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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  January 26, 2017 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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. ♪ >> live where you live, this is "abc 7 news." now at 11:00, a manhunt for a convicted sex offender leads ice agents to a san francisco nonprofit that helps immigrant families. tonight the surprise visit is sparking fear and frustration. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. this comes one day after president trump signed an executive order that calls for hiring 10,000 new ice agents. >> joins us live from the mission district with the story ah. lisa. >> reporter: ama and dan, five agents showed up during a busy time. 30 kids just arrived for preschool which takes place just beyond those doors. this is a photo of ice agents in front of good samaritan's buildings. they were looking for a convicted sex offender who they thought was living at this
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apartment complex. in a statement, an ice spokesperson said, the ice officer spoke with an individual who directed this 'em to the correct address, which was actually next door. armed with batons and wearing vests, they walked into the good samaritan family resource center. >> ice coming to a family resource center inquiring about individuals, it just seemed inappropriate. >> reporter: the agents quickly left and made no arrests. >> they struck fear in our community. and that's not good. >> reporter: ice's visit also led to a flurry of meetings at city hall. francisco was not aware that ice was taking this action. >> reporter: sources tell abc 7 san francisco police also didn't know about ice's plans. now the chief is trying to get to the bottom of it. >> we're trying to get clarification. i've bp in meetings for the last hour trying to get clarification what is going on. >> reporter: just today mayor ed lee in his state of the city address rye affirmed san
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francisco's status as a sanctuary city. meantime, advocacy groups gathered behind closed doors to reassure nervous community members. >> ice doesn't get carte blanche to accost our communities. >> reporter: still, advocates worrisome families may be too scared to show up at good samaritan tomorrow. today the trump administration revealed how it may pay for the border wall. it is a 20% tax on mexican imports. >> reporter: tonight it is creating anxiety among business owns, live in berkley with the story, cornell. >> reporter: dan, owners of this mexican restaurant worried about a future tonight and what an import tax could mean for their business. >> no, it is not fair. >> reporter: maria del degado has owned this restaurant for 20 years in berkley. the cost of doing business is always rising.
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most of her produce comes from mexico. >> a couple of months ago when we didn't have avocados in california, they went up to $00. >> reporter: that cost could get higher if president trump imposes 20% tax on mexico to pay for border wall. >> all of this has been here a long time. >> reporter: a tax may prevent maria from selling mexican beer and soda and force her to raise prices. >> it is going to kill us, kill the business. >> reporter: white house secretary spice siean spicer sas only a proposal to fund the wall, estimated between 12 and $15 billion. >> it does so in a way that ensures the american taxpayer is respected. >> reporter: u kruchlt berkley professor says trump needs them to approve the border tax, but fixing relations with america's third largest trade partners won't be easy. >> this is a set of acts that demonizes mexico and could leave
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a lasting legacy. >> reporter: republican senator lindsey graham ridiculed the border tax saying any tax which drives up the cost of corona, margarita is a bad idea. mucho sad. "abc 7 news" was in san francisco's soma district has protesters demonstrated against president trump's executive access allowing the pipelines. the protest began at the federal building before the demonstrators blocked a couple of blocks and blocked missionon street between 8th and 9th for a short time. the protest was peaceful. stay on top of the first 100 days of the trump administration. download the app. there's breaking news in dublin where a big rig fire has five west bounds lanes of 580
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closed right now. the truck caught fire around 6:30 after a crash and reignited several hours later. the back of the truck was filled with dhl mail and packages. it is not clear if that mail is damaged. we have breaking news from the santa cruz mountains where the manhunt for a bank robber continues tonight. that manhunt closed both trekss of highway 17 for hours. within the last few minutes a contingent of law enforcement officers converged on locust dive. a sheriff's spokesman will only tell us they're responding to highly suspicious circumstances. "abc 7 news" reporter katie march dual owe has more on how the manhunt began. >> reporter: traffic in the santa cruz mountains was at a standstill for hours. some gave up. >> i pulled over to the side and sat. >> reporter: you've been here now. >> i've been here about three hours. >> reporter: chp shut down highway 17 in both directions. >> the integrity of the crime
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scene needs to not be distrushd. it is also an officer safety concern. >> a man robbed a bank of america in scots valley. police pursued the suspect on highway 17 until he crashed around 10:30 near red wood estates. a scots valley police officer fired shots at the suspect. it is not known if he was hit. he took off on foot. that's when the highway was shut down and the massive manhunt began. >> we're getting assistance from the california highway patrol, scots valley p.d., santa cruz county sheriff's office, and since it was a bank robbery also the fbi. >> schools were locked down at one point and people were told to shelter in place. >> there's a lot of manpower for what is going down, that's for sure. >> i can't get home, can't drop off my dog, can't even go to work. like it has blocked me completely out. >> reporter: the sheriff's office does not know if the suspect is armed. anyone in red wood estates who sees anything suspicious on their property is asked to call the sheriff's office or 9 1
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santa clara county, katie march zul ah, "abc 7 news." we will stay on top of this all night for you, bringing of you the latest here during this half hour and on the morning news beginning at 4:30. grainy image from a security camera could lead investigators to the killer of a 59-year-old woman. her body was found inside her home which was burning in castro valley on grove way on december 13th. an autopsy revealed she did not die from the fire. she had injuries consistent with murder. st. john was living alone after her husband's death in april. investigators want to talk to a man captured by security cameras walking to a car near the woman's house. they said it is a grainy image. the man was driving a 2011 to 2013 toyota corolla sedan similar to the one you see here. san francisco's board of education has voted unanimously to remove columbus day from the calendar. you can see the school district's online calendar reflect the change.
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the day will be known as indigenous people's day. they acted after american indian parents and students raised concerns. brightbart editor mi milo yannopoulos, will speak on the campus as planned. the school said it is defending the right to free expression at a moment in our nation. he caused mass protest earlier this month at uc davis. the talk didn't go on as scheduled. ucla and uc santa barbara cancelled planned speeches but the editor. >> the stanford band is back in business. the university announced it is reinstating the group early after the band appealed its sanctions. the group now has provisional status and can resume activities. in december the school banned the band for the entire school year for violations of alcohol policy. a million dollars in donations. tonight "abc 7 news" is asking why it is taking so long to get
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cash to the victims of oakland's ghost ship fire. >> plus stopping bay area car thieves, it could come down to $3,000 in investment. >> parking lot break-ins are too common, but this one had an uncommonly happy ending. i'm jonathan bloom with that story ahead on "abc 7 news." i'm "abc 7 news" meteorologist sandhya patel we have weekend changes coming that will leave you wondering if it is really winter. i will explain coming up. first here is a look on what coming up on jimmy kimmel live. >> thanks, dan ands what is hap tonight ♪ no one is better because he's a number as well as a letter ♪ >> wait, is a number? >> i forgot to
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nearly two months after the deadly ghost ship fire in oakland survivors and families of the victims are finally beginning to receive part of almost a million dollars collected on their behalf. a foundation called gray area will distribute checks this week for the $900,000 it collected. 400 claims have been filed but most have been fraudulent. the mother of fire survivor sam maxwell found out today she will be getting a check from gray
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area. >> the frustration with time is not as much a problem with me because sam is someplace safe. if i was trying to use the money right now i would be horribly frustrated and i would probably be pretty ticked off. >> reporter: maxwell is still in the hospital in a san francisco burn unit recovering from injuries he suffered in the fire. the red cross tells "abc 7 news" it will send out its final relief checks from the $800,000 it collected. the city of san francisco is trying a new tactic to cut down on car break-ins. it is a huge problem. new signs are going up in high traffic tourist areas like this one on front and vallejo streets. they remind people to remove valuables and lock your car. the city installed 30 of them around the city so far at a cost of $3,000. a spokesman for supervisor mark farrell says he hopes the signs will help prevent a known san francisco problem. well, when thieves do make it into cars, there's usually
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shattered glass, missing possessions, of course often it is gone for good. but "abc 7 news" reporter jonathan bloom has the story of one smash and grab with an unexpectedly happy ending. >> reporter: for the band tedro and the good intentions music is a family affair. >> i play manned lynne and sherry is a violinist, more of a fiddler. >> after this show at utah, they continued the room with family bonding. >> we did this escape room together, like a fun team building experience. >> reporter: the erie rooms in the palace of fine arts come with a warning. >> don't leave valuables in the car. >> reporter: the family said their good byes outside the building and i see sherry walking up to me with tears on her face. >> reporter: the car window was broken and the case with the two violins was gone, one a family heirloom and the other hers
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since childhood. >> it has been with me since childhood. >> reporter: police told her the truth, finding items out of a parked car can be finding a needle in the haystack they finally came to liberal loan and jewelry. >> she asked me if i had taken violins in and i issed yes. >> reporter: he sees lots of violins. >> normally they're student violins. >> reporter: but these stood out. >> first clue was the case. i have been in business six years. i have never seen a double violin case. >> reporter: for $100 he bought the violins knowing someone would come looking. >> this stuff goes to flea markets, garage saleser they sell it on the street. in this case i felt if i didn't pick it up, then it would get lost in the jungle. >> reporter: sherry was more than happy to buy back her priceless instruments. >> caller: i think $100 is very reasonable. >> reporter: a small price she says and a valuable lesson. in san francisco, jonathan bloom, "abc 7 news." well, starbuck's is blaming
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its slow sales growth on its crowded stores. the company announced the disappointing growth today. starbuck's says its stores are so congested because more people are ordering ahead on their mobile devices. that's led to bottle necks at the bar and deterred other customers from buying. an update on the breaking story from the santa cruz mountains where there's been a day long search for a bank robber. within the last few minutes more law enforcement officers converged on locust drive with weapons out. you are looking at video. a sheriff's spokesman tells us only they're responding to a 911 call with suspicious circumstances. we will, of course, bring you any updates as they happen. all right. on to the forecast as we barrel toward the weekend. >> dan and ama we will see spring like conditions in the bay area. >> nice. >> short sleeve weather. by monday you might want to break out the shorts and tee shirts. look at this time lapse from the east bay hills camera. sundown at 5:27 and it was a pretty view as the sunset
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tonight with a few wispy clouds. a live look from our live doppler 7 perspective, and the skies are clear here in the bay area. an update on the drought situation. as you know, the bay area is out of the drought, but i want to show you where it is still dry. the yellow is indicating the dryer areas around south eastern santa clara county, morgan hill, gilroy area. as you look at the wider picture around the state of california, notice much of northern and central california not in the drought, but also take a look at some of the reds there down to our south. extreme, exceptional drought has shrunk to about 2% of the state. last year in october around this time, it was quite a bit different. look at the dramatic view of how much of the state was in extreme and exceptional drought. we are making progress. we are heading in the right direction. now you can enjoy the nice weather coming up. temperatures right now are in the 40s for most of you except san ramon and liver more, dropping to the 30s. getting cool out there.
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from our emeryville cam are you looking across the bay towards the lights, the eastern span of the bay bridge, a chilly start tomorrow morning, milder days and rain returns middle of next week. the breakers are pretty large, a large swell will continue until early tomorrow morning. so that's something you will have to watch out for. tomorrow morning, temperatures will begin in the mid through upper 30s. so this is the only sign of winter, the chill in the air. make sure you have a heavy coat or jacket when you get going. for the afternoon it is sunshine and 50s for you. saturday afternoon we bump up the temperatures, low 60s so warmer sunday. we start to see mid 60s showing up. look at monday, five to ten degrees above average with near 70 degree readings, santa rosa, san jose, warm winter weather expected on monday. san jose seven degrees above normal, 11 higher than in santa rosa but it will not last. wednesday and thursday a reality
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check. rainfall estimates over two days a half inch to inch and a half. windy at times especially on thursday. computer models want to bring in showers wednesday afternoon and evening, and wet on thursday and windier on thursday as well. you can download the "abc 7 news" app to help you keep track of these systems. it is a sunny streak friday through the week end into early next week. almost near 70 degrees on monday. i think you're going to start having spring fever. wednesday and thursday, forget about it, you need to bring out the umbrellas. level one system both days so we will see a return of winter very with the xfinity tv app,
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♪ you got a friend in me ♪ you got a friend in me
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>> all right. if you have a cute meter at home it just broke. four-year-old claire is winnin hearts around the world tonight with her rendition of "you've got a friend in me." alongside her dad. this video has been viewed nearly 90 million times on facebook. despite her musical talent, she isn't creating to a career in entertainment yet. she says she would like to be a nurse or scientist. you go, sweetie. that was great. >> on to sports. >> top that, larry. >> i'm not that cute. >> as ama reminds us. >> i wasn't going to say anything. >> she was thinking it but not going to say it. >> only eight teams in nba history placed four players on an all star time, the warriors did it. who i
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. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> good evening. the sharks took a six game winning streak to the ice in the the all star break with their old coach mcclel land. raiders coach jack del rio in the trank. first period, playing their own little game of tick tack toe! 17th win. 10 seconds left in the period. andre seccer with a shot from the shot off vlasic. it is 1-1. in the second, oilers power play, a slapper from the point. this is deflected off karlson, so a couple of breaks for the the oilers and they go on to win by a score of 4-1. the warriors contingent at the all-star game will be large.
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clay thompson and draymond green were named. this will be clay's third all-star game appearance, he is defending champ in three point shootout. draymond, all star for the second time. playi playing tremendousing defense. with the warriors owning the league's best record of 39-7, coach will coach next month. it was australia night in moraga. aussie, aussie. first half, her manson known for his shooting but will dunk on you as well. 18 points. jordan ratino with a three to beat the buzzer. 30 all at the half. kind of surprising dons hanging around. landale inside. narr, three of 18 there. gales win. santa clara hosting byu. get your hot dogs here. anything for distranks,
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brownridge draws two defenders, oh, behind the back to nate kratch. 16 points, 10 boards for kratch. brown ridge finished with 25 points. he can score. four of ten from beyond the arc. a big upset win, 76-68. the pro bowl will be played in orlando on sunday. they come up with new events to try to get attention. dodge ball is part of this. t.y. hilt wron against the world, last man standing for the afc just got o'dell beck han junior out. ultimately, can't hang on in the nfc would win at dodge ball. >> abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. i'm reminded of a line, if you can dodge a wrench, he can dodge a ball. >> well with said. >> it is a classic. all right. "abc 7 news" continues online, on twitter, facebook and your mobile devices with our "abc 7 news" app.


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