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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 17, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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live, where you live. this is abc 7 news. three days until the inauguration, and the president-elect is getting support from russia as more congress people say they will sit this one out. but first, we are on the eve of a new storm, you can already see it on live doppler 7. good evening, thank you for joining us. the first band of rain is already here. we'll begin with meteorologist drew tuma tracking it all on
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live doppler 7. >> this is the start of a heavy rain event tomorrow, live doppler 7 showing you moisture throughout the heart of the region. right now this is not reaching the ground, evaporating after coming off of several days. before the drops reach the ground. the doppler 7 showing you we have a lot of moisture off the shore. that has all got to move onshore in the next 24 hours. as it does so it will bring bouts of heavy rain. we'll start off with morning isolated showers that intensify in the afternoon and evening. strong winds, concerns we have with the storms, gusty winds whipping into the evening, power outages are a high concern, as the downpours come down, a moderate concern. moderate is the strong creek and
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flooding, the creeks have gone to low levels, but river flooding that is a low concern thanks to the quick moving nature of the system. future weather tomorrow morning, there is an isolated shower but this system really gets its act together in the afternoon and evening. we'll time out the rest of the storm and show you the two others that will follow in the full accuweather forecast, guys. all right, thank you, drew. and two days until the inauguration, the president-elect was in washington where he appeared at invitation only at a black tie dinner. take a listen to trump as he jokes about the nomination process with rex tillerson. >> he takes the oil, goes into the other country. it's tough dealing with these politicians. >> tillerson is the former ceo of exxonmobil, tonight was meant
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to introduce the president-elect to in-coming cabinet members. and an historic low compared to the past four presidents, the supporters are gathering and the growing number of congressmen are choiosing to boycott. >> reporter: russian president vladimir putin is chimeing in on american politics, saying the obama administration is trying to undermine the legitimacy of president-elect donald trump. the white house firing back. >> first of all it sounds like he got his copy of the talking points. second? >> from who -- >> well, i don't know, it sounds a lot like the incoming administration's team is saying. >> trump is taking office as the new washington post polls his approval rating is the lowest of the last several presidents. even with the weak ratings, six in ten americans polled expect
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trump to do an excellent job on the economy and jobs alike. boeing's ceo agrees. >> i think we'll be able to grow manufacturing jobs in this country. >> some lawmakers are not so sure. abc news has identified at least 50 democrats in congress who say they will skip out on trump's swearing in. >> i cannot pretend that this is a normal transition of power. >> this movement led by georgia congressman john lewis, trump dismissed the civil rights icon after lewis said that trump was an illegitimate president. he skipped the swearing in ceremony for george bush. >> how do you forget if you don't go to a nomination. >> eight of cabinet picks are in the hot seat. today, the education and secretary nominees face
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questions, stephanie ramos, washington. and putin called the obama administration worse than prostitutes and denied reports that russia collected confirmation reports when he directed moscow for the ms. universe pageant. and high school students in berkeley are expecting to join a march, where cal students may join them on inauguration day. the planning and protests kicked off today. >> reporter: a last-minute speak out was organized at uc berkeley by a group called by any means necessary. poorly attended. one of the organizers had spent the day editing and printing fliers, encouraging people to walk out friday in protest of trump's nomination. cruz said he stands by the nomination. >> the women who would lose abortion rights, people who would lose health care, they're under direct attack, their lives
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are. >> but it's hard to gauge how students here will react on friday. daniel ginsberg says he may march even though he believes that the country should move on. >> i do support it. he won fair and square. >> the group is asking groups in the bay area to close their institutions for the nomination. others have committed to walking out. >> we want people to know how we feel and want to express those opinions like other people are bag able to in other parts of america. >> i think it's important for especially the young people because we like are the future. and we have to be the change. >> reporter: berkeley high school students walked out in november right after the election and vow to do the same on friday and uc berkeley. oakland students are expected to march to downtown oakland. both districts are encouraging students to stay in school. the districts may lose thousands in state funds if students don't show up to school. berkeley unified said while they
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support their students' interests in political issues, the district is not closing school on friday. >> now, stay with us because we'll have more on the transition and saturday's women's march at 9:30. one note here, i am traveling to washington, d.c. and will have live reports for you on thursday and friday on the president-elect trump's inauguration ceremonies and everything else happening in washington. the wife of the orlando nightclub shooter will be back in open court tomorrow after being charged with obstruction of trial. she is also charged with supporting a terrorist organization, salman's uncle said his niece did not know about the attack until she called her husband that morning when he did not come home. >> she called him, or texted him. he told her, don't you know what is happening. he told her no, he said i love
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you baby and hang up. >> salman could face life in prison, orlando's police chief says she could have stopped the tragedy. her arrests comes as they release the first photos of the interior nightclub. that is what you see there, the walls with all the bullet holes. two people died this afternoon when their vehicle collided head-on near morgan hill on hale avenue about 3:00, the highway patrol said the man drove a volkswagen, hitting the other man in then oncoming direction. >> and a woman is accused of killing a person over a parking spot. 21-year-old jessica green baum approached another driver, stabbed her in the hand and then ran. greenbaum was found and arrested. and the golden state warriors held the groundbreaking ceremony for their planned arena across the bay.
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the new chase center arena will be built at third and 16th street. here is abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler. >> reporter: they pulled out all the stops for the groundbreaking, the famous glide choir, yes. golden shovels to turn the earth. of course. and how about the stage moving aside to showcase the construction site with act -- acrobats and performers. >> that is going to be chase center, innovative, this is warriors ground. >> the owners first wanted an arena along the water front but there was so much opposition they turned to this site in mission bay. >> the burden is to not surrender, it's to be dyslexic. >> reporter: chase center will
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not only host basketball but concerts and other shows. mayor ed lee says no city money is being spent. >> and it speaks volumes to the commitment of this group. >> reporter: the warriors head coach steve kerr says the new place will be a boon to the franchise. >> i know people in oakland will be disappointed. we're still right here, only a few miles away. >> and superstar kevin durant gave props to both sides. >> reporter: the venue is supposed to open in time for the team to start their 2017 nba season. carolyn tyler abc 7 news. the arena project has survived a legal challenge, one that the california supreme court just ruled against, the mission bay alliance says tonight it will keep fighting the ruling, despite the arena's petition to halt the
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construction. the group is concerned about traffic gridlock, patient access to the hospital, and what it calls other negative impacts. san francisco city attorney dennis herrera issued a response to the state supreme court ruling saying quote, a small group of opponents had threatened to litigate until the cows come home, despite losing every step of the way. well, guess what? he said the cows have come home. all right, coming up, we'll take you to the community where the residents are worried they could be cut off from the rest of the bay area. and we'll take you to where the road closures are from the last storms. >>
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people living in a beautiful town along the coast have more to fear than most of us with the upcoming storms. they're worried about the roads, one portion of highway 101 is already closed and there could be more coming. wayne freeman has more. >> reporter: in the beach area, they're not so concerned about paradise lost as paradise becoming landlocked. they are locked in the only area regarded to work decrees.
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highway 190 between mill valley, closed until further notice until caltrans works a solution. mirror beach has seen this before. when that road closed, what went through your mind? >> fear. >> because his neighbors have noticed new slippage on highway one along the other side of town between muir beach and stenson beach. the closure there would leave only one road in or out and this particular spot has been an unsolved source of problems for years. >> it's negligent, because we're in big trouble if something happens. >> frank valley road may be the most over-populated two-laner in california. the county has received $6 million in federal money to fix the breach, but so far it has resulted in a lot of talk by the
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county engineers. >> and making it safe by the actual environment itself, the land, the trees, the wildlife. >> they can't just build a temporary bridge until they figure it out? >> unfortunately it's not that easy. >> reporter: in the meantime, all this leaves muir beach at the mercy of well, potentially slipping time bombs. abc 7 news. and nasa released information showing the atmospheric river responsible for our recent rain, snow and flooding. the nasa satellite used the infrared equipment to collect data which shows the amount of moisture in the atmosphere. the atmospheric river moved across the pacific ocean and the u.s. effectively, drenching our drought conditions, bringing so much rain. meanwhile, alhambra road is closed for quite sometime. a portion of the road washed away during last week's storms
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and they are still trying to figure out just how to fix it. alhambra road is closed between bear creek and ranch road, other roads are closed, you see them here including part of highway 113 in solano county, and a stretch of marin, and we'll have more on a live report on how to keep the roads open during the upcoming rains, but first let's get the latest on when the rain will arrive with drew tuma. dan and ama, we're tracking the lean here on the screen helping to prep the atmosphere at this hour for the heavy rain that will move in tomorrow evening. so your rush hour is on wednesday, the morning commute looking okay, maybe an isolated shower. no real issues there. the issues really come in during the evening commute on your wednesday night. we'll have downpours, strong
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winds, not only that the downpours creating puddles on the roads so hydroplaning will be a big concern out there right now. right now 44 in concord, 44 half moon bay, 46 in novato, 46 fremont and livermore, 42, so we're at these numbers overnight thanks to the cloud cover. the storm is ranked at two, a moderate storm moving in on wednesday, isolated morning showers intensifying to heavier rain in the evening, along with strong winds. the strong winds lightly to create more power outages across the region. hour by hour we go on future weather, watch the time stamp on the corner of your screen, 8:00 a.m. most spots are dry, a lot of cloud cover, the rain still well to the north, into the early afternoon. yeah, you see it's more widespread out there. the pops of yellow and orange on the screen, those are the downpours, in the early afternoon, mainly confined to the north bay but they will sink
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south. 6:00 as the evening rush gets under way, a slow go as they track the downpours dots the landscape. by 8:00, here comes the front moving through the heart of the region, the pops of red, very heavy rain showers moving through. by 9:00, the heavier rain through livermore, and coming through the early morning hours of thursday, on wednesday, the north bay will see the wet weather, one and a half to two and a half inches of rain through san carlos, san francisco, oakland, concord, about a half an inch to an inch and a quarter of rain. as the system moves to the south, a little bit less in the way of rainfall, over to livermore and mountain view, a quarter to a half of an in of rain, just one piece to the storm. second part is the winds, turning rather gusty, if you check the wind gusts, we're gusting likely over 50 miles an hour, and around much of the bay
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area we'll likely see gusts get close to 40, if not over 40 miles an hour. the winds will subside once the front moves through, likely not happening until close to midnight on thursday. so it's for that fact that we do have a wind advisory in effect for the entire bay area. this will start wednesday afternoon for the south wind s gusting, over 40 miles an hour. along with the rain we'll see snow in the sierra, our highest peaks, you will likely see a foot and a half of snow. here is the accuweather forecast. tomorrow, it's a dry start in the morning for most, but then it really picks up in the evening, with the wind and rain, scattered showers on thursday. next storm on friday brings more wind and rain, and then we'll track a third storm moving in. tuesday, mainly dry for the most part. >> all right, coming up. love and politics. >> it's been crazy and fun.
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>> one man's crazy idea is catching
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three foreign consulates in the bay area are joining forces to protect communities that feel threatened by a trump presidency. abc 7 news was at the mexican consulate at a conference as the consulates signed a declaration of cooperation. they will work together to connect undocumented immigrants with legal services. trump has vowed to deport 11 million illegal immigrants. >> we're going to be very near our communities so that they do not feel fear and that they can have legal assistance if they have any kind of problems. >> thean consulate has already extended its hours just
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to deal with legal protection issues. a man in southern california is turning the trump presidency into an opportunity to find love. david goss launched the dating website trump singles last year, helping people connect based on their beliefs. he runs the site hometime from his home in los angeles. >> people getting dates at gun ranges and restaurants, all the various places, we have had a lot of positive feedback. >> the site has some 20,000 members who pay $19.95 a month. all right, another half hour of abc 7 news at nine coming up next, as we continue, president obama commutes chelsea manning's 35-year sentence and the reaction in washington is swift. also. >> actually, i'm not politicly active at all. >> not your typical activist. bay
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live, where you live. this is abc 7 news. with three days left before he leaves office, president obama has commuted the prison sentence of chelsea manning. >> you know, she is the former army private who gave hundreds of thousands of military documents to wikileaks. manning was an intelligence officer serving 35 years, the longest sentence ever given for a leak conviction. >> tonight, others say that she put american lives at risk, and that the president put others in danger. >> reporter: she is one of the most controversial prisoners in america, and tonight, president obama has ordered that 29-year-old chelsea manning be released in may, cutting short her 35-year sentence. manning burst onto the world stage in 2010 during a deployment to iraq.
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the low-level analyst known as bradley manning then providing wikileaks with some 700,000 military and diplomatic documents. embarrassing the united states in the eyes of the world. this is one of them. a secret video manning said showed the true cost of war. you see u.s. soldiers m s mista a television camera for the enemy, and firing on a van with two little children inside. manning, convicted of espionage, theft, and computer fraud in 2013. the 35-year sentence ever given for a leaked conviction. the day after the sentence was announced, manning revealed she was transgender and asked to be called chelsea, in a male military prison for several years she has tried to commit
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suicide twice. >> manning is somebody who went through the criminal justice process, exposed to due process, was found guilty and sentenced for her crimes. and she acknowledged wrongdoing. >> manning is one of more than 200 people who were pardoned or whose sentence was commuted, including general james cartwright, the former vice chairman of joint chiefs who was charged with lying to the fbi about investigations. he was fully pardoned. today, the president took into account cartwright's service to his country for years. >> just last week, wikileaks said that julian assange will agree to u.s. extradition. but tonight, they say they will only agree with the commutation. >> and also president obama
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pardoned covey, after he was sentenced to two years' probation and received a $5,000 fine. and in just three days, president obama will leave office and donald trump will be sworn in as the next president. while it's an historic moment to celebrate, many californians are using the issue to protest. and there are women's marches happening in several cities. karen is a long-time republican and never before participated in a political demonstration. but that will change saturday when she joins 2,000 others in a women's march in walnut creek. >> because i think women's rights need to be protected. i think women have the right to choose. and take control of their own health. >> walnut creek is not
9:33 pm
necessarily known for activism. >> i'm feeling anxious about the inauguration, but really excited to see so many people mobilize in what is often times considered a sleepy town, walnut creek. >> valerie gilbert will take it a step further and is flying to washington, d.c. to hope to send a message to the new president, donald trump. >> and i think most of the critical mass will be in washington. it feels like a historical opportunity and a place to have the numbers really tell a story. >> the marches will be held in oakland, san jose, san francisco and napa. laura anthony, abc 7 news. and there will be a cp pink hats in washington, the idea started in los angeles with three women and their knitting
9:34 pm
needles, now catching on across the country. women are making their own hats to make a statement about women's rights. women's shops say there is such a run on pink yarn it's getting hard to find. and two of donald trump's cabinet picks face troubling questions, ryan zienke told the panel that climate change is real, contradicting the president-elect, he says he is open to drilling on lands and to solar and wind energy. and others had a lack of knowledge about growth versus proficiency in education. >> this is a subject debated in the education community for years but it surprises me that you don't know this issue. >> she told the panel that it should be up to states as to whether guns are allowed in schools, citing grizzly bear protection as part of her
9:35 pm
answer. president obama crashed josh earnest's final show today. >> he ranks as high as just about anybody i worked with. he is not only a great press secretary but more importantly he is a really, really good man. >> the president will hold his final news conference tomorrow. and on friday he is coming to california. after the inauguration, the first family will travel to palm springs for a vacation. and state public utilities commission holding a public meeting today because the 510 area code will run out of numbers soon. a new area code will need to be introduced to phone lines, no existing numbers will change. the 510 area code was changed when it split, 510 split again, when the 925 code was created. and now they will do it again. we found out where piecings of
9:36 pm
the bay bridge were going. they ordered the steel, they will be built on treasure island, and petaluma river and other areas here across the state. the steel will be distributed in the next few months. caltrans is still tearing down the old span one truss at a time. they are making slow and steady progress. coming up, uc president janet napolitano h
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august and her treatment is almost complete. of cancer she has, she did have a mastectomy before. and google, facebook, using artificial intelligence, now so could your doctor. a doctor's office was visited today where health care comes with a healthy dose of technology. >> is this comfortable for you? >> it's hardly your standard blood pressure cuff, and not your average medical tool. >> you can see adrian if i place it here. >> if adrian's heart is beating a little faster than normal it's because this is the day his vision becomes a reality. it costs $150 a month and aims to change how we think about the doctor's office. >> it's like a repair shop, you wake up and have a rash. >> a forward membership is more like a gym membership.
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the next series of storms could trigger more flooding and slides in the mountains. rocks and boulders crushed one of our vans on highway 16. our photographer inside was hurt but we're relieved to tell you he is recovering. >> reporter: the hope is that this fence will keep vehicles safe as the next group of storms loosens the rocks and boulders over the stretch of highway 17. >> this fence could hold back basically beach ball size rocks and boulders, small amounts of dirt and small rocks. but if we have a major landslide like what occurred last monday there are very few systems that could protect against that anyway. >> reporter: last week's mudslide struck in the dark, the photographer was on his way to work and was injured but on his way to the hospital. caltrans spent several days cleaning up the debris from the road, and moved additional rocks
9:47 pm
and trees. >> all the trees within 15 to 20 all the way up to the top of the slope, there will be no weight or loss of soil from the trees blowing in the wind. but the root system is still there. >> the crews are racing against the clock with the next storm coming, but the rails were installed to keep the mud back and are designed to hold the poles. >> caltrans project engineer spent the majority of time addressing the slides and doing improvements to the barrier and drainage. others are tasked with the job of the hills. further assessment will be done along with plans for a permanent solution. near scott's valley, david louie, abc 7 news. here we go with a lot more rain. >> and meteorologist drew tuma has more. and it will fall in the afternoon, strong winds with the
9:48 pm
first system. live doppler 7 showing you a little bit of green, none of it reaching the ground yet. helping to prep the atmosphere for the heavy rains coming tomorrow. a moderate system coming on wednesday, this morning, the isolated showers will strengthen into the heavy rain, along with the strong winds. along with the biggest threats we'll see, possible power outages with the wind. in the morning commute it looks okay. perhaps a few showers, not a big issue at all. the evening commute that will feature downpours and gusty winds. so slow going trying to get around tomorrow evening. thanks to the ponding on the roads. the potential for hydroplaning. a couple of dry days to really lower the levels and even river flooding and debris levels look low. so good news there, the accuweather forecast tomorrow, wet, windy, second storm
9:49 pm
arriving on friday. third one to come on sunday so little breaks as the wet weather comes through. >> all right, thank you, drew. all right, well, we want to wish a happy birthday to an american treasure. >> yeah, we all should look so good at the age of 95, here is abc news reporter lindsey davis. >> reporter: still, spunky, sassy, and spry, and actress betty white describes herself as this way. >> i'm the luckiest old broad on two feet. >> crediting herself with a sitcom she made sitcomes sing, most notably with the golden girls. >> the older you get, the better, unless you're a banana. >> after working in hollywood for 70 years, white still makes us laugh, and would want to do a
9:50 pm
remake, she loves dogs, and classics and works hard. she has no plans to retire any time soon. >> the fact that i'm still working that is the thing i'm most grateful for. >> happy birthday to a bona fide golden girl, lindsey davis, new york. >> she is just a delight and a treasure. >> she is also a delight. >> and a treasure. >> and not 95. probably closer than anybody here. all right, the cal bears have a new head man for the football program.
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seattle offensive line coach tom cable has decided to stay with the seahawks after his interview with the 49ers. now espn reports niners are set to offer their head coaching job to atlanta offensive coordinator kyle shanahan, they can't talk to him until he is out of the playoffs or the bye week.
9:54 pm
falcons place green bay. he has never been a head coach but can take the niners to the bank as the only remaining candidate. hopefully he accepts or the niners will be in trouble. meanwhile, cal's linebacker coach from 2003 to 2005, he has been a defensive coordinator with tennessee, usc, boise state and wisconsin past 11 years, with his hands full being named so late at a recruiting process at a university that has tough academic requirements. it has been over half a century without a rose bowl, and coach wilcox wants to change that. >> we know it's going to be tough to play, challenges ahead. but we wouldn't be sitting here. i would not be sitting here if we didn't think we could get this done in the right way on and off the field. so with that i'm excited and honored to be here. i really can't -- well, i've been at work, but excited to get back to work and connect with
9:55 pm
the players. >> all right as we showed you earlier in the news cast quite a spectacle today with the warriors groundbreaking for their new facility here in san francisco. the chase center will be the state-of-the-art like everything they're involved with. head coach steve kerr and kevin durant were there to represent the team and what a presentation it was. management is always excited about new things with the arena, as coach and players worry about the game. and he is realistic about his future with the chase center. >> well aware this building, it will take about three years to build so the chances of me standing on the side lines with the warriors are slim to hopeful. maybe as like the coach of another team or something. but so far, so good. >> when i talk to people in san francisco over in oakland and east bay they feel like this team is their team from each side. and to feel that support and love is key for us.
9:56 pm
we're all excited. and few the future, and i'm happy i'm here. >> as for the present, the warriors had a dave off after ending a four-game losing streak to the cavs, the 35-point victory, draymond green and lebron james, a little collision at half court. draymond was given a flagrant foul. >> it just looked like a normal foul where a guy is in transition you want to foul him and take away the fast break. obviously he went down hard. >> stopping the break, he went down. and in the aftermath, i don't know, i told rj to get out of my face. >> it happened so fast i didn't even know who it was. you know, but i'm all right. >> two strong forces coming
9:57 pm
together. so i don't read much into that at all. >> he is a pretty big strong guy. >> all right, the raiders super bowl hopes may be dashed, but quarterback derek carr didn't need to read the grid iron, but log onto twitter. he has at least 2,000 followers so when he saw an amber alert going out from the police department, he re-tweeted it, and helped to locate the missing child. the oakland police department tweeted thank you derek carr, child safely located. to which carr replied, great news, thank you for letting me know they're all safe, god bless you all. and we leave you with this, the mountain from the game of throne, 6'9", 396 pounds and he threw a washing machine about nine feet that did not break the guinness world of record with the toss. this abc 7 news report brought
9:58 pm
to you by toyota, and before you go to the inauguration, i'll show you a circus act as you get there to deal with donald trump. how about that? and the 49ers, if kyle shanahan turns down the job they have no candidates left plus he can back up to the brinks truck to get paid, knowing he is the only interview. >> it's going to be interesting. all right, coming up tonight, celebrating chelsea manning the local friends and supporters toasting the release of the further army soldier convicted of stealing u.s. secrets. and a woman was hired through an app to clean homes, instead, authorities say she made victims of her clients. stay tuned. >> and we appreciate your time as always, i'm dan ashley. and i'm ama dietz, for shu, drew and all of us, thank you for joining us. >> yeah, join the rest of your evening. and if you can make time for us again at 11:00 over on channel 7.
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(narrator reading) narrator: today, a secret band of domestic terrorists are about to wage war against america. (machine gun firing) they're so intent on killing their first target, they actually pack their bullets with cyanide poison. narrator: the assassination of a public official


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