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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 13, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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live, where you live. this is abc 7 news. good evening, and thank you for joining us tonight. >> a controversial speaking event at uc davis had to be canceled before it began because of protests. >> protesters rallied against a college republicans event featuring alt-right speakers. before it started at 7:00, protesters broke through
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barricades and blocked doors. >> several protesters were physically removed. the college republicans canceled the event after consulting with police. >> we'll have much more about the protests tonight at 11:00 on channel 7. meanwhile, hundreds of people in the north bay have been warned they could be at risk for meningitis after a man died from it. people in his cycle class have been warned. we have more about the man who passed away. >> reporter: he passed away this past saturday from meningitis. marin health services sent letters to approximately 250 people who may have had contact with him. including other soul cycle riders. in an e-mail statement, a soul psy cycle sports person says they are deeply saddened.
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>> we've done a thorough cleaning of the facility and provided any information about any clients that might have been sharing that space with our individual, despite the fact that we think the risk of transmission in that setting is very low. >> i think they've kind of assured us that we're not necessarily in danger many. >> reporter: phillips was 48 years old, a husband and father. >> we also have a lot of communication skills. >> reporter: friends describe him as a gifted family and marriage therapist. >> he was very heart-centered, open, loving person. >> reporter: it's unclear how phillips contracted meningitis. his wife shared he was being treated for flu-like symptoms. his autopsy revealed he had meningitis. >> our goal is to make sure this remains at one case. >> it's a really big loss, but my heart is so full. >> reporter: abc 7 news.
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marin county health officials say symptoms of meningitis include but are not limited to fever, headache, stiff neck, a rash, confusion, newborns and infants may also vomit or seem tired or fussy. if you or your child experience any of these signs or symptoms, contact your health care provider immediately. many peninsula commuters were slowed down because of a motor home fire that broke out during the start of rush hour. an rv was in flames near san francisco international airport. some people shearared pictures social media. no one was hurt. sky 7 flew over the backup for sfrlg miles two musicians are in stable but critical condition tonight after they were struck by an amtrak train last night. the members of the iconic band tower of power were on their way to play at yoshi's at jack london square when this happened. leslie brinkley explains exactly
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what happened. ♪ >> reporter: tower of power played ten shows in oakland last week. but last night their final two performances were canceled as two band members left their hotel just before the start of the 8:00 show and essentially tried to jaywalk across the train tracks over to to the jazz club. a train passed and were struck by an oncoming amtrak train. the drummer was raced to the hospital with face and head injuries according to a facebook post by the tower of power leader, who also said a fill-in bassist made it throughbleeding. both are in critical condition. >> i grew up listening to them. and even listening to them on the way in this morning, they've had great music for decades. >> reporter: so hearing this -- >> it's very sad.
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>> reporter: there are two train crossings by yoshi's jazz club at jack london square for pedestrians and cars, and even a pedestrian bridge over the tracks. >> at every crossing, there's the bars that come down, the lights start to flash. and as the trains approach, they blow the horns. >> reporter: those who live and work down here say it's hard to hand not noticing the warnings of an oncoming train. the manager drove off with the band's equipment this morning saying they have not yet decided whether to cancel shows in san diego next week. abc 7 news. a short-term water crisis is over. a broken pipe has been repaired. it broke during the storm this week and caused a water shortage. the city called for residents to cut water by 30%. feel free to resume normal use. there was relief for drivers in the north bay where one lane has reopened along eastbound
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highway 37. both westbound lanes are still closed at atherton and u.s. 101. several cars were stranded. the water is beginning to recede and the skies have cleared up tonight. our meteorologist has more of your holiday weekend forecast. >> we're still seeing a couple residual effects from earlier rains this week. a flood warning still in effect until 11:30 in the morning. for the areas shaded in green. because of storm runoff along with high tide, could see a little bit of flooding right along the delta overnight and first thing tomorrow morning. but for your future weather, look at saturday. beautiful, lots of sunshine from the get go. as we get into the later portion of saturday into sunday, a really weak ripple of energy will try and bring coastal drizzle, but that's about it.
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next week our chances of rain go up. weel'll talk about it in our forecast. abc 7 nwas in contra costa county for the storms, and we caught a crew slicing up the tree and hauling it away. a man lost a car, truck and dune buggy. the tree fell onto his home, car and garage. some drivers in the oakland hills don't seem to care that some streets are still closed. there's a mudslide yet to be cleaned up on wester brook drive and shelter wood. water is pouring from under the street. and the pavement is giving way. people are getting rid of what was ruined by the floodwaters. sonoma county has set up six disposal centers like this one to get rid of trash related to
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the floored. >> i >> i expect to do four more tomorrow. it will be a few days. >> he says about six feet of water went into his garage. the centers will be open from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. next week. the slopes busy. laura anthony was at north star which had more than nine feet of new snow. >> reporter: what's not to like? the skiing, that is, after the epic storm in the high sierra that left a ten feet, give or take around the resorts. >> it was chest deep in some places, smooth, easy to go through. >> it's incredible to have so much snow so fast. it's setting us up for a freight weeke -- great weekend. the whole community is so excited. they were snow dancing and it worked. >> reporter: the tricky part
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will be getting here, not so much because of the snow but the traffic. though caltrans has done its own epic job of clearing the way for drivers coming up for the long holiday weekend. those not looking to ski can shop, at least that's what they're hoping in downtown truckee, draped in its own fresh layer of snow. >> i think it is beautiful. we need it. everybody's excited. tourists coming. it's a holiday weekend. it's going to be excellent. >> reporter: and though so much snow creates a lot of work, it's the kind often done with a smile. what do you think? >> to me, this is paradise. >> well, i don't ski. >> reporter: some told us they don't need skis or a board to appreciate what nature's left behind. >> i just kind of hang out and enjoy the surroundings. my husband's a big snowboarder. he calls me his little snow bunny. i'm okay with that.
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>> reporter: north star village at lake tahoe. how was the skiing, you guys? >> great! >> reporter: laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> why weren't we up there? that looks like fun. still ahead, a missing baby found nearly two decades later, how she found out her parents were frauds. plus, young bay area men show their hearts and souls with a random act of kindness. being late is one thing, being a
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the state assembly quickly approved governor brown's pick for attorney general. he was appointed to replace kamala harris. he is seen as someone who will battle donald trump's administration on issues of immigration, climate change and health care. all assembly republicans voted against him. only one republican supported his appointment. >> yeawe're going to be going through a lot of serious issues in the next six, seven months in health care, transportation and water. and i'd much rather make stands on that than an appointment.
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>> the next step for becerra is to win approval in the senate. that begins on wednesday. the long fight to remain open is finally over. a 19-member commission extended the accreditation. the school has cited the battle for accreditation for the continuing drop in school enrollment. friday the 13th superstitions are giving way to friday the 13th rituals. getting a tattoo, it seems is one of them. we visited tiger's blood. they inked 200 last year on friday 13th. the designs usually include a 1. >> black cat, don't walk under a la ladder. >> this is my fourth one. i've only gotten friday the 13th
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tattoos. >> tattoos typically cost $80. but today they're only $13. at this price, tiger's blood will be doing tattoos until midnight. a group of employees are being called the champions of humanity. it began with a man's obsession with a pair of nikes and ended with an act of kindness. >> reporter: at times the employees of this champ's sports store thought they were stuck in groundhog day. a man named tyree would look around the store and ask to try on the same pair of shoes. >> he never tried them on. >> and every time he would stand in line to pay only to leave them at the cash register and walk away, unable to afford them. that's when he was invited to try on the shoes one more time.
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fernando and his co-workers did something out of the kindness of their hearts. they raised enough money to buy the shoes and more. one took the cell phone video of the moment he tried on the shoes. >> i gave him the shoes, he tried them on, he asked how much are they, i said they're $160, but don't worry about it, just try then on. >> reporter: when he told him they are his he thought he was kidding. >> we knew he was happy about it. >> reporter: the 28-year-old man was also give and cap, hoodie and athletic pants. >> it wasn't just me. it was everyone in that champs, they helped out. and it was really cool. >> reporter: good deed. >> yeah, it was a good deed. we didn't expect anything out of this at all. >> reporter: in concord, abc 7 news. >> that's wonderful. >> very nice to see. let's talk about the forecast. nice break, right? >> drew tuma's here with our
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forecast. >> a lot of sunshine today, a gorgeous end to the week, and that will be the same as we head into the weekend. and next week we have not one but a couple of storms on the horizon. today with the sunshine, the clear skies, giving live doppler 7 the night off. outside we go, a live look from our camera atop pier 15. you can see at the top of your screen, almost full moon. it's waning but under clear skies. it's a really nice night out there, although it's on the cool side. the forecast is going to call for that chilly morning, a little patchy frost, very similar to what we had this morning. mainly dry through the holiday weekend. it's really next week in the middle part that we'll see storms return to the forecast. most spots have dipped into the '40s. half moon bay chilly. 42 in fremont, 43 in vallejo. and overnight tonight, here's call.
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we'll get chilly. and many of our spots away from the water. livermore, we're dropping into the 30s. the freezing mark in fairfield. most spots around the coast and the bay will hold into the low and mid-40s for your starting temperatures on saturday. it will be a chilly start. we'll recover nicely into the afternoon. you'll have a lot of sunshine on your saturday. after the sun goes down, clouds will bubble up. could bring us a few coastal sprinkles, not a big issue. the clouds are out in the afternoon. and monday it's a bright holiday and nice and mild. temperuratround the bay topping out in the low 60s. a really nice pattern. tuesday's a nice day. and then everything really changes on wednesday, bring back the storm impact scale, on wednesday and through friday, couple of storms, each ranking two, so what we are tracking is heavy rain at times along with damaging winds coming back. strong to gusty at times.
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that renews not only the flooding threat but the threat for power outages. we're going to get you into wednesday of next week. here's your time stamp. the rain agabegins and into the evening hours the storm really gets going. wee we'll have the winds. you can see the winds getting close to 50 miles per hour. those gusts with likely we will see the chance of not only limbs coming down from trees but also power outages. a good soaking across the region. a lot of spots will pick up more than an inch and a half of moisture in a short amount of time. so the flooding threat is certainly there. tomorrow, though, it's nice. early morning drizzle before the sun gets up on sunday. monday is a beautiful day.
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tuesday is a day of transition and wet and windy on wednesday and friday. there's been a lot of controversy during the president-elect's transition to the white house, as you know. find out what americans think and how trump's transition compares to presidents obama, clinton, and bush. plus, as space x plans for its first launch since it exploded last year, we get our look into the company's financia
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san francisco-based wells fargo says it will shut down more than 400 bank branchs in the next two years. it reflects customers' growing preference for online and mobile banking. it closed 80 branchs last year.
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its profits fell in the first quarter. regulators fined wells fargo for opening more than 2 million fake accounts. live nation entertainment, the world's largest contecert promoter is adding bottle rock to its portfolio. financial terms have not been disclosed. the festival almost went out of business after year one. that was 2013 but now is thriving since latitude 38 entertainment group took over. space x will make its first attempt t launch since its failure last year. the problem is focixed. it will launch from southern california and attempt to land at sea. it will have one of the largest
9:25 pm
satellite systems around earth. >> meanwhile, we're getting a look at their financials. they saw $1 billion in revenue but still lost $260 million because of a rocket carrying supplies exploded. it also shows an ambitious future, though, 27 launches are planned for this year. more than 50 are planned for 2019. and eventually, it will launch thousands of its own satellites that it expects to be more profitable than its rocket business. here's what's coming up. >> why would you repeal the affordable care act without a replacement? >> oh, we wouldn't do that. we want to replace it with something better. >> today republicans voted against obamacare. now democrats are saying, where's the replacement? plus, why washington, d.c.'s long-time guard will be released
9:26 pm
from his obligation. >> it's beautiful. was it a hard place to get to?
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live where you live. this is abc 7 news. so this is a really bad move on the part of the republicans. >> house minority leader nancy pelosi minces no words when talking about today's action by republicans to begin the process of repealing obamacare. good evening once again. today the house followed the actions of the senate in setting the stage to get rid of the affordable care act. >> it as one of the promises made by president-elect donald trump. >> it's a five-minute vote! >> reporter: obamacare is on the chopping block. >> the american people have spoken. they do not want obama's high-cost, job-killing,
9:30 pm
conscience health care system. >> reporter: house republicans voted for a full repeal of obamacare over democrats' objections. >> not only will they repeal and displace millions of americans from quality affordable health care but we'll have devastating impacts on our economy. >> reporter: earlier this week, democrats put through a similar blueprint through the night. but millions have come to depend on obamacare. he was a life-long republican, but obamacare saved his life after being diagnosed with cancer. >> i better.
9:31 pm
>> reporter: president-elect
9:32 pm
5,000 troops from across the country, while he's in charge, he will be let go. schwartz told the washington post it's an extremely unusual move. schwartz handed in his resignation to the trump administration, but he did not expect it to be accepted. donald trump will be inaugurated friday january 20th, and i will be in washington, d.c. to provide but live reports of a justice department report says the chicago police department violated the constitutional rights of the people it's sworn to serve. it follows a 13-month civil rights investigation launched after police shot an unarmed man 16 times.
9:33 pm
they found that the pd used excessive force and killed people who didn't pose a threat. >> the incidents described in this report are sobering to all of us. police misconduct will not be tolerated anywhere in the city of chicago, and those who break the rules will be held accountable for their actions. >> the account follows a bloody year in chicago which included 7 762 homicides in 2016. and more than the combined total of two cities. takata, abc news reporter alex stone has more. >> reporter: takata's air bags turned out not to be a safety feature but a safety hazard. >> have led to at least 16 deaths and 100 injuries. >> reporter: the takata
9:34 pm
corporation agreeing to pay guilty to a single charge and pay $1 billion in fines and restitution for concealing a deadly defect. three former executives are also charged. >> even after the inflaters began to fail in the field and injuries and deaths were occurring, these takata executives continued to withhold the true data from its customers. >> reporter: in the plea deal, takata admits it defrauded customers by falsifying test data for the inflaters. >> they knew they were represent tourin -- rupturing and they could shoot into the car. >> reporter: the exploding air bags have been blamed for deaths and injuries. the largest automotive recall in u.s. history. the explosion so powerful they can shatter the canister, sending metal shards into the
9:35 pm
car's interior. this man lost sight when his air bag deployed. >> i thought i was going to die. >> reporter: the fbi has been investigating allegations that they deceived regulators and tried to cover up the problems. those three former takata executives are in japan. federal authorities are trying to have them extradited to be prosecuted in the united states. a group of strangers helped rescue a driver whose car got caught on the railroad tracks. the rear-wheel drive couldn't get traction. they rocked to back and forth, and the car as you see there eventually pulled forward, 10 to 15 seconds before that train went by. a nearly two-decade old cold case has been solved. a newborn snatched from a florida hospital has been found alive and well. marci gonzalez tells us how she
9:36 pm
was found. >> reporter: kidnapped hours from birth. >> i >> reporter: and now 18 years later, a young woman is learning police believe she may be the baby investigators have been searching for her entire life. >> she had an inclination a couple months ago that she may be involved in this in some way. she has a lot to process, a lot to think about as you can imagine. i can't even begin to comprehend it. >> reporter: a tip led them to the woman in south carolina with the same birth date as the baby. she agreed to ana test which came back as a positive match. the woman she grew up believing was her mother, ngloria william, denied bond as the victim burst into tears. williams still hasn't explained
9:37 pm
to investigators why she allegedly dressed as a nurse that summer day in 1998, took the newborn from her mother and walked out of the hospital. >> we're speaking to as many people as we can to paint a picture of what may have happened 18 years ago. >> reporter: her birth father telling abc news he was able to talk to his daughter via skype, calling it the end of a nightmare. a lot of excitement about a possible reunion which he says could happen soon. meanwhile, williams will be extradited to jacksonville to face charges which carry a maximum sentence of life in prison if convicted. marci gonzalez, abc news, new york. one wook and counting for president obama. >> with the end of his two terms coming, we look back on the with the xfinity tv app,
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barack obama is counting down his final week in the white house. >> yeah, new next friday, donald trump will be sworn in. karen travers looks back at the legacy of the nation's first african-american president. >> he swept into the white house on a wave of hope and change. and now eight years later, president obama reflecting on his legacy. >> america's a better, stronger place than it was when we took office. >> unemployment peaking at 10.1% in 2009. but since then, a steady turn around. the unemployment rate is 4.7%. two of the mt pivotal moments of the obama presidency. the killing of osama bin laden. >> justice has been done. >> and the passage of the affordable care act. >> health insurance reform becomes law in the united states of america. >> reporter: more than 20
9:42 pm
million americans now with coverage. but the future of the law in question under a trump presidency. on foreign policy, the obama administration looked to make great change, reestablishing relations with cuba and negotiating a deal with iran to curb that country's nuclear ambitions. the president also aimed to end the wars in iraq and afghanistan, but both have proven more difficult than his administration may have expected. the big areas where president obama came up short, failing to close the u.s. detention center at guantanamo bay, and not enacting comprehensive immigration reform. casting a paul over his presidency, a number of mass shootings. >> the majority of those who died today were children. beautiful little kids between the ages of 5 and 10 years old. >> reporter: in his farewell address in chicago this week, mr. obama using a familiar phrase to give his administration credit for pro
9:43 pm
yes, si gress made. >> yes, we can. yes, we did. yes, we can. "star wars" producers did something rare. they responded to a rumor. >> coming up next, what they said about another digitized return of princess leia just
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9:46 pm
the author of the exorcist has died. he passed away yesterday at a hospital in bethesda, maryland from a form of blood cancer. he was a former jesuit school valedictorian who conjured a tale of demonic possession and
9:47 pm
gave people the fright of their lives in 1971. he won an oscar for the film version of the book released in 1973. he was 89. in a rare move, the pro doesers of "star wars" denied that princess leia would be digitally recreated. it did lead to criticism. this week, it was reported that disney was negotiating with carrie fisher's estate. however, "star wars" called out the story saying we don't normally respond to rumor or speculation, but we want to assure our fans that lucas films has no plans to digitally recreate princess leia. 100 years, seems like a long time to have a book checked out from the library.
9:48 pm
however, thanks to an amnesty program, a book checked out in 1917 and forgotten about for years was returned today, no questions asked. here's jonathan blume. >> reporter: at the classic old library branch that serves the ha haight ash bury. >> it's fairly collectbling in the hard back version. >> reporter: but then there's this. 40 minutes late is the title of the book. but when it comes to the due date. >> it's been overdue for just about 100 years. >> reporter: the cleanollection short stories was published in 1909 and checked out a lot. >> as you can see, this was a very popular book. >> reporter: that is until phoebe walsh dickinson got her hands on it. >> she is my great grandmother. >> reporter: she was 83 at the time and in fairness meant to
9:49 pm
return it. only one problem. >> she died. and so this is why she didn't turn the book in. you know, it's hard to come back as a ghost and return your late library book. >> reporter: the book spent the next 80 years in a trunk full of her things until her great grandkids found it. >> i really enjoyed reading it. it's one of the reasons i hung onto it. >> reporter: now they're bringing it back to the library in hopes others will get to have the samen enjoyment. it's a good thing the library's in the middle of an amnesty speerd. >> i think it was outstanding for 36,000 days. >> reporter: it runs all the way through valentine's day. in the meantime, they have to decide what to do with this book. they could put it back in circulation or put it on display in their history center. jonathan blume, abc 7 news.
9:50 pm
one last time to update the weather. >> we are really shaping up for a nice start to the weekend. expect a lot of sunshine on your saturday. live doppler 7, when you have sunshine in the forecast, live doppler 7 is all clear. we have a nice day on the way tomorrow. 57 in oakland. 58 san jose. our dry pattern will end on wednesday. we're tracking two storms, both ranking two on the storm impact scale. so the flood threat is renewed, and so, too, is the chance of the power going out once again. but enjoy the quiet stretch we have through the holiday weekend. >> we have, that's a six all combined. >> if you combine it. it's epic. >> thanks. so larry beil's in l.a. >> yes, on sports center, we are pleased to have rick here.
9:51 pm
>> it's my pleasure to be here on this grand friday the 13th. we'll highlight the playoff fames, and the warriors had the night off, but
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
with the warriors getting the day off, klay thompson went back to school this afternoon. he paid a visit to his alma mater, santa margarita catholic high school where his jersey was retired. he led the school to a division iii state championship and won player of the year honors. >> i enjoyed every year, from 14, 18 years old, that's a lot of time to grow as a young kid, young man. and great place to do it. this institution. i owe santa margarita big time for what they've done for me, and i'm very appreciative of it. >> in women's basketball, stanford was at utah.
9:55 pm
erica mccall drives to the hoop and scores with the left hand. carly samuelsson had a hot half, scoring 12 of 14 before intermission. 77-58. the cardinal has not lost to utah since 1986, winning 21 straight. three days after being let go by the raiders, bill musgrave has been hired as denver's new quarterback coach. seventh best in the nfl, but his play calling did not sit well with jack dell rae y rio. they need musgrave to mold trevor simeon and lynch. the texans turned the ball over three times. for houston to have any chance,
9:56 pm
it has to cut down on costly mistakes. >> they're a very fundamentally sound team. you're going to have to go in there and beat them. they're not going to beat themselves. every single play in the playoffs is a very, very important play, and everybody's just got to go in there and do their job at the highest level. >> there's a lot of focus and attention and you're putting a lot of concentration into each play, because you're not calling us next week. so we have to earn that. coach talked a lot about that. and it's going to be a big test for offense. in the nfc, seattle is an underdog against atlanta. the work of atlanta offensive coordinator kyle shanahan has not gone unnoticed. he's been interviewed for the 49ers head coaching job. i think he would be a great choice and pete carroll seems to agree. >> i have always thought that. he's always had a great sense
9:57 pm
for how he mixes stuff and utilized personnel, how he analyzes defense. he's really an exceptional coordinator, so that sdeem gochs along with the other things that they have. baseball is around the corner. with pitchers and catchers reporting a month from today. sunny gray got a deal. he was making over a half million last season. the a's signed a deal for $3 million with vote. the giants were also busy agreeing to one-year deals with eduardo nunez and george smith and kontos. one will make $4.2 million.
9:58 pm
and this sports report, $4.2 million? excellent range. coming up, angry protests at a uc compass against a conservative commentator and controversial business executive. tonight they're responding to the outrage. and boycotting donald trump's inauguration. the bay area democrats refusing to attend next week's ceremony. be sure to join us for abc 7 news at 11:00 of course over on channel 7. >> we will see you then, but that is all for now. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. we appreciate you joining us. we will have more for you at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> have a great night. we'll see you then.
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narrator: today, canine terror in an apartment building hallway. a woman mauled as she struggles to escape a vicious dog attack. (woman screaming) 911 caller: and she's screaming right now and i don't dare open the door 'cause these dogs are huge.


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