. she could dance. and she could act. >> why have we decided to have a big wedding and my best friend hates me? >> reporter: movie studios recognized her appeal. ♪ audiences impressed by the cute, perky entertainer. ♪ singing in the rain >> reporter: who held her own with the biggest of stars. ♪ good morning ♪ good morning ♪ it's great to stay up late >> reporter: and recorded a
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number of hit records. this one from tammy and the bachelor with gold. ♪ i wish he knew what i knew i was dreaming of ♪ >> reporter: reynolds powered on working in her golden years on tv. >> look, look, no panty line because no panties. >> reporter: and in the movie -- >> you know i don't like to look back. your father said never look back, they might be gaining on you. >> reporter: her personal life, not so successful. >> don't you think marriage is just the most important thing in the world. >> reporter: three failed marriages, including one to eddie fisher. >> i'm not the mother. >> reporter: who walked out on her for elizabeth taylor. she outlived her daughter, carrie fisher,who suffered cardiac arrest on a plane last week and died tuesday morning. reynolds stayed by her daughter's side until the end and then rushed to the hospital the next day. she was 84.
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abc news, los angeles. >> now reynolds eventually got an oscar. the academy awarded her the 2015 gene humanitarian award citing her work to increase awareness about mental health. >> they recent lid starred in a documentary about their lives codirected by uc berkley alum bloom. the film "bright lights" appeared at the festival this year. >> fisher expresses concern over her mother's health as she performed well into her 80s. >> she loves doing it when she's doing it, but afterwards, she's laying on the floor, so -- but in a good, dignified movie star way. >> scheduled to air on hbo in early 2017. her son, todd, told abc news, he's comforted knowing her mother loved taking care of carrie. >> she appeared on view from the bay where she told spencer christian how proud she was of her daughter, carrie. >> she's a doll.
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she's a wonderful writer. in fact, she's coming for two months. >> love her, admire her so much. >> have my any thyme. i don't know about her, but no, she will come. >> fisher sat down to discuss her one-woman show, wishful drinking, performing at berkley back in 2008. >> and we'll have more on the news at 11:00 over on channel 7. now, though, to a new released video of a confrontation of a 49ers player. warning, the video is disturbing, not what you see, but what you hear, appears to capture a confrontation between mcdonald and mother of his child. the grand jury saw this video and did not cite him on charges of domestic violence. >> reporter: cell phone video taken in may of 2015 shows ray child, kendra scott, arguing in
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the early hours of the morning. she begs him to leave her and her two month old son alone. >> because you're in here acting crazy. like, what are you doing? i was sleeping here with amari, and you come in here and act like this, like, this is crazy. >> reporter: the baby boy is in scott's arms. >> we have a baby. what are you doing? >> look. >> what are you doing this? get away. >> i will. i will. >> reporter: a man tries to calm mcdonald down, and the video ends with the woman running, screaming, and locking herself in a bathroom. >> stop! stop! >> reporter: the disturbing video and photos of the injuries. bruises on the body and face are now being released as part of a custody dispute between the former couple. scott and her attorney are filing emergency request to stop visits with the child, now 20 months old, until they resolve issues. one of them, mcdonald's dogs,
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which her attorney argues are dangerous. also, his long history of domestic violence. in a statement, he says, the may 2015 video is one of thee most horrifying i've seen in my 46 years of practicing law. the grand jury never indicted mcdonald for the incident. his off field behavior led to removal from the 49ers in december of 2014. abc 7 news. we have new details on the suspected dui crash in san jose on christmas morning. the medical examiner tells us 14-year-old andrew wynn of san jose was killed in the crash on capital expressway. jssica's car crossed the median slamming into the car the young boy was riding in. she also died. investigators say she had a felony out for dui when she caused this deadly accident. a bay area restaurant chain has abruptly closed down. signs of the 15 bay area pasta
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restaurant say, closed until further notice. the chain sent text messages to its employees saying it ceased operations. workers were told not to show up for work and they'd receive their final checks friday. no word if pasta will refund customers who have gift cards. well, we are settling in for another cold night here in the bay area. >> we are chilly. winter-like, isn't it? clear skies from the east bay hims camera. no clouds to insulate us and raise the temperature. they call that in the field radiational cooling, i believe. >> wow! >> dan ashley -- >> dropping weather knowledge. i like it. nailed it correctly. we are seeing cool temperatures thanks to the lack of cloud cover tonight. and with the lack of cloud cover, doppler showing you a clear skin. no precipitation. the satellite in between two systems. clouds to the south and north,
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and we're in between in a sector of clear skies, continuing over 24 hours. changes are coming especially over the weekend. the next seven days, here's the rain chances. thursday, friday are dry. no weather issues. saturday, a one on the storm impact scale, and another system monday, also a one, and so we'll talk about the details as we break the weak systems down, light showers moving in on the storm impact scale, just a one, bringing with it cold air, so both days saturday and monday, a raw feeling, low snow levels and less than a quarter inch moisture. we'll talk about the precipitation in accuweather forecast. >> thank you, drew. giving it a shot. lake tahoe investigators look into a cause of a raging fire at homewood mountain resort. the blaze devoured the lodge and forced operators to turn away holiday skiers. the fire broke out at 3:00 a.m. it quickly spread and grew and
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despite battling it for hours, it took some time. >> fire was just about 100 feet from the kids' lift and about 400 feet from the main lift on the south side, and where we usually get hot chocolate and something to drink. >> firefighters kept the fire contained to a single structure, that's the good news. homewood expects to have the resort up and running by tomorrow morning. we're learning tonight that families who lost a lot in a fire lost even more when they were targeted by thieves. abc 7 news reporter has the story. >> reporter: a fire at the condo complex in concord consumed nearly everything jennifer ball lard owned. >> things are things, they can be replaced, loved ones can't. >> reporter: her 5-year-old suffered from smoke inhalation. >> we brought our daughter in a blanket and puppy and ran through the flames, so, yeah, he's my hero. >> reporter: at the hospital,
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someone broke into their storage shed stealing tools and other items. household belongings not destroyed by the fire also sat vulnerable and someone swiped j jennifer's laptop. >> took it and used my account numbers and visa online to make purchases of their own. >> reporter: the president of the homeowner's association says families like jennifer's need help. >> we have four families living in motel rooms. >> reporter: stacks of clothing and toys donated. now, a go fund me page up and running. >> they've lost everything, and they are trying to get on their feet, looking for housing, and a go fund me campaign is helping folks get deposits, rent together, and replace household goods to get out of motel rooms first and foremost. >> reporter: her daughters charred doll hanging from the balcony, reminded about what matters most. >> i think i've cried more about that, the good things, than the
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bad things because, you know, you see all this bad, bad, bad, bad, and then when you see all the good, like, it's overwhelming. >> reporter: we posted information about the go fund me page on our website, abc 7 news. all right. it is a comeback 50 years in the making, and you can see it happening in the backyard. talking about the return of river otters and more. plus -- >> not all about the paycheck. >> so what is it about? next hear from the woman who says she knows why so many san francisco bus drivers choose to call in sick. now that i taught abc 7 news meteorologist about radiational meteorologist about radiational cooling, he has the
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i tried hard to quit smoking. but when we brought our daughter home, meteorologist about radiational cooling, he has the that was it. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how.
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a newly released awe did reveals a look into sick calls of employees municipal transportation agency. >> absenteeism costs $42 million a year. abc news reporter has the story. >> reporter: just last week, some bis routes cancelled because so many drivers were missing in action. the union president said when operators ask for vacatioday, doctor's appointment, family
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issue and are denied, some simply call in sick. >> years ago, we had enough people at the division on report to carry on the weight when someone called in sick. you already had a body there. there's no longer. >> we are just hiring more employees, but it's not enough. >> reporter: conducting the audit for the city controller's office, and interviewed dozens of employees and found transit operators is the least satisfied and the absenteeism may stem from feeling disrepubliced. >> there's lots of studies that say it is not about the paycheck, but individuals want to, again, feel valued. >> reporter: operators, apparently, don't feel the bosses give them credit. >> we know who is helping this agency to the point it is right now. we are. >> reporter: the report has 27 recommendations including improving the culture to foster meaningful collaboration and
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communication. sfmta said some changes are already in the works. >> i can't say there's anything surprising in the report. what i say it validated the work we are doing and got good ideas. >> reporter: the fire department has thee highest rate of absenteeism in the city. in san francisco, abc 7 news. a me nora arrived in san francisco to replace the one stolen from north beach over the weekend. rabbi and his family immediately set about putting it together. it's a gift from engineer bogart to go on the east coast. when he heard about the missing icon, he boxed up this kit and overnighted it to north beach. for the rabbi and his family, it's a life lesson about the meaning of hanukkah. >> kids need to see it to believe it and to see someone right away sent a new me nora and can replace this void with
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light is -- gives them hope making them feel safe in the holiday season. >> it will be taken to washington square park for the time night of hanukkah on saturday. >> after nearly being driven out of extinction, river otters make a comeback in california. eric thomas takes you to a small fishing lake where few took up residen residence. >> reporter: until recently, the major draw for the lake was trout. now it might be sightseeing. >> so, like, when i come fishing here, we see otters. they go in the water, chasing fish. >> reporter: well, he could see them. we saw swans, squirrels, ducks, and more, but the otters? they are shy. >> they will just come up for a few seconds and swim off into a cove. >> reporter: fortunately, the ecology project keeps tracks of sightings in the bay area.
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the map shows three so far in the lake and 1700 others around the greater region. >> probably a good sign that the environment is improving. >> reporter: yep. that's what the environmentalists think. the ecology project provided this video and credit a ban on hunting, clean water act, and wetlands restoration for the comeback. the otters here don't mind loud noises because the lake is right in the shadow of six flags. the fishermen seem to enjoy their encounters with the furry critters. this gentleman plans to leave them a meal of the trout he didn't throw back. >> i guild these, so i figure, well, they will go to waste or leave them for the otters. >> reporter: a good treatment for a species almost wiped out by hunting and pollution in the 1960s before protections were put in place. eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> time to turn to the weather, chilly weather. >> chilly, that radiational
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cooling, and drew is here because there's no anomalous propagation on the radar. >> my mind is blown. you are dropping so much weather knowledge. he's right. no cloud cover. that means any heat obtained earlier quickly radiates from the surface and we cool off quickly. no clouds, no rain, of course, so we are quiet. we move on to a live look at pier 15. showing you a beautiful look out there with the lights. just gorgeous on this holiday weekend as we enter new year's eve. that's the next chance of any wet weather, but enjoy the mild afternoon. they last at least through friday. the next two days are above normal. chillier air over the weekend, that coincides with the first chance of any moisture on saturday. and then another chance coming on monday. you take a look out there right now, 24 hour temperature change, we are warmer in most spots right now. we are in this time yesterday, 7 degrees warmer in mountain view, 4 in napa, 5 in fairfield and
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half-moon bay. there are chilly spots, but not widespread cold seen previous nights. down to 36 in fairfield, but most spots in the upper 40s and 50s. 4 the 9 in san jose, 4 the 9 in san francisco. 50 in oakland and napa at 42 degrees. overnight, here's the call. stars, clear sky in the immediate bay, around 40 degrees on either side. you get away from the water, cooler. 33 and 30 in santa rosa, and morgan hill dropping 36 degrees. it's chilly, but rebounds nicely in the amp. it's a nice afternoon, comfortable temperatures, a lot of sun. 63 in san jose. tomorrow dry. 60 in oakland, 59 in san francisco. 59 concord, 53 in santa rosa. changes saturday. storm impact scale, light systems coming our way saturday and monday. the systems are going to drag in cool canadian air so it feels cool as the rain comes down,
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snow levels drop to 2,000-3,000 feet. we're not looking at a lot of moisture, less than a quarter inch of rain. hour by hour on your saturday, early in the morning, 7:00 in the morning new year's eve, there's light showers. looks like nothing widespread. a quick moving system, and by new year's day, it's out of here. monday, another system drops in from the north with more light showers likely monday morning. hour by hour for new year's eve. look at this, chance of showers midday. chance is out by the amp. 4:00. cloud cover, peeks of sun, but dry. we'll continue to lose the clouds as we head into midnight. midnight is partly cloudy skies and it will be chilly as we bring in the new year. temperatures in the mid-30s and lower 40s. you don't need the umbrella at night, but a heavy jacket as temperatures drop. here's the seven day forecast. thursday, sunny, mild. friday, partly cloudy, a day transition here. saturday, a chance of a morning
9:22 pm
shower, just chilly to start the 2017. and really next week, it's a cold winter day in the upper 40s and lower 50s. hope thi hopefully that continues. sat, dry. >> thank you. >> sure. >> a massive geyser flooded a southern california street this afternoon. afternoon. >> what caused
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whfight back fastts, with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum -tum -tum -tum smoothies! only from tums this video from los angeles, gushing water shooting over the top of a power line and traffic light. happened this afternoon in the boyle heights neighborhood east of downtown l.a. some traffic managed to get through. you can see the streets around the area were flooded until city workers shut the water off. >> look how high. like a water show in vegas. median prices in the bay area ticked up last month.
9:26 pm
the median price was $695,000, up from $690,000 in october. still down from the all-time high of 710,000 set in june. rising mortgage rates may create a drag on home sales this new year. lyft revealed six most requested destinations in san francisco for 2016. the most visited restaurants, and more customers took rides to southern pacific brewing kaen than any other bar in town, and the cal train station at 4th and king was the undisputed king, and a ferry a favorite place to go and the draft house was a trendy destination. all right. stay with us. another 30 minutes of news at 9:00 is next. coming up. passing of a hollywood legend, look back at the remarkable life of debbie reynolds. >> white house ready to
9:27 pm
retaliate against russia for interfering with the election. the kremlin is ready to respond. >> wuould you pay to eat food fr
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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. and we begin this half hour with a passing of debbie reynolds. she dies a day after losing her daughter. she was 84 years old. she was taken to the medical cementer in los angeles after suffering a possible stroke. her son, todd, says the stress of his sister's death was too much for his mother. >> she appeared in more than 30 mu views from 1950 to 1957.
9:31 pm
her oscar nap nation in 1946 for the unthinkable molly brown and had a successful singing career. just last year, she received a life achievement trophy at the screen actors guild awards. the obama administration is expected to announce they are ready to retaliate against russia over hacks that interf e interfered with the presidential election. both the dnc and clinton campaign officials were victims of alleged russian cyber atta s attacks, and the kremlin is ready to respond. here's dave. >> reporter: weeks of debate inside the white house on how to retaliate for cyber attacks ahead of the u.s. presidential election which authorities say came from the russian government. sources telling abc news that tough new economic sanctions and diplomatic censures will be announced as early a tomorrow along with more information explaining why u.s. authorities are so convinced that russia backed groups were behind the
9:32 pm
hack. that breach resulted in e-mail leaks embarrassing democratic party leaders including presidential candidate hillary clinton. u.s. intelligence officials now say the cyber attacks were launched in effort to help republican donald trump. trump, himself, has continued to question the intelligence community's unanimous conclusion russia was responsible. >> you have no idea if it's russia or china or somebody in a bed someplace. >> reporter: martha asked president obama about evidence of russian involvement. >> reporter: just to be clear, do you believe putin, himself, authorized the hack? >> what i can tell you is that the intelligence i've seen gives great confidence in the assessment that the russians carried out the hack. >> reporter: what's not announced are possible covert cyber operations or other actions against the russians. president obama has indicated those will becoming in a time and place of america's choosing.
9:33 pm
>> reporter: the russians responded saying if washington does actually take action, then it will get a response. abc news. >> there's a new announcement from presidentght. he claims thousands of jobs are coming back to america. how exactly when and how is unclear. trump spoke before cam a ras for the first time in days. mary bruce reports from washington tonight. late today, donald trump emerging from his florida estate. the president-elect announcing that sprint is bringing jobs back to the u.s. >> so we just had some very good news because of what's happening and the spirit and the hope, i was just called by the head people at sprint, and they are going to be bringing 5,000 jobs back to the united states. >> reporter: trump also announcing another company, one web, hiring 3,000. the details unclear, and no word from one web. sprint tonight says they are excited to work with president-elect trump who says the deal was done with the help of a billionaire japanese tech investor who agreed earlier this
9:34 pm
month to invest 50 billion in u.s. companies to help create jobs. 23 days before the inauguration, tonight, trump has mixed messages about the transition. he spoke with president obama today. >> he phoned me. we had a nice conversation. >> reporter: earlier, he had high praise for the handoff. >> is it going smoothly? >> everything is going smoothly, very good. you know -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: but this morning, behind these closed doors, trump blasted president obama on twitter, accusing him of getting in the way, saying doing my best to disregard the many inflammatory president obama statements and roadblocks. thought it was going to be a smooth transition. not. for weeks, they tried to put on a good public face. >> very, very good man. veried good man. >> reporter: tonight, they face off over one of america's top allies, israel. trump tweeting, we cannot continue to let israel be treated with destain and disrespect.
9:35 pm
slamming obama administration for allowing u.n. to condemn israel for building settlements breaking a long standing u.s. tradition. trump promised things will be different saying israel used to have a great friend in the u.s., but not anymore. stay strong, israel. january 20th is fast approaching. today, secretary of state john keri passionately decided the decision saying those settlements jeopardize the possibility of peace. >> we cannot properly defend and protect israel if we allow a viable two-state solution to be destroyed before our own eyes. >> reporter: infuriated prime minister benjamin netanyahu welcomed a change of course. >> israel looks forward to working with president-elect trump. >> reporter: mary bruce, abc news, washington. the president-elect is considering former california lieutenant governor for a leadership role in the u.s. department of agriculture. a republican who previously worked as a state assembly member from 1998 to 2004, then as a senator from 2004-2010.
9:36 pm
receivering as lieutenant governor for less than a year before another was elected in 2010. although, not a loss bid for governor no 2014. the salvation army rang the closing bell today. the dow moved away from the 20,000 mark, closing, and the nasdaq lost 50 and s&p went up -- went down, rather, by 19. well, if you think a penny is not worth much, don't say that to the u.s. mint. the government spends $135 million a year to make $90 million worth of 1 cent coins. the rising cost of coating on the coin. merchants found ways in san francisco to avoid using them. >> i round up or down based on value. high value, it's rounded down. >> we round up, but i get pennies, i don't complain.
9:37 pm
>> the white house looked at doing away with the penny. the treasury department is reviewing options, but has not found any cheaper metal compositions for the 1 cent coin. growing frustration over the must-have toy this season. stores sold out and parents looked hard to find the interactive hatchable, but for kids, the eggs that are to hatch a creature is not what it's cracked up to be. >> reporter: it is thee toy to get this year. >> what is that? >> a hatchable. >> reporter: that joy turning to heart break. parents reporting their children waited hours for eggs to hatch. many never did. >> what do you have? >> mommy, i want it to hatch. >> reporter: hundreds of parents taking to social media, using the #hatchablefail. dead as a dodo. he was a dud.
9:38 pm
christmas fail. so popular they made late night headlines. >> hard to find. >> love it, care for it, or smash it with a hammer. >> reporter: listed on e-bay for $25,000, getting one under the tree required drastic measures. >> we camped out all night through the snow. >> reporter: now so many of the coveted gifts considered duds. spinmaster, the company that makes them, sayi tonight, they are 100% committed to bringing the magic to all of our consumers. adding insult to injury, parents spent hours on hold with customer service. spinmaster promised to add more customer care reps and extend hours. abc news, washington. what might look like a potato has scientists buzzing. they captured the best image yet of sat turn's moon called pando pandora. this is what it looks like from
9:39 pm
a distance of 25,000 miles. that's the closest ever of a small moon. nasa astronaut thomas meantime tweeted a picture of a rare cloud formation saying the atmosphere usually limits the extension of clouds. not today, though. these look like a volcanic explosion into the air. well, there was scary moments at the small plane battling windy conditions in england. check it out. the video shows the plane flying to leave the airport. it quickly rises. not a visual trick. then the plane leans down as if the nose is pulled from below. then comes the worst of it. as the plane tilts to the side, shaking as it fights the wind and tries to turn into the airport. it did land safely just a few minutes later. >> video posted on twitter shows how a self-driving car is expected to operate. take a look at this. this is the view from the dash cam of a tesla model x in the
9:40 pm
netherlands. seconds before, the two cars crash and warning system beeps, and you can see, the car slows down. according to the news site electr electric, the upgraded auto pilot technology in the particular tesla uses radar rather than cameras. radar bounces underneath and around nearby vehicles in order to predict collisions. fine dining going high-tech. a san francisco restaurant servings foods on ipads. check out the digital delicacy at quince. the dish is called a dog in search of gold and features white chocolate on the ipad playing videos of water dogs on a truffle. quince is not the first restaurant -- >> did you catch all that? >> they are not the first restaurant to do this. u.k. started it last year. >> i don't think our bosses want us doing that. >> probably not. keep it clean. next at 9:00, cliff crash. >> a base jumper slammed into
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9:44 pm
we want to show you a disastrous ending for a base jumper. the shoot opened, but a panicked moment on camera. here's clayton sandell. >> reporter: this guy way up there is about to jump off a 300 foot cliff on purpose. >> this is unpleasant to watch. >> here regoes. >> reporter: he's got a parachu parachute, and it opens, but he's in trouble. >> oh, no. >> oh, good. >> oh, no. >> oh. >> reporter: slamming into this rocky canyon near phoenix. off duty firefighter was hiking with his family when it happened. >> we witnessed him make contact with the wall about 200 feet down from his jump. >> reporter: the 39-year-old man
9:45 pm
and his companions were base jumping. the extreme sport done from buildings and spans of bridges. this stands for earth, in this case, a cliff, but compared to sky divers, base jumpers are much closer to the ground with far less time to react if something goes wrong. he needed surgery after fracturing his pelvis and shattering his heels. abc news, denver. >> glad he was not killed. >> yeah, seriously. the weather is next with an update on the forecast. >> how do you keep 1 million people safe? what experts are doing to ensur
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of tomorrow possible. rose bowl parade is five days away in the city of pasadena and southern california is ready for the big crowds.
9:49 pm
the grand stands are already in place. police say enhanced security measures on the five and a half mile parade route and the police chief promises this year is the most secure the parade has ever be with federal, state, and local law enforcement working together as well as some undercoverment the chief sought to ease fears saying there's no known threats against the city or the events. >> we are well-prepared. our efforts are well-refined. this is not new ground for us. we are not amateurs. >> the rose parade will be on the same day as the rose bowl this year. you can watch the parade on ab chiropractic 7 at 8:00 a.m. monday, january 2 live from pasadena. san francisco launched a program to ensure christmas trees are not in a land fill. abc 7 news was at civic center plaza as they chopped up discarded trees. san francisco residents are asked to put trees on the curbs on the first two weeks of january. the trees will be ground up into wood pulp used for electricity.
9:50 pm
>> it's used to create heat, and that heat is then heating up water. that water then turns a turbine and the turbine produces electricity that goes on the grid. >> pine trees are too acidic for compost so they don't go in the green bin. this is a great solution. remember to take off the stand and decorations before placing the tree on the curb. i don't know what happens in your house, but i find a decoration in the back i miss. >> i know, oh, goodness. time for a last look at the weather. >> hey, drew. >> hi, yeah, it's going to be a nice afternoon tomorrow. mild temperatures and then it's going to feel like winter again over the weekend. much cooler air. thursday, take a look, bright, beautiful, san jose, 60 livermore, and 59 san francisco, about 63, and perhaps in the bay sib, no weather worries tomorrow. changes on saturday. a storm system ranging a one, a light storm, and another storm on monday, ranking the same.
9:51 pm
it will bring light showers, but also some cold air, snow levels drop to 2,000 feet, and less than a quarter inch of rain. hour by hour, watch as we go into saturday morning, new year's eve, light showers, not widespread at this point. it's likely out of here as we bring in 2017, and then another system will drop in the from the north at 7:00, 8:00 in the morning monday, also a light system. the seven day forecast shows be partly cloudy friday, and chance of morning shower, a chilly start in 2017, but the big story is cold few days coming back. >> thank you, drew. >> sure. >> on to sports. >> rick in for larry and football. bowling tonight. coming up in sports, highlights from an exciting bowl tonight at levi stadium, and the warriors trying to
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the warriors came out tonight trying to erase the
9:55 pm
taste of the frustrating taste of loss to cleveland. curry dishes out to durant for the three putting the warriors up by 18. now it's clay thompson to greene back to thompson for the hoop. led by 25 after one, but ten turnovers led to 20 points. and then it's ross hitting from beyond the arc, leads down to five with the warriors able to regroup, and they put the margin back up to 14. it's finding durant for the three-pointer. he had 19 points in the first half, and up by 17 at the break. first secret here, stops the break away with a steal, and then here's the warriors, dre gives it back to clay. and splash. this game just ended the the warriors beat 121-111.
9:56 pm
the college football bowl season came to the bay area tonight with indiana and utah squaring off in the foster farms area in levi stadium. chip kelly came down to check out the action. joe williams said a foster farms bowl record with 222 yards rushing. he takes it in from 16 yards out to give an early 10-7 lead. the field goal by andy, just stays inside the upright. they took a one-point lead in the fourth, reading from the yard line, and with the 1: 20 to play, fourth field goal. game, 27 yards made it 26-24 utah. this would be the game's final play, and richard tries to put up a hail mary, but he's not getting it off. utah holding on to win 26-24. >> feels good, man. it's a blessing.
9:57 pm
great opportunity for us to come here and play. good game all around. >> feels good to be back in the city i was born in, man, excited to be back and, you know, have family out here, be out here with my family and to be able to win this with these guys, you know, it's bond words to me. >> and in matt we trust. they head into the season finale at denver. the broncos are out of contention, oakland claims the afc west title and vie with the victory try. they made the debut in houston, and he completed 18 of 32 passes for 197 yards and three touchdowns. overall, though, just one in five as a starter. he says he's looking forward to running the offense against denver. >> this is a position you want to be in. this is why you spend so much time, you know, trying to master the craft and why you put so much time in the weight room and film room, for moments like
9:58 pm
this. we are aware of where we are at right now, and, again, what's at stake come sunday, and we're excited about it. >> be who you are, make the plays, and let us all do our jobs around you, and don't try to shoulder, don't put the world on your shoulders. it's not your responsibility. we ask everybody to do their job, you know, understand your role and get it done for us, and it's no different. the 2-13 niners close out one of their worst seasons ever when they host seattle on sunday. san francisco was able to beat the rams last week, and robinson closed out with an interception of goff, but not much on the line, chip kelly was asked if the backups get a kmans to show what they can do. >> this is not just christmas and giving out gifts. that's not fair to the guys that are here that worked and did everything they said, and yoer in and out playing because the other guy we know is not better than you, but see what te can do. that's not fair. i know the kids as awful in practice, but chuck him on the
9:59 pm
field, see what he can do. doesn't work that way. >> the sports report brought to you by toyota. >> he's tough. >> a fair assessment. they earned their spots. >> right. thank you so much, rick. coming up at 11:00 -- >> god has a plan. things just happen. >> the husbands leave the children stay. >> debbie in the abc 7 studios years ago. the sit-down interview remembering the actor who passed a day after her daughter's death. popular bay area restaurant chain shuts down. the unanswered questions employees have tonight. join us for abc 7 news 11:00 on channel 7. >> that's all for now. appreciate your time. >> for rick, drew, all of us here, thank you for watching. have a great rest of the evening.
10:00 pm
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