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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  January 26, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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is better late than never soon enough? survivors of the ghost ship fire who are still waiting for their share of a million. why police say they had to strand drivers ike this for hours. a one minute lesson could save your life. see how to get out of a sinking car alive. on the one hand we're incredibly grateful. at the same time, they raised all this money on our behalf and they're just sitting on it. >> money from the biggest
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victim's fund-raiser is finally being distributed. >> the fire claimed 36 people who were there to listen to music. >> families were devastated. the investigation into the cause of the fire continues, as does the legal battle to determine who is responsible for it. >> all of that unfolds, the s r survivors go on with their lives and they've gone on without the help of almost a million dollars that was donated on their behalf. >> laura anthony is live to explain why that's changing now. >> the total amount collected from various organizations approaches $2 million and much of that has been distributed. one organization is lagging far behind. the one that raised the most money. they say because they've been waiting on other agencies, the city, the county, and red cross to help them vet applicants to separate the
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ship claims from the many bogus ones they've received in the weeks since the fire. >> if it's too much for them, if it's well beyond their experience it should have been passed off to someone else to handle. >> reporter: two months late the organization that collected the most money for ghost ship relief gray area has yet to receive any of the money. >> you're a resident. cool, i'm sure the rest of the world knew that after two days after the fire. >> the foundation received more than 400 online claims for ghost ship relief. >> it's really important for us to outline a diligence process,
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and have the legwork we needed in order for us to do the job correctly. $800,000 total including donations from the raiders and warriors, money given to 137 individuals displaced or injured in the fire, and to the families of those who died. >> sam was badly hurt and remains in a san francisco burn unit. sam has received several checks from the red cross for her son. >> the frustration with time is not as much a problem for me, because sam is some place safe. if i was trying to use the money right now, i would be horribly frustrated and tickedoff. i understand that the gray area
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fund in particular out of the goodness of their hearts took this task on. >> sam's family is also set up his fund. >> we're determined to get our son his life back. >> breaking news now. highway 17 is shut down in both directions. northbound traffic has to detour at summit road. that side might reopen at 6:30. the search is focused around the redwood estates area in sarn ta clara county. david louie joins us live to explain why this search has inconvenienced drivers all day long. >> the chp tells us they had to close highway 17 in both directions because of it being an active crime scene. the suspect wanted in the bank robbery in scotts valley, abandoned his vehicle near
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redwood estates, and, therefore, they want to make sure they have all the details of what evidence might be left behind. the manhunt continues nearly eight hours after the bank of america was robbed. sheriff's deputies have taken the lead from santa clara county, the search areas in a heavily wooded area and canine units have been brought in to track the suspect. the robbery happened in santa cruz county, police pursued the suspect on highway 17. a scott valley officer fired a number of rounds, it's not known if the suspect was wounded. the suspect's vehicle crashed. resident thes of redwood estates were ordered to shelter in place, and local schools are put in lockdown for a while with a suspect at large. >> there was a vehicle collision the suspect's vehicle became disabled, and he fled on foot. and so it is an ongoing search. we have the santa clara county
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sheriff's emergency response team, which would be the equivalent of a s.w.a.t. team participating in a search. >> the video we're showing you now should be new. it shows the suspect vehicle in which you can see a number of bullet holes in the windshield. as we've been reporting, a police officer did fire several rounds, this is the nature of the active crime scene investigation. this man hunt puts a lot of strain on drivers and residents of the santa cruz mountains this month. it's been a tough time for them the closures because of the mudslides and a bank robbery suspect. we did see an interesting phenomenon here on 17 a few minutes ago. that's a caravan by chp of large commercial trucks, stem mys which obviously cannot take some of the very narrow side roads here in the santa cruz mountains, they've been stuck for the past eight hours on the road.
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they were brought through. but some drivers have been out on the sidelines for as many as three hours. >> david louie, abc 7 news. >> we've been tracking this story since the highway closed this morning you can get those alerts by downloading the abc 7 news app. it's a frenetic day. this morning, nieto cancelled the planned meeting with mr. trump over the border wall issue, then the white house appeared to support a 20% import tax. hours later they backed off that idea. in philadelphia, the president rallied party members, telling them, it's time to get down to business on his campaign promises. >> enough all talk, no action.
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we have to deliver. this is our chance to achieve great and lasting change for our beloved nation. >> also today, the white house postponed signing an executive order to begin an investigation into voter fraud, the president may sign the order tomorrow or saturday. he alleged he lost the popular vote. a claim that was found to be untrue. abc 7 news was at the mexican consulate in san jose, where there was a great deal of concern over the relationship between the u.s. and mexico. mexico doesn't believe in the idea of walls and building one would jeopardize a century's old relationship. >> mexico and the united states people we're friends. we don't think that dividing those with the world could be useful for anything. >> the council general says they
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will stand to protect and provide resources to immigrants. >> we are learning tonight san francisco's mayor, and police chief held an emergency meeting a short time ago. ice tells us this morning's ride, agents were trying to locate a sex offender. the officers went to a good samaritan resource center because they thought that was the target's last known address. >> these tactics of full, clothed police, ice police coming to a family resource center, inquiring about individuals, it seemed inappropriate. >> the address agents were looking for was next door. no one lives at the resource center, which is designed to help low income latino families.
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it's not clear whether that is protocol. a tuition increase for all of its campuses today. students will be expected to pay an extra $336 in tuition and fees next year. for the first time in years, few expressed disapproval. >> the tuition and fee hikes would be expected the total tuition plus fees will be 2,6 $2,630. >> we're talking about a modest rate increase, at that. >> even governor brown, who pressured uc into keeping tuitions frozen, recently came around. >> even some local newspapers agreed the tuition hike was needed in it a few editorials, the increase was described as reasonable. most regents voted for the hike,
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somehow they must convince the state. lieutenant governor gavin newsom voted against the increase. >> by doing the legislature and the governor's work, by finding the revenue we've let them off the hook. >> there were many empty chairs at today's meting. >> the added cost of tuition will hurt middle class families. >> some say students were absent because the tuition increase was modest and long over due. >> i'm disappointed they weren't here in a constructive way to continue to add to that dialogue. >> the president of the uc, janet napolitano argued they continued to do more with less. with negative consequences for the entire system. in san francisco, leann melendez, abc 7 news. >> highway prol officers are urging drivers to be extra careful along a winding stretch
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of niles canyon road. this morning, a 27-year-old man from patterson said he fell asleep at the wheel. he woke up while driving around a curve. officials believe he overcorrected and swerved right into the creek she's still missing. >> it was a lot closer to the roadway, today he was lucky. >> good samaritan stopped to help the man in this morning's crash. he smashed through his windshield to get out of his car. >> most people in this situation tend to make two mistakes, what they are, and the right things to do in the first 30 seconds. >> we saw what was happening online, and we had to do something 37. >> alameda county sheriff's
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dispatchers say the suicidal woman on the other side of the country. how they did it using a phone, computer and quick thinking. we'll have a warming trend this weekend. and rain coming our way next week. and a classic and an exclusive. it's the job of mills college t
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the man in this surveillance video is in jail. less than 24 hours after this store break in because an employee spotted him nearby
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wearing something that was stolen. melanie woodrow is live outside utopia on francisco boulevard in san rafael. to explain what happened next. melanie? >> when police arrested this burglar, not only did he have the stolen gear from this business, he was also riding a previously stole n bicycle. the employee that spotted him has only worked here six months. >> shards of the glass leftover. >> surveillance cameras captured his every move, including trying to steal an electric bicycle worth more than $10,000. >> tried to figure it out, you can see him on the scout into theage, trying to mess with it, trying to get it going. he takes one of our dufflebags, sets it up right on here, empties it out and loots it full of whatever he can get his hands on. >> jerseys, leather jacket and cash. >> it hurts, because we work
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really hard to do this kind of stuff. >> one of the hardworking employees was going to her second job when she spotted a man on a bike wearing their stolen gear. amanda irvin asked the man for a cigarette as she made a call. >> i think we got our guy. >> how do you know? >> alpine stars pucks on the jacket. and not to mention he was wearing my boyfriend's boots that he special ordered. >> as amanda stalled the man. >> hey, buddy, where did you get the stuff. >> there was a scuffle. they pinned the man to the ground until police showed up. >> it felt like an eternity. >> 38-year-old jose vazquez was booked on burglary and stolen property charges. >> it's always good to get bad people off the street who commit crimes. we just would hope the residents don't put themselves in harm's way while they're doing it. >> most of the stolen items are police evidence. the only things they've received back so far are a laptop and.
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>> a little justice. >> along with peace of mind. melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> pg&e received the stiffest punishment possible for its role in the deadly 2010 pipeline explosion in san bruno. eight people died when the ruptured pipeline fueled an inferno that destroyed dozens of homes. penalties include paying a 3 million fine. >> i thought the judgment was strong. it's not enough, i will never get my family back. >> we want some recognition of that. the judge did that today. >> pg&e must take out newspaper ads detailing its crimes and the steps being taken to improve
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safety. pg&e is committed to being the safest and most efficient energy company in america. do you know what to do to survive if your car ended up in the water. kristen sze is here with critical information. >> reporter: an estimated 400 people die each year when their cars end up in water. many of them rolling up their windows hoping for an air bubble and a rescue, that's a mistake, and so is this. >> one of the biggest mistakes people make during these events is trying to open the door with the pressure of the outside water against it. don't waste your time trying to push that door open, break the window and get out. >> jonathan baxter says it's all about the first 30 seconds. as soon as you know you're going in, unbuckle your seat belt and break your window. that's your escape route.
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you see the same steps demonstrated here after a deadly tragedy on the russianriver. so what if your seat belt was stuck or the window won't open. you can buy one of these devices to break open the window and a blade to slash the seat belt. michael vinny tested one such product called rescue me, it fits on a key chain. it's all about the first 30 seconds, so don't waste it calling 911, get to the shore first, and then call for help. >> thanks, kristen. great information. we have clear skies all across the bay area. it's going to be chilly again. that's been the pattern during our nighttime hours in the last few days.
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we're going into a moderate daytime pattern. tem steuers are going to warm up nicely and maybe the middle of next week, we'll see our next rainstorm. it's 51 degrees everywhere, almost, san francisco opened, san jose, gilroy, all checking in at 51 degrees. this is the view from our abc 7 exploratorium camera. looking across the tranquil waters of san francisco bay. it's 49 degrees at santa rosa, 51 at napa, 51 in vacaville. golden gate bridge, calm conditions. it will be another chilly start to the day. we'll see milder days monday. rain returns around the middle of next week. the weather is calm, but the coastal waters are rough, we have a high surf advisory until 3:00 tomorrow morning. wave heights are growing because
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of a strong westerly swell generating breakers that will be up near 20 feet or so. overnight, under clear skies, we'll see low temperatures dropping once again into the mid-30s in our inland valleys, a few upper 30s there, as we get closer to the bay, we'll see lows around 41, 42 degrees, in the mildest locations. tomorrow, gets milder in the afternoon, mid to upper 50s near the coast and around the bay and inland. looking beyond tomorrow. warmup, a bit milder saturday, with highs in the low 60s inland. sunday, milder still, with some mid to upper 60s, and on monday, the warming trend will peak with high temperatures in some inland locations, approaching 70 degrees, we'll have temperatures monday 5 to 10 degrees above the average temperature for that date. now, let's take a look at our storms coming in next week, they both rank one on our storm
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impact scale. you add up the cumulative effect, we'll be looking at rainfall totals ranging from half an inch to an inch and a half. the rain arrives wednesday, continues through the evening hours, through the overnight hours, into thursday, and through the night thursday into early friday, as we look at rainfall projections, by late thursday night, we expect rainfall totals to range from 8/10 of an inch. lunar new year begins on saturday. it's the year of the rooster, the rooster will be enjoying some nice mild weather over the weekend as will the rest of us. >> clouds will increase on tuesday, temperatures drop, and then rain will drop on wednesday and thursday. >> thanks, spencer. everything is
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new at 6:00 tonight, a beaver that was flooded out and displaced during the storm is back home. abc 7 news was there, they returned the beaver to its habitat in vanitia. >> they have family groups and we're assuming this guy is part of that family, because he came from the same watershed, i don't think there should be any problems at all with his family taking him back in. >> the team told us it's not
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unusual for critters to be displaced by storms, we've had so many. >> a bay area supermarket chain that's been in business for nearly 90 years will go out of business tomorrow. abc news was at the san francisco market where not much was left for shoppers. look at the shelves. the company filed for bankruptcy in 2011 and was local shoppers are going to miss shopping there many. >> there were things you could find here that you couldn't find anywhere else. that part of it i think people are going to miss. >> safeway says it will renovate and open the five stores as safeway community markets. current employees will stay on to staff the new safeway stores
7:28 pm
with the same pay and benefits. >> to save someone's life, you don't even have to be there. an alameda county dispatcher's proof exactly how that's possible. parking lot break ins are all too common, this one had an uncommonly happy ending. i'm jonathan bloom with that story ahead on abc 67 news. you know san francisco is a tourism hotspot. have you ever wondered whose
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we knew it was a big building, and it had an odd shaped roof. >> searching for buildings on google maps. just one of the counties dispatchers took to find a suicidal woman on the other side of the country. >> just an amazing story. katie shows you how they got her help thousands of miles away. >> sheriff's office. >> all we had was a name and a phone number. >> short information but not
7:32 pm
determination as dispatchers search for a suicidal woman. >> we turned to facebook online chats, instagram has been a big one for us. >> dispatchers took the call from a north idaho crisis center yesterday. a woman who might be in the bay area, a cell phone ping sent the search across the country. >> we knew she wasn't in california, we started getting the pings we realized she was in new york. >> the woman went live on facebook. >> this was a building she was -- this looks like the front of it many. >> we were looking for every white building, for every building that maybe matched the shape, that's something i've never done. that was really neat to stream in. >> local police got to her in
7:33 pm
time. >> it felt good to be able to find her and help in the end. >> the dispatchers worked to find this woman some 200 calls came into the center. >> we're collectively able to do a lot of amazing things in here. >> the grand jury has provided an indictment charging another gang member with aiding, abetting and causing the murder. the other gang member could face the same sentence. >> san francisco's mayor laid out his vision for the city in the coming year. it may involve a potential
7:34 pm
showdown with the mayor repeating his pledge to keep san francisco a sanctuary city. >> we're ready to defend ourselves against cynical attacks from washington, d.c., we're ready to stand up for what we believe in. >> the mayor also pledged to build more affordable housing, open more homeless assistance centers and implement police reforms. >> oakland set a record for tourism recently. a nonprofit with a goal of increasing. bart's ridership is at an all time high. the number has been dropping steadily from a near record high in 2012. bart officials get it. >> really understand that it's
7:35 pm
hard right now on bart. it's very crowded and there are delays and we're working very hard on it. >> we asked for your thoughts. stephanie responded. my husband tells me he's late because bart. you name it, he's riding bart the day it happens. even though you don't always run as you should. as a frequent rider i appreciate your service to our community. if you'd like to see the bart survey for yourself, we're posting it on our abc 7 news app. >> you leave your car for what seems like an instant, right? and come back to find shattered glass and all of your stuff gone. so often it's gone for good. jonathan bloom has one smash and grab with an unexpected happy ending. >> music is a family affair. >> i play mandolin my brother
7:36 pm
plays guitar. more of a fiddler i would say. >> after this show, they continued the reunion with some family bonding. >> we did this escape room together, it was a team building experience. >> they come with real life warnings on the outside. >> do not leave valuables in the car. >> the family just said good-bye. >> i see sherry walking up to me and there's tears coming down her face. >> the car window was broken and the case with her two violins was gone. the blue one a family heirloom, the other has been with her since childhood. >> police told sherry the honest truth. finding items stolen out of a parked car can be like finding a needle in a high stack. >> our friend melanie started
7:37 pm
looking. >> she asked me if i had taken violins in. >> these stood out. >> the first clue was a case. i've been in business 60 years, i've never seen a double violin case. >> he bought the violins knowing someone would come looking. >> this stuff goes to flea markets, garage sales, they sell it on the street. in this case, i felt if i didn't pick it up, it would get lost in the jungle. >> sherry was more than happy to buy back her priceless instruments. >> a small price and a very valuable lesson. >> jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. january's record breaking rain is making a big difference in california's drought battle. >> why the war over water is not yet wong. >> taking big steps here. >> taking big steps here. >> baby steps for
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>> taking big steps here. >> baby steps for where does it come from? the drive to be the first female official in the nfl. it starts inside. that's why every cup of activia yogurt is made with billions of our exclusive probiotic to help care for what's inside. activia. it starts inside. of reach for far too long:s have health insurance.that's been out how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that
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offer you the best combination of quality, rates, and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to get covered, you've got to get going. open enrollment ends january 31st. visit today. there's a pilot project underway in the bay area that could end up as care for
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seniors. abc 7 news reporter lesley brinkley introduces us to a new robot for older people. >> i'm drinking coffee as we speak. >> we'll have a cup with you. >> 89-year-old bert and maxine chat it up with their new robot they've nicknamed jimmy. >> i take my coffee black. >> okay, raise your cup. >> this is a prototype that could one day provide home care assistance and more to seniors, this robot is entirely controlled remotely by the couple's son who is on his laptop miles away. >> a new experience for all of us on a different -- a way to see each other and talk. >> in realtime. >> it's startling at first. >> because you feel like you have an intruder. after it's used, then it's just like he's come over to visit us. >> if he's concerned about me,
7:42 pm
he can start the robot up and come around and look. >> the seniors don't need a smart phone or computer, the robot boots up when their son logs on, and wheels around their apartment at the heritage downtown in walnut creek as they cook and chat, or the robot could check on them if they don't answer the phone. >> it can't give hugs yet, but it's a companion, and especially if you're by yourself. >> our plan is to roll out hundreds in the next year and to try to really scale things up and bring this experience to more families around the bay area. >> we have a weight list of 50 people that want to experience this robot. >> omni labs is still working on price, but the cost will be far less than a human caregiver. >> the hope is, one day robots like this would be able to run air rands, pick up objects or even do the laundry or the dishes, redefining what it's like to grow old.
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lesley brinkley, abc 7 news. >> the first portable gluten sensor is now on the market. we told you about the device last february. users put a small amount of food in the capsule put it in the device, and within minutes find out if gliten is present. it's on line for $275. nema is testing for other food allergens like peanuts and milk. in the whole world, this flower can only be found in one corner of the north bay. wow! this toilet paper reminds me of a washcloth! that's charmin ultra strong, dude. cleans so well...
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a team of young women is fighting to save a beautiful species unique to marin county. >> they're doing it by digging in the dirt and digging into some add vajszed genetic testing. >> with its rustic church and windswept trails, this is one of the jewels of the bay area, it's also home to something found nowhere else in the world but here on the peninsula.
7:47 pm
>> this is the flower. >> biologist sara swope is on a mission to study the delicate jewel flower, and save it from extinction. she says the jewel flower with its dark purple blooms has been threatened by development and years of drought. >> the population has to restart from seed every year, and seeds need water to germinate. the drought has been hard on this plant. >> swope recruited students from her biology program at mills college. and set off looking for answers, the students compared current plants to samples taken years ago. >> establish the genetic diversity. >> the team raised their own jewel flairs, transplanting them to a new area in the tiber on hills.
7:48 pm
where they will test soil make-up and pollination. now the project just received $60,000 as in seed money, put up by both the college and marin county, in hopes of preserving the jewel flowers. >> along the way, they've developed a protective attachment to a unique little flower fighting to survive in the scenic corner of the bay area. >> it's a classically california species. >> i'm constantly taking photos and putting them on stagram. >> cheryl jennings, abc 7 news. >> our winter rains could be go good. >> there's a bit of good news for california tonight. it depends on whom you ask. take a look at the map today compared to a year ago, the dark
7:49 pm
red patch represents the worst stage of drought. it it covers 40%. the entire bay area is white, meaning out of drought. the drought is not over. the page does not tell the whole story. they'll reassess once the snow melts. which they say remains critically low. >> spencer is back with an update on the forecast. >> we're going to continue to route for more rain and snow. here's live doppler 7. skies are clear this evening in the bay area, and will remain sunny for the next several days. monday will be the warmest day, with high temperatures several degrees above the average. various locations, average highs for that date, santa rosa will be 11 degrees warmer than average on monday. our chances of rain over the next five days are zero, about
7:50 pm
70% next wednesday and thursday, as storms ranking one will move in. until that happens, we have sunny skies and mild conditions. the lunar new year begins on saturday. he'll be crowing under an umbrella on wednesday and thursday. >> all right, time to turn to sports. >> some pro basketball to talk about. >> the warriors nba all-star reserves announced this afternoon. we'll have some company in
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7:53 pm
good evening, the warriors own the best record in the nba, 39-7, they will be well represented at the all-star game next month. the reserves announced today, draymond green and klay thompson will be joining the starters. clay will be making his third all-star game appearance. averaging 21 points a game. one of the best defensive players in the league as is draymond. his scoring is down, because you have kd there, he's playing great defense as well. the warriors are only the eighth team in nba history to place four players on an all-star team, and the head coach will be coaching that squad february 19th in new orleans.
7:54 pm
the reigning dunk king zach laveen will not participate in the contest this year, he's won the last two years. laveen said, it would be hard to go back and outdo himself. i feel that way every night. >> much of the attention going into next week's super bowl. it's going to be on tom brady. his counterpart for the falcons, matt ryan, ryan had the best quarterback rating in the league. just shy of 5,000 passing yards and if you want to dive into the stats, 9.2 six yards per pass attempt. the falcons also have a defense, that's what concerns patriots head coach, bill belichick. >> sometimes they take out their big guys. >> we'll take this week, and
7:55 pm
study them. i know i'll study them as much as we can. we go out sunday, we'll know them pretty well. tiger woods hit his opening tee shot today into the rough. gorgeous views walking around the court in san diego opening with a 7 under 65. eagle has a one shot lead. started on the backside with birdies on 10 and 11. the wheels come off. 12 to bogey, he bogeyed 13 and 14. double bogey, tiger finished four over on the day. he's tied for 133rd out of 156 players. >> i was fighting out there all day, didn't really hit it that
7:56 pm
good. i had a round in which i let it slip away in the middle part of the back nine. and unfortunately, they had very good shots through there. >> great story down under, serena williams advancing to the australian open finals. going for an open record, 23rd grand slam title. against her older sister venus, who upset cocoa vandeweghe. look at the reaction it's going to be her first grand slam final since 2009. unbridaled joy after her semifinal victory. >> it's like i know won't be easy, you have to control yourself and you have to put your opponent in the box. she's super awesome. it's wonderful. >> it's the one time i feel like no matter what happens, i can't lose, she can't lose.
7:57 pm
it's going to be a great situation. >> this is so awesome, to be aged 35 and 36. it's still dominant. 20 years they've been on top. >> they love each other so much. we have a heads up on some breaking news for you. a truck crash around pleasanton. no one was hurt, all of those westbound lanes are closed. traffic is backed up from the interchange for about three miles. >> join us tonight at 9:00 on kofy-tv 20. a new way to stop car thieves in san francisco. president trump's import tax on mexican goods on abc 7 news at 11:00, the impact the proposed tariff would have on bay area wallets. >> we'll see you later tonight. that is this edition of abc 7 news.
7:58 pm
i appreciate your time. >> for all of us here at abc 7 news, thank you for joing us.
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vanessa: ready for your big birthday surprise? blindfolded? this could be anything from a bullet to the head to that amazing coke/pepsi taste test. well, we don't have any soda, so good luck. you know, the best part about this birthday, i don't have to be around my horrible, annoying children. right here. love you too, dad. hurtful. yeah. you needed to hear it.


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