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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  March 30, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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we need to find one of my children hanging from these trees for people to take this seriously. this is not a joke. >> parents in tears and students in protest over what they call racist and hateful incidents at their high school. thank you for joining us.
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the students at the high school walked out in protest today. they claimed racist incidents have been going on on for several months including freshman students greeting each other in the hallways with nazi salutes. a look now at an emotional confrontation. >> you cannot be on me. >> reporter: the high school students attempting to block a car with students who they say were involved in a hate filled instagram page. >> i was sitting next to my coach who is african-american and we had nooses around our neck and that was the joke. >> the kids need to go to another school. they need to be expelled. >> reporter: school administrators are not sure what disciplinary is being taken. today a meeting was held. amber jones was at the meeting and she says the three boys who created the instagram page were not. >> you need to own up to what
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you did and realize that what you did and your actions were ra racest and you need to realize that's wrong. >> reporter: while the meeting was held students had a rally while the students who liked the pictures didn't exit the front of the building, students followed them around back. parents have said the school is considering this cyber bullying. >> do we need to find one of our children hanging from one of these trees for people to take this seriously. >> we will not tolerate racism. we will not tolerate hate speech or hurtful behavior in any way shape or form. >> the school is handling this, but it's still not enough. >> reporter: a school divided with the district superintendent promising educators will do what it takes to combat hate. abc 7 news. the trump administration is back at the ninth circuit court
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of appeals to appeal a hawaiian judge's order that prohibits the travel ban. it is the same court that rejected the administration's appeal of the president's first travel ban back in february right after he took office. while it was in effect, it caused turmoil at airports with the suspension of thousands of visas. the justice department says the president is within his lawful authority to protect the nation's security. san francisco police have revealed tonight they've arrested a man suspected of shooting a woman to death and injuring two men in the city's ocean view district. the 65-year-old man died after being shot wednesday -- or yesterday morning. he was shot while walking to catch muni. the other victims are expected to survive. police arrested a suspect less
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than a half hour after the shooting. investigators say that man is 24-year-old jonathan santos. police and spca investigators uncovered a cock fighting operation. police found 60 birds and a dead rooster. the report of an aggressive dog in the neighborhood led police to the home. police say the dog was trying to attack roosters and hens. one man was arrested and is facing charges of animal cruelty tonight. if you've been oud you know it's been blustery all day and brisk winds. looking outside now you can still see a little bit of wind from the camera as the flags flap in the breeze. sandy. >> a good day to fly a kite, but not a good hair day as we look at live doppler 7 you can see the skies are clear across the bay area. the winds starting to dial back.
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gusting out of the northwest at 32 miles an hour. most areas have dropped off. the wind advisory has been dropped. it still continues for the hills until noon tomorrow. gusts 50 miles an hour not out of the question. there's still a possibility of downed trees and power lines. beautiful views. peak wind gusts today 50 miles an hour. sfo 41 miles an hour. it's still possible over the higher terrain. i'll be back with the look at the winds and a look at the changes that are coming just in time for the weekend. >> thanks. plans to fix potholes and roads across california that are in such disrepair may have you grumbling at the gas pumps. the governor is asking to raise the gas on gasoline by 12 cents a gallon. we have details about this controversial proposal to fix
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our streets. >> reporter: no matter where you drive in the bay area, potholes and deteriorating roads are a problem. for years cities have complained they don't have the money to fix them and the deferred maintenance carries a projected price tag of $130 billion. poor road conditions were made worse by winter storms. >> the road is in poor condition. they're vulnerable to water coming through the roadway and eroding the soil and the base underneath. >> reporter: the current tax is 36 cents per gallon. it will go up to 48 cents. republican lawmakers have indicated they are against the higher tax. >> anything about a tax it's a problem, but that's the price of civilization and of the stuff we do in government nothing is more agreed to than making sure our roads are safe. >> reporter: some drivers say the tax is okay if it results in smoother roads and others are bristling. >> raising taxes on gas,so.
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it doesn't sound like a good idea to me. >> reporter: will it hurt your budget? >> definitely. >> reporter: bicycleleists will benefit too. >> we've broken axle. i broke a frame and a rim. these cost us to limp home. >> reporter: under this plan the gas tax isn't the only thing going up. so might be registration fees. abc 7 news. police have arrested a man posing as a nurse at a city clinic in san francisco's tenderloin. the district attorney's office said the man forged a certificate from the american academy of nurse practitioners. he was discovered four months into his stint by clinic volunteers after they noticed he had no medical training or experience. a list of mistakes is leading to red flags being raised at the election office in santa clara county.
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there's enough concern to warrant a state audit. we explain the kind of mistakes we're talking about. >> reporter: as a voter your responsibility is casting your ballot. behind the scenes there's more responsibility and a chance for errors. >> we are humans. >> reporter: the number of mistakes by the registrar's office disturbing. >> i'm disturbed because we expect transparency and integrity in our election process. >> reporter: he says there's been numerous cases in the county where the registrar sent out wrong ballot arguments and ballots with missing information. he says in another instance absentee ballots were sent to people negligible to vote.
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>> we want to assure we have the accountability for the future. >> reporter: the joint legislative audit committee approved the request. the office handles elections in nine different languages and it's a complex process. she says every time an error has occurred it's been communicated. >> i welcome an audit. it would be great to have an organization come in and look at what we do and how bedo that. i look forward to any recommendations that would help us to improve. >> reporter: she does not believe the errors have effected races, but they're serious enough to warrant a deeper look. a lot more to get to. what's next for the raiders and will they continue to play in oakland. why the city may end the stay at the kcolosseum. the traffic, rent and crime, no one likes that, but if some
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people get fed you said and leave we'll miss out on something valuable.
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what super poligrip does for me is it keeps the food out. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now. the man who runs the oakland
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colosseum says it's unclear if the raiders will play there this season. the director says they're reviewing the lease to see if there's any way the raiders can be forced out now. he says that no longer the raiders are no longer in the plans it doesn't make sense for the team to say. >> financially it would be better for us if they moved on because the game day expenses exceed those of the revenues and secondly from an operationally perspective we'd like to have the opportunity to start doing new things with the facility that we're limited on. >> he says the jpa stands to lose more than $1 million next season. the team controls the option to play there for the next two years. the team's president did not respond to our request for a statement on any of this. as we know living in the bay area is costly and it can be a real pain to get around. it's no surprise a new survey
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found 40% of people say they're thinking of moving out. millennials agree things are not working for them as they consider having families here. >> reporter: reality sometimes hits you when you least expect it. take living in pricey san francisco. >> i'm tied to the bay area for now. the jobs are here, but it is insanely expensive to live here. >> reporter: 40 people interviewed said they are thinking of eventually moving out of the bay area. >> that's up from 34% last year when we thought that was bad. so it's a trend that continues. >> housing is probably difficult for me personally. it's traffic. >> reporter: and the extra uber and lyft cars don't help. could you start a family here. >> absolutely not. that's impossible. there's no way. >> reporter: that brings us to the millennials. 46% said they too are giving it some deep thought.
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you're thinking. >> yeah. >> reporter: how do some people feel about this possible exodus? >> let them go. >> reporter: be careful what you wish for since those guys are expected to fuel our economy. >> those who are looking to provide the next generation of revenue for our cities and counties and economy. >> reporter: the bay area council institute says they hope the city institute policies to keep the millennials here. >> it would be great if this was sky scraper. >> reporter: it would be new york. >> it would be great. >> reporter: others say they will make do with what the city has to offer. >> we love urban life and we are making it work. >> reporter: love it and please don't leave it. in san francisco, abc 7 news. a new apartment complex opened today in san jose that will provide housing for people earning $35,000 a year or less. the mayor joined other community
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leaders for the opening of the complex. more than 1,500 people signed up to rent 92 studios. 400 people are on a wait list. it's an attempt to address a need for affordable housing. california snow pack level is at its highest level since 2011. water managers did the monthly survey today as fresh powder fell on the site. they put this year's snow pack at 183% of normal. this is what it looked like a couple of years ago in april of 2015 when there was no snow to measure. monster storms in recent months have helped the state recover from a five year drought. the bay area is dealing with high winds. you can see these flags whipping around today. the san francisco fire
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department says it was prepared for unpredictable wind gusts up to 45 miles an hour, but some wind and kite surfers were loving the conditions. there was wind in southern california as well. the wind whipped up tumble weeds. they shut down the road in someone spot. the number of weeds made it difficult for drivers to get there. a good samaritan stepped in to try to bat away some weeds, but you can see them piling up on the road. so will this wind continue? >> those winds will continue over the hills, but they're starting to come down at the lower elevations. it's that time of year when we talk about the snow pack. i do want to show you how we're doing as of today compared to just about a year ago today. so as of today we're at 183% of normal and if you compare to
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this day back in 2016, we were 86% of average. winter has brought a lot of snow and it's a good thing for our water supply, but we will keep an eye on this as spring comes around we're going to see quite a bit of snow melt. let's check out live doppler seven and we'll talk about weather as of right now we are looking at clear skies thanks to those winds. no storms on the horizon at least not immediately. a live look from our east bay hills camera. you will notice the camera is a little bit shaky. 53 in san francisco and 57 oakland. because of the wind, because of the passage of a cold front, we did cool off today compared to yesterday. this afternoon you may have felt it. it was a raw wind. financial district looking nice tonight. 48 in napa. livermore 55 degrees. visibility is great.
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gusty in the hillsover night tonight. winds relax and it warms up tomorrow. definitely some changes ahead. now here's the hour by hour forecast. tonight most areas are under 30 miles an hour in terms of the wind gusts. we go into tomorrow morning's commute and it will pick up a little bit. 35 miles an hour. we head into the afternoon and it will remain breezy, but not as windy today except along the immediate coast line. as those winds drop off, this will allow temperatures to rise tomorrow afternoon. it's going to be a warmer day. tomorrow morning low 40s to low 50s. hang on to the steering wheels. enjoy a mild end to your work week. 74 in gillroy. nothing but sunshine. low 70s. 60s along the coast. 67 downtown san francisco and the sun will be shining.
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it is going to be a nice day. napa 75. 72 oakland. head inland and you'll need the sun screen definitely milder, warmer compared to today. 71 in livermore. i want to show you what's ahead for the weekend. five to ten degrees above average on saturday. we'll be seeing those temperatures in the low 80s. sunday a little bit cooler. as you check out the seven day forecast i hope you like the sun because you'll be seeing plenty of it. winds will completely die down on saturday and that's going to allow the 80s to show up. temperatures do fall a couple of degrees sunday, monday and we'll hold there until mid week when temperatures do bounce back to the low 80 inland cooler and cloudier on thursday. we may bring in a slight possibility of some showers. >> a little bit more would be
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nice. >> i think march and april we tend to have showers here in the bay area so we're not done yet. computer models are hinting at the possibility of rain. >> i can guarantee you rain because i just took off covers on patio furniture. >> you know it's coming or if you just wash your car. >> i did that yesterday. it's going to happen. a big test for spacex, the launch today that put hundreds of millions of dollars on the line.
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flip your thinking about buying your next one. then you belong at bass pro shops for huge savings during our dog days sale. like a 3-pack of playhound dog toys for under $10. and redhead men's rock bridge shorts starting at under $20. what a banner day for spacex. the company launched a rocket to send a communications satellite into space. the rocket blasted off without a
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hitch. spacex passes a big test of its business model now. the company hopes to bring down the expensive cost of going to space by using recycled rockets. that was good spacex employees to celebrate this milesto milestone. the next goal for spacex is to attempt back to back launches. space walking astronauts lost an important piece of shielding. the cloth bundle floated away today. nasa says the shield will be monitored going forward to make sure it doesn't come back and hit the station. it protects against met or right debris. it was one of four shield pieces to be installed in a hole. the chp is reaching out to high school students about drinking, driving and growing up.
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we had a camera at the high school where students came to hear about a program called every 15 minutes. students are removed from the room every 15 minutes and return later as the living dead in a casket. it's meant to challenge students to think about personal safety and the responsibility of making mature decisions. my two kids went through that program and it was effective. former national security advisor michael flynn has something to say about president trump. why he says he needs immunity before he can say anything about the president's russian ties. pinch here, dash there, the hidden salt in
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good evening. we'll begin this half hour with president trump's former national security advisor michael flynn. michael flynn is in talks to get immunity for testifying to trump's ties to russia. flynn says no person would answer without assurances. flynn resigned last month. online lookups for the word immunity are up more than 2500% over the hourly average. there are major developments in that investigation. members of the senate intelligence committee say russia did interfere in the u.s. election and they will do it again. "the new york times" is reporting two white house officials provided information to devin nunes.
9:31 pm
>> reporte >> the returns employed trolls to push out disinformation and fake news. >> reporter: republicans and democrats agreed russia did try to interfere in the election by planting fake news story to hurt hillary clinton, but russia is denying any involvement saying read my lips. the claim disputed by senator marco rubio who says it's not true that russian hackers have targeted former members of his campaign staff in the last 24 hours. the white house won't say how house intelligence chair devin nunes received secret information or if it was at the direction of president trump. >> did the president direct anyone in this white house or the national security team to try to find information to back up his assertion about wire tapping? >> i'm not aware of anything directly. i'd have to look into that. >> reporter: "the new york times" is reporting two white house officials give nunes that
9:32 pm
president trump said somewhat indicated his claims of illegal wire tapping, a claim that has been disputed by officials. the white house promised to share information with adam schiff, but. >> there is a cloud over the investigation as a result of the way the materials were provided. >> reporter: two things remain unclear. are these documents that the white house is now providing the sa same documents that chairman nunes received and who cleared him into the white house? a massive fire on interstate 85 in atlanta caused an elevated section of the highway to collapse. black smoke could be seen for miles away. it's unclear how the fire started. troopers ordered cars to turn around minutes before it collapsed because of concerns about integrity. commuters began scrambling for alternatives. there were no reports of
9:33 pm
injuries. you might recall a similar accident that happened here in april of 2007 with a tank ur truckloaded with gas flipped over. remember these pictures? a fire broke out which weakened the steel structure of the roadway and it collapsed. a construction firm has been hired that rebuilt that section in 26 days. the driver of the truck was burned in the fire, but did survive. now to a fritenning emergency in the sky. the passenger in a plane off his co-pilot fell ill and was unresponsive. >> reporter: it happened during one of the most critical parts of the flight the landing. >> we have an issue with a pilot. i'd like to declare an imagine. >> reporter: on approach the first officer on an american airlines 737 becomes ill.
9:34 pm
>> it's going to be a code. >> reporter: paramedics rushed to the plane, but theilot could not be revived. airline pilot and aviation professor says flight crews train for these rare scenarios. >> it's an increased workload and it's a stressful situation. we're trained for it and we're prepared for it. along with that is the emotional stress of your friends. >> reporter: officials have not yet released a cause of death and now a passenger tells us that she had no idea just how serious the situation was until after that plane was on the ground. vice president mike pence cast a tie breaking senate vote today on a bill that will allow states to withhold federal funds from planned parenthood. that measure goes to president trump for his signature dismisses an obama rule denying
9:35 pm
funds to organizations. chuck schumer called it another example of the republican war on women. republicans say it reverses a role that gave bureaucrats power. the naacp is going to review the north carolina controversial bathroom law. there was a boycott on the state pulling 28 title games. north carolina's law had required people to use the public bathroom that corresponds to the sex on their birth certificate. the senate repealed that law. conservatives oppose the repeal. >> basketball is important, but we've given in to threats and i don't say any way to be threatened as a state. we're backing down. >> the ncaa will decide whether
9:36 pm
those championship games will return to north carolina or be played elsewhere. you've probably heard that americans consume too much salt. a new report is pointing where a lot is coming from. bread, pizza, sandwiches, cold cuts and cured meats and soup. potato chips, pretzels are further down the list. the sodium in salt is an essential mineral, but too much can lead to high blood pressure and lead to heart attack and stroke. a family cat lost four years ago turns up safe thousands of miles away in canada. the family has a
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cats really do have nine live. this video shows how two cats were trained to ring a bell to ask for food. the user seems to have bp work og this trick for quite some time. they shared a video last september. the trick has drawn a lot of attention. the video has been retweeted more than 66,000 times. if only she could talk, a california cat that was lost four years ago ended up thousands of miles away in canada. her family is ready to bring her back home. jonathan has the story. >> reporter: my sister found her on the street. from the time she was a tiny kitten she loved to wander. >> she would go outside. >> reporter: until one day she didn't. >> she had not touched her food
9:41 pm
bowl in about a week. >> reporter: that was four years ago. ashley looked everywhere and brought out the dog. >> let's take him on a walk and see if he can smell her out. >> reporter: she was gone, or so they thought. after four years she turned up thanks to a microchip. they knew she could get around, but they had no y had. >> my mom go the a phone call from a canadian number and she's like i'm not going to answer. >> reporter: her whole life was centered here, but she managed to make it all the way over here to a city 40 miles outside of toron toronto. nobody's sure how they did it. the folks at the huh main society took her in as a stray. >> she's social. she's very vocal. any time you go in the room she's the first cat you hear. >> reporter: ashley thinks that friendly nature may have helped her cross the continent.
9:42 pm
>> she was known to going into people's cars. >> reporter: there's one more car ride ahead of her. >> we are having an animal protection officer drive her to buffalo tomorrow. >> reporter: her mom will pick her up and bring her home on an airplane. >> i wish i could have a huge conversation with her and ask her what she's doing. >> reporter: she still hasn't learned to speak so those four years will stay a mystery. >> i'm going to hug her as much as i can and probably cry. >> reporter: in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> she will be home soon. the forecast is next. yesterday it was at&t park and today it's the colosseum
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the open roof deck and food pairings you're sure to have a night of fun. ed to the east bay on saturday night and have lives. one night three round comedy tournament. the comedy machine competition will feature eight comedians selling their best jokes. check out details on our website abc have a great weekend. how about the weather for the weekend? whatever you're going to do sounds like it's going to be nice. >> i wouldn't have it any other way. it is going to be beautiful this weekend. clear skies across the bay area. there's no storms to speak of. no rain on our radar either, but in the sierra nevada they are
9:48 pm
expecting snow. temperatures in the 20, but in the afternoon the 50s. good weather to do some boarding or skiing. tomorrow in the bay area it's going to be warm and not as breezy. check out what's going to happen with that breeze. tree pollen is running high. it's going to be a rough one tomorrow. uv index high and mold spores moderate. oak, pine, mulberry, burch and sweet gum. livermore will be above normal by 12 degrees this weekend. how about 80s? saturday will bring them in the mid 60s. a little bit of a dip, sunday, monday and those temperatures mild and above average for this time of year. right on through the middle to latter part of the work week next week. it's that time of year, but we may be tracking rain thursday night into friday next week.
9:49 pm
>> thanks. if you've wondered why there's a giant hat on top of a downtown stop in san francisco, wonder no more. it's part of a new promotion where fans can trade in a lid for an a's cap. it also ties into today's start of the bay bridge series under way. >> reporter: $4 million has gone into sprucing up the interior to the tavern. >> the connection between this club and the city is really unique and special. we want to do everything we can to not only preserve that, but also to carry it forward for another generation. >> reporter: that includes a new generation of cousine and so sandwiches and goodies. >> the classic chicken and waffle sandwich will be good. >> reporter: officially the as
9:50 pm
are disappoint the raiders plan to move to las vegas, but the baseball team is the prime tentant for now. they hope for a new stadium at one of four sites in oakland. >> this is a 100 year decision. we're going to have this ballpark for hopefully a hundred years. that's a really important decision we have to make. >> reporter: that means getting community input from officials and fans. fans are excited to have a positive sports story to enjoy, not a historic franchise leaving town. >> if we got to keep one i'm happy it's the as. >> hopefully we can get some respect. >> reporter: the home opener is set for monday. that's when the team will officially name their field after hall of famer and oakland native ricky harrison. >> good stuff. let's go back across the bay now. bay bridge series under way. >> if the a's have a rough
9:51 pm
season, at least the food will be good. coming up in sports the sharks open up a crucial road trip tonight and game one of the bay bridge it's the little things in lilife that me me smile. spending the day with my niece.
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the giants open their season on sunday in arizona. tonight they begin their final tune up taking on the as. let's go out to at&t park. this dude is ready for the season to begin. he snags this foul ball. he did not allow a hit through four innings. he went five innings for the giants and allowed six hits and no runs. he did get help in the fifth inning. decker with the looper to left field, but he robs him with a shoe string catch. that's one more look. the game stays scoreless. san francisco is up 1-0. the giants go on to win 3-0.
9:55 pm
game two is tomorrow back at at&t park. the sharks opened a critical road trip tonight. they began tied for second place in the pacific division. chris helped the sharks snap a six game losing streak on tuesday and tonight he was held scoreless. hanson scores off the rebound just over a minute in. it was 1-0. the oilers answer with three straight goals. he flips it back for a shorthanded goal. the sharks cut the lead to one. he scores off the wide shot. on the replay you'll see him bounce this puck in for the 29th of the year, but san jose loses 3-2. the sharks have lost seven of last eight games. the warriors go for their tenth straight win. golden state won at houston on tuesday and last night pulled off a huge rally in san antonio
9:56 pm
to beat the spurs. the warriors lead san antonio by 3 1/2 games. head coach is proud of his team which has managed to stay atop the west despite playing without the injured kevin durant. >> that's the best you're going to find. our guys are tough and competitive and they're pretty good. >> you have to be great to do some of the things we've done and overcome not only this game, but just in general. when you're down that much and come back and win the way we did, you have to be great. >> the women's basketball team is in dallas for the fooinal fo. they have won nine straight games thanks to wilson who was named after the classic song. a candidate for player of the
9:57 pm
year wilson is averaging 18 points and seven rebounds a contest. senior forward mccall will be trying to slow her down. >> i'm excited for the matchup. one of the best players in the nation gets to battle against her so i'm looking forward to that matchup and i'm going to need help from my teammates, but i think we can take on the challenge. >> it's never easy to get here and we're fortunate to be here this year. it's harder. sometimes you need the right matchup to make a big play and we're really excited to be back. >> the first major got under way today in california. michelle was putting well. she would 68. she was tied for second when play was stopped because of high winds. holding her was her playing partner. the redwood city native shot one
9:58 pm
under par. lee was the youngest person to qualify for the u.s. women's open when she was 11 years old. this sports report has been brought to you by toyota. what were you doing when you were 11? >> not that. >> not that well. >> no. thanks. coming up tonight at 11:00, a man accused of posing as a nurse arrested and tonight we've learned this suspect has an extensive wrap sheet. we'll have new information for you. also, new developments on the hazing scandal rocking a north bay high school. the decision tonight for students who have been in limbo for months. a lot of debate with parents and administrators over this. join us at 11:00 on channel 7. that is this edition of abc 7 news at 9:00. we appreciate your time. we'll you again in one hour.
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announcer: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. today, a constable and a woman from his church are found dead in a car. determined to be a double suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning, the investigation is closed until nearly 20 years


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