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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 14, 2017 9:00pm-9:31pm PST

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. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. good evening i'm eric thomas, thanks for joining us. today donald trump went on the attack against civil rights icon john lewis. early this evening saying he should focus on the burning and crime infested inner cities of the u.s. i can use all the help i can get. >> on this martin luther king jr. weekend, donald trump is taking on a civil rights icon.
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tweeting that congressman john lewis is all talk talk talk, no action or results. sad. hitting back after lewis said he's not a legitimate president. >> i don't see this president-elect as a legitimate president. i think the russians participated in helping this man get elected. >> some are urging lewis to reconsider, citing the need for a peaceful transition of power, president obama saying this right after the election. >> the people have spoken, donald trump will be the next president. >> but tonight trump's harsh words for lewis sparking onslaught of outrath. >> senator korey booker saying not in my eyes. >> and tweeting that's almost dying for rights. not worthy of uttering trump's
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name. john lewis and and his talk has changed the world. one of the original freedom riders, linking arms with martin luther king jr., badly beaten marching that day. responding to trump on e-mail, saying i'm no action, i've been beaten bloody fighting for what is right for america. on twitter his constituents coming to his defense. horrible? we love our home our atlanta neighbors and our john lewis. he has been challenge the new administration, testifying against alabama senator jeff sessions, highlighting concerns about his views on race.
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>> we need someone to stand up, attorney general to look out for all of us. and not just for some of us. >> why take the unprecedented step of testifying against senator sessions? >> i grew up in alabama, i know the state, i know the south. >> representative mark desaulnier is not attending and barbara lee and jared huffman are boycotting and mark tecano said won't go following the tweets about john lewis. >> we'll be in washington with live reports from the
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inauguration. donald trump's first foreign trip as president will be to see vladimir putin. trump's team told them a small summit in iceland and open to lifting sanctions for cyberattacks. one night after having speech shut down, milo yiannopoulos hold another speech. protesters tried to rush the event and police said reports that they had weapons was false. one person arrested. >> put us into a corner and we canceled our event because of the information they gave us. i heard hate speech and came out to stand against fascism. >> scheduled to speak at uc berkeley, still scheduled to ta place. this may the ringling bros.
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and barnum and bailey circus will close after 150 years on the road. circus employees informed after their performance. stopped using elephants and ticket sales falled. family of san francisco woman believed she died of meningitis, leslie brinkley spoke to the family about the warning they say they got from the coroner's office. >> found in the bus sitting upright. >> reporter: what the family says they were told. muni confirms a woman found dead at end of the mission line. called in the daly city police. >> was on the bus the last two days she was alive. don't know who she was in contact with. >> reporter: said the coroner's office said preliminary results
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indicated sister died of meningitis and urged him to seek treatment. he and his son given anti-biotics because was in contact with her in santa rosa. >> a severe headache, slight fever. didn't say her neck was hurting which is one of the symptoms. >> prescribed after shoulder surgery at san francisco general hospital. they confirmed surgery. the health department of san mateo didn't comment and coroner's office says only under investigation, if meningitis, second death of san francisco resident this year. last weekend 48-year-old died of meningitis, marin health and human services sent letters to people who may have had contact with him. robeson hopes to bury sister
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sometime this week. >> health officials say symptoms include fever, headache, stiff neck, rash and confusion. newborns or infants may vomit or seem tired or fussy. bacterial meningitis, saliva, close contact, sharing drinking and utensils. could be at risk for fatal bacterial, 60% of hospitals across the country use the stockard 3 t blood heating device. could show up years after operation. huntington reported no cases. first look at man accused of slashing somebody with machete in san francisco, happened last friday night
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bart/muni station. serious cuts on head and hand. coming up, number of states struggling to deal with ice storm, the impact on more than just the roads. and returning to flight, triple success for california's spacex. we're enjoying a break from the rain, sunshine to start the weekend but storms do linger on the
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a successful day for spacex, the company says it's placed ten satellites in orbit after the falcon 9 rocket launch from vandenberg air force base.
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after separation the rocket's first stage successfully landed in the pacific as part of effort to make boosters reusable. >> icy weather is causing problems in the u.s., treacherous below freezing wintry weather expected through the weekend. in utah a snow plow plunged off the edge of the road. driver seriously hurt. and affecting people throughout region. the only movie that has the owners of had video store -- well had them at hello. and accuweather forecast. >> patriots dion
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you probably have heard the phrase only in l.a., well this is one of these stories. video store with just one movie on their shelves and to get it, got to show them the money. >> reporter: brick and mortar video stores may have hit closing credits but leave it to echo park to hit rewind. >> standing inside the only video store with only one film. >> help me help you. >> yep, 1996's "jerry maguire," so it's. >> it's jerry maguire video store. >> reporter: some in spanish,
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one in french but mostly english. another 3,000 copies in the back in case they run low. >> so many of them. >> with the l.a.-based art collective everything is terrible which put all of this together. for some unholy reason collect vhs copies of the classic and fans started mailing them in. >> hundreds a week. >> and part of a video store that doesn't rent out movies. >> that's you taking a jerry from the collection and it's not allowed. >> reporter: we know what it is and who is behind it but big question is jerry magwhy? >> why? it's a good question. why not? >> reporter: that's just another question. >> dream is build a pyramid in the desert out of these. >> reporter: no joke, it's the
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dream. >> want to give the jerrys a forever home. >> reporter: raise the funds, gifted in the art of finding exaggerate exactly what you're looking for. now drew tuma. >> starting off the weekend with lots of sunshine, similar tomorrow before the storms return next week. on the job this week, wind that moved through, none of that. nice weather and lots of sunshine continuing for sunday and holiday on monday. looking at camera an pier 15, embarcadero buildings, partly cloudy skies overhead, acting like blanket and slowing the cooling process.
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most holding in the 40s, 47 in san jose and few spots like fairfield and livermore with lower degrees. mixture of stars and clouds today. around the bay upper 30s to lower 40s but tomorrow morning patchy fog to contend with. early sunday morning, 5:00 in the morning, white shading is fog that will be dense in some spots. 10:00 or 11:00 a lot of it burn off for a nice afternoon, sunshine and temperatures similar to today. three day forecast, tomorrow is beautiful, after the morning fog nothing but sunshine, it's a nice holiday on monday as well. upper 50s, inland into the low 60s. but tuesday is transition,
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sunshine and end with cloud cover and next storm on wednesday. impact, two, moderate storm moving in. tracking showers, scattered downpours and evening gusty winds and power outage threat the next couple of days. future weather shows, much of the rain is north of the golden gate, probably not until after sunset that rain sinks south and as it does brings gusty winds as well. as we go into the afternoon and more importantly the evening hours, winds will pick up and likely will see frequent wind gusts between 20 on the 40 miles per hour, that's white threat of the power outages renewed. storm lingers longest in the north bay.
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south bay minimal if any moisture. widespread soaking on friday though. patchy fog to sun on sunday. nice holiday on monday. late clouds on tuesday. rain in the evening on wednesday, scattered showers thursday and friday is best chance for widespread rain that could be heavy at times. >> drew thank you. sports with mike shumann. >> houston texans came in against new england and for once wasn't tom brady doing all the damage. his name is dion lewis. brady dumped to lewis, 7-0 pass. later in the quarter after a field goal gets kickoff, avoids a tackle, 98 yards for second td of the game. 188 all purpose yards.
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14-3 patriots. texans had a chance. late in the third brock osweiler's pass dropped and would have made it a four-point game but lewis had receiving touchdown, special teams touchdown and then rushing touchdown, 34-16, advanced to record, hosting chiefs or steelers next week. meanwhile the falcons got no respect but today took care of the seahawks in commanding fashion, matt ryan ripped seattle secondary apart for three td passes. started with 89 yard drive for 8 1/2 minutes. score. then falcons counter with a drive lasting seven minutes and tie at 7-7. and return negated gi holding penalty, wilson tripped by own
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lineman, sacked for safety and last time falcons trailed. 14 years to vaughn coleman and falcons heading to the championship with 46-20 victory. >> that's what happens this time of the year, games get tough and physical. our guys stepped up and kept kpoet composure really well. >> this was won in the week. intensity of getting ready, wish you could have seen that. that type of strain and effort to get ready to play against a really good team was at home. to the ice, sharks hosting st. louis, but struggling lately. see if it continues. military appreciation night, too many missed opportunities. tierney hits cross bar and second period we miss wide open
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net. blues taking advantage of power play, off the stick of edward past jones 1-0, still in the second. dillon blocks puck with skate, then bounced to go in. sharks trail 2-0. st. mary's in spokane. calvin had 27 last game, let gaelz tonight with only 12. ice cold down the stretch while jonathan williams goss heated up. 17-0, 79-56 that final. pac-12 men, 14 points 12 boards, he and charlie moore only in double digits.
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jabari byrd, only field goal of the game puts up four and win. and stanford men with a win
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tonight on abc7 news at 11:00 a road trip ends in tragedy for two best friends from the bay area. only one returns home after harrowi harrowing older and in mourning. >> donald trump inauguration, president-elect lashes out at civil rights icon. in oakland for the lunar new year bazaar, sold traditional
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decorations and sweets to usher in the year of the rooster. continues tomorrow. stands are up 10:00 to 5:00. and that's it for abc7 news at 9:00, next news cast at 11:00 on channel 7 for the latest weather and sports action and oh, yeah, i'll be there too. see you later.
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