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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 16, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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in four days the president elect will take the oath as the 45th president of the united states. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. donald trump's road to the white house is a bumpy one. >> some 30 democratic lawmakers are boycotting after another twitter rant. >> this one with the civil rights hero on the holiday weekend. stephanie ramos has more. >> reporter: at trump tower, new york city president elect donald trump dodging questions about
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his feud with civil rights icon congressman john louis after a meeting with martin luther king t iii. when asked whether he was a fended by the rampage on lewis. >> on the heat of emotion things get said on both sides. >> reporter: louis is in the spotlight. >> i think the russians participated in helping this man get elected. >> reporter: trump firing back saying he is all talk, talk, talk no action. vice president elect mike pence visiting the martin luther king memorial. >> donald trump has the right to defend himself. >> reporter: louis a civil rights leader nationally known for his role in the selma to ma montgomery march in the 1960s and now he's leading a new movement. >> i don't plan to attend inauguration. >> reporter: louis making the first appearance since the dust up not mentioning trump by name but calling the crowd to action.
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>> when you see something that's not right, not fair, not just, give them all obligation to do something, say something and not be quiet. >> reporter: when asked what his father's message would be to trump, this is no mention of tweets, the health care law repeal, russia's hacking. king says his father would be most concerned with the millions of americans living poverty. stephanie ramos, abc news, washington. now, some members of congress will also be watching it on television because they are refusing to attend the avent in person. among them are these four all representing the bay area. >> so far six will not attend which means ten out of california's 53 will be skipping the inauguration. >> abc 7 news reporter laura anthony talked with local politicians about why they are or are not going. >> he said over and over again we have a moral obligation to do what is right, to speak out. >> reporter: in her home district to celebrate the legacy of dr. martin luther king junior, oakland congresswoman
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barbara lee invoked the words of the great civil rights leader to explain why she will not attend the inauguration of president elect donald trump. >> and i have a duty and responsibility to call it like it is and that has nothing to do with respecting the office of the presidency. i cannot celebrate in good conscience. >> personally, i'm surprised it's a big deal. >> reporter: he was quick to follow follow. >> the thing that bothers me most is the common attack whether you're conservative, remember real, republican or democrat, i thought americans had this desire to see people, particularly in elected office different. >> rather than sit passively when i know something deeply wrong is going on. i have to send a positive message. >> reporter: pleasanton democrat eric will be there. >> at this point i intend to go
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but understand and respect my colleagues choosing not to. >> new u.s. senator harris has confirmed she will be there. diane feinstein has yet to commit but so far, no u.s. senators announced they will not attend the formal transition to the trump presidency. in walnut creek, laura anthony. >> again, four days away from the inincome ration. crews are getting d.c. set up for the event laying down barriers for the parade expected to last just 80 to 90 minutes compared to four hours for president obama. there are inaugural platforms, viewing stands and seats. organizers say don't worry about the lawn. >> the tiles allows light through so the grass can photo synthesize while covered. >> movers took movers into barack and michelle's home.
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they will live here until their daughter finishes high school. it's less than two blocks from the home ivanka trump and jared kusnyer will live there in d.c. well, we have just one more day of clear weather before the rain returns. >> coming back. now here is a live look from an east bay hills camera. this is one of the few, clear dry dres we'ays we'll see this >> tomorrow, winter spare the air alert is issued. they do not apply to traffic. wood burning is banned to reduce pollution. >> drew tuma is here with live doppler 7. a lot to track. >> dan and alma tracking three storms in the next seven days but in the short term, the issue is fog. showing visibility in santa rosa down to a quarter of a mile and that means fog is around first thing on tuesday. future weather showing the swath of fog moving through the delta around the bay should burn back by about the lunch-time hour and
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will lead to sunshine in the afternoon. we have a spare the air day in effect, poor air quality in the north bay and inland so you'll notice the sky has a milky haze. remember, illegal to burn wood the next 24 hours. there is the dry day tomorrow and the storm door opens through the weekend and early next week. we'll talk about the first storm coming on wednesday. the storm impact scale bring it back, this will be a moderate storm a two on the storm impact scale. morning showers to evening downpours. the winds will pick up and power outages are possible. we'll take a much closer look at this storm and the two that quickly follow on the heels on the weather forecast. >> drew, thank you so much. seven months ago, 49 people died and dozens were injured when a gunman opened fire in an orlando nightclub. now this morning in rodeo in the east bay, fbi agents arrested the gunman's wife. leslie brinkly explains the
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charges. >> reporter: 30-year-old noor salman married omar mateen in 2011 in the bay area. after the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history at the pulse nightclub in june of 2016, her husband dead salman became the target or an intense fbi investigation. today neighbors say salman was arrested at her parents home. >> was about 7:37:45 when they heard the commotion. >> what kind of commotion? >> like people walking around, car doors slamming. >> reporter: salman was booked into the jail according to orlando's place chief, she faces charges of obstruction of justice and aiding and abedding by providing material support to a terrorist organization. the chief said in a statement today there is some relief that someone will be held accountable for that horrific crime. the orlando shooter reportedly texted his wife during the attack, and she accompanied him on at least one trip to a gun
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shop as he bought ammunition. salman attorney said noor salman had no foreknowledge or could predict what he would do that night. noor told her story of abuse at his hands. we believe it is misguided and wrong to prosecute her and dishonors the memories of the victims to punish an innocent person. >> our justice system is tasked with ensuring people that are suspected of a crime get their day in court, get due process and have access to a fair trial. >> reporter: noor salman is expected to appear in federal court in oakland on tuesday morning. she would then be transferred to orlando for prosecution. i'm leslie brinkly, abc 7 news. tonight a girl's grandfather is credited with stopping a woman from kidnapping the child at a park in northern california. police say the woman tried to snatch his 3-year-old granddaughter.
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the man literally pulled the child out of woman's arms. that woman, lindsey frasier is charged with attemptedfrasier af the children and called her by a different name, if i remember right and tried to take her. >> other people at the park held her until offices arrived. they say she has no connection to the child. a fire sent a man to the hospital and killed three dogs in belmont. you're looking at a photo near highway 92. a man left the home and returned after this morning's fire started. he suffered smoke inhalation while trying to save the dogs. there is no word on what sparked the fire. >> the golden state warriors have a ground breaking celebration planned for tomorrow at the site of the team's new arena in san francisco. sky 7 was over south street in mission bay where the chase center will be built for the team's move from oakland in time for the nba's 2019, 2020 season. the 18,000 seats, sports and
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entertainment complex will offer 11 acres of restaurants, caves and offices and a 5.5 acre public waterfront park. tomorrow's celebration starts at noon. we have much more ahead for you on this monday night. coming up, the final days for the circus for the greatest show on earth. rain is on the way. drew t
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well, the great eest show o earth has four months left. barnum & bailey ringling brothers announced this will be it. >> reporter: after 146 years, the greatest show on earth is closing. >> it is the future until may and then it will be part of our glorious past. >> reporter: executives spoke today for the first time about this weekend's announcement. they say the show has seen a downward trend in attendance over the last ten years. >> last year after we retired the elephants from the touring units, we saw a much steeper drop in sales. >> reporter: animal rights activists from direct action everywhere are calling the announcement a victory. >> i really hope society is
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continuing to move in the way of the future, which is shutting down all industries that are ex ploi ploiting animals like farms, zoos, labs. >> we stand behind the care that we always give all of our animals. >> reporter: a sentiment ring bling brothers and barnum & bailey circus performer shares. >> we love our animals. we care for our animals. a lot of these animals have been in our families for generations. >> reporter: it's unclear where the animals will go now. >> we're looking for suitable homes for them. >> reporter: approximately 400 circus employees are impacted. they will be helping performers with job placement, but traditional circus performances are unique. >> cirque du soleil does a great job but it's a completely different show. >> reporter: a cirque du soleil spokesperson said it's sad news for the circus community. mark zuckerberg is headed to
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court tomorrow. he'll testify in dallas in a lawsuit that claims the startup he acquired was based on stolen technology. facebook is being sued for $2 billion. they accused of knowingly stealing software and trade secrets through the hiring of several of the its former employees. we are getting a better look at the impact this recent rain and snow is having on the sierra snow pack. look national weather service released. it was a sliver in 2015. compare that to this year, the darker the blue and purple the deeper the snow and last week meteorologist reported the drought is basically over in northern california but 60% of the state does remain in drought conditions. >> part of the westbound highway 37 closed in that vad dnavado ae
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highway patrol posted this video. one eastbound lane reopened friday and the westbound side is still completely closed. remember, we had an awful lot of rain. >> we certainly did and more rain is coming. >> drew tuma tracking it for us. >> the first storm that will arrive on wednesday will bring rain but very strong winds in the everyone. live doppler 7 showing you a beautiful holiday weekend from saturday, sunday and today lost lots of sunshine and dry conditions. one more day on the way tomorrow. temperatures have fallen into the 40s. 41 navado and 48 oakland and same in san jose. couple spots like fairfield and antioch and santa rosa upper 30s. we'll drop into the 30s in many spots overnight tonight but will have areas of dense fog. the tuesday planner will have n fog to contend with but the fog
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will be out and clouds will linger. we'll call it peaks of sunshine here and there and not as bright of a sky as today and temperatures mainly in the 50s like we were this afternoon. the series of storms, the first one will arrive on wednesday. the next one on its heels. storm number two arrives late thursday into early friday morning and another storm over the weekend moving in saturday night into sunday morning. so let's talk about the one coming on wednesday first. on the storm impact scale, this will be a two. a moderate system on wednesday with morning showers turning into afternoon and evening downpours. we'll have strong winds wednesday evening, as well. the big els threat with the storm does look to be power outages and tree limbs coming down. future weather hour by hour, watch the time stamp in the corner of your screen. we'll go into the morning at about 8:00, 9:00, light showers moving into the north bay. it's not really until the afternoon this system will start to get its act together and into the evening. pops of yellow and orange, that's heavier rain descending
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across much of the region. by 6:00, 7:00 the front is moving through with heavy rain and also the strong winds. as it descends south, it will lose a lot of punch. by midnight, we're not tracking as many downpours but the showers will be there. future tracker rainfall, the heaviest rain will fall into the north bay where the system lingers with heavier showers, one to two inches of rain. through the heart of the bay area concord, half moon bay, half of an inch to an inch of rain and the system lacks moisture towards san jose, mountain view, livermore and .10 to .5 inches of rain. they pick up area wide. by 6:00 in the evening, winds gusting over 40 miles per hour in many spots. it's not until this front will cross through the winds will diminish probably close to midnight as we approach early thursday morning. so the storm threats with this
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system, the concerns, certainly power outages, the winds picking up and hydroplaning an issue as the downpours come but since this is a quick-moving system, river flooding, streaming creek flooding and debris flows look low with the system. good news. does not look to be a big flood maker. accuweather seven-day forecast, tomorrow fog but increasing clouds the day of transition. by wednesday, it's wet and windy with that moderate storm moving in and scattered showers on thursday before another storm arrives early friday morning and the third one will arrive on sunday. >> here we go again. thanks, drew. >> sure. up next, the popular california apparel maker shutting down. >> we'll explain the math that makes eight people equal to 3.5 billion people. stay with us.
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california based clothing company american apparel started to lay off staff. gildon bought them at an auction. about 3,000 people are at risk of losing their job. gildon didn't purchase american apparel stores. there are six expected to close. all right. wrap your head around this one. eight men, eight own the same amount of wealth as the poorest half of the world. that's eight people compared to about 3.5 billion people, the group of eight facebook founder mark zuckerberg, oracle founder larry ellison and microsoft's bill gates, amazon's jeff and wrren buffet and carlos slim of mexico and michael bloomberg and ortega. this group pictured here is worth $426 billion combined. >> inequality is definitely
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getting worse in countries and you're seeing the super rich in particular move away from the rest of society and that's really harmful. it harms politics and impact on brexit and the trump election and damaging to our society and lots of people think that but what they are not doing is turning that around. >> this information is from a report by an international federation of charitable organizations. they are presenting the information in switzerland. two members of the popular bay area band tower of power remain in the hospital five days after being hit by a train in oakland. drummer david is recovering and the bass player is in critical condition. they were hit last thursday as they tried to cross tracks. fellow band members said the outpouring of love and support is amazing and urging fans to contribute to a go fund me account set up. there will also be a benefit
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concert tomorrow night in oakland. happening tonight in alameda, the posey two will be shut down for three nights. this is so cal tran can perform maintenance and clean the tunnel. the shut down begins at 10:00 p.m. and ends at 5:00 a.m. another 30 minutes of abc 7 news at 9:00 is up next. coming up. >> we show utand up and we speak up. >> standing up for equality on this martin luther king holiday and making it a lesson for the next generation. also, evacuation a we live in a pick and choose world. choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime... ...why settle for this? enter sleep number and the ultimate sleep number event, going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how well
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♪ ♪ many riders sang the civil rights movement anthem we should overcome before hopping on the train that began a 54-mile track in san jose. it commemorates the 54-mile march led by dr. king in 1965 from sal ma to montgomery, alabama. signs and songs could be seen and heard in the east bay on this day honoring dr. martin luther king junior. >> sky 7 was in oakland as people filled the streets hoping to keep live the dreams of dr. king. this peaceful rally shut down several streets this afternoon. >> here is sergio. >> reporter: parents say they brought their children to teach them about the legacy and methods he used to push for change. >> that's the reason we've been stuck is because we've been internetting each other instead of being out here on the ground. out here on the pavement connecting to each other. >> reporter: from sky 7 you can see the size of the crowd with
9:30 pm
the inauguration of donald trump just a few days away, this rally and march took on a sense of urgency. >> i've been active since 1968 and never felt as frightened about democracy and our country in the world. >> reporter: in this crowd of hundreds of people, there were about as many martin luther king signs as there were anti donald trump signs. some parents made it a point to bring their kids to experience a lesson that cannot be learned online. tell me about having the family do it. >> this is what we do. we show up and we stand up and we speak up. >> reporter: as the crowd marched, another smaller group took over a park in oakland. they say they are reclimbing it for the community. the larger group is made up of people from an array of causes but today they have a common cause. >> dr. martin luther king represents the very best of what humanity is.
9:31 pm
>> reporter: they were celebrating in a man that's the beacon of humanity. today was a day to celebrate king's legacy and that's what riders from san jose to san francisco powe cfocused on. >> reporter: waiting for the celebration train to arrive, people at the san mateo station used their voices to honor the late martin luther king. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: inside spiritual hems carried the many on board. everyone came with a purpose and most everyone left with a lesson learned about the many teachings of the late civil rights leader. >> i want my children to know they have a voice, a strong and huge voice. >> i'm mostly worried about my health and education. i really want that to prosper and i don't want anyone to take this away. >> reporter: last stop, san francisco where they were joined by others in a march for freedom. this year a divided nation and how to come together in these trying times was on everyone's
9:32 pm
mind. >> i felt like we're marching because it unifies us as a community in san francisco and a good way to be part of the community. >> with the past election with the view of racism and women's rights being attacked for me personally. i wanted to make sure i was counted. >> we made it so everyone would come together. black and white. >> reporter: a dream many say is yet to be achieved. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. abc 7 news was at the annual martin loouther king breakfast. ed lee and congresswoman nancy pelosi urged the crowd to continue fighting. labor leader dolorus was honored for her life-long fight. and we've dedicated a page on our website to martin luther king junior day highlighting local events and dr. king's legacy. you'll find it all on
9:33 pm an american citizen is among the five dead after a shooting at a nightclub in mexico. done donya bacchus has video. >> reporter: the frightening moments caught on cell phone video. >> all of a sudden we heard four to five very clear shots. >> reporter: club goers ducking for cover and running after a gunman opens fire outside the blue parrot nightclub in play ya dell karma. three of them were part of security personnel trying to protect people inside the club. the aftermath, dozens of party goers injured including four americans. american heather parham from washington state shot in the backside and one from houston shot in both arms. >> i was in shock. i couldn't move. >> reporter: but his friend was shot. >> i don't feel anything. i don't feel anything. >> reporter: and die the shortly thereafter. the shooting happened during an
9:34 pm
event part of the ten-day bpm electronic music festival. the lone shooter tried to enter the nightclub but was denied access because he had a gun. that's when they say he began to exchange fire with another person inside and security tried to stop it. mexican authorities say this was not a terrorist attack. in addition to the three security personnel, two canadians, italian and columbian were among the deceased. do . a suspect in the deadly nightclub attack in turkey is in custody. police caught the alleged gunman together during a raid in the european side of istanbul accused of killing 39 people during a new years celebration. the islamic state group claimed responsibility saying the attack was a reprisal for turkish military operations. you're about to look at drone video showing the
9:35 pm
destruction after a turkish cargo plane crashed. 37 people were killed as the plane tried to land and caught fire. local officials believe most of the dead were people in the village. the jumbo jet was on route from istanbul to hong kong. british scientists decided to evacuate its staff from an an arctic location. a crack developed 11 miles from the hailey 6 research station. the station gathers data. the scientists plan to shift the base further inland and away from the bases' hydraulic legs. the researchers hope to return after the antarctica winter is over. the last of a dozen men to walk on the moon died. gene cernan passed away.
9:36 pm
do donya bacchus takes a look at his life. >> reporter: in 1972 gene cernan was the last human to leave footprints on the lunar surface. he was the commander of the apollo 17 mission and left his history by flying three times in space, twice to the moon. born in chicago in 1934 he graduated from indiana's purdue university, a captain in the u.s. navy, selected in 1963. he piloted the nine mission and the modeler pilot and guided the challenger. in 1976 he retired from the navy after 20 years and ended the nasa career. he was a long-time consultant for abc news when space flight was unique and covered often. reaction to the death is starting to come in. a statement from the astronaut core, the johnson space center says in part our heart is aching. the world has lost one of the
9:37 pm
greats. and nasa astronaut doug quoting we leave as we came and god willing as we shall return with peace and hope for all man kind. a documentary about his life, the last man on the moon was just released last year, cernan was 8 two years old. well, up next, donald trump achieves a twitter milestoe. achieves a twitter milestoe. >> plus, the m achieves a twitter milestoe. >> plus, the m it's just a date. i can stay.
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donald trump has made perhaps the most sweeping promise yet as president elect. during an interview he promised to replace bomb ma cace obamaca insurance for everybody. >> president elect trump made this clear, he's got a big plan to replace obamacare.
9:41 pm
>> you're going to be proud of what we put forth having to do with health care. >> in today's washington post, trump offered a bold promise. we're going to have insurance for everybody, adding there was a philosophy in some circles, if you can't pay for it, you don't get it. that's not going to happen with us. >> i will not allow people to die on the sidewalks and the streets of our country if i'm president. >> trump said his plan is nearly done, formulated down to the final strokes but still no specifics on how it works or how he'll pay for it. he does say he won't cut medicare and that hissed a pin stati -- his administration will negotiate. today house speaker paul ryan insisted they are on the same page. >> we're working on this all together. we're working on this hand and glove with the administration, the new trump administration. >> reporter: still, trump's latest comments caught them by
9:42 pm
surprise. aids to republican leaders in the house and senate told abc news they haven't seen trump's plan and asked for clarification and received none so far. trump prepares for the health care fight, he's still doing battle with the committee which he compared to nazis. >> it's a disgrace and i say that and i say that and that's something nazi germany would have done. >> what i do find outrageous is equating intelligence community with nazi germany. there is no basis for mr. trump to point fingers at the intelligence community. >> that was jonathan karl reporting. president elect reached a twitter milestone today. some time today he hit 20 million followers. trump is the 68th most followed
9:43 pm
user behind avenue hiril lavine. there are 13 and a half million users on the white house's official account. caffeine can do more than wake you up in the morning but lesson the inflammation linked to high blood pressure and stiff arteries. researchers announced they found evidence that caffeine blocks the inflammation process but no one is saying coffee is an cure to ageing. caffeine has been linked to longer life and omega three acids have been linked to ease inflammation. >> next, a final check on the forecast. >> plus, l
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listen to this, if you bought milk any time since 2003, bet you did, you might have money coming as part of an anti trust lawsuit settlement, the national milk producers settlement will pay $52 million. you may have share of that. the suit alleged that milk producers conspired to limit the production of raw farm milk by prematurely slaughtering cows to illegally raise prices. the defendants deny any wrongdoing or liability. consumers who purchased milk can sign up to get between $5 and $20. we have a link to a form on our website an the fate of a restaurant in san francisco is a little unclear tonight. >> it is. the lease of lefty ocho duduels and the name, as well. >> wayne freedman has the story. >> reporter: this someone of the places where if you stand by a
9:48 pm
cash register long enough the world will pass by after 23 years, stacy knows the phenomenon firsthand. >> australia, new zealand, ireland, everywhere. >> reporter: which is why she's cried herself to sleep every night since learning her home away from home will lose it's lease on february 3rd. it is a classic case of rising ra real estate in san francisco. the man that owns this property owns most of the block including the hotel over there. what he wants to do here is close the place down and redo it and then reopen it under the same name. ? t >> the current operator is a lessee. >> reporter: it's the claim that gets real estate attorneys licking their chops. >> it's people versus greed. >> reporter: and prompted nick, the so-called lessee or owner to fight back. >> all i want to do is move
9:49 pm
lefty ocduals. >> one spokesman for the hotels. >> we will be defending our rights and our operations. >> reporter: an hour later, lefty's held the cousin. >> i think it's an outrage. >> reporter: even former mayor willy brown. >> san francisco is a museum yum and we are the cuare the cure r >> reporter: in san francisco, wade freed m wayne freed m wayne. >> sunshine peaking out in the afternoon and everything changes on wednesday. live doppler 7 showing it's quiet and tonight the biggest issue is patchy dense fog developing. 30s away from the water like santa rosa and morgan hill. a lot of 40s around the bay. oakland, san francisco and san mateo. tomorrow after the fog burns
9:50 pm
off, we'll be left over with a fair amount of cloud cover in the afternoon. 53 in san francisco. 57 in san jose and 52 in concord and vallejo 51. on wednesday tracking the first of three storms light showers in the morning and heavier downpours into the afternoon and evening and strong winds will pick up in the second half of the day. so the biggest threat we have with the storm coming is possibility of more power outages and trees. the concerns do take into account for hydroplaning wednesday evening as downpours go down during the rush. river flooding and stream and creek flooding and debris flows look low. take a look at the next seven days in terms of snowfall. healthy amounts. 40 inches in south lake tahoe and 44 in kirkwood and 31 in kline village. more powder coming their way. accuweather seven-day forecast, increasing clouds and wet and wind did and second storm friday
9:51 pm
morning and the third will arrive on sunday. >> all right. thank you so much. >> sure. the cavs need to score about half a dozen touchdowns. >> yeah. larry beil here. >> this was not close. the warriors wanted this game more than cleveland did and warriors make a statement against lebron and the cavs relieved loud and
9:52 pm
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good evening. the warriors and cavaliers have led in the nba finals. godden state won in 2015 and 2016 and probably 2017. do all things and the warriors did many well in this game. early first quarter, lebron with a miss, draymond green to kevin durant for the jam. 21 points for k.d. came out with so up energy. another miss and crashed in the boards. andre iguodala stops and pops. three ball gives the ten-point
9:55 pm
lead. dabbing like crazy. durant to mcgee. he can dunk. 28-15. all right. you know it's going to get heated. draymond green collides with lebron who goes down like mike tyson with a right cross. flagrant foul on green and then draymond is mocking. off the loose ball here. green to durant. with authority. 72-46. dre monday triple double 11 points, 11 1 assists before th half. at the buzzer splash. 78-49 at the break and steph is shimmying and dancing on the court. he had 20 and 11 assists. warriors make a statement and four-game losing streak 126-91. mike shumann live at oracle, pretty impressive win by the dubs. >> reporter: well, no question larry. the warriors needed this victory
9:56 pm
more than the cavaliers. they end the four f h game lo-g streak. when they play defense like tonight, they are unbelievable. who made the difference in tonight's game. >> two-time mvp. you know, do you expect anythingless anything le less? he's capable of doing that every night. >> lebron said he doesn't think this is a rivalry. >> i think it's a rivalry, so, yeah. just me, though. >> they beat us four straight times and that's never fun with a team has your number for four games so felt good to redeem ourselves from the last effort in cleveland. >> high quality basketball is highest level so that competition, the chess games back and forth, just maybe you can play in that kind of environment, that's always fun. >> all right. the warriors will take a day off for the new arena ground breaking in san francisco and the oklahoma city thunder come
9:57 pm
to town for russell westbrook on wednesday. reporting live. mike shumann, abc 7 sports. >> big week for the dubs. the 49ers without an nfl head coach and one of the prime candidates tookcdaniels is stayw england. they met last week and believed that the job was his if he wanted it. he apaparently does not. he said because of family reasons he would remain with the pats. you wonder if the niners run through coach after coach and gave him reason to pass because if you fail in two spots, you might not get a third opportunity. falcons offensive coordinator shanahan and toll cable m cable known candidates left. the sharks' head coach wanted the sharks to do something to get back in the groove after an unenergetic shutout loss to st. louis on saturday night played a rare 1:ocho -- 1:00 start today
9:58 pm
against winnipeg. well-dressed men there from the ashley collection. middle of the first, sharks short-handed with joel ward with a break away and beats michael hutchinson so 1-0. ward gets levelled here. gets rocked. the puck goes up the ice and team oc scores. another look at the hit. crash into the ice. head makes contact somehow past the concussion protocol and five minutes later, brent burn's shot ricochets in off the goalies skate. goes well when you score goals like that. burns' 18th of the year and san jose wins by a score after 5-2. abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota. so can't make too much of this warrior's win. >> right. >> the cavs a little banged up and playing. this was the last game of a
9:59 pm
six-game road trip so keep it in prospect. fun but -- >> such a blowout. >> thanks, larry. coming up tonight, the widow of the orlando gunman sits in a bay area jail tonight just hours away from her first court appearance. abc 7 news is learning new details about the possible charges and punishment facing noor salman. the hometown porn company says farewell to the san francisco studio. join us for abc 7 news at 11:00 on channel 7. >> that is our report as always. appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> for larry drew, thanks for watching. >> we'll see you in one hour. enjoy the rest of the evening. we'll see you in the big seven.
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