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listen to all that rain now at 11:00, an accuweather alert as strong downpours soak our evening commute. and with the rain comes the wind. it's knocking down trees knocking out power and more wet weather is on the way. scattered showers are still falling tonight. our abc news reporters are where you live let's begin with sandia. >> let's take a look at live
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doppler 7. it's much quieter compared to earlier tonight right now, take a look at where we're seeing showers still. they're spotty in nature as we take you down to the south bay. morgan hill, as we take you into street level radar area here. around dublin boulevard, president anton, sonal area, we're seeing pockets of rain around windsor. we still have a flash flood warning for central sonoma county until 12:15, they've seen flooding on some of the small streams and creeks there. the rain as far as the steady rain has ended. the runoff takes a while. solano county, going until midnight. now, for tomorrow, we have a one scattered light showers, lighter winds, tapering in the afternoon, here's an hour by hour look at what you will face
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for your morning commute. that's going to be some slippery roadways as pockets of light to moderate showers go through. flood stage 32 feet. current level well below flood stage. expected to rise to 29 which is at monitor stage. hour by hour look at when that next one is getting here coming up. anna, eric? >> thank you, sandia. >> let's continue our storm watch coverage. >> lilian kim is live in marin county, where there are several trouble spots because of the rain tonight. lillian? >> we're on oakland avenue where a chunk of the hillside gave way. to neighbors this has been disconcerting none the less. >> this is the latest mudslide along oakland avenue. there have been a handful over the past couple weeks. this one may be larger than what they've typically been seeing. >> you worry about what's going
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to happen. >> like this is a harbinger or something? >> yeah. it's the start of it. >> this one blocked both lanes at movado boulevard. forcing motorists to find alternate routes. officers closed the northbound 101 offramp because of flooding. for commuters who left their cars in the park and ride lot nearby. getting there took a little longer than usual. >> i didn't expect flooding in this part of the -- it hasn't happened yet. >> this latest round of wet weather has been mild. it's enough to fray their nerves. >> my basement's flooded, my house has been flooded. i'm pretty well done. >> lilian kim, abc 7 news. >> work crews in san francisco have closed busy owe seancy
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boulevard because of an unstable hillside in glenn canyon park. it could crumble because of this week's rain and wind. the crews begin knocking down loose rocks that are in danger of falling. across the bay area, about 3,000 homes are without power tonight. most of those are in the south bay where over 1800 customers are in the dark, more than 900 are in the east bay. more than 700 on the peninsula. on the north bay, 455 customers are impacted, and there's only one customer in the dark in san francisco. and remember, you can monitor live doppler 7 any time on our abc 7 news app. be sure to enable push alerts. three people went to the hospital after a fire erupted in san jose. a neighbor captured this dramatic cell phone video of the flames. abc 7 news reporter joins us with the latest. katie. >> you can see what's left of the burninged out apartment out here. the windows are all boarded up,
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it's an elderly couple whoive wills here, everyone who first saw the smoke and flames jumped into action to help them. >> i saw the fire and the lady hanging like this. >> his elderly neighbor jumped from the second story window, to escape a raging fire inside her apartment. >> i had my sandals, no shirt, i just ran out, tried to open a door. i was hoping it was open. you know, hoping so i could help her. >> she was already down. >> maria castillo shared this cell phone video with us, in it, you can hear the female victim. >> i don't know what happened, i was asleep, and then all of a sudden i heard something. the neighbors were hanging on the door, and that was it. >> the woman and her husband were taken to the hospital, so was this manning who suffered smoke inhalation. san jose fire fighters arrived on the scene a little after four, they knocked down the flames within 20 minutes, it was a hard fight because of the
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windy conditions. >> with the windows that were gone on the winward side of the building and feeding that fire, feeding it fresh oxygen and pushing fire down the stairwell certainly made our firefighting operations a little more difficult. >> investigators have not yet determined what started the fire. in less than two days, president-elect donald trump will take the oath of office and the nation's capital is in a frenzy getting ready for the historic event. dan ashley is in washington, d.c., tonight. >> good evening from the nation's capital, where preparations are underway for the presidential inauguration. security as you can imagine is extremely tight, as thousands of people are pouring into washington to celebrate and to protest. president-elect donald trump is here attending two dinners this evening. one for his cabinet picks, the other for mike pence.
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in two days now, donald trump will be sworn in as the next commander in chief. as the president-elect puts the finishing touches on his inaugural address. today all eyes are on tom price. the nominee to lead the department of health and human services. today four of president-elect trump's cabinet picks took part in heated sessions on capitol hill. >> there's been a lot of talk about individuals losing health coverage, that is not our goal, nor is it our desire, nor is it our plan. >> price pressed on accusations of insider training. a $15,000 stock purchase price made last march, days later, he introduced legislation that benefited the company. >> is that not a stock tip? >> i had no access to nonpublic information. >> mr. trump's nominee to lead the epa, scott pruett.
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bernie sanders trying to nail down how much pruitt believes human activity contributes to climate change. >> you are applying for a job as administrator for the epa to protect our environment. and you're telling me there needs to be more debate on this issue? >> no, sir, as i've indicated the climate is changing. >> the president-elect posted this picture on instagram of what he says is his address. taken three weeks ago at mar-a-lago in florida. mike pence says mr. trump is a man with a big heart. >> he called people who didn't support him his enemies. is that bringing people together? >> i think what the american people are going to see in the president-elect is the kind of results that will bring the country together. >> we will be here throughout this historic event. follow me on twitter at dan ashley abc 7. in washington, dan ashley, abc 7
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news. stay with abc 7 news dan ashley for continuing coverage of the inauguration. he'll provide us with live reports tomorrow and friday. guns drawn, then shots fired. >> coming up, the just released body cam video from a bay area police department and the questions it's now raising. bus battle, the bay area school district now refusing to pay millions of dollars to get students to and from school. also -- >> the rou
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get on the ground. get on the ground. >> newly released body cam video leads to new questions tonight about how san francisco police handled a recent confrontation. they were responding to a neighbor complaint on january 6th, police say 42-year-old sean moore became agitated. he's seen yelling at police in the ocean view district. officers pepper sprayed moore and one of their own. officers fired two shots.
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the public defender didn't think they did enough to calm the man. the interim chief disagrees. >> i think there was great restraint shown. as you can hear the officers clearly say, he has something in his hand. they did not default a gun. they used pepper spray, they used a baton. >> photos show the officers injuries after that scuffle. moore faces several charges including assault on a police officer. oakland public schools will stop paying ac transit more than $2 a year. they run 14 routes that begin or end at a school in oakland, may have to cut services with the funding loss. a school official told the chronicle the district just found out other cities received the rides for free. the district currently faces a large budget deficit. >> back now to our storm watch coverage. katie is live in alameda with the wet and windy commute for ferry passengers tonight. it was caught on camera. katie?
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>>. >> reporter: the storm really whipped across the bay. during the peak of the commute, you could barely see to the end of the port of oakland, it was so rough on the bay, that liquor fell out of the cabinets on the ferryboats, as you see in this video, it was so rough you'll know why. >> it was pretty rough out there. >> it was kind of like a roller coaster wave effect. a couple people out there getting seasick. >> kelly good man ferried to direct commuters. >> the harbor bay run has been cancelled due to the weather, i have to escort people from that run to the bus services. >> wind whipped passengers scurried off boats. >> we've been in worse conditions. so it was a good driver. we're fine. >> boat captains make the call to cancel routes for safety. >> they've cancelled them a few times in the past. this was extremely rough. i've never seen swells that big out in the bay.
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>> south san francisco and vallejo passengers took backup buses as ferry routes were cancelled. >> i'd rather be on a bus than in a car. i can read, sleep, doze off, it's better -- rapid transit is always better than driving yourself, that's my take. >> the bus ride from south city took nearly two hours. it was smoother than the bay. >> i'm glad i'm off. the estuary never looked so good. >> reporter: a storm friday may affect the morning ferry commute. in alameda, katie munoz, abc 7 news. take a deep breath, we're in between storms, take a lookt live doppler 7 after the downpours today and the strong winds. winds gusting 50, 60 miles an hour. we're going to go into street level radar here into the north bay, into windsor, old redwood highway. you'll notice it is wet right now, as we pan around parts of the other parts of the bay area. from american canyon road to
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crockett. we're seeing light spotty returns, and the same thing in the south bay, right around evergreen, eden veil across highway 101. today's storm did leave behind some damage. take a look at all the reports, we had 28 reports to be precise. debris flows, flooding, river. heavy rain, the river we're still watching is the russian river at gurnville. how much rain did your area get. >> san jose got 38/100 of an inch. well over 3 inches in the north bay. santa rosa, san rafael, 85/100 in san francisco. almost an inch, even places like livermore and concord picking up 7/10 to 8/10 of an inch of rain. this is good, in terms of our temperatures right now, they're in the 40s and 50s. we are seeing a little bit of lull in the activity in the sierra, the snow is starting to taper, we have a winter storm
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warning up until noon tomorrow, expecting 2 feet total, when all is said and done for the highest peaks. >> here's a look at the snow totals for the resorts. they're going to continue to fall in the overnight hours, if you're flying out of sfo. all flights are taking off, there could be delays tomorrow morning, due to low ceilings and some showers, plan accordingly, scattered showers tomorrow, another storm arrives friday, there's one more storm that follows on sunday. these storms are helping our situation after five years, six years of a drought, this is a one on our storm impact scale for tomorrow, it's a light system, leftovers of the current storm, we'll call it scattered showers with lighter winds tapering in the afternoon. tomorrow's your day to get things done. if you have to work and get through this tomorrow morning, there will be areas where you'll need those wipers during the morning commute. you notice right around 8:00 a.m., scattered pockets of light to moderate showers, they're not widespread, nothing like today. and we're not expecting those
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strong winds, keep that in mind. around noon, when you're grabbing lunch, perhaps. make sure you have your umbrella with you. a few lingering showers, we get a chance to get a break. we bring in friday's storm. a 2, moderate in strength, we're expecting big waves with this one. the biggest difference. this is colder, snow level dr dropping to 3,000. there's a slight chance of thunder. 4:00 a.m. friday. that's your hour by hour forecast, with the heaviest rain going through during the morning commute. 6:00 a.m., you're looking at pockets of moderate to heavy rain. and then it tapers as we head into the afternoon going into more scattered showers in nature. right on through your friday evening getaway, and we'll quiet things down saturday morning, only for another storm to arrive. rainfall totals early estimates for friday. look like 1 to 3 inches of rain, a similar setup to today, tomorrow morning starting out in the 40s, 50s, cool enough to where you'll need to bundle up tomorrow afternoon, a few showers, highs in the 50s,
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accuweather 7-day forecast. scattered showers tomorrow, next storm is moderate in strength, a two on friday, a few showers saturday, and then we bring in another storm, it's also a two on sunday, not as windy, lingering showers monday and tuesday. can you always download the abc 7 news app and track those storms you just saw on
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here's something cute for you. look at this adorable little face. the berlin zoo's new polar bear cub. listen to it. is now two months old. last week, vets gave the cub its first exam and discovered it's a boy. he's saying, hands off, man. he's doing very well, and very
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curious as babies tend to be. some of the suggestions so far include ziggy, walley and barry mcbear face. maybe you didn't actually guess that one. >> he weighs ten pounds now. >> i know. >> he'll be 1800 pounds in a couple years. >> i call him screech. >> that's a good one. >> all right. >> let's call russell westbrook classy? >> maybe not after his post game comments. >>
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good evening, two nights after crushing the cavs, the warriors had another revenge
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game tonight. kevin durant facing his old team okc and russell westbrook for the second time this year. warriors beat the thunder by their first meeting by 26. klay thompson visited his ailing grandfather today. russell westbrook, turnovers would haunt golden state early, ninth of the first half here, ennis cantor with the finish. okc built a seven-point lead. that was one of only three sho s s missed by kd. zaza pachulia hammers westbrook. warriors suddenly turned into bullies. tied at 56 at the half, third quarter, russ just strolling. that's traveling even in the nba. you have to dribble the ball. steph from way out. in and out and in. steph with 24. westbrook attacking, with
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authority. 13 assists, ten turnovers as well, quadruple double. durant answers with the three ball. not much conversation between the old thunder buddies. dubs win 120-100. here's mike schuman. >> it was a tail of two former teammates, kevin durant threw down 40 points in the victory, russell westbrook still steaming about the collision he had with zaza pachulia. >> i don't play that game, i'm going to get him back. whenever that is, i don't know when it's going to be, but i don't play that game. >> it's my 14th year, we all know what my game is, to play hard and not dirty. but play hard. >> it was a hard fight. i'm not worried about this. >> once the ball's tipped, just playing, just hooping. it's as simple as that, it's definitely good to see everybody. >> david west has a nondisplaced fracture of his left thumb.
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mike schuman, abc 7 sports. >> sharks and kings for the fifth and final time in the regular season, about four minutes in, brent burns, his 19th of the year here. leads all nhl defensemen 1-0. two on one, micheal haley, to tommy wingels for the snapshot. middle of the second period, power play joe thornton, using the boards here. to bounce it to joe pavelski who flips it in, and the sharks go on to win by a score of 3-2. russell westbrook, in addition to k.d. now has a grudge against zaza pachulia. they'll meet in okc in february. >> nice to see they do call traveling. all right, well, abc 7 news continues now online, on twitter, facebook and all your mobil devices my advice for looking younger, longer? get your beauty sleep. and use aveeno® absolutely ageless® night cream


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