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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 7, 2017 9:00pm-9:31pm PST

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live where you live. this is abc7 news. >> aowling storm is headed for the bay area right now, bringing heavy wind and rain like we haven't seen in years. i'm eric thomas. thanks for joining us, the storm is pick up steam. looking at san mateo bridge, it's wet out there. south bay see it first though, then hit north and we'll see how strong it is. lisa some. >> it's looming off the coast all day, ramping up gusty
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southerly winds as times. looking at live doppler 7, pretty much entire bay area covered in light rain. yellow and oranges are coming throughout overnight hours. tighter over san francisco, heavier over berkeley, and east to brentwood and walnut creek. pushing up through penn grove and light rain but for the next few hours it's a two as the winds increase. see what a slow mover this is. 11:00, yellows, oranges, reds. by midnight. and then at 2:00 a.m. across the bay area, rain sits in the same spot over and over and see waves of moisture. that's why tomorrow you wake up to a four on the storm impact scale. i'll detail the time line and
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tell you how much rain and pass along the advisories. wind and rain blamed for death of woman in san ramon, a tree crashing down on here at gofs just before 11:00 this morning. walking on a cart path with at least one other person. first responders found the tree still on the woman. removed and rushed to hospital where they died. wrong place at wrong time. >> just a plain tree, six or seven inches in diameter, everything lined up with the wind and it fell over. >> no one else was hurt by the falling tree. check out collapsed road in the heart of wine country. buckled in a landslide today, closed between con valley road and deer park road.
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keeping eyes on the napa river, may peak and considered major flooding. getting ready for wet and windy weather. alyssa harrington has more. >> makes me anxious. >> reporter: sink hole has been blocking the way to the beach. >> i love the beach and love to get back down there. sad we haven't been able to. >> choppy waves pounding the sea wall with more on the way. city closed the pier for entire weekend because of high surf. kohl's and other hardware stores seeing a rush. >> roof tar for patching, water damps to prevent flooding. ponchos. >> san chung packed his suv, his
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home has flooded once before. >> it was really bad. lost a lot of furniture and carpet was really bad. hope it doesn't happen again. >> san francisco is under a flash flood watch. department of emergency management says city agencies are prepared. >> stay away from flooded areas whether walking or driving. don't know what is in the water, downed power lines, hazardous materials. >> reporter: only takes six inches of water to sweep you off your feet. big problems at san francisco international airport. 55 departures and 42 arrivals canceled and expected to impact tomorrow. no problems reported at oakland international. check the flights tomorrow in the morning. yosemite national park
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officials are concerned the heavy downpours could bring heaviest flooding in 20 years. could dump a foot of rain there. in the sierras, warning residents may need to evacuate if the truckee river overflows its banks. residents warned to be ready. >> they believe the area is going to flood and river is rising, it's time to get out instead of waiting for a rescuer to come get you out. they may not be able to get to you. >> officials expect river levels there to be highest in a decade. live doppler 7 will be changing and you can track the storm with the app, enable push alerts for advisories. berkeley police say a man wanted for vicious killing near cal campus is captured.
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pablo gomez jr., native of north hollywood, arrested in burbank, accused of stabbing someone to death and seriously wounding another woman at student coop living space. she's recovering in the hospital. firefighters tweeted video from the former lee's a auto repair. fire started just after 2:30 this morning. had it under control in about a half hour. nobody was hurt. investigators haven't said how it started. raider season came to an end with loss in houston today. rookie connor cook first rookie to start a playoff game. didn't go well. not just for him, pressured all game and tossed three interceptions, hooufrten won but raider nation proud of the big step the team made.
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wayne freedman has details. >> beauty of sports is you never know who will happen, why fans go to games and why raiders fans came halfway across the country to watch this. unfortunately didn't turn out way they wanted but had a great time talking about it. >> hey texas! >> reporter: it's part of the tradition. >> you can't beat texas. >> what do they do when raider nation arrives? [ cheers and applause ] >> we'll bring it to the field. >> reporter: this is what happened pregame when wandered in diehard transplanted living in texas raiders fans. either ugly or beautiful or maybe both. >> no matter where you go, automatically family and having fun. fun-loving people. >> reporter: but talk is talk and talk doesn't win games.
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watched a team that looked different due to absence of carr and first start of young quarterback who showed heart but needed more experience. remained philosophical and hopeful. >> upset but didn't expect to win. >> i'm encouraged, showed up. didn't give it all we had but next year we'll be fine. >> can't wait until next year. i know that. i love my bay, my raiders. >> reporter: in houston, wayne freedman. >> we'll break down the big plays and have reaction in sports. also ahead, crabbers strike is over but still not in the water. find out why. and lawmakers saying
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bay area democrats are fighting back against efforts to kill the affordable care act. at hospital and trauma center as house minority leader nancy pelosi and others held the first of what they say will be many actions. introduced a man who said before obamacare didn't have medical treatment for more than 20 years because couldn't afford it. >> times blood sugar so low i passed out at dinner table until i recovered. how dangerous it was. but syringes and insulin and regular medical treatments not affordable. >> president-elect donald trump led the effort to repeal and replace it. bill now includes tax credits to offset the cost of health
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coverage. bay area crab fishermen are looking to go back to work after a strike in solidary with those in washington and oregon. but storm is keeping boats from going anywhere unless at least monday. >> it was blowing 45 knots, which is bad. and 20 foot swell. choppy and nasty. >> strike about the amount per crab played. $2.87 is now agreed upon price. were making $3 but say it's worth losing a few cents to show unity along the west coast. driven not to drive, why woman ditched car for more primitive transportation and. more than just rain on the way. after a 14 year wait raider
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you know when snow tires and chains don't cut it, oregon woman has the answer. mckenzie from medford is competitive dog slerd. snowed in and had to get to the store, driving was treacherous, hopped on sled, grabbed the dogs and mushed to the market. >> i loved it. never thought i could mush down my street. all these people taking photos. kind of fun. will you take me to work? >> mayor says it was fun for locals to see but dogs equally
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excited about the journey. hi everyone. national weather service just issued a flood warning for napa and guadalupe river through tomorrow morning. flooding is imminent. will occur. see the yellows here getting enhanced. all started to the south and moving up steadily throughout the evening hours, that's why number two on the impact scale. heavier rain here enhanced along the coast. that's looking at heftiest totals, excess of ten inches in the coastal hills. filling to the north bay. and everyone looking at light rain. this is what is pointed at entire state of california. talking about prolific rainfall in excess of 12 hours of heavy rain for some of you.
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this is a four on our storm impact scale. get getting going overnight tonight. 3:00 a.m. when it starting, and flash flood watch through the entire bay area tomorrow. debris and rock slides a possibility. and winds will ramp up. 59 miles at los gatos and around the bay. looking at 30 miles along the coast right now but more activity is to come as rain bands push on through. 9:00 tonight this is what we're expecting. 45 to 50 mile an hour rain gusts, downpours. could see the trees topple and power lines come down. upper 50s right now. so mild. that's why there's rain in the
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sierra nevada. compared to yesterday, 15 degrees warmer. with the warm sector of the system, it's like a fire hose that will stay over us for a prolonged period of time. that's why looking at power outages possible. and streams and creeks overflowing a possibility. look at next wave. more rain through 2:00, and add up totals once again and looking at anywhere from three to five inches lower elevations and more to come after that. not only throughout first part of the week but most of the week. worried about the fires where this -- the soil has nothing to hold on to. and russian river at guerneville expected to flood on monday. break comes late tomorrow as rain ends from north to south, then the rivers begin to rise.
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that's when we're going to have the problems. low 60s, windy tomorrow. notice we have numbers on each and every day. downloaded app for push alerts and you'll be up to date. >> and we'll keep track of things stay with us. right now. the raiders. what happened? not a lot. here's schu. >> it was one and done for the oakland raiders after a 14-year playoff drought, connor cook making first career start forred raiders without the proebl left tackle donald penn. pressured all day. especially by jadeveon clowney. 73 yards on the day for -- 10-0 texans third quarter.
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raiders found some momentum, murray here. and hopkins, 38 throw and better catch. two plays later. same true. 27 texans at half. cook finished with a 30 pass rating. touchdown and three picks but got no help. cooper drops a sure catch. that will do it. raiders eliminated from the playoffs. 27-14 the final. here's connor cook. >> i have high expectations for myself. to come in and play like that not a good feeling. want to give my team a better chance. it's a learning experience and got to move on. >> weren't able to come through with the win but rest assured coming back with a chip on our shoulder next year for another playoff run. >> had abrupt ending.
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that can happen in this league. in the playoffs, one and done. >> hate to lose. came in to compete. had a great season, 12-4, the guys came in to play but ain't do enough to win, houston was a better team today. >> in nfc, seattle playing host to detroit. seahawks trying to get back. 12 man, huge advantage for seattle. russell wilson lobs it, look at this catch, 10-3 hawks at half. one handed. ross. one touchdown be right here. lions on the ropes. and former stanford star another grabbed. 26-6 seattle. face the falcons in atlanta next. >> we had a couple of games we
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won but look at some of the numbers for six out of the last nine games been a lot of runs and making yards and russell contributed as well. these guys have been coming on. the sharks have lost including two at home. hoping to get back on track. before the game honored the california seals who paved the way for the franchise. down and bounces off red wings defenseman and in. gets the goal. ties in one. no deflection needed here. mueller, first goal of the year. two on sharks. patrick marlowe inching closer to career goal. sharks lead 3-1 in the second intermission, complete highlights at 11:00. hoops. st. mary's and usf. led with ten at half.
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ramu with the three. boyce drive and bank it in. usf at half. in the second it's 32-32. tough ending to great season for the raiders. much more at 11:00 on abc7. next on abc7 news at night. you have to see this. you know what we're talking
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tonight on abc7 news at 11:00, we're on storm watch looking at live doppler 7 you can see the heavy rain moving into the bay area as we speak. team coverage of the mess the wind and rain is already
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causing. join us at 11:00. what you're about to say gives new to the cat poster that says hang in there. the sheriff's office in louisiana posted a picture of a cat stuck on a garage door. looks scary but bella was not hurt, just hanging out. sheriff's deputy worked for hours to get her out. neighbors helped by removing part of the frame. bella's owner thinks was sleeping on top of the garage door and didn't notice when ran errands. >> cats can sleep anywhere. >> that's right. that's it for abc7 news at 9:00. next is 11:00 on channel
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- [sighs] [grunts] - thought you'd already left for work. - well, the meeting got cancelled. so i was hoping to schedule a meeting for us. in the...boudoir. - hmm. i may have a little time to discuss some new business. - hmm. let the minutes show the wife is up for it. - hmm. minutes, plural? that'd be a nice change. [ringtone plays] - please don't answer that. - hello. - meeting adjourned. - really? i'm--i'm so sorry. let me check with jeff, and i'll get back to you. that was chrissy. she never got the knicks tickets you promised her for her charity auction. - oh, boy, uh, you'll never guess what happened. - you forgot? - wow, first guess. - look, she was really counting on that.


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