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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  January 13, 2017 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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no justice, no peace. >> now at 11:00 an angry protest on the uc campus, event featuring two controversial figures forced to be canceled as police say too dangerous. i'm ama daetz. >> tonight's protest at uc davis, conservative milo yiannopoulos and martin shkreli were slated to speak tonight. katie in the middle with the developing story. >> reporter: we witnessed so much passion, mistrust and misinformation that some people didn't believe it was canceled when it was announced and people
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stood around and rallied for hours. >> shut it down! >> reporter: protesters blocked the doors, police tossed them out. nobody got inside, not even the republican headliner, conservative milo yiannopoulos. >> we came to have event to promote free speech and didn't get to have any speech. >> tickets went quick and not just to students. >> milo is a rising young conservative star and want to see him close in person. >> reporter: others cannot. >> milo just how everything he has to say brings people down. not what we should stand for as community especially at davis. >> nearly 60 uc police officers worked the crowd making one arrest for obstructing officer but organizers made the call to
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cancel. >> students lives at risk and officers and school property. no point having this if a person gets hurt. >> martin shkreli also scheduled to speak. >> he is antifeminism and i'm pro-feminism. he doesn't understand feminism. >> you're wrong. >> selfies with the curious. >> interesting figure. very controversial and lot of his opinions are very different than what people like. >> reporter: meanwhile yiannopoulos posted he's staying in sacramento and invited people out. university spokesman says no property was damaged in the protest. in davis katie utehs. contracosta sheriff's
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deputies following the car in berkeley as it weaves there you traffic. turning off the lights to throw off the deputies. one sheriff crashed. no reports of arrest. stay on top of the story. new at 11:00 a car struck and killed a pedestrian walking on offramp in san carlos but taken into custody the driver, not sure why the man stumbling across the offramp but alcohol may have been a factor. storm watch and good news for people in nevada. opened up one lane in highway that's been closed for three days. video posted by chp today shows how much the water has receded thanks to cal tran pumping
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machines they brought in. westbound is still closed but looking better. things are improved. check in with sandy battle. >> it is feeling like winter around here step outside pour a live picture from the roof camera. beautiful view right now. temperatures in the 40s, gilroy down to 48 degrees and san francisco, no visibility restrictions, 40s. tomorrow morning as you start off long holiday weekend it's down here freezing. santa rosa, fairfield, gilroy 31 degrees. live doppler 7 is tracking storms in the pacific. will they impact your holiday weekend plans? the answer coming up plus a look at when the pattern really
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changes dramatically. dan? >> sandy thanks. this is what it looked like at observatory on mount hamilton. another freezing night in the forecast. roads could be icy tomorrow morning. ski resorts getting ready for a huge weekend. no snow in the forecast and should be able to enjoy the ten feet of snow that fell. if you're headed up, bring emergency supplies and chains. track the weather with abc7 app. download and get alerts. turning to trump transition. one week from today donald trump will take the oath of office and become the 45th president of the united states but three bay area representatives will boycott that inauguration. sergio is live.
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>> reporter: dan, no doubt the swearing in of the 45th president is historic event but mark de sal anyway is not going to be at event. latest member of congress to skipt inauguration. he's one of a growing number of democratic representatives who won't be there. >> if he's going to start playing games with the u.s. constitution and traditions of conflicts of interest that other presidents have adhered to, got real problems. >> reporter: joining other colleagues, barbara lee stating i won't be honoring incoming president who brought bigotry to the white house. in facebook post jared huffman wrote staying? california to spend time with constituents. ten members of congress
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announced boycotting including georgia representative john lewis. >> i don't see this president-elect as a legitimate president. representative lewis told nbc news he's concerned about president-elect's ties to russia. key members of the bay area will go. jackie sfooer and nancy pelosi. congressman desalnay not at the inauguration but busy. meeting with local clubs to talk about issues like this. >> likely won't watch from home. sergio quintana, abc7 news. >> i'll be in washington d.c. with live reports on trump's inauguration. future tesla owners won't get a free line, bay area based electric car company released
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plan for superchargers. >> live report from katie marzullo in mountain view. >> superchargers behind us, people using them current tesla owners grandfathered in, getting free electricity but anybody who orders a tesla after sunday will pay. >> they have to charge, this is free electricity right now. so eventually they have to charge. >> most tesla owners we talked with have no problem with tesla charging future owners to supercharge the cars and say can't beat the price. >> cross country trip would be 100 bucks anyway, much more affordable than a super high mileage car. >> tesla estimates $25 from los angeles to new york and 15 from -- to l.a. another perk, keeping commuters from crowding highly sought
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after spots intended for long distance drivers. >> people do abuse this, park here for long time and this will prevent it in the future. >> reporter: one owner thinks the cost will deter people from buying a tesla. >> not good for tesla because many people choose it because get to charge the cars free of charge. >> reporter: tesla will give future owners 400 kilowatt-hours for free before the charge kicks in. coming up next on abc7 news at 11:00 rv catches fire in middle of rush hour traffic and driver nowhere to be found. and what is next for bay area college putting accreditation battle behind it. b
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ultimate limited edition bed, plus 24-month financing. hurry, ends monday. know better sleep with sleep number. we have new details on the motor home fire on 101 near sfo. media partners at bay area news group report the chp is looking for driver who left the flaming rv behind on the freeway. no one was hurt, backup stretching for miles at start of
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rush hour. new details on last week's police shooting of man with mental condition. police told us the officer is kenneth ciao, shot in the stomach and groin after punched and kicks two other officers. called to home for restraining order violation, in intensive care. conscious, bipolar and schizophrenic. abc news at college formally announced accreditation extended next 17 years. had been threatening to shut the school down, pointed to persistent problems with governance and fiscal management, school officials can't wait to put this behind them. >> want to reach out and bring
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people back and get new students to city college, a degree or class to make them more successful in their career. >> enrollment dropped from 100,000 to about 65,000. group of employees from a sports shop in concorde called champions of humanity. >> with obsession over nikes and ended with act of kindness. >> at times employees of the champs sports store thought stuck in "groundhog day" man would look around the store every day and ask to try on the same pair of shoes. >> ten or 12 times, periodically coming in, can i try these on? but he never tried them on. that's the funny part. >> and stand in line to pay and leave the shoes at cash register
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and walk away unable to afford them. >> fernando and his coe workers invited him to try them on one more time. raised money to buy him the shoes and more. one of the employees took cell phone video of the moment he tried on the shoes. >> i gave them to him, asked and how much are they? 160 but don't worry about it. surprised him. >> when fernando told him shoes were his, thought he was kidding. >> i think he was astonished. >> cool. we knew he was happy about it. >> 28-year-old man also given a cap, hoody and athletic pants. >> wasn't just me. everyone in champs helped out. really cool. >> good deed. >> we didn't expect anything out of this at all. >> in concorde, abc7 news.
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>> that's the sweetest thing. >> just amazing. good for them. on to the weather forecast. notice the sunny day today? more to come. >> brightness in the skies this afternoon. show you right now another form of brightness, the moon getting up close and personal from the roof camera, it's spectacular and from emoriville, look at sky cam, did it seem wet this january? has been a wet start to the year. look at how much rainfall, measurable rain, 12 out of the last 13 days here. and if continue this seeing more rainy days ahead next week. live doppler 7 shows clouds and fog. visibility down to 3/4 of a mile
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in santa rosa. start out with fog. near the delta watch out, contra costa county under a flood warning. could be flooding around the delta area. see the cities that could be impacted. right now the temperatures dropping in 30s and 40s. stunning view towards sooutro tower. cold with patchy frost and fog tomorrow motherning. dense in patches tomorrow morning but not as much as this morning. temperatures near freezing around the north and inland east bay valley. early weekend plans, have extra layer on. 50s for you. three day forecast for the long holiday, clouds come in a little bit later saturday night.
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couple of sunday morning sprinkles not out of the question. not downpours not a storm but a couple of storms are tracking. wednesday and friday, both twos, moderate strength. heavy winds and rains, some flooding ccerns and power outages. wednesday morning, widespread rain, 8:00 it gets heavier, than scattered showers thursday. friday another storm with pockets of heavy rain indicated by the yellows. download the abc7 news app to keep track of the storms coming in. wednesday through friday totals 1 1/2 inches to almost 3 inches of rain. right now models bringing in more storms to follow that. wind gust 7:00 wednesday night. accuweather forecast chilly
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tomorrow. drizzle possible but otherwise dry and nice for the holiday weekend. clouds start to increase, first storm, two on wednesday, wet and windy and on friday another two. get ready to pull out rain gear butt
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michael finney took your questions about covered california earlier tonight. no matter what is going on in washington your health insurance under covered california won't change until next year. you can sign up for dental insurance. check out our website
11:54 pm >> you can ask michael finney questions. hotline is on your screen. 415-954-8151, and reach him on facebook and help you out. lots of sports to cover. >> larry is on assignment for espn and rick kwan is here. >> we weren't afraid. >> i might be a little bit. former raiders offensive coordinator phil musgrave is joining a rival. even with
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with the warriors getting the day off. klay thompson went back to school this afternoon to his catholic high school where his number one jersey was retired. led the school to the division three state championship and owned player of the year honors. >> huge deal for me. spent three years here and enjoyed them all. it's a lot of time to grow as a young kid, young man. great place to do it this institution. owe them big time for what they did for me. great way for them to honor me. appreciative of it. warriors most the cavaliers on monday. >> tonight. led the cavs with 26, lays it in with the foul. touch pass from lebron, 120-108
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was the final. cleveland snaps losing streak. >> college hoops, women at utah, drives and scores with the left hand. carly sam linson had a career high. alone that smith knocks it down. standford cruises. cardinal not lost to utah. mibill musgrave is hired. play calling apparently didn't always sit well with jack del rio, broncos need him to develop young quarterbacks trevor siemian and pacson lynch. >> signing to contract woerj $3.6 million,
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gray. oakland also saved all-star catcher to one year deal about $3 million. >> justin thomas continues to enjoy time in the sun. fired 64 today. eagled 18. pga record. has a five stroke lead. this has been brought to you by river rock casino. >> five stroke lead not a bad way to go. >> abc7 news continues now online, twitter, facebook and all mobile devices with abc7 news app. >>


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