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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  June 6, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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abc 7 news. uc berkeley police say this admitted to putting meth in a toddler's mouth at a downtown park. good evening and thank you for joining us. >> police say she's accused of
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attempted homicide. it happened yesterday afternoon, a two-year-old's boy was on the playground when thomas a stranger walked up to him and put something in his mouth. his nanny immediately checked the mouth and found nothing. called police. thomas was taken into custody and she admitted giving the boy meth. he was taken to the hospital and is now recovering. we will have more at 11:00 on channel 7. police looking for a couple seen abandoning a child in san francisco near slope boulevard, police are worried a second child in the car may still be at ri risk. >> it happened last night shortly after 6:00 last night the couple left the child, who is about five years old, a source tells us the couple is
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from arkansas and that there may be another child still with them. the abandonment was on a lot of people's miengnds on the people the beach today. >> that child is going to be like what if i'm next. >> it makes my blood boil. that poor child. >> john and his son jack were also at the beach. he was shocked. >> i cannot imagine how a parent could do that to their kid. crazy. >> sandra johnson is with the human services agency and wants the public to know there's places to take your children if you need help. >> it is about using hospital, fire station, school, somewhere where you can speak to someone who understands the work of child protective services and make sure the child is in immediate care not in imminent danger in the public.
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>> plolice say there are no injuries to the child. police are investigating a crash involving a motorcycle and suv, it happened at 5:00 this afternoon, the motocyclist died in the crash. the alameda county coroner arrived on the scene about two hours. blocked traffic for two hours. company is taking action for sexual harassment and firing employees. >> sources tell me of the 20 uber employees fired some were senior executives, most of whom working out of uber san francisco offices. >> it shows me that uber is trying to make good on its promises from earlier in the year. >> uber's actions today may be what court employees want to see. >> worried that the company has a bad reputation and they want
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to make is it better. that's what i heard from people within the company. >> this all started in february when a former uber engineer wrote a blog post alleging sexual harassmentnd discrimination during her time at the tech giant as a giant uber commissioned two investigation, first hired attorneys to look into the sexual harassment perfeclaims w expanded to 215 claims to hr including discrimination, sexual harassment and bullying. 100 employees were cleared of wrongdoing. 31 received additional hr training. 7 given warnings. 57 ploy ease and cases still under review. 20 people were just fired. >> the ceo of northern california's human resources association says unfortunately he has seen a lot of large companies with hr problems similar to uber. >> if you had to answer to stake
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holders about profit, the people not playing nice are the people not profitable, maybe patient zblens according to him hired results of the investigation were recently submitted to the board and details will likely be revealed soon. abc 7 news. in some parts of california it's election day. here in the bay area the polls are closed now. here's what they have been voting on. measure c would impose rent control capping rent increases 3% each year for units built before 1995. the nos leading right now. measure d would tax marijuana businesses supported by city and growers yes votes commanding
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77-22% lead. measure e postal tax increase that would bring in almost $4 million for the hospital with more than two-thirds he of the vote in yes vote is lding 70% to 30%. downtown san jose, twitter no make that googly, over plans for new google plex, to bring tens of thousands of jobs downtown, that is earmarked for a space near the sap center and dearden station. >> the deal hinges on buying several city parcels including this one that was once set aside for a possible stadium for the a's. mayor liccardo says it won't offer tax breaks. >> the conversations have become more serious in the last year or so when google made it very clear they're focused often acquiring parcels and that the city's parcels would be infrumt ale. >> google isn't announcing its
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plans yet although leaders say it entails 6 million of development and retail and office space. saying they're excited to have the support of the city council and look forward to collaborate with officials and community members. it is appealing with its proximity. high speed rail is also on the drawing board. >> their employees want to be part of the an integrated community, have access to the outdoors, have trains, busses all those things, it will really transform the land scape. >> it could bring thousands the an tens of thousands of jobs to downtown. >> this is the fiep of development opportunity that creates jobs in the city of san jose, equaling tax revenue which help create financial stability in the city of san jose which have had a rough go compared to
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other cities in the silicon valley in san jose abc 7 news. by this time tomorrow game three of the nba finals will be under way. >> warriors are up two games on the cavs. that's the way it started last year. we know how it ended. >> coverage game three starts 5:30 on abc 7. and before the game check out the pregame show brought to you by jeep. they'll be live at 5:00 p.m. there are plenty of places to watch the game. will be on a jumbotron in front of city hall, you can watch it there for free. >> and the warriors are hosting a watch party at oracle arena. this is last year's party. just crazy. tickets for tomorrow's party $20. tickets for friday's game are already sold out. if you are wondering why, because they could potentially
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win the title in that game. we shall see. one month ago a fall left a rugby player partially paralyzed. he's already on the road to recovery. and they are back, close call between coyotes and dogs at a local park. and we'll track some drops coming out of the local clouds, that's ahead in the
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he came to the bay area with the intent to kill because he was doomed to die himself from stage four cancer, but police say his plot to kill at least three of his doctors was stopped thanks to law enforcement agencies. >> we show the evidence recovered in a really frightening case. >> collaboration between three agencies stopped a potential triple homicide. >> we're very relieved for the sake of these doctors that we got him when we did. >> 58-year-old stage four cancer patient drove more than 200 miles up to the bay area to murder at least three doctors
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w treated him more than a year ago. >> soon as we were contacted we viewed this threat as real and credible. >> he took off with rental car with two registered firearms leaving a note saying if i don't kill them their sins will continue. he was stopped on south bound 101. in the rental car they discovered a notebook with the names and home addresses of doctors, face mask and two registered handguns. >> he had two unloaded guns, one with 30 rounds of ammunition the other with 16 rounds of ammunition both within arm's reach of him. >> and they uncovered a note titled why do i kill. with the reasons revenge. this is the possible result if you treat people as an animal.
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he is held on three counts of attempted murder. even though the criminal complaint names the three doctors, we're asked not to release the names out of safety concerns. palo alto police say they believe more than three doctors were at risk last week. in palo alto, abc 7 news. new details of emerging about a fight outside of a san francisco hotel that led to the death of an australia tourist. two groups of men had been out drinking and got into an argument and 34-year-old david morillo punch ed 33-year-old matthew bate causing him to fall down the hotel stairs, he later died. he's being scharjcharged with manslaughter and battery.
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>> he's a gentle hard working man with two little girls and never been in trouble his own life. >> claiming the punch was in defense. his family members are trying to take his body back to australia. a victim says becker got into backseat of her car and salted her. he was a relted at his home. police unveiled a online crime map tool to allow the public to look at what's happening at their station. crime organization website will allow visitors to look up crimes near a specific station, part of a new transparency initiative at the agency. a 20-year-old cal student and athlete having a much different summer than planned
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after he fell on his head while playing in a rugby championship match. he was left paralyzed. but he's already in recovery. using a bike allowing him to use muscle control. he moved to a special hospital just days ago there he is getting off the plane and he expected to be in colorado for the next three months. nearly $700,000 to support his rehabilitation there's an event for him where he grew up. you can find the link on our > on thursday barts boards the of directors will look at rescinding the ordinance punishing passengers that are seat whoings, fines people $100 rltz for first event including using an empty seat for a backpack or luggage.
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it has never been enforced because no one could figure out how to enforce it. now told it's time to get rid of that ordinance all together. a popular hiking trail has been closed after a pair of close calls with coyotes. the park trail between the national cemetery and the boulevard. one coyote snapped at a dog. they're known to be a aggressive as they get their pups ready to venture out into the wilderness. the trail will reopen once pupping season is over. and now the forecast. >> tomorrow will be no different. you will notice temperatures slightly cooler tomorrow afternoon than today. then come thursday tracking winter like pattern. we're seeing high clouds right
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around the coast just a little bit of fog developing to spread overnight. if you have a ticket to oracle, look at the temperatures not that bad. high in the upper 60s. tmperatures will drop down to 62 degrees about 8:00. hashtag everything and share them here with us on air. outside right now the kgo studios see a little bit of fog along the embarcadero. a bright moon. tomorrow will fair amount of cloud cover and temperatures in 50s. 54 in san francisco. 63 in concord. 75 in brentwood. 60 in san jose. fair amount of cloud cover after the midnight hour. see a lot of 50s on the board,
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this is what you wake up to tomorrow morning on your wednesday. highs on your wednesday, very comfortable. you will notice mixture of sun and cloud by the afternoon. 62 in san francisco. 77 in san jose. 80 in antioch. live doppler 7 is tracking a cold front on the satellite with a lot of cloud cover,nd it does contain some moisture that will try to push in here on thursday. light system will move in thursday morning. could last couple showers. north bay best chance to see appreciable rain fall. future weather going hour by hour. watch the time stamp. through the morning and early afternoon rain confined to the north. to the later part of the
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afternoon, sprinkles to get out of the north bay area could last through the morning into the south bay as well. partly cloud on wednesday. scattered showers on thursday. ranking one on storm impact scale. chance very early friday but i think efronly in the south bay. rebounding nicely sunday and into monday night, tuesday, back to mild, warm and sunny. >> thanks a lot. >> sure. home prices are heading up. >> but for how long? we'll have the prediction next.
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well, it looks like bay area home prices haven't hit their peak in san francisco and san mateo county up 4% according to
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last year according to core logic, a real estate data firm. home price as cross california are rising faster at nearly 6%, nationally the increase is almost 7% year over year. facebook is adding closed captioning as an effort to help people deaf or hard of hearing to experience live videos. users will hav to turn on the live captioning when available. users can already add captioning to non-live videos. park service is trying to find out ways for kids to be interactive in the out doors with kids, a new phone app will guide kids through san francisco maritime museum. it is not a tour guide but really a detective game. they follow a sea gull solving clues and answering questions, hoping to turn kids into explorers. >> we're competing with
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technology and other things so it is interesting because we're using technology for us. >> the san francisco maritime museum is one of two national parks included in the agents of discovery app there are other parks throughout the country that are included. up next, running for cover in paris. >> we just heard gunshots and we just ran. >> we will hear from eye witn s witnesses who heard the gunshots. also james comey former fbi director prepared to testify, what he is prepared to say before congress the american people. plus the abc 7 news.
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we begin this half hour with the threatening scene in paris today, happened at one of the city's most famous tourist sites. >> man attacked a police officer just out side of the notre dame theater and shouted "this is for syria". >> jim: panic . >> panic in the heart of paris as shots rang out. drama began at 4 4:20 p.m. an attacker lunges at three police officers, striking one of them with a hammer, shouting," this is for syria" one of the other officers draws and fires his gun, the attacker falls to the ground. you see him lying on the ground here. cellphone recording by american
9:30 pm
tourist carl richards. >> we heard the two gunshots and at that point my wife and i grabbed each other and ran to the corner and turned around and saw the police officers pointing their guns at a guy on the ground. he had blood coming out from his leg. >> as police rushed to the scene, tourists scattered. >> we didn't know what happened. people were running towards us. >> inside the ancient cathedral fear and confusion. people told to put their hands over their hands. >> put your hachnds above your head. >> former american ambassador to the un was in one of those pews. >> they said there may be accomplishes there and we're going to search everything. that's when it got scary because people thought one of the attackers might be inside the church. >> as police officers methodically check each pew
9:31 pm
priests try to soothe the crowd reciting the lord's prayer in english and french. this mother and daughter were also inside. >> it was nice to be with people around the world getting through it, coming together. >> it was two hour before they were allowed to leave. tonight the attacker a is still in the hospital, still identity was unconfirmed, sources telling us he is 40 years old. top official noticed a turning point in the threat they faced. >> jayme . >> a terrorism where any instrument can be used for attacks. >> james wallman reportle. in less than 48 hours former fbi director james comey will testify before the committee, and tonight he told attorney
9:32 pm
general jeff sessions that he didn't want to be alone with the president. >> all eyes will be on former fbi director james comey since he was a bruchtly fired last month by president trump. in his letter firing comey trump writing in part i greatly appreciate you informing me on three separate occasions that i'm not under investigation. it's the claim the president has repeated. >> i said if it is possible will you let me know am i under investigation he said you are not under investigation. >> comey is expected to directly refute that claim. that conversation between comey and others will take place at the senate hearing wland the former direct took notes of the meeting including when trump
9:33 pm
asked him to drop investigation into michael flynn though sources say he will stop short of accusing the president of obstructing justice. >> i wish him luck. >> as the white house braces for comey's testimony sources tell abc 7 news there's major tension between donald trump and his attorney general jeff sessions. at one point sessions saying he could resigned. trump wasons recused himself and the president blaming the recusal for many of his problems. >> the president's sons came in his defense. >> the the greatest hoax of all time. i was there throughout the campaign. we had no dealings in russia.
9:34 pm
we had no projects in russia. we had nothing to do with russia. >> eric trump says he will watch comey's testimony tomorrow and you can watch it as well. we'll have live coverage starting at 7:00 a.m. our time on channel 7. now to the arrest of a government contractor for allegedly leaking nsa document, army veteran facing espionage charges, that document could it be proof that russia did attack the u.s. election system. >> tonight this 25-year-old air force veteran landing in federal jail accused of leaking classified information. >> any dits closure of classified information could threaten our national security. >> leigh winner received a air force commendation medal. a patriot.
9:35 pm
a young woman into fitness, seen here on facebook discussing yoga and competing weight lifting. but tonight her disclosure stunning revealing classified information report about russian meddling in the 2016, efforts to hack the software of u.s. companies involved in voting machines and voting registration as well as cyber attacks on more than 100 local officials, the key senator saying the extent of the attack is much broader than before. >> i think it is important that the american people understand that the russian attempts was broad based. >> winner faces up to ten years in prison, the latest on the crack downs for leaks. >> going to pay a price for leaking. >> according to reports she
9:36 pm
printed a copy and mailed it to the intercept leaving a trail of clues. a scanned document revealed to investigators it had been folded and creased suggesting it was folded hand carried out of the space. only six people printed out the report after examining the commuters only miss winner was in e-mail contact with the intercepter. >> this is amateur hour for the leaker and the news reporter. >> so far the investigation is continuing and russians are still launching vibe ekriesh cy attacks and could pose a threat to upcoming elections. today the president floated the idea that the border wall with mexico could be covered in solar panels saying that the electricity generated would pay for the cost of the wall.
9:37 pm
president trump said his vision 40 to 50 feet high covered in solar panel. talked to lawmakers saying they could talk about the solar panel wall as long as they knew it was his idea. one caution not the only solution. hawaii to implement parts of the paris climate agreement. >> to reduce green house emissions in the state. >> meantime calling on bay area to join the battle against battle change, responded to president trump decision to withdraw the united states from the paris climate agreement. >> seeking wider support for the campaign. >> to approach other parties throughout the nation to join us in an alliance of counties into
9:38 pm
either become signaturory to atat the accords if they allow the cities to do or to at least fully endorse the paris climate agreement. >> both city councils have reaffirmed their commitment to the fight against climate change. what happen when your drone what happen when your drone flies faster than ♪ ♪ isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless. easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah.
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>> well the drone industry is really taking off, pardon the pun, but it has one major limitation, pilots are required to see the drone with their own eyes while they're flying. >> but today a new system from nasa could allow thousands of drones to fly over long
9:42 pm
distances at the same time. >> pilots have flight simulators and nasa has this full size simulators for traffic control. just down the hall they have new traffic control. not for airplanes but for drones. >> it's going to be highly auto mated. got to keep drone as way from each only. >> nasa is expecting nearly thousands of drones over the years. >> will be flown without any interconnection or awareness of what is going on in the airspace. >> that is planned through the utm un managerial system traffic management. users get an instant green light or red light. >> sources tell you whether to
9:43 pm
wait or change your path. >> making a system like this wor work will be a team effort. between users and tech users. >> back in february intel threw hundreds of drones through the halftime show talking to each other now looking to do that over greater distances, critical to deliver packages. utm will be required for those flying out of site. hope to be notified in case of emergency. >> if need to hover somewhere else. >> utm could start rolling out in 2019 at nasa research center abc 7 news. well fire side chat in front of thousands of developers. >> that's right. next hear the message from
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well the report of srnt missing teenager, 17-year-old -- reported missing tuesday. graduated from high school on friday and not been heard from or seen since monday morning. she's 5'5", brown hair, brown eyes, and a thin build. former first lady michelle obama was at apple's worldwide conference. on a message to inspire change.
9:48 pm
>> please join me in welcoming michelle obama. >> thunderous applause greeted michelle obama as she took the stage, she gave april many ceo tim cooke a hug and waved at the crowd. the press wasn't allowed in but attendees spoke about how she spoke about change. regarding environment. developers from all over it's world were in the crowd. >> it gave us a little bi efrp perspective outside of what we're doing, running businesses, making money, putting bread on the table and she was getting us to think what we can do in the world. >> a lot of people left feeling hopeful and agree more needs to be done to bring in women into the field. >> we need to educate and bring
9:49 pm
those women into technology and open the funnel up. she talked about how to did that as entrepreneurs and business leaders. >> mrs. obama also took pictures and talked about her experience in the white house. >> it's exciting to hear about all of the inspiring things she does as a first lady and all of the things she strives to do. >> this tweet thanking her to sharing her views on diversity and encouraging developers to make the world a better place. abc 7 news. all right one more check of the weather. >> meteorologist drew tuma tracking some changes. >> starting off cooler in the north bay and slowly sinking to the south. nothing a-typical for this type of year. overnight the cloud cover will push inland. a lot of clouds tomorrow
9:50 pm
morning, gray zsky temperatures in the 50s. 77 tomorrow afternoon in oakland. 62 in san francisco and oakland. 72 the high in richmond. on thursday future tracker showing rain fall very minimal. probably highest in the north bay around santa rosa quarter of an inch. outside of that drizzle to tenth of an inch. still winter low pallet eatnessn still winter low patterns. monday and tuesday back to the mild, warm pattern and sunshine next week. >> thank you drew. in sports, before you go 16-0, you got to get to 15-0, the warriors really could be on the verge of making
9:51 pm
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good evening. after going record-setting 73-9 last year falling short of winning the title last thing warriors care about right now is chasing more history but here they are yet again up 2-0 on cleveland. 14-0 in the post-season. no team has ever gone 16-0 on their way to a championship. clearly the warriors know all about this is 16-0 their unspoken goal. >> we want 15-0. we literally never once mentioned 16-0. to me it's a miracle that it's even a possibility, it's so hard to do. but we're here. we're more focused on what happened last year in terms of we're up 2-0 and came here and the series shifted, that's the important lesson not any historical benchmark. >> want to win four games.
9:55 pm
if it's 4-0. great. just want to win. championship is history. >> 16-0 doesn't matter in any stretch of the imagination unless it's a close out game all it is is winning the championship doing what you have to do to get that done. tomorrow is another step in that direction. >> tomorrow tip off on abc 7 news at 6:00 p.m. the announcement that raiders were moving to las vegas shook up everybody, including marshawn lynch looks like he hasn't missed a beat, this is tweeted after practice. today lynch held a news practice. that in itself is rare. his contract two years, exactly how long the team is supposed to remain in oakland.
9:56 pm
>> have an opportunity to play at home. we know where we are from and what we represent. we know how we get down. on to baseball. the giants just trying to win any game they can. in milwaukee tonight. if cane academy it was bark in the park night. look at the pooches there. think of those wings. bottom of the second. perez with a big fly. it's 1-0 blue crew. later in the second. sogard fly ball. two runs score. brewers score five in the frame.
9:57 pm
5-0 brew crew the final score. giants lost 10 of last 14. a's and jays on pride night at the coliseum. up the middle. the throw on the run. not in time. lonzo fires the strike. ryan goins is out. later. davis flied to center. jed lowry scores. 2-1 a's. later, davis scores. this game just went final, 4-0, athletics win it. big into night for schooler jeanette of the cincinnati reds, not one or two or three, four homers against the cardinals only the 17th player in their history to do that.
9:58 pm
contrast that with giants left fielders with total of three home runs the entire season. official new team introduction tom fox, his resume includes two of the top english teams. he knows it will be a big challenge. >> give our supporters a spiritual home for this club that's been in this market really for 40 years. he's done an amazing job and i'm really quite humbled to be here to fill his shoe the. >> nice to come in to a brand new stadium. >> tomorrow warriors and cavs at 5:00. tip-off after 6:00. later tonight, a two-year-old boy playing in the park was force fed meth by this woman.
9:59 pm
>> and the uber driver accused of sexual harassing one of his passengers on abc 7 news at 11:00. a southern california liquor store lost several bottles of wine and champagne because of this. >> that's a peacock that got loose and the just strolled in. couldn't stop it from causing some damage. >> about $500 worth of wine and champagne lost. unclear where he came from. >> hope he's okay. thanks for joining us tonight. >> for all of us, we appreciate your time. see you again at 11:00.
10:00 pm
narrator: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. today, one of europe's richest bankers, brutally murdered inside his luxury penthouse. (gunshots) the entire body is covered from head to toe with a rubbery plastic material. and there are no holes for the eyes, no holes for the nose,


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