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tv   Matter of Fact With Soledad O Brien  KOFY  January 15, 2017 7:30pm-8:01pm PST

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bsorbent core turns liquid to gel. i know i'm wearing it but no one else will. always discreet for bladder leaks. soledad: today on "matter of fact" what's the big deal about being a c.e.o. and the commander in chief? >> this core constitutional principle cannot be blatantly by a president without judicial consequences. soledad: does president-elect need to divest to uphold the constitution. plus -- > if putin likes donald trump, guess what, folks? asset.cald an oledad: is america's relationship with russia dependent on a bromance. at some ing back memorable inauguration moments when pomp and circumstance goes --y and >> there's a sweet spot somewhere. soledad: this u.s. senator could
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be a power broker with the trump administration. s the art of the deal in the hands of democrats? i'm soledad o'brien. welcome to "matter of fact." soledad: for democrats in the minority, what will be the strategy for dealing with the trump administration? is it obstruction? reaching across the aisle? one senator, west virginia's joe has been called the democratic emissary to the incoming president. t could be a tough balancing act, manchin is up for in a ction in two years state that gave donald trump 69% of his vote. nice to have you. >> nice to be with you. soledad: appreciate that. be for uld the strategy democrats now? should the democrats pursue a strategy of obstruction which was a large part of the republican strategy under obama? this, if we id haven't learned anything,
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hindsight is 20/20. what we've learned is that doesn't the people have rejected that strategy. the people spoke loud and clear election.t they voted someone totally out but political process. soledad: where do you see right?ise, democrats.or many i won't say some democrats. i'll say many democrats. they can't envision reaching across the aisle. ou'll have at least four years of a new administration. >> this country has been through an awful lot of trial and error many, manyeen tested times. we'll get through this, too, and we've got to start acting like grown-ups. acting like the leaders that we are and should be. and you can't do it by still saying, well, i'm sorry that's not good for us politically. soledad: if press coverage this week was any indication, i think he stepping up to grown upness might be a long shot. >> far stretch. soledad:xactly. you've had conversations
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certainly with the vic president-elect around supreme nominees. >> maybe twice in two weeks. soledad: that's actually a lot. that's a lot. i've talked to donald trump and met with him and probably more two months than i have with barack obama in eight years. and ist he's reaching out think he wants to find, you know, art of the deal, if you will. a sweet spot somewhere. and politics shouldn't be any better. ifur purpose is to make great, that's and his theme, then we got to find that? you do you have to have eight democrats in the senate if you keep all the republicans voting in lock there has to be some adjustments and with some djustments, we're going to say can you keep all 52 republican? or 12 going to need 10 democrats? soledad: what do you think of that list of supreme court nominees that certainly have the list of 20c, or so? >> first of all, we have to have a working supreme court. ok? fault the republicans for
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at least not gaving merrick vote.d a you can vote him down. not being civil enough to talk man.he they were wrong. two wrongs make a right. i'm saying we're going to get moreody that's going to be conservative than most democrats want. with that being said, the rule of law. how strong are they? their track record? are they a good citizen? all the tests that we ask for? i'm a pro life democrat. get over being said, it. it's not going to happen. ok. they're probably going to lean different directions. think because of your interesting position in that you are up for re-election, in a state ocrat that went 68% for donald trump o then does that give you a stronger hand because, hey, donald trump needs you. a state that he did well and you have constituents who clearly support you and he needs those constituents. does it scare you or do you feel excited about it? excited aboutcaus it be
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i can sit down with president trump and his administration. paul ryan own with and his leadership team. i can sit down with mitch. here's where we are. you all you going to -- have the power to pass the agenda. put the agenda forth. you serious about passing something? is it good legislation that we all work on? we're not that far apart. let's work a little bit. the an't be your way or highway and we'll bring eight or 10 democrats along. that's my job. that. relish that's who i am. that's what i enjoy. soledad: you sound almost hopeful, sir. nice to have you. thank you for being with us. it.ppreciate president-elect trump says his sons will run the business and keep the deals secret. >> inevitably there's going to be scandal around this. > could his holdings upend his presidency before it starts? and -- russia hacks our election. china holds our debt. but are we focused on the real to our safety?
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fact" web senator joe
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soledad: in his first news conference as the resident-elect, donald trump argued that the presidency by its very definition is above any conflict of interest. in an effort to cleare showed paperwork cks of reporters really couldn't examine those stacks turning said, of his he businesses to his sons, deciding not to follow the customary practice of creating a blind trust. announcement that raised some questions was the appointment of his son-in-law, kushner to be a senior advisor at the white house. president-elect trump comes to a political outsider entanglements that present a unique set of ethical questions. iesen, oined by norm
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ethics expert at the brookings institution and he served during his first term. we're also scheduled to speak with jan baran from the law firm rein, a former advisor to george h.w. bush but he was called into court this morning so ambassador eisen, let's begin what i thought was an interesting kickoff by donald essentiallyrney who said, listen, the president of the united states is pretty much any conflict of interest rules anyway. is that accurate? >> no, soledad, it's not accurate. conflict vast array of rules that do apply to the president. that on that long list, there is one item, 18 u.s. c208 that doesn't. but there are others that do and it starts with our united states constitution. so worried were that a president would have a onflict of interest created by
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payments from foreign governnts or foreign that they agents prohibited those paynts in the constitution in the so-called emoluments clause. it's just a fancy 18th century benefits. presidents cannot get cash or other benefits from foreign governments under the constitution. so no, it is not true that conflicts law does not apply to president. soledad: he says that he would transfer the business holdings to his son. his would happen before he actually took office. e'd still receive sort of profit reports but demurred on creating a blind trust. sons as trustees? that flies in the face of the blind trustf what a is with an independent trustee. be a family member. so it's wholly inautoed kwaut solution to the problem. soledad: ok, it's inadequate. is it illegal? -- is does he actually
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it one of those things where it might be inadequate but there's no one who is going to call him because he's the president and there is no consequences? number one, in this case, it's not merely the policy government that he must do this as it has been done what hashave been called for for donald trump that he failed to do for four decades. they've chosen to do it, right? >> i'll say he has. it's a little more than a choice d than because it's the official policy f the office of government ethics that the president should behave as if those laws apply. but in this case, here's the teeth. to do a trust. he had to transfer ownership to clean break and a wall, a big beautiful wall, between im and all these foreign government benefits. cash and other benefits, permits, trademarks, all the to , loans, that are coming him. that is not optional. that's in the most fundamental
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united states, our constitution. and by hanging onto those interests, he's hanging on to those foreign government benefits, he's going o be in violation of the constitution from the moment he takes the oath of office unless days to he coming change course. soledad: what are the consequences for that? i think you're going to see a erious legal campaign to fight back and to get a court to order donald trump not to violate the constitution. to talk about jared kushner and the nepotism clause. so what happened in that case with jared kushner, his son-in-law? soledad, mr. kushner said that he is going to -- he a commitment in principle that he's going to apply all of the laws to him. so he's going to apply conflicts law, ethics law, disclosure law. see how he does it, how he works out all his investments.
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e's going to do -- he himself is going to do a trust. he's exiting selling things. o that's a commitment in principle i'd like to see his father-in-law make as well. nice to have thank you for joining us, sir. pleasure.a thank you. soledad: as is mine. expert fears the his president-elect's tweet could create chaos. then history quiz.
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>> as far as hacking i think it was russia. soledad: after spending months hallenging the intelligence findings that russia meddled in the election, president-elect believes that ow russia did in fact hack the u.s. hat made for some tough timing for his nominee to head the exxon-mobil's rex tillerson who was grilled on his ol hill over relationship with russian president vladimir putin.
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putin a war ir criminal? that term.understanot use soledad: could this be sleegd us to path a new cold war? from the council of foreign relations is here. nice to have you. >> thank you for having me. soledad: last few days dominated by conversations of russia and the tillerson hearing. the president-elect's first news conference. buzzfeed basically pulling a wikileaks and doing a document cnn reporting that the ct, the president and president-elect had been notified that this information existed so notification at the highest levels. point, what are your concerns about the president-elect's relationship with russia? the primary ink concern that has come t of the months is the extent that which president-elect donald trump has been of ileging the assertions russia's president vladimir
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putin over the findings of the committee.ligence now, his news conference was significant that he acknowledged for the first time it was likely perpetrated the hack against the democratic national committee. that,e then went on to say well, it could been someone else and we don't really know. lots of people >> exactly. exactly. similarly, when the memo came out, he was quick to reiterate kremlin's line that it wasn't, you know, none of it was true. he so the extent to which continues to sort of appropriate kremlin talking points, even as the president e of the united states is very concerning. have in he seems to some ways also like a personal at least a goal or a hope or idea in his head of a vladimir putin but, of course, the official mostly ship with russia centers around the u.s. and russia's sort of intersection in nato. >> that's absolutely right.
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uncommon for a political leader to think that with another ship foreign leader can yield good results but often, those relationships fall victim to the security interest extent of which they diverge or converge. that's the million dollar question. when it comes down to it and there's a divergence of interest, whether donald trump ill stand up for american interests or whether this to alled bromance is going interfere or obstruct his ability to do that. soledad: rex tillerson, two things i noticed from his testimony. pressed aboutally stronger sanctions for russia. demurred a lot on that and number two, clearly concerned about getting on putin's bad side. do you think the white house policy should be on russia? sanctions? fewer sanctions? obviously, troops are headed to to support nato. >> you said nato and i think
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nato is the most important thing need to keep in mind. the president-elect over the course of the campaign made some troubling statements about his willingness to live up to our article five guarantees to our nato allies. he's very against nato. >> exactly. he said our willingness to efend our allies will be conditional upon their defense spending and even just element of that conditionality undermines what should be a commitment to nato allies. so that's a tremendous concern. it's notable that rex tillerson n his confirmation hearing indicated that much greater support for nato alliance but will be g nato absolutely critical for the next administration if we are to seek preserve our interests in europe. soledad: thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> my pleasure. next, do you know which inauguration featured a drunk vice
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(vo) new tidy cats lightweight 4-in-1 fights mess right. attacks three strong litter box odors, plus locks clumps tight. ... and now it's light. every home, every cat. there's a tidy cats for that. president? whichpresident? which president had to be sworn in twice? what time will donald trump
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officially become president trump? >> yes, we can! soledad: president obama bid a farewell before a chicago hometown crowd of about 20,000 people. would bemight think it tough to relinquish presidential power. so every president has done following the lead of george 1797.ngton in power passing peacefully despite tragedy.dal or sudden correspondent liz palka takes a back. traditions date back to 1789 when our first president george washington took the oath of office at federal new york. the united states' first capital. since then, we've seen plenty of firsts. andrew jackson's inauguration was the first to happen on the steps of the capitol in 1829. most presidents choose to take the oath with their hand on the
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bible. they don't have to. john quincy adams was the first a take the oath on constitutional law book instead. an here's the first film of inauguration. it was william mckinley's ceremony in 1901. photo captures dwight d. isenhower, the first and last president to be lasso during his far.gural parade so inaugurations are held on the capitol west front and follow a very prescribed order. office at he oath of exactly noon. and while most inaugurations ave been conducted with decorum, some have had their mishapps. vice president andrew johnson to drink the night lincoln's second inauguration. johnson delivered a speech the next day, still drunk, embarrassing the president. we shall pay any price. >> an electrical short caused podium to nedy's catch fire as cardinal richard invocation at e
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his inauguration. >> are you prepared to take the oath? >> barack obama had to take the office twice in 2009. that's because chief justice misspoke and one word was out of sequence. > that i will execute the office of president to the united states faithfully. >> that i will execute the -- took the oath again the following day just to be safe. palka in washington. >> when we return, he mobilized nation to look beyond race and class. will reverend dr.
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soledad: on monday, the nation celebrates the birthday of dr. jr., one of king the most influential and iconic leaders of the civil rights movement. his famous "i have a dream" speech which was actually called never again" will be recited by school children cross america as they mark the
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holiday. as important as those words are, especially when they're coupled with images of the crowds istening to dr. king at the lincoln memorial, i am drawn to a speech he gave in february of 1961 at new york university. he called for full integration, rights and nonviolent social to achieve change. dr. king also reflected on the role of the individual in creating change. he said this -- "human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable. toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering and struggle. he tireless exertions and passionate concerns of dedicated individuals." and that has me thinking about the upcoming women's march on washington. day after the he inauguration, tens of thousands of people are expected to descend on the national mall. for some, the march is a concernand statement of about whether the new administration will protect
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women's rights. thers say it's not a protest, it's an opportunity to promote solidarity, to come together for a cause. you re's my question, will be marching? tell me why you'll be taking part or why you're not taking part. i'm soledad o'brien. and we will see you back here next week for "matter of fact." national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy visit]
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