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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 8, 2017 9:00pm-9:31pm PST

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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> they haviest part of the storm has pass fwud wind and rain have been relentless, causing floods, bringing town trust trees and in some cases forcing rescues. good evening i'm eric thomas. >> i'm amma dates. deputies had to pull a 12-year-old girl from a car in placer county this morning. they tweeted video from off highway 49. the girl was unresponsive but recovered after being given first aid. >> in san francisco a tree collapsed on a homeless man's tent. it took three hours the free hi he was taken to the hospital to be checked out. >> in napa county this viewer tweeted video of a flooded home.
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the water is two feet deep inside the house. >> storm clouds still cover the sky. for more, let's check in with meteorologist drew tuma. >> live doppler 7 has been tracking the storm all day. right now we have pockets of downpours but the light showers are still persisting. we are still talking about a flood warning in effect for the russian river and also the napa river until monday morning for the napa river. wednesday morning for the russian river. in concernville, we expect moderate flooding. the napa river is cresting right now. nearby areas will get flooded right along the banks. we will have rain monday and another storm arrives tuesday. more wet weather in the forecast. accuweather forecast coming up. the wind is still causing trouble, closing major roads with fallen debris. >> abc 7 reporter sergio can tanna is live in daly city with
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more. >> reporter: the rains are spotty throughout the peninsula but it's the winds causing problems here. in daly city this tree was basically torn apart by firefighters earlier. crews were called to this neighborhood in daly city to cut this tree apart as it came down on a box truck. no one was injured n. san francisco, public works and fire crews have been answering a number of calls to dispose of trees toppled over by winds there: this afternoon on southbound i-280 a driver tweeted a picture of a large tree that came down across all southbound lanes of the freeway. you can see a toyota camry under the trunk of that tree. according to the california highway patrol, a woman driving one of the cars did suffer minor injuries because of the tree collapse. >> the tree did not fall on the vehicle. the vee actually fell on the freeway first. and both vehicles weren't able to react in time and collided
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into the tree. >> we heard boom, boom, on too much us. what the heck's that going on? next thing we know, we see the wood in front of us falling down. >> reporter: that's jose perez, he and some friends were sitting inside that bus stop shelter just off 7th street at margaret when scaffolding from a hotel under renovation started coming apart above them. perez says the wind was whistling through there pretty strong when the scaffolding collapsed. no one was injured but market street had to be closed down as crews began cleaning up the mess. a chp crew told me earlier this afternoon they always advise drivers to slow down in storms because of course it gives them more time to react to road hazards and other drivers. and unfortunately, it seems that trees coming down on streets are becoming one of those road hazards. reporting live in daly city, i'm sergio can tanna, abc 7 news.
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three people died in storm-related incidents. a fallen tree killed a woman in san ramon. >> a driver crashed on 880 in fremont this morning and another man drove into the estuary in oakland. >> cornell barnard has more about the death in oakland. >> he slipped and then i don't know, i kept on thnking ordinary care he will catch himself. >> a water reese res dmu the oakland hills where a a group of teens tried body surfing this creek. >> i saw him go down. i thought my friends could die right now. >> reporter: the friends got stuck in a storm drain tunnel and were pulled out by the oakland fire department. >> it wasn't very cold because we had wet suits but it was definitely scary. >> reporter: peter mazer is happy his son and his friends are okay but is definitely concerned. >> i wasn't sure. >> reporter: there was a grim outcome to this dramatic rescue on the oakland estuary near oakland international. the driver of a taxi missing after witnesses saw the cab
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disappear into the water during the height of the storm. >> he left the airport or one of the taxi stands and somehow lost control. >> reporter: a short time later rescue divers located the car. the driver pulled from the water. >> one person inside, we were able to get him out with the rescue swimmers from alameda city and oakland fire. >> reporter: the man inside died later at the hospital. fellow cabbies knew him as raj. >> he is from india. we are good friend. we always know each other very well, very good person. >> reporter: a tragic casualty from the storm. the full name of the victim hasn't been released. first responders say with more rain on the way they urge everyone to be safe around water. in oakland, cornell barnard, abc 7 news. in watsonville two children are in the hospital after cal-fire rescued them from a rain swollen lake. it happened near east lake
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avenue. the victims are being checked out. no word on their exact injuries. in wine country, sky 7 shows flooding. >> the napa river will have the highest level since 2005. alyssa harrington has more. >> i have never seen it like >> reporter: even long time residents of napa county were surprised to see the amount of flooding the storm caused and how quickly it happened. >> to look like this two days into it, with a week to go. oh, this is going to be a mess. >> reporter: several inches of standing water closed deer park road at main street in st. helena all the way to the silverado trail. >> it is a long time overdue, but it's a little scary, really, actually this, much flooding. >> this area always gets pretty bad. we thought it might be flooded a little bit but nothing like that. >> reporter: phil and his female passenger couldn't get home to her baby. >> it's crazy because we are trying to get home up there.
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she has a baby out there. haent been fed. i guess her mom is going to have to take care of it. >> reporter: in outville, flooding closed the outville cross road. the raging river almost touched the overpass. vernon pride is happy to see moisture after so many years of drought. >> i don't think it's going to hurt us. doesn't hurt the vineyards in the long run. we need the water, obviously. so i think it's all great. >> emergency officials are trying to keep people safe. they put up barriers and are closing all roads with any sort of flooding. we've still seen several people try to come through with their larger trucks and vehicles and cross these flooded streets. never a good idea. it only takes about a foot of water to move a car. abc 7 news. gusting winds led to extensive delays and cancellations at sfo. airport officials say 140 flight arrivals and departures were canceled. tonight expect one to two hour delays through midnight.
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in the north bay people got a firsthand lesson about the dangers of driving in high water. >> we have a look from roanoke park. >> reporter: two drivers found out the hard way this morning it really had rained a lot and this standing water was very deep. the drivers got out okay but had to abandon their cars on redwood drive at roanoke park expressway until the water receded. >> that's stupid. that's just stupid. i mean come on. >> reporter: here's why it looked this way. constant heavy rain all over the north bay all morning long. drivers had to navigate through deep huge puddles all over highway 101. gusts of wind also created a challenge for drivers. this was difficult for hotel guests. this truck thinks about going through, changes his mind, tries to go around and intoly gets stuck in the mud. we also saw the driver of a
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mustang think about it, then turn around. we caught up with him when he calked around the mess. >> i picked the wrong weekend to rent a mess standing, convertible, welcome to san francisco. >> reporter: roanoke police say they are hoping this serves as a cautionary warning to everyone of what can happen if you try to drive through standing water. >> you can watch live doppler 7 evolve with the storm, download the abc 7 news app. we have much more about the continuing rain and the effects of last night's storm blast including the danger in the bay right now forcing people from their homes. and a look at the damage caused by the whipping wind.
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strong winds ripped meettle sheeting off the top of this gas pump island at a 76 station in san francisco. people in the area of harrison and first reported hearing an explosion and seeing a flash at 1130 this morning. nearby traffic lights went out. right now four miles of 45 near 17 are closed because of mudslides. the san lorenzo river is flowing fast and high. people who live in flood prone areas have been warned. >> lilian kim has detailed. >> we need you to get ready to leave the neighborhood. >> reporter: volunteers of the felton road disaster planning committee went door to door warning residents about the rising river. they say so far the process has gone smatly. >> i feel like people are doing a good job. we give them lots of warnings.
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the county has used the reverse 911 system. >> reporter: people came to the covered bridge in felton to get a good look at the san lorenzo river. they haven't seen it this high in a while? in 2008 it got pretty high but usually it's very, very low. 'cool to come out and you know see what's going on. >> reporter: homeowners have been through this before. many have elevated their homes over the years but the peterson family still did what they could to keep potential flood water out of their garage. >> this is nothing new. it's the same thing. we stay here. the water comes in. it goes out, we clean up. then it's over. i was hoping it wasn't going to be last night. >> reporter: the water appears to have creditsed below flood stage late this afternoon but county officials will be keeping an eye on it owl evening. coming up on abc 7 news at 9:00, some helping hands get this vehicle back upright.
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people in daly city came together help a driver who flipped his vehicle. jessica castro from abc 7 mornings has the story. >> reporter: video you have to see from a crash during this storm. a car flipped over on its side. this was at 280 and highway 1 just before the sun came up. and watch here. california highway patrol, firefighters, and the driver of this vehicle are managing to actually flip that vehicle upright. the suv finally back on to its tires there. and they had to do this because there was at least a one hour
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delay for tow trucks in the daly city area when this crash happened. no word on injuries, but based on what we've seen in this video the driver and occupants of that car are doing just fine, especially since they were able to actually help get that car upright. certainly a visual reminder that as that rain continues to come down, those roads are slick out there. you want to take it slow and be careful. i'm jessica castro, abc 7 news. now your accuweather forecast withdrew tuma. >> great advice from jessica. tomorrow morning we'll still have standing water on our roadways as well as isolated showers. that means the morning commute will likely be slower than we're used to. live doppler 7 showing we still have showers out there right now. this is in a loop over the past hour. moisture is funneling on shore. one in the north bay and one cresting the south bay. we'll take you into the south bay around san jose san jose we have light to moderate showers
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at this hour. farther to the north, inland, pleasanton, livermore. in the north bay we have flood and downpours around santa rosa south of windsor. so the wet weather continues. we have got drops on the lens, water on the roadway. prepare for damp spots tomorrow with showers continuing to move through the area. we have a flash flood watch in effect until 11:00 in the areas shaded in green. what that means as the showers continue to move through over the next hours it could create flooding in areas. take note of that tonight. winds were a huge issue earlier today. we had winds gusting over 60 miles per hour. they are subsiding a bit. but still at sfo, gusts at 30. 23, san carlos, but it's really the independent direction. it's coming out of the south. that is continuing to keep the mild air in place. look at this, 606 degrees at this hour in january in san francisco and antioch.
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61 in concord. 60 in san jose and a mild 59 in napa. so it will be mild overnight tonight. for the monday morning commute use caution. there will be an isolated shower moving through. we have a lot of standing water on the roadway. be careful not to hydroplane. also a lot of limbs down. could be debris on the roadway. take it slow out there. a light system on monday. we have damp roads in the morning. scattered showers in the evening as well. winds not an issue. 10 to 20 miles per hour. future weather we'll go hour by hour. monday morning, chance of isolated showers likely in the south bay. midday, a lot of cloud cover but most spots are dry. it's in the evening that the showers try to sink south. that's probably your best chance to pick up additional moisture on month. tuesday is a completely different story out there. on the storm impact scale on tuesday this is going to be a. two a moderate storm, periods of
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rain, it's going to have scattered downpours and the wind picks up once again. 30 to 50 miles per hour gusts on tuesday. it will be a very active day. tuesday future weather. we'll get you into the morning hours. you can see the light to moderate showers go widespread in the morning community. evening commute the same thing develops. we will be tracking downpours. tuesday looks to be another wet day across the region. accuweather seven-day forecast shows you scattered showers tomorrow, be careful in the morning commute because we have ponding. tuesday more rain showers and high winds. thursday we brighten up and dry out and nice on friday as well. >> drying out. let's talk sports now. >> warriors hosted by the kings. trying to keep their regular season streak alive of not losing back to back games since 2015. but they did lose three straight to the cavs in the nba final.
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it was that kind of a night. dubs trail by seven at the half. curry gets the turnover, plays it in. tolliver, three of his 16. warriors up. a bad inbounds pass. kings go up nine. that was the turning point for the dubs. they went on a 22-3 run. durant and the block. za za, over the head flip to steph. finishes with a circus lay in. curry, 30 points on 11 and 22 shooting. tank taking to it the rack. six assists. nice feed to doesn't. warriors win 117-106 improving to 31an 6. we kick off in the frozen tundra of green bay, packers and giants. odell beckham and victor cruz. never mind the freezing weather before the game. at the half, 42 yards to randall
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cobb, and somebody knock it down. tigers up 14-6 at the half. third quarter, eli manning, 299 yards passing. 41 to tevares king. cobb five catches, 116 yards. three touchdowns. then in the fourth, rogers threw for 362 yards and packer playoff record four touchdowns, 16 more to cobb. packers win 38-13, they will face the cowboys next week. steelers hosting the dolphins in pittsburgh. roethlisberger hits brown. he is going to do the rest with great blocking down the sideline. goes 50 yards for the score. next possession, roethlisberger to brown again this. time over the middle. 62 yards. brown, 124 yards on five catches. pittsburgh had touchdowns on their first three possessions of the game. bell set a pittsburgh playoff record, 176 rushing yards, two touchdowns. steelers capture their 35th
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postseason win. 30-12. they will play kansas city next week. cal dismissed sonny dykes today. dikes was openly interviewing for other jobs the past two years. athletic director mike williams decided he needed a full commitment so it's time to pull the plug. he thanked coach dikes but it was never a good fit. timing of this firing is not ideal. we'll have more from the dubs and college hoops later tonight at 11 p.m. over on abc7. if you don't think home field means anything, all t
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tonight on abc 7 news at 11 flooding concerns across the bay area tonight as river reach near flood stage. we have team coverage. a storm takes down a giant. the historic tree that's no longer upright tonight. join us for abc 7 news at 11 over on channel 7. of course we have a long week of rainy weather ahead. a final check. >> we will track scattered showers tonight and tony morning during the morning commute. live doppler showing you two sets of rain, south bay and north bay in the accuweather forecast. rainy day on tuesday. >> thank you for watching. we'll see you at 11:00 over on cham 7. >> weapon, see you then. >> bye-bye. uke uke
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