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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  January 12, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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the bay area is out of the drought. >> rainfall is winding down, some flood warnings remain in effect. i'll have a closer look in a moment. if you want to stay safe online, you need to think like a superhero. i'm michael finney and i'll explain how coming up on 7 on your side. this is the clearest we've seen doppler 7 all week long. good evening, and thank you for joining us. it has paid off when it comes to california's drought.
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>> we'll see how much in a second. >> the rain is tapering off to a few little flecks of green near the russian river which is still under flood warning until 2:48 a.m. we take a closer look, the river is down to flood stage. continuing to drop. the flood warning remains in effect until the wee hours of the morning. that flood warning is in effect until 10:15 tonight. here's our forecast animation, can you see that in the early evening hours into the mid evening hours, the rain will end. temperatures are going to plummet.
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here's a look at the evening forecast. >> excellent, thanks so much. urban search and rescue teams have saved two dozen people in the south bay because of flooding. katie, what happened? >> the creek looks calm tonight, don't let the surface fool you. the water is dangerous. firefighter have been working overtime to rescue people this week in fast rising floodwaters. >> surrounded by a flooded coyote creek and stranded for two days. firefighters are happy to deploy their rescue team to help this man. >> it's not just water, there's debris all over the place floating in the water. you can't just swim across the stream and get out. >> the waterways are dangerous. >> three inches of water moving
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ten miles an hour. it's a lot of force. >> the 56-year-old yelled for help. he was stuck near ranch drive in milpedes. >> his body temperature is probably low. we don't know that yet. he will probably be taken to a local hospital. >> he's not the only one who underestimated the storm runoff. >> joshua bradshaw saved a fellow cyclist yesterday. >> that was scary. i dropped my phone and got off my bike and it went and grabbed me. >> the santa clara county's sheriff's office shared bradshaw's video on facebook. >> our urban search and rescue team took people out of homes, two from the south gilroy area, and i know we took three or four people from cars.
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>> more than 20 people have been saved by the rsot team. >> the water is finally receding in gurnville after the russian river reached its highest level in a decade. this is video of how extensive the flooding has been. damage is estimated in the millions of course. residents are taking the flooding in stride. here he is paddling away. those lucky enough to see the water recede from their property are cleaning up. >> it flowed around here and hit the curb there and was making a big whirlpool out here. >> sonoma county will place debris boxes in several areas. >> more than 100 people forced out of their homes by flooding
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are coming home. they're being told not to drink th water or bathe in it. lani rivera is live in holliser with a look at how families are coping. >> workers are handling out battled water to people in this community. they're coming up and down this street in pickup trucks and handing out bottled water as this community tries to bounce back and dry out. >> there was a lot of water, this was basically just a river covered through here. >> ted shows us a closer look at flood damage after the creek rose and spilled into the community of holliser. >> this is what flooded all of northern lover's lane. >> his house was spared, others along lover's lane are in a designated flood zone. >> the floors are pretty well saturated with dirty water. the unfortunate thing is, we were remodeling, we had a lot of
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stuff on the ground. >> valerie helped rescue animals stranded by the rising water. her ranch is now a temporary home for four horses and 18 cows that were in flooded pastures. >> there was nothing keeping them between the roads. there were lakes everywhere, and i think one of them was killed. >> she was happy to help her neighbors in this close knit community. >> if it had happened to us, it would have been scary and sad, i'm really glad that we turned out to be okay. and we were able to make it possible for other people to be okay. >> brush and debris in this creek caused it to back up near san felipe road, and rush over the road into farmland it rose 20 feet, the highest level since 19 1969. >> the storms didn't impact just people. take a look. this beaver showed up injured and disoriented at joe henderson
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elementary school this morning. they found it had small wounds on its feet and tail. experts tell us the beaver is dinged up but is expected to be okay. >> the federal agency has declared the drought over in 35% of california. much of the central and southern california areas are in air moderate to severe drought. so could we start to relax in terms of water use? >> laura anthony is looking into that que >> well, the spill way behind me is open for the first time in a long time. while everything looks great, there is more to the story. underground. >> this is what many california
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reservoirs look like at the height of the drought in the spring of 2015. half empty. this is what many look like today. more than 100% full. so full, the spill way at the san pablo reservoir is wide o n open. >> the amount of water we received is 160% of average. for the month of january, 470% of average so far. >> while federal officials may have declared northern california's drought over fp jerry brown's declaration is still in place, at least for now. >> this may be a sign that the state is coming out of the drought emergency that we've been in for years, and maybe time local control can be returned. >> nen there's the long term outlook. >> we received all of the snow. this is great, is it going to last? >> alex is a professor of earth
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in maraga. all this is great for surface supplies. what happens beneath the ground is even more important. >> all of this precipitation is going to help replenish the surface water it does very little to replenish the groundwater august weer ifs. >> while things may look great in northern california. the drought is very much in place in the southern part of the state. laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> you can keep tabs on the weather any time with live doppler 7 and the abc 7 news app. there are new issues in a 2015 kidnapping case that made national headlines when vallejo police mistakenly called it a hoax. she was kidnapped and held hostage for two days. the suspect has pleaded guilty
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to the crime and is said to be sentenced in march. civil attorneys want to question the family about missing evidence. >> the civil attorneys want to know what evidence the vallejo police department had that led investigators to say the couple made up being kidnapped. this is the only electronic evidence the city has turned over from that critical time. one e-mail for increased visibility patrol. the others from a print reporter, saying someone claiming to be the kidnapper was e-mailing him. >> that's why we have no idea why kenny park went on national television. >> mr. quinn and miss huskins has plundered valuable resources away from our community. >> the vallejo police department spokesperson at the time. he called the kidnapping a hoax. vallejo police interrogated
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quinn for 18 hours, the interrogation videos the city handed over are incomplete. >> there's a chunk of time that is missing when the vallejo police department go over the holly graph examination. >> he doesn't know if the city needs more time. even worse, if they were destroyed. >> that's why we want to make sure that vallejo explains under oath why this is all that we're receiving. >> a spokesperson says we have no comment. the attorneys representing the city did not respond, there's no efficient way to search for the requested texts and e-mails. >> a judge will hear both sides arguments next week. new at 6:00, prosecutors have charged this man, jason silva with kidnapping and carjacking after he allegedly
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stole a car with a 4-year-old child inside. it happened tuesday morning while the car's owner and child's mother was dropping off her other child at day care. silva reportedly told police he wanted to get out of the rain, didn't mean to kidnap anyone, and abandoned the car. he's in and then he's out, on the same day the warriors announced they hired greg sur as a security consultant the. they cut ties with him. the parting was mutual. he was on retainer to advise on the groundbreaking. he resigned from the sfpd after a series of shootings. >> the statement said, the last thing i want to do is cause a distraction for the warriors gurg this incredibly positive time for the team and organization. >> much more to come here on abc 7 news at 6:00. we're going to have the full story behind this video. captured during this week's storms. at 6:30 a new dead line for
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new video from drone 7 is showing the enormity. it flew over pinol earlier today. looking at a massive hole the breach measures 70 feet wide and 30 neat deep. the fast moving river of water washed away a lot of earth.
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county public works crews don't know when the repairs will begin. they're still trying to assess what to do. sky 7 flew over just a few hours ago, the campgrounds in this park will be closed for the next week because of power issues. power that was knocked out in the storm was knocked out i castro valley. at&t crews spent the day trying to get the phones back on. which includes the holy cross orthodoxed monastery. >> kathy gill was the first person to know there was a problem. she was outside tuesday afternoon, when this huge you can lip tuesday tree fell, barely missing her and her home. she was on the phone with her husband when it began. >> the other tree took out the phone lines. >> fortunately the chickens in her front yard didn't follow suit.
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>> still dead. >> down the street at the holy cross monastery, the land lines were out for two days. >> there's no cell phone coverage three miles south. six miles north. that's been a long drive dodging flood lines. no power means no pumps for drinking water. >> we're 900 feet high in a narrow canyon. it gets 10 to 15 degrees colder here than in freemont. >> moving things in their garage up high and putting out sandbags. they will have this rock wall to repair and a rushing creek to keep an eye on. that beauty has a price. >> it's very primitive out here by various standards. >> in addition to falling trees, it's prone to mudslides and
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occasional pooling of water. the road is still closed to through traffic. eric thomas abc 7 news. >> the avalanche danger remains high in the sierra today after days of unrelenting snow, rain and wind. dramatic new surveillance video. kristen zee is here with that. e're about to show you the raw power of a sudden snow slide. this video inside a beautiful home in the kirkwood valley area. i want you to pay very close attention to this kitchen area, that's the area that's about to get obliterated. watch the right side of the screen. the explosion of snow right there. when it's all done, a few seconds later, it's covered the entire kitchen, cabinets, island, all gone. >> i want to show it to you aga again. four homes were hit by this avalanche last night.
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it will be a while before they can remove all that snow and board up the home. steven posted on facebook what happened to his home in the alpine meadows area. take a look at this, would you believe that's the roofline right there? pretty incredible. this is what it looks like from the inside now, that wall of snow up to 20 feet. completely blocking his door, after a controlled avalanche. the avalanche danger is still considerable at all elevations. look at that. they continue to set off controlled slides to prevent more serious events. in the mean time, most ski resorts are reopening after an epic series of storms, they expect safe and sensational ski conditions this long weekend. >> thank you so much, kristen. >> cal trans showed what it's like to travel today.
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these pictures were captured this afternoon. state route 130 is closed right now because of snow. >> here's live doppler 7, our current storm is almost gone. we have a few areas of green showing up on the radar there. white widely scattered showers. . all the rain we've had the last several days. this is a welcome relief. let me change the view here and show you the satellite image. colder air moving right now in case you hadn't noticed it. >> this is the view. it's 49 in san francisco. we have temperatures in the mid to upper 40s in oakland, mountain view. and this is a nice view of the golden gate and san francisco from emeriville, it's getting cooler in other places as well.
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45 degrees 49 in napa, down to 42 at fairfield. here's how it looks at the golden gate bridge as we check out our forecast features. it's going to be chillingly overnight. possibility of black ice on roadways that are damp. temperatures will drop down to the freezing level, drive carefully if you're in the early morning hours or overnight. drive carefully every day, but especially during those hours. martin luther king junior day on monday. and we'll have storms the middle of next week. we'll get partial clearing as the skies get clearer, the cold air will come in and drop temperatures down below freezing. we'll see low temperatures in the low to mid-30s in most inland locations and upper 30s to low 40s right around the bay. tomorrow's going to be a fairly cool day as well. under sunny skies, highs will range from low to mid-50s.
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beginning tomorrow. continuing through the 3-day holiday weekend. dry conditions, getting a little milder by monday, which is the holiday, and we're going to go to rain chances over the next several days. chances increase to about 35% late tuesday. might get a little bit of light rain then. 70% chance of rain wednesday and thursday. we'll be looking at a moderate storm coming in, expected to produce occasional downpours, strong gusty winds. there's more wet weather coming. we have a string of sunny days, and chilly morningings. notice the thermometer is shaking there. i'd shake too if you put me outside. >> not any significant rain. dry on monday.
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>> thanks. >> we don't get a very long break. >> we certainly don't. the uncertain future for one of san francisco's iconic
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just became recognized as a place that helped cesar chavez become an organizer. the chapel helped shape modern latino identity. they're among a total of 24 places nationwide that are now officially national historic landmarks. separately, president obama expanded the california coastal monuments to include the tony coast dairies. the areas located along santa cruz. there are native american archeological sites there. two years ago, congresswoman anna eshu introduced legislation to have the area protected. today is a dream come true. designations are designed to protect land and water. a legendary san francisco restaurant that served legions of locals and tourists, lefty's
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will shut its doors on february 3rd. lefty's is closing after a dispute between the landlord and the owner. the landlord claims to own the business name and eclectic restaurant. regardless, locals call the restaurant an old time favorite. >> most of the new restaurants around union square, they're extremely expensive, upscale, full service. it's all about the $13 cocktail. >> lefty's opened in 1958 and was named after san francisco baseball great lefty owe dual. >> the developer of the sinking luxury condos in the heart of san francisco is facing new questions tonight. what the city is demanding by tomorrow from the people
7:28 pm
behind the millennium tower. chargers fans react with fury after the team announces its moving north to l.a. >> best vice president america's ever had, mr. joe biden. >> a white housese
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there are new revelations tonight about the sinking mil n millennium tower in san francisco. san francisco officials held another hearing today where we found out city hall has asked the developer to respond to questions made by three independent engineers. >> they want to know about the condition of the tower and the city wants that information no later than tomorrow. leann melendez has the story. >> andrew faulk is a resident of the millennium tower. >> every time there's a little movement, building settle elling, i worry this will be the end of my life. >> the millennium tower has been reviewed in a number of reports. those reports have now been
7:32 pm
reviewed by three independent engineers hired by the city. after inspecting the building those engineers have additional questions for the developer. >> how will the building perform if there's future settlements. >> the department asked these questions be addressed by the developer by tomorrow. the spokesperson for millennium partners e-mailed us to say, we have supplied all the information the city has asked for. the building has sunk 16 inches and leaning 6 inches toward a neighboring skyscraper. the building is not anchored on bedrock like others around it. he has shown us before how this golf ball rolls right down his condo floor. >> we have seen no sign from millennial partners, that they're willing to stand behind this building and fix it. >> he's hopeful there will be a solution.
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millennia and their interests are have to pay for it 37. >> leann melendez, abc 7 news. tonight los angeles' newest football team, the chargers is trying to attract new fans. many of the teams old fans are enraged. some fans went to charger's headquarters in san diego today expressing their frustrations. los angeles now has two nfl teams for the first time in 23 years, the chargers will need to compete with the rams for fans. right now, the team is slated to play temporarily at the 30,000 seat stub hub center in carson. despite all the talk of a raiders move in las vegas. the group headed by nfl hall of famer, ronnie lott sent the
7:34 pm
formal proposal to the raiders in the nfl. the proposal includes details on a stadium, financing and commercial development. it gives the raiders a share of nongame day revenue. both the raiders and the league said today, they received the proposal, but refused to comment on the contents of it. on to the trump transition now. russia continues to be the hot topic during confirmation hearings. three more nominees went before congress on the third day of hearings many james mattis has been tapped to head the defense department. he calls rusa a top threat. ben carson laughed off criticism that he's not qualified to head the department of housing and urban development. >> there's an assumption you can only do one thing. and we have these very limited brains and they're incapable of learning anything else. >> the nominee for cia director, mike pompeo broke with trump and
7:35 pm
said he agreed russia tried to promote trump and undermine hillary clinton during the presidential campaign. barbara lee is among five representatives who will not beal tending the inauguration. in a statement, lee writes, donald trump has proven his administration will normalize the most extreme fringes of the republican party. i will not be celebrating, i will are preparing for resistance. he will be inaugurated next friday. i'll be there in washington, d.c., to provide you with live reports. a long time immigration policy is changing for decades, immigrants from cuba who made it on to u.s. soil were allowed to stay and become legal residents. that policy is ending effective immediately. it was the surprise of a lifetime today for the vice
7:36 pm
president, in this age of information, there were no leaks or tweets ahead of time. president obama managed to keep joe biden completely in the dark before awarding him the highest honor any american citizen can receive. >> for the final time as president, i am pleased to award our nation's highest civilian honor, the presidential medal of freedom. >> a standing ovation inside the white house today lasted more than a minute. after that, the president shocked biden yet again. >> for the first and only time in my presidency, i will bestow this medal with an additional level of convenienteration, an honor my three most recent successors reserved for three others, pope john paul ii, president ronald reagan and general colin powell. i'm proud to award the presidential medal of freedom with distinction to my brother,
7:37 pm
joseph biden jr. >> that emotion, the tearful biden was understandably overwhelmed with the incredible honor. >> i had no inkling. i thought we were coming over for you, michelle, joe, barack and i and a couple senior staff, to toast one another. and say what an incredible journey it's been. >> the president called biden the best vice president america has ever had. and as good a man as god ever created. >> so moving. >> definitely. today, ucsf received the largest gift in school history. >> it's worth half a billion dollars. find out what it will fund. >> a live look outside from our east bay hills
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tonight pandora is getting ready to cut 7% of its workforce. the oakland based company says
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the decision will allow it to invest more in product development. its earnings exceeded expectations and it now has 4.3 million subscribers. ucsf announced it's receiving $500 million from the helen dillard foundation, it's among the largest gifts ever given to a public university. the size of the gift isn't the only thing that's unusual about it. >> helen was a remarkable person who had a lifetime of giving back snp. >> ucsf's chancellor announced the news, helen diller is giving the uc campus half a billion dollars, the biggest gift it's ever received. >> i'm going to do everything in my power to honor her legacy. truly changing the world. >> diller's foundation has always prizes education with awards. this gift is different.
7:42 pm
it comes with virtually no restrictions on how to spend it. there will be 400 million for the university's endowment, and literally 100 million for anything. >> the big hairy goals we're chasing after require risk taking and often need tools, technologies that don't exist now, and it's a bet on whether they can be built. >> that $100 million will be called the innovation fund dolled out by the chancellor. >> the field of mental health and psychiatry is one huge big hairy problem. >> to be able to place big bets on these opportunities that are emerging right now because of genomic sequencing and genome editing. >> he says the pie in the sky,
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just got a bit closer. >> i guarantee you, people are talking about, wow! if you could really dream, and we can. >> jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. coming up next, 7 on your side, and superheros. >> find out why michael finney says you s
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signup online for a membership, e-mail address, anything, you'll be asked for personal information. >> what should you do? 7 on your side's michael finney has been thinking about that, and joins us with information. >> thinking about it, and talking with a buddy of mine. adam levin, the most important privacy expert in the country. he was saying with me, it's better if you think like a superhero. >> go online, and sign up for just about anything, you'll be asked for a lot of information. on this site they ask for your name, address, date of birth, social security number, mother's maiden name, on and on. >> they ask for your mother's maiden name? >> yes. >> you give them the real one? >> oh, my god, yeah.
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>> most of us do, the privacy expert, chairman of cyber scout offers this advice. >> when you set up your security question protocol, lie. >> when asked for your date of birth, shave off a couple years, days or both. you make it easier for identity thieves. >> the problem is that so much information is out there about us on social networking sights. hackers and thieves simply scan the internet looking for this information and they use it. >> adam says, make it all up. >> we should all be like superman and have a secret identity. >> hey, i didn't get that memo. >> by using a false identity, you make up another layer of protection. >> i know, but i'll never remember it.
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>> too many passwords i can't remember for now. >> for now, that's a good idea. i should probably consider that. >> what's your name? >> brendan schmidt? >> you need my mother's maiden name too? >> yeah about. >> i did not ask for his mother's maiden name. >> you take that advice, keep it simple or you will never remember your secret identity. >> the deadline to enrole in cover cat cal for 2017 is the end of this month, that is obama care in california. tomorrow, agents from cover california will be in the 7 on your side office to answer your questions and get you enrolled. our phone lines will be open from 4:00 until 8:00, can you submit your questions now on facebook and twit ter. >> you did ask for social? that's your identity.
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>> we're still cleaning up from recent storms. so much rain fell in san francisco that lindley meadow and larks meadow got floods. >> you helped us tell the story of the storms. these all have the #abc 7 now, which helped us find them and feature them on television. >> our most recent rain, i'm over it. we don't have much left in the way in the bay area. winter weather advisories in effect until 10:00 p.m. 1 to 4 inches of snow expected in the general tahoe area. here's your fore-day greater tahoe area forecast. some light snow may fall early tomorrow morning, it will be sunny and dry through the weekend. overnight here in the bay area. dropping to 30 degrees in napa,
7:50 pm
31 in santa rosa, mid-30s in many other inland locations. and then tomorrow, sunny, but a little on the cool side, highs mainly in the low 50s. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. two chilly morningings. rainy pattern starts tuesday, wednesday and thursday. >> we have larry beihl here now. >> an art class. >> we have some artwork 37. >> really? >> finger painting? >> kind of. yeah. the cal bears closing in on a new football coach. and his specialty is something and his specialty is something cal desperately needs.
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it's just a date. i can stay. i'm good. i won't be late hey mom. yeah. no kissing on the first date, alright? life doesn't always stick to a plan, but with our investment expertise we'll help you handle what's next. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. good evening, the warriors take on the last place pistons tonight before welcoming in lebron james and the kavz on monday. marlton luther king day. can you say trap game tonight. the dubs will have klay thompson back on the court. steve kerr rested him on tuesday. the shooting guard is battling an illness, he can't wait to get back in the lineup. >> it was more a mental break,
7:54 pm
helped me a lot. it's huge we have these three days off before we face cleveland. i think i'm happy we took care of business too. it was good timing for me to have a night off. it's been a long couple years. it's been familiar for me missing a game. i'm excited to get out there. >> cal hosting washington tonight, some college hoops, charlie moore driving and finding ivan rabb for the two-hand throwdown. grant mullins showing touch from distance here. cal is leading, they're at the half, 34-28. speaking of cal, they've decided on a new football coach, justin wilcox, who previously worked on tedford's staff. cal needs help on defense. the bears have been among the worst in the country under sonny dikes on d, wilcox is the son of
7:55 pm
hall of fame linebacker dave wilcox. and is working out contract details at cal. the chargers have officially announced their move to los angeles. ripping the heart out of loyal san diego fans, who supported a bad franchise for 50 years. lachlts has gone from having no nfl teams to having two really bad teams. the chargers were born in l.a. but have little support there. dean spanos should have uses the money for a new stadium instead of relocation fees. >> everything is a challenge in life. i don't expect anything to be handed to us here. we have to come up here and we're going to fight for everything going-forward. that is putting good product on a field and winning. if we do that, we'll be succe successf successful, i'm not expecting anything for nothing. >> you wonder how much time he spent thinking about l.a., the team comes out with in logo, which is the dodgers logo with a
7:56 pm
lightning bolt added to it. they must have taken five minutes to draw that. i'd like to take credit for this, but we saw it on twitter. in related news, we may consider changing our abc 7 logo. we spent a whole 30 seconds on that. it's clear the nfl cares about one thing and one thing only. straight cash, home my. the lure of 750 million in public financing being put up in las vegas is intoxicating for other nfl owners. unless ronnie lott can pull a golden rabbit out of a hat in oakland, we may soon be watching the l.a. chargers playing the las vegas raiders. the chargers made a move at head coach. the niners interviewed lindh last week, that leaves a couple good choices. that other l.a. team, the rams also made news, hiring former
7:57 pm
redskins offensive coordinator, the headline here, he's only 30 years old, youngest head coach in nfl history, beating out lane kifen who is 31. mcveigh, younger than two rams players, the grandson of former 49ers executive, john mcveigh, at least good pedigree there. >> are we getting older or are they getting younger? >> both. sadly both. >> join us tonight at 9:00 on ko kofy-tv 20. a big reveal from anyone tan doe is coming tonight. we'll have all the details. demanding answers after a deadly shooting. the plea family members are making tonight after their loved one was shot and killed in san francisco. >> this is later. look for breaking news on twitter. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley.
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>> thank you so much for joining us.
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"last man standing" is recorded in front of a live studio audience. what's up, honey? ugh. can you believe there's another kardashian? look at this. it's like cars -- they come out with a new model every year. i bet she's got that new kardashian smell. honey, i hate how, as women, we're either objects of desire or domestic servants.


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