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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  January 8, 2017 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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in wild weather rescues and cross the bay area. they're now reaching dangerous levels. >> find out how much rain to expect where you live. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> announcer: live where you live. this is "abc 7 news." the heaviest part of the storm has passed, but the wind and rain have been relentless causing floods, bringing down trees, and in some cases forcing rescue. thank you for joins us. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm ama daetz. highway 49, the girl was initially unresponsive.
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she was taken to the hospital. in san francisco a tree collapsed on a homeless man's tent in golden gate park. it took three hours to free him form he was taken to the hospital to be checked out. is it st. helena, this view tweeted video of a flooded home, two feet deep in the house. heavy storm clouds still do cover the sky. of course it's hard to see, because it's dark now. for more about the night ahead, here is meteorologist drew tuma. >> it's been a very busy day with the wind and rain. we still have rain. live doppler 17 bus about all day today. let's go down to street levels, shows you from light showers from palo alto, and just north of sunnyvale. north we go to san ramon, dublin. the north bay still see some pockets of downpours around sonoma, the pops of yellow are the heavier showers. what we are watching very closely is the napa river in
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napa. it is forecasted to go above flood stage and crest at 9:00 tonight. that means nearby areas will be flooded. one of already seen numerous areas, so take note of that. also the russian river in guerneville under flood warning und under. there's a lot of standing water out there, and more showers -- we'll detail the weather coming up in the accuweather forecast, guys. >> the wind is still cause trouble. >> a we are live in san bruno with more? >> you can see that all lanes are open, because can trance crews were able to cut the treat that fell across, but there weren't two cars unable to avoices it.
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>> this was tweeted oy about by amy levine. the rest of at the tree came down across all four lanes. according to the california highway patrol, a woman driving one of the cars did suffer minor injuries because of the tree collapse. >> the tree did not fall on the vehicle. the tree actually fell on the freeway first. both vehicles were unable to react in time and collided with the tree. >> we heard boom boom on top of a us. what the heck is that going on? next thing we know, we see the wood in front of us falling down. >> reporter: that's jose perez. he and some friends were sitting inside the bus stop shelter in san francisco, when scaffolding from a hotel under renovation started coming apart above them. perez says the wind was whistling through there pretty strong when the casting
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collapsed. no with you was injured, but market street had to be closed down so crews could clean up the mess. right now the rain is on again/off again, but throughout the afternoon the wind seems to be the biggest trouble in this area. >> sergio, thank you very much. in watsonville, two children are in the hospital after cal fire rescued them from a rain-swollen lake. it happened north holohan road and east lake avenue. they're being checked out. there's no word yet on their exact injuries. three people died. a fallen tree killed a woman in san ramon, a driver cashed on i-880, and another man drove into the estuary in oakland. we're lived with the east bay with more. cornell? >> eric and ama, it was not a day to -- that's what happened. sadly oakland firefighters could not save a man whose car wound
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up in the oakland estuary. >> he slipped. i don't know, i just kept on thinking he'll catch himself. >> reporter: a water rescue where a group of teens tried body surfing this creek. >> i saw him go downs. i thought my friend was going to die right now. >> reporter: the friends got stuck in a storm drain tunnel and were pulled out. >> it wasn't very cold, because we had wetsuits, but definitely scary. peter is relieved his son and friends are okay, but definitely a lesson learned. >> it was a scary phone call that they got swept away. not as grim an outcome. a driver of a tax missing after witnesses saw the cab disappeared into the water during the height of the storm. >> he left the airport or one of the taxi stands and somehow lost control. >> a short time later rescue divers locate the car, the cab
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pulled from the water. >> one person inside, just a driver. we were ability testimony hut on the with the rescue swimmer from alameda city and oakland fire. >> the man inside died later at the hospital. fellow cabbies the knew him as raj. >> he's from india. we are good friends. we always know each other very well. a very good person. >> full name of the victim has not been released. first responders says with more rain on the way, they urge everyone to be safe around water. we're live in the oakland hills, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. more than 33,000 people remain without electricity throughout the bay area tonight. a third of them are in san francisco, nearly another third in the north bay. >> sky 7 was above wine country where there's flooding in the grape fields. the napa river is expected to crust tonight with the highest
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water left since 2005. alyssa harrington is live with more. >> this is under several feet. so the napa valley is getting a lot of flooding. we're right in the hard of wine country and the napa river is expected to go prove flood level later tonight. >> too look like this two days into is it with a week to go? this is going to be a mess. >> reporter: several inches the standing water lowered deer park road in st. helena all the way to the silverado trail. >> it's a long time overdue, but it's scary, this much flooding. >> this area always gets pretty bad, but nothing like that. >> phil poppic and his female
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passenger could not get home to her baby. >> we're trying to get home up there. she's got a baby out there. i guess her mom is going to have to take care it. >> reporter: the river is expected to crest to the highest level since 2005. >> there are already vineyards under water. >> reporter: in yountville, the raging river almost touched the overpass. vernon pride from calistoga is happy to see moisture after so many years of drought. >> i don't think it's going to hurt us. it doesn't hurt the vineyards in the long run. we need the water obviously. i think it's all great. >> reporter: you see they have put up barriers. they have closed this road, but we still saw quite a few people come by with the larger vehicles, big suvs, and try to cross. never a good idea. remember it only takes about a foot of water to move a car,
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elisa harrington, abc 7 news. a rockslide sent a poult you are crashing down near sierra city. the chp is warning drivers to watch out for slides andooding. >> you can watch live doppler 7 evolve with the storm, just download the abc 7 news app. we do have much more about the continuing rain and the effects of last night's storm blast, including the danger in the south bay happening right now that's forcing people from their homes. and a look at the damage caused by the whipping wind, when "aceh 7 news at 6:00" continues. today's storm is level 12. that mean moderate rain, so gear up before you go out and drive safely. track
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fast and high and people have been warned. >> lillian kim is live in felting with the story. >> we need you to get ready to leave the neighborhood. >> reporter: volunteers went door to door, alerting residence. so far they say the process is going smoothly. >> we give them lots of warnings, the county has also used the reverse 911 system to let people know what's going on. >> reporter: people from all over the santa cruz area came to the covered bridge to look at the river. they haven't seen it this high in a while. >> in 2008 it got pretty high, but it hasn't been that high since. usually just very, very low, so it's pretty cool to come out and see what's going on. >> reporter: homeowners have been through this before. many have elevated their homes over the year, but the peterson family did what they could to keep potential floodwater out of their garage.
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>> it's nothing new. we stay here, water comes in, goes out, we start over. at least this is somewhat during the daytime. >> reporter: the river appears to have crusted, but officials will be watching it. coming up, why they didn't want to wait around for a tow truck. and drew tuma has a look at your advisories and warnings through the night. well, the cal bear football team will have a new head coach season. we'll explain why. and aaron rodgers up to his
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watch here, california highway patrol, firefighters and the driver are managing to actually flip that vehicle upright. the suv finally back onto its tires. they had to do it because there was at least a one-hour delay for tow trucks in the daly city area when this crash happened. they were able to actually help get that car upright. it does have significant damage on the side of the vehicle, but certainly a visual reminder, as that rain continues to come those roads are slick out there. you want to take it slow and be careful. i'm jessica castro, abc 7 news. and abc 7 news was in san francisco's's mission district, look at that. this is at 20th and guerrero. the san francisco fire department says no one was
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injured, but clearly damage was done. extensive delays and cancellation at sfo. airport officials say 140 flight arrivals and departures were canceled. tonight you can expect one to two-hour delays through midnight. no other major airport delays reported in the bay area. we have just seen some major issues throughout the day in terms of wind damage and flooded areas. this storm ranked a 4, a major storm on the storm impact scale, the first time we've had a 4 since we created it exclusively here at abc 7. tonight the tail end of it will get downgrade the. let's look at the scale right now. with light to moderate rain, isolated downpours, and those winds, they're still breezy, but they will slow by be relaxing. we'll get you right into the north bay, some light showers up to novato, still in downpours
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near yountville. those pops of yellow and eastern, that's the heavier rain. light showers from san ramon, pleasanton to livermore. we're still dealing with showers, and will continue to do so at least through midnight. watch the timestamp in the corner of your screen. 9:00 we are still tracking downpours. even as we approach midnight tonight, it still staying rather unsettled. so it's for that fact, the entire region has a flood flood watch in effect. the inland eets bay, what that means is water can quickly rise. we already saw a lot of rain today. there's still a chance of downpours tonight, but just know a lot of root ways are flooded. it's dark, so take it easy as you're out and about. the winds were certainly an issue today. they were up near 50 miles per hour, right now they are slowly relaxes.
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we're down to 31 miles an hour at sfo. 28 miles per hour at santa rosa, 2 is at livermore and 24 concord, but notice the wind direct. it's coming out of the south. that pumping in very mild air. we are sitting in the 60s at this hour. san jose we're at 61 and novato. it will be a mild night. a lot of upper 40s to lower 50s. so certainly not a cold night on the way, but future weather picking up on the chance of more showers even after midnight, so the impact scale for monday will be a 1, a light system moving through. there would be damp roadways, and scattered showers for the evening commute, but the winds will be pretty call compared to day. hour by hour, by 6:00 monday morning, most of the region dealing with cloud cover could have an isolated shower. med day, what we're focusing in
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is the evening. and could sink south of the golden gate. so the monday evening commute could have issues with rain, but a stronger storm looks to move in on tuesday. this is a moderate storm on tuesday. we'll have periods of rain more on the way of downpours moving through. the big change with this sum on tuesday, the winds will turn gusty once again. we could see more in the ways of trees coming down, so we'll track that active pattern. accuweather seven-day forecast will show you, tomorrow it's scattered showers out there. the winds calm down president much of the day, just cloud cover. tuesday is the day we're watching, rainy and windy out there. other finally dries out thursday and friday and the sun coming back. >> thanks, drew. >> sure. now abc 7 sports with mike shumann. a bit of a surprise today as sonny dykes was relieved of his
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duties. one winning season and one bowl victory, but they fell to 5-7 l.a. year and the defense was one of the worst in the nation. he was eeply interviewing for other jobs the past two years and mike williams decided it was time to pull the plug. he thanked coach dykes for his tenure, as he -- but it was never a good fit. the timing of this firing not ideal for finding a quality candidate, and the offensive coordinator becomes the interim head coach and also a candidate. two more games today, we kick off in the frozen tundra today. odell beckham and victor cruz did not mind of 13-degree weather pregame. never give aaron rodgers a hail mary attempt in the playoffs. he had one last year, and at the end of the half, 14r si-of pack right down the middle here.
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then it was all rodgers and cobb. they answer with a 30-yard connection, cobb five catches, three touchdowns rodgers threw for a packer playoff record, four tds, again packers win 38-13. they will face the cowboys next week. teerls were in pittsburgh, and they dolphins parent left their game on miami beach. antonio brown down the sideline for the score. roethlisberger to brown again this time over the middle for 62 yards. brown 1234r yards on five catches. pittsburgh had td le'veon bell set a record with 167 rushing yards, also two touchdowns, pittsburgh captures their 35th postseason win most in the nfl history. 30-12 the final. they'll face kansas city next week. we'll have the highligts at 9:00 and 11:00.
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the storm has brought a lot of damage. it's also brought a lot of beauty. >> look at the falls in yosemite where the merced river is peaking. there will be significant flooding, so did check with the park rangers before you h
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stay ahead of ibs-d... with viberzi. tine at 9:00, over on tv 20 we'll have more of the storm's effects, including the bad decision that drivers made in the north bay. at 11:00 here on abc 7, we're monitoring the rising rivers. the napa river is expected to reach flood stage later tonight. and a final check on what to expect which week with drew. >> lop doppler 7, keep the rain gear handy for the next two days. we just want to show you where we have moderate showers. the pop of yellow right around the marina district, just some light scattered showers through the region. so the flood warns for both the napa river and the russian river
7:29 pm
an guerneville, we will be have flooding, expect the same along the russian river too as well. you'll see though expire monday afternoon for the napa river and wednesday evening for the russian river. overnight mild, but still we're tracking some showers, upper 40s to lower 50s, is the name of the game. the storm impact stale will be a 1. it will be damp, especially for the evening community. >> thanks, drew. the weather team has working hard. >> we live for it. we love it. that's it for "abc 7 news at 6:00." >> have a good evening. manolo! you're so cold, come in!
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