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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 11, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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we're tracking a line of show showers even as the rain from earlier clears out. >> an entire community was inundated by the storms. the cleanup there is just beginning. as we said, with more rain coming too. >> let's begin with the rain that's currently moving into the bay area. >> sandy patel is live with
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doppler 7. >> this is just in between the storm systems. as you take a look here, light showers. we're seeing wet roadways. very light returns around grizzly peak boulevard. the last couple hours i've been watching lightning developing off the coast. it's obviously well off the coast and it's died down. unstable atmosphere, can't rule out a storm going into tomorrow morning. there's a trough of low pressure here. this is the system that is going to bring in more moderate pockets of rain, on our storm impact scale, it's a light system, tonight through tomorrow. potential for more flooding as rainfalls on saturated grounds. cresting at 37.6 feet.
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low flood stage by tomorrow afternoon. we have flood warnings until tomorrow afternoon. and parts of the south bay under the flood warning until tomorrow morning, and tomorrow afternoon. unusually high tides will continue to bring in the potential for low lying flooding, we have a coastal flood advisory until noon tomorrow. when will you get a break? i'll have the answer to that question coming up. >> thank you so much. >> more than 100 people had to evacuate the community of holster, because of a flooded creek. holster is about 15 miles south of gilroy. david louie has details on how those people are doing tonight. >> you can see the extent of flooding as sky 7 flew over lover's lane. residents were scrambling to grab what they could. keep in mind it was also the
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dark of night as bianca vazquez escaped in an unusual way. >> piggyback ride. it wasn't that deep, i had boots on, i could walk-through, but it was pretty bad. >> the creek smelled over its banks from all the rainfall that drained into it. the creek was filled with logs and other debris, it forms the boundary between santa clara and san benito counties. >> it was about 2 1/23 feet up in the garage. you can see the elevation difference of the house. but once it got in those vents in the crawl space, you know, and then i sandbagged the doors, it was a waist of time. >> the search and rescue team surveyed the damage with a drone. >> it helped give us good perspective, good situational awareness, and see the whole picture. it helped out a lot. especially with locating some of the livestock that were able to get out of there.
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>> candace hooper lives on lover's lane. >> i hope this makes the community aware that the creeks need to be cleaned out, so the water can flow through, instead of getting hung up. i understand the king tide didn't help the issue. >> no one was injured during the evacuation. and animal control officer told us they found no stray dogs or cats. even as they were on the lookout for many hours during the course of the day. now, building inspectors are continuing to make their rounds, trying to determine which houses can be occupied and which cannot. in hollister, david louie, abc 7 news. despite all the rain, santa cruz declared a water shortage emergency. santa cruz residents are earthed to cut their water use by 30%. water quality is not effective, it is safe to drink. the russian river crested in sonoma county tonight. that's the point where it overflows its banks.
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it's expected to stay flooded for a few more hours. why there is a difference between being flooded out and flooded in. >> welcome to lake gurnville, in some places at least. >> a couple more feet is not going to do much damage. it's been a while from moving from point a to point b. >> how do you get from here to there? >> right now, you don't. you don't get from here to there. >> it's all part of the drill in a region where the russian river floods, road signs become prone to understatement. >> tuna fish, beer. you know, the essentials. >> that's betsy van dyke, one of 300 or so residents cut off by the swamped road, where in a community built for high water like this, even the word flooded carries several distinctions. >> flooded in means you're stranded.
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flooded out means you have a mess, you don't want a mess. flooding pries an unpredictable rhythm to the place. >> keep your hands inside the ride at all times. >> that's bruce mcdonald who at times of flood always offers up himself and his duck boat to residents along neeley road. >> the best story is, i took this woman over to her cat over there the best story is, the cat was fine. >> wet, maybe waterlogged, even. but enduring a much easier bad time this time, than it has in bad times before. wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> the gurnville school district will stay closed tomorrow because of all of that flooding. >> there are at least 60 storm related closures in the bay area. take a look at one of them, highway 37 is closed from two
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miles east of the sonoma county line, because of flooding. >> there's good reason why this road is closed indefinitely behind me. >> our recent storms have taken out 70 feet of the payment. this is alhambra valley road near pinol. because of the washout, the road is closed. here's abc 7 news reporter laura anthony. >> it's the handiwork of a swollen creek that washed away a huge chunk of el ham breaux valley road in the middle of the night. >> scary, the road fell, anyone could have been on that road. >> how does it look? >> pretty deep. >> and there is a leak. >> it's pretty crazy. >> i take this road all the time.
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>> it's rather crazy. >> in martinez. lou either by spoent his morning cleaning up after overflowing water creek. >> got right on the verge of it, going into a lot of businesses it stayed just enough underneath, everybody's door chris rodrigez owns peg ga sis bike works. we can wade through most of the water. >> it was heavy rain, high tides that caused several low lying roadways to flood. prompting officials to declare a local state of emergency. >> we got hit pretty hard last night, it was the second storm of the week. saturated soil, and all the
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runoff filled up the reservoirs and creeks. completely away by our estimate, probably 70 between where i'm standing and the other side of the roadway. we've heardrom a lot of people out here, that they use this road regularly, thank goodness there was no one driving on this section when it gave way p.m. contra costa public works cannot tell us when they might have this road repaired and back open, as you can see, it's a huge undertaking. >> h. >> the chp sent this video. the roadway just gives way. morton road is closed. >> 80 reopened in the sierra
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just a few hours ago, after being closed because of low visibility. it's hard to see at donor summit, it doesn't look nearly as bad at 267. chains are required on 80 and 50. the avalanche danger remains high in the sierra. stevens posted this photo on his facebook page, showing a wall of snow that came through his door. no one was injured, stevens says the snow wall could have been 15 to 20 feet high. ski areas use controlled avalanches to reduce the risk of a more serious accident to people and property. squall valley and alpine meadows remain closed because of a power outage blamed on these storms. much more ahead for you on this wednesday night. the big cleanup on the peninsula, this is one of the many trees that have come down
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in the storm. >> you're going to see how people in marin county are dealing with what the weather has done to their neighborhoods. has done to their neighborhoods.
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tree just after 7:00. >> a lot of people are still worried about major flooding in marin county tonight. residents are nervously watching a rising creek. here's alyssa harrington. >> this is what the storm left behind in marin county. flooding, swollen creeks, mud and debris. a landslide in fairfax, trapped people inside the home before they were rescued. chris allen and his wife lived down the street and moved their valuables up high in case there's flooding. >> where we live right on the river, everyone's got sandbags, i think everyone's vigilant, but i certainly think that another rain like we had for 24 hours yet could be catastrophic for us. >> crews worked throughout the night. responding to downed trees and clogged storm drains. >> lots of rain from those storms, coupled with the high tides we were experiencing yesterday had this really high saturation in the soil, so what we were really concerned about was trees coming down.
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>> that's just what happened near lagunitas. an enormous tree toppled over, blocking lanes of traffic, flooding closed highway 37 in novado. water rose three feet. >> we were evacuated last night by town, just as we were getting ready to open. >> business owners like donna seymour are ready for another round of rain. >> it seems like we should be able to do more to create less of an issue, every winter we're worried about the alarms going off and whether the creek is going to overflow. >> they hope tonight the restaurant can stay open. alyssa harrington, abc 7 news. a slick road may have caused a vehicle to go off the road. crews pulled that suv up.
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the vehicle went down the embankment about 10 this morning. rescue crews had to repell 300 feet down the cliff to reach the driver. the california department of water resources says reservoir levels are now 95% of normal for this time of year. this time last year, they were 50% of normal. california's largest lake shasta is at 81% of capacity. folsom lake is 51% full. >> all very encouraging, and those reservoirs may inch up a little more, we have more rain coming. >> it is encouraging indeed, let's check out live doppler 7 right now. we're seeing a couple showers out there, but this is just light in intensity. let me take you in to street level radar, we are seeing
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between mill valley. and sausalito area. larkspur, some light rainfall. san francisco around vicente street. we're starting to see a little bit of the moisture crossing the area, and right across the golden gate bridge. since sunday, how much have these storms delivered. how about almost a foot of rain in mount st. helena. about a foot of rain, 13.78. pretty impressive totals there. seven inches of rain in sunday. it has been encouraging to see all that moisture in the sierra, it's been snowing, snow showers right now in southlake tahoe, chains are required on 80, 50, 88 and 4. i would not try to head up to the mountains right now. gusty winds with snow, until 4:00 p.m. thursday, we're expecting another foot to a foot and a half. snow levels will be down to
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3,000 feet. that means road closures may happen again. the good thing, a lot of those resorts over the last week, reporting anywhere between 2 to 3 feet of snow up to 12 feet of snow, yes, that's the report as of late. from our roof camera, you're seeing the cloud cover as we look toward the bay. 51 in sfraejsz. 59 in san jose. from our emeriville camera, we're looking at the clouds, and the temperatures are in the 40s tonight. may be a good night to put the blanket on your bed. it is going to be chillier, a beautiful view from our abc 7 news camera. at pier 15. we're looking at some of those clouds, we've seen slick roadways. that's how it's going to be for the next few hours, before the cold storm moves in overnight tonight. dry friday through the holiday weekend. rain returns again, middle of next week. this is the one, a light system between late tonight and
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tomorrow. leading to potentially more flooding, and snow is possible over our highest peaks. 11:00 tonight, you see showers in the north bay, increase in coverage as far as rainfall between 3:00 a.m. and right during your morning commute. this is not good. your morning commute is going to be on the rough side, the yellows and oranges, indicating heavier rain. that red could be an isolated thunderstorm at 5:00 a.m. watch what happens to that red. it's a slight possibility. still looking at those wet roadways. mostly east bay, the peninsula into the south bay, and for the afternoon, we hang on to scattered showers, 3:00 to 5:00 p.m., before it all winds down tomorrow night, then you'll get that much needed break. many of you might have been waiting for. the rainfall is concerned, what we're expecting, highest totals where the heaviest rain is expected in the south bay and east bay. about an inch less up to the north. temperatures first thing in the morning, mid-30s to mid-40s.
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wet and chilly for the afternoon, we're going to see scattered showers, temperatures in the 50s, a cooler day, the accuweather 7 day, showing you not just cold showers but snowflakes. you can download the abc 7 news app and track this system, also notice the weekend, we dry out, we see a lot more sun. the long holiday weekend, martin luther king jr. day, it's going to be nice and mild. right as you're getting used to that idea, we're going to bring in the rainy pattern around tuesday night into wednesday. >> nice break, though. >> yes, it is. the changes now happening through an executive order in oakland after the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire.
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we have another road closure to tell you about, the marin chp
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tweeted this picture on highway 1 tonight. >> an illegal casino, drugs, raw sewage. during a raid today, deputies arrested 20 of the 28 people found inside a building at 69th and bancroft avenues. the backyard is filled with trash. look at that. a 5-year-old was among the people illegally living inside the building in unsanitary conditions. the business had been in operation for a long time. today we'll say this is a victory, unfortunately, this building was bringing crime. it was bringing blight and unsanitary conditions to the community. and so those people will no longer be here. >> authorities have red tagged the building as unsafe to enter. no one who was living there will be able to return.
9:25 pm
shaft directed city departments to take a series of steps to improve regulation of nonpermitted spaces without immediately displacing residents. this is the latest move by shaft to change city policy after the deadly ghost ship fire last month. pg&e is laying off nearly 400 full time workers to save 300 million a year. the company will also cut 0 contractors and will not fill 500 open positions, pg&e hopes to cut additional costs by renegotiating existing vendor contracts. donald trump holds his first news conference since becomes president-elect. >> that's something that nazi germany would have done and did do. i think it's a disgrace. >> he's making accusations against the intelligence community, what he's accusing the top intelligence officials of doing. mexico's president says his country is not paying for a
9:26 pm
wall, and he had another warning for mr. trump. the search and rescue
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good evening once again, we'll begin this half hour with president-elect donald trump's first news conference since the election. >> he came out swinging against the u.s. intelligence community for leaking an unconfirmed report that russia had information that could be used to blackmail mr. trump. >> a number of topics from his business to obama care and the mexico wall, but the main headline, russia. >> the big news, donald trump's major admission. >> as far as hacking, i think it
9:30 pm
was russia. >> for the first time, trump accepting the intelligence agency's conclusion that russian president vladimir putin ordered the election hacking. >> we shouldn't have done it. i don't believe he'll be doing it more now. we have to work something out. >> but trump quick to deny and dismiss the unconfirmed reports alleging russia has compromising information that could be used against him. >> it's all fake news, it's phony stuff. it was a group of opponents who got together. sick people and they put that crap together. >> the allegations are supposedly from anonymous sources inside the kremlin, talking to a former british spy, the claims were contained in a dossier democrats and republicans gave to the fbi. whether the russians filmed trump with prostitutes to be able to blackmail him if they so
9:31 pm
wished. >> does anyone really believe that story. i'm also a germaphobe. be careful, you don't want to see yourself on television, cameras all over the place. >> some democrats disagree and are calling for a full investigation. outside trump tower, elizabeth her, abc news. >> that salacious report that got so much attention was filled with un confirmed details. brian ross has more. >> officials confirm that while the allegations about russia and donald trump are completely unsubstantiated. they are the work of a respected former british spy hired during the primaries then later by democratic operatives who turned over these memos to the fbi last august. earlier we caught up with john mccain, who confirmed he gave copies of the peoplmemos to the
9:32 pm
director just last month. >> i looked at it and gave it to the fbi. >> tonight a senior intelligence official says trump was directly told about the allegations last friday at trump tower. when he received a classified briefing about russian hacking, which contradicts what trump aide kellyanne conway said last night to seth meyers. >> i believe they said they did brief him on that. >> he said he's not aware of that. >> that concerns me. >> an examination by abc news reveals some serious flaws in the information. the memos claim michael kohn was part of an on going secret liaison relationship with the russians and met with them in prague in august 2016. kohn told abc news and his boss, he's never been in prague. >> i want to see your passport. he brings his passport to my office. wait a minute, he didn't leave the country. >> the report give tonight fbi also claims that kohn's father-in-law, was a leading
9:33 pm
moscow property developer close to putin. when abc news went to the home of the property developer in moscow today, we found a case of mistaken identity. same name, but no connection to trump's lawyer kohn. other allegations revolve around trump's travel to moscow for a miss universe contest in 2013. and whether the russians filmed him with prostitutes to be able to blackmail him if they so wished. trump strongly denied that today, saying he knows how to avoid russia's spy tricks. >> i told many people, be careful because you don't want to see yourself on television, cameras all over the place. >> the president-elect planned to shift his assets and control of his business interests while he's president to his sons. some people had hoped for more transparency. >> trump will move his assets into a trust and the company will be managed by his sons and
9:34 pm
a top company executive. >> they are going to be running it in a very professional manner. they're not going to discuss it with me. >> a tax adviser at morgan lewis was brought in to reveal the steps he will take. no new foreign deals will be made, domestic deals will be overseen and approved by an independent ethics advicer. >> he will only know of a deal if he reads it in the paper or sees it on tv. >> some wanted trump to full when i divest his business holdi holdings. his advisers said that would not have been in mr. trump's best financial interest. >> he should not be expected to destroy the company he built. >> he reminded everyone that under the law, presidents are not required to separate themselves from their financial assets. today the president-elect also revealed that over the weekend he turned down a $2 billion real estate development deal in dubai. >> i didn't have to turn it
9:35 pm
down, as you know, i have a no conflict situation because i'm president. >> and then the question of releasing his tax returns came up again. >> i won. i mean, i became president. no, i don't think they care at all. i don't think they care at all. i think you care. >> i'd love to see those, and so would a lot of people. if it's not a law, he has his american right like the rest of us not to do that. >> he promised to have his financial interests resolved by january 20th, inauguration day. >> he repeated his plan to build the wall and force mexico to pay for it. enrique nieto responded saying mexico will not pay for a wall. he warned mr. trump about threats or fear. this after ford cancelled plans to build a $1.6 billion auto manufacturing plan the there. donald trump has a 37% approval rating, nine days
9:36 pm
before taking office. the quinnipiac university poll, found president obama will leave office with a 55% approval rating. people aren't as happy with the president elect's personality, leadership and level headedness. on capitol hill, lawmakers continue to grill donald trump's cabinet appointees, former exxon mobil ceo, the secretary of state nominee, faced some of the toughest questions. >> putin, a war criminal. >> i would not use that term. >> senator cory booker and congressman john lewis testified against senator jeff sessions for attorney sken general. transportation nominee elaine choa is expected to be easily confirmed. donald trump will be inaugurated as our nation's 45th president
9:37 pm
next friday, january 20th, and i will be in washington for the inauguration to provide you with live reports. today volkswagen agreed to pay a $4.3 billion penalty after pleading guilty to three criminal charges because it's cars cheated emissions tests. it's the biggest penalty against an automaker in u.s. history. they're charged with con viruscy to defraud the united states. volkswagen has admitted it designed cars to cheat government tests. jet blue is the only airline to offer free wifi for all passengers on all its aircraft for domestic flights. it can be used gate to gate. no waiting to reach cruising altitude required. starbucks has ended alcohol sales at its stores. they began selling beer, wine and small belates in seattle in 2010, and eventually expanded to
9:38 pm
400 locations. it was part of the starbucks evenings program. they will allow most of its locations to focus on their core business of making coffee. >> now to the dog that rescued itself, trapped high on a snowy mountain, it stubbornly told rescuer, i got this. here's lindsay davis. >> reporter: a treacherous climb. >> down slow. >> in freezing temperatures. >> if it i'm going to slip, it's going to be here. >> volunteers with the utah county search and rescue, hike half a mile up steep terrain for man's best friend. >> good dog. >> they find the fox hound mary on a narrow ledge with a 60 foot dr drop. despite the lure of treats, mary is skiddish. >> this dog's been overnight in the coldest night of the year. it's going to be hungry and happy to see us. >> this pooch perched above city lights couldn't be coaxed, not
9:39 pm
even by the passage of another sun set. >> i'm worried she's going to jump off the cliff. >> they leave treats before retreating. the cliffhanger doesn't end there. mary made it back to her homeowners, giving us all a bit of pause. lindsay davis, abc news, new york. coming up next, from barbies to hot wheels and everything in between. >> the man who can
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call it antiques road show for toys. the toy scout is in the bay area this week, to tell you if your old toys are worth anything. >> whether it's worth money every toy does have a story. >> likely made in the 1960s.
9:43 pm
the owner, jack lee was a collector. >> we would go out and go to these antique shows. >> now he's down sizing and cashing in. >> one, two, and 40. >> the man with the money is joel mcgee, also known as the toy scout. you. >> don't have to clean the dirt off. it's just like it left the sandbox all those years ago. >> he cleans and restores them to sell to collectors. >> i would do $510 on these. if you wanted to sell these. >> and he's a walking encyclopedia. >> tv show games like this were only made for one season. very few of them are out there. >> everything valuable is rare, though not everything rare is valuable. worth only $5. collectors are showing no love for space ghosts. >> the superheros are looking for superman, batman, spiderman. >> other comic books could be a gold mine. this copy is worth an estimated
9:44 pm
$100,000. >> if this was a higher grade, this has sold for a million dollars before. >> sometimes it is buried treasure hidden away. jason found a pile of toy trucks at his parents house, still in their boxes from 40 years ago. >> where did all this stuff come from. i didn't play with it, i never knew it existed. >> i was given all of these dolls. >> i lived in a small town, we had to travel to fresno to go to a store to buy the dolls or the dresses for the dolls. >> some come with the house, a hot wheels collection found under an attic floor board. >> thank you very much. >> in san bruno, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. >> the toy scout will be available for two more days this week. we'll post his schedule and where he'll be on abc meteorologist sandy patel is
9:45 pm
next with an
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an overflowing zam and a rushing creek became instant attracts today. the aftermath of the storms that hit the south bay. vick lee has the story. >> the lexington reservoir peaked at midnight, at 104% of capacity. in layperson's terms, that's about a foot and a half above the spill way. where did all that excess water go? here to los gatos creek, where it turned into a fast moving waterway. >> it's a really easy, slow bubbling creek. it looks like a class three rapid now.
9:49 pm
>> the water swirled and heaved violently. lapping some two feet over. >> it's amazing, it's something to take in. >> the sight of the overflow drew long time residents. >> there's 5, 10 feet. it's pretty high. the splashing from the dam. >> tom berkeley's lived here almost 6 decades. >> have you ever seen anything like this? >> not even close. >> rangers shut the road down. >> lots of water. it's the usual low places are all blocked off, and you can't get through. >> if this wasn't enough, university avenue was blocked by a mudslide. >> and los gatos for many, a raging creek can make for an exciting day. >> vick lee, abc 7 news. >> one last time, i want to
9:50 pm
update the weather forecast for you now. >> the scoop is, it is raining in san francisco right now, live doppler 7. we'll show you where the moisture is at, light rainfalling indicated by the green. from chinatown to the richmond district. as you look across 580 heading into richmond, we're seeing showers. rainfall since sunday adding up. it's not made a difference. as far as the drought monitor is concerned, the coastal spots out of the drought, we still have dry to severe trout king. around the state, you will notice much of the state still dealing with this drought, it's not over yet. parts of northern california getting out of that drought. 175% of average in santa rosa, 138 oakland, san jose, 117,
9:51 pm
we're above average, it's encouraging, temperatures in the 50s tomorr make sure you have the umbrella and extra time for your morning commute. we could see a light dusting of snow, and we go to dry milder. >> larry beihl is in next. >> nfl talk? >> i was just watching sandy, it's graphic. i'd like to think i'm 175% of average. >> keep thinking that. >>. >> i used to like you too. >> spice it up a little. >> the truth comes out on the news at 9:00, the truth comes out. >>age nfl team is about to move >>age nfl team is about to move to l.a. it's not the
9:52 pm
>>age nfl team is about to move to l.a. it's not the it's just a date. i can stay. i'm good.
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good evening, after 55 years in san diego, looks like the chargers are indeed moving to
9:55 pm
los angeles. espn reports that chargers owner has informed the nfl of his intention to move, it could be official by tomorrow. chargers have been trying to work out a stadium deal with politicians for the past 15 years, and they got nowhere. around and around and around, they couldn't agree with to put it or how to pay for it. the team lost a vote on visitor's tax that would finance a replacement for the ancient qualcomm stadium. the official announcement may come as early as tomorrow. the move would eliminate the raiders from l.a. this appears all in on las vegas. the warriors are an nba best 33-6 as we approach the halfway mark the season. are they good enough to reach the finals again and beat the cavs if they meet them there about. >> the warriors added six new players this season. despite certain lapses, steve
9:56 pm
kerr is pleased. >> i've seen so much sacrifice, and i've seen maturity. i've seen guys growing, adapting. figuring out rolls. i love what i'm seeing. >> kerr feels like draymond's leadership and communication has improved. and steph has made the adjustment of accommodating kevin duran the. >> david west has seen this throughout his career, and he knows it's a process. >> the sweet spots, what they're most comfortable with. what size of floor they like playing on. you can't figure any of it out until you play on the floor. and get the experience. >> they have four straight games scoring in double figures. trust is his biggest factor with his teammates. >> we like to be on the same page. >> the trust will be put to test on monday when lebron james comes to town.
9:57 pm
mike shoom an, abc 7 sports. >> one of the many things, he's a superstar, he can laugh at himself. >> and mosted this on facebook, sometimes fundamentally sound doesn't get you anywhere. >> that's good. >> the a's are close to finalizing a deal with santiago casilla. at the time of garcia. he saved 123 games for the giants. aaron del's family in attenda e attendance. brent burns fires and logan couture gets a stick on it. calgary would tie, but burns would untie it, that one does not get deflected.
9:58 pm
>> he may have been screened on that play. 12 seconds left, shorthanded. >> chad johnson in the final seconds. the sharks fall by a score of 3-2. >> the 49ers search for their next again manager, the rest of the league is helping narrow down the rest of their candidates. the denver broncos hire vance yousef, joseph becomes the sixth active black head coach in the nfl. the bills go through coaches like crazy, they've hired sean mcdermott to be their new head coach. he spent six years as the panthers defensive coordinate naturer. this would leave josh mcdaniels very much in play for the 49ers. the cowboys seem loose heading into sunday's playoff game. ezekiel elliott was pelting his
9:59 pm
quarterback. we think it was candy thrown during his interview with reporters. >> they're going to be game planning, have their own little plays or nuances they're going to throw at us. something like that. he has to figure out how to dodge it. >> they're having fun. >> abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota. that was probably 1258% of average. >> above average for sure. >> coming up tonight at 1100, the russian river at flood stage. the new techniques people are using to stay dry tonight. >> the rush to clean up the roads hit by all of those slides. >> that's our report, we >> that's our report, we appreciate your time.
10:00 pm
(narrator reading) narrator: today, it's an all too familiar scene. crazed terrorists turning nightclubs into war zones. a deadly plot, years in the making, rocks a popular tourist getaway. and now, a nation pushes to round up the killers


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