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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  June 2, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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l the things we love. prudential. bring your challenges. a man visiting san francisco is killed after getting into a fight outside a hotel. good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. a murder investigation is unfolding in what's considered one of san francisco's safest neighborhoods. >> it happened in front of the da vinci villa hotel on vanness avenue. police say the victim is a 33-year-old man from australia. >> abc 7 news reporter cornell
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barnard has new details on the case. >> we just came down and there were cops everywhere. >> reporter: tourist louise lund spent her first ney in san francisco watching a crime scene unfold in front of her russian hill hotel. police say an australian tourist was killed outside early friday. at first she wasn't allowed to leave. >> how do we get out of this hotel and the police were like why do you want to go out? so because everybody's kind of like a suspect i think. >> scary, yes. >> reporter: the karshut family visiting from france woke sometime after 2:00 a.m. to the sound of police banging on the door of their room at the da vinci villa hotel. officers said they were looking for suspects. >> in the room. to check the criminal. >> reporter: police say 33-year-old matthew bay from the northern territory of australia was killed after an argument outside the hotel. >> altercation turned physical. at some point during that altercation the victim sustained some injuries and was later transported to the hospital.
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at the hospital the victim was pronounced deceased from his injuries. >> reporter: after a search police debated two suspects for questioning. >> when we got around the hotel we could see the police was in one of the rooms and they were like standing eight or ten guys in this one room in the hotel. >> reporter: the australian consulate in san francisco told us they are providing assistance to the family of the man who was killed. hotel management had no comment about the crime. in san francisco cornell barnard, abc 7 news. meanwhile-time, the family of a man shot and killed by vallejo police is demanding to see his autopsy report. abc 7 news was at the solano county courthouse this morning as family and friends of angel ramos held up signs demanding the sheriff release the report. they believed the police could have resolved the fight at a house party back in january without killing him. police say ramos was standing over a teenager holding a knife and that's when they opened fire. >> my son wasn't a monster. they were saying he has a knife. no, no, no, that wasn't the
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case. >> the sheriff's office says it cannot release the report until the shooting investigation is over. ramos's family has filed a wrongful death claim against the city. they may also go to court to try to force the county to release those autopsy results. a water company is urging people in one part of south san francisco to drink and cook with only bottled water following a security breach at a storage tank. you can see on this map where people are be told to avoid ingesting tap water in south city's sunshine gardens neighborhood. california water service found that vandals had broken a lock on a tank that serves about 1,000 customers. tests show the water is not contaminated but cal water is waiting for the results of more comprehensive tests. those are expected tomorrow. in the meantime the utility is providing free bottled water at its south san francisco office. we'll have more details ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. now to a health warning if you or maybe someone you know has recently eaten ahi tuna at a bay area restaurant. hawaii-based hilo fish company
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is recalling frozen yellowfin tuna cubes that tested positive for the hepatitis a virus. the fish came from vietnam and the philippines and was distributed to these five restaurants in the bay area last month. the blue hawaii cafe, bonito poke food truck, and the poke shack, all in san francisco. phoenix in san rafael and noalani in san carlos may have also served this contaminated fish. good news is no illnesses have been reported. symptoms for hepatitis a include fever, loss of appetite, and stomach pain. if you think you got sick see your doctor of course right away. napa's uptown theater has canceled comedian kathy griffin's appearance on june 17th. griffin has come under attack after posting -- after posing with what looked like the severed head of president trump. and today she fought back saying the president and his family are trying to ruin her life. news reporter carlos grando with more. >> i've had everybody turn on me. and i just want to make people laugh. that's all i want to do. so i screwed up. >> reporter: the controversy
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began after kathy griffin released a photo of herself holding president donald trump's severed head. we've chosen not to show that graphic photo. griffin was in tears today as she predicted her career's over and that trump broke her. >> a sitting president of the united states and his grown children and the first lady are personally i feel, personally trying to ruin my life forever. forever. >> like many edgy works of artistic expression the fought photo could be interpret different ways and kathy was fine with that. >> griffin has issued an apology for posting the photo but since then she's been fired from cnn as co-host of the new year's eve show and she's also lost endorsement deals. griffin blamed some of this on sexism saying a male comedian won have faced this backlash. she and her attorney say griffin has been contacted by the secret service and is being bullied by the president. >> as a result of the first family's bullying of her and of those she does business with,
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kathy has been vilified. she's been receiving a lot of death threats. she's had her personal website and her social media channels shut down, been fired from multiple jobs, and had multiple events canceled. >> i'm not good at being appropriate. i only know how to do comedy one way. it's in your face comedy. i keep it real. i'm going to make fun of the president. and you know what? i'm going to make fun of him more now. >> reporter: i'm carlos grande, abc 7 news. one of the most influential people in the history of surfing has died. jack o'neil transformed the sport 65 years ago when he created the first neoprene wetsuit at his small surf shop at ocean beach in san francisco. o'neil would eventually move to santa cruz where he built a surfing and apparel empire from his shop on 41st avenue. a few years back he spoke about his life in a video posted on his company's website. >> i was thinking i'm going to have a surf shop down at the beach and have a few friends.
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i never dreamed anything like this would happen. >> o'neil was known for his down to earth demeanor and trademark eye patch that covered an eye he lost while surfing. jack o'neil was 94 years ode. in oakland today you could say it rained basketball on a very fortunate middle school. it arrived in the form of upgrades to a campus that's almost 100 years old. westlake middle school isn't far from lake merit. here's abc 7 news reporter wayne friedman. >> reporter: at westlake middle school in oakland this was a day for some very large bodies to mingle with some grateful student ones. >> have you ever been more excited than -- >> no. >> meet the nba warriors and brass. this is what happens when the league picks your school to become what they call a legacy. >> everydy is on a high. this is the most excited i've seen students ever since i've been here. >> reporter: randy porter runs the music program on this almost
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100-year-old campus. those were his kids serenading the dignitaries as they arrived. but a lot led up to this. work here began more than a month ago. legacy school status brought with it new backboards for the gymnasium and simple but major upgrades to the dance center. >> mis, blinds, something as simple as blinds. we didn't have blinds. >> reporter: in the library principal jonathan farrar showed us a new play and study center and not far away a parents' room complete with all the comforts of home. >> for example, the washing machine or their dryer broke. so they're more than welcome to come here and they can do the washer-dryer here. >> reporter: how much money did pro basketball spend here? we may metaphor know. it doesn't matter. that's what legacies are all about. and maybe a few superstar memories to go with them. in oakland wayne friedman, abc 7 news. ♪ carlos santana will perform
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the national anthem for game 2 of the finals. this is video of him performing at game 2 of the finals last year. the nine-time grammy winner will be a good luck charm we hope for the warriors as they try to take another game from the cavs on sunday. >> and remember, you can see game 2 this sunday over on abc 7. espn's coverae starts at 4:30. tipoff is at 5:00. >> and before that make sure you join abc 7 sports director larry beil and make shumann at 4:00 p.m. for the dubs on 7 pregame show brought to you by jeep. and afrtd game stay tuned for the toyota after the game show. it's been six months since the ghost ship fire. the scars are barely healed. and the investigation still a work in progress. plus -- there is blatant racism at this school. >> students take the lead on a problem they say is getting bigger all the time. the solution -- if you see something, say something. >> meteorologist sandhya patel is here with the weekend forecast. >> it is going to feature cooler weather. i'll show you how much those temperatures will drop coming
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up. and at the busiest airport in california there's a plane on the runway every single minute. one photographer managed to capture them
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today is six months since the ghost ship warehouse fire in
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oakland that killed 36 people. the alameda county district attorney has not yet filed criminal charges. as the investigation continues. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow has more. >> reporter: six months after the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire a tribute remains for the 36 people who lost their lives here. >> that's a tragedy that will never leave me. >> reporter: councilman noel gallo remembers standing outside the ghost ship with young people who realized they lost their friends. it opens up questions for the city from accountability to the need for affordable housing. >> i say within the next year the city will see tremendous growth in housing. >> reporter: the mayor says the city will hire more fire inspectors. >> fema grant that has been submitted to give our firefighters in the field handheld devices so they can refer the need for furred inspections. >> councilman gallo says it's not just fire safety, residents have also since approached the city about mold and other unsafe
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living conditions. >> at the end of the day it is up to the property owner to take care of the property. >> reporter: the alameda county d.a.'s office has not filed criminal charges against the property owner or derek ion, who leased the building. the d.a.'s office says it is still investigating. another tribute to the victims remains along lake merit. many of the 36 victims' families have joined civil lawsuits that name the city, pg&e, ing, ion, and others. in oakland melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. you're looking at a former san jose state basketball player who's accused of taking part in a gang robbery. today san jose state kicked 19-year-old terrell brown off the team following his arrest. the freshman from hayward was one of the team's top players this last season. union city police say brown and four other people robbed a man of his wallet and cell phone near mariner park early saturday morning. officers captured the suspects at a fast food restaurant after seeing the victim's credit card
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had been used there. >> oakland police are looking for a hit and run suspect who ran down and killed a 68-year-old man out walking his dog near lake merit today. officers shut down harrison street for nearly two hours after the incident. near 23rd street. this was about 9:00 this morning. police say the driver of a van hit the man at a crosswalk, got out of his vehicle, looked at the victim lying there, then got back in the van and drove off. the man died this afternoon at the hospital. the dog wasn't injured. police say the suspect was driving a dark gray chrysler van. two days in a row high school students in the east bay have found offensive racist graffiti on their campus. it happened at castro valley high school just days before the summer break. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony has more. >> reporter: we won't show the entire message but these pictures taken by students show the second incident of racist graffiti at castro valley high school in two days. in this case scrawled on a bathroom mirror. >> i was disgusted.
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like it was hard to be walking down the hall and see a hate toward me. >> reporter: on thursday junior zakina brown was the first to see the same phrase written on a locker and across some poles. >> it said f [ bleep ]. >> reporter: classmate will solua was walking with sakina. >> we were walking down the hall and she noticed that there was lettering on the poles by the snack bar. >> i feel like since our president has been elected it's given people more of an opportunity to say hateful things to people of my kind and other minorities. >> reporter: superintendent parvin amati says the district has sent a letter home to parents and won't shy away from the issue. >> it isn't something that's isolated to one school, one student, one classroom. i think it's something we need to address all the time. >> and the n word brings up a whole lot of history that they're uneducated about. >> reporter: these students jumpstarted the conversation with a lunchtime public forum
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and some messaging of their own. >> this definitely needs to be talked about. it needs to be heard. people need to be educated on what we have to go through as not only as students but african-american students. >> reporter: school officials have yet to identify those responsible for the graffiti incidents. in castro valley laura anthony, abc 7 news. let's move on to the weekend. you've made it. the question is what will the weather be like? >> sandhya patel's here with that answer. sandhya. >> it's going to be fabulous, dan and ama. changing compared to what we've been dealing with. today it warmed up. upper 80s to low 90s in our warmest spots. now check out where the temperatures are going for san jose. average high of 78 degrees. you're going to be in the mid 70s over the weekend. a little cooler. temperatures spike early next week. they go back down again by a few degrees. but we're not looking at any major changes in our forecat in terms of the temperatures. here's a look at live doppler 7. at least not for the weekend. you'll notice high clouds have already started to move in. down below we do have one little
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patch of fog around half moon bay. that fog will be expanding, though, as we head toward tomorrow morning. from our kgo roof camera notice the trees aren't really swaying in the wind. so wind is not a factor tonight. mid 50s to the low 60s for most of you. our warmest spot close to 70 degrees still in gilroy. and another live picture from our emeryville camera. we're looking toward san francisco, the bay bridge, and really nice skyline there. here are your temperatures. 63 santa rosa still mild in napa, 66, same thing with livermore. and one other live picture from our sutro tower camera you're looking toward san francisco. the fog has been in the foreground going in and out. so we do have a few patches beginning to form. fog near the coast overnight tonight. cooler weather this weekend. it will warm up to start the work week. here's a look at your temperatures first thing in the morning. most of you will be in the 50s. there will be a few upper 40s. not only the fog but we'll see some high clouds as well. tomorrow morning you will be insulated by those clouds. not too cold. hour by hour forecast. we do have the fog at 11:00
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tonight with the high clouds overhead at 7:00 a.m. and then the clouds thin out. patchy fog will linger but not quite as much. as earlier runs had indicated. definitely most of you will be enjoying the sunshine for saturday. and lower temperatures. it's still going to be nice. look at the south bay. 70s, 80s, 78 in san, sunshine on the peninsula. 70 in san mateo, 74 redwood city. upper 50s right near the coastline. downtown san francisco 65. daly city enough of a breeze to hold your temperature in the upper 50s. in the north bay 79 in santa rosa, 78 vallejo, heading toward the east bay most of you in the 60s. to 70s. 68 oakland inland areas. still nice and mild and spring-like. 81 concord. 82 livermore. temperature trend for antioch, we'll show you what the week is going to look like. 84 degrees tomorrow dropping a few degrees. there's your one-day spike. 90 degrees showing up on monday. you can donald the accuweather app. keep track of all the
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temperature swgs. and we'll have some swings. weekend will feature a cooldown. monday it's a warm-up. and then we go back down again as we head toward the middle of the workweek. clouds will increase. temperatures will be close to average. and then cooler weather to end the work week next week. >> thanks, sandhya. well, the old bay bridge is really vanishing quickly before our eyes. >> coming up, caltrans plans to imploez three of the remaining piers.
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caltrans is planning to implode three of the remaining piers of the old bay bridge this coming fall. the agency put out a video today showing the elaborate planning that's going into the project. it includes a bird watch zone, pinney -- monitoring zone for
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seals and sea lions and an eel grass zone. the implosions are set for september, november. crews will then remove the rubble from the bay floor. well, today is national donut day. now in its 79th year, the annual affair happens on the first friday of june. in san francisco today salvation army volunteers served donuts and coffee to veterans and anyone else who wanted some. >> we're here at the va's downtown clinic which principally serves homeless people in the downtown area. this is a wonderful program here. they have showers and other services for veterans. >> the salvation army started national donut day during the great depression, you may not know. it commemorates the donut lassies who provided emotional and spiritual support to soldiers during world war i. that included handing out baked goods, including donuts. so it's a fun holiday, or a fun day now, but it has a real serious beginning. >> yeah, absolutely. well, will the president try to block fired fbi director james comey from testifying before the american people? >> what the white house is now
9:25 pm
saying about that and what comey is now preparing to tell congress. also, why a german rock concert was shut down sxevthed. thousands of people were ordered out of the venue. and we're going to salute the amazing kids who took the stage in the scripps national spelling bee. a lot more to come. stay with us.
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good evening once between. we'll begin this half hour with the coming showdown on capitol hill. >> former fbi chief james comey is slated to testify on thursday about his conversations with president trump. that is, unless the president invokes executive privilege to stop him from testifying in public. >> yeah, that's right. here's abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas. >> reporter: tonight as fired
9:29 pm
fbi director james comey prepares to testify before the american people the white house will not say whether president trump might try to stop him. when asked if the president will invoke executive privilege over his meetings with comey, the press secretary acknowledges tonight no decision has been made and they're not ruling out the idea of blocking comey. >> i think obviously it's got to be reviewed. >> so it's not a no? >> i'm just saying i don't -- literally my understanding is the date for that hearing was just set. i have not spoken to counsel yet. i don't know what that -- how they're going to respond. >> reporter: counselor to the president kellyanne conway said today it's up to the president. >> the president will make that decision. >> reporter: comey is expected to testify before the senate intelligence committee, where he will be asked about his private meetings with the president, whether comey was asked for a pledge of loyalty from mr. trump and whether the president asked him to go easy on former national security adviser michael flynn, who lasted 24 days on the job. and congress is expected to ask
9:30 pm
comey about what could be the most revealing piece of evidence yet, those memos comey privately kept after his meetings with the president. the firing of comey came after the president once joked with him, "you're becoming more famous than me." weeks later allegedly calling comey a nut job in the oval office with the russians. but tonight some legal scholars say if the president tries to stop comey from testifying it could be a tricky move. that invoking executive privilege at this stage could be a challenge, especially because president trump has already spoken publicly himself about his private meetings with comey. comey better hope there are no tapes of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press. and saying this about their private dinner. >> we had a very nice dinner. and at that time he told me you are not under investigation. >> the concern is that by publicly commenting and tweeting about discussions he's had with comey the white house itself might have inadvertently waived the privilege. >> reporter: abc news has learned tonight that comey is angry and wants the public to understand his side of the story and he's prepared to answer
9:31 pm
questions over memos he drafted detailing some of his conversations with president trump. in one memo comey is said to have recounted how the president suggested that the fbi should drop its investigation of general mike flynn. "i hope you can see your way clear to letting this go. to letting flynn go," comey quoted president trump as telling him that day. but the major question tonight, will comey bring his memos to capitol hill? some democrats want him to read them aloud. >> pierre thomas reporting. now, next tonight, the fallout after president trump's decision to take america out of the paris climate accord. business leaders, the governor and mayors in california and leaders around the world say they will stick to that accord anyway. here's abc news reporter mary bruce. >> reporter: with the world in shock, the white house today giving a staunch defense of the president's decision. >> paris represents a bad deal for this country. it doesn't mean we're not going to continue the discussion. >> reporter: but when pressed the administration won't say if the president thinks climate
9:32 pm
change is even a problem. >> yes or no? does the president believe that climate change is real and a threat to the united states? >> you know, what's interesting about all the discussions we had through the last several weeks have been focused on one singular issue. is paris good or not for this country. >> but on climate change, yes or no? >> yes, ma'am. >> reporter: and the press secretary says he still hasn't talked to the president about his campaign claim that climate change is a hoax. >> i have not had an opportunity to have that discussion. >> reporter: but from mexico city to new york to paris itself buildings bathed in green in support of the agreement. the new french leader has made clear he's not afraid to take on trump, admitting this white-knuckle handshake was not innocent. late thursday making this rare address in english. >> make our planet great again. >> reporter: the president insists he's fulfilling his promise to put america first. many of his supporters in coal country agree. >> he's keeping his promise that
9:33 pm
he's going to help people get back to work. that's what we need. in this country. >> reporter: but many business leaders say sticking with the agreement would have encouraged new types of jobs. the ceo of general electric tweeting "industry must now lead and not depend on government." >> i was elected to represent the citizens of pittsburgh, not paris. >> reporter: that's not how the mayor of pittsburgh sees it. >> we are not this backwater little town that is suffering and needs to look at our past for our future. >> reporter: he's now one of more than 80 mayors and at least three governors who say they will abide by the deal. despite the president. mary bruce, abc news, washington. russia's vladimir putin has a message for america tonight. the russian president appeared in st. petersburg and mocked the reaction to president trump's decision on the climate accord. he used an english phrase to
9:34 pm
make his point. >> don't worry. be happy. >> and putin denied once again that russia hacked the election, saying there's no proof. the russian president claimed the clinton camp was behaving like anti-semiites who blame the jews for everything. u.s. intelligence agencies say there is plenty of proof of russian hacking. possible terrorist threat has shut down a popular music festival in germany. tens of thousands of fans evacuated the rock amring festival outside nuremberg. police say they received information about a concrete threat. the event is one of germany's best-known festivals. around 90,000 music fans were expected to taentd annual three-day event by the end of the weekend. organizers hope to continue the festival tomorrow. in the meantime, ariana grande will return to manchester this weekend for a star-studded benefit concert for the victims of last month's terror attack. the pop star will be joined by justin bieber, katy perry, miley
9:35 pm
cyrus, coldplay, usher, and pharrell. the may 22nd terrorist attack came at the end of grande's concert at man chef arena. 22 people were killed. you can catch that benefit concert over on abc 7. we'll have all the best moments sunday at 10:00 p.m. and that's immediately followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. a 12-year-old fresno girl is the newelling bee champ. she's among the spellers who made the journey all the way to the national stage. here's abc news anchor david muir. >> reporter: nearly 300 young spellers. >> let's do this, shall we? >> reporter: at the 90th scripps national spelling bee. >> please give me a word i know. >> reporter: three days of competition. >> whew. >> reporter: filled with highs. >> oh! >> reporter: and lows. earlier this week we introduced you to 6-year-old edith fuller of tulsa, the youngest speller ever to qualify. and you saw the moment that got her here. ? j-a-n-a-n-a, janana.
9:36 pm
>> you are our champion. >> her first word on the national stage. >> a-s-t-y. nictenasty. >> reporter: also competing in her first bee, maggie sheridan of mansfield, ohio. she runs the clock down using every last second of her two minutes. >> i-c-o-t-e. >> correct. >> what? >> reporter: other spellers wasting no time. like eighth-grader shurab dasari from texas. >> m-o-g-o-l-l-o-n. >> correct. >> reporter: drop the mike. it took just fine seconds. in the end it was down to two contestants, head to head for nearly 20 rounds. >> r-o-c-a-i-n. >> that is correct. >> reporter: 12-year-old ananya vinay of fresno, california the 2017 scripps spelling bee
9:37 pm
champion. >> that's such a great event. >> so neat. up next, life in the bay area. new survey finds it's not as desirable as it once was. and you can probably guess the reason why. >> mm-hmm. i no longer live with
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have come over here for job tubts and there is that first initial shock of oh, my gosh, you have to pay this much for this little? >> for some the cost of bay area living really outweighs its value. a new report finds fewer workers are moving to the bay area. >> instead they're choosing cities where it's just cheaper to live. here's abc 7 news reporter chris nguyen. >> reporter: at times trying to financially survive in the bay area can be tough. >> i have a great job. i'm in a great location. but i cannot afford to live in a condo down here. i couldn't. >> reporter: and it's no secret that more people are getting tired of it. >> i've already had friends that have left the bay area and had to go into the central valley. >> reporter: now some aren't even bothering with settling down. >> the traffic, the commute, all of it. i just think you can go other places and live easier. >> reporter: a new report by linkedin shows that fewer workers are moving to the bay area. in fact, the net anybonumber of workers moving here has dropped 17% since february.
9:42 pm
although the region still gains more workers than it loses the study shows many are choosing cities like seattle, portland and denver since they're cheaper to live in. >> a bigger range of labor markets across the country are becoming more attractive is something that in the near term is not going to change. so even if prices were to stay put, the bay area will have to hustle a little harder to lure talent here. >> reporter: add in the rising cost of buying a home and it can be a struggle for many. >> those looking to get into the market, those are the homes already taken and limited supply which in most cases is creating a bidding war frenzy and some homes to go above list. >> property values will stay high because more people are staying in their homes for longer, meaning the overall inventory isn't as full as it needs to be for buyers. just another thing for potential residents to worry about. >> it's kind of a heavy hit. and i think even at the grocery stores or whatever, just the basic stuff for the cost of living is more expensive here. so that could be the problem. >> reporter: leaving many wondering if and when they'll be able to catch a break. in san jose, chris nguyen, abc 7
9:43 pm
news. new number show unemployment nationwide in may dropped by .1% to 4.3. however, the u.s. gained fewer jobs than economists expected. in california the most recent data is for april, when the unemployment rate was 4.5%. well, the bay area's newest attraction unveiled. construction's over. >> yeah, now it's time to take the new gondola up for a meal at the oakland zoo. that story nex
9:44 pm
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we're going to show you something really cool here. a southern california artist has turned an airport photo into a viral sensation. here's reporter jory ran with the story. >> reporter: it's l.a.x. like you've never seen it before. the nation's second busiest airport the subject of a photograph that went viral thanks to local artist mike
9:47 pm
kelly. >> i've always been an aviation geek, even before this was i thing. i would go to l.a.x. and hang out and just watch planes for fun. >> reporter: an architectural photographer by trade, kelly had experience with composite works, multiple photographs layered one on top of another, and genius struck. >> i kind of had the idea what if i applied this to an airport and captured an entire day's worth of planes taking off? >> reporter: so off he went to this spot overlooking l.a.x. and shot and shot and shot. >> i'm out there. i got so horribly sunburned. but i stayed there for the whole eight hours. and i was so struck which by this. i immediately came home. i was supposed to meet my girlfriend for dinner or something. i was like, i can't. i've got to go. >> it took hours to put all those planes into a single image. >> something like, this you'll see the actual, you know, frame by frame. >> reporter: the result, which was intended to just be a practice run, went viral within hours. >> and it just went crazy viral. every continent there was a country with a newspaper running a story on it.
9:48 pm
>> reporter: from there kelly has visited airports around the globe. dubai, auckland.m ster zam, >> reporter: from cows grazing outside zurich airport in switzerland to horses seemingly just feet below planes taking off at london's heathrow. >> to get one photo can take as long as two weeks, waiting for the weather, the wind, all the right aircraft and everything. it's quite an endeavor. standing on a -- this is a highway overpass with -- i'm in a breakdown lane. >> oh, really? >> that's where the shot was, you know. >> reporter: so next up for mike, fewer mar airports like l.a.x. and more smaller regional airports around the globe off the beaten path. if you're interested in seeing more of his work, he plans to have a book out sometime next week year. at l.a.x., jory rand, abc 7 news. catching the best views of san francisco bay could be as easy as taking a trip to the zoo. check this out. this spectacular video of the bay was take anne board a brand new gondola that made its debut at the oakland zoo. each gondola can carry eight
9:49 pm
passengers from the grounds of the zoo to a hilltop restaurant and overlook that's 650 feet above sea level. >> for the next year it's going to be an attraction because it will be a way to get up to go have lunch at the restaurant, which has a seven-county view. next year when the animal exhibits open it's actually a way that people will get to the site so they walk around and see wildlife in the park. >> the new california trail opens next year. it will double the size of the zoo and include native california animals like gray wolves, grizzly bears, bald eagles and jaguars. >> that's really fantastic. i think i'm going to show up there with some skis. are the runs open in what's open? >> we did get a lot of snow this year, right? >> in oakland. >> yeah, not at all. >> should be some great views if you're taking the gondola up. dan and ama, right now i want to show you live doppler 7. you will notice that the high clouds are just streaming in. thicker cloud cover tonight now. compared to earlier today when we had sunshine and warmer weather. tomorrow afternoon it's a little cooler, breezy at the coast, upper 50s to the mid 80s for
9:50 pm
your saturday, but it will be sunny just about everywhere. and game 2 of the cavs versus warriors at oracle arena right here on abc 7 news sunday evening. 4:00 as people are lining up it's going to be about 66 degrees. 8:00 p.m. dropping down to 57 with sunshine and a few clouds. as you check out the forecast for latino college preparatory graduation tomorrow morning in san jose you're looking at low to mid 60s and then warming up to about 71 by noontime. accuweather seven-day forecast, cooler weekend, much warmer on monday. we're bringing the 90s inland, low 60s coastside. ama and dan. >> thanks. you can find a lot of hazards on a golf course like lakes, rivers, even the pacific ocean if you're in carmel. >> but head to alaska, a bear might show up. gary cox was about to putt when a black bear looked like it might hold the flag for him. >> that's really funny. well, funny for us. they were playing at moose run creek course in anchorage when the bear approached them.
9:51 pm
>> yeah, the pair made some menacing noises to scare the bear away, but undaunted it followed them to the next hole, it eventually wandered back into the woods. may have been just trying to pick up as they say in golf, pick up a loop. trying to read the greens. >> absolutely. >> that can intimidate your opponent. that's my caddie. talking about the warriors. they had their way with cleveland last night. game 1 of the nba finals. and for a while looked like a slam dunk contest, especially with kevin durant. added
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
how about them warriors? held serve in game 1 at oracle last night with a 22-point victory. but remember last year the dubs won by 24 in game 1 and lost the series in seven. so let's not get ahead 6 ourselves. it was a dunk-a-thon by a guy named k.d. he had seven against the cavaliers' ole defense. he had more dunks than the warriors had turnovers. that was also a key.
9:55 pm
they had an nba finals record-tying four turnovers the entire game. one in the first half, which is amazing for the dubs. >> it would be deflating for anybody when someone's getting tomahawk dunks like that. but i know they're not going to -- it's not going to affect them on sunday. they just wanted to come in here and get one. that's the goal of a road team. so we've got to have the mindset of a must-win because yesterday's great game almost means nothing if we lose on sunday don't care tar of business. >> i know we'll play better come sunday. we've just got to take away the easy baskets. i thought we really did a poor job of limiting their easy baskets. a lot of things we can correct and we will correct them going into game 2. meanwhile, although there has been some talk that steve kerr might return to the bench on sunday, that's all it is at this point. i personally, being around him for the last couple months, don't think he's going to be back for the finals. but steve is still very involved in game planning, practices, and gameday adjustments at halftime.
9:56 pm
mike brown has been a great, as i call him, substitute teacher. one of those rare ones where the kids listen. coach brown had this update on steve's availability today. >> it's all the same. i'm going to coach until they tell me it's different. i haven't heard anything from him. i'm going to plan on continuing to coach until either he or bob myers tells me that it will be different. >> game 2 set for sunday at oracle here and only here on abc 7. 5:00 p.m. tipoff. stay tuned for after the game with our nba posse. the larry o'donnell, coach carey and yours truly as we break down game 2. giants scored just four runs while getting swept by the nationals at home. looking for any offense, they called up stanford's austin slater from aaa. he was an eighth-round pick in 2014, made his major league debut today in philadelphia. starting in right field and batting eighth. ty block on the mound became the first giants pitcher with three walks in a game since 1969.
9:57 pm
who walks a pitcher three times? scored two of three times. eduardo nunez singles him in to make p 3-0 in the second. how about slater? his first major league hit and first rbi in the sixth to make it 6-0. his family scampered up from jacksonville to see his major league deboo there, rightly thrilled. giants beating up afills team that's lost 21 of 26, complete game 10-0 shutout ending a three-game slide. interleague time for the a's hosting the nationals. nats up 2-0 in the third. matt joyce, see ya. sixth homer of the year to tie it at 2. that was the a's' first hit of the game off sphen strasburg. after that all nats. jayson werth going deep in the sixth. that makes it 7-2. then strasburg just cruised. two hits through six innings. khris davis visibly frustrated after that strikeout. right now didn't get a score. 13-2 in the eighth. all right. college baseball regionals.
9:58 pm
stanford and cal state fullerton at sunken diamond. titans go up 4-1 in the sixth. on the sahid venezuela rbi single that scores chris prescott. fullerton's john gavin mowing down cardinal. struck out the side in the seventh. ten k's on the night for him. last chance for the cardinal. kyle stowers strikes out swinging. stanford loses 4-1. they'll play byu in an elimination game tomorrow afternoon. both seahawks head coach pete carroll and starting quarterback russell wilson say they have no problem with colin kaepernick. but the hawks will not sign the former 49er to be wilson's backup at this time. carroll said he's a starter and we already have one but wouldn't rule out signing kap in the future. this abc 7 sports report has been brought to you by toyota. i don't really want to use the black ball world with the nfl, but when you have 96 quarterbacks in the nfl that would be three per team. you're going to tell me there's 95 guys better than colin kaepernick in the nfl? >> right.
9:59 pm
>> it's just unheard of. >> but he's having a tough time. >> tough time. he won't get signed and it will probably now be an injury or something that happens in training camp that they bring him in. but not to go through the otas and the minicamps is going to be tough because he won't learn a team's offense. >> he'll start behind. >> exactly. >> thanks, shu. coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, we're staying on top of our developing news tonight. a mysterious breach at this peninsula water tank. now tonight neighbors are being told not to drink what comes out of the tap. and a bay area cold case is getting new attention. the search to find this woman last seen in the east bay. join us for abc 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. for sandhya and shu. i mixed that up earlier. thank you for joining us. >> we appreciate your time. see you later.
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