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now at 11:00, repeal and replace. house republicans have finally revealed their long-awaited plan for the nation's health care system. but tonight opponents say the plan will leave millions without coverage. good evening. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. republicans released their plan late this afternoon. it's called the american health care act. >> abc 7 news reporter lilian kim is live in the newsroom with new reaction plus what the plan means for covered california. lillian. >> reporter: dan and ama, even some republicans are expressing concern over this plan, and
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california has a lot to lose. potentially billions of dollars a year in subsidies. if the house r now at 11:00, repeal and replace. house republicans have finally revealed their long-awaited plan for the nation's health care system. but tonight opponents say the plan will leave millions without coverage. good evening. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. republicans released their plan late this afternoon.
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it's called the american health care act. >> abc 7 news reporter lilian kim is live in the newsroom with new reaction plus what the plan means for covered california. lillian. >> reporter: dan and ama, even some republicans are expressing concern over this plan, and california has a lot to lose. potentially billions of dollars a year in subsidies. if the house republicans you succeed in repealing and replacing the affordable care act, millions stand to lose their health insurance. uc berkeley professor richard scheffler is an expert on health economics. >> under obamacare about 20 million people, 22 million people got health care. and i think more or less over a few years more than half of those will eventually lose that. >> reporter: but speaker of the house paul ryan says the american health care act will help drive down costs, encourage competition, and expand access to care. the bill would immediately eliminate the individual mandate, repeal the obamacare penalties and suction disover three years, create tax credits instead to help americans buy insurance and limit federal funding for medicaid, which in
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alameda county alone would affect 100,000 people. the golden state underwent a huge medicaid expansion under obamacare. >> they said whatever they replace obamacare with was going to be better. and this really makes it a lot worse for people in alameda county, california and across the country. >> reporter: but the bill is no slam dunk. the big question is whether lawmakers from red states with big medicaid programs will support it. >> once people have something, it's really difficult to take it away. i mean, you know, so i think it's going to be a hot potato. >> reporter: well, the bill does preserve some elements of obamacare such as coverage for people with pre-existing conditions and allowing young people to remain on their parents' plan till they're 26 years old. in the newsroom lilian kim, abc 7 news. >> lillian, thanks very much. trump builds a wall. >> we'll tear it down. >> tonight protesters at sfo
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rallied against the president's new travel ban. this is video from this evening. things have calmed down since then. but they are sure to heat up again as the band goes into effect march 16th. it targets six mostly muslim nations. the justice department believes it will withstand any legal challenge. president trump signed the order today with no media around this time. here's what's different. this time iraq is not one of the six nations targeted. anyone with a visa granted before january 27th can still travel to the u.s. as for refugees, the order will not prioritize them based on their religion. civil rights groups say it's still discriminatory. >> the people who are impacted by this are members of our community. they're part of us. and so we can't just sit by and let this ban go forward. >> an appeals court blocked the first travel ban order, as you know, signed in january. we have been sending out push alerts all day about president trump's new travel ban, plus the new health care plan from house republicans. stay on top of the first 100 days of the trump administration
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with the abc 7 news app. download it for free. and remember to enable those push alerts. a san jose police officer who's accused of stealing marijuana had previous charges against him. 49-year-old julio morales faces a charge of misdemeanor petty theft. a jury acquitted him back in 2010 when he was accused of fondling a teenage girl. morales has been on paid administrative leave since his most recent arrest on february 4th. he's been on the force for more than 21 years. the family of a missing man from livermore needs help finding him. police released this photo of 50-year-old dwight meyer. his family says he left a letter for them on thursday saying he would no longer see them and that they could find his car at the walmart in livermore. his car was found there, but there was no sign of meyer. tonight the raiders have a new source of financing to pay for a new stadium in las vegas. an nfl source told abc 7 news bank of america has outlined a funding plan to the league's stadium and finance committees. no word yet if it was approved. the team will apply for formal
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relocation at the nfl owners meeting in phoenix this march. oakland mayor libby schaap also pitched a plan today. she says in a statement, "we made a sound economic case for keeping the raiders in oakland through the creation of what could become one of america's premier mixed-use sporting venues." new at 11:00, the city of fremont is the latest bay area city now trying to beat traffic apps that send people on side streets in search of commute shortcuts. as abc 7 news has been reporting, waze and other traffic apps have pushed drivers into residential streets causing traffic headaches for neighbors who are used to the peace and quiet around their homes. abc 7 news reporter katie udas is live from fremont to explain how the city is pushing back exactly. katie in. >> reporter: dan, los gatos dealt with this issue a couple years ago and used signage to push people back onto highway 17. now fremont is pushing back even harder. you can see the signage behind me, "don't trust your app." but they're going further telling people they cannot turn
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right or left during commute hours onto certain streets in order to slow traffic down and they're even issuing tickets. >> i-680 and niles canyon which is state route 84. >> noey veloso with state public works is trying to keet commuter traffic on the freeways. >> some of them are smarter than we are so they dapted. when we made a left turn restriction they directed people to go straight and into another neighborhood. >> he's chasing a moving target of an algorithm says a waze spokesperson. the algorithm decides which roads are used and is smarter than selecting one road as a solution for all. waze and other navigation app v apps push commuters onto side streets to save time. >> it does kind of give you those little tricks which is why i love it but i guess i can see it causing problems. >> reporter: a shortcut on star street to i-680 snarled traffic for residents, leading to complaints with the city. >> it was also hard for us to
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get through our street because there were so many cars. >> reporter: now, new turn restrictions make it a less desirable route for waze users. >> after a while they stopped doing it and so now there's no -- barely any traffic. and so now it's easier for us to go. >> reporter: traffic reroutes appear to be working. but it's only a temporary solution. >> the economy continues to do well. i only see it getting worse and worse. >> reporter: veloso says affordable housing near work is the way to truly cut traffic. in fremont katie udas, abc 7 news. well, this next story, you could call it a canine miracle in the santa cruz mountains. >> a blind dog was found alive after disappearing into the cold wet woods for seven nights. abc 7 news reporter katie marzullo has the incredible story of survival from boulder creek. >> it was horrible. we were so heartbroken and just feeling so bad that she was out there. >> reporter: she is sage, a 12-year-old yellow lab who lost both her eyes to health
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problems. on february 24th the blind dog wandered away from her boulder creek home. >> we had so many people helping with the search. we had signs up. we had it posted everywhere. >> reporter: it seemed sage had disappeared. the coles even brought in a handler with a tracking dog to no avail. after seven nights they'd all but given up hope. their neighbor, dan estrada, a firefighter, had helped in the search, but that's not why he was in the woods saturday. he was taking an out of town friend on a hike. >> and while we're hanging out talking next thing you know i look over and i see sage laying on the ground with her head in the stream. >> reporter: he thought she was dead but then she lifted herr head. >> i put my arms around her and hugged her. and just threw her on my shoulders and carried her up the mountain. >> i was hugging everybody. his friend, him, my son, sage. you know, it was just -- it was amazing. >> reporter: some would say it was a miracle. >> it's been very harsh conditions. and that dog had a strong will to live and i think ev has a lesson to be learned from that. don't give up.
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>> reporter: in honor of sage's >> reporter: in honor of sage's no more. we don't want anymore! >> reporter: in honor of sage's keep calm. the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable. at&t internet. speeds up to 45megs for $30 a month.
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[crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable. a hazing scandal rocking napa high school. for the first time one of about a dozen football players under investigation is speaking publicly about what happened in the locker room. >> the abc 7 news iteam also has exclusive new details about the criminal probe under way. dan noyes joins us with the latest. >> police tell me they interviewed more than 150 people. players, parents, coaches. and have now sent the case to the prosecutor for a chargin decision. one young man is going on camera tonight to say he did nothing wrong. the date in question, october 31st, 2016. a monday. halloween. the napa high jv football team gist wrapped up practice, preparing for the big game
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against rival vintage high. sophomore quarterback johnny torres tells me he was in the parking lot waiting for a ride home. >> another friend comes in and he's like, hey, we're messing with the freshmen. not knowing what that really meant, i'm like, okay. >> reporter: the iteam has obtained documents from the school district's investigation that say in recent years sophomores would haze freshman players who made the junior varsity team. one player signed a declaration saying, "it is a regular occurrence that players poke each other in the butt and playfully fight." but several players say that day in the locker room it went farther, that sophomore players held down freshmen and groped them. all the alleged victims were clothed at the time. johnny torres tells me no coaches were present but that a janitor witnessed what happened. >> and i see him looking down on the group, and i was like oh, okay, this doesn't look too good. i get my stuff, i go. >> reporter: there are conflicting witness statements whether johnny torres joined in on the hazing. >> did you ever hold anyone down? >> no. >> reporter: while other people
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grabbed him. >> no, definitely not. >> reporter: mandy lee is the torres family attorney. >> they have trumped-up charges for the sole purpose of finding students that they can blame for their own inactions and omissions. >> reporter: lee says the district's investigation has been shoddy, that they focused on incriminating player statements and ignored those clearing johnny. >> and they should have been willing to listen to the evidence and maybe admit that they messed up. they need to apologize to this family is what needs to happen. and this expulsion needs to go away. >> reporter: napa unified school superintendent patrick sweeney declined to be interviewed about the hazing case saying it's a very sensitive topic but added "we will consider the request again in the future when the process is complete and we can share our plans for moving forward in a positive way." but johnny torres's education is suffering. he's been out of school for two months after the district suspended him pending tomorrow's hearing at which he could be expelled. >> they put the expulsion on the
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table. i just literally lost it. >> reporter: johnny has a tutor, but his parents say his grades are falling as he misses class. >> he's always been a 4.0 straight-a student. and they've taken that away from him. herows and learns at school. i mean, he enjoys school. >> reporter: players and parents crowded into a napa school board meeting last week arguing this case has dragged on long enough and that the players should have been allowed to remain in school while the investigation wraps up. >> i know for a fact that some of my teammates did not do what they were accused of doing. you are ruining their lives. >> reporter: napa police tell me the criminal investigation took four months because of its sensitive nature. >> kids are -- that reputation and we need to make sure we stay quiet on things and not release information because they have a whole life ahead of them. >> reporter: we'll be there at johnny's hearing tomorrow and report the outcome. on the criminal side prosecutors tell the iteam they'll decide whether to file charges soon, perhaps as early as next week. police tell me the case could include assault, battery, hazing, or even sexual assault.
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dan and ama. >> keep us posted. thanks very much. all right. well, the next time you fly you could see a more rigorous pat-down at security. the tsa says it began using a more comprehensive pat-down on thursday for travelers who refused to go through the body scanner. in that case that means the front of their hands instead of just the backs on sensitive areas. the tsa expects some travelers to be upset and gave local police departments a heads-up. >> announcer: now your a accuweather forecast with sandhya patel. all quiet on live doppler 7. as you recall we had showers earlier today, snow over the mountains locally over the weekend and even some hail and you may have seen some of that. since we're on the topic of snow i want to show you where we stand. sierra snow pack is at 182% of normal statewide. you can see everywhere north, central and southern sierra above average. this is one of the best snow pack in the sierra that we've seen in years. so this is a good thing. in terms of the snow totals, 48-hour totals, anywhere between
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two to just over four feet at at to see.s. here's a live picture of lake merit from our east bay hills camera and you can see visibility is good from this vantage point but it's not like that everywhere mid to upper 40s from san francisco to san jose right now low 40s in gilroy and half moon bay. a beautiful view looking at the bay lights from our kgo roof camera and here's a look at our temperatures. 47 right now in santa rosa tomorrow morning when you get going it's not going to be quite as cold as it has been. low to mid 40s from livermore to concord and a lovely view from our emeryville camera as you see sutro tower and the slights blinking there. cool morning with some patchy fog, spring-like warmth wednesday through friday and there is a chance of rain early next week. so we've pulled it out of the weekend forecast. in terms of your visibility right now it's down to about 2 1/2 miles in santa rosa. so fog has formed. keep in mind we have a moist air mass because of the recent showers. so tomorrow morning when you get going isolated showers not out of the question. primarily up 234 sonoma county, mendocino county, but you will
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have to watch out for some patches of fog, reduced visibility for the morning commute. especially when you're heading off to work or taking those kids off to school. a little bit of fog not out of the question right around the delta as well, around 7:00 a.m. as well. so hourly planner, 7:00 a.m. patches of fog, 30s, 40s, partly cloudy at noontime. you're looking at a milder afternoon. it's not going to be in the 50s like today. you'll see some 50s but a lot of 60s. turning cooler by 7:00. temperatures in the low to mid 50s. tomorrow morning cool enough start to where you need to pack on an extra layer. temperatures upper 30s to the mid 40s to get you going. and then for the afternoon you will see quite a bit of cloud cover. so we'll call it filtered sunshine. up to the north heavier cloud cover. temperatures there upper 50s for the coldest spots. and the rest of you in the low to mid 60s. here's what's coming. if you've been waiting for this, this is your week. temperatures on the rise. by wednesday you're looking at 70s. thursday low to mid 70s and our warmest inland communities. and by friday it remains mild.
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temperatures still in the 70s for the warmest spots. accuweather seven-day forecast will feature temperatures heading up tomorrow. and that trend carries over into te following few days. low to mid 70s wednesday through friday. spring-like warmth early. low 60s coastside. don't get too used to the idea because it's going down by aw a few degrees. saturday sunday a little more cloud cover. don't forget spring forward sunday morning daylight savings time begins 2:00 a.m. and monday just in time for the start of daylight saving time we'll bring in a chance of rain. 1 on our storm impact scale. 1 on our storm impact scale. and you can download the abc 7 ♪music
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the lord says, "come to me all you who are weary and find life burdensome, and i will give you rest." join us for the majesty of the catholic mass here sunday mornings at 8:30. for more information visit
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a pregnant woman's re-enactment has become a viral sensation. erin dietrich of south carolina wore a giraffe mask to play off -- to play off in april. the direct capture on live web cam is due any day now. erin is obsessed with watching april. erin's spoof unexpectedly got 23 million views in just 24 hours. let's check out the real april tonight. both she and erin are still waiting to deliver, and the
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world is watching. that's like about a million views per hour. >> yeah. it's crazy. all right.
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. at the end of a long five-ge road trip the warriors needed some help fm their bench tonight to pick up a win in atlanta. everybody loves steph. nice sequence here. javale mcgee with the block. curry with the long pass to andre iguodala, who slams it home. atlanta led by as much as 15 but the warriors' bench brought them back. off the shaun livingston miss matt barnes gets a rebound, gets it back to shaun for the stuff. third quarter the warrrs began to take control. steph with the triple. curry had three threes in the quarter. he would finish with 24 points. steph, oh, yeah, with the shimmy. the bench led iguodala came up big for golden state. friendly roll on thi three-pointer. he finished with a season-high 24 as the warriors beat atlanta 119-111. andre was just happy to help.
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>> for me it's just trying to find my spot, trying to let it happen within the florida game, with every playou make and with the weapons we have, even with a guy down we're still cape capablef doing some good things, we just have to pay attention to the details a little bit more. former warrior andrew bogut made his debut with the cavs tonight and if was one to forget. bogut had been on the court less than a minute when he bumped legs with the heat's okara white. he suffered a fractured shin bone and will likely not play again this seon. miami went on to beat cleveland 106-98. tough break for bogut. randy bennettad his gales ready for byu. early ten-point lead. now it's nar with the great cross-court pass tohermanson who knocks down the three. st.mary's led by 21. jacques 4r57bd landel led with 22 points and eight rebounds. 81-50 was the final.
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the gaels will now play their nemesis gonzaga tomorrow night r the title. the sharks' joe thornton reached a milestone tonight against winnipeg, playing his 900th game for san jose thornton was looking for his 1,000th career assist. almost got it in the first period but was not credited on this rebound goal by joe pavelski. it was little joe's 22nd of the season. we go to the third. san jose up 2-1. thornton breaks up this play, gets a puck to marc-edouard vlasic who flips it to pavelski for the empty netter. thornton gets an assist and becomes just the 13th player in nhl history to have 1,000 in their career. sharks win 3-2. congratulations jumbo joe. this abc 7 sports report brought to you tonight by river rock casino. dan, amma in. >> thanks, rick. >> abc 7 news continues online on twitter,acebook and all on twitter,acebook and all your mobileevh our no more. we don't want anymore! on twitter,acebook and all your mobileevh our


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