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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  March 6, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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everyday price and no extra monthly fees, unlike cable. speeds up to 45 megs, for $30 a month. after years of fighting ocho bo o obamacare. good evening, thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. we know tonight how republicans plan to replace the affordable care act. >> they have taken the wraps off a bill that would repeal it. the first details are just now
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emerging and some republicans are already pushing back. >> abc news reporter mary bruce has more from capitol hill. >> republicans ran on a promise to get rid of ocho boll bamacar we're learning how they plan to do it. the house republican bill just released and the white house hinted the president will support it. here is what the bill does. it would immediately eliminate the individual mandate repeal the obamacare penalties and subsidies over three years, instead, creates tax credits to help americans buy insurance and it limits federal funding for medicaid. but here is what it doesn't change, cover rig cannage canno denied based on preexisting conditions. republicans in the house and senate voiced serious concerns about many of these propels. the question is whether this is enough to get them on board. and how would this affect the nearly 20 million americans currently covered by ocho womba? the answer won't come until the
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budget office answers new findings. mary bruce, abc news capitol hill. the president wanted a plan that would cost less, provide better insurance and cover anyone. democrats say it will rip health care away from millions of americans. >> to the explosive claim that president obama wiretapped him before the election. there is still in evidence that that's true but tonight, senator lindsey graham says he'll oversee a panel that looks into the president's claim. he says it could go two ways. a sitting administration illegally wiretapping a campaign would be unprecedented, but if the court issued a warrant, that would mean there is probable cause to investigate, which could be bad news for mr. trump. the white house did not back down from that claim. brian ross has more. >> reporter: there is still no proof tonight, none to back up president trump's twitter claims that the fbi bugged trump tower on orders of president obama. still, the white house press secretary sean spicer today
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seemed to double down on the unfunnu unfounded assertions. >> there is no question something happened. the question is is it surveillan surveillance, a wiretap? >> reporter: the president's tweets from the private palm beach club he calls the winter white house were stated as a fact, not a question. terrible, just found out that obama had my wires tapped in trump tower just before the victory, nothing found. this is mccarthy-ism followed by three more presidential outbursts taking on president obama and misspelling tap. how low has president obama gone to tap my phones during the very sacred election process. this is nixon watergate. bad, sick guy. they did their own doubling down to refute the president with senior fbi officials with the former director of national
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intelligence to speak out. >> there was no wiretap against trump tower conducted by any part of the intelligence community. >> none at all? >> none at all. >> reporter: claims clapper says president trump could have found that out for himself with one phone call. >> i think the department of justice probably could clear this up in a heart beat. >> reporter: instead, the president seems to have relied on an article posted friday by the right wing breitbart website detailing allegatons of a conspiracy theory loving radio talk show host mark lavin. >> how many of trump's people were ea were eavesdropped on and how many had conversationsrecorded, transcribed. >> reporter: they will not say where the president got his information and sarah huckabee sanders tried to state the fact. >> the president of the united states is accusing the former president of wiretapping him. >> i think this is again, something that if this happened,
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martha -- >> if, if, if, if. [ laughter ] >> i agree. >> reporter: it all comes with the white house engulf fed ed b growing controversy. cameras captured a heated meeting friday in the oval office, animated chief strategists steve bannon, the president's daughter ivanka. insiders told abc news trump went ballistiballistic. for president barack obama, he seemed unphased by the trump twitter attacks, getting a round of applause as he and mrs. obama arrived at the national gallery of art over the weekend. his spokesman says the allegations from president trump are completely false. brian ross, abc news, new york. >> let's turn to the weather now because we're in for a wintery night. >> here is a live look from the camera at pier 15. abc 7 news drew tuma is here with a preview of the forecast, drew? >> hi, we're starting to see the showers at least wind down.
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live doppler seven dealing with hit or miss slow-moving showers for a better part of the day today. tonight, though, live doppler seven showing you we're beginning see skies clear but have the very chilly temperatures left over right now. rainfall very light in nature. we saw the showers develop. san raphael shy of .2 and over a quarter of an inch and san francisco .4 and a few sprinkles coming into san jose. take a look at the temperature trend. we're chilly for one more day and look what happens midweek. mild air moving in before we track a chance of more rain. we'll detail it in a few minutes, gauys? >> thank you, drew. your days of speeding through airport security may be over. if you're chosen for a pat down, it may be more invasive and time consuming than you're used to. >> reporter: going through security may be a bigger hassle than it was before if you're selected for the latest version
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of a pat down. john thought his experience was inappropriate. >> pat the front, pull your pants up, check your legs, check your groin, et cetera. >> reporter: under the previous policy, tsa agents had the discretion to use one of five methods for pats down parts of your body. now, there is a single standardized procedure that is is more rigorous. jackelyn butler works at the airport but still got quite a going over today. >> she like went down in here to make sure and then she told me to hold my arms out. >> reporter: most travelers will be processed using screens machines but for those who opt out of that technology are pulled aside by tsa, the touching could feel invasive. christina tells us her pat down was not out of bounds but if it had been, she would have left. >> i wouldn't get on the plane. if someone violated my person space, to a point it made me uncomfortable. >> reporter: it comes two years
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after a damaging report found major securiy lapses at airports nationwide. in a statement, the transportation security administration said the tsa continues to adjust and refine our systems and procedures to meet the evolving threat and to achieve the highest levels of transportation security. >> it was more pat downing than i expected, but, you know, i guess to make sure everyone is safe. >> reporter: the tsa screens 2 million travelers each day. at sfo, caroline tyler, abc 7 news. >> a san jose police officer is accused of stealing marijuana. 49-year-old julio has more than 21 years experience in law enforce the and faces a charge of misdemeanor petty theft. morales is on paid administrative leave since he was arrested on february 4th. a trial of an east bay man to kill witnesses against him began today in contra costa county. he faces life in prison if convicted on dozens of counts.
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laura anthony was in court for opening statements. >> reporter: it's a case that initially drew little attention, charles waldo was arrested four years ago for while collar crimes but the case changed dramatically when he was indicted for allegedly trying to recruit fellow inmates to kill nine witnesses against him. now as his trail begins, this is how prosecutor dominique described waldo. quote, if you cross the defendant in any way, shape or form there will be pay back and a reckoning. the 39-year-old martinez man was initially arrested in 2013 on charges he committed car insurance fraud and embezzled more than $100,000 from a local hauling company but in 2014, there were new serious murder for hire charges. according to prosecutors, there was even a hit list with names and suggested methods including drug overdose, staged car accidents, and robberies gone bad. >> i'm not completely innocent, but there is -- but i'm not guilty of everything i'm charged
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with. >> reporter: last month, waldo talked with abc 7 news in a jailhouse interview. >> i wasn't looking at a lot of time before that alleged murder conspiracy. i had no intentions of trying to murder any witnesses. i'm looking at life and never going home. >> reporter: in his opening statement, waldo's defense attorney christopher martin told jurors the murder for hire case is a sham and the jail is effectively a rat's nest loaded with career informant's. waldo's trial is expected to last several months. laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> a tip from the public helped police track down a man accused of trying to rob a jewelry store in china town. police arrested matthew at his home yesterday. is seen in this surveillance video, watch on friday, incoming over an employee. they say he had a gun and hammer with him. no one was hurt. he didn't get away with
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anything. up next, fixing a storm battered road in sonoma. they are saving what is in it. >> a bright spot as we near the end of a long wet winter. the community comes together it's okay to cry, right? no more! we don't want anymore! [crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! everyday price and no extra monthly fees, unlike cable. speeds up to 45 megs, for $30 a month.
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new dell taitails released the victim killed by a falling tree, a 20-year-old. she was working for a hospitality company under contract with the park. the accident happened late yesterday morning at a camp site. the area used to be known as curry village. the tree fell on her tent. these pictures were from a man staying at another tent. rangers killed the claamp groun after the accident. water has been flowing for two months and today they are doing more than a cleanup. they are pulling out endangered spes se species. the creek is creating a mess. wayne freedman. >> reporter: if you appreciate the occasional road side understatement, here is one for your hall of fame. it warns of green valley road and sonoma county as predictable as old faithful in yellowstone.
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it's been worse this winter. this is is is the 62nd straighty the creek overflowed into the grape vineyard. >> that this has progressively gotten worse and worse. >> reporter: let us count the ways, first for rest deidents w live on the other side who must make a 45-minute detour and for residents of that creek, namely native salmon and fresh water shrimp who often get flushed into the vineyard never to return. >> salmon on it. >> reporter: to date, ade delice effort to clear brush and deepening the creek channel wildlife biologist dave cook went on a rescue mission. >> this is probably a fish that just hatched maybe a month or two ago, maybe a couple months ago. >> reporter: it's small netted from the vineyard, one of a
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precious 40 recovered today and moved on to a safe place. >> well, one at a time. that's what it takes. >> reporter: on green valley road, one at a time is what it i can takes. tomorrow marks two weeks sinlt t since the devastating flooding in san jose. abc 7 news returned today to check back and see how the cleanup is going. some roads are still closed. there are still flood damaged apartments closed off and marked with a big red x. overall, the area is looking much better than it did 13 days ago. the before video is on the right when hundreds of cars and homes were under water and people had to be evacuated by boat. today there is still flood damaged furniture left along the curb. they visited flooded public properties as part of the city's application process to receive emergency funding. they will look at private property tomorrow and wednesday. the victims' relief fund is up to more than $6 million. volunteers are still needed to
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help with the cleanup, especially those who can speak spanish and vietnamese. >> the weekend storm dropped more snow in the sierra. the resort received 618 inches of snow for the season, that's nearly double last season's total and remember, this season isn't over yet. squall valley plan to stay open through july. this video shows the staggering amount of snow, another three feet since yesterday. a community in santa cruz county is rallying behind a blind dog that survived eight days trapped in the forecast. white lab sage disappoint greered after a week of searching, the family gave up hope nearly. then a neighbor spotted the lab in a stream with his head barrelbarrel barely above the water. he was over joyed to find her alive and carried sage back home and the entire family cried. it inspired the community to
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hold a fundraiser for the santa cruz animal shelter. weather is changing once again. >> drew tuma is here with the latest. >> ama and dan, it's changing for the better if you ask a lot of people. we'll dry out and warm up and bring back sunshine. live doppler 7 showing you action earlier today. morning showers there. now departing and it's really quiet scene over the region right now. we'll take you into tahoe a few hours ago, a little snow shower activity. it's winding down, as well but they have just gotten hammered the past 72 hours. look at the snowfall totals. donor pass, 56 inches of snow. king vail 47 inches. 41, heavenly over 3 feet of fresh powder in kirkwood coming in at 23 inches of snow. outside we go, live look from the tower camera showing you beautiful san francisco in the foreground, oakland in the background, great visibility out there now and the forecast calling for the showers. they are exiting as we speak.
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however, that cool air is going to remain at least the next 12 to 24 hours. warmer days come here beginning wednesday and then a chance of showers moves back into the picture sunday into monday. looks like a good stretch of dry weather moving in. out there right now, it's actually a little bit milder than we have been this time last night. the 24-hour temperature change ten degrees warmer in santa rosa, six in napa, two in concord and five degrees warmer in mountain view now than we were this time yesterday. still it feels chilly out there but not as bad as it has been the past couple nights. 50 in san francisco, about 49 mountain view, 45 san ramon. a mix of stars and clouds out there. most spots will be dry overnight. perhaps a shower near clover dale and 46 san francisco and 41 san jose and overnight 42 that number in fairfield. highs on tuesday, the sunshine returns to the south bay. 64 in san jose.
9:20 pm
about 63 coupertino and 57 pacificia and downtown san francisco, 59 tomorrow. 60 in south san francisco. a little more in the way of cloud cover in the north bay. 59 the high and 60 san rafael and oakland 61 and 62 union city and main si sunny and inland similar temperatures and sky. we'll see about62 that high in antioch and 61 san a moramon. wednesday temperatures continue to rise. 70s return inland and 60s make their presence known. spring-like warmth will continue, as well. accuweather seven-day forecast. partly cloudy skies on tuesday, slowly warming up tomorrow. chilly but turning warmer on wednesday. it feels like spring thursday into friday. sat increasing clouds and spring
9:21 pm
the clocks ahead one hour. daylight savings begins sunday. slight chance in the evening but the real chance will come next monday. >> all right. >> thanks very much. >> sure. well, san francisco startup says it can build tomorrow's houses today, literally. >> you'll see the video showing how much 3 d printing can accomplish in 24 hours. it's wild. stay with us.
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stock for the tech ipo snapshot up after it starts trading and just as quickly came tumbling back down. take a look at the graphic that shows the 12% plummet today closed at 2377 under the opening value. analysts are worried snapchat isn't adding enough users. it added 5 million. so far seven top wall street analysts rated the stock but
9:25 pm
none recommended buying it. a startup showed what it could do in 24 hours using a 3 d printer. the core based in san francisco and russia constructed a home in one day. it's 400 square feet. has a bedroom, bathroom, hallway, designers made it a concrete mixture. they say will last 175 years. they want housing to become more sustainable. this is video from the company. those homes cost just $10,000, including windows, insulation, electrical and plumbing. >> wow. all right. up next, the president's new travel ban. >> there is a lot of confusion and fear. >> what makes this executive order different from the one that was blocked by the courts? >> also, what you see is proposing to do for the first time about out of the state students. the man who dresses up as superman is back on the job after rec
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and we begin this half hour with president trump's new travel ban, the first one was blocked by the courts. >> that's right. he signed it at his desk with no media around him. cecilia vega reports how this is different from the first. >> reporter: the president signing this executive order, the media not allowed in. a far cry from the fanfare over the first travel ban. >> big stuff. >> reporter: and that is not the difference. travel ban 2.0 resends the original stalled in courts. addressing some of the red flags raised by opponents. the original order, ban citizens from seven muslim majority countries including iraq. now iraq is no longer on the
9:30 pm
list opening the door for people like translators who worked with the u.s. government. >> this order is part of our on going efforts to eliminate vulnerabilities, the radical islam mister rist terror will e >> reporter: it scraps protections for religious minorities like christians. the revised order comes after delay upon delay from the white house. >> it's not a question of delaying but a question of getting it right. >> reporter: this time the white house hoping to avoid scenes like these, chaos at airports around the world. families stranded in the confusion of a hasty and botched rollout. initially, the president insisted the first order had to be implemented immediately tweeting the security of our nation is at steak but this new version doesn't take effect for ten days. >> he said the bad guys were going to pour in if this wasn't done right now. but there is a ten-day delay in
9:31 pm
this one. what's changed? >> it's very important this exist at all. first, we were criticized for doing things too quickly. >> a program that fast tracked temporarily work visas for certain people with qualifications is being put on hold. premium processes will be suspended for hb 1 visas for up to six months. the processing allowed companies to bring in lower cost, highly skilled workers in tech and medicine in 15 days instead of the usual three months wait. it's so u.s. immigration officials can clear out a backlog of regular visa applications. president trump's heart stands toward undocumented immigrants creates an unprecedented fear in communities. a local internet company offers free legal advice for clients and employees. lyanne melendez has the story from san francisco. >> reporter: anyone looking for work in the hospitality industry can search on their instawork
9:32 pm
for a job where many post information. since president trump took office, instawork has many questions relating to immigration. >> a lot of questions how potential changes will affect them. >> reporter: it will be from 3:00 to 5:00 says this employee for the third informational session offered to workers and small business owners. the company brought in an immigration attorney. >> if i'm detained by ice, what happens to my family? how will my family find me? >> reporter: small businesses, restaurants want to know their rights. >> if immigration and customs enforcement comes to a restaurant demanding to come inside and look at paperwork for our staff, are we legally obligated to do that and what's the process there? >> reporter: that would require a search warrant signed by a judge. meanwhile, the mexican government announced it will spend $15 million to set up
9:33 pm
legal aid centers at all the consulates in the united states. their offices are also receiving a record number of calls. >> if i get deported, what is going to happen with my bank account? will happen with my house, my car? >> reporter: some immigration attorneys are recommending giving a power of attorney to a relative. last week san francisco's district attorney signed a pledge with mexico to protect immigrants. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. the fbi is monitoring a new wave of russian hacking attacks targeting left leaning political activist organizations including one with officers in san francisco. a report out tonight mentions the center for american progress, a group with deep connections to the clintons and were to former president obama and both were said to be asked to pay ransom to a government sponsored group from russia in exchange for keeping their secrets unknown to the public. the demands range from 30 to
9:34 pm
$150,000. the university of california appears ready to limit the number of out of state students admitted to the u.c. system. officials proposed a 20% system wide limit on under graduate enrollment to continue giving californians top priority. the limit would be the first ever for the ten campus system. it comes after a scathing state audit found u.c. was hurting california students by admitting too many out of state applicants. >> women with breast cancer don't have to worry about so i products fueling the disease. that's according to new research. a university study finds so i food can actually benefit women with breast cancer as well as prevent it. researchers found women who ate the most soy foods were 21% less likely to die over a nine-year period. previous studies suggested that certain properties in soy mimic estrogen, which can fuel some breast cancers. >> british lawmakers are asking
9:35 pm
whether employees can force women to wear high heels as part of a dress code. it started as a receptionest started a petition drive. dozens of women have come forward saying they are forced to wear high heels until their feet bled or they could no longer walk. members of parliament are calling on the government to tighten the rules so british women will never be forced to wear high heels at the office. the city of portland maine is trying another way to get panhandlers off the street and get a job. they have a chance to work for $10.68 per hour doing jobs like cleaning up parks. a large number of people asking for help would much rather earn cash by working but many of them have a hard time getting there. >> i have two felonies, so it's hard for me to get a job and working to get my i.d. >> they are facing the obstacles of very high rate of physical disability and mental health so
9:36 pm
that's just -- they are stuck. >> starting next month five people twice a week will work on but beautifying cases. a person super hero has returned to work after recovering from a beating. leo has the details. >> christopher lloyd better none as superman on the streets in the walk of fame says one of the biggest things that encouraged him to get back up after being attacked were words of wisdom from christopher reid. you can't let your setbacks set you back. christopher dennis betrayed superman for more than two decades. today he walked onto the boulevard for the first time since being almost killed in an attack and robbery nearly a year ago. >> i'm glad to be back because this is something i started 25 years ago.
9:37 pm
and it's my lifelong dream to be out here and helping people. >> reporter: then character taking pictures with people, he says after the attack, he lost all hope and his life began to spiral into a dark hole. that is until he says friends helped him find his way back. where do the tears come from? >> happiness. i'm just happy to be back and doing what i love. you know, and i got so much support. >> reporter: one of his biggest supporters, this man that portrays, the super hero logan. >> great to have superman back out here. in his absence we had someone pop up with a cheesy halcostume. he's always honest and been here 20 plus years. >> reporter: those in costume aren't the only ones that list the man of steel. >> i'm really happy. good he's back.
9:38 pm
>> yeah. tomorrow's commute today. >> in the east bay, behind the >> in the east bay, behind the scenes look at a >> in the east bay, behind the scenes look at a it's just a date. i can stay. i'm good.
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one day could be the misses link but for now you can see it circling a parking lot with no one behind the wheel. >> it's weird. jonathan bloom took the first ride aboard a self-driving bus that could carry passengers by the end of the year. >> reporter: 12 people can fit inside this bus, surprisingly spacious because of what it's missing. >> there is no brake peddle. >> reporter: these could be part of the future of suburban transportation. >> we're very excited to finally states. hing them in the united >> reporter: the french company easy mile has them running in 14 countries.
9:42 pm
>> the technology is in place. the regulations are the challenge. >> reporter: a state law had to be passed to give permission to do one test here at the business park. >> number one is to get the bus on the road to tak the fear away from the public in using the atonnous vehicle. >> reporter: they are capable of going the normal speed of a bus but going slower 12 miles an hour or slower than a san francisco cable car. >> you got to walk before you can run. >> we're crawling now. >> reporter: it's a new take on bus design. windshield wipers only clean where the cameras are. >> it goes in either direction. >> exactly. no front and back. >> reporter: it's like a horizontal elevator. >> open and close the door. >> reporter: lasers look for obstacles. >> we can be 100% sure that we keep up with the emergency stuff. >> reporter: that's why they are being so careful testing first in this empty lot. >> and then we hope later this year to be able to put the bus on the road and have the general
9:43 pm
public use it. >> reporter: some 30,000 people work at bishop ranch among three miles where the silent electric buses can have their own lane but in time, they can drive anywhere. >> there is no rails. that's the beauty of this. no infrastructure needed. >> reporter: next stop, your neighborhood? jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. >> pretty wild. want that annoying co-worker of yours to leave you alone? why are you starring at me, ama? >> a google chrome extension may solve your problems. i'll leave you alone. it provides frustrated employees a professional way to tell people to buzz off. you download the extension, add your phone number and when your co-worker comes to chat, the app calls your work phone and you can pretend to take the important call and continue your hard work. >> oh, i got to take this, dan. >> she's figured it out. >> drew? drew, is that you? [ laughter ] >> excellent.
9:44 pm
that's good. all right. forecast is m co-icoming up nex >> that's right. the spelling bee
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9:46 pm
9:47 pm
it's safe to say a girl from oklahoma will never have rely on spell check. at 5 years old she's the youngest participant ever in the script's national spelling bee. david has a look at how she got there. >> reporter: that's 5-year-old edith fuller. she went straight to number one beating out 53 other students, many a lot older, ages 5 to 14. she's the youngest competitor to qualify for the national spelling bee in may. every year a star emerges. last year we met 6-year-old of san angelo, the first first grader ever to
9:48 pm
make it to the national spelling bee. showing us his practice video. >> and e. s-i-s. >> good job. >> reporter: better him than us and when he arrived on stage, he had to adjust the microphone himself. >> right there. there you go. >> reporter: we won't forget the message to us. >> hi, david. d-a-v-i-d. >> reporter: the newcomer that spelled jhana correctly and when she won, edith, the 5-year-old simply said i feel thankful. >> just 5. >> i know. that was david mur reporting. >> hate getting out spelled by a 5-year-old. let's update the forecast. >> hi, ama and dan and we're tracking quiet conditions coming our way. live doppler 7 showing rain earlier today, some showers, they have moved out but i just
9:49 pm
want to take you to the east for a moment dealing with a line of very strong weather. live doppler 7 showing you a wide swath of not only heavy rain but storms producing tornados. in fact, over this evening, 28 tornados had been reported across much of the midwest. not only that, the damaging wind reports. several hundred of them so a lot is happening to the east but thankfully tonight, nothing like that here locally. overnight tonight, here is the call. a few clouds to the north around santa rosa, clover dale a sprinkle. 41 overnight and 46 in san francisco. the same in richmond. tomorrow, it's not a totally bright day. we'll have a vail of cloud cover overhead but looks to be mainly dry. a bit more in the way of sunshine the farther south you go and cloud cover the farther north you go. temperatures a touch warmer tomorrow than today. 61 high in oakland. 64 an jose. 59 san francisco and napa 61.
9:50 pm
this is the trend that is going up and up on the switceven-day forecast. feels down right like spring. more in the way of cloud cover. slight chance sunday night but mainly light showers on monday. >> very good. thanks, drew. big congratulations tonight on a three pete victory for san jose high school. >> the dance team won another national dance championship. national titles in two catego categories in florida. >> it's considered the nation's premiere national dance competition. check them out. ♪ ♪ >> that's the team in action. presentation high school won national titles at the contest of champions for three years straight. >> boy, they are good. that's hard work. all right. on to sports, a lot going on tonight. >> sharks and warriors give their fans something to cheer
9:51 pm
about tonight. coming up, joe thornton reaches a milestone in his long career and the war rorrarriors g
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>> at the end of a long five-game road trip, the warriors needed help to pick up a win in atlanta. steph curry with a slightly different pregame routine nails the corner shot. nice sequence here. a block and curry with a long pass to andre iguodala. iggy showing he has hops. the hawks dennis shrewder scored a high of 23 but benched for arguing with diagnostwight howa. takes it all the way. atlanta led by five at the half. third quarter now, the warriors began to click from long range. the quick inbounds to steph for the triple and warriors up by two. klay thompson was scoreless the first half but began to heat up. he pops for three this 13. curry had three threes on the
9:55 pm
quarter. he would finish with 24 points. ste many, h wi steph with a little shimmy here. curry does it during the game. the bench led by iguodala and iggy with a season high 24 points and warriors win 119-111 and return home to host boston on wednesday. the two teams chasing the warriors squared off with san antonio and spurs take a one-point lead late in the fourth. it was up to three but the rockets eric gordon connects with a minute left. with the spurs trailing by one, leonard again comes up big hitting a three-pointer to put san antonio yon top. james harden tries to answer but shot blocked. the spurs come up with the rebound the san antonio pulls out a 112-110 victory so two and a half games back of golden state. former warrior andrew bogut made his day by. he had been on the court less
9:56 pm
than a minute when he bumped legs with the heat's white. the 7-foot center suffered a fractured shinbone. miami beat cleveland 106-98. tough break for bogut. the west coast conference semi finals are being held with ten minutes left in the second half. second-seed st. marys leads byu 65-34. in the first semi final, herb and santa clara trying to upset top seed gonzaga. the broncos put up a fight. senior jared brown ridge kept his team close with the team high 32 points. but the zags too good. look out for the big man, he had a 19-point as they advance to the final with a 77-68 victory that bris a smile to the alumni's face. the zags seeking the fifth straight championship. to football, the 49ers are
9:57 pm
planning to release torrey smith two years after he signed a five-year $40 million contract. he helped lead the ravins to a super bowl title that made no impact for san francisco. he missed the last four games of the season with a concussion. just like the warriors, the sharks play their own back to back. yesterday they lost to minnesota, tonight they were in winnipeg. joe thornton playing the 900th game with san jose looking for the 1,000th career assist. he was not credited on this rebound goal. little joe's 22nd goal of the season. in the third, san jose up 2-1. thornton breaks up the play here. gets it to mark edward who flips it to pavelski. the sharks win 3-2. thornton is the 13th player in nhl history to get 1,000 career assists. cactus league play, the giants took on the indians in
9:58 pm
scottsdale and matt cain went three and one-third innings allowing two runs and two hits. in the second, veteran aaron hill competing for a utility infielder spot doubles to deep left. mike morris will score to tie the contest. nice outing by the giants' bullpen. derek law threw down an eight. strickland pitched the ninth and got the save. the game ends on this double play ball. giants win 3-2 snapping an eight-game losing streak. the a's have the day off. and this abc 7 sports report brought to you by toyota. so the warriors dig a little deep to win and come back home to play boston on wednesday. >> they must be beat. >> yeah. >> brings new meeting to the word traveling. >> that's true, thank you. coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00 a hazing scandal and the quarterback of the j.v. football team is telling his
9:59 pm
story to the i-team. >> now school is getting taken away from me and so it's a real punch in the gut. >> the exclusive details of what really happened inside that locker room. >> and ways, whoa, the bay area city that says the popular navigation app is creating commuter chaos. join us for abc 7 news at 11:00 on channel 7. finally, u.c. researchers solved a mystery that puzzled scientists for decades. why the giant panda is black and white. >> researchers say there are two reasons, camouflage and communication. the black eyes and ears signal fierceness to potential predators. >> but cuteness to us. the dark patches help it blend into the shade. there you go. that's our report. >> i'm
10:00 pm
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