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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 27, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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and try pluggable febreze, with up to 4 times the freshness in one refill. pluggable febreze and fabric refresher [inhale + exhale mnemonic], two more ways to breathe happy site. police arresting one of three men connected to a dangerous crime spree in the south bay. this all started around
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10:00 thursday morning in scotts valley with a bank robbery. it ended late this afternoon at 10th and taylor in san jose. we were there when the frantic search came to an end. >> reporter: the sheriff's office telling us tonight they are highly confident they have the scotts valley bank robber in custody. that robbery yesterday morning at 10:00, all of it coming to a head here in san jose around 5:00 tonight. police swarmed in area after spotting a high profile stolen car, the silver chevy which was an unmarked law enforcement vehicle stolen in the santa cruz mountains this morning. police followed the car from downtown san jose to th a7th an mission. there were three people inside. two of them were taken into custody, but the third suspect ran. and then into a construction area. at one point police did deploy a
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taser. they're not sure if it had any effect but they were able to take the man into custody. the sheriff's office always believed that silver car was stolen by the wanted bank robber, the man who robbed the bank of america branch in scotts valley yesterday morning. after the robbery there was a chase and a crash on highway 17. also scotts valley police officer fired shots at the hospital. highway 17 was closed for almost ten hours, but the man got away. and late last night he broke into a woman's home, stole a knife and her van. and armed and dangerous, which is why police proceeded so cautiously in their pursuit of this man tonight and taking him and two others into custody. a memorial service was held
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tonight at berkeley's campus for valerie and roger morash. autopsies have been completed by cause of death hasn't been released. new video and new information are coming from the alameda county sheriff's office today in its ongoing effort to solve the murder of a grandmother. last month she was found dead inside her home which was then set on fire. >> reporter: it's a surveillance video that shows a man walking late at night in a quiet castor valley neighborhood. a man police hope can help them solve the murder of 59-year-old s andrea st. john 12 days before christmas. police are also looking for a car seen in the neighborhood around the same time, a 2013 toyota corolla like this one. >> that person walking in that area is relevant to us.
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so we need to work and figure out who that person is. >> reporter: a widow, a mother and grandmother, st. john was found dead inside the garage of her grover way home. an autopsy revealed that st. john was murdered before the fire. neighbors tell us they haven't been able to rest easy in the weeks since st. john's murder here and they won't until police make an arrest. >> i'm even thinking about taking a self-defense class. >> reporter: franny can see her front porch across the street. >> she was being murdered, she was being set on fire. nobody knew anything. this poor lady. >> i hope they catch him. >> reporter: police don't know yet why st. john was killed, whether she was targeted for some reason or perhaps interrupted a burglar or intruder in her home. niles canyon road in alameda
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county will be closed as crews search for a missing woman. she hasn't been seen since saturday when her car crashed into alameda creek. the 18-year-old's car was pulled from the creek tuesday. her personal belongings were found downstream but no sign of her. investigators say she may have been able to get out of the car. twice in one week vandals have hit the contra costa christian schools with the same stunt. someone has been doing donuts on the school's soccer field right before the season is about to begin. >> reporter: middle schoolers at contra costa christian schools are disappointed after someone tore up their soccer fields right before the start of a new season. students were particularly excited to play on it this year because the field was renovated in august. >> we came in and brought in new soil, planted some seed,
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improved the irrigation system and the field was in better condition than it had been in years. >> reporter: the field is so bad, students can't even hold practice on it. >> it was probably going to be a lot of fun and then this happened. >> reporter: not once, but twice. >> why? why do they do this? >> reporter: school administrators noticed the damage tuesday morning then again this morning. >> it looks like somebody came back out again last night and drove up on our field and tore it up again. looks like trying to have a good time spinning some donuts. >> reporter: perhaps not thinking about how their good time would take away from these kids. >> to see the field completely trashed, it's frustrating. >> we've got to go somewhere else. >> reporter: the head of schools says there are security cameras but they didn't reach far enough to capture video of the person or people responsible.
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the city of pacifica is going to destroy another cliffside apartment building. crews will begin tearing down 310 es planade avenue. the building poses a significant threat to public health and is in danger of falling because of erosion from storms. officials are moving forward with plans to repair a sinkhole that's closed a road for more than two weeks. today they looked over bids from contractors to fix the problem. t the break in the weather now is allowing them to do the permanent repair and start that. the city says those living in the area are coping with the detours in traffic. >> the neighbors have been absolutely phenomenal. actually this weekend the neighbor here brought us some
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cookies and has just been phenomenal. it's nice to have a nice relationship with people. >> that sinkhole is on a bridge that's 98 years old. if the weather allows, they could have a target date for reopening miner road by the end of next week. affordable housing is a real issue for most university of california students. at cal, the university is considering a plan to add housing and has identified nine new locations including people's park which is owned by the university. >> reporter: an agreement between the governor and the university of california president called for adding 10,000 california undergraduate students over three years. >> as a result the president has put together the housing initiative and this housing initiative will bring an additional 14,000 beds by 2020. >> reporter: to accommodate them, all campuses have had to
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or are in the process of building more housing. nowhere is the need for apparent than at cal. uc berkeley has the lowest percentage of beds per student for any campus. 22% for undergraduates and 9% for graduate students. while cal is in the process of building more dorms, it has identified nine sites for new student housing including one at people's park, which is owned by the university. but people's park has a history. this mural depicts the may 15, 1969 riots when a student was shot by police. there is a big homeless community. the university has been cautious about moving too quickly and is asking for discussion and input from the public and the city of berkeley. >> a lot of people kind of like wouldn't have anywhere to go without this park. >> reporter: but the lack of affordable housing is an issue in berkeley. these freshmen went looking for off campus housing today.
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>> some of them are surprisingly expensive. as you get closer to campus, prices tend to go up. >> reporter: leon commutes from richmond because he can't afford to live in berkeley. >> i pay about a thousand dollars a month. the same size house here would be about 3,000 a month. a civil war is brewing in an east bay school district as five schools try to break away. now this battle over local control versus diversity is getting nasty on social media. plus, spreading sunshine across the globe. the trip halfway around the world for a high school student from the bay area. plenty of sunshine for your upcoming weekend. i'll tell you about a winter warm upa warm upa
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it's the only way to know for sure. did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's 10 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. take a look. this map shows just how big an area the school district covers. it includes after schools. what parents want to do with five of them. >> reporter: parents picking up
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their kids from didnkindergarte have their eyes on the future. >> to me it's very appealing to create our own school district. >> reporter: there are 56 schools in the school district and thousands of parents at five of the schools want out. yard signs have cropped up everywhere in neighborhoods around bancroft and walnut acres elementary schools. >> and we see this secessionist movement as exclusionary. >> reporter: teaches say a separate school district would decrease diversity. >> we're not changing anything. the seats in our schools are exactly the same. we're following the attendance area set out by mt. diablo school district. >> reporter: they say it's all about lower fo performance dist wide.
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those who want to create a new district selecollected 6,000 signatures. so the issue will go for the county. it would then go to the state and could end up on the ballot in 2018. >> there is criteria around race and demographics. there's criteria around real estate values. as we study the data, we do not see that they meet this criteria. >> reporter: the superintendent declined to go on camera, but said this week they adopted a resolution to oppose the schools trying to leave the district. some teachers say the digs on social media have gotten personal as the war over spinning off a new school district accelerates. the san francisco judge who helped pave the way for the repeal of don't ask don't tell in the military that is died. the ninth circuit announced today that retired judge william
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norris passed away peacefully. his opinion was called visionary. 27 years later when the supreme court over turned the ban on gay marriage allowing gay military members to finally get married. a fresno judge has decided california can force the widely used weed killer to label the product as a carcinogen. the company contends the product is save. more than a dozen families are suie ining monsanto. >> he was just the love of my life, my soul mate, my everything, really. >> reporter: jack was a farmer who had a healthy lifestyle and never smoked. he had no family history of the disease. his widow stood with more than a dozen other families and farm workers who believe that the chemical may be behind his death and many others.
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>> over the course of 30 years he used a lot of roundup. >> reporter: well known environmental attorney robert kennedy is suing the weed killer giant. >> they don't want farmers to know about that risk. it seems not just strange,ut almost sinister that this company would be trying to conceal the real risk of its product. >> reporter: the united farm workers of america is concerned for the thousands of farm workers who may not be aware of job hazards they can't see. >> with the weather and the working conditions they endure, they want to just know what type of chemicals are being utilityiutility i utilized and what is the potential impact. >> reporter: the attorney representing the roundup
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manufacturer told the wijudge tt warning labels would turn away many consumers and cause the company to immediately lose money. >> roundup is clear and has no smell. right now the chemical isn't restricted by the u.s. environmental protection agency. lawyers plan to challenge the decision but they declined to comment. some lucky california high school students are traveling to kenya to bring students there solar energy. the six high school students were celebrated for winning a contest sponsored by pg&e. the students will go to area that don't have reliable power. >> i feel very honored and very privileged and feel really happy that i am able to go to this program and be able to help the kenyan students and actually meet them in person.
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it's going to be a life changing experience. >> the students leave in early february and will stay for about a week. it's all paid for by the power company. they'll deliver a hundred solar suitcases to orphanages, schools and medical clinics. we are getting plenty of solar activity here. seeing the sun is a nice change. >> we're going to be needing the shades and the sunscreen right on through the weekend. it's going to be beautiful. let me show you right now a lovely view of the sunsetting from our emiliville camera. it was absolutely clear when the sun was setting. we're expecting another round of this and another round of this. live doppler 7 showing you no green on the screen. we are not tracking rain yet but it will be changing. san francisco is just sparkling tonight. here are your temperatures. it is 51 in san francisco, 50 in san jose. running a little milder than last night at this time.
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oakland upper 40s. look at this view. it's worth a million dollars from our camera. the wind near the lower part of the atmosphere are still really quite calm, it is a little breezy over the hill tops from our east bay hills camera. another chilly morning is ahead. warmer days through monday. our wet pattern begins next wednesday. tonight here's what's going to happen. we're going to see a few high clouds and patches of fog. tomorrow morning if you have early plans particularly taking you through around the delta area, watch out for this fog. you can see herhere, some of th fog from the central valley spinning in. by about 9:00 a.m. it's burning off and you will be seeing plenty of sunacross the entire bay area with the uptick in the temperatures continuing tomorrow. milder weather expected. tomorrow morning winter chill
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will be with us. you know that the seasons have not changed yet. fog is what you need to look out for if you have early plans. definitely bundle up. for the afternoon, make sure you have the sunscreen. highs will be in the upper 50s to the low 60s and the sun will be out. 58 is the average high. approaching 70 degrees by monday. hard to believe but it's going to feel like spring and not for long. middle of next week you see those temperatures really take a nose dive into the 50s. we have light winds expected, minimal impact but it will bring us rain. north bay is getting wet. we head into 11:00 p.m. and the coast is now starting to see the wet weather. we go into the next part of the system which is also a light system for thursday and friday. expecting a half an inch to an inch of rain. gusty at times. a little more rain with this, gusty at times and a slight chance of thunder.
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could see some minor issues by friday. hour by hour forecast, 6:00 a.m. thursday, widespread rain for the morning commute, heading into the afternoon, it is still umbrella weather. in the evening things start to taper. we'll bring you sunshine for the lunar new year activities this weekend. low to mid 60s everywhere for the first part except for a few spots in the 50s. take a look at those temperatures topping out on monday. close to 70 degrees around the bay. increasing cloud cover tuesday. temperatures begin to fall. and then we start to see rain drops beginning wednesday night, continuing through friday. all three days we have a level one system. it's really looking like good weather. perfect timing for the upcoming weekend. there's one more way to get from point a to b in the bay ♪
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for the first time in more than ten years public ferry service has returned between berkeley and san francisco. a private company called tideline launched from the berkeley marina this morning. the boat holds only 40 people, about 10% of the capacity of larger ferries. passengers noticed a difference but didn't seem to mind n. >> it's just as fast. it's just a little rougher when the waves are big. >> normally i drive. the traffic's been really bad recently so looking for alternative ways to commute. this is a lot less stressful. >> tickets cost $8 one way. this is a pilot program running
9:27 pm
only on freudidays. if it's successful, it will expand. security experts worry president trump's penchant for tweeting could be making him vulnerable to hackers and spies. the issue is his cell phone. apparently the president has continued to use his personal android device to tweet. the phone, a samsung galaxy s3 is easy to crack. >> it's already known how you exploit it. you look at these techniques. once you can get the victim to click on the link you take over the phone. >> weaver is convinced hackers have already been spying on president trump through his camera on his phone. the high profile photo and why it's enraged an entire country. plus
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we again this half hour with the first 100 days of donald trump's presidency. late this afternoon president trump signed an executive order calling for extreme vetting of some immigrants. it's aimed at keeping radical islamic terrorists out of the united states. the council on american islamic relations is planning to file a lawsuit on monday. >> i'm establishing new vetting measures to keep radical islamic terrorists out of the united states of america. we don't want them here. >> reporter: president trump signing an executive order suspending immigration for 90 days from seven countries with ties of terrorism.
9:32 pm
all muslim majority nations. >> we want to ensure that we are not admitting into our country the very threats our soldiers ha are fighting overseas. >> reporter: the order also suspends the syrian refugee program indefinitely and suspends the entry of all refugees for a period of 120 days. for the first time since taking office, president trump hosted a foreign leader at the white house, meeting with british payment theresa may, discussing foreign policy and trade. >> today's talks i think were a significant moment for president trump and i to build our relationship. >> reporter: in his first news conference as president, mr. trump said he planned to talk with vladimir putin by phone saturday. >> i don't know the gentleman. i hope we have a fantastic relationship. >> reporter: also saying he will leave to defend secretary james mattis who was sworn in on friday the decision whether to implement torture as an interrogation tactic.
9:33 pm
prime minister may said president trump has confirmed his relationship with nato. during the campaign mr. trump called it obsolete. the white house said today president trump and mexico's president have agreed not to discuss how to pay for the wall on the border publicly. mexico business magnate carlos slim called on mexicans to unite in the face of president trump's hostility. he stopped short of calling for a boycott of american goods but did urge mexicans to buy mexican products. tonight many mexicans are furious at melania trump. they're ee're upset she's on tr of vanity fair's mexican edition. it appears to show her eating a bowl of diamonds. the edition includes an article about how she plans to become the new jackie kennedy. today is international holocaust remembrance day.
9:34 pm
it on w nowhere does it specifically mention jews. in a tweet, director of the anti-defamation league says the statement misses that it was 6 million jews who perished. he later called it puzzling and troubling. during abc's interview with president trump at the white house, he told him again thaet e believes he lost the popular vote because of millions of illegal votes. voter documents do show a number of people in the president's inner icircle and his family ar registered in more than one state. >> reporter: until today, 56-year-old greg phillips of austin, texas was dismissed by top election officials as a conspiracy theorist blogger who claimed that the obama department of homeland security hacked the election and there were some 3 million illegal
9:35 pm
votes. election officials say that is just not true. phillips told cnn this morning he was not yet ready to provide his evidence. but less than an hour after his appearance on cnn, phillips was being cited by the president, writing on twitter greg phillips and crew say at least 3 million votes for illegal. trump has spent the week pushing the false claim he lost the popular vote because of fraud. >> you had people that are registered who are dead, who are illegals, who are in two states. you have people registered in two states. they're registered in new york and in new jersey. they vote twice. there are millions of votes in my opinion. >> reporter: but among the millions registered in two states are some people very close to the president. his son-in-law and white house senior advisor jared kushner, registered in new york and new
9:36 pm
jersey. his daughter tiffany, his chief strategist steve bannon. and his press secretary sean spicer, registered in rhode island and virginia. none break the law unless they vote twice. >> often times the voter is completely unaware that they are registered in two states. >> reporter: of the 136 million voters in the last election, fewer than a dozen were alleged to have voted twice including this trump supporter in iowa who has pleaded not guilty to the charges. in washington today, thousands marched in opposition of abortion rights. it's an annual event. for the first time in 44 years the vice president spoke to the crowd, causing a strong response from democrats. >> because of all of you and the many thousands who stand with us in marches like this all across the nation, life is winning. >> what they're doing is making
9:37 pm
it more dangerous so people can't spend their own dollars in the exchanges to have access to reproductive rights. >> according to the latest poll, 69% of americans oppose a repeal of roe versus wade. chicago's superintendent revealed he's on the list to get a new kidney after he almost fainted today. the mayor stopped him mid speech and he was taken over to sit down and have some juice. johnson has had a kidney condition for 32 years. he went to the hospital to get checked out and is now doing better. he says he's confident he can continue to do his job as he waits for a kidney. in upstate new york terrifying video shows a pickup truck slamming into a city bus. the crash happened about a week ago but the video came out today. you can see the truck lodged inside of the bus. several people were injured. from another angle right there,
9:38 pm
you can see one passenger just get thrown forward. the 82-year-old driver says he swerved to avoid stopped traffic. he went off the road and right into that bus. now could be the time to buy a car when prices are
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new numbers show the cost of used cars is dropping and there are ways to sweeten the deal to save thousands. is now the time to buy? >> reporter: tonight after nearly a decade on the rise, used car prices are dropping and set to fall even more in 2017. americans turning in more than 3 million leased cars and trucks to dealerships, the most important thing to save you money when you're ready to buy.
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>> it's a great idea to buy a certified preowned car because you really know what you're getting. >> reporter: for example this 2016 chevy malibu, new it will cost you about $24,000. but we found the same car certified preowned with less than 20,000 miles on it for $16,000. $8,000 cheaper. >> it's a good deal to buy a small car right now because dealers have an excess of them on their lots. >> reporter: many drivers are moving to larger crossovers, suvs and pickup trucks. some of the best deals on the lot are the smaller sedans. finally hold your smart phone while you're negotiating the price. it lets you verify it really is the best price and it lets the dealer know you have full access to information. a proposal unveiled by the raiders for a stadium in las
9:43 pm
vegas is raising eyebrows. the raiders are seeking to pay just a dollar a year for rent. the team calls the proposal a starting point. the state of nevada has already approved 750 million dollar in taxpayer money for the facility. the raiders applied for relocation next week. owners could vote on the application in march. right now the raiders pay $3 million in annual rent at the coliseum. the 49ers pay $24.5 million at levi stadium. now to an explosive celebration.
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new year's celebrated in many chinese homes with a family dinner of epic proportions. >> reporter: the stores and sidewalks are teaming with shoppers. >> chinese new year always we cook a chicken and the fish. >> reporter: different regions have different cuisines. >> they're making dumplings. that's typical northern part of china's new year's food. >> reporter: this is the big male meal of the year. produce vendors line the streets
9:48 pm
of china town and meat markets have lines out the door. this is the last chance to buy chinese food. for what's often an international family reunion. >> no matter where you are on the chinese new year, you have to come home. >> reporter: preparing that big holiday meal is just one custom in a two week long holiday that's surrounded in lots of other traditions. >> everybody in red. >> reporter: the new year is about good luck and good fortune. >> chinese very realistic, everything costs money. >> reporter: what's inside? >> inside from $1 to 1,000.
9:49 pm
>> reporter: the new year is the year of the rooster said to be observant and hard working. >> rooster is the animal that gets up really early. >> reporter: expect lots of dou decor featuring roosters, especially red ones. in southwest china folk artists performed a dragon dance to celebrate the festival. artists throw molten iron into the air while 30 people perform elaborate dragon dances. the spring festival holiday started today across china. let's get another check on our weather. >> it's going to feel like spring around here but hasn't yet. take a look at live doppler 7. we have clear skies tonight. we will be seeing some rain on the screen there as we head into the middle of next week. until then, enjoy the sun. temperatures will be in the upper 50s to lower 60s.
9:50 pm
winter warmup for both saturday, sunday and then turning over into monday. it's going to be about 11 degrees above average in santa rosa coming in at 69 on monday. san jose 67. chances of rain returning wednesday through friday. all level one or light systems. right now i don't anticipate my major issues. our dry spring-like streak will end middle to latter part of next week. we'll be pulling the rain gear out and it will cool off as well. beer drinkers take their beer seriously and football fans take their teams seriously which may explain why a gas station in georgia has stopped selling sam adams beer. they put this sign up on the refrigerator saying they won't sell sam adams until after the super bowl. sam adams is made in boston where the patriots are.
9:51 pm
this is really serious stuff. >> it's quite serious. the guy that runs the store also said that he's just putting it in the back. the second the game is over, he's bringing it out. he's a capitalist at heart. steve kerr has some fun plans for the nba all star game like putting all of his guys together on the court at the same time. would he put russell westbrook
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
good evening. the warriors host the clippers tomorrow night. steph curry questionable because of a thigh injury. his left outer thigh if you want to be precise about it. curry one of four warriors all stars, quite an accomplishment. steve kerr coaching the west. we will see them on the court together in the all star game.
9:55 pm
>> i'm absolutely going to play them all four together. i absolutely am going to. those four will be together for sure. i can guarantee that will happen at some point. >> i wonder who the fifth player will be? it's crazy. it's a really unique situation. it doesn't happen a lot for a lot of teams. we'll enjoy the heck out of it. >> women's hoops tonight, cal ran into the number seven washington huskies. they got run over. christine had 23 points as the we bears kept it close early. plum, 24 in this game now, sixth in ncaa history. natalie romeo, a junior originally from martinez went for 32 points as washington rolls 90-67. the 49ers met with falcons
9:56 pm
offensive ordinary they tcoordi shanahan tonight. he's the falcons offensive coordinator. a part of the meeting here is to figure out who he wants as a general manager. sounds like a shotgun marriage scenario with candidates george payton and terry mcduna. kyle shanahan could insist on his dad. the as are holding their fan fest tomorrow. a chance to meet some of your favorite players, if any of them are left on the team, not traded. 2016 the worst year of sonny gray's career. remember he got the flu on opening day, then an elbow injury. only 22 starts. off season, got a personal
9:57 pm
trainer. back on the mound, no limitations. excited about the franchise recommitment to oakland. >> this off season has been as good as i can remember since i have been here and dave's come in and really, you know, waves the flag and talking about a new ballpark. that's what want to hear. >> it's a beautiful city. people know what's going on with the other teams here. they would not want to see something bad happen with the as. >> it's smart to reenergize the fan base, to get them involved, to keep them engaged with the team. >> we are committed to oakland in that we're going to be in oakland. you know everyone's excited about it. >> tiger woods has a free weekend.cut today at torrey pines. completely whacked it way past the hole in one of his two bogies of the day.
9:58 pm
this is for eagle. and left it a little bit short. tiger shot a 72 today. missed the cut for the first time at a tournament that he's won eight times. 11 of the 16 times he's ever missed a cut on the pga tour has come since 2010. long road back. >> ken roland crunched it on the men's super pipe. not seriously injured. look at aaron. these are 360s and 720s and 1080s. it was two degrees in aspen and that is his first ever x games medal. abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota.
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>> he's weak. >> i am. very fragile. president trump's sweeping order to ban refugees and people from seven muslim countries tonight we have the swift reaction and the fallout. plus, roommates young and old, the unlikely bond bringing them all together. join us for abc 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7.
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narrator: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. today musical genius, rock legend, reclusive artist, and convicted murderer. the early morning hours actress lana clarkson spent at phil spector's castle-style mansion would be her last. also the odd case of


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