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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  June 11, 2017 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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you know, everyone a dog can't believe it. thunder. >> oh my lord. >> and yeah, that is hail in napa. there was also hail in antioch and sonoma. winter-like weather as we enter the third week of june. that's right. good evening. i'm eric thomas. thanks for joining us.
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let's get right to drew tuma for more. this was exciting. >> active for some. earlier this afternoon, several thunderstorms moving through the region dropping hail like we saw and also bringing downpours and lightning. live doppler seven right now, the action has quieted down but look what happened earlier this afternoon. that line of strong storms moving through the north bay, and at one point, that vivid lightning had 147 lightning strikes in a 15-minute period. not only lightning, but also hail. take a look at this live doppler 7 estimating the hail from pea to golf ball sized. that is pretty impressive for june. take a look at this picture coming into my twitter page from lee in brentwood. hail falling on his patio furniture. those who saw the storms, this is a familiar picture and future weather showing you tomorrow morning do not worry about the wet weather. it's out of here and what will replace it is a big-time warmup. we'll look at the numbers in a few minutes, eric.
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>> drew, thank you. the other top story only on abc news, a car goes into the water and two men go in to rescue the driver trapped inside. it happened at san leandro marina. lillian kim has more. >> reporter: people enjoying the day were shocked when they witnessed a car fly into the bay. they say the driver was going fast before he lost control. >> as he went around the corner, his car started fish tailing, and then he hit the rocks and went airborne, and flipped into the water. >> reporter: witnesses sprang into action. some called 911 while two men went into the water. the driver was clearly trapped. >> that's when i just kicked off my shoes and threw my phone in the car and just ran right into the water with the other gentleman. >> i just broke the window open and felt an arm, grabbed him and pulled out. >> reporter: witnesses say the man behind the wheel was in his early 20s and no one ever got his name because he took off in
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a truck with friends. police would like to find them to make sure he's okay. the two samaritans will be fine but suffered a few cuts during the rescue. >> it was a great job by those citizens. without them being here, i believe that it probably would have been a different outcome for the occupants of that car. >> reporter: in san leandro, lillian kim, abc 7 news. a man died in napa county today when his toyota convertible swerved off the road on highway 121 north of hair lane. the chp was on the scene quickly. >> the driver in his 60s was traveling northbound on state route 121 at an unknown speed and for an unknown reason he crossed into the southbound rains of 121 off the shoulder into some trees and down an embankment. >> traffic was backed up for quite sometime. the cause of that crash is being investigated. police are investigating a shooting at a san leandro church as a hate crime. police say a man fired eight
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rounds into a statute. he was later arrested. the motive behind the shooting at the church is not yet known. it is gay pride month and many marched for unity on the eve of the one-year anniversary of the orlando club shooting. >> which way are we going? >> forward. >> reporter: a massive lgbt march wound through downtown san jose peacefully. >> for the many watching these marches across the nation, we want to say this is not fake news. this is reality. we won't be erased. >> reporter: the resounding theme. >> we're not going to allow one election to reverse generations of progress at the height of our historic diversity, not here in california. >> what we know is that we still have far too high a rate of teen suicide. we are in the shadow of the orlando shooting. we have an administration in
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washington that is pointing anti gay. people in positions of power like the head of department of justice, we've got a lot more work to do. >> you know, tomorrow is the first anniversary of orlando where 49 precious lives were gunned down, and i think that they would be prideful about what we're doing today but they would also instruct us that we have a lot more work to do. >> when there is a national climate that perpetuates hate and bigotry, it's not far off that it could lead to inaction and standing together is really the first step in bringing ourselves to a place where we feel safe and comfortable to live open and genuine lives. >> to remember those who died in the orlando shooting one year ago a vigil is set monday for 6:30 in san francisco. i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. just into the abc 7 newsroom, reports that the board
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of uber unanimously voted to adopt all the reck minute daomm from eric holder. a possible leave of absence for the embattled ceo and departure of the top lieutenant. holder was investigating accusations that executives turnedturn ed a blind eye to sexual harassment. uber is expected to hold a news conference on tuesday. 2,000 try athletes raced in san francisco but dangerous conditions forced them to skip a major leg of the race. at marina green competitors finished the escape from alcatraz. original plans called for a swim in the bay but strong winds and a swift current made it too dangerous. >> you see what is happening under the bridge, to put people in the water with those conditions for a mile and a half swim wasn't the right thing to do. >> obviously, very disappointing because of that, but it's still a race. they still let us race out there
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and there is still high stakes. >> the competitors peddled for 18 miles before they ran eight more to finish the race. a big day at the white house, next at 9:00, why this night is different than any other night for the new administration. and rallying behind james comey, once again california senator diane feinstein is leading the way and could there be a 58th state in the union. voting to become part of america. we'll be right back.
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first lady melania trump officially moved into the white house. mrs. trump wetweeted this pictu and says she's looking forward to the memories made in the new home. the first family arrived today aboard marine one.
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mrs. trump and son baron stayed in new york after president trump was sworn in. she said she wanted to allow their 11-year-old son to finish his school year before moving to washington. california senator dianne feinstein is steadfast in her support of fbi director james comey. david daniel explains the fallout from comey's testimony continues to reverberate through capitol hill. >> well, at this point, i believe the fbi director. >> reporter: just dayis after jail comey's testimony, two senate members be leave comey was being truthful. >> in this kind of thing, he's not going to lie. it's just not in him to do this. >> i found director comey, former director comey's testimony to be candid, to be thorouh. i believe that the information that he gave our committee is what he believed happened. >> reporter: comey accused the president of asking him to back
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off the investigation into former national security advisor michael flynn and the nature of his ties to russia. president trump not only denied the claims. >> i will tell you, i didn't say that. >> reporter: he went on to accuse comey of lying. comey's sworn testimony put the spotlight on attorney general jeff sessions who accused himself of overseeing the investigation in march. sessions announced saturday he plans to testify on tuesday before the senate intelligence committee, however, one senate member argues the panel best suited to look into any obstruction of justice is the judiciary committee. >> i believe that the judiciary committee has the oversight responsibility for the justice department, and therefore it is very fitting for the attorney general to appear there. >> i'm david daniel reporting. puerto ricans voted overwhelmingly today to become america's 51st state. the referendum came as puerto rico dealt with an economic
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crisis. a half million puerto ricans moved at the u.s. mainland due to a lack of jobs and the high cost of living at home. their other choices including remaining a u.s. territory or taking steps towards independence. congress will have the final say in puerto rico's future. coming up on abc 7 news at 9:00, how much would you pay to see the warriors win the playoffs tomorrow? some folks seem to have very deep pockets. more today's stormy weather. this is rain in brent wood. drew tuma will be back for the forecast. game five at oracle, a preview and sir stanley's cup could be secured in nashville. could be secured in nashville. game six, three games t
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all right. in accuweather tonight, the storms that we had earlier this afternoon are moving out and now our attention is going towards the temperatures. it was cool today but that's not how we'll finish the week ahead. live doppler seven showing you it's a quiet picture across the bay area. we are attracting a few snow showers as you approach lake tahoe. there is a winter weather advisory still in effect until tomorrow morning 5:00 in the morning, about 5500 feet. could see a couple inches of fresh powder. so something you don't always see in mid june. what everyone saw today was those winds gusting over 40 miles an hour at times and that's going to continue unfortunately for the next 24 hours. take a look at the wind forecast, still rather active not only tonight but also through tomorrow afternoon. you see the winds really not letting up generally between 15 and 25 miles per hour but those winds later on in the week are going to help to warm us up and bring back summer-like heat.
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a live look from the golden gate bridge showing a quiet picture. this is an active area to the north. we had thundershowers, hail, liegs lightning and tonight things are quieting down. still have breezy spots. sfo gusting and 17 in oakland and 13 that current guest st in jose. tmperatures holding in the 50s in most spots over the past couple hours. 56 the current number in san francisco and 58 in san jose, 55 that v and livermore 56. the call overnight tonight a few clouds from time to time. plenty of stars, also. we'll see temperatures not falling too from where we are five degrees in most spots low to mid 50s. those will be the starting temperatures out the door on your monday. monday no showers whatsoever. we're completely dry. it's a mix of sunshine and clouds out there that breeze is still with us and that's going to keep us on the cool side once again. these numbers you see are some ten degrees below normal for
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this time of the year. 68 only in san jose, our average high this time of the year is 80. 67 in oakland, 61 in san francisco and 73 in santa rosa and fairfield 72. we'll take you to oracle where we have game five tomorrow. 65 as you're entering the arena and as the game wraps up, temperatures cooling off to 57 and those temperatures are really going to turn around in the week ahead. look at this from monday to friday, numbers are going to rise anywhere from 11 to 27 degrees. concord to finish off the week getting close to triple digit heat and mid-90s and san jose toasty with a high of 87 on friday. oakland 80 and san francisco will be mild to round out the week with the temperature of 72. so the accuweather seven-day forecast, we'll show you tomorrow it's a cool day for june. temperatures will rebound tuesday and into wednesday under total sunshine. warm winds thursday into friday turn hot inland and by saturday
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and sunday, eric, for father's day it is warm across the region. 80s and 90s will be wide spread. >> thanks a lot. tomorrow a group of raider fans hired an anti trust attorney. the group retained james quinn, a well-respected litigation attorney that defeated the nfl. the move likely sets the take for a lawsuit against the nfl and raiders over the team's plan to move to las vegas. two pairs of tickets to game five of the nba finals have sold for big money. according to our sister network espn, one person bought a pair of floor tickets for $90,000 on the warriors ticket master resale site. another bought a pair for $82,000. for comparison, a fan paid 99 on stubhub -- 9,000 for two courtside tickets to game seven of the nba finals.
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don't worry if you can't watch the game in person, espn and abc's coverage starts tomorrow at 5:30 right here on abc 7 and right before the game, join abc 7's larry beil for the pregame show brought to you by jeep. larry and shoe will be live tomorrow at 5:00 and they don't -- paying 90 grand, they better win tomorrow. we face-off on the ice game six of sir stanley's cup. pittsburgh leading two games to two. the home team has not lost and penguins trying to win back to back since detroit did it in the 1997, '98 season. lord stanley's cup getting polished. no score in the second period. nashville thinking they got on the board. forsberg stopped by murray. he lost the puck. pokes it in. the referee lost sight of the puck. blew the whistle. not reviewable. no goal. late third period.
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the goal will count. patric hornqvist with a puck bats it off the back of pekka rinne and penguins would add an empty net and win the second consecutive stanley cup. 4-2 in the series, mvp and captain sidney crosby raises the cup for a third time in his career. >> we knew it would be tough all year but we just try to keep with it. we had a lot of injuries and stuff like that. we kept finding ways. that's what we did all season and all playoffs and it's great to be able to do it. >> all right. last bay area team to clench a championship was the oakland a's in 1974. warriors try to join that club with a win tomorrow night at orac oracle. cavs malled the warriors friday night to get back to that 3-1 series record the same as last year when cleveland won three straight to win the title but the dubs did not have green in game five last year due to a suspension and they do not want to go back to cleveland. >> so we're right where we want to be, disappointed we didn't
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play better the other night but aware we're playing a great team and they were desperate and they out played us. so we're where we need to be. we love to take care of business. we're planning on playing better tomorrow and we'll see what happens. >> for us, every game is game seven but for them this particularly is game seven from the standpoint they don't want to go back to cleveland. they understand that anything can happen in game seven. i think both teams know that and understand that. >> all right. they should rename the men's version of the french open the raphael nadal classic. won the tenth french open title beating straight sets and did not lose a set in the entire event and is the only player in the opener era to win a single grand slam ten times in the 15th major title. up 4-1 in the second set top of the screen. he can run despite knee injuries. runs down and rips it down the line. 99 mile an hour winner just catching the corner. we go to match point.
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another unforced error. just too much today. stands ball five and just over two hours went to the straight sets winning the tenth french open title in the first major title in three years. giants hosting the twins trying to end a two-game slide. seventh inning. double dine the line. two runs will score. john 6-5 and posey drove in four runs on three hits. hunter pence follows with a double off the wall. posey scores 7-5 giants. eight doubles in the game tied a franchise record. hunter had three. giants four runs in the seventh. five in the eighth and bases loaded triple by austin slater. he also had four rbi. giants' offense explodes and gets one with a 13-8 victory. a's in tampa with jessie on the bump facing the rays, not that one. got offensive help from steven vogt. 2 for 4. two coming on this base hit in the second athletics go up 2-0. rays kept coming back. fifth inning. evan longoria ties it up with a
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base hit allowed three runs in five innings. gets no decision and in the sixth, colby rasmus to deep center off liam hendriks. ninth run. rays take three out of four. 5-4 the final. tomorrow's game likely gail seven. can't come out flat. get ready to be physical because cleveland is on the brink of elimination every game. that's a dangerous team. if i'm paying 90 grand for two seats, you better win. >> he really doesn't want to go back to cleveland. >> good to go. "wonder woman" versus "the mummy." find out who is
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honestly. >> tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00 high hopes on the eve of what could be a championship making game five and fans aren't the only ones excited about the game and i'll tell you, some guys being a hero isn't enough, this man is an online sensation due to his bravery and brawn. this weekend's race was pa practically over before it started. "wonder woman" buried "the m mummy." $57.2 million in ticket sales over the weekend despite an international showing "the mummy" pulled in 32.3 million. "captain under pants" came in third with $12.3 million. you know you want to see it. [ laughter ] >> i have to now. >> i have to now. >> that's it for abc 7 news
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