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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  January 1, 2017 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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tonight on abc p news at 6:00 fire tears through a medical clinic creating uncertainty for patients, including one woman fighting cancer. good samaritans put themselves in danger to save a driver who ended up being arrested. reaction tonight after a rough season for the 9ers ends with the loss both on the field and in the front office. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts now. good evening. i'm carolyn tyler. fire damaged several businesses in south san francisco, including a medical clinic that has at least one cancer patient
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sergio cantana is there live. sergio. >> reporter: carol, the firefighters were able to quickly contain this fire. you can see how they had to slice into the wall to vent the heat. they could get inside, and, there is a whole lot of damage inside. can you see lots of fear trucks surrounding the building. it happened this morning at 8:00. there was no one injured. the business was closed. when you take a look inside, the water damage is extensive. that's not good for patients at the medical clinic, including one woman who is fighting cancer. >> i'll try and find a hospital or somewhere elsewhere i can get a test done because then i have to have the test done before i see the doctor, and the heart doctor wants me on wednesday. well, there is no word just
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yet on how the fire started, but it is clear this place will not be open for a while. the man who shot that cell phone video for us said that he noticed that there were fire departments from several different cities here who came to try to put out this fire. they did work quickly. unfortunately, the damage inside is pretty extensive, so it's not just clear if or when this is going to reopen. reporting live in south san francisco, abc 7 news. >> thank you. a good samaritan and an off duty police officer saved the life of a driver ala fiery roll-over crash in san jose. it happened at 1:00 a.m. along the northbound lanes of highway 101 near the mckee road exit. you could see the driver flipped that sedan and then caught fire. authorities say they found beer cans inside the car and determined the driver was under the influence you see there he is being taken into custody.
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three people are in the hospital after a driver crashed by the chp crashed into a -- being chased, rather, by the chp. crashed into a homeless encampment. it happened around 1:00 this morning on 27th street just off of interstate 980. officers arrested nicolas tarrantine. they say he was driving recklessly, and he kaud the car to flip over on to homeless tents. it is going to be a wet week ahead taking a live look outside from our sfo cam. it's clear, flying right now, but later this week you might want to double-check your flights for more about the coming rain here's our meteorologist drew. >> we know, carol, sfo can be a disaster as the weather moves in and turns wet.
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>> it's right along the coast. the bigger picture showing you a weak system around eureka will sink south overnight tonight. the storm impact scale, this is one. it's a late system. that's a chance of a shower on the north bay. we will take a look at who has the best shot for rain and when after the forecast. carol. >> thanks, drew. take a look at this flood after a water main break. abc 7 news viewer brett murphy sent us this video showing the water gushing through a parking lot this morning. abc 7 news was at apian way where apartment homes and one business flood and a muddy mess was left behind. 43 customers are without water service. east bay mud expects to have repairs finished sometime
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tonight. police are investigating two homicides. the first in the outer mission. police arrived to find a man shot in the chest. he died at the hospital. police have not made any arrest. they're also looking for a gunman at the bay view. police say the man was shot in the face. they don't believe these two shootings are connected. they have not released any suspect information. people gathered today. eight years to the day he was shot and killed by a bart police officer. abc 7 news was in oakland's freudveil bart station. the site of that 2009 new year's day shooting. >> we need to review the police bill of rights, and we need to begin to hold officers
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accountable for their aks just like you and i as citizens are held accountable for our actions. >> grant was unarmed. they found johannes mezerley guilty of involuntary manslaughter. he said he meant to taze grant and mistakenly used his gun instead. the raiders are headed for the playoffs, and the 9ers are going in a different direction. coach chip kelly is expected to be on his way out. this comes after the 9ers lost again today ending with a disappointing 2-14 season. one of the 9 israel critics flew this banner today saying levi stadium, the house that harbough built, referring to the more successful previous coach. abc 7 news reporter leslie wrigley talked to fans about the dismal year and what lies ahead. >> brian dickey is the guy at
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the bar. the only guy at the bar. at a place that's usually jammed with fans watching 9ers games. >> i can see the reflection here with the business here. hopefully it will pick up next year, and we'll see a better season. >> it's the hope for the future that keeps 49ers flanz afloat. >> every team has our rough period. give us two or three years. we'll be making the playoffs. >> any nfl team with rebuild within five years, and i'm really hoping that we do in the next five years. >> maybe we get the new general manager, you know, then we can start rebuilding the team and get back where we're supposed to be at. >> you have to stay faithful. >> 9ers for life. >> tickets were sold out long ago, of course, but after a 13-game losing streak earlier this season, many seats have been empty. s santa clara counts on the revenue. 9ers loyalty runs deeper than
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just winning. >> they did a lot for the city of san francisco, and the bay area communities. you know what i mean? they came and gave back to the neighborhoods. zploog on 2017 kicks off with new leadership to get the team back on track and to reignite faith among the faithful. >> a lot of folks here in santa clara are depending on it. >> hundreds of new state laws take effect today in california. one in response to outrage over are the brock turner sentencing case. the former stanford swimmer spent six months in the santa clara county jail for sexual assault on an unconscious victim. the new law will make prison time mandatory for anyone convicted of assault on a victim who is unconscious or not capable of giving consent. the statewide minimum wage is going up from $10 to $10.50. it's part of plain to gradually raise it to $15 by the year 2022. the new wage applies to
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companies with 26 or more employees. many cities in the bay area lready have a minimum wage higher than the states. this year city minimum wages will increase in san jose, richmond, oakland, berkeley, and san francisco. coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00, a last minute dash to the airport for expelled russians as u.s. senators push for heavy sanctions. and ak at some of the lesser known new laws here in california that cover everything from barbers to bed bugs and barry bond
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. the state department has confirmed all 35 russians expelled from the united states have gone. a plane left washington dulles airport this morning with the remainder of the expelled russians. the white house accused them of being intelligence operatives. 11 people from san francisco were forced out. it's all because of russia's role in interfering with the election. several senators touring eastern europe right now are pushing for much stronger sanctions from congress. >> the hacking was an attack, and it should be treated as much
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such, and we think their financial institutions and other aspects of the russian economy should be addressed, and we will strongly urge our colleagues to enact more meaningful and stronger sanctions against russia. >> last night president-elect donald trump said he still is not convinced russia is involved. he said he knows things others don't know and a big revelation is coming this week. several new laws for 2017 you may not have heard of before. you can now take a selfie with your ballot and post it on social media. landlords cannot show rent or lease an open apartment or room if they know it's infested with bed bugs. if you buy an autograph worth more than $5, it has to come with a certificate of authenticity. and your barber or a hairstylist can now serve wine and beer to customers, but only if it's free. that's the best way. coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00, a hollywood icon vandalized with
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a drug reference, but this is not the first time it's been done. and expect more rain ahead our way this week. meteorologist drew is up next with the accuweather forecast. >> coming up in sports i'll hear from chip kelly. was this his final game as 49ers head coach? the raiders not only lose a game, but another
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>> people of los angeles awoke to an altered hollywood sign. some prankster changed it to say hollyweed. psomeone changed it to hollywee. back in 1976 someone did it on the day marijuana possession was reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor. this sign coincides with the recent vote to legalize marijuana. the first baby born in the bay area in 2017 arrived just seconds after midnight in san jose. grace emily moreno weighs 6 pounds, 11 ounces. her dad is a marine. the family lives in san diego. they were visiting relatives here when grace's mom went into labor. now, here's a fun fact.
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the doctor who delivered the baby also delivered the father 22 years ago at the same hospital. >> now your accuweather forecast with drew -- the first week ahead features several opportunities for rain as a series of storms looks to take aim on the region. live doppler 7 showing you right now. you begin to see a couple of isolated showers pop up. we'll go in closer. you do notice just an isolated shower along the coast just south of half-moon bay. an isolated shower could pop up as a storm system begins to move through. out there right now we're cooling off into the 40s. 48 right now in san francisco. oakland, the mild spot. livermore, inland, at 45 degrees. overnight tonight the call, a couple of 30s on the board in the north bay and inland, but
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most spots will hold into the mid and low 40s. very typical for this time of the year. the bigger issue, you do know, is those showers moving through. you spin see it spinning north of portland. you don't see a lot of rain or snowshowers with it, but as it sinks to the south, it will bring us a chance of a shower. very light showers, and it does look like the bay has the best chance to see rainfall. less than one-tenth of an inch of rain. anyone is fair game for a shower to pop up. future weather, though, hour by hour, you watch the time stamp, the corner of your screen, 5:00 in the morning. you do notice an isolated shower is there, and it stays rather unceltsu unsettled throughout the day on monday. it's not going to be raining -- you do notice to the north and lake county, there could be a mix of snow and rain. a winter weather advisory in effect for lake county until tuesday evening, and what that
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means as low as 1,000 feet, there could be a dusting of snow. above 2,000 feet, maybe three to eight inches, but regardless, it's going to create travel delays if you are heading in that region. back here in the bay area, tomorrow a mix of 50s on the board. 52, san francisco. 55 for oakland. 54, san jose. the take-away is that each day there is the chance of a shower popping up. how it looks right now, the week ahead, showers at times. no day looks like a wash-out. the heaviest rain does look to fall on saturday. next weekend. what you want to do is just take the umbrella with you each and every day as you step out the door. you are not going to need it the entire day. maybe pop it up for 10 or 15 minutes. it's a really unsettled pattern. here's the seveday forecast. let's plan it out for you. an isolated shower on monday.
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perhaps an evening shower on tuesday that could lining err linger into wednesday morning. friday, the evening looks wet, but saturday, carolyn, that looks to be the day with downpours and wind. frankly two on the storm impact scale. you want to keep up-to-date with the forecast. best way to do that, abc 7 news app. >> i saw out there giving away umbrellas. >> well, rick is here talking about what everybody is talking about. the football season and the 9ers. >> and the raiders. >> last week they lost derek carr. gary kubiak will retire due to health reasons. he gets the edge and scores on the game's first drive. here with a rough started for matt mcgloin. he later leaves with a shoulder
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injury after a hard hit. standing on the sideline. he indicates he is done for the day. still on the second. on third and 18. trevor sim john throws a screen pass to booker. he goes virtually untouched. it was 17-0 at the half. the broncos take the ball 64 yards on ten plays. the point after made it 24-0. >> ai two-point conversion try was no good. cook completed compete 14 of 21 passes for 150 yards. he also threw this late pick. broncos win 24-6. the raiders have to settle for the fifth seed in the afc and will play at houston either saturday or sunday. >> with the raiders losing kansas city was able to claim the west title by beating san diego.
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>> the chiefs win 37-27 and get a first round bye. the texans starting quarterback situation is also a mess. tom savage suffered a concussion diving for a first down and had to leave the contest. brock came on in relief and could not rally his team in victory. he avoids the rush, and his pass falls incomplete. they finish 9-7. >> as we reported earlier, 49ers general manager trent balke has been fired, and it appears head coach chip kelly will follow him out the door. kelly is scheduled to meet later this evening with team ceo jed york. with nothing to lose, they go for it. deshawn drone with the second of the game. that fumble led to the first -- later in the second quarter,
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thomas rohls powers in to get the seahawks a 19-14 halftime lead. we go to the fourth quarter. colin kaepernick, and finally his game of the 9ers. the point after cut the lead to two, and san francisco got no closer. 25-23 was a final. it's 2-14 finish. ties for the worst record in franchise history. after the game kelly was asked about his future. >> i don't think anything surprises me. i don't live my life -- i live my life in vision not circumstances. we can control how we coach our players and what we do with them, and if that's good enough, that's good enough. if it's not good enough, then so be it. >> when we lose, you know, like with he did, had a season like we had, changes are made or can be made, and that's from coaches to players. it's all of us. >> i will say i appreciate chip and what he has done. as far as coming to work every day and making sure his team stays focused and be resilient,
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and, you know, not very good circumstances sfabsz every as far as how a team was playing win-loss record-wise. > kelly ended his news conference by thanking the media for being professional in their coverage of him. it sounded very much like a farewell speech. >> a lot of coaches got sacked today. >> i kind of wished they would give kelly another chance, one more season. with the change of gm, he probably wants his own coach. >> right. >> thank you, rick. well, the last minute push by star wars. coming up next at 6:00, with a last minute
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squlienchts tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00 with santa cruz police there looking for a man accused of stealing a bag of guns from a locked car. in the final weekend of 2016 "rogue one, a star wars story" launched itself into the number two spot on the year's box office list. the movie owned by our parent company, disney, is on track to come in first for the third weekend in a row. it's expected to earn $63
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million over the four-day holiday weekend, and it's now topped $425 million. "finding dory" was the only other -- passengers is on track for $20 million. disney's moana came in fourth, and denzel washington's new oscar contender "fences" came in fifth. that is it for abc 7 news at 6:00. for drew, for rick, for eric thomas, i'm carolyn tyler. we'll see you tonight at 11:00. happy new year's day, everyone. 1yrksz
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i will >> today on "matter of fact" -- >> this is my loan. >> student loan debt -- crippling america's ecomony. >> it affects all of us. >> which sectors are slowing down? we'll tell you. and hate speech in america. >> 50 years ago, they were burning crosses. today, they're burning up twitter. >> is living with hate just protecting free expression? plus, trying to teach your kids about money? >> i want to educate minorities. >> how this hip hop artist could help you. but first -- soledad: the battle over education -- are high school graduates prepared for college work? i'm soledad o'brien, and this is "matter of fact."


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