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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  January 18, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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december destructive results. >> keeping the damage from the last storm getting worse. how rain and wind could lead to disaster. >> i'm drew too ma. all eyes on live doppler seven as we track the first of several storms in a row. >> a high wind advisory threatens the bay area. >> in addition to the rain, you can see falling right now in this live picture of the golden gate bridge. good evening and thanks for joining us, i'm ama daetz.
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>> today is day one of expected to be five straight days of wet weather. >> let's get right to the weather center and abc 7 news meteorologist drew tuma, drew. >> let's get you down to live doppler seven at this hour. i want to zone in, see all that yellow and orange over the pacific. this is about to move in. so i want to time out this heavy rain that yellow cell you see moving to the north and to the east, so about 6:04 moving into daly city, 6:23 around emeryville and 6:30 richmond and after 6:30, around 6:38 expect this downpour to move into your neighborhood. with the heavy rain we're tracking a flood advisory in effect for the entire region. the big threat is that ponding on roadways this evening thanks to heavy rain moving on shore. could lead to more hydroplaning. be careful out there this evening. a moderate storm we're tracking
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brief downpours, also the gusty winds that could lead to possible power outages. this is one of three storms we're tracking on the horizon. we'll take a much closer look at the storm and the next two that fall in the full accuweather forecast in a few minutes, guys? >> thank you, drew. we have live team coverage across the bay area. we'll get a look at the impact where you live in a few minutes. first to breaking news in san jose where four people have been burned in a condo fire. the fire broke out this afternoon in florence avenue. one firefighter is among those injured. david louie is live on the scene with the latest information, david? >> reporter: ama, we can tell you that firefighter received only minor injuries and is back on duty. the two occupants of the town hall are not as lucky. they are in the hospital after a fire broke out in their two-story townhouse shortly after 4:00 this afternoon. we have dramatic cell phone video from a neighbor that shows the flaming shooting out of the windows on the second floor as well as coming out of the ground
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floor quarters of this home. the residents were both up stairs and down stairs at the time and fire damage is still under investigation as to whether or not it happened -- broke out on the bottom floor or top. we did talk to a neighbor on hand to call 911 and call the fire department to come to the scene. and she saw a woman upstairs screaming for help. >> she was like hanging out the window, and we're like just hold on. hold on, they are coming, they are coming. she couldn't hold an any more and a neighbor came with a ladder and she was holding on with her fingertips and i was like oh my god, he came with the ladder and hopped the fence and opened the backdoor and a huge thing of flames came out. >> reporter: she is suffering from smoke inhalation. we're told the firefighter is
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back on duty, only had minor injuries. there is also are eight people displaced by this fire from five adjoining units. they will not be able to stay in their homes tonight. the fire department is still here and will continue to investigate what happened. we are live in east san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. >> thanks a lot, david. now back to the storm watch. work crews have fanned out across the east bay in preparation for the weather rolling through and rain on the way. our live team coverage starts with abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkley who is monitoring a huge sinkhole that officials are worried about, leslie. >> reporter: here in orinda, the rain is coming down and plenty of wind but the public works director says they are weathering this storm okay so far. out on the roads across the east bay, there are plenty of challenges. along grizzly peak boulevard through the hills, pg and e crews tried to keep up with the wind damage as toppled trees and
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branchs gave way as this new storm roared through. and in orinda, leaves dammed up storm dreams as a massive sink hole detoured traffic. if you peer down into this 22-foot deep sink see the yellow stripe from the road that collapsed here last week. work crews swarmed this area today making sure debris was cleared so the run off can flow. they are worried about the creek backing up and eroding more of minor road, a major thorough fair leading to homes where 3,000 residents live. >> we'll have pumps here and we have our public works crews that will man these pumps 24 hours a day. we were so lucky that there was no accidents, anybody falling into that. >> reporter: up the street at sleepy hallow, a long anticipated family math night was cancelled. >> we don't know what the storm will bring and if another road happens to be close, or the
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detour route is closed, then people are going to be possibly stuck here. >> reporter: a treacherous night out here on the roads in roinda with the rain comining down. crews will be there 24 hours a day until the sun they hope comes out monday. reporting live in orinda, i'm leslie bring lkley. >> thank you. this tree is blocking 130 and pedro view. it came down about 1:00 this afternoon. crews are working to clear those branchs. and a large tree came crashing down on to a toyota suv this afternoon. it happened on treewood lane near landess avenue. it was one of two this afternoon. the other one that came down was about 300 feet away. in marin county, public works crews cleared debris out of novato showing the before and after.
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they had to clear the creek to make sure water could flow properly. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodro join us us where crews from several agaencies are prepared for water resrescues, needed, melanie? >> reporter: the wind and rain have really picked up in just the last couple of minutes here. this is where these crews will launch from. you know, they are always doing training exercises, but with an increased risk for flooding and high surf advisory, they tell me their training is more critical than ever. there were some weather related problems that are difficult to control. in marin county, an oak tree fell just after 2:00 p.m. but can't be cleared until pg and e secures the lines leaving many in their homes with no way to drive out until the road is cleared. in the meantime there was some potential weather related catastrophes. the water rescue team says can be avoided. >> we say turn around, don't drown.
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if you see standing water, it's not worth it and don't drive through it. >> reporter: a small craft advisory is in effect until 4:00 a.m. the bay is one example of what the team will contend with tonight. >> limited visibility with fog and navigating to points that are difficult to find. >> reporter: the nearly 30-person team is currently training to rescue anyone that finds themselves in trouble in the water. like these residents in nearby gurnville who had to be rest keyed last week. this is video of past rescues and training operations. 14 people trained until midnight and another 14 will go out at 8:00 tonight when conditions are expected to be even worse. >> historical masks, fire extinguishers. >> reporter: they have tracking devices designed to operate in worst-case scenarios, situations the team hopes doesn't happen this time around. you see the conditions out here tonight. it is raining. it's extremely windy and now it's dark. these are the conditions.
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the water rescue team will have to face as they train this evening. li live, melanie woodro. >> mil pita s is one of many communities offering sandbags. they are available and come with one hitch. you have to fill the bags and tie them yourselves. it's called the city by the bay but today a better name for san francisco is the city in gray. abc 7 news reporter lee an melendez continues team coverage how the city will keep people safe during the storm, lee an. >> reporter: i was talking to the office of emergency management and they said the safest place to be is of course your home. the city day monitoring trees and rock slides like the one here. this hillside across glen canyon
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park has been unstable for more than a week. with more rain, the department of public works decided to once again close while crews secure the hillside. cars were forced to turn around while preparations were made to begin knocking loose rocks first thing tomorrow morning. tom pedista lives in the neighborhood. >> i never seen this street closed before in my entire life. i've seen it in yosemite. they closed highway 140 with a rock slide there, but get some bulldozers out here and move it. >> reporter: the office of emergency management says conditions are unstable. >> we've had a lot of rain this past week. with more rain on top of already saturated soil, it has increased risk for mudslides and landslides. >> reporter: city crews are on stand by in anticipation of any fallen trees. despite the rain and winds, the national parks service was still
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doing scheduled maintenance pruning trees to make sure they don't pose any danger of falling. >> we're expecting the winds up to 45 miles an hour and so, you know, our trees are already weak so we can expect more fallen trees. if you see a downed tree, call 311. many you see a downed wire call 911. >> reporter: the closure here on oshaughnessy is a popular way for many people around this area to get to interstate 280. public works told me this afternoon they hope to reopen by friday. i'm live in san francisco, lyanne melendez. >> because of today's storm all remaining ferry service from san francisco is cancelled. buses will be available to help recru reroute passengers. new images continue to come in from the sierra tweeted by nancy bailee on highway 50 on the way to south tahoe.
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chains are required here and nancy says there was several spinouts. chains are required in the snowy and slick conditions in interstate 80. this is from castle peak. we have live doppler 7 on the app and enable push alerts to get weather advisories on your phone or tablet. >> hope for the best, prepare for the worst, right? those who have dealt with past violent protest in oakland are putting that idea into action before today eadonald trump's inauguration. for the first time, san francisco police release body camera of a shooting and what it shows has one city official shows has one city official asking a lot of questions.
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from chase. so you can. live doppler 7 is tracking the level two storm, the first of several this week. drew will be back with a full version of the forecast in about five minutes. when you get unusual weather where you live, take a photo or video. that will help us find your content and use it on the air or former president george h.w. burg and his wife barbara have both been hospitalized. the former president is in intensive care being treated for an acute respiratory issue. he's stable and resting comfortable after a procedure to clear the airway. barbara bush is being treated for fatigue and coughing. protests are scheduled to start friday in oakland over the inauguration of donald trump as our next president of the united
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states. it's the beginning of back to back days of political protest. laura anthony is in oakland with a look at the preparations, laura? >> reporter: hi, ama. oakland saw it's share of protests with the inauguration upon us, they are hoping to avoid a repeat performance. this city employee spent his day going door to door in oakland's downtown business district doing out reach, providing information to business owners that might be concerned about upcoming demonstrations. >> we can anticipate with the inauguration on friday, a lot of activity. >> reporter: city officials will activate the emergency operation center and old police days off are cancelled to manage large crowds and handle problems like oakland saw after the election. >> the destruction has damaged the reputation of some of the activists and organizers and so what we're hearing is there is a focus more on disruption than destruction.
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>> reporter: the largest event will be saturday with the women's march through downtown. >> we talked with a good amount of businesses that actually said they were going to have a table right outside of their business, and cheering us on. >> reporter: iris will be speaking at the women's march. >> we need peaceful results to change and include everyone and if someone tears up personal property or businesses, that's not going to be something that i'm interested in. >> reporter: this store owner on telegraph avenue received a visit from the city but he told us he's not worried about trouble from the protesters. rather, he plans to join them. >> i will be there at 7:00 at the federal building on friday by myself. >> reporter: to protest? >> yeah. >> reporter: one car dealership along broadway told us they won't board up the windows but move their cars inside. in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. it appears donald trump will enter the white house without most of his cabinet picks
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approved. today several more faced tough questions on capitol hill. nominee for house secretary tom price refeuded claims appealing the affordable care act would leave millions without insurance and didn't rule out cuts to medicare or medicaid and scott pruett gave answers about climate change that did not sit well with democrats. >> i'm asking your personal opinion. >> my personal opinion is in material -- >> really? >> to the job of -- >> you're going to be the head of the agency to protect the environment, and your personal feelings about whether climate change is caused by human activity and carbon emissions is inmaterial. >> nikki haley the nominee for the ambassador at the u.n. criticized how the u.n. treated israel and promised there would not be a muslim registry in the u.s. abc news confirmed 60 democratic members of congress will not attend the inauguration.
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we'll have the first to decide against attending was barbara lee whose district includes the east bay. a total of 15 california representatives aren't going to friday's event. abc 7 news anchor dan ashley is headed to washington d.c. today and will be t there forhe inauguration. he'll provide us with live reports tomorrow and friday. new at 6:00, ac transit is expressing disappointment after oakland's public schools decided to stop funding bus rides for its students. it operates more than a dozen routes that begin or end at oakland public schools, extra buses also run after dismissal at certain schools. the state mandates they pay $2.5 billion. it's not clear why the school district made this move. ac transit is trying to find a way to keep serving students. >> now you're accuweather forecast with drew tuma. >> we've seen rain for the bad part of the day today and we'll see periods of heavy rain begin to move on shore. the storm is not over yet.
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live doppler seven showing you that heavy rain. what i want to zoom in for you off the coast right now, you see these pops of yellow and orange and red within this rain. this is some heavy rain about to move on shore. want to get in a litter tighter and show you where the downpours are falling at this hour. look over the marina north beach and parts of the financial district, heavy rain along tiberon and around oakland and alameda. i want to time out the cell moving to the north and east. 6:25 walnut creek and expect downpours 6:30 in concord and 6:41 around pittsburgh and 6:46 antioch and more heavy rain into rio vista. we're seeing dry spots but light showers will work into the picture in the next hour and we do expect one round of heavy rain to move through the south bay around 8:00 tonight. the entire region under a flood advisory. we seen a healthy amount of rain
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today and those heavy rain showers moving on shore this hour could mean some ponding on the roadways and smaller streams increase to overflow the banks. take note of that. along with the rain, this is a one-two punch. these winds are very impressive at this hour. out of the south gusting to 46 miles an hour and 40 in oakland and 44 san jose and 43 miles per hour in half moon bay and that south wind is keeping temperatures pretty station narcotic -- stationa stationary. not a mistake. the south wind can bump you to 61. that's mild air we have over us now. the storm impact scale a two. a moderate storm we're tracking the brief downpours moving on shore right now and gusty winds continue and power outages are still possible. future weather by 10:00, we're tracking the tail end of the system beginning to move through the region and the activity tends to quiet down around midnight. that's a similar story for winds. they are whipping but once the front moves through in the next
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couple hours, the winds will relax as we approach the midnight hour. as we go into future weather, thursday morning, it's still unsettled. so thursday morning there could still be a light shower around. so just have the umbrella handy. it will not be wide spread rain like today but early friday morning, another storm will move in here and this will be another two, moderate storm. more heavy rain and more wind. so future weather showing in the predawn hours on friday, here comes heavy rain once again even 5:00 if you're up early for commuting, it will be a slow go. winds are gusting over 40 miles per hour and the heavy rain is coming down. the accuweather seven-day forecast, an active period tonight. at least through sunday. tomorrow scattered showers and friday there is rain and wind once again in between systems on saturday but not completely dry and then sunday that's the third storm in the trio arriving early in the morning. >> all right. thank you so much, drew. well, this amazing musician tells us he almost changed his
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and we are keeping an eye on what the weather looks like for rush hour drivers. check out the live shots of the g golden gate bay and san mateo bridges. traffic is looking best on the golden gate. heavy on the bay bridge in the middle and also on the san mateo bridge but at least it's moving along a bit. remember, though, slow down and be safe because those roads certainly are wet out there. well, happening now, today marks the day of san francisco restaurant week. prices start at $15 for a two-course lunch, dinners are also available. the deals run through the 29th. the downtown restaurant week began monday and oakland will begin tomorrow. celebrating the fifth anniversary by honoring an indian musician. ♪ ♪ >> abc 7 news was at sf jazz as he practiced with the cortet who
7:27 pm
plays indian classical music. hussain thought of being a rock drummer until he got advice from george harrison from the beetles. >> he said to me, you want to be a drummer but i have 500 drummers waiting outside the studio to get in but what is unique, you is what you bring to the table and you've got this incredible tradition and you have the ability to cross bridges. >> so hussain stuck to the grateful dead drummer that will present with a lifetime achievement award. they collaborated in several grammy winning seasons. >> breaks down several stereo types, the information that got attention of rupert murdock. >> you can see the rain on live doppler 7. who is getting the worst of the next storm when drew updates the accuweather forecast at 6:30.
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this live look from the camera at the bay bridge toll plaza shows us a couple things, slow traffic and wet roads and most of the bay area is seeing rain right now.
7:31 pm
it's the first over the next few days. >> live doppler 7 shows northern california blanketed in orange and yellow where it's raining the hardest. >> drew tuma is back with what to expect from tonight's storm and the ones lined up for us. >> we are tracking more downpours moving on shore. we had heavy rain this afternoon and another round is moving in as we speak. let's get you to live doppler 7 and track the activity. see pops of yellow and orange. we're going down to street level on live doppler 7 showing you berkeley and kensington and inland tracking this cell arrived in walnut creek with downpou downpours. 6:80 to the north we go and approaching napa that pop of yellow that's another downpour. the downpours are scattered but moving through. flood advisory in effect, but
7:32 pm
these downpours could cause flooding. take it slow. a moderate storm. a two on the impact scale with the rain we're tracking gusty winds that could lead to possible power outages. a much closer look at the storm system and two that are about to follow it in the full accuweather forecast in a bit, guys? >> drew, thanks. first here forr the san francisco police department. a body cam captured an officer-involved shooting. sean moore was shot and wounded. that video was released and abc 7 news reporter vic lee. >> reporter: january 6th, the two officers are responding to a neighbor's complaint in the middle of the night. 42-year-old sean moore is agitated and verbly aggressive while officers ask him in a calm man toner to come down from thep of the stairs. one officer fires pepper spray at moore and inadvertently
7:33 pm
sprays his partner. moore goes back inside the house as officers continue to tell him to come outside. after awhile moore comes out. officers continue yelling for moore to get down. moore comes closer apparently to pick up papers as he drops something on the stairs then a scuffle ensues. once officer has his baton raise. the body cam angle distorts the video. the other officers fires off two shots. the dub pick public defender th could have used other te techniques. >> mr. moore did not need to be shot. >> reporter: interim police chief toney chaplin sees the video differently saying the officers were assaulted and used great restraint. >> saw them back down the stairs a couple times and one officer put his hand back and backed the officer up to give him more time. >> chaplain released photos of the two officers and their injuries suffered he says after
7:34 pm
the scuffle. moore is being held at the county jail charged with among other counts, assault on a police officer. vic lee, abc 7 news. the widow of the orlando nightclub shooter pleaded not guilty today to terrorism charges stemming from the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. noor salman returned to the jail after a hearing in oakland federal court. federal agents arrested her at her mother's home on monday. salman's uncle insists his niece i innocent. he talked about the impact on the 4-year-old son. >> keep hiding behind the couch every time the news come in. >> prosecutors accuse salman of aiding her husband omar mateen with the attack on pulse nightclub. 49 people died. a swat team killed mateen. salman will have a bail hearing in two weeks. the case will most likely be moved to a court in florida.
7:35 pm
phosheriff's deputies surea a jewish community center after a threat. about 200 children had to clear out of the school on the center's campus. >> i just said to becky, we have to evacuate the building. i don't know, i had heard stuff from the east coast and this has been happening so i wasn't surprised, really. sad. there was also a threat to a jewish school in foster city, which also turned out to be nothing. those threats resemble others made in at least 16 states. a stanford survey finds immigrants are behind the creation of many companies. today rupert murdock talked about what he has in common with some of the entrepreneurs. david louie has insights from the survey and an exclusive interview with the media executive. >> media mogul roue bert murdoch believes he has a lot in common with the business owners that gathered to hear about a survey of latino entrepreneurs.
7:36 pm
>> i care about america. i'm an immigrant myself. it's difficult to get started. >> reporter: the latino business survey provided insight into businesses that reached the $1 million mark in revenue. 52% have no college degree and 73% started their business alone. and the majority of them companies like hello tracks target non-latino customers. she's the co-founder of hello tracks that helps organizations with field base employees to collaborate. hello track sees the market as global. >> most of the clients are based in the u.s., but i definitely see a huge potential in asian markets, specifically in europe markets, as well. >> reporter: however, murdock warns not to hire globally. >> great companies start here and work overseas. if you're implying 1,000 people here and fire 500 and employ 600
7:37 pm
cheaper in india, that's what people are against. >> reporter: the sure fay discovered 56% of latino entrepreneurs use their own money or credit to start their business. >> why is it some businesses aren't taking that on? lack of knowledge? lack of having organizations that would offer that extra financing or something else that we haven't considered yet? >> reporter: at stanford, david louie, abc 7 news. you know, even if you haven't taken one, most people know what an uber ride is. we dug through the biggest research ever done on the ride sharing industry and we'll show you why uber is the name you hear the most. the missing sign doesn't seem like a big deal but michael finney explains how it set off a travel nightmare for a mother and child. >> the abc 7 storm impact scale, today's storm is level two, that means moderate rain so gear up before you go out and drive safely. track today's storm any time on the
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here is a look at where the worst of the storm is. remember, you can access this any time with the abc 7 news app. it's free to download with apple and android devices. the most comprehensive report predicts it will grow to ten times its current size over
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the next decade. the research was just published on the website shares and here are the highlights. uber has a huge lead overall other companies with 76% of the market. lyft is in second place with 10%. the potential for growth is high because 38% of the more than 5,000 people surveyed had used a ride sharing app. the industry could change ownership. they are slightly less likely to own their own car and less likely to buy one. verizon is taking a drastic step to stop the thousands of people using the samsung galaxy note 7, that's the samsung with the batteries that explode. they say they will begin recruiting all note 7 voice calls. callers will be asked to stop using the phone. 911 calls will still reachsamsuf all note 7 phones in the u.s. the labor department is suing oracle in a complain filed
7:42 pm
in washington d.c. the government accuses of simaticly playing its white male employees more than other workers at its redwood shores headquarters and accuses the company of unlawfully favoring asian workers. a spokeswoman calls it baseless. fasten your seat belt, put up your trey table and make sure there is not an exit sign missing. missing. >> how something so and you're talking to youro doctor about your medication... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me go further.
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here is a live look at san francisco airport where travelers are delayed big time because of weather and gusty winds. one traveler has been at sfo for six hours. at least 100 flights have been cancelled and 200 others have been delayed. you can get the best information checking with your airline. for a bay area mother and son, more time might have
7:46 pm
prevented a disaster. >> they came to seven on your side's michael finney for help. what's the story? >> you'll be tell thing story tomorrow. >> wow. >> i heard about plenty of travel nightmares but this one ranks as one of the craziest. it was a three-day ordeal that began with a seemingly minor problem, a missing sign. she and her son rhino too well how a small thing can ruin a big trip. >> all packed. >> reporter: they were headed to her home down of rio de janeiro and the olympic games. >> it was like double excitement. >> reporter: all systems were go as they boarded the flight except their plane would not take off. two hours later, they found out why. >> they say we can't find the exit sign. >> reporter: the plane was missing an exit sign over a door. faa rules said they couldn't take off without it. >> i thought it was a little ridiculous. an exit sign, they could make one out of paper pretty much.
7:47 pm
>> reporter: the captain ordered everybody off the plane. >> i was worried because we were there for like two, two and a half hours. >> reporter: the crew finally found that sign stowed in an overhead bin, but it was too late. she and ryan missed their connecting flight in miami. >> they had closed the door of the plane that was leaving to rio. >> reporter: and no tickets to rio for eight more days. she desperately booked a zigzag route through panama but that flight got delayed and now they were stuck in panama. >> i started crying. >> made me feel upset. >> reporter: they finally scored two tickets on a small plane to rio by chance flying with the soccer team. >> as soon as we landed in rio, we forget everything and had a blast. >> reporter: however, when they got back home, american airlines did not refund their money for those missed flights. she contacted 7 on your side and we contacted the airlines and days later, she got $3500 back.
7:48 pm
the airline tells us we apologize for the delay that luciana and ryan experienced. as a gesture of goodwill, we reimbursed the tickets, including the segments flown. >> i'm very happy and thank you 7 on your side. >> american also gave her 50,000 reward miles. very genius. she books connects flights with at least 12 hours between them. i want to hear the 7 on your side hot line is open monday through friday from 10:00 to 2:00. as always, you can reach me through facebook or >> i get the intent but isn't 12 hours a little -- [ laughter ] >> a little long for me. >> that's what i thought. all right. thanks, michael. well, today there was a local emergency because of damage from last week's storm that could threaten public safety. >> we're talking about flooding, mudslides, sink holes and
7:49 pm
damage. roads, the emergency decoloration, helps funding to repair the damage. >> drew is back with a look at the storms away lined up out there. >> oh, yeah. right now want to get you to live doppler 7. we have intense rain falling down the street level over san francisco. look at this. it is lit up across pacificia, daily city at this hour. let's zoom into san francisco and you know across the board from the sunset district into the mission, this is some heavy rain falling. to the north we go, we'll have downpours around san rafael, richmond. arriving in oakland about 6:55 p.m. vallejo 7:02 and 7:14 concord and shortly before 7:30 heavy rain. look at the winds. they are not messing around. 44 miles per hour san jose and 35 mile per hour gusts at oakland and 24 navado and half moon bay 37 miles per hour. the next three hours will have the strongest wind and heaviest
7:50 pm
rain. this is one of three. second one arrives friday morning with more rain and wind and the third will arrive on sunday. >> all right. >> thanks, drew. sure. >> we have larry biel here now. >> yes, i have arrived. >> probably was. >> big week for the warriors. [ laughter ] >> eric is speechless in my presence. >> i am. >> they beat the cavs and got the thunder and against the rockets, kevin durant facing his old thunder buddies. got a live looked a kd is chatting up one of the members of the media there. mike shumann, he
7:51 pm
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you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. good evening. after crushing lebron and the cavs, the warrior haves a date with okc. kevin durant facing his old team for the second time this season. part two. westbrook, abc 7 mike shumann joining us from oracle. what's the late word on klay thompson? >> reporter: well, he is here. he just warmed up. he arrived about 5:40 in oakland and talked to head coach steve kerr and he will play tonight. now, oklahoma city does not have steven adams. he stayed home with concussion-like syndrome. now, the team would love to win for kevin durant against his
7:54 pm
former team but concentrating on the ultimate prize. they roll the cavaliers on monday night so interesting to see what the thunder bring to the game tonight. russell westbrook had his worst game of the met in november and the warriors rocked. since then 20 double-doubles and the warriors felt like they peaked and matchups will change. seth curry says these games are important but not how you'd think. >> you don't get an extra win in the playoffs or winning right now but you shouldn't leave kind of hopefully it's some memories and teams in your head as you go through the rest of the season in case you do see him down the road. in the day, we want to win. these are kind of the games that either expose weaknesses or show you're on the right track to get to where you want to go.
7:55 pm
>> reporter: well, it was interesting to watch k.d. saying hello to teammates except russell westbrook. so going to be interesting tonight russell wants to prove he can still do it without k.d. reporting live from oracle, mike shumann, abc 7 sports, larry? >> thanks. they haven't talked at all, russ and k.d. since durant made the move and clay dealing with a family issue. for the if i fefifth year i, barry bonds is moving up. he needs 75% of the votes to get in. bonds cracked 50% and so did roger clemens. renewed hope because one of the inductees is jeff bagwell. the steroids question really hung over him for a long time so interesting news there. the only first year inductee rodriguez steroid cloud connected with him but he was a great catcher for many years and finally tim made it in his last year of eligibility. reigns is a seven-time all star
7:56 pm
with montrea and fifth all-time in steals finished his career with the a's. this say breakthrough year for the raiders and individual level for khalil mack. this voted on by the football writers of america. career high five forced tumbles tied a record recording a sack and eight straight games and scored the first touchdown of his career with an interception of cam newton back in week 12. there was a rumor yesterday on twitter that quarterback philip rivers didn't want to play for the l.a. chargers and wanted to join the 49ers. complete fabrication. proof came last night with rivers and his chargers' teammate appearing on jimmy kimmel live taking their l.a. oath of office. >> i will embody the spirit of l.a. >> by adding avocado to everything i eat. >> avocado to everything. >> not a fan, i'm sorry. >> i will instagram my soul cycle classes.
7:57 pm
>> i don't have instagram. >> boy, you guys are not going to fit in at all. >> i will learn to pronounce quina. >> i got that. >> rescue a chihuahua and carry it around. >> i'll do that one. >> finally, most importantly, i will do everything in my power to marry and eventually divorce a kardashian. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> pretty much everything it takes to be a success in los angeles, i believe. quina and avocado high on the list. >> definitely. >> but you got to add avocado to everything. >> thanks. join us tonight at 9:00 on coffee tv channel 13. california's incredible math mistake. how the state ended up close to $2 billion short. that's at 9:00. choppily wa lpy waters in td the other storm problems across the bay area. here is tonight's prime timeline up on abc 7 at 8:00. fresh off the boat followed by
7:58 pm
speechless, bod demodern family stay with abc 7 news at 11:00. at 11:35 it's jimmy kimmel live and actress wendy mcclendon. >> that's it for this edition of abc 7 news. look for breaking news on twitter at abc 7 news bay area. i'm eric cothomas. >> i'm ama daetz. we'll see you later tonight. >> good night.
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