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tonight at 6:00, the family of a san francisco woman is concerned about the public safety after she was found dead on a muni bus. the boycott grows. a list of lawmaker planning to skip donald trump's inauguration continues to gain steam after he attacked a civil rights icon. and show me the movie. going inside of the california video store with just one film on the shelves. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts now. good evening. im eric thomas. thanks for joining us. today donald trump went on the attack against john lewis who has promised to skip the inauguration with several bay area lawmakers. the president-elect's latest tweet was this evening saying congressman john lewis should finally focus ons burning and crime infested inner cities of
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the u.s. i could use all of the help i can get. it prompted a response from michigan republican justin amash who tweeted, dude, just stop. sergio quintana is live in the newsroom with the growing tirade and protest. >> donald trump continues his twitter attack on john lewis. a man who marched with king. there is also a growing number of democratic members who are joining a boycott against the inauguration. president-elect donald trump began the day with two tweets. congressman john lewis should spend more time on fixing and helping his district which is in horrible shape and falling apart, not to mention crime infested rather than falsely complaining about the election results. all talk, talk, talk. no action or results. sad. the president-elect was responding to comments from congressman lewis saying he does not consider trump to be a legitimate president. he told nbc news he's concerned about russia's involvement in the election. georgia congressman john lewis
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is considered a civil rights icon. he helped organize the march on washington with dr. martin luther king jr. in 1963. lewis has said he will not be attending friday's inauguration. 15 fellow democrats have also decided not to attend. that includes east bay congressman mark desaulnier. >> i think john is right. there are serious questions, unlike any other presidential election in the history of this country. >> reporter: minority leader nancy pelosi joined a bipartisan chorus of officials who voiced support for john lewis, tweeting ahead of martin luther king day 2017, let us remember that have tried to silence representative john lewis over the years, all have failed. the president-elect's transition team has reached out to the african-american museum in washington, d.c. for a possible visit on mlk day but those plans have not yet been finalized. live in the newsroom, i'm sergio quintana, abc 7 news. dan ashley will be in washington, d.c. on thursday and
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friday with live reports on president-elect trump's inauguration. an editor for the website breitbart news milo held a protest on the campus of u.c. davis in response to last night's canceled speech he was supposed to give on campus. protesters blocked doors and try to disrupt the so-called alt right conservative commentator invited to speak by the davis colleg republicans. the group canceled last night's event after campus police told them it was too dangerous to let it go on. >> they put us into a corner and we canceled our event because of the information they gave us. >> i heard a hate speech and i came out to stand against fashionism. >> he is scheduled to speak on february 1st at berkeley, an event that is still scheduled to take place despite vocal calls for it to be canceled. the family of a san francisco woman believe she died of meningitis which would be the second deadly case this week. leslie brinkley spoke to the family today about the warning they say they got from the
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coroner's office. she's live in san francisco. leslie. >> reporter: that is right, eric. muni confirmed with me, a woman riding the 14 mission line late on tuesday night was found dead in the back of the bus. and her family told me this about other riders on the bus and they also were told by the coroner's office in san mateo county that she died of meningitis. >> the bus driver found her deceased in the bus sitting upright. >> that is what the family of 53-year-old laura robson said they were told. muni confirmed a woman was found dead at the end of the 14 mission line in daly city on tuesday night. they called in the daly city police. >> she was in san francisco on the bus. the last two days she was alive, so we don't know who she was in contact with. >> reporter: robson said the coroner office told him on wednesday that preliminary autopsy results indicated his sister died of meningitis and
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urged him to seek treatment himself at the nearest hospital. he and his son were given antibiotics since he was in direct contact during a visit in santa rosa. >> she had a severe headache and a slight fever. she was taking painkillers, she didn't say that her neck was hurting which they said was a sim follow to >> they were prescribed after shoulder surgery at san francisco general hospital ten days before falling ill and the hospital confirmed the surgery. the health department did not comment on the case. the san mateo county coroner's office will only say the case is still under investigation. if final lab work confirms meningitis, it is the second death involving a san francisco resident this year. last weekend 48-year-old sevin phillips died of meningitis. health and human services sebts letters to 250 people who may have had contact with him a soul cycle location in larksberg. robson hopes to bury his sister in belmont sometime this week.
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leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. a southern california hospital is warning open heart surgery patients they could be at risk for a bacteria that could be fatal. huntington memorial hospital in pasadena is among 60% of hospitals across the country that use the stock ard 3t blood heating and cooling device. hospital officials say ip -- infections could show up years after operations. the hospital has so far reported no cases. a first look at a man accused of slashing someone with a machete in san francisco. police released this surveillance of the suspect, including one where he could see him holding the large knife. it happened last friday at the civic center b.a.r.t. and muni station. the victim had serious cuts on his head and hand. all east baund highway 37 in novato are now open. video yesterday showed some flooding in both directions. today it is clear for eastbound drivers. transition ramps are also open, however, the west bound lanes remain closed between atherton
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and 101. a live look at our exploratorium camera at pier 15. it is a clear night in the bay area. meteorologist drew tuma has more about your holiday weekend weather. >> and it is a spectacular start today. a lot of sunshine and if you like today, you are going to love tomorrow. but we do have fog to contend this with this morning and that is an issue tomorrow morning as well your day planner will reflt that some patchy fog early on around the immediate bay waters, it will quickly clear out. so by the afternoon you have a lot of sunshine and temperatures going back into the 50s. but we are tracking our next storm system. this will arrive on wednesday and it ranks a two, a moderate storm on the storm impact scale. not only downpours but gusty wins does renew the power outage threat and does turn active after wednesday so the chances of rain go up significantly with another moderate storm moving in on friday. so we go hour by hour on future weather timing out the rain in the full accuweather forecast. eric. >> looking forward to it. drew, thank you. abc 7 news was at the california historic radio
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society in alameda where it was all hands on duck to clean up flood damage. water soaked the carpet and dampened historic documents but according to the president who is a member of the abc 7 news family, the collection of the radios made it out okay. chp officers are always helping stranded drivers but sometimes even the chp needs help. the agency posted pictures on facebook of a highway patrol suv stuck in the mud on highway 4 between antioch and brentwood. two men with a big pickup truck saw the situation and pulled over and towed the chp vehicle out. the officer got stuck while turning around to respond to a noninjury traffic trash. coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00, we'll show you a pair of coastal rescues, including one for a couple who went for a late night skinny dip. and -- >> the world's only video store that carries only one film. >> look inside of this unusual california video store when
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two people went to the hospital after a night of fun turned dangerous in san francisco. firefighters say a man and woman were skinny dipping below the cliff house when the woman got stuck in the water and the map
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was trapped on cliff. after rescuing the woman, another firefighter had to rappel down to pull the man up. no one was seriously hurt but it could have been much worse. >> this is a treacherous water to say the least and on a cliff face, accounts for many rescues over the years. and it is not a place for anyone to be attending -- at night, let alone during the day. >> there is a beach hazard warning for rip currents and sneaker waves along the coast from sonoma through monterey through sunday night at 9:00. in southern california, rescuers used a helicopter to rescue a woman who fell down a waterfall while hiking. the pasadena fire department shared this video. firefighters say she was climbing in an area that had warning signs posted because of dangerous conditions from the recent rains. she went to the hospital with injuries to her back. coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00, there is only one -- there is only the movie that had the owners of this video store at
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hello. that is what i meant to say. and more rain is on the way. meteorologist drew tuma is up next with the accuweather forecast. >> the falcons are on the way to the nfc title game and tloting seattle in atlanta. against an injury d
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ever heard the phrase only in l.a. well this is one of those stories. a video store has just one movie on its shelves and to get it you have to show them the money. is that a hint? reporter rob hayes from our sister station in l.a. has the story. >> brick and mortar video stores may have hit the closing credits but leave ito echo park to hit rewi rewind, kind of. >> we're standing inside of the world's only video store that carries only one film. >> help me, help you. >> yep, 1996's jerry maguire which means this place is -- >> a video store made up of entirely jerry maguire video tapes. >> hence the name of the store. >> you'll find 11,000 copies, some in spanish and one in french but most in english. another 3000 copies are in the back, i assume in case they run low. >> it is bright red, it is
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beautiful. there are just so many of them. >> and the two are with the l.a. based art collective that everything is terrible, which put all of this together. for some unholy reason the group began collecting vhs copies of the tom cruise classics and fans started mailing this nem. and now for the next couple of weeks their part of a video store that doesn't rent out any movies. >> that would involve you taking a jerry from the collection and that is not allowed. >> so we know what this is and we know who is behind it. but i guess the question when it comes to the jerry maguire video is the jerry mac-why. >> why not. >> that is not an answer. that is just another question. >> the dream is to build a pyramid out in the desert made entirely the jerry maguire. >> that is the goal, only bigger and permanent. the world's only jer a-mid. >> and we want to give them a forever home. >> show me the money.
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>> and they hop to help raise the funds. staff gifted in the arts of finding exactly what you are looking for. >> i think we have a jerry maguire in stock. >> in echo park, rob hayes, abc 7 news. now your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. and in accuweather, we are soaked in sunshine on this saturday. tomorrow going to be no different. quiet pattern into the holiday on monday before everything changes mid-week. so enjoy the break from the rain while we have it. live doppler 7, no rain but this picture changing come on wednesday with the next storm system moving. so to sutro tower live, look at san francisco and oakland in the background, beautiful out there. all you need is a winter jacket tonight. the rain will stay away at least through wednesday. we do have a little bit of cloud cover overhead. and that is slowing the cooling process. so still a lot of spots in the 50s. 51 in oakland. 49 in san jose. 45 in vallejo. 50 at half moon bay and antioch at 48 degrees. so the call, overnight a mixture
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of stars and clouds out there. temperatures mainly in the 30s, away from the water, a couple of low 40s like san francisco and rich mand and asan mateo, but the bigger story overnight and first thing tomorrow morning is patchy dense fog. so future weather does show you the shades of white you see on your screen, that is a fog early in the morning. 5:00. by 9:00 much of the fog is burning off away from the bay and that will lead to a sunny afternoon on the way on sunday. and temperatures very similar to where they were this afternoon tomorrow. so you are three-day forecast will show you, you will like tomorrow. sunshine in the afternoon after the morning patchy fog. it is a really nice holiday around here on monday. nothing but sunshine from start to finish. and even tuesday we're mild inland, going into the low 60s. but what you notice on tuesday will start off with sunshine but the clouds will build in ahead of the storm system that will arrive on wednesday. so we bring back the storm impact scale on wednesday, this is going to be a two, a moderate storm. it will bring showers with scattered downpours and mixed in. also in the evening, the winds are going to pick up and once again gusty. so the biggest threat with this
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storm system on wednesday will be more power outages and tree limbs coming down. so future weather will get you into wednesday. watch the time stamp. 2:00 in the afternoon, still much of the rain confined north of the golden gate. not until the evening hours of wednesday, by 8:00 or 9:00, the rain will sink south. but as it does, the winds pick up. so future-tracker wind gusts shows you 4:00 in the afternoon, winds picking up along the coast and then the winds move around the bay and by 8:00 or 9:00, the winds gusting over 40 miles per hour. so that is why the threat is there for more power outages mid-week. potential rainfall with this system, a wide range of rainfall. the north bay will see the highest totals because the storm system will linger there for the longe longest. so about three quarters to an inch and a half of rain and we'll see that set up once again where the rain shadow effect takes hold around the south bay and inland so up to a quarter of inch around livermore and hayward and san jose and some spots in yellow could end up
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with no measurable precip so that is something we are tracking but do not fear. by friday we're going to see soaking showers move in. future weather by friday morning, look at this, the pop of red over the south bay and inland looks like a widespread rainfall to end the week. we're tracking it. accuweather seven-day forecast going to show you on sunday, we have patchy morning fog, by monday it is a nice holiday. look at that. tons of sunshine. by tuesday, late-day clouds out there. and then wednesday, everything changes. a two on the storm impact scale. some scattered showers on thursday but by friday, eric, it looks like everyone has a good shot of seeing some heavy rain. >> you had me at heavy rain. >> you'll love it. >> thanks a lot. now abc 7 sports with mike shumann. >> well the falcons got no respect coming into the post-season but today in atlanta they took care of the seahawks in commanding fashion. matt ryan or mattie ice as they call him in the atl ripped the seattle secondary apart for three touchdown passes. hawks start with a 89 yard drive
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lasting 7 minutes and then the they counter and matt ryan to julio jones tieing it at 7-7. and then seattle up 10-7 and hester returns this punt. 80 yards against the former team. but they negate the field. and wilson is tripped and sacked in the aeshd zone for a safety. falcons down 10-9. they get the ball back and field goal gave them the lead and on the next possession, ryan hits a wide open coleman, and 14 yards making it 19-10 falcons at the half. ryan fish finished with 338 yards passing and three touchdowns and three yards to sanu and they are headed to the championship game against the packers or the cowboys with a 36-20 victory. the raiders made it official, todd downing has been promoted to offensive coordinator and he and derek
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carr have worked together for the past two years and jake peetz is promoted to quarterback coach. the last man standing is the niners without a manager. >> and [ inaudible ] was a defensive coordinator at wisconsin and has bay area ties working for jeff as cal's linebacker coach back from 2003 to 2005. so he knows what it takes to be successful at cal. he's been a defensive coordinator for the last 11 seasons at tennessee and washington and played at oregon. he is the son of hall of fame linebacker dave wilcox. the warriors have an unheard of three day break before they host lebron james and the cavaliers on monday night. the warriors have not lost back-to-back games in the regular season since 2015. but they've lost four straight to the cavaliers. three straight in the last year nba finals and again on christmas day in cleveland. i would say the cavs have the dove's number. kevin durant has only
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experienced a christmas day loss but he would like to help rectify this losing streak. >> just play the game every day, trying to think too much and just go out there and play and that is what makes our team so good, we play off instincts and we play with a -- with a joy and a passion where we don't really think about too much, we just go out there and play and coach does a great job of putting us in really good positions to be successful. >> pac-12, cal hosting washington state. klay thompson on hand. double-double, 14 points, 12 boards and he and charlie moore finishing with the left hand. under a minute to play and bird with the only field goal of the game hits the three and puts the bears up four and cal wins 58-45 the final. for the women, top ranked uconn breaks their own record with the 91 straight victory as they take care of smu in dallas. they the first 21 points as samuelson led the way with 28
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points. huskies are 16-0 this year. the last defeat came back in 2014 in overtime to -- stanford at maples pavilion. huskies break the record with an 88-48 victory into new england and houston facing off as we speak. we'll have highlights tonight at 9:00 and 11:00 on abc 7 news. hope to see you then. eric. >> you will, thanks, shu. next on abc 7 news at 6:00, honoring an america icon through action. the positive impact dr. martin luther k k k phil sanders, timely bible lesson the lord's way. churches of christ in the area, have you visit and worship assemblies. i hope you will. we love you. in search of the lord's way.
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tonight on abc 7 news at 9:00, over on kofi tv 20, a triple success for space x. and at 11:00 here on abc 7, a sight to behold, in yosemite after all of that snow, rare ice forms dazzle visitors. we will explain at 11:00. well prayers and calls for unity marks a day of service to honor dr. martin luther king jr. [ singing ] >> abc 7 news was in san francisco's bay view district where clergy members joined the parks and recreation department in a march through the neighborhood. the group paused to pray urging
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americans to come together and remember what dr. king fought for. >> this nation needs some healing, especially with all of the turmoil that is happening right now. we need to not focus on what is going on in or out of the white house but to focus on the living god, through christ. >> neighborhood improvement projects also took place today around the city. and that's it for abc 7 news at 6:00. we'll see you again at 9:00 and 11:00. for drew and shu, i'm eric thomas, have a great one.
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