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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  March 29, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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we said it was coming and now it's happening, homeowners inside the sinking skyscraper are suing to get their building fixed. why this is the lawsuit that could actually get it done. >> the dog is dead, there's too much smoke, she can't get out. >> the dog that died in this building fire, had it been a week earlier, she might still be alive. and california's flooding, why it could soon get a lot more serious. our goal is to recover all the funds that are necessary to fix this building and fix it once and for all. >> another lawsuit was filed today over the sink and tilting
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millennium tower and this one may be the most important single action so far. good evening and thank you for joining us. we have been covering developments on this story for the past six months. the millennium tower is the tallest residential building in san francisco. the building has sunk 16 inches since it opened back in 2009 and it's tilting about two inches. >> and why this latest legal move is so important. >> reporter: this is the lawsuit that was filed today by the homeown homeowner's association and we also just got a response from the developers, millennium partners. we understand that they have been in mediation for the past six months and their statement reads in part, we are disappointed and puzzled that the hoa board now is shifting gearings to disrupt a strategy that leaves us no choice but to defend ourselves against false claims. so we understand that while mediation can continue, even though the lawsuit has been filed, there's obviously been an
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impasse. here's the hoa lawyer dachbl t petricelli? >> who knew what and when and why didn't they tell the homeowners? >> reporter: that's what the homeowners association of the millennium towers wants to find out through their lawsuit. they're suing the developers millennium partnerings and just about everyone else who built the 60 story downtown high-rise that has unexpectedly sunk 16 inches and tilted two inches to the northwest. we showed you our simple test, this golf ball rolling downhill of a resident's 42nd floor lawsuit. and some have also filed individual lawsuits, but under the law, the homeowner's association lawsuit is the only one that can address the structural issues of the building. >> our goal is to recover all the funds that are necessary to
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fix this building and fix it once and for all. >> reporter: the hoa is also suing the transmeade joint power authority which is building a huge complex next to the towers. it's the same -- the tower's ground water level dropped by a sagering 20 feet when the tgpa built an underground buttress wall between the high-rise and the millennium building site. the homeowners association says it's been difficult for the building's 1,000 residents. >> they feel that something has been taken away from them. we want them to have the value back that they justly deserve so they can live the lye lives the want to. >> the group wants to send a message that this cannot happen again. a 50-year-old man has been arrested for wandering the halls
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of santa rosa high school naked today. david maestro was waearing a t-shirt and had painted parts of his body blue and had a plastic bag covering some of his waist area. officials were able to keep him away from students. a 65-year-old woman died in a shooting this morning in san francisco at and intersection that's become a hot spot for gun fire. abc7 news was at the ocean view neighborhood at plymouth and broad street, they said the bullet came from a passing car killing two men and injuring four. there have been four shootings at that intersection since november. they blame the violence on people coming in from outside the neighborhood. >> people seem to respect each other, it shocks me that the place is always getting shot up.
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>> reporter: police say there's only one car involved, they will not say if the shooter was trying to target anyone. the coroner will need dental records or dna to identify the fourth and final victim of monday's fire in oakland. that fire broke out early that morning at san pablo and meade avenue. victims continue to grieve about what happened. you spoke with the husband of one of those victims today? >> reporter: kasandra robertson's husband is obviously devastated. he says he sometimes stayed here, sometimes in san francisco where he was working. and he also says that kasandra was planning on moving as early as this week. >> it hurts. >> leandre wilson lost the one person he calls his heart.
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>> i can't get her back. i'm devastated. >> lirks eandre says he married kasandra robinson in march. he came here today to grieve. >> taiwan li says he wishes they had been there when the fire began, maybe they could have saved kasandra who made one of her final calls to her mother. >> she said the dog is dead, there's too much smoke and she's trapped and she can't get out. >> the city is working closely with red cross and other agencies to find house forgive these people. >> gail says she complained about the conditions of the building many times to the owner. >> he could have prevented this from happening to a certain
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extent. >> that possibility is the reason leandre is sharing his story? >> what do we do about the buildings that are falling down? what do you do about the people living in them? do you put them somewhere else? >> the oakland, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. new at 6:00, the san francisco school board chose a career educator to serve as its next superintendent. vincent matthews will be confirmed as the new chief of the school district. last november, voters gave san francisco the power to clean out homeless camps with just 24 hours' notice, but several abc7 viewers say the camps are still there and still causing problems. one viewer emailed us about the camp under 16 street and highway 101. talking about trash, used
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needles, even violence. we talked to the mayor about what's being done about this. >> it's all wrapped up in the last six months in a very serious way. >> reporter: art gallery owner says he now carries a ma chetity and pepper spray when he leaves at night. he showed surveillance video of this man sharining a flashlight into his window. >> people fornicating in the parking lot, people defecating right in front of my windows. i won't let my dog step in those bushes in front of my shop. reporter: he says he's complained to the police and the city to no avail. a drive along 16th street shows tents that are also a traffic hazard. >> a serious dog attack, another dog of a person who was renting and people witnessed it. and so they're really concerned
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about the safety of just walking by. >> we are dealing with it in the correct way, we're trying to find permanent solutions to ever p>> happy birthday downtown streets. >> reporter: nearby on market street, a group called downtown market street has placed -- >> as well as may 15, we'll be expanding into the tenderloin, so we'll be actually able to pilot something there. >> we know where the encampments are in the city, we're tracking about 70 and 75 who get the routine cleaning on them. >> reporter: but the tents are up, despite passing a boll lot measure last fall prohibiting tents on public sidewalks. would you be willing to pay more for gas if that money went to road improvements?
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today governor brown and state democrats unveiled a plan to fix storm battered roads and other aging infrastructure around the state. to do that, the gasoline tax would go up 12 cents a gallon, and the vehicle registration fee will go up by $8. the governor says these taxes are necessary. >> it's the same as fixing the leak in your house, if you don't fix the roof leak, your furniture will be destroyed, the wood will rot. so that's what it's all about, so step up and take care of business, that's what this bill is all about. >> the bill needs a 2/3 majority vote to pass. a potential powder keg has been diffused over how san jose and the city's water agency handled or mishandled last month's flog. the two sides agreed on some matters but not others.
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david? >> reporter: you could compare this to monday morning quarterbacking, a woulda, coulda, shoulda opportunity. with lives at stake and millions of dollars in plot damage, the city of san jose and the water district board decided to work cooperatively to prevent another disaster flood. sometimes it takes a face-to-face meeting to iron out differences and back and forth letters between the mayor and water district board chair eased this afternoon, as a board director put last month's flood into perspective. >> these folks are not aliens to us. we care more than anything about our constituents. so when we're on the same page with you. >> reporter: however san jose's mayor remains adamant that the water direct's hide droll gist shared bad data as to how high coyote creek could rise from a runoff from an overflowing anderson dam. the mayor says he was told by its data that a evacuation was
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not in order. >> if we find out this information was flawed or if there's improvements needed to be made, then we are doomed to repeat this debacle. >> reporter: their ground level apartments flooded, their cars submerged and rescue boats their only path to dry land as they plowed through can tam natured floodwater. the water district says it has no authority to order one, but faces a liability issue. >> we certainly have received phone calls and inchoirinquirie >> reporter: and he points out increased costs for all consumers. in san jose, david louie, nbc 7 news. violent protests stopped
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mill lowianlow -- from speaking. above-average temperatures today, along with sunshine, but a storm tore north, about to drop a few numbers and maybe a few drops as well. i'm david bloom with the
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. this is on redwood road and the call lapsed section isn't far from lake chibeau memorial park. why is it going to take a while to fix, lauren? >> well, dan, al media county public works became aware that there was an issue along this roadway on february 22nd, to be exact. they have been keeping an eye on it ever since, for six weeks, that is until this entire section gave way. these k-rails will likely be here a while as this section of redwood road between castro valley and oakland could be closed for months. >> what we're doing right now is we're setting up a hard road closure, so redwood road between oakland and castor valley will be closed at this section. >> reporter: a 50-foot section of roadway that collapsed this week, one that started showing
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signs of failure six weekends ago. redwood road is popular with commuters trying to cut through from castro valley to oakland. it's also a favorite for bicyclerings from contra costa county. >> a lot of roads have cracks like this, which look like they're about to tumble off, but occasionally they do. i climb tunnel lanes, which for two sections, clearly look like they're about to tumble, and they haven't in a year, which doesn't mean they won't tomorrow. >> reporter: this sink hole is just the latest example of what public works crews have been dealing with all over the area this winter. here on redwood roads, it will be no good for a while. >> on the weekends, motorcycle s and bicyclists, this is a popular route. >> reporter: the first sign that there was a problem here came in
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late february, and this area we're showing you now was basically a landslide, but then began to take the road away with us. we're told at this point, earliest estimates before this can be repaired and reopened, maybe two to three months, could be as long as six months. well, another prominent dat is throwing his support behind gavin newsom's bid for governor, lee released the following statement, i'm proud to support gavin kn gavin newsom because he is the bold leader we need to fix our city and fix our state. antonio villa rag gonzales a, and foreer -- he's the only republican to announce his candidacy so far. a social media firestorm
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followed comments from fox show host bill o'reilly about california congresswoman maxine waters. >> comments he made about her hair. >> black women at work, it's the hash tag trending on social media. >> in order for women to succeed in professional environments, they need to be treated like their male counterparts. >> after fox host bill o'reilly made comments about maxine waters hair. >> i didn't hear what she said, i was looking at the james brown wig. >> if we have a picture of james -- it's the same one. >> o'reilly has since apologized, but waters don't hold back in her response. >> i'm a strong black woman, and i cannot be intimidated, i cannot be undermined, i cannot be thought to be a friend of bill o'reilly or anybody.
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>> reporter: some community leaders are now praising how waters responded. >> she's a fighter and she's an extraordinary example and role model to not just myself but to others who look like her and who aspire to be like her. >> reporter: sanders spicer told reporter april ryan who was black to stop shaking her head during yesterday's press briefing. today the two of them shared a light hearted moment. >> hi, maxine, how are your today? >> i'm fine, how are you? a day after hillary clinton spoke at the professional businesswomen of california conference in san francisco, today president trump and the first lady both put the spotlight on the achievement of women. abc7 news anchor christine zee is here with more on that. >> first lady melania trump does not make a lot of public
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as keynote speaker today is grabbing headlines. >> together we must declare that the era of allowing the brutality against women and children is over. >> the first lady personally handed out the awards to 12 women who have overcome injustice and danger to transform their societies. a few hours later, president and mrs. trump hosted the women's empowerment panel at the white house. the administration's four female cabinet members were all there. >> we want every daughter in america to grow up in a country where she can believe in herself, believe in her future and follow her heart and realize her dreams. >> critics point out that it was 1980 before a cabinet had so many women. and in accu-weather, we're coming off of a winner of a
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forecast today. temperatures well above normal for this time of year and lots of sunshine. live doppler radar out here over us, we are dry, but just to our north, around yeeureka, live doppler 7 tracking a little bit of moisture. the front that is to our north is moisture starved, there's not a lot to work with, and any drops that could potentially come our way, still 150 miles away. so any drops going to come in the overnight hours. live from that emeryville camera, some high thin cirrus clouds are moving in, the forecast calls for increasing clouds and sprinkles overnight. cooler and breezier, you're going to notice the drop in temperatures, but don't worry, the warmer weather comes back just in time for the weekend. 65, the current number in san marco, and santa rosa at 51
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degrees. future weather, these pops of green on your screen, that is a chance of a sprinkle. let's go hour by hour, watch the time stamp, past midnight, the early morning hours on thursday, when you're sleeping, that's the best chance for a sprinkle. if you do get one, count yourself lucky, and by tomorrow, this system is out of here, it's so weak, we're not even attaching a number to it on our storm impact scale. it's going to be bright, but cooler and breezy. 64 the high in san francisco, 66 oakland, 68 in san has, and 69 the number in napa. a straight early morning sprinkle, before the sun gets up tomorrow. otherwise nothing else but sunshine and cooler. the all important weekend, bright, it's beautiful, temperatures well above normal. well, baseball is back and tonight we're getting our first look at what's new for this
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happening now, a chance to weigh in on what downtown san mateo will look like, where the last downtowplan was made in 2009 during a recession.
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we are getting a glimpse of some of the new ballpark food that will entice san francisco giants fan this is season. abc7 news was at at&t park where the team showed off a smorgasbord of new and returning favorites. some of this season's new options include popcorn shrimp, oysters and chicken salad. according to the team, a diverse fan base deserves diverse dining options. >> we have got to be up to the task of getting our fans the right kind of food offerings. our big thing is diversity, we have all kinds of offerings, we have the farmer's market and the organic coup. >> of course hot dogs, pop korn and gillroy garlic fries. the doctor is in in a way that's never been done before.
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>> artificial intelligence can put one in your home with amazon's alex so. all you have to do is start asking questions. plus -- >> is a bit of a provok tocatpr >> she's not as conservative as milo. >> what happens if your fast track account runs low.
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good evening, again. free speech at u.c. berkeley will be tested next month. >> organizers were forced to cancel a speech by former news anchor milo yanukovych. >> reporter: was to partner with a nonpartisan campus group called bridge cal, and to focus specifically on illegal immigration. >> we thought it was imperative to bring someone who represents,
7:32 pm
i think, what most americans believe right now. >> after the milo event, a lot of people were having issues with this, saying it was hate speech. so now we expect students as well as faculty to take it professionally. >> reporter: they are referring to speaker milo yanukovych. this left wing activist doesn't condone the violence, but says protest is the only way to make themselves heard. >> so anne coulter, famous radio, tv, newspaper columnist, she has exceptional access to the mass media. >> students will be able to ask questions of coulter and another speaker will take the opposing view at a later event. the university says coulter is free to appear once some details have been worked out.
7:33 pm
milo yanukovych said, good on them, that maybes two fob louse conservative queens. i'll be sure to end ann my -- >> since they just found out about coulter's appearance here this morning. an erratic driver and gunshots stopped things at the white house this morning. >> we heard a total of three shots, so it's pretty scary. >> police say this is a criminal act, not terrorism. a woman reportedly drove erratically and aggressively hit shooting one shot and then firing at officers. it's been one week since -- a man drove his car into pedestrians on the westminster bridge and then stabbed a police officer outside parliament.
7:34 pm
the suspect, khalid masool was killed. voters approved brexit last summer. >> this is an historic moment from which there can be no turning back. we are going to make our own decisions and our own laws. >> the uk now has two years to unwind 4 1/2 decades of eu membership and work out its future relationship to the continent. two california anti-abortion activists are vowing to fight the charges against them regarding controversial undercover videos. the california attorney general's office filed 55 counts against the pair, who legally reported planned parenthood officials while pretending to be executives of a bioresearch firm. they said they did nothing
7:35 pm
illegal. >> we were trying to document for the public exactly how planned parenthood participate in such a shocking marketplace. >> reporter: the videos illegally accused plan parenthood of selling baby parts for profit. and in a statement today, officials said planned parenthood has done nothing wrong and the only one who is broke the law were the ones behind those fraudulent tapes. you can call 911 any time of the day or night and never have to wait on hold. the new app that girlfriends amazon alexa access to thousands of doctors. >> alexa, ask dr. ai. >> i have been trained by thousands of doctors but i still don't have my medical school degree. >> the app comes from health staff, when they launched video
7:36 pm
consultations with doctors. >> hi there, i'm dr. heidi jones, family medicine. >> reporter: those doctors have answered millions of questions over the last few years to help train ai. >> people go to google alone every year and put their symptoms in the box. but google is a search engine, it's not a doctor. >> reporter: unlike a search engine, dr. app follows up with questions. >> sore throat. >> okay, you said sore throat, any other symptoms? >> no. >> reporter: it's perfect for busy parents or for seniors. >> the phone is small and hard to read, and i usually have to take off my glasses to see it. and i only type with one finger at a time so that's not very convenient. >> maria liked her experience as an early tester. there's something else happening, it's also becoming
7:37 pm
more compassionate. >> we sat here last night and we hone how dr. alexa is actually pronouncing certai things. >> they're even inserting humor where it's appropriate. >> it is sometimes called runner's knee or jumper's knee. >> when you hear what dr. ai has to say, you can speak with real doctors and some health plans are already starting to pick up the fee. >> in palo alto, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. technology like that is great when it works, not so great when it doesn't. >> abc7 helps one woman get her fast track back on track. and what we have to look
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fast track gives you an easy way to pay your tolls, but if you don't keep enough money in your account, could trigger a toll violation. >> she came to 7 on your side's michael finney to get some help. >> some viewers used fast track
7:41 pm
for years and years, but things got hectic and her account zipped into the red and she couldn't get it fixed. drivers are reassured by this sign at the plaza, valid fast track, please proceed, your toll is paid. >> for whatever reason i got busy and i hadn't sent them a check. recently she says she simply forgot. however, fast track did not. >> any moment they might turn off my account. it was scary. >> fast track had this warning, her account could be shut down. >> i need a toll tag and i have had one forever. >> reporter: so instead of snail mail, quinn decided it would be faster to pay online, except it wasn't. >> very hard to do. >> reporter: the website asked for her account number, password and toll tag number, she had no idea what they were. so she called fast track. >> they said oh, you don't have to have a password. >> fast track directed her to
7:42 pm
another way to online. >> i refreshed the screen, nothing happened. >> reporter: fast track told her her payment didn't go through, but the bank said it did. so quinn kept using her toll tag and what happened? she was cited for toll evasion. she contacted 7 on your side and we contacted fast track. it tells us her $30 payment never made it to fast track, instead it covered her tolls for going across the bridge. now fast track agent moved her money to the correct account. ms. fokes was assisted by being able to get on her website. >> i was so glad for someone to put the money in the right says website is hard to navigate, but there's a page to manage a fast
7:43 pm
track account. now posted a link that can help you out, so check it out. >> thanks, michael, very much. all right, to make it happen, you just have to think it. >> we're not talking a theory, we're talking real life and it's thanks to something at s
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just over a week ago, former 49ers star dwight clark said he had als, it's a degenerative disease affecting people's muscles and ability to move, speech and to breathe. paralyzed patients harness the power of their own brain waves to do what their hands and their arms used to. >> sheryl jennings got an inside look. >> reporter: the woman in this research video is a prisoner of als. but the disease that's paralyzed much of her body has not touched her mind. >> here we go. >> reporter: and using just the power of her mind, she's putting her thoughts into words with the
7:47 pm
help of an experimental technology being developed at stanford, it's a brain to kbuter interface called brain gate. >> this is a tiny sensor that we insert just to the outer layers of the brain. >> reporter: a surgically implanted sensor -- >> we are beginning to understand the language of the brain. what those patterns of neural activity look like and how they translate into movement. >> reporter: patients concentrate on moving the cursor by imagining they're using a computer mouse. the sensor is placed in a part of the brain that would normally responsible for hand movement. there's communication devices like the world famous steven hawking, he also has als. while those devices do allow patients to express themselves,
7:48 pm
they can't relay information directly from the brain. >> reporter: science and technology can allow patients to essentially type with their eyes, by blinking when they reach the letter they want. by researchers say streaming those same commands straight from the brain could be much faster. >> our research consortium is trying to make these wireless, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without intervention. >> reporter: it's several years ahead before brain image systems could be available. but he envisions a day where patients can type and synthesize speech with the power of their own brain waves. >> brain gate project is a collaboration between multiple research centers including stanford, brown and case western reserve universities. >> another really exciting medical item tonight, a drug designed to fight multiple
7:49 pm
sclerosis which we told you about two weeks ago has now been approved by the fda. this makes it the first drug ever approved for primary progressive ms, the drug was developed at bay area based genentech, patients will need two doses every year. and it will cost $65,000 every year. it felt spectacular outside day. >> i wish we could hold class outside today. >> you'll notice tomorrow, it's going to feel cooler by some 5 to 10 degrees, the reason why, cold front to our north. live doppler showing there is a system well to the north. this is a very weak front that has an isolated shower along the northern coast. future weather, 2:00 tomorrow morning, the chance of some isolated drizzle, probably the best shot is likely the south
7:50 pm
bay. by the time the sun gets up, by 8:00, it's out of here and the sunshine returns. so highs on your thursday, bright, breezy and cooler than today. 64 san francisco, 68 in san jose, 9 in concord, 68 in lakefront. bay bridge will see a very nice night with temperatures in the 70s. sunny is the theme, a bill cooler tomorrow, but then the temps right back up just in time for the weekend, both saturday and sunday, we are warm. >> thank you so much, drew. warriors on the road tonight. >> billing game tonight, san antonio spurs facing off against the warriors and the warriors have a 2 1/2-game lead over the
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7:53 pm
the status of their injure ed sharp shooter, k kdurant.
7:54 pm
they hope he can start taking physical contact shortly and be re-evaluated in seven to ten days, he could possibly have two regular season game before the playoffs. that's the key. this time the starters will play. >> it's a short play, we have, you know, we don't anticipate resting anybody, guys are good to go. the schedule's been fine and, you know, we'll go in there and see what we can do. >> they're a team that doesn't really beat themselves, you have to go in and beat them. and you can't, you know, let go of the rope at any point during the game, so those are the challenges. >> wow, we're talking oakland sports, is meyerson coming out of retirement? the raiders have been rumore that's his destination, however
7:55 pm
lynch is still under contract for one more season. >> the mentality that it takes to play this game the way he plays the game, he has to really be invested and ready. he goes deep when he plays. and whether or not that's still in him, the burn is still there, i couldn't tell that from talking to him. you know, he was kind of playing with the idea. >> love to see him in an oakland uniform. the a's face the giants at at&t park. the two-run bomb, the second of the spring, adam rosales, more from him in a moment. fourth inning, matt mcbride, his first home run of the spring, but the a's would fall 15-1. here's adam rosales on returning to the a's. >> it truly feels like i'm back home, like i never even left,
7:56 pm
all the familiar faces and the energy that's and the oakland a's, it's really good to be back and be part of it again. >> adam's been here so he know what is to expect and he like what is he sees in this clubhouse. >> there's a lot of youthful spirit, a lot of energy, so definitely optimistic and how well we're already coming together. there's so much respect in the clubhouse. >> the nine-year veteran returns to oakland as a utility infielder and a mentor to these young players. >> with the experience that i have now, i'm in more of a leadership role, kind of mentor some young players, teach them some little basics, things you don't kwiquite know until you'r seven years into the emergencies. lucy li will be playing in tomorrow's first lpga majors, she secured the final spot by
7:57 pm
winning the junior championship this weekend. >> i just want to have fun next week and enjoy and learn. you know, that is going to be really similar and really different from the u.s. open and i'm just really excited. >> what a thrill for her. all right, complete warrior highlights and i think the doves finish 17-3 and that's better than a long time. >> join us tonight on cable channel 13, get ready for a trip in space and in style. the company that wants to take you there unveils its plans. that's at 9:00. and how much would you pay to fix california's crumbling roads, that's the question, on abc7 news at 11:00, the new plan that would raise the gas tax, but of course not everybody's on board. >> coming up on abc7, here's the lineup, at 8:00 it's the goldbergs, followed business the premier of "imaginary mary" 9:30
7:58 pm
is black-ish, and then stay tuned for abc7 news at 11:00. and then it's jimmy kimmel live. tonight's guests are dave shap pell and actress they i don't kno knowy. >> we appreciate you time.
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it's noon, and these girls left every light on in this house. this place is more lit than the lohan family christmas. or a lohan family tuesday. we're losing these incandescents. these are very valuable to me. oh, honey, you got a million of them in the basement. that's right. i stockpiled them before the government made them illegal. oh, yeah. here we go. your favorite subject -- government overreach. well, why is it their job to tell me what bulbs i can use? what's next? michelle obama's stopping by saying you can't eat ice cream.


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